As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/17/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Gisele

Simon: Hey, I'm back and -- Katie?  Lily?  Anyone in there?  No notes and --

Katie: Hey.  Oh, it says "World's Greatest Husband." At least that's what the guy at the souvenir stand said. 

Simon: Oh, right.  Katie, Katie, I --

Katie: I've been waiting all day to do that! 

Simon: Wait, wait, wait.  Where have you been just now? 

Katie: I went to get a bucket of ice so we could have a glass of wine.  You like white best, right?  Oh, I want every day to be like this -- you come home from a rough day, and I greet you with dry wine and a wet kiss. 

Simon: Katie, wait.  I have something to tell you!

Katie: And then -- no, and then we can sit on our porch and cuddle and drink wine and watch the sun set.  And we'll do this, and then you'll take me up to bed, and you know what comes next. 

Simon: Wait, stop right there.  Lily could walk in at any moment. 

Katie: She's gonna be gone for hours. 

Simon: Why?  Where is she? 

Katie: I think she went back to that church. 

Simon: What?!  What, you let her go back out there alone? 

[Lily Dreaming]

Dante: I don't want to hurt anyone, but I am a man of my word.  So you either deliver Damian to me as promised, or I will kill your husband and son as promised.

[Lily wakes up]

Lily: Somebody there?  Holden?  Luke?  Who are you?  Who are you?

Are you with the church? 

Guido: No, dear lady.  I am employed by a less holy organization.  My name is Inspector Guido Boggia.  I am Prefect of Police. 

Lily: What are you doing here? 

Guido: My office received a report concerning a disturbance here at the church.  Perhaps you know something about it, Signora Snyder? 

Lily: How do you know my name?

[2 Police officers wheel out a dead man on a gurney]

[Lily gasps] Oh!  Oh, please go away!  Please tell me that that's not --

Guido: Friar Domenico. 

Lily: Who? 

Guido: The deceased.  Friar Domenico.  You did know the man, did you not? 

Lily: No.  No, no, no.  I've never heard of him. 

Guido: Then I assume you do not know how he died? 

Lily: How did -- accident?  I --

Guido: We have reason to believe the man was murdered. 

Lily: Why would anyone want to kill him? 

Guido: Before we get to that question, why don't you answer my question and tell me why you are really here? 

Jessica: Can you tell us, Mr. Montgomery, how long after this --

interlude, shall we say, with Carly Tenney, did you stand at the altar promising to love, honor, cherish and protect Barbara Ryan?

Craig: A few minutes. 

Jessica: I'm sorry?  I didn't hear you. 

Craig: A few minutes.  I married Barbara a few minutes after -- after that happened. 

Jessica: "That" being this kiss, for the record? 

Craig: Yes, the kiss. 

Jessica: So the marriage vows you made to Barbara Ryan only minutes after this photograph was taken weren't really vows at all.  It was just a casual lie, something --

Cass: Objection, your honor.  The district attorney insists on drawing conclusions. 

Jessica: Withdrawn.  We'll let the jury draw its own conclusions.  All right, let's stick to the facts.  Fact number one -- you've admitted to cheating on your first wife.  Fact number two -- you had no qualms about cheating on Barbara Ryan right before the --

Cass: Objection.  So-called fact is not in evidence. 

Jessica: Withdrawn.  Fact number three -- you tampered with your son's trust fund. 

Cass: Is the district attorney delivering a filibuster here or is there actually a question somewhere? 

Judge: Ms. Griffin, do you have a question for this witness? 

Jessica: Yes, your honor, I do.  A very simple question.  With all the multiple instances of lying and cheating you've acknowledged in this courtroom, why should anyone believe you now when you say you did not try to murder Barbara Ryan? 

Margo: Don't, Craig.  Don't take the bait. 

Craig: Because I didn't do it, huh?  I have made my share of mistakes --

bad choices -- but I would never contemplate murder.

Jessica: Correct me if I'm wrong, but a few years back, did you not plant a car bomb intended to murder a man named Steve Andropolous? 

[Crowd begins talking]

Cass: Objection, your honor!  Whatever has been dredged up from the dim past is clearly prejudicial and should have no bearing on the matter at hand. 

Jessica: Your honor, he opened the door.  I walked in. 

Cass: Sidebar, your honor. 

Judge: Come forward, both of you.  And quiet down!

[Gavel pounds] We need to be able to hear ourselves think! 

Hal: We've been looking for you, Mr. Dever.  You're not an easy man to find. 

Emily: You -- recognize me, don't you?

Hal: My name's Hal Munson.  I can explain what we're doing here, Mr.


Owen: You!  You hurt me! 

Hal: Ah, yes.  Yes, she did, and she feels really awful about it, and she's very sorry that it happened, right, Emily? 

Emily: Oh, right.  I'm very -- so sorry. 

Owen: You wanted to hurt me with those scissors! 

Hal: Well, Mr. Dever, you didn't give her much choice, really.  She had to defend herself, you understand. 

Owen: It was her own fault.  If she'd minded her own business, I would've left her alone, but I had to do it.  I had to show her --

Hal: I understand, Mr. Dever.  You only hurt people when it's absolutely necessary, right? 

Owen: What people?  Never mind.  I know.  You mean the one who got hurt by the bomb I put in the boathouse.

Carly: Julia.  Out of the hospital already? 

Julia: Mm, I needed a little field trip. 

Carly: Your shrink okayed that? 

Julia: I got tired of the hospital.  Oh, that food was awful.  Besides, I had a few errands I needed to run.  I had to pick up a certain accessory.  So while I was in the neighborhood, I thought, "Oh, I'll pop in and visit an old friend."

Carly: Who might that be? 

[Julia giggles]

Julia: You, silly. 

Carly: Well, as much as I would love to stay and chat with you, I really do have to go.  I'm -- I'm already late.  I'm scheduled to testify in court today. 

Julia: No, no, Carly.  You already testified, and you didn't manage to save Craig Montgomery, either.  All you accomplished was to prove, once again, that you are nothing but the same tramp that we've all come to know and despise. 

Carly: Well, I guess they really keep you current in the nut hut, don't they?  Let's not do this again soon. 

Julia: On the contrary, Carly.  You're all set to go.  Let's leave together. 

Carly: No, no, really.  Go on ahead.

Julia: Come with me, Carly.  I insist.

[Julia pulls a gun on Carly] 

[Lily sighs]

Guido: Would you mind telling me why you are here? 

Lily: I think you already know that. 

Guido: What makes you think that? 

Lily: You know my name.  I've been searching around this island for weeks, asking questions, poking around.  I'm sure you know more than you're saying.

Guido: I have heard stories, but I would prefer to hear it from you, in your own words. 

Lily: My husband and my son were taken here to Malta against their will, and I came here to find them. 

Guido: And did you? 

Lily: Almost.  I was so close.  I came here to the church, and they were here, but then they were taken away from me again. 

Guido: I'm sorry. 

Lily: It's okay, 'cause I'm staying here until I find them, and I'm not going home without them.  I've been on that bench right there praying and hoping that somehow --

Guido: It seems like you would do anything to get them back, no?

Lily: I didn't -- I didn't kill the friar.  I had nothing to do with that.  I have no idea what happened to him.  I swear to you, I had absolutely nothing to do with his death!

Guido: So you were never in the clock tower? 

Lily: For a moment, I was.  I -- but I didn't see him there or anybody, and I didn't push anybody.  I could never drag a body into the alley!  Look, I can't stay here right now.  I really have to --

Guido: Forgive me, signora.  If it were up to me, I would send you on your way, but -- so you can resume your search. 

Lily: Well, then why don't you do that? 

Guido: But I have to take you to the station to conduct a proper interrogation. 

Lily: No!  I cannot go with you because my husband and my son are out there somewhere, and I have to find them before something else happens to them!

Guido: I have no choice.  Take Signora Snyder to the Prefecture for interrogation at once. 

[Lily gasps]

Lily: I don't understand!  All I did was come here to pray!  Is that against the -- are you working for Dante?! 

Guido: I work for the people of Malta. 

Lily: Why is Dante doing this?  I told him that I would give him what he wanted!  How could I do that from jail?! 

Guido: Take her away! 

Lily: No!  Please don't do this!  Please! 

Katie: What difference does it make if Lily want to spend the night at the church? 

Simon: I still can't believe you let her go back out there. 

Katie: Stop saying that I let her do things, Simon.  I am not her mother.  She's fine.

Simon: She's upset right now, okay?  She's in no state to make decisions like that. 

Katie: I know.  I understand that, but if it makes her feel better to be at the church, praying for Luke and Holden, then that's what she should be doing -- where are you going? 

Simon: Well, I'm gonna go and find Lily and talk some sense into her, aren't I? 

Katie: Right, and when you're trying to talk sense into her, she's gonna have one question for you -- "Have you found Damian?" And what are you gonna tell her? 

Simon: No.  No, I haven't.  No, not -- but I'm getting some -- but I'm --

Katie: But what?  Why bring her bad news?  She's already freaked out enough that Dante told her she has one week to bring Damian to him.  One week.  Days have gone by.  We've found nothing.  We've looked and looked.  You went to Sicily!  This guy does not want to be found, all right?  This is not a big island.

Simon: So what are you saying, Katie?  What are you saying?  We just give up? 

Katie: No, of course we don't give up, but at least let her be in the church and have her hope. 

Simon: But she's all by herself out there, though, you know? 

Katie: I know.  I understand that.  But if you -- did you ever think that maybe she's staying away from us as a favor? 

Simon: What do you mean? 

Katie: So you and I can be alone, like a husband and wife should be.  Lily's not the only one that needs you. 

Simon: Well -- Katie, I'm -- look, I'm sorry, okay?  I know you're feeling neglected.  But, hey, think of all the benefits.

Katie: What benefits? 

Simon: Well, look -- I'm like kind of an expert in marriage, right?

Katie: Yeah, five times over.  You don't have to remind me. 

Simon: Yeah, okay, but I've worked out that every relationship follows a kind of a pattern.  It's pretty predictable.  Okay, first, there's the attraction, all right?  And then you go out, and then there's great sex. 

Katie: Sounds good so far. 

Simon: It is, and then you get married, and there's more great sex, and then it all becomes a bit too familiar, and then the fire goes out, and the thrill is gone, and the marriage is over. 

Katie: So you're saying the longer we don't have sex, the longer our marriage will last?

Simon: Bingo!  That's exactly it.  Don't you get it?

Katie: Yeah, and it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my entire life! 

Emily: So, how many bodies do you think he's got stuffed in that fridge?

Hal: Uh -- oh, and listen, I was kinda curious.  I was wondering, about that bomb that you planted in the boathouse, did someone pay you to do that or -- ? 

Owen: She didn't have to pay me. 

Hal: Who didn't? 

Owen: Julia! 

Hal: Julia Snyder? 

Owen: I love her.  We're gonna get married.  I did it for her, so we could be together forever, but you're getting in the way!

Emily: You stay away from me!  You --

Owen: You hurt Julia, poking your nose where it doesn't belong, asking questions, looking at secret files. 

Hal: Don't blame Emily.  Don't blame Emily.  I made her do those things.  She did not want to do it.  She wanted to help you. 

Emily: Mm-hmm. 

Owen: How? 

Hal: By finding information out about you so that people would understand you better. 

Owen: What did she find out? 

Hal: That you're a bright, resourceful, educated man.  Right, Emily?

Emily: Uh, right.  Right.  Especially, you know, about weapons and explosives, all that stuff.  I'm fascinated by all that.

Owen: You are? 

Hal: And not only that, but Emily was once in a hospital just like you and Julia, so she knows what it's like. 

Owen: Really? 

Emily: Really.  I hated being locked up, you know, watched all the time.  You know, and the worst part was when they wouldn't let me see my child unless they said it was okay, so I worked really, really hard at getting better, just like -- just like you did.  That's why I admire you so much, Owen, because I know how hard you've worked to get to where you are, and I know -- the only reason you probably hurt me was because you were afraid you were gonna get locked up again, right? 

Owen: You're pretty. 

Emily: You think so? 

Owen: Yeah, and you're nice, too, not like I thought you were.

Emily: Yeah.  I'm sorry.  I just get a little nervous, you know, in crowds and -- actually, I have to go someplace, and it makes me really nervous. 

Owen: Where? 

Emily: The courthouse.  Yeah.  And I'm really nervous to go there alone, so I was hoping -- I was hoping that maybe you could come with me. 

Carly: Help!  Somebody, help me!  Please!

[Julia punches Carly in the stomach] 

[Carly groans]

[Julia laughs]

Julia: That's pretty good, huh, Carly?  Yeah, I've been exercising, working out a little bit, kick boxing, weights.  You know, they tell us that exercise is real good for ya.  It relieves stress.  That's what they say in the old "nut hut," as you so quaintly put it.

Carly: What do you want? 

Julia: Just to take a little drive. 

Carly: Look -- if this is about Jack, there's no point, okay?  We're not together anymore. 

Julia: Then why are his things still here, huh?  Don't lie to me, Carly, and don't try and distract me.  You are not gonna duck out this time and let some innocent bystander take your punishment! 

Carly: Bystander?  What are you talking about?! 

Julia: Oh, you really are a walking blonde joke, aren't you?  Come on, Carly.  Try and look at the big picture.  Now, you're here, and Barbara Ryan is where? 

Carly: She's -- she's in the hospital, but I --

Julia: Ah!  There we go.  The light dawns.  Mm-hmm.  Now, did you ever bother to ask yourself why would anybody want to blow up poor Barbara?!

Carly: You set the bomb. 

Julia: Well, there you go.  Ding-ding-ding.  Give the little lady a stuffed panda. 

Carly: But I saw you.

[Julia laughs] At the hospital -- your wrists.  They were watching you. 

Julia: Ah, Carly, it pays to be a likeable person.  You know, you can get people to do almost anything you want 'em to.

[Carly moves  to her purse and secretly dials numbers on her cell phone] 

Carly: And you wanted me dead, so you got somebody to blow up the boathouse. 

Julia: Ah, well, it made sense at the time.  You know, you had a date with my husband. 

Carly: You could have killed Jack, you know?  You almost did.  Why?!

Julia: What should I have done, Carly, huh?  Just let him pick you?!  No.  No, no, no, no, no.  I never get picked -- never, never, never!  But Jack picked me, and he wanted me, Carly -- he did, only me, until you came back!  But enough about me.  We'll have plenty of time for girl talk on the way up.  Let's go.

Carly: No, I'm not going anywhere with you. 

Julia: Now, Carly! 

Carly: No!  You just wanna get me out to some abandoned field so you can blow my brains out! 

Julia: Yeah. 

Carly: I'm not gonna make it that easy for you.  If you wanna kill me, you're gonna have to kill me right here and now.

[Julia catches on to what Carly is now doing] 

Julia: Poor, misguided Carly, always thinking she gets to be in control.  Well, let me give you a little tip.  The lady with the gun gets to call the shots! 

Katie: Okay, let me get this straight.  You don't want to have sex with me because you're afraid it will ruin our marriage? 

Simon: Well, we still have that precious element of mystery between us.  Why risk losing it so soon?

Katie: Oh, Simon --

Simon: Oh, please, don't get upset. 

Katie: Upset?  Why would I be upset when I finally have proof that you really love me? 

Simon: Wait!  I didn't say I --

Katie: We fit together like we were made for each other, and that scares the hell out of you, which is exactly why you keep running after Lily every time we are alone. 

Simon: No, I'm trying to help Lily. 

Katie: Yes, that's part of it, but the other part is that you know when we make love again, it'll be perfect, and you'll finally have to admit what you've been trying to deny ever since Halloween, that you love me!  That's exactly what this is all about!

Simon: If you're -- wait, wait, wait.  If you're suggesting that the only reason I came all the way here was because I tried to avoid consummating our marriage, then that is ridiculous. 

Katie: So, you're not afraid of what'll happen when we make love again?

Simon: Afraid?  No, no, why should I be afraid? 

Katie: Okay, then prove it, big boy!  Come on, I dare you. 

Simon: It is always going to be good for us, Katie, because I'm good. 

Katie: We're good -- together. 

Simon: That, too.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go.

[Simon leaves]

Katie: Simon! 

[Katie sighs] Okay, you know he expects you to follow him, so you might as well just do it.

Guido: Greetings, Signora Frasier. 

Katie: Um, do I know you? 

Guido: Not yet, but you do not need to fear me.  In fact, you can think of me as a Santa Claus.  I come bearing gifts. 

Carly: So what's the plan, Julia?  You gonna try to make it look like a suicide? 

Julia: Quit stalling, Carly.  It's time to go. 

Carly: Excuse me if I'm not in such a big hurry to die. 

Julia: Even if delaying your death means hastening someone else's?

Carly: What's that supposed to mean? 

Julia: That you should cooperate or else. 

Carly: Or else, what, you gonna shoot me harder?  Julia, if you kill me, you will lose Jack.  Do you know that?  And he is what this is all about!

He's not gonna forgive you if you hurt me!

Julia: There will be no clues left for detective Jack, Carly, and if you don't come with me, there will be no detective Jack! 

Carly: What have you done? 

Julia: Me?  Nothing.  But my friend, the explosives expert -- time's a wasting, kid. 

Carly: You can't get to Jack.  He's at the courthouse.  They check that place for bombs constantly.  He's safe there. 

Julia: Sure, but he has to leave sometime, doesn't he, and when he gets to his car, there just might be a big surprise. 

Jessica: When Barbara Ryan was having second thoughts about marrying you, it was Carly Tenney who convinced her to go through with it.  Isn't that so?

Craig: She helped. 

Jessica: Because Ms. Tenney thought by Barbara marrying you, she would have access to Barbara Ryan originals? 

Craig: That was never discussed. 

Jessica: And isn't it true that before you were, married you tried to sell Ms. Ryan on Ms. Tenney's designs by passing them off as someone else's?

Can you deny that you, long before your marriage, you and Carly Tenney have been in cahoots and scheming and planning to undo Barbara Ryan and take over her company? 

Craig: We never made any such plans. 

Jessica: Oh, so you just improvised?  You just made it up as you went along?

Cass: District attorney isn't even allowing the witness to finish his sentences, let alone answer the question. 

Jessica: Forgive me, your honor.  I will make sure to give the witness ample opportunity to answer all my questions.  Mr. Montgomery, would you agree that as far as Ms. Tenney was concerned, Barbara Ryan was the perfect bride for you? 

Craig: I don't understand the question. 

Jessica: Well, let me spell it out for you.  Ms. Tenney coveted both you and Barbara Ryan's company, so she initiated this plan to take over. 

Craig: What plan?  Carly initiated nothing! 

Jessica: Really?  Because from the outside, it would appear that she could have come up with the scheme way back when you met in Hong Kong?

Craig: She came up with nothing! 

Jessica: Why should we believe you? 

Craig: Because I am telling you, if anybody coveted Barbara and her company, it was all me and only me! 

Judge: Ms. Griffin, do you have any more questions for the witness?

Jessica: No, your honor.  I just wanted to make sure the witness finished his sentence.

Cass: Mr. Montgomery, did you have any connection whatsoever to the explosion that injured Barbara, your wife? 

Craig: No, I didn't. 

Cass: Thank you.  No further questions. 

Judge: The witness may step down.  Mr. Winthrop, you may call your next witness.

Cass: No further witnesses, your honor. 

Judge: Then the defense rests?  Mr. Winthrop, would you mind explaining to me the meaning of this disruption? 

Cass: If the court would indulge me for just a moment, I hope to answer that question. 

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, if you insist on delaying these proceedings, I will hold you in contempt. 

Cass: Your honor, I've just been informed that there's a new witness --

one who might shed valuable light on this case. 

Jessica: Objection, your honor.  The D.A. was never informed of another witness. 

Cass: If you will allow me to call this person, your honor, you'll see this is legitimate. 

Judge: All right, Mr. Winthrop.  I'll let your witness take the stand.

Hal: This guy did it.  He set the bomb. 

Cass: Your honor, the defense calls Owen Dever to the stand, your honor. 

Guido: Thank you for being so gracious.  This should not take long. 

Katie: Oh, it's fine.  I have nothing better to do anyway. 

Simon: What do you think you're doing? 

Katie: Well, what difference does it make?  You have damsels to rescue and dragons to slay. 

Simon: Who is this, and why are you letting him into the room?

Guido: Allow me to introduce myself.  Guido Boggia, Chief Inspector, Malta Police. 

Katie: And you have no need to worry, I already saw his badge.  Now, can I get you a drink? 

Simon: No one is getting anything until I see some identification.  Thanks.

Katie: You see, you have nothing to worry about.  Now, about that drink?

Guido: As tempted as I am, I assume we should get down to business. 

Katie: Oh, yes -- the gifts!  He has presents for me.  Isn't that sweet?

Guido: In fact, I have one for each of you. 

Simon: Plane tickets? 

Guido: Paid in full. 

Katie: Wow?  Where are we supposed to be going? 

Guido: Home, to America.  Buon Viaggio.

Cass: So, Owen, is it safe to assume that you are crazy about Julia Snyder? 

Owen: I love Julia.  I want to marry her. 

Cass: But she's married to Jack Snyder.  Does that make you jealous?

Jessica: Objection, your honor.  This is outrageous! 

Judge: I've already allowed the witness. 

Jessica: But the witness has only recently been released from critical psychiatric care.  I think that renders his entire testimony suspect, to say the least. 

