As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/24/01


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James: Face it,

Paul:, you're burying yourself staying here with your mother. 

Paul: It's only temporary. 

James: She is not going to recover.  Why should she?  It serves her.  She doesn't have to face the real world.  She can work on her little designs and let you deal with everything that's tough. 

Paul: No, no, it's only until I get B.R.O. back on its feet. 

James: She's not gonna let you go. 

Paul: What do you want me to do, huh?  Dad?  Abandon her?

James: Let me ask you something.  When you were in Nepal, on Mt.  Kanchenjunga, how did you feel?

Paul: Good.  It felt good. 

James: You felt alive.  Powerful.  You could see your future and knew how to make it yours.  That's what you can't abandon, your vision, your power. 

Paul: There's more than one road to the future. 

James: Will that road take you where you want to go?  Don't be afraid,

Paul:.  You've seen your future.  Make it yours. 

Paul: Oh, like you did? 

James: I've made mistakes.  But now I'm here to help you.  And you know this.  Your mother is no saint. 

Paul: Ah, she needs me. 

James: What she needs to do is accept what has happened to her and move on.  Don't enable her,

Paul:.  Don't let her play to her weakness.  You'll regret it.

Paul: Do you have any regrets? 

James: No, none, because of you, because of your strength.  You're like me.  You need a challenge, you need a mountain. 

Paul: No, no, I am not like you!  I hate you! 

James: Better that than hate yourself.  And that's what's gonna happen if you stay here in this garden with a woman who's closed herself off from the world.  Think about it,

Paul:.  Fetching tea for your mother for the rest of your life?  Is that what you want? 



Rose: Oh, hi!  There you are!  I was knocking, but nobody came to the door.  It's Rose D'Angelo.  Cobwebs.  I'm sorry, I just don't like spiders.  They give me -- give me the creeps.  I guess you haven't had time to air out the place yet, but it's gonna be great.  It's actually fantastic.  It reminds me of one of those mansions from the '30s.  You know, "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr.  Demille." Remember that one?  It's a classic.  I brought you something, actually.  Pineapple, it is.  You don't eat it.  Contrary to what you might think.  It's kind of a "Welcome to your new home." We do this back at my house.  We welcome everybody with a -- pineapple.  Like on the welcome mats, you see pineapple?  So, uh, welcome.  Pineapple.  This place is great.  I'm sure once you get, you know --

Barbara: What do you want? 

Rose: I want to apologize to you. 

Barbara: For what? 

Rose: Can I get you something?  Would you like a drink of water?  I don't mind, I'll go get it for you if you want. 

Barbara: You can tell me why you're here and then get out! 

Rose: Oh, God, I feel so bad.  I feel so bad about what happened to you.  I really do. 

Barbara: How comforting. 

Rose: It's partly my fault, what happened.


Paul: told me that you helped, that you found those photographs of Craig and Carly. 

Rose: I did.  Yes, I did that.  But this was before that.  Remember that day you came back, and you saw me talking to Craig?  At the Lakeview, the suite?

Barbara: Yes. 

Rose: I had just found out he was stealing your money. 

Carly: Look.  That was a good one.  Way up high.  Where it stops, nobody knows.  Go ahead.  So how would you like to go on an adventure, hmm?

Someplace new, where nobody knows us, and we can be anything we want to be.  Imagine that?  Walkin' down the street, just the two of us, and all anybody would think is "There goes that mommy with her little boy.  Don't they look nice?" Parker: Can Jack come, too? 

Carly: No, honey.  I think Jack has to work, you know?  He has a very important job as a police officer.  But he'll come and visit you, I bet.  And you can show him all around our new place.  What do you think?  Yeah. 

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Just, wait a second, okay, sweetie? 

Hal: Hi. 

Carly: Honey.  Oh, Hal. 

Hal: Boy, if I'd known I was gonna get this kind of action, I would have stopped by earlier.  You okay? 

Carly: You have been reinstated, haven't you?  I heard that they gave you your badge back.  Isn't that fantastic, Parker?  Daddy's back on the force.

Hal: Jack told you, huh? 

Carly: So -- so how does it feel to be back in charge? 

Hal: Well as one of my first official duties, I'm here to tell you that in light of Owen Dever's confession, the department has decided to drop all charges against you in connection with the attempted murder of Barbara Ryan. 

Carly: It's about time. 

