As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 8/14/01


Provided by Stephanie
Proofread by Gisele

Emily: I ask you how you know Craig is innocent, and you "just know"? You "just know" that Barbara didn't see him at the boathouse?

Hal: That's right. 

Emily: So she lied?  And if that's the truth, if she lied, this is huge.  This is huge.  She swore that she saw him. 

Hal: I know what she swore.  I also know that Craig is a bum 52 different ways, but I also know that he didn't try to kill her. 

Emily: Yeah, well, Barbara's eyewitness account is the cornerstone of the D.A.'s case, so she's got to tell Jessica the truth now. 

Hal: She's not gonna do that. 

Emily: Why?  I mean, how do you know?  She told you, didn't she?

Hal: Not exactly.

Emily: But she did exactly commit perjury.  That is what you're saying, Hal, isn't it? 

Hal: Barbara never admitted to lying under oath.  She believes with all her heart that Craig is the one who tried to hurt her, so she figured that she would say whatever she had to say to make sure that he did not get away with that. 

Emily: Hal, she is lying. 

Hal: That's the way she saw it, and nobody is gonna convince her otherwise.  She is not gonna go to the D.A. or anybody else and tell them --

Emily: What, that she broke the law?  Because that's exactly what she did, Hal. 

Hal: What do you want, Emily? 

Emily: This isn't about Craig -- this isn't about Craig.  There are other people getting hurt.  You cannot be seriously going along with this.

Hal: Do you want her to get thrown in jail now on top of everything else? She's been through hell. 

Emily: Yeah, well, you know what?  So have I.  I me, maybe I wasn't a victim of a bomb blast or anything, but that psycho who planted that bomb had his hands around my throat, so excuse me if I don't want him coming after me again.

[Talking in courtroom]

Judge: Order.  Order, or I am clearing this courtroom!  [Gavel bangs]

Jessica: Would you like to rethink the answer to the last question?  Ms. Tenney, do you still maintain that you had no romantic involvement with the defendant?

Carly: Yes. 

Jessica: I'll accept that.  Perhaps romantic isn't the right word.  Some involvements are purely sexual, aren't they? 

Carly: No.  Craig and I never had sex.  It was a kiss, just one kiss. 

Jessica: One kiss which started when?  Please read the time stamp at the bottom of the photograph. 

Carly: 8:59. 

Jessica: And this kiss continued through -- please read the time stamp. 

Carly: 9:01. 

Jessica: And ended -- [whispering]

Carly: 9:02.  Judge: Louder, please. 

Carly: 9:02. 

Jessica: A three-minute kiss?  Why did you stop?  Run out of air?

Cass: Objection. 

Jessica: Withdrawn. 

Carly: I stopped because I was angry.  More than angry, furious!  Craig had no right.  He took me off-guard. [Jack Snyder leaves the courtroom]

Jack -- Jack!  

[Gavel bangs]

Judge: The witness needs to compose herself, and so do the rest of you.  Ms. Tenney, do you think you can manage to pull yourself together? 

Carly: Yeah.  I'm sorry.  It's just that Jack --

judge: If you can't compose yourself, I will insist that your testimony be resumed later. 

Carly: No.  Let's get this over with.

Molly: This is killing her.  Judge: Does the prosecution have any more questions? 

Jessica: Nothing further.  Judge: Does the defense have any questions? 

Cass: Oh, yes I do, your honor.  One moment to confer with my client, judge?  What? 

Craig: Here's what you have to establish on the cross -- I initiated the kiss, not Carly.  She didn't see it coming. 

Cass: Establishing that you forced yourself on another woman just moments before you were supposed to marry Barbara is not what we defense lawyers would consider an "air-tight defense.

Judge: Counselor, you're testing my patience, which has already been sorely tried during these proceedings.  No pun intended, I assure you.

Craig: Ask whether they have a picture of the moment when Carly pulled away and stomped on my foot, huh?  I kissed her.  She didn't kiss me.  It made her angry, okay?  There was no conspiracy.  Jessica is way off.  You've got to make sure the jury knows all of that.  It's not just the ones the D.A. wants them to know.  Judge: Mr. Winthrop, do you or do you not have questions for this witness? 

