As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/20/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Gisele

Simon: I don't care if Damian Grimaldi did sign those travel orders, we are not being forced back to the states.  Katie, please, just stop packing.  Stop packing. 

Katie: Have you seen my pink -- never mind, I'll just get more when we get home. 

Guido: The longer you stay here, the more dangerous it will be for you.  I am offering a safe passage home. 

Simon: Look, if Damian really did sign those papers, it's only because he knows that we are getting close to him. 

Guido: Signora Frasier? 

Katie: Simon, honey -- think about all the plans that we made for when we get back home.  Wouldn't it be terrible if we got killed instead?

Simon: Katie, I know you're frightened.  All right?  But we can not abandon Lily when she hasn't even found Holden and Luke. 

Katie: He does have a point. 

Guido: I know you care deeply for signora Snyder, but since the police got involved, I -- I assure you that --

Simon: Look, your assurances mean absolutely nothing.  Where is Lily Snyder now? 

Guido: I don't know. 

Simon: Yes, you do. 

Guido: I can't tell you. 

Simon: Yes, you will. 

Lily: Damian?  What are you doing here? 

Damian: Pretending to be drunk.  It was the only safe way I could see you. 

Lily: How could you have done this?  How could you have been so cruel -- so cruel to me?

Damian: Please, could I at least --

Lily: What?  Explain?  If your plan succeeded, I would have been mourning my husband and my son for the rest of my life. 

Damian: It wasn't my intention to involve Holden.  If he hadn't jumped in the boat --

Lily: You were kidnapping his son. 

Damian: It was the only way to save Luciano. 

Lily: We could have worked together, Damian.  We could have thought of something else! 

Damian: Shh!  Listen, keep quiet.  I'm still in great danger. 

Lily: You expect me to care about you after everything you have done to me?  Holden and Luke are out there somewhere.  And I'm going to get to them.  But whatever happens to you is of no consequence to me.

Owen: Wait!  There's one more thing.  Julia would never hurt the little boy, Carly's boy.  It's only his mommy who deserves to die. 

Craig: Hey --

Cass: Not that. 

Craig: If Julia hurts Carly, I will strangle both of you with my bare hands.  Do you hear me? 

Cass: Craig, making threats is not a good idea right now.

Craig: Huh?  Huh?  All right, Margo, can you find Carly? 

Margo: Jack is on his way to her apartment right now.  He left as soon as he found out that Julia had escaped the Psych ward. 

Owen: Julia told me I was her best friend.  I've never had a best friend before.  Is this what it's always like?

Margo: Officer, you can take him away now.  Don't worry.  We'll find her, Craig.

Cass: Jessica, let's not drag this out any longer.  I want all charges against my client dropped and a full apology issued from your office. 

Jessica: An apology? 

Cass: Mm-hmm. 

Jessica: If you want the charges dropped, bring proof. 

Jennifer: He got away with it.  Wrecked my mother's life.  Almost killed her.  And still, he walks free.  Oh! 

Emily: Mr. Montgomery, you've just been virtually cleared of attempting to murder your wife.  How does it feel? 

Craig: Any celebration is premature.  A very disturbed woman is still at large.

Emily: You're referring to Julia Lindsey? 

Craig: Yes.  Yes.  Until she's caught and we know she hasn't hurt anyone, none of us can rest easy. 

[Crickets chirping]

Julia: Do you recognize this place?  Here, I'll give you a hint.  It's the top of the world. 

Carly: Carly's Prize -- the land Jack bought for me. 

Julia: But it's all mine now.

[Julia laughs]  Oh, I loved taking this from you, cutting down all the trees, sending you those pictures.  Oh, hey, did you know, sometimes when you raze land like this, you get these, like, swampy areas?  It's the weirdest thing.  Spots of quicksand develop.  Isn't that just straight out of Ripley's? 

[Julia laughs] That's right, Carly.  You love Carly's Prize so much.  You're going to get to live here -- I mean, reside here --

forever.  Welcome to your burial ground.  Hey, should we have a moment of silence? 