Hal: Well, you can blame the newly reinstated chief of detectives.  I've been a little busy. 

Carly: I'm real happy for you, Hal. 

Hal: Really?  You don't look very happy.  You look like you've been crying. 

Carly: We split up.  Jack just left. 

Hal: Oh, come on, Carly.

Carly: No, I know I've said it before, but this time I think it's really over. 

Margo: Jack, where've you been?  I paged you an hour ago. 

Jack: Oh, sometimes life gets in the way, Margo.  Not that I have much of a life left.  What's up? 

Margo: We've got company.  So whatever it is, just drop it outside.  The commissioner's here. 

Jack: They said they were gonna call me first. 

Margo: And he's got two suits from internal affairs, so I tried to stall them. 

Jack: Not tonight.  Please, not tonight. 

Commissioner: Sorry for the inconvenience, detective Snyder.  But we need a few answers.  Starting with why you withheld evidence that contributed to the critical injury of an innocent woman. 

Bartender: Madame, can I get you anything? 

Katie: Um, yeah, give me anything, as long as it's Italian.

Bartender: I'm Italian. 

Katie: Grazie.  Do you accept lira? 

Craig: Lira, huh?  I'll have whatever the lady's having.  Of course, I use the term "lady" loosely. 

Katie: Well, of course, you use every lady loosely. 

Craig: It depends how tightly they're wound.  I thought you were lost in the Bermuda Triangle. 

Katie: And I thought you were on death row by now. 

Craig: Ah, but I am free, and you are back.  So here is to my sister. 

Katie: Oh, to my brother. 

Craig: What is this? 

Katie: Chianti.  It's Italian. 

Craig: So was Mussolini.  So are you celebrating your checkered past?

Katie: Not so past.  I've just been to Malta. 

Craig: The Bermuda Triangle and Malta, too? 

Katie: That was over a month ago.  Me, a crashed plane, a desert island, not that you care. 

Craig: Well, I was a little preoccupied with death row, which I have beaten, not that you care.  So, you escaped the desert island and then went to Malta?  Why? 

Katie: Well, Lily found out that Holden and Luke were alive and well and detained in Malta, so she headed there, and Simon and I went with her. 

Craig: So Lily went to Malta, and Simon went after Lily, and you went after him. 

Katie: For your information, not only did Simon come and rescue me from that island, but somewhere in between a Maltese jail cell and an opera house, he fell madly and deeply in love with me.

Craig: Ah, and where is he now?  In Malta? 

Katie: Simon is still in Malta because he is a man of honor. 

Craig: Ah, so he's honoring Lily. 

Katie: You know what you are?  The pot calling the kettle black. 

Craig: Well at least I'm not Simonized. 

Katie: You may have beaten those charges, Craig, but how long did your marriage last to Barbara?  What, a good ten minutes?  And you were the first person she thought of when it was time to charge someone.  So don't lecture me, okay? 

Craig: You're not doing much better. 

Katie: I am loved.  Simon may be in Malta, but he loves me.  I'm not sure anyone loves you.

Barbara: You knew that Craig was stealing my money? 

Rose: Well, yeah.  See, there was this run on worldwide stock being bought with B.R.O. money.  Your checks, your signature, but I thought, "No way, it's no way that it's you.  Why would you try to worm your way into Worldwide on a sly like that?" So I confronted Craig, and that's why I was there.  I told him to sell back the stock to me, or I would talk to you. 

Barbara: And did he? 

Rose: No!  No, he's a sly one, that husband of yours!  He's -- ex-husband.  Um, he got himself some leverage. 

Barbara: And why didn't you come to me?

Rose: It's not leverage, really.  It was blackmail.  Not against me, it was against Worldwide.  And Lucinda had been going through so much already with Holden and Luke missing and the whole poisoning thing. 

Barbara: So you decided to sacrifice me. 

Rose: No, no!  Oh, my God, no!  I didn't even know that he was gonna set that bomb.  But he didn't set a bomb.  Come to find out he didn't do it at all.  But I'm just talkin' about me knowin' about the money.  That's why I'm here.  The stock.  The Worldwide stock being bought up with the B.R.O. money.  I would buy that back from you and take care of it, so I can take it off your hands, so you don't have to deal with it --

Barbara: I don't give a damn about the stock! 

Rose: I'm just saying, whatever I did or I -- I didn't do -- I hope it didn't make things worse for you.  All right?  I -- nobody deserves to be going through what you're going through right now.  So really, if you need anything, I'd be more than happy to help you.  With anything.  Is

Paul: around?

Barbara: Why? 

Rose: He sent me some flowers.  Gorgeous flowers.  Oh, my favorite.  To thank me for helping with the trial.  And he also remembered it's my birthday comin' up.  Eek.  He's a good guy, a really good guy.  You should be proud of him.

Barbara: How thoughtful of you to tell me so. 

Rose: So is he here or --?  Is he here? 

Barbara: He's outside.  In the gazebo. 

Rose: In the gazebo.  I'll find it.  Don't -- I'll -- you know, once you get finished with this place, it's gonna be really nice.  You know, you're very -- you're a very creative woman.  I love that -- that clothing line that you have.  It's nice.  This place is gonna be great. 


Paul: bought it for me.  For us. 

Rose: All right.  Enjoy the pineapple.  Just for show, though. 

Barbara: He sent her flowers?

Paul: I tried to kill you.  Remember that?  So don't think you can undermine me with all your fears for my future talk.  I'll do things in my own way, in my own time, without any help from you.

James: Then why did you call me back? 

Paul: I didn't. 

James: You need me,

Paul:.  You're in trouble.  You conjured me up, pulled me up from that little back room in your brain where you keep me stashed just in case.  I'm happy to be here, happy to serve.  I want what's best for you.  I'm your father.  But like it or not, I'm here.  You called for me. 

Paul: I will not abandon my mother! 

James: Fine.  Cosset her, placate her, what you will.  But don't forget, why you're here is not to plant peonies.  It's to topple Craig Montgomery.  Okay, so Craig shook you off.  That doesn't mean you can't topple him.  You can take him step by step.  That's how you take him, step by step.

Paul: In time. 

James: Now. 

Paul: When I get B.R.O. back on its feet. 

James: And how are you going to do that, hmm?  By propping up a broken woman?  Or by breaking her enemy? 

Paul: Both.  I'll do both. 

James: Well, so far, all I've seen you do is hire landscape artists and pool attendants.  That's not gonna do you much good when Montgomery's got you in court.  He's got the advantage.  He's already made the first move. 

Paul: And I'll make the second. 

James: When? 

Paul: When I feel like it! 

James: If you wait till you feel like it, you won't have any time left.  Montgomery will be through with you.

Paul: Oh, you go to hell. 

James: Hell can't handle me.  Now you, you get off your duff and do something! 

Paul: What?  So you can come in here and swoop in and take all the credit? 

James: By all means, give me the credit,

Paul:, and you'll find yourself in a garden a lot more secure than this.  They'll send in the men in the white coats, throw a net over you and drag you out of here. 

[Paul: laughing]

[James Stenbeck disappears]


Paul:?!  You okay? 

[Owl hoots]

Commissioner: And you weren't aware at the time of the horse's demise that your wife, in any way, contributed?

Jack: No.  No, I -- I didn't put it all together until I found my wife's stash of medication.  And it matched the analysis we'd done on the horse. 

Commissioner: And you said nothing to anyone at the department, despite the fact that a crime had been committed? 

Jack: It was clear to me that my wife was not in her right mind.  And when she volunteered to be committed, it seemed, at the time, to be a good thing.  Now, if I had known how deep her psychosis was, or that she was gonna make an alliance with Owen Dever -- then her mother stepped in with her own team of shrinks and basically cut me out of the loop, so --

Commissioner: Nothing that you have said changes the fact that you failed to report a crime.

Jack: No, sir, it doesn't.  Internal affairs cop #1: We've got what we need. 

Commissioner: In that case --

Internal affairs cop #2: Well -- one moment, commissioner.  Detective, do you have anything to say on your behalf? 

Jack: I guess I got caught up in doing the right thing and lost sight of the law.  I know that's not an excuse.  It's just -- she's my wife.  Guess I was too close to it.  I was trying to protect her.  I figured she'd wind up in Oakdale Memorial any day, why put her through an arrest?  But clearly, that is not my choice to make.  You can't protect people from consequences, that's what I learned.  I also learned that the law's there for a reason, to keep me from thinkin' too much.  Just do what it says.  And Barbara, it's so wrong what happened.  She wanted to meet me at the boathouse because she needed my help, and she nearly died.  Now maybe if I had reported Julia, the explosion wouldn't have happened.  Who knows.  But I'll know.  I'll feel it for the rest of my life.  What I'm trying to say is I'm -- I'm sorry.  I was wrong.  I should've reported the crime.  And whatever you guys decide tonight, I'll abide by it.  Thank you for letting me say my peace.