Cass: No.  No questions.  [Talking in courtroom]

Craig: What are you doing? 

Cass: I don't like it when my clients withhold crucial information. 

Craig: A perfectly good witness is about to be branded a gold-digging slut. 

Cass: It's not my job to salvage Carly Tenney's reputation, and I'm certainly not gonna ask her any questions without knowing how she's gonna answer them.  She could bury you.  Judge: Mr. Winthrop, is there a problem? 

Cass: Your honor, in light of Ms. Griffin's surprising revelation, I would like to request a brief recess.  Judge: Granted. 

Carly: Does that mean I can go?  Judge: Yes.  The court is adjourned for the day.

Craig: Carly --

Molly: Carly, honey, I'm so sorry. 

Carly: Oh, God, did that look as bad as it felt? 

Molly: Well --

Carly: Don't.  Don't even answer it. 

Molly: If there's anything I can do --

Carly: I know.  I've got to go.  I've got to find Jack.

Emily: Well, it looks like the kissy-kissy pictures weren't fakes after all. 

Hal: I wish they were. 

Emily: I've got to get copies of that for tomorrow's paper. 

Hal: You've got to be kidding me. 

Emily: About the pictures?  No way.  I'll sell more papers with that picture than I will with the one I got of Carly kissing Jack Snyder.

Hal: I know what this is about. 

Emily: Yeah, it's called "Freedom of the Press.

Hal: Bull.  This is about you not wanting to get too close to anybody because then you might get hurt.  Best not to get involved in the first place, right?  Never get too close. 

Emily: Yeah, well, believe me, closeness won't be a problem as long as I have "The Intruder.

Hal: I saw the way you looked at Carly when she stormed out of the courtroom.  Didn't feel good, did it?  Craig makes you nervous.  So you put on your armor, and you ride off to your paper, and you attack them, and then everybody leaves you alone. 

Emily: You are so off the mark.

Hal: Payback time, my friend.  You're always poking me with these little truths, but now, I just nailed you.  See, I'm an expert at prickly behavior.  You're talking to the original porcupine. 

Emily: Okay, so what is your point?  Do as you say, not as you do?

Hal: That's how I lost Barbara.  You have got to let yourself need people, Emily. 

Emily: I need you to go in there and tell Jessica that Barbara lied up on that stand and whoever tried to kill her and me is still out there. 

Hal: That I can't do. 

Emily: You can't? 

Hal: I'm sorry. 

Emily: You know what?  Don't be.  But next time you feel like busting into song how we all need to wear our hearts on our sleeves, you go sing it to somebody else.  I really thought I knew where I stood with you.  Boy, was I wrong.

Molly: Jake, it was just a kiss.  You know, they had their clothes on, and it was just that one time.  It was that one, stupid time.  That was the only time that anything physical happened between them.  Carly told me that, and I believe her, Jake, 100%.  She swore to me. 

Jake: Look, look, you don't have to convince me of your intuition.  I will back it every time. 

Molly: You're the only one who will believe it.  No one else is going to.  Carly is being punished for things she did a long time ago, and it's just not fair. 

Jake: You're right.  It's not. 

Molly: She thought that everything was gonna be okay.  I warned her.  I warned her to watch out, because somehow, your past always has a way of catching up with you just when you least expect it.

Jake: That is not happening to you.  If you remember, your buddy Nick Scudder just bounced out into your present. 

Molly: I know.  Thank God Kim was on my side.  She really seemed to understand that it was impossible for me to go to work with that guy.  I mean, I just look at his face, and it brings back these awful memories, Jake.  I mean, I lived that life once, and it was bad, and I don't want to do it again. 

Jake: You're not gonna have to.  Listen, if anybody gives you even as much as a mug shot on a matchbox, I'm gonna pay your buddy Nick a little visit. 

Molly: Do you know how great it is to have my own very personal superhero. 

Jake: Do you -- oh, you mean me?

Molly: All right.  You know what I'm gonna do? 

Jake: What? 

Molly: I will go down to the station.  I'm gonna write this story, and I'm gonna figure out someway to put Carly in a better light. 

Jake: Atta girl.  I think I'm going to go check on -- check on the girls. 

Molly: Well, you could call Mary, and you could come to the station with me. 

Jake: Well, if Kim has given Nick the boot, I don't think you have anything to worry about, not to mention the fact that I think I have to go get my cape out of the dry cleaner.  Come on.

Craig: All you had to do was give her a chance to explain, Cass, but you get all steamed up because I forgot to tell you about one little impulsive moment that amounted to exactly nothing.  And now, the jury walks out of here, thinking what they're told instead of what really happened.  Huh?

You're quitting?

Cass: Wouldn't you if you were me? 

Craig: No! 

Cass: Well, I'm not either.  I'm walking out of here and into that press conference where I will try to do some serious damage control. 

Craig: Well, you'd better hope they don't ask you why you didn't cross- examine Carly. 

Cass: Craig, they've covered enough trials to know that cross-examining her after the D.A. sledge-hammered her would have been the legal equivalent of playing Russian Roulette.  She could have killed any chance you had at an acquittal. 

Craig: That was a gamble you should have taken. 

Cass: You know, my whole approach to this case has been completely wrong.  Instead of trying to prove that you're innocent of this crime against Barbara, I should have been trying to prove how stupid you are, and you couldn't possibly have pulled it off.  [Lucinda laughs]

Craig: Ah, Lucinda.  Nobody gloats with quite the abandon you do. 

Lucinda: Gloat, gloat, gloat.  Darling, this is your day.  This is your judgment day.  I'm just -- I'm just glad that I have a ringside seat. 

Lucinda: No, I can't go away.  But I'm very glad that this day arrived when my daughter Sierra can see along with the rest of the world, publicly, see you for what you are.  You're a nasty man.  And you have the impulses of a thug. 

Craig: How'd you get those photographs? 

Lucinda: Oh, I can't take credit for that. 

Craig: You? 

Paul: Nothing would have made me happier.  But no.

Craig: Rose? 

Rose: Yes.  Absolutely.  Who knew a dumb Jersey girl like me could outmaneuver a mogul like Craig Montgomery.  Never underestimate the power of a woman, Craig. 

Lucinda: I can't take credit for that, either.  I didn't raise her. 

Craig: Well, enjoy yourselves, ladies.  Everything comes around. 

Lucinda: That's what they say.  Oh, by the way, how much time do you do for trying to blow away your old lady?  Is it 80 years?  That'll do for us, won't it?  It's fine with us.  Well, did you want to come back to the house for a drink?  I have some lovely champagne. 

Rose: Yes, please come with us.

Paul: I don't know if that'd be a good idea. 

Lucinda: Paul, you are truly welcome. 

Paul: All right, all right. 

Lucinda: Come on. 

Margo: What is going on?  Those photographs should have been shared with defense during discovery, right?  What's Jessica trying to pull?

Tom: I don't know, and I'm not going to speculate. 

Margo: Well, we may have to wait, because she's got to finish up her little press op.  Are you in?  Tom: Not on your life.  See you later. 

Margo: Jessica, can I ask you a question? 

Jessica: Sure.  As a matter of fact, I need to talk to you. 

Margo: What was I just watching in there?  'Cause Cass had never seen those photographs of Carly and Craig.  You sprang that on opposing counsel without warning.  I mean, I'm not a member of the bar, but that's far from kosher.

Jessica: Margo, your brother's a regular Houdini when it comes to slipping out of trouble.  Sometimes one needs the element of surprise. 

Margo: Well, I hope your need doesn't make you careless. 

Jessica: And what is that supposed to mean? 

Margo: It means I hope your chain of evidence is clean, that it's built on facts, not something else. 

Jessica: You got something to say, spit it out. 

Margo: You've changed, Jessica.  I don't know.  Maybe it's your ambition that's making you blind. 

Jessica: You know, Margo, we've been friends for a long time, so for the sake of that friendship, why don't we just stick with official police business until this trial is over.

Margo: I'm sorry.  It's too late for that.  A lot of people are getting hurt here. 

Jessica: Well, get used to it, 'cause it's gonna get worse before it gets better. 

Margo: Why?  The prosecution's gonna spring another surprise?

Jessica: I need you to make an arrest for me. 

Margo: Who? 

Jessica: I'll tell you on the way to the police station.

Sierra: Just when I think there's nothing left that you can do to hurt me, you find a whole new way.

Molly: "Today's trial was marked by" -- does anybody have a pen, please?  Thanks. 

Nick: No problem. 

Molly: Nick.  What are you doing here?

Nick: Just trying to help out.  You said you needed a pen, right?

Molly: Yeah, well, not yours, so get out.  Out.  Hey, hey, security?!

Somebody get this man out of the studio now! 

Carly: Jack?  Jack, please be here.  Oh, thank God.  Do you know that I was so scared, but you're here and you didn't go, which is why I'm gonna love you until -- until the day I die. 

Carly: No. 

Jack: I'm sorry, Carly.  Even I have a limit.  Watching the woman I love kiss another man pretty much defines it. 

Carly: I didn't kiss him, Jack.  He kissed me.  Now, I know that sounds lame, but it wasn't -- I swear to you it wasn't --

Jack: It wasn't what it looked like?  We all got a good, long look, Carly.  Three minutes, that's a good, long time.  I can't imagine how you're going to explain your way out of this one, but I know it's going to be good, so -- tell me a story. 

Carly: You have every right to be angry.

Jack: Big of you. 

Carly: And I know that I shouldn't have kept it from you. 

Jack: But you did. 

Carly: But if you had been there, Jack, you would have seen that I stomped on his foot, and I shoved him away. 

Jack: He likes it rough? 

Carly: You would have heard me tell him that I love only you. 

Jack: Oh, yeah, then why did you let him put his arms around you?

Carly: It was an insane night, Jack.  You remember that.  You showed up at the wedding with Julia on your arm.  She was still refusing to sign the divorce papers.  She was clinging to you -- and me -- I was a wreck.  I was getting the evil eye from Lisa and from Barbara.  I was wondering what I was doing there to begin with.  I was wondering what Julia's next move was going to be.  I don't know -- I had a moment of panic.  And I guess I was crying, and I was scared, and I was mad.  And then suddenly, there was Craig, ready to pounce.

Jack: That's funny, because I didn't see you screaming in any of those pictures. 

Carly: I was too shocked to scream, Jack.  But when I finally got my bearings, I shoved him away.  I told him nothing like that would ever happen again.  Really, Jack.  Please -- just please tell me you can believe me.  Because if you can believe me, you can forgive me. 

Jack: No, that's not the point, Carly.  What hurts -- so much I can hardly breathe. 

Carly: Oh, Jack. 

Jack: What hurts is that you didn't think to come to me and say, "You're never gonna believe what this sleazy two-timer did.  He kissed me on his wedding day." You said you were shocked.  You were horrified, but somehow when it came to me, the incident wasn't worth mentioning.

Carly: I thought about it.  I wanted to tell you, just so I could erase that ugly memory from my mind.  But was afraid to, Jack.  I knew you'd be upset. 

Jack: Well, who wouldn't be upset!  I've got every right to be!

Carly: Of course you do.  And I wanted to spare you that.  Do you know what the worst part was about being in court today?  It wasn't what the D.A.

was doing to me.  It's what she was doing to you -- publicly humiliating you. 

Jack: Yeah, how about all the times you privately humiliated me, Carly?

Of the two, I'll take public any day. 

Carly: When did I ever do that to you? 

Jack: Every time I lit into Craig, and you stood there and did nothing.  Every time you watched me laugh in his face, all cocky because I thought I had you.  I can't imagine what was going through his mind the day I told him that you always come home to me, to my bed.  I didn't understand why he was so smug all the time, but now I get it.  He was thinking of his own bed, wasn't he?

Carly: Stop it.  No, I never slept with Craig.  I never even considered it.  The thought makes me sick. 

Jack: No, you never went to bed with him? 

Carly: You know I didn't. 

Jack: How can I when you couldn't even tell the truth about a kiss?

Carly: You know Craig.  If I had told you, you would have gone to him, confronted him, and he would have found some way to twist it around, make it seem like I wanted it, right?  That's the kind of game he plays. 

Jack: You know, before the trial, before you took that witness chair and changed our lives forever, I asked you -- I asked you if I knew everything.  And you looked me right in the eyes and said yes.

Carly: I was trying to protect you. 

Jack: Oh, you did it all for me. 

Carly: Yes. 

Jack: That's exactly what you said when you forgot to tell me you were married to Winston Lowe. 

Carly: That was different, Jack. 

Jack: No, Carly, it's the same.  It's the same as every other time you didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth.  The only difference now is I stopped trusting you. 

Carly: So, where does that leave us? 

Jack: It doesn't. 

Craig: Sierra, I hope you --

Sierra: Don't.  Just please don't.  I swear that if I hear that refrain one more time I'm just going to scream.

Craig: I never wanted you to --

Sierra: You know, you didn't even mention Carly.  We made love, and you didn't even mention her. 

Craig: There wasn't anything to mention. 

Sierra: You know, I really do deserve some of the blame, because it was foolish of me to think anything could be different.  I'm just so mad at you. 

Craig: I never made any promises. 

Sierra: Yes, you did. 

Craig: I did? 

Sierra: To Barbara, yes.  You know, don't you think it's time for you to grow up?  You were seconds away from marrying Barbara, but, still, you couldn't resist a little sampling of the buffet. 

Craig: Oh, come on, you are making too much of a little --

Sierra: Yeah, me and the D.A. and probably the jury. 

Craig: Yeah, well. 

Sierra: You know what really galls me in all of this?  I helped convince Barbara to marry you. 

Craig: I'll be more careful next time, all right? 

Sierra: Listen to you.  Listen to you.  You don't even pretend that maybe you could live a normal and decent life. 

Craig: Normalcy never really appealed to me. 

Sierra: It's not too late. 

Craig: You know I need a certain amount of freedom, a certain amount of suspense.  I have to feel like I'm living my life, not just counting off days in a box. 

Sierra: Is that how you felt when you were married to me? 

Craig: Oh, hey, we tried.  Sierra, it wasn't you.  We're just different, that's all.  I like -- I like living a little dangerously.

Sierra: Well, it looks like all that living dangerously is going to land you in jail.  Talk about counting your days from a little box. 

Craig: You think the jury has any sympathy at all? 

Sierra: Why should they? 

Craig: Well, maybe because I'm innocent?  Maybe because I'm about to be put away for a crime I didn't commit?  Not that anyone would believe that after today. 

Sierra: Did anyone before? 

Craig: Hal Munson.  How ironic.  He came to me and said he thought somebody else actually did it. 

Sierra: Well, maybe you should call him.  I mean, could he do something to help you? 

Craig: After watching Barbara's closeup, I don't think so.

Sierra: You know, Craig, I hate all these things you've done.  But I hate seeing you give up more. 

Craig: You will never really know how much your support has meant. 

Sierra: Don't. 

Hal: And I'm convinced of that, Emily. 

Sierra: Hal.  Hal, I'm glad you're here. 

Hal: Are you really? 

Emily: No, excuse me.  We're in the middle of something important, so --

Sierra: I need your help. 

Hal: I don't know what this is about, sierra. 

Sierra: It's about justice.  Craig needs you.  And you might be his last chance. 

Mary: "Hey, diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle --"

Jake: "The goose -- the goose jumped over the moon." The goose jumped over the moon.  Don't you laugh at me.  Daddy knows it was a cow.  Ooh, I like that.  What's that scent?  Is that eau d'baby powder?  Anything -- ah, ah, ah -- anything funky in the mail today?  Mary: No, I don't think so. 

Jake: No souvenirs with Molly's m-u-g-s-h-o-t?  Mary: No.  Nothing like that.  Just bills and such. 

Jake: Listen, wait, do you guys want to have a little tea party?  Let's go get our dollies.  No, we're going to go this way to get our dollies. [Jake leaves and comes back again] So, did you talk to the neighbors?  Mary: All of them.  And the building staff, too.  Sorry, Mr. McKinnon, nobody saw anything suspicious on the day that package was delivered.

Jake: That's okay.  I think I got a break today.  I think I can find out exactly who is behind this. 

Molly: Security, yeah, I need a guard up here now.  I need this man taken out of the station now! 

Kim: Molly, Molly, Molly --

Molly: Kim, he's here.  He's here even after you fired him!  He's here!

Kim: I did not fire him.  Calm down. 

Molly: What?  But you said that --

Kim: I said that I would take care of the problem, and I did.  I'm sorry if you think that sounded like I was going to let him go. 

Molly: Kim, why are you trying to protect him? 

Kim: I am not trying to protect him.  I'm an employer.  I cannot fire an employee who hasn't done anything wrong.

Molly: That man let me go to jail for something he did.  That's not wrong? 

Kim: Honey, I knew that he had a record when I hired him, and I thought it was worth giving him a second chance.  And you of all people should know how important it is to have a second chance.  As far as I'm concerned, the best thing I ever did was to give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Molly: And I agree with your principle, 100%, Kim.  But this is Nick.  This is Nick, okay.  Don't you ever -- have you ever met someone that just gave you the creeps so bad?  I feel like he's watching me.  Oh, brother.  I sound nuts, huh? 

Kim: No, you don't.  You just sound scared.  And just so you know that I am taking your concerns seriously.  I have told Nick that he has to watch his step.  And if he does anything at all that you can legitimately call harassment, he's out of here.  And I promise you that.

Molly: Thanks. 

Kim: Okay? 

Nick: Molly? 

Molly: What do you want? 

Nick: Look, I didn't -- I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to spook you, okay?  I just --

Molly: You know, you should really know that I don't spook easily anymore.  I am not the person that you used to know, okay?  So, don't you confuse this woman right here with the girl who drove your getaway car, because I am all grown up.  And these people here in this station, they respect me.  So, you think about that.  You remember that just in case you decide to try anything.  Because you cross me, Nick, and I bring you down.  And I swear to God I'll have help. 

Nick: Molly, you've got me all wrong. 

Molly: No, I had you all wrong.  All those years ago when I actually thought you were somebody that I could count on. 

Nick: So that's what this is about, the past.  But look, Molly, everybody's got one.  And sometimes, the best thing that we can do is try and forget about it.

Molly: Well then maybe you should stop sending me those little reminders, like my mug shot on a T-shirt! 

Nick: You know what, I'm innocent.  This is crazy! 

Molly: No, you know what, you were guilty the day you were born.  I'm going to set some ground rules here, okay?  I'll work with you when I have to work with you, and I'll even treat you fairly.  But that's it.  I got boundaries, don't cross 'em.  You know, I almost ruined my life because of you.  Because of somebody that treated me like dirt.  And I'm never going to be that stupid again. 

Nick: All right, look, in the past.  Yeah, maybe I played with people's heads.  But I've changed.  I promise.  And you know what?  I'm gonna prove it to you.

Molly: Don't strain yourself, please.  I'm not interested. 

Nick: Well I didn't expect that you were going to change your mind about me overnight.  But the one thing that I can do is that I can treat you with the respect that I was too stupid to show before.  And then maybe I can show you and convince you that I am not a bad guy, and I am one of the good ones.

Lucinda: I've been saving this for -- it's very good -- for something special.  And what's better than Craig Montgomery getting his -- ha-ha. 

Rose: Mmm.  A wine cooler this is not.  It's very good. 

Lucinda: Ah, it's good, isn't it?  But, darling, Paul, since you're here, let's drink to us.  Never adversaries.

Paul: Nothing like sharing a common goal. 

Lucinda: It's not too crass is it?  To drink to a common enemy?

Rose: No!  Drink, drink, drink. 

Paul: No, never.  But we should have a drink to you, Rose.  If it weren't for you, the D.A. would have had a difficult time getting a conviction, so cheers. 

Rose: Oh.  Cheers.  I'll send ya the bill. 

Paul: No, you owe me -- a dinner, remember? 

Rose: Oh, yeah.  Yeah. 

Lucinda: Oh, darling, you -- oh, well that's okay, there's plenty more.  Help yourself to some more. 

Rose: All right.

Lucinda: Hey, Paul, you know something?  Your instincts are 100%.  Cause next week, Rose has a birthday.

Paul: Hmm, thanks for the tip. 

Rose: What are guys whisperin' about over there?!  No secrets!

Lucinda: What?  Innocent looking me? 

Rose: Oh, you're about as innocent as a crocodile, Ms. Walsh. 

Paul: Looks like I'm not the only one with good instincts in this room.  Ladies, it's been lovely, but I've got to go. 

Lucinda: Oh. 

Rose: Oh. 

Lucinda: Oh, so soon? 

Paul: Yeah, my mother's expecting me, so --

Rose: Oh.  At least you have good news for her. 

Paul: Yeah. 

Rose: Right. 

Lucinda: Please, give her my best.

Paul: I will.  And, Rose, thank you. 

Rose: Oh, you're welcome.  What were you talking about?  Come on, spill it! 

Lucinda: No.  I was just -- I was just telling him what a great gal you are. 

Rose: Oh, with your natural light touch, I'm sure. 

Lucinda: Well, what's wrong with that?  You're interested in him, aren't ya? 

Rose: Oh, he's -- he's interesting.  He's nice. 

Lucinda: Uh-huh.  Oh, darling, sip, sip.  Hold it down there and sip. 

Rose: Hmm, that's excellent.  Gave me heartburn, though.  I gotta go. 

Lucinda: Yeah, he's a nice boy!  But you're missing something else.  He's also a very useful one.

Hal: I am not going to help Craig beat this rap. 

Sierra: Look, there's no reason that you should even help him cross the street, but you're a guy who believes in right and wrong, and you believed that he was innocent.  Do you still? 

Hal: Hmm, I have my doubts.  But there's nothing I can do. 

Sierra: Look, if this is because last time that I was in town, we parted on bad terms, I apologize.  I -- I was wrong. 

Hal: It has nothing to do with that. 

Sierra: Listen, Hal, I will pay anything.  I need you to help me keep Craig out of jail for something that he didn't do.  He doesn't stand a chance against those pictures.

Hal: I don't want your money.  And I don't want your job.  I'm sorry, Sierra, but the police are going to have to handle this. 

Sierra: Well if you change your mind, I'll be at my mother's.

Hal: Now there's irony for you.  Me hired to get justice for Craig. 

Emily: Well I guess nobody told Sierra you only protect Barbara. 

Hal: Not only Barbara.  Now I'll keep looking for this guy, but I'll do it on one condition, Emily, I do it alone. 

Emily: You don't even want to compare notes? 

Hal: Emily --

Emily: Look, I'm going to keep looking for this guy.  You can work with me or without me, but you can't stop me, Hal.

Hal: Well --

Emily: This guy wants me dead.  I'm not going to sit around and give him a target. 

Hal: Then we got a problem.  Because I do this my way, and I do it alone. 

Emily: Why, why?  So the d.A.  Doesn't charge Barbara with perjury?

Forget about that.  It's not going to make any difference to Barbara if the whole world knows she lied up on that stand.  Not if she's already dead. 

Carly: You can't leave. 

Jack: There's nothing left to say. 

Carly: I love you. 

Jack: Carly, when two people don't trust each other, there's not enough love in the world to make a difference. 

Carly: I do trust you.  It's Craig I don't trust.  We can get through this, Jack.  We've gotten through so much worse than this.

Jack: I gotta go. 

Carly: I lied.  It was stupid, just pointless and gutless and stupid, but I wasn't trying to pull anything over on you, Jack.  If I'm guilty of anything at all, it's loving you so much that I'm afraid.  I'm always afraid I'm going to lose you.  So please, we can work this out.  We can get through it, Jack.  If we quit now, then Craig is going to win.  Is that what you want? 

Jack: He's already won, Carly.  Craig won the first time you two shared a secret. 

Carly: No. 

Jack: I know all the time I spent with Julia hurt us, but at least I can say one thing.  I never lied to you.  I never cheated on you, I never kept anything from you.  I'd give my own life right now, if you could tell me the same.

Carly: Jack, I love you.  Please don't leave me.  Jack, please don't go.  Jack.  Jack.  [Jack Snyder leaves]

Jake: Hello, beautiful. 

Molly: Where are the girls? 

Jake: Oh, they're zonked.  You know those -- those tea party animals.  There just knockin' back chamomiles, slingin' cinnamon toast.  Some of my best work, what's wrong? 

Molly: Oh, I really hate to bring this home.

Jake: Well, home's the best -- what's goin' on? 

Molly: It's Nick. 

Jake: Kim didn't fire him? 

Molly: Turns out Kim's way of "Taking care of it" was just givin' the guy a stiff lecture. 

Jake: You're okay with that? 

Molly: I guess. 

Jake: You guess.  You're sure? 

Molly: I can handle it.  I can handle him.  You know, I'll call security, I'll have him keep an eye out.  Besides, you know, Kim practically swore that she'd give the guy the boot if he looked at me cross-eyed.  Jake, without any proof, I really can't make her do anything. 

Jake: Well, I may have the answer.  See, Margo slipped me the tape in court today.  She didn't have a chance to review it, but it's the security camera in our -- in our lobby.  It's all cued up right now, if you'd like to take a look at it.  [Molly giggles] It's all cued up. 

Molly: Does this mean that we're going to be able to find who delivered that package?! 

Jake: Well I can guarantee it won't be purple dinosaurs teaching us our ABCs.  Let's press Play.

Molly: Hello, Aiden.  Oh, there's Mrs. Blumenthal from 4C. 

Jake: Right, that must be where he went to help her.

Molly: The package, Jake!  It's there, it's right there! 

Jake: Wow.  Whoever did that definitely didn't want to be seen. 

Molly: Nobody came in the front door.  Well I guess I should be glad that it's not Nick.  But I'm not liking the alternative much better. 

Jake: Neither am I, especially if your mind's going where my mind is.

Molly: It was delivered from in the building.  Jake, one our neighbors did this. 

Sierra: I knew that you'd be doing a victory dance.  Why?  There's no victories here, Mother.  Everything about this trial is a tragedy. 

Lucinda: The idea that you would still be defending him really turns my stomach. 

Sierra: You know, the fact that Craig committed one of his stupid indiscretions doesn't prove anything except that he's still an adolescent when it comes to women.  But he's not being accused of lust, Mother, he's being accused of attempted murder.  And he -- he did not try to kill Barbara.  Somebody else did and guess what?  They're still out there.

Emily: I am not going to argue with you, Hal.  I've made up my mind.  And you don't want to cross me after I've made up my mind. 

Hal: You insist on going after this guy, you are putting yourself out where he can take another crack at you, and you should be laying low. 

Emily: Look, I'm not going to sit around and wait for you or anybody else to figure out who is trying to kill me! 

Hal: Will you just listen to me for one second?! 

Emily: I have taken care of myself up to this point in my life!  I don't need you or anybody else telling me what I need to do to pro --

Hal: Enough!  I have never heard anybody talk so much!  Your gums are going to bleed in a second.

Emily: Are you finished?  Because I have work to do. 

Hal: You think I'm dragging my feet?  You think I'm puttin' Barbara's welfare in front of yours, Emily?  I am not.  I am not doing that, believe me.  I do not want anything bad to happen to you. 

Emily: Okay, well then let's get this guy.  Let's nail him.  Are we partners or what? 

Hal: I'm going to regret this. 

Emily: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. 

Hal: All right.  Partners. 

Emily: But you listen to me.  If this guy comes after you, don't you go after him with a weapon again.  You leave this to me.  Don't go stabbin' him in the shoulder, okay?

Emily: All right, all right, Mr. "All the orders." Let's go.  Buy you a cup of coffee, okay?  We're going to find this guy. 

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Jack?  Jack! 

Margo: I am so sorry to disappoint. 

Carly: I'm really not in the mood. 

Margo: Carly, this is not a social call. 

Carly: After everything else, you are going to bring me down to station and question me some more?  I don't know anything. 

Margo: The D.A. didn't like it that you swore that there was no romantic relationship between you and Craig.

Carly: There isn't one! 

Margo: She also didn't like it that you tried to get rid of the photographs of you and Craig kissing. 

Carly: It was misleading. 

Margo: Carly, it was evidence.  Carly Tenney, you're under arrest as accessory to attempted murder. 

Carly: What? 

Margo: You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions.  Do you understand? 

Carly: Wha --? 

Margo: Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law.  Do you understand?  You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during any and all questioning.  Do you understand?  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you without cost.  Do you understand?

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