Cass: Your honor, the defense acknowledges that Mr. Dever had at one time been treated for emotional problems, but he has since been discharged.  Are we going to consider him suspect for the rest of his life? 

Judge: You're treading in questionable territory, Mr. Winthrop.  Proceed, with caution. 

Cass: Yes, sir.  Owen, did you ever see Jack Snyder when he went to the psychiatric ward to visit Julia?

Owen: Yes.  He was awful to her.  He kept pushing her away, saying mean things. 

Cass: And how did that make you feel? 

Owen: Mad.  Real mad.  I hate him! 

Cass: I see.  You hate Jack Snyder, and you love Julia Snyder.  So it's easy to understand why you planted a bomb in the boathouse that night.  You wanted to see Jack dead so you could have Julia all to yourself.  Isn't that what really happened, Owen? 

Owen: No, you're wrong!  That's not how it happened at all! 

Julia: You think I'm lying?  You willing to risk it?  Because you wouldn't take one itty-bitty drive with me, Jack goes boom.

Carly: What did you do to his car?  You have to let me call him, Julia.  You have to let me warn him.  If you love him, if you ever loved him --

Julia: If you ever loved him, then you'd stop wasting what may be his last few minutes. 

Carly: You're bluffing. 

Julia: Am I?  Where's Parker? 

Carly: Some place where you can't hurt him. 

Julia: Oh, that's right, I remember.  He's with Jennifer.  Yeah, I'm well- informed.  This morning, he was wearing all blue, and his little sneakers, they had laces with airplanes all over them.  He's wearing a baseball cap --

Carly: No!  Please!

Julia: Money can buy a lot of things, detectives to spy on your enemies, bribes for seemingly dedicated nurses to aid mental patients in escaping the hospital, excellent lawyers who will make sure that I'm found incompetent to stand trial, guns, lots and lots of bombs.  Tick-tock.  Tick-tock.  Court should be winding down right about now, don't you think?  Too bad you and Jack won't get to say good-bye. 

Carly: Julia, you can't -- you can't do this. 

Julia: Then don't force my hand.  I still love Jack, in my own special way.  I don't want to hurt him or Parker.  Only you.  Now, this is your choice, Carly.  You can die here.  I'll shoot you right now, and you can take Parker and Jack right along with you just like the usual, selfish behavior.  Or you can come on a little drive with me, now.

Carly: Okay, so if I go with you, you have to promise me that you won't hurt them?  Promise me you won't hurt them! 

Julia: Sure, I promise.  But you should remember something, Carly.  I'm crazy. 

Katie: Thank you so much for these tickets.  They'll definitely come in handy when we're leaving. 

Simon: Don't be so naive, Katie.  I'm sure there are strings attached, right? 

Katie: Are there?

Guido: Forgive me for asking you, signora, but I noticed in your papers that your maiden name is Peretti.  Are you Italian? 

Katie: Yes, actually, half, on my father's side. 

Guido: I knew it.  Those eyes.  If I were not married for 30 years and the father of six bambinos, I would be -- how do you say it?  I would be putty in your hands. 

Simon: Why don't you -- how do you say?  Answer the question?  Are there strings attached? 

Guido: No, the tickets are yours, free and clear, but you must use them immediately if you want to call that a catch? 

Simon: Look, we came here to Malta to help a friend.  We're not getting on any plane until I've talked to her.

Guido: An American friend? 

Simon: You know exactly who I'm talking about. 

Guido: I can only imagine that this is Signora Snyder, since this is her room. 

Simon: Look, why don't you just drop the act and be straight with us?

Katie: Simon, there's no need to be rude.  The man is just doing his job. 

Simon: Oh, I have no doubt, but I'm not going anywhere until I find out what that job is.  What's really going on, Inspector?

Owen: Julia -- I need to see Julia! 

Cass: In due time.  First, there are questions that need to be answered, Owen. 

Owen: That's why I need to see Julia! 

Jessica: Objection!  This witness isn't even lucid enough to answer a question.

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, it's up to you to keep your witness under control. 

Cass: Yes, your honor.  Owen, I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean.  Why do you need to see Julia Snyder now? 

Owen: Because she's the reason I did it. 

Cass: Did what? 

Owen: Set the bomb in the boathouse.

[Crowd begins talking]  She told me to do it. 

Cass: Why did she tell you to do it? 

Owen: She knew her husband was going to be there.  He was supposed to get hurt, not that other lady.  That part was an accident.  They told me Julia was going to be here.  Where is she?  I need to see her now!

Cass: Owen, just a few more minutes, and I'll help you find her. 

[Talking over each other]

Hal: Barbara, I don't want her to hear this from anybody but me. 

Emily: All right, all right. 

Judge: Silence!  I want silence in this court!  Bailiff, I want the jury out of here immediately.  Counselor, approach.  Take this witness into custody. 

Cass: Motion to dismiss, your honor. 

Jessica: On what basis? 

Cass: I believe we just heard a confession. 

Jessica: I believe we heard a raving lunatic.  This does not negate the evidence the state --

Judge: I'll give you ten minutes to work this mess out.  Court is temporarily in recess. 

[Gavel pounds]

Bailiff: All rise. 

Margo: All right, we've gotta work fast.  I'm going to get a warrant to search Owen's place.  All right? 

Jack: I'll help you search it. 

Margo: No, no, we'll get the bomb squad on it.  Who knows what that guy's got going on over there?  Jack, are you all right? 

Jack: Yeah.  I was sure it was Craig, and now, to find out some head case was after me because he was in love with Julia -- it's crazy. 

Margo: Yeah, well, nice choice of words.  Look, I don't want you going anywhere near your apartment until we get the bomb squad over there, and I don't want you even touching your car.  Do you understand?

Jack: Come on.  You really think this guy Owen's got some more surprises planted? 

Margo: I am not going to have anything happen to our best cop.

Cass: What're you going to do, Jessica, wait until Dever blows up another building? 

Jessica: I'll wait for verification of Dever's story.  In the meantime, Craig Montgomery remains our prime suspect. 

Margo: Hope you don't mind if I take Dever into custody.  That isn't gonna mess up your case or anything, is it? 

Jessica: I trust you'll get the appropriate warrants and Mirandize the suspect. 

Margo: I'll go by the book, and then I will throw it at Owen Dever.

Rose: I cannot believe that this greaseball is gonna get away with this after everything he's done to your family.

Lucinda: Hey, Craig is gonna get his.  We're gonna see it.

Craig: Can you believe it?  I'm free. 

Sierra: Oh, it's great. 

Jack: Right.  Reynolds: Snyder!  We just got a call at the station.  Julia is missing. 

Jack: What do you mean, missing?  Reynolds: She slipped past security at the hospital.  No one knows where she is! 

Guido: My officers are waiting outside to escort you and Signora Frasier to the airport. 

Simon: Yeah, well, that's fine, because I'm only gonna come straight back. 

Guido: You are so obstinate.  Believe me that no one is going to hurt Signora Snyder. 

Simon: I'd like to see you prove that. 

Guido: Very well.  This is a travel order requesting your departure.  Look at the signature, if you will. 

Katie: What's wrong?  What is it? 

Simon: This was supposedly signed by a Grimaldi, but it wasn't Dante.  It was Damian. 

Lily: I don't understand.  I didn't do anything wrong.  Am I under arrest?

Please.  Please don't leave me here with -- please come back!

[The Officers leave] Oh, Luke, my brave little boy.  Mommy will find you.  She won't let you down.

Damian: Lily? 

Margo: Julia couldn't have gotten that far, Jack. 

Jack: Where would she go? 

Margo: I don't know.  Think, is there any place she'd go to?  Anyone she would run to? 

[Jack remembering]

Julia: Why bother lying?  You're going where you're always going, Jack - to her.  Carly. 

[End of Memory]

Jack: That's it.  If Julia planned the bombing --

Margo: What, you think she's still after you? 

Jack: No, she was never after me -- not just me, anyway.  She thought I was meeting Carly.  I bet she's going after Carly again.  [Phone rings] Come on, Carly.  Answer!

Julia: Do you recognize this place?  Here, I'll give you a hint.  It's the top of the world. 

Carly: Carly's Prize -- the land Jack bought for me. 

[Julia laughs]

Julia: And now, it's all mine.  Oh, I loved taking this from you, cutting down the trees, sending you those pictures.  Hey, hey, did you know, when you raze land like this, sometimes you get these, like, swampy areas?  It's the weirdest thing.  These spots of quicksand develop.  Isn't that just straight out of Ripley's?  That's right, Carly.  You loved Carly's Prize so much.  Well now, you get to live -- I mean reside here -- forever.  Welcome to your burial ground. 

[Julia laughs]

Julia: Hey, oh, shall we have a moment of silence? 

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