[Julia laughs] They say, uh, death by drowning is painless.  Of course, it might be different with quicksand.  I'd imagine it's pretty gritty. 

Carly: You won't hurt Parker? 

Julia: Aw, I was only bluffing about that.  I'd never hurt the little guy. 

Carly: But Jack -- Jack's a different story, huh?  He was almost killed that night at the boat house.  I -- I guess you decided a long time ago he's expendable. 

Julia: I heard him making a date, and I knew it had to be you.

Carly: But it was Barbara. 

Julia: It should have been you.  But this is better.  [Julia laughs] Much better. 

Carly: Hal and Jack are smart.  You know, they're going to know that you did this, Julia. 

Julia: I'll get off.  I'll say you drove me to it.  Well, go ahead, go on, get in there.  You know, they say, if you move around, it goes a little faster. 

Carly: What would you like me to do?  Ease your conscience?  Do you think that if I jump in there, it'll make it suicide instead of murder?

Julia: You are not gonna spoil my fun, Carly.  You are going to die a slow and terrifying death, just like I imagined it.  But if you push me, I will make sure that it is painful, too.  Get in there.  Now!  

Jack: Carly, open up!  Carly?!  Carly, are you in here?  Carly?!

Reynolds: The bomb squad's on the way.  I thought we were supposed to wait until they did a sweep. 

Jack: Carly?!  Yeah, I'm not going anywhere until we – a nine and a one.  She must have been calling for help.  Any word on Julia? 

Reynolds: We took a statement from a handyman who was loading up his trunk.  He said he saw a woman in the parking lot matching her description. 

Jack: When?  Reynolds: About an hour ago. 

Jack: Julia must've forced Carly to leave. 

Reynolds: The bomb squad?  My orders were to wait --

Jack: I don't care what your orders were, Reynolds!  We've got to find out where they went! 

Simon: Come on, let's go. 

Katie: Where are we going? 

Simon: To find Lily ourselves. 

Guido: All right.  I will take you to Signora Snyder. 

Simon: What's the catch? 

Guido: After you see that she is well, you go straight for the airport. 

Simon: Fine, it's a deal. 

Katie: See?  A little give, a little take and all our problems are solved. 

Guido: Signora Snyder is being held at the prefecture of police.  I'll tell her to expect you. 

Simon: We've got to get Lily out of there.  If she's locked up, she can't bring Damian to Dante. 

Katie: I've been thinking about that.  How is she gonna go through with it?

Simon: Look, Dante gave Lily a very clear choice.  Bring Damian to him, and Luke and Holden live.  Fail, and they die.  It's not gonna be easy for her, but everything that she loves is at stake. 

Lily: Do you know that your brother, the maniac -- the maniac, the one that you never told me about -- has your son?  And he's holding him prisoner.  He has Holden and Luke, and we have no idea how they're being treated.  How did you let this happen, Damian? 

Damian: Blame that on your friends.  I had everything under control until they got in the way. 

Lily: Under control?  Luke was in a dungeon!  Your son!

Damian: He and Holden were safe.  Now who knows? 

Lily: Do you know?  Do you have any idea where they are? 

[Damian sighs]

Damian: My people are searching for them.  They will rescue them.  You have my -- it's too dangerous to continue.  Meet me tomorrow night by the old orchard out by --

Lily: I can't go anywhere.  I'm being held on suspicion of murder. 

Damian: Shh, no.  Never mind that.  We will both be free tomorrow.  Don't ask me how I know. 

Lily: Okay.  We'll meet -- tomorrow, on my terms. 

Damian: Lily -- you have nothing to fear from me.  We both want to save Luciano.

Lily: Yes, we do, maybe.  But I'll decide how. 

Damian: What do you have in mind? 

Lily: There's a Cafe in the Roma Hills.  The Cafe Dell'Arte.  We'll meet there tomorrow night, and we'll plan our next move. 

Damian: How do you know about this place? 

Lily: I've been there before.  And it's -- it's very secluded.  Hardly anybody knows about it. 

Damian: I'll have my men check it out.  At this point, I can't trust anyone. 

Lily: What about me?  Can't you trust me? 

[Knock at door]

Barbara: Go away. 

Hal: I have news about the explosion at the boat house.  I thought you'd better hear it from me.

Barbara: The boat house, the explosion -- what did I see?  When did I see it?  I cannot keep reliving this nightmare, Hal. 

Hal: Craig did not try to kill you.  He wasn't the one who set that bomb. 

Barbara: But I saw him! 

Hal: Someone else confessed.  On the stand.  Under oath. 

Barbara: No.  Is this some new interrogation technique?  You come in here with a story, expecting me to confess that I didn't see Craig? 

Hal: His name is Owen Dever.  He's a former psychiatric patient, released about two months ago. 

Barbara: Why would he want to kill me?

Hal: It wasn't you he was after.  It was Jack and Carly.  He was put up to it by another patient in the Psych ward. 

Barbara: Another patient? 

Hal: Julia Snyder. 

Julia: Don't make me shoot you, Carly!  We'd hate to get powder burns all over that lovely Carly Tenney Original.  Trust me, mud is a lot easier to get out. 

Carly: I won't do it.  I will not abandon my son! 

Julia: You want to run?  Go ahead!  These muck holes are all over the place!  Between the fog and the dark, you'll fall into one sooner or later. 

Carly: Fine.  Then take your best shot, Julia!  Death by quicksand would be a lot better than drowning in your whimpering, whining, wailing swill!

Poor put-upon Julia!  Never a friend, never a prayer.  Totally justified in seeking vengeance.  Just tell me, how did this start, this crusade of yours to make the entire world pay?  Oh, yeah.  You killed an innocent animal, Julia!

And then you recruited some poor, misguided headcase to set a bomb to kill Jack and me.  And when you maimed Barbara instead, you didn't just leave it alone, did you?!  You sent him back to finish the job, didn't you, Julia?  To try to smother Barbara in her bed?! 

Julia: That was Owen's idea, not mine.  It's beside the point anyway.  Craig Montgomery is a bad man.  He deserves to go to jail!

Carly: For something you did?!  Oh, I see.  I see.  But, you know, what's really got you, what's really sent you around the bend is that I deserve Jack's love more than you do. 

Julia: Now who's the crazy one? 

Carly: I haven't tried to kill anybody, have I, Julia?  I haven't shot any holes into any corpses, have i, Julia?  I haven't burned my best friend to a crisp! 

Julia: Shut up! 

Carly: Just face it, Julia.  I'm a better person than you are.  You'll always be second best. 

Julia: I will shoot you right now! 

Carly: Go ahead.  What do you -- what do you think it's gonna get you, huh?  Jack?

Julia: After you're gone, Jack will want me.  Only me! 

Carly: No.  After I'm dead and long after I'm buried, Jack Snyder will love me.  He'll miss me and want me for the rest of his life, Julia!  Forever!

Julia: Then I'll shoot him, too! 

[Carly goes after Julia]


[Julia falls into the quicksand]

[Julia screaming]

Jack: I got it.  Reynolds: What's that, detective? 

Jack: Where Julia took Carly.  Alert the station.  Tell 'em I need backup.  I'll radio directions from the car. 

Hal: We got Dever into the courthouse at the last minute.  We put him on the stand.  He cracked like an egg.  He told the court that he set the bomb on orders from Julia.

Barbara: Then -- this -- this -- is a mistake.  The other way, it made some kind of sense to me.  I fell for Craig's lies.  I turned my back on my family.  And this was my punishment.  But now?  This is meaningless. 


This makes no sense to me!  I can't -- I can't accept this.  I can't, I can't, no!


Lucinda: Well, you two, I guess you're pleased -- pleased as punch about this, honey. 

Sierra: To see a little justice served?  Yes, mother, I am pleased. 

Lucinda: Oh! 

[Reporters talking loudly]

Jennifer: We have to get out of here.

Bryant: You want me to go with you? 

Jennifer: No, no, that's okay.  I have someone I need to see. 

Bryant: Your dad? 

Jennifer: You really do know me, don't you, Bryant? 

[Reporters talking loudly]

Bryant: Is this the line for making apologies to my mother? 

Sierra: You do not owe me an apology, Bryant.  You're not the only one that thought your father was guilty. 

Bryant: Why didn't you? 

Sierra: Because I know him better than most people do. 

Bryant: I've been angry at him for so many years, I'd like to get past that.  But it's like I keep telling you -- you haven't been here.  You haven't seen all the horrible things he's done.

Sierra: I understand.  Listen, your father is flawed, at best.  But there's one thing I'm sure of.  He loved you the day you were born, and he still loves you. 

Rose: You know, unleashing that picture of Craig and his tootsie was the right thing to do -- at the time.  It's too bad we're settin' up the wrong guy.  I hate when that happens, you know?  When life isn't fair or I'm not fair.  You could make me feel better here.  I mean, jump in at any time, please. 

Paul: Rose, when has Craig ever worried about being fair?  To you or anybody else?  Any harm done to that man should be considered public service.

Rose: Not bad. 

Paul: I was hoping we were gonna celebrate tonight. 

Rose: Yeah, me, too. 

Paul: Since there doesn't seem to be much to celebrate, I'm gonna go home, okay?  Do you understand? 

Rose: Oh, yeah!  Sure.  Yeah, I could use a change of scenery, too. 

Paul: Okay, well, I'll see you soon, okay? 

Rose: Okay, you bet. 


Paul:, what?  No apology?  It's okay.  I understand. 

Paul: You know what, Craig?  I do have a few words for you.  I just hope you're man enough to hear what I have to say. 

Julia: Carly!  Carly!  Carly, wake up!  Please wake up, Carly! 

[Carly moaning]

Julia: Carly!  Carly, help me! 

[Carly moaning]

Carly: If I'd stayed unconscious for just a little while longer, I wouldn't have this problem. 

Julia: Please help me, Carly! 

Carly: Where's the gun? 

Julia: I -- I dropped it.  I don't know. 

Carly: Where are the keys? 

Julia: Um, still in my pocket, I think? 

Carly: Well, hell. 

Julia: Hurry!  Please hurry! 

Carly: You better not make me regret this. 

[Carly extends a stick Julia’s direction]

Carly: All right.  Grab on. 

Julia: I'm afraid to move my arm.

[Carly lowers the stick] 

Carly: Oh, for -- all right, can you grab it?

Julia: Uh-huh.  You -- I can't find it. 

Carly: Just grab the stick, Julia! 

Julia: Okay, I got it. 

Carly: All right. 

[Both groaning]

[Both panting]

Julia: That was scary. 

Carly: You're welcome.  You know, you shot me, you know? 

Julia: Do you want me to look at it? 

Carly: No!  Don't.  Don't touch me. 

Julia: I -- I don't know what happened to me.  I -- I used to go to movies and -- and travel.  And I used to work in a hospital.  I helped deliver babies.  They trusted me with babies.  I used to be someone good and now I'm -- I don't know what happened.  I'm so sorry.  I'm -- I'm so, so sorry.

Carly: You actually -- you actually sound sorry. 

Julia: I know it's too late.  It's too late.  It's too late. 

Carly: You know, maybe not.  I'm living proof, you know, that people can change.  You know?  So we'll just get you back to your hospital.  And the doctors and your mom -- they'll make you better. 

Julia: I just -- I want to be the person that I used to be before I ever came here. 

Carly: It could happen.  You know?  Sometimes when you lose someone you love, you kind of lose yourself, too, you know?  And it's hard to make your way back from that.  But you could do it. 

Julia: Would you help me? 

Carly: You know, Julia, I don't think that you'd want my help.

Julia: No, I do.  I really do.  Just tell me that you'll help me. 

Carly: Okay.  Okay, I'll help you. 

Julia: And -- and Jack? 

Carly: Well --

[Carly laughs] Jack, I mean -- I don't know.  I don't know about Jack. 

[Julia grabs the gun and points it at Carly]

[Carly shrieks]

Julia: Liar! 

Carly: What are you doing?! 

Julia: You don't want to help me!  You don't want me to get well!  You deserve to die!  Now you get in there or I will shoot you! 

Carly: I just saved your life, Julia! 

Julia: Get in there! 

Carly: Julia! 

Julia: Now!

Carly: Julia!

[Julia pushes Carly into the quicksand] 

[Carly screaming]

Julia: This is perfect!  This is perfect! 

[Julia laughing madly]

Jack: Julia? 

Julia: Coming to die with your girlfriend, Jack?  Because it's too late for you to save her -- or yourself. 

[Julia laughing]

Damian: Lily, we shared a bed.  You gave birth to my only son.  Of course I trust you.  Unless -- is there a reason why I shouldn't? 

Lily: No.  We want the same thing. 

[Door opens]

Damian: Someone is coming.  No matter what they offer you, don't tell anyone you've seen me.  If you betray me now, there's no chance for any of us, especially Luciano. 

Paul: The only thing proven today is that the law of averages still works.  Commit enough crimes, sooner or later you're gonna get away with one. 


Paul:, you're no good at math.  You better stick to hiking.

Paul: You know what, Montgomery?  You're scum.  You're a liar and a thief.  You're a disease, Montgomery.  And I'm gonna wipe you out.

Craig: Bryant.  Bryant! 

[Reporters talking loudly] Hey, Bryant, you're still here?  Uh --

Bryant: I'm glad things worked out the way they did. 

Craig: Thanks, Bryant.  That means a lot. 

Bryant: I'm sorry I thought you were guilty.  I guess I was just influenced by other people. 

Craig: Hey, it's over, you know?  We move on.  Huh?  Come here. 

[Craig hugs Bryant and Jennifer walks in]

Bryant: Dad. 

Craig: Hmm?

Bryant: I gotta go. 

Craig: Well, call me, all right?  We'll -- we'll go fishing. 

[Reporters talking loudly]

Bryant: I shouldn't have said anything.  He always makes too much of it. 

Jennifer: Well, I didn't see you trying to stop him from giving you a big sloppy hug. 

Bryant: He got carried away because I told him I was sorry I thought he was guilty. 

Jennifer: Know what?  I absolutely refuse to feel sorry for Craig Montgomery. 

Bryant: Well, I'm not defending him.  But I am allowed to have my own thoughts about him. 

Jennifer: Well, fine.  I hope you and your thoughts have a wonderful evening. 

[Reporters talking loudly]

Margo: Jessica, I have an update on Owen. 

Jessica: Oh, the poster child for the terminally deranged?  You wanna see how I'm gonna rip him apart when I get him on the stand? 

Margo: Jessica, you and I both know that your case is falling apart.  Why are you so insistent on finding Craig guilty? 

Jessica: It's my job to present the evidence, Margo.  I built a strong case, and it was not easy. 

Margo: There was a time not long ago when getting at the truth was so much more important than the time you put into building a case. 

[Reporters talking loudly]

Craig: Is there any word on Carly? 

Cass: Yeah, Craig.  She's missing.

Barbara: I proved to everyone what a fool I was when I married Craig.  And now I've shown the world that I'm a liar, too.  Oh, no!  No, don't!  Don't, Hal.  Don't. 

Paul: Tell her about Dever? 

Hal: I thought she should hear it from someone besides the screaming media. 

Paul: Mom, I need to have a word with Hal.  Will you be okay? 

Barbara: Oh, I'm fine. 

Hal: She's not taking it well,

Paul:.  She thinks the whole town is gonna think she lied for revenge. 

Paul: That might be the least of our worries.  If the D.A. wants to save face, she could come after my mom, prosecute her for perjury.

Hal: I know Jessica.  I don't think she's gonna do that. 

Paul: No, no.  I'm not taking any chances on this one.  If anyone goes down for this, it's gonna be me. 

Jack: I've been looking for you, Julia. 

Julia: You've been looking for your slut, you mean!  Don't come any closer. 

Jack: I've been looking for you.  I wanted to tell you that I made a mistake.  I should have held onto what we had.  I mean, didn't you hear?  I'm not with Carly anymore. 

Julia: Yeah, that's what she said, but we all know what a liar she is. 

Jack: Julia, you gotta let her go.

Julia: I knew it!  I knew you were just coming here to save her! 

Jack: No, I came here to save you!  Listen to me!  If you hurt Carly, it'll make every newscast.  Everybody's gonna be talking about Julia Lindsey Snyder, the beautiful socialite who went crazy and kidnapped an innocent woman --

Julia: She's not innocent! 

Jack: But you are!  You are!  Okay?  Don't you see?  I remember who you were when we met.  I want the whole world to know that woman.  The beautiful, sensitive, compassionate woman that I fell in love with.  A great friend.  A wonderful wife.  Listen, I'll tell everybody the truth about how I hurt you and about how much you loved our baby.

Julia: Don't talk like that!  Don't talk like that.  Don't talk like you loved me. 

Jack: But I did. 

Julia: Prove it.

[Jack shows Julia their wedding ring] 

Jack: This belongs to you. 

Julia: My ring! 

Jack: I've kept it with me -- ever since you gave it to me for safekeeping.  I've kept it with me all this time.  I loved you first.  I'll love you always.  You gave me your hand once, and I know I don't deserve it, but if you could find it in your heart to give me another chance --

[Jack puts the ring on Julia’s finger]

Julia: I prayed for this.  I prayed that, one day, you'd realize that you loved me the best. 

Jack: Ah.  Um -- we don't need this anymore, do we?

[Jack takes the gun away from Julia]

Julia: No. 

Jack: No. 

Julia: Not if you're taking me home.  Just take me home, Jack.

[Jack shoves Julia against some bushes as Officer Reynolds approaches] 

[Julia shrieks]

Jack: Reynolds, grab her! 

Julia: You lied!  You liar!  I hate you!  I hate you!  I'm gonna kill you, Jack!  You saw me!  You know I can I do it!  I was ready!

[Jack rescues Carly from the quicksand]

Jack: Take her out of here!  Are you all right?  Carly?  Tell me you're all right! 

Carly: Jack -- Jack. 

Jack: Thank God! 

Paul: I was the one that pushed her into testifying against Craig.  She was wavering, and I convinced her that she saw him. 

Hal: I'm not condoning what you did,

Paul:.  But as long as justice is being served, I don't think see why you should have to take the fall for it. 

Paul: What if they come after her, Hal? 

Hal: I'll see what Jessica is planning.  If she's planning to bring charges, I'll rattle her cage in Barbara's defense. 

Paul: Thanks. 

Hal: I could've stayed out of this, you know?  Let Montgomery take the fall for a crime he didn't commit. 

Paul: Why didn't you? 

Hal: Because I'm not him.

Margo: Look, I know that Dever caught you off-guard there.  But I'm asking you, Jessica, as a person who --

cop #3: Excuse me, chief? 

Margo: Yes?  Cop #3: They found Julia Snyder in some field outside of town.  She had Carly Tenney with her. 

Margo: Oh, was anyone hurt?  Cop #3: Nothing serious.  But Mrs. Snyder confessed to everything. 

Margo: Oh, well, thank you, Walter. 

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: All right, I know when I've lost.  When we reconvene, I'll recommend the charges dropped. 

Margo: Thank you.  This trial's hurt a lot of people.  Now we can just let the healing begin.  Yeah? 

Margo: Jessica is dropping charges.  They found Julia.  She confessed to everything.

Sierra: Great! 

Craig: What about Carly? 

Margo: She's okay.  I don't have all the details yet, but she is okay. 

Craig: Good, good, good!  Thank you.  Thank you, thank you.  He-e-e-ey, that's it!  Nothing to do now but ice the champagne! 

Sierra: Congratulations.  You know, you never cease to surprise me. 

Craig: How's that? 

Sierra: Right there, when you heard the news, I think you were more worried about Carly than you were about yourself. 

Craig: Well, she's a good friend. 

Sierra: No, I think this is different.  I don't think she's another toy for your collection.  I think she's something more. 

[Sirens wailing]

Jack: We should get you to the hospital.  You'll probably have a concussion. 

Carly: Yeah, okay, I'll go.  I just wanna see Parker -- wanna hold him for awhile. 

Jack: Will you be all right at your place tonight?  Alone, I mean?

Carly: Yeah.  If I need somebody, I'll call Molly. 

Jack: Julia was the one who arranged the explosion that nearly killed Barbara.  But the target was you.  I guess she overheard me arranging with Barbara to meet her at the boathouse.  And it was a special place for us --

Carly: I know, she told me.  She seemed proud. 

Jack: Yeah.  Well --

Carly: I guess I was right.  Craig wasn't guilty. 

Jack: Yeah, you were right. 

Carly: When you saved me, Jack, it seemed so right, so possible for us to be okay again. 

Jack: You getting a ride home with Reynolds? 

Carly: Jack?  Why did you still have Julia's ring?  It wasn't because of what you said, right?  Or do you still love her? 

Jack: Everything I did tonight, every single thing, I did because I love you. 

[Carly sighs]

Guido: Signora Snyder.  I hope this has not been too unpleasant for you. 

Lily: I've had better accommodations. 

Guido: You are free to go.  Turns out the good friar had slipped in the bathtub. 

Lily: And wound up in an alley? 

Guido: Perhaps he crawled.  In a small, old-fashioned country, anything is possible. 

Simon: Lily!  You all right? 

Lily: I'm -- it's good to see you guys. 

Katie: Is that your cellmate?  Ah, he reeks! 

Lily: Oh, no, he's -- he's harmless. 

Guido: Mr. Frasier?  Move this along. 

Simon: Yes.  We have to leave. 

Lily: What?

Simon: It seems your ex-husband is having us deported. 

Lily: Is that true? 

Guido: I would prefer to say that our guests are being asked, respectfully, to come back another time. 

Simon: Damian wants us to leave for some reason.  I don't know what it is, but I could easily find out. 

Lily: How? 

Simon: Give me five minutes with him.  I'll show you how. 

Paul: Okay, mom, look, I don't want you worrying about this anymore, okay?  I want you to concentrate on recovering and --

[phone ringing] Hello?

Who is this?  No, she doesn't wanna make a statement.  Not to you, not to anybody!  I'm gonna have them disconnect this phone.

Barbara: It won't stop them.  I'm a public target now.  Everyone will want their shot. 

Paul: Look, mom, all this is gonna die down in a couple days, okay? 

Barbara: You've got to me out of here,


Paul: What?  The hospital? 

Barbara: I can hear everything.  I'll be able to hear them out there, trying to bribe the staff, trying to get a look at me, judging me and pitying me and despising me! 

Paul: Mom, nobody despises you. 

Barbara: I will have a private nurse and a bed like this and doctors around the clock.  Just, please,

Paul:, please!  Get me out of here.  Take me away someplace.  Take me away from everyone!  Please!

Judge: Mr. Montgomery.  You're free to go.  And so are the rest of you.  Court is adjourned. 

Cass: Congratulations.  We did it. 

Craig: Was there any doubt? 

Lucinda: You want to join us, darling?  We're gonna go someplace and get plastered. 

Sierra: No, I think I'm gonna stay around here for a minute. 

Rose: All right.  You're gonna miss out.

Sierra: Well, about that champagne --

Craig: Um -- what about tomorrow night? 

Sierra: What's wrong with now? 

Craig: Well, just -- I feel like being alone for awhile -- and reflect. 

Sierra: Did you say "reflect"?

Craig: Don't tell anybody. 

Sierra: I think this trial has changed you, Craig.  But I'm not sure -- will it be for the better?  Hmm.

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