Internal affairs cop #2: Thank you, Detective Snyder. 

Commissioner: If you don't mind waiting outside, we'll have our decision for you within the hour. 

Margo: Look, I think it went really well.  You took responsibility and got one cop on your side, the guy who asked you if you had anything to say. 

Jack: It's over, Margo.  But thanks. 

Rose: Hey!  You look like you've seen a ghost. 

Paul: This -- this place used to belong to my father.  And, now it's mine.  And my mother's. 

Rose: Oh, yeah, she told me. 

Paul: What, you saw her? 

Rose: Yeah.  I brought her a pineapple.  A housewarming thing.

Paul: Oh. 

Rose: Yeah. 

Paul: That's very sweet of you, Rose. 

Rose: Oh, well, not everybody likes pineapple. 

Paul: What, did she say something that upset you? 

Rose: No.  Oh, no, no, no.  I totally understand, after everything she's been through. 

Paul: Yeah, she's still in a lot of pain.  And emotionally, she's --

Rose: She's a wreck. 

Paul: You think? 

Rose: Yeah, but I understand.  I mean, I'd be the exact same way, you know, if I went through something like that.  But she's a trooper, your mom, you know?  She's a fighter.  She's got to prove something, too, that Craig Montgomery could not bring her down.

Paul: Hm, well that's the other problem -- Montgomery. 

Rose: You just say the word, and I am there.  Worldwide, B.R.O., if we team up, Montgomery doesn't stand a chance. 

Craig: It must be nice being loved. 

Katie: It is divine.  That day that Simon flew all the way to that island to come get me, I -- he kissed me like it was our last day on earth. 

Craig: Simon Frasier, man of honor. 

Katie: Yes, he is a man of honor. 

Craig: And you deserve nothing less, Katie.  I am very happy for you.  I am. 

Katie: Why are you being nice all of a sudden? 

Craig: I'm always nice to you.  I took you in, you and your husband.  I even gave the man of honor a job, and look what happened.

[Craig tastes Katie’s drink] Grape juice.  Bartender, I'd like a real drink, please.

Katie: How do you do that?  How did you know? 

Craig: What?  Vodka neat, two. 

Katie: We were on the plane.  We were about to take off, and oh, why did you have to start being nice?  I could have pulled it off. 

Craig: What are you talking about? 

Katie: I flew halfway across the world.  I crash-landed a plane.  I found his diamond.  Yes, I lost it, but doesn't effort count for something?  I got thrown in jail.  I got kidnapped by thugs.  I went to the opera, Craig.  What else can I do for this man? 

Craig: Stop. 

Hal: Carly, you and Jack, you're in this for the long run.  Things will change.  They always do.  And when you come around again, you'll have learned something.

Carly: Maybe what we've already learned is that no matter how much we love each other, we can't be together. 

Hal: You don't believe that. 

Carly: Well, I don't know.  You get to a certain point, Hal.  How much can one person take? 

Hal: That's life, Carly.  Life is hard.  But don't you want to spend it with somebody that you can trust?  I mean, because that's what it's about, isn't it?  I mean, isn't it about who you can call at 4:00 A.M.? 

Carly: I can call you. 

Hal: I'm glad you feel that way.  But I'll bet you a month's salary that you'd probably call Jack, wouldn't you? 

Carly: It isn't just about me.  It's about Parker.  He deserves something solid, you know.  And I know that I can give it to him if I can just -- you know, the problem with this town is that I have made so many mistakes, and nobody seems to want to let me forget them.  So, I -- I was thinking -- I mean, this is Molly's apartment.  Maybe -- maybe we should go someplace new.

Hal: Well, if you can afford it, why don't you do that?  There's that new development over on Linden Lane. 

Carly: Not just a new apartment, Hal.  A new town -- a town that's not Oakdale. 

Hal: Leave Oakdale?  Come on, Carly.  That's not the answer, and you know it. 

Carly: It's the best thing I could come up with right now. 

Hal: Running away. 

Carly: Come on, Hal.  Do you really want that little boy growing up in a town where everybody thinks his mother's dirt?  I never get a break.  Even Craig Montgomery gets exonerated.  But me?  I'm on the cover of "The Intruder," stealing one woman's husband and then pinned up in the courtroom stealing another -- stop laughing at me!

Hal: Carly, you and I are gonna be having lunch when you're 75. 

Carly: And they'll write about it in "The Intruder.

Hal: Carly!  As long as there are men and women, I don't care if you move to the moon.  People are gonna talk. 

Carly: Well, at least I'll be able to get a job.  And Parker can grow up without people always whispering about his mother. 

Hal: People who count don't whisper. 

Carly: Do you know you are the only person who didn't ask me about those pictures? 

Hal: Well, you said you kicked him where it counts.  That's all that mattered to me. 

Carly: And that's why yours is the only opinion that matters to me.  I'm not leaving without your blessing.

Katie: Thank you, Ann Landers.  Since when do you know anything about love? 

Craig: Oh, I've been amassing a catalog of everything that doesn't work.  And believe me -- believe me, chasing the object of your desire is definitely under "doesn't.

Katie: That's what Simon wants.  He wants me to stop chasing him. 

Craig: That's what he thinks he wants.  If you stop, he will miss you.  I guarantee that. 

Katie: You've tried this? 

Craig: Here I sit. 

Katie: Waiting for your significant other to notice that you're gone?

Craig: The clock is ticking. 

Katie: Hmm.  I got to tell you, Craig, no amount of ticking is going to turn Barbara around.

Craig: No, that bomb already blew, but what's Barbara got to do with this?

Katie: The object of your affection.  No, no, no.  Yes, of course, I read about the trial.  Those kissy-kissy pictures.  You are waiting for Carly Tenney. 

Craig: No. 

Katie: Yes.  You said we both needed to stop. 

Craig: Well, I meant you and Simon in general.  You know, you make yourself a little less available, make him a little more jealous.  I can tell you, he wasn't happy when you flew away on that plane. 

Katie: Really? 

Craig: Oh, yeah. 

Katie: You're just trying to change the subject.

Craig: When's our hero coming home? 

Katie: Who knows? 

Craig: Well, look, listen.  Why don't you go take a bubble bath, call room service?  You'll feel better. 

Katie: So you really think you could get Carly Tenney away from Mr.  True Blue, Oakdale P.D.? 

Craig: Get yourself a manicure, too, huh? 

Katie: Again I ask -- why are you being so nice? 

Craig: When Simon was half out of his mind with fear that something had happened to you, I couldn't do anything.  Now I can.  So go on. 

Katie: So he was really, truly worried about me? 

Craig: Yeah, yeah. 

Katie: You know, I take it back.  You are quite lovable.  So this hard-to- get thing, you really think it'll work?

Craig: I do. 

Katie: So why not give it a chance?  Whoever she is, let her chase you. 

Craig: What about it, Carly?  You tired of being chased? 

Rose: Now, where I come from, when you get in trouble, you call your friends. 

Paul: Look, Rose, I appreciate --

Rose: Ah, ah, I'm not just bein' nice here.  B.R.O. owns a lot of Worldwide stock. 

Paul: Yeah, I haven't forgotten. 

Rose: We just don't want it floatin' around out there.  You know?  I mean, I trust you.  But Montgomery?  And whoever Montgomery sells it to?

Paul: Look, look, I wish I could help you.  It's just bad timing.

Rose: You worried about your ma? 

Paul: Yeah. 

Rose: That is one of your nicest qualities, you know?  Most guys would have been out of town.  You're a mensch. 

Paul: Yeah, well, it's also problematic. 

Rose: Now, I got a dictionary back home, leather binding and all that, that's one of those $5 words that nobody really knows what it means. 

Paul: It means I can't really go into it right now.  It's that, I don't really understand it.  You see, I -- I have this idea that -- it's my father.  He never gave a damn about anybody.  And obviously, I don't want to be like that.  But at the same time, what if I'm making a mistake?

Rose: It's too close.  I mean, it's your ma.  Of course it's too close.  But you know what, if Barbara, if she was in the driver's seat right now, she'd be going after Craig with both guns a blazin', 'cause she's a fighter, you know, she's tough. 

Paul: I hope so.  Montgomery's suing us. 

Rose: For what? 

Paul: Conspiracy to commit libel, defamation of character. 

Rose: Ah, oh wow, he doesn't miss a beat, does he?  That creep. 

Paul: That's why we can't go at him right now, 'cause it'll feed right into the lawsuit. 

Rose: Which could drag on forever.  Unless it was thrown out. 

Paul: Well, I'm working on it. 

Rose: Oh, no, no, no.   We're workin' on it. 

Rose: Now you see how this works?  You, me, and a big problem that just got smaller. 

Paul: Rose, if you can find a way to derail Craig, I would not only back Worldwide, I would marry Lucinda. 

Rose: Oh, wow. 

Paul: Yes I would. 

Rose: No, you're not her type. 

Paul: Yeah, well, that's the story of my life. 

Rose: Oh, I'm sure.  Yeah, cry me a river.  Rich, handsome, smart?  I'm sure you had a million girls lined up from wherever you came from.

Paul: And yet, here I am. 

Rose: Me, too.  Oh, "Operation Derail Craig" is on.  That's good. 

Paul: Well, Rose, look, I don't know about this.  'Cause if you keep coming through and bailing me out like this, I'm going to have to find a better way than flowers to thank, because --

Rose: Oh, the flowers -- oh my, that's why I came here to thank you for the flowers.  I've been rumblin' off my mouth like a jukebox.  They're beautiful.  Thank you so much.  I mean, they're like this creamy white, beautiful -- flowers.  How'd you know I loved roses? 

Paul: I don't know, Rose?  It was difficult. 

Rose: Yeah, right.  Yeah, yeah, you laugh all you want.  I had this guy one time, he filled my entire apartment with Birds of Paradise.  That's an ugly flower.  Looks like it's going to bite you every time you turn around.

Paul: Yeah, well, Rose, look -- I still want to take you out for your birthday dinner. 

Rose: Oh.  I thought you were just bein' polite, you know, like, "We'll do lunch.

Paul: No, no, no.  I -- I wrote it down.  I signed it. 

Rose: Yes you did, on that nice, beautiful card. 

[Rose remembers] Ah, yes, the poisoned chocolates.

[End of Memory]

Paul: I wouldn't have written it if I hadn't meant it. 

Rose: Oh, I know, but there is somebody who would write just about anything and not give a hoot.  Can you walk me back to my car?  That guard at the gate has been giving me the hairy eyeball.

Paul: Okay.  I'll introduce you. 

Rose: And you know what, and make reservations at someplace nice, 'cause if my hunch pays off, we're gonna have a lot to celebrate. 

Paul: All right. 

Hal: You're askin' me to give you permission to leave town with my son?

Carly: Well, it's only Chicago.  You can still -- you can see him every single day if you want too, and weekends and holidays.  He's your son.  I would never keep you from him. 

Hal: What about his mother?  What if I miss her muckin' up my life?

Carly: Well, then, I guess I'll have to drop by every once in a while with a bag of monkey wrenches. 

Hal: Well, if you're asking for my permission, I'll never give it.  But if it's my blessing you want, you got it.

Carly: Thank you. 

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Oh, that -- must be for you, Lieutenant. 

Hal: Yes, it is. 

Hal: Lieutenant Munson. 

Margo: Hal, I need you to get down here right away.  The Commissioner's here with I.A., they're crawling all over Jack. 

Hal: Tell Jack I'll be right there. 

Carly: What's going on? 

Hal: Internal affairs, they're deposing Jack. 

Carly: Is he gonna lose his job? 

Hal: I hope not.  I'm heading down there, you wanna come?  It might help to have somebody in his corner. 

Carly: No.  I don't wanna confuse things anymore than they already are.

Hal: Do me a favor?  Don't go anywhere for a couple days.  Give it some time.  You never know what's going to happen. 

Carly: Okay.

[Parker comes running up to Hal] 

Hal: You.  Pancakes, tomorrow morning, my place. 

Carly: Well, okay, so we can wait a couple days, right?  Not that it's going to change anything. 

[Phone ringing]

Margo: You want me to call Carly? 

Jack: No.  We're not together anymore. 

Margo: Whoa, sorry, I knew you were having a hard time, but I thought once you saved her life --

Jack: What?  Happy ending? 

Margo: Jack, it could all work out.

Jack: In less than a year I lost Julia, Holden, Luke, Carly, and now, I might even lose my job.  Makes you think, doesn't it?  Maybe I'm goin' about things all wrong. 

Margo: Right, fine, you had a hard year, but it wasn't your fault --

Jack: Oh, some of it was.  Julia?  I really screwed that up.  Carly?  My job?

I meant what I said in there.  I blew it.  Whatever they decide --

Margo: All I'm saying is don't you give up. 

Jack: No, I'm not givin' up, Margo.  The only reason I'm cleaning out my desk is to keep me from running in there and begging those guys to let me keep my job.  'Cause if I lose that, I've got nothin' left.  It's all gone.

[Door closes]

Paul: Well, look at you.  Now that's what I like to see, hard at work. 

Barbara: Well, you're in a better mood. 

Paul: Yeah, well, why not?  Life's short.  Can I get you anything?

Barbara: Why was Rose D'Angelo here? 

Paul: We're friends.  She was very helpful during the trial.

Barbara: You sent her flowers. 

Paul: Yeah, and I'm taking her to dinner too.  Imagine that. 

Commissioner: After reviewing the evidence, it's clear that Detective Snyder acted in what he thought was a responsible manner.  However, the law was broken.  And while he is proven a valuable member of this department, he withheld crucial evidence that resulted in change of course of several investigations.  And I needn't remind everyone of the amount of damage that that caused.  Detective Snyder, you are hereby suspended for 30 days without pay pending further investigation by internal affairs.  When we reconvene, we'll decide whether you have a future with this department.  You will now surrender your gun and shield to Lieutenant Munson.

Hal: Commissioner, Detective Snyder --

Commissioner: Lieutenant?  Lieutenant?

Jack: What did Yogi say?  "Deja vu all over again"?

Hal: Well, he also said, "It ain't over until it's over." It worked out for me, Jack, maybe it'll work out for you. 

Jack: Not this time.  I'll see you around.

[Craig remembers]

Katie: So why not give it a chance?  Whoever she is, let her chase you. 

[End of Memory]

Craig: Okay, Katie, you're on, after we speed things up a little.

[Craig makes a call]

Carly: And the buildings go way up in the sky.  And when you're on top of one, you can see for miles and miles, like you're a bird lookin' down at all the little people.  And before you know it, all the bad memories start to go away. 

[Phone rings]

Carly: Jack? 

[Craig is calling Carly but Rose grabs the phone from him and hangs up in the process]

Craig: Rose. 

Rose: That is still my name.  Yes. 

Craig: What are you doing? 

Rose: It's called penciling in an appointment.  For right now as a matter of fact.  And since you're gonna wanna hear what I have to say --

Carly: They hung up.  Well, that's a mystery.  We're not going to get any calls like that in Chicago, because nobody is going to know us.  But your daddy's going to come and visit though.  I'm really glad he's okay about this.  I was worried. Now, Auntie Molly, she's going to be mad.  And I don't blame her really, after everything she's done for us, we're just going to pack up and leave her?

Craig: I don't have time for games, Rosie. 

Rose: Oh, I don't have time either.  I'm a busy girl.  So this suit that you're filing against Barbara and

Paul: Ryan?  You're gonna drop it. 

[Craig laughs]

Craig: And what?  You want me to send Lucinda all that Worldwide stock, too?  Have a nice day. 

Rose: You're gonna drop the suit, and yes, while you're at it, you can sell back all that stock -- to me, to me.  See how nice I can be when you cooperate? 

Craig: And why would I cooperate with you, Rose? 

Rose: Because you made a mistake.  And I gotcha ya. 

Craig: Is that suppose to intimidate me or something?  You're going to have to be more specific.  I don't have time for this.

Rose: Ah, you want specifics, be here tomorrow at 5:00. 

Craig: Or what, you'll sit here and sip your fuzzy naval without me?

Rose: No, I'll call the cops.  Don't think I won't do it.  Be here, tomorrow, 5:00. 

Craig: Okay. 

Craig: Ah, very nice, Katie. 

Katie: Katerina Peretti of the Tuscan Perettis. 

Craig: Signora. 

Katie: Ciao bella. 

Craig: Ciao bella. 

Rose: Hey, Ms. Walsh?  It's Rose.  You'll never guess who's back in town, Katie Frasier.  I'm sure she knows what's going on with Lily and Simon. Now, get down here and talk to her right now!

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