As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/10/01


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Proofread by Gisele

Paul: Two iced, Decaf. Cappuccinos from Java.

Barbara: How sweet.

Paul: How're you doin'?  

Barbara: Oh, after I disconnected the phone, it was very peaceful.  No reporters, crank calls, pity calls.

Paul: That's why you did it?  

Barbara: Of course.

Paul: You're not avoiding Jennifer?  

Barbara: I don't want to discuss this, Paul.

Paul: Mom, she's taking this pretty hard.

Barbara: She shouldn't have been in that courtroom!   I didn't want her to see me like this.

Paul: Mom, all she sees is that you're spending your time and effort in front of a courtroom full of strangers, and you don't have time to spend your own children.

Barbara: I don't want to discuss this, Paul!   Don't you think I have enough to deal with?!  

Paul: I knew testifying in front of a courtroom is going to be difficult for you.

Barbara: It was worth every agonizing moment to know that my words and my scars will rid the world of Craig Montgomery.

Paul: And Carly Tenney should seal the deal.

Barbara: She takes the stand tomorrow?  

Paul: If Jessica can establish Carly's role in all of this, Craig's motive will be quite clear, and he will go straight to jail.

Barbara: I want to be there.

Paul: You're kidding, right?  

Barbara: Carly Tenney, under fire?   I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Craig: What's your beverage, counselor?   Bourbon, vodka, seltzer?  

Cass: After Barbara's testimony today, I'll stick to my Pepto cocktail.

Craig: Barbara, what a flare for subtle understatement.  When she ripped off the veil to show the jury what I did to her.

Cass: Well they may have pitied her, but that doesn't mean that they trusted her memory.

Craig: She's all make-believe now, Cass.

Cass: I hope I managed to point that to the jury.

Craig: Hey, we got a fighting chance.

Cass: Barbara's testimony is not what I would concern myself with right now.  It's Carly Tenney's. 

Jack: Sit.  Comfortable?

Carly: No.

Jack: Good.

Carly: And it's a little stuffy in here.  I'm just going to crack the window.

Jack: No.  No, I want you uncomfortable, in a room with no air and no escape.

Carly: I love you, too.

Jack: This is nothing compared to how hot it's going to get tomorrow in court.  Now you keep your eyes on me.

Carly: On you.  Can do.

Jack: When Jessica puts the pressure on you, you don't know where to look?   Right here.  Eye contact at all times.  Focus.

Carly: Focus.  Right.

Jack: It's the D.A.'s job to make the jury see you as heartless, opportunistic, parasitic --

Carly: Save a little something for the prosecutor, okay?  

Jack: I'm just getting you used to the drill.

Carly: Believe me, Jack, I'm used to it.

Jack: Don't look up at Montgomery, accidentally or otherwise.  The prosecutor and the jury will see it, and they'll make something of it.

Carly: But if I don't look at him at all, won't that just make me seem guiltier?  

Jack: No.  Just concentrate on the questions and give a brief and concise response.

Carly: I love it when you speak legalese.

Jack: Mind on the trial.  Your eyes?  

Carly: On yours.  Every breath I take.

Jack: I think she's getting it.  You just look at me.  Don't worry about a thing.

Carly: I'm shaking.

Jack: It's okay.

Carly: What's going to happen, Jack, when I walk in that courtroom tomorrow?   What's going to happen, honestly?

Jack: Honestly?   Expect the worst. 

Lily: Luke?!   Sweetie?!   Luke?!  

Dante: One sound and he dies.

Lily: Holden?!   Holden?   Luke?!   Are you here?!   Can you hear me?!   Come on out now!   It's safe to come out, 'cause Mommy's here!   I heard the bells.  Did you hear them, too?   Are they what brought you here, honey?   Oh!   Luke, I'm going to find you.  I'm going to get you home.  I am not leaving here until I find you!   Everybody misses you!   Grandma Lucinda and Grandma Emma and Aunt Rose!   Holden, if you are here, and you cannot get to me, just give me a sign!   Because it's time to come home!   Okay. [Lily hears a noise] Hello?   Is somebody here?!

Nick: Molly, I'm really sorry.

Molly: So you post my mug shot on the "City Times" website?   You put it on a T-shirt?   You move here, and you get a job at the very same place that I work?   What kinda sicko are you?!  

Nick: What are you talking about?  

Molly: I finally have a great guy, I've got terrific kids and a career, and you're the one that's trying to take it all away!  

Nick: Molly, I'm happy for you, okay?   And it's good when you can leave your past behind you, do you know what I mean?   Look, we're both different people, in different places, paid for our mistakes.

Molly: Excuse me?   Who paid?   I paid the price for your mistakes, Nick. I went to jail for you.

Nick: I know that.  And when I wised up and started to fly right, you don't know the kinda guilt that I lived with.

Molly: Yeah, right, I bet it just ate you up inside.

Nick: Well, I guess it's too late to tell you how sorry I am about all that.

Molly: You're sorry?   And that's supposed to make everything even between us.  You're sorry.  That's perfect.

Nick: Look, it's all in the past.  We were just a bunch of crazy kids that were in --

Molly: We weren't in anything together but trouble.  Okay, no, don't say it, don't whisper it, don't even think it.  It took me a long time to get my life back on track, and I have worked way too hard and way too long to let somebody like you derail me.  I won't stand for it!   You hear me?!

Jake: Stand for what?  

Molly: Jake --

Jake: Hey, you got a problem over here?  

Molly: No.  There's no problem, there's no problem at all.

Jake: Well, something's got you rattled.

Molly: It's nothing, Jake.  It's not your problem.

Jake: It's my problem, yeah, when I walk in and the woman I love is shaking like a leaf, it's -- it's my problem.

Molly: Jake --

Jake: That's the wrong answer.  I think I gotta go talk to the little guy.

Molly: Jake, wait.

Jake: Okay.  Jake waiting.

Molly: You know the mug shot that keeps resurfacing and has made very paranoid?  

Jake: Yeah.

Molly: That guy that was just here, his name is Nick Scudder, and he is the reason that that mug shot exists.

Jake: That's Nick Scudder?

Molly: The one and only.

Jake: The guy that got you to do time for him?   Great.

Molly: No, wait, where are you going?  

Jake: I'm just going to go beat -- talk to him.

Molly: Jake, wait a second.  He works here.  That's right.  He did his time, he got out, he tried to clean up his life, learned how to edit videotape and then got himself a job.

Jake: Here.  Does Kim know about your history with him?  

Molly: She knows about my past, she knows about his past.

Jake: Just doesn't know that it's the same past.  So tell me, does he know that you're the news anchor here?   Or is this just some cosmic coincidence?

Molly: No, he knew, but he says that I'm not the reason he's here.

Jake: Any mug shots show up here?  

Molly: Not yet.  Jake, he's got to be the one that's harassing me with that mug shot?  

Jake: What does he want?  

Molly: Revenge?   A couple of laughs?   I don't know.

Jake: What do you want to do about it?  

Molly: I haven't thought that far ahead yet.  But I'll tell you one thing.  I am not working side-by-side with my past mistakes and my future nightmare.

Jake: Why -- why don't you tell Kim?  

Molly: Tell her what?   Everything?  

Jake: If he's the one that you think is playing with your mind, you should tell her about your suspicions.

Molly: What about you?   Do you think it's Nick?   Or do you think I'm crazy?  

Abigail: See?   I can't believe she wore it.

Adam: So some wacko mails Molly a T-shirt with her mug shot on it, and she wears it?   Where?  

Abigail: Just here.  But I can't even imagine her putting it on for one second.  I mean why?   To prove that she wasn't scared.

Adam: Maybe.  Maybe this is her way of saying that "This can't hurt me.

You can't hurt me."

Abigail: You're right.  That definitely sounds like Molly.  You see, I knew there was a reason I called you.  You always know the right thing to say to make me feel better.  Where did you learn that?

Adam: I think it was prepping for the SATs.  It was somewhere between reading comprehension and analogies.

Abigail: Has anyone ever told you you have no clue how to take a compliment.

Adam: I have no clue about a lot of stuff, Abigail.

Abigail: What are you talking about?  

Adam: Nothing, nothing.  Oh, did you get the catalog I sent you?   Oh, did you read that section about filmmaking?   It's really awesome.

Abigail: Yeah, definitely.  You have me leaning towards a major in communications.

Adam: Good.

Abigail: So, I have an idea.  Let's communicate.  What is it that you don't have a clue about?  

Adam: I don't know, it's just -- the way you make me feel around you sometimes, it's just -- I'm still asking questions about stuff that you know the answers to.

Abigail: What stuff?  

Adam: Just -- relationship stuff.  Like what it's like, how it is.  What it was like with Chris.  It's -- you're so experienced.

Abigail: So?  

Adam: So don't I seem a little backwards sometimes?   Like terminally?  

Abigail: No.  No, Adam, you don't seem backward.  You seem sweet, open and honest and funny.  And when I call you up, out of the blue, to come over, you don't ask why, you just show up.  And showing up is good.  Someone once said it's 90% of life, and you've got that knocked.

Adam: So is this one of those compliment things?  

Abigail: Uh, yeah, I think so.

Adam: Oh.

Abigail: Are you going to say thank you?  

Adam: Yeah, thank you.  Very much. 

Carly: Next time I ask you to be honest, spare me.

Jack: Forewarned is forearmed.

Carly: But I didn't do anything!   Barbara and that son of hers, they're making all of this up!  

Jack: Yeah, and the D.A. is buying!  

Carly: Not only am I Craig's hardhearted floozy, I'm his accomplice!  

Jack: This is my case, remember?   I know what the D.A. does and doesn't have.  And there's no evidence to prove that you and Craig conspired together on any level, or that you're at all to blame for the attack on Barbara.

Carly: Who needs evidence, Jack?   I'm the perfect target.  I stole you away from your poor, bewildered wife, right?   I made it possible for you to lose everything, everything you own --

Jack: It's inadmissible.  It's got nothing to do with Craig or Barbara.

Carly: She'll say I used you.  While Craig and I plotted Barbara's demise.

Jack: No, it doesn't matter what she says.  Unless there's proof, which there isn't, there's nothing to hang the accusations on, end of story.

Carly: You make it sound so easy.

Jack: Easy as telling the truth.  That you and Craig are nothing but friends.

Carly: You know, Barbara came to me, asked me my advice about Craig. I told her, "Why don't you go ahead and marry him?"

Jack: No matter what Jessica tries to make of that, Cass will give you a chance to rebut.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: But don't volunteer any information.  If Cass leads, you follow.  You got me?  

Carly: Mm-hmm.  So do you think it's too late if I just pack a bag and hightail it outta Dodge?  

Jack: Oh, yeah.  Yup.

Carly: Yeah?   I was afraid you'd say that.

Jack: Hmm.

Carly: But what if?   You know?   What if some unforeseeable circumstance occurs and prevents me from appearing?   No?   No, I know. But what if the jury believes every word that Jessica says?   And what if Cass decides to get Craig off by making me the bad guy?!   Then what happens to me then, Jack?!

Jack: You want to know if there's a chance you'll do jail time?  

Carly: Yes.  That's what I want to know. 

Paul: Mom, I do not want you in that courtroom tomorrow.

Barbara: I made it through today's festivities, I will make it through tomorrow's.

Paul: This has nothing to do with your medical condition.

Barbara: Then what, Paul?!   What?!  

Paul: The D.A.'s presenting evidence that Craig and Carly conspired together from the beginning.  If she can prove it, it'll throw doubt on Craig's alibi for the second attempt on your life.

Barbara: And that only strengthens her case.

Paul: He wanted you out of the way please Carly, his partner and lover.

Barbara: I've heard worse.

Paul: There's more.

Barbara: More?  

Paul: A photograph of the two of them.

Barbara: What photograph?  

Paul: It's Craig and Carly -- together.  I don't want you to see it for the first time in a courtroom full of strangers.

Barbara: Well, then you get Jessica on the phone.  I want to see that photograph, tonight. 

Lily: Hello?   Hello?   Is anybody here?   Luke, it's Mommy.  It's -- I'm here for you.  Can you hear me?  

[Church bells ring]

Dante: Andiamo.  Tell your daddy it's better to be smart than brave now, okay?   Quiet as a church mouse, okay, if you know what's good for you and your mommy.

[Church bells ring]

Craig: Why should I be concerned with Carly?   I thought I had to wipe her from my memory.

Cass: She's taking witness stand tomorrow so that the D.A.  Can put your relationship under a microscope.

Craig: Carly flourishes under pressure.

Cass: Craig, come on, man.  If she slips up or mis-speaks, it is over.

Craig: She and I are platonic friends, nothing more.  If the D.A. suggests anything else, she's fishing with nothing.

Cass: Jessica Griffin's reputation precedes her.  The lady does not fish.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: No kidding?  

Cass: There is a reason why Carly is the prosecution's final witness.

Craig: Yeah?  

Cass: She's got something on you, something that could shut the door to this case.

Craig: I already told you.

Cass: You have already told me many things -- that Barbara knew that B.R.O. made an acquisition of worldwide stock.  That turned out to be a lie. That you weren't anywhere near the boathouse the night of the explosion. That, too, proved to be a fabrication.  So please, forgive me if I'm not brimming with confidence when you announce yet again that you're telling me the truth.  What does the D.A. have on you?  

Barbara: If I could just close my eyes and make it all go away -- make it all go away [Barbara cries]

Paul: Mom?   Mom, are you okay?   You okay?

Barbara: I was just very clumsy.

Paul: Don't worry about it.  I'll clean it up.

Jessica: Barbara, how are you holding up?  

Barbara: I've been better.  I should ask you that.  How are we?  

Jessica: It was tough for you in court today.  The cross-examination -- I'm really sorry you had to go through that.

Barbara: I survived it, didn't I?   Paul says you have evidence about Craig and Carly's relationship?  

Jessica: Yes, I do.

Paul: You ready?  

Barbara: I've been waiting for this for a long time. 

Molly: It makes sense, doesn't it?   I mean, Nick Scudder's got to be behind this mug shot that keeps popping up.

Jake: Yeah, it makes sense.

Molly: Yeah, I know.

Jake: Do you think he's dangerous?  

Molly: No.

Jake: Well, then there's nothing he can do.  You're a different person. Everything about you is different.  You've got a wonderful job.  You've got kids that worship the ground that you walk on.  You have me, who absolutely cannot live without you.  So rise above it and leave it in the dust.  I'll just stick around anyway.

Molly: I'm gonna be okay.  You can go home.  You've got stuff to do, and I'll be home before you know it.

Jake: Talk to Kim.

Molly: I'll see you soon.

Jake: Do it.

Molly: Wait a second.  Can I talk to you about something?

Kim: Oh, I'm just on my way out.

Molly: It's about Nick Scudder.

Kim: Oh, you've met him?   Terrific.  I need the two of you to work together on the new promos.

Molly: I'm sorry.  I can't.

Kim: Pardon?  

Molly: I should have told you about this a long time ago, I just –

[Molly shows Kim the mugshot]

Kim: When did this happen?  

Molly: Ages ago.  It feels like practically another lifetime.

Kim: Well, in that case, why are we talking about it then?  

Molly: Kim, somebody dug up this mug shot.  Every time I turn around, my past is staring me right in the face.  It's not the first time that this thing has resurfaced, and I just -- someone's messing with me, and I don't want it to cause problems for the station.

Kim: Oh, well, listen.  Don't even think about that.  You let me worry about the PR, okay?   I don't understand this.  What does this have to do with Nick?  

Molly: He robbed a convenience store, and then he jumped in the car, and he told me to drive.  And then he left town, and I had to take the rap for it.  I went to jail for him because I was young, naive and very --

Kim: And you two were -- ?  

Molly: Yeah, we were. 

Lily: Holden?   Luke?   Holden?!   Luke?   It's Luke!   Luke and Holden were here!   They were hiding here, praying for me to find them, and I didn't find them!   Where did you go?   Luke?   Holden?   Luke?   If you can hear me, anywhere --

Dante: Move, now.  Come on. 

Lily: Luke, somebody, just let me know you're alive.

[Guard screams]

Luke: Mommy!  

Dante: Get that boy now!  

Luke: Mommy!  Mommy!   [Lily gasps]

Lily: Luke?  

Luke: Mommy, I'm here.

Lily: Luke?  

Luke: I'm here.

Lily: Luke?   It's okay!   Luke, Mommy's here!   You're safe!   It's okay!   I'm right -- I'm right here!  

[Luke is trying to get up the stair and a guard is at one end grabbing his foot and Lily is at the other end trying to grab Luke’s hand]

Lily: Luke!   Oh, my baby!   Oh, look at you!   I knew that you were here!   Just take my hand!   Just hold onto my hand and don't let go!   Don't let go!  

Luke: I knew you'd find us!  

Lily: Oh, Luke!  Luke?  

Luke: My --

Lily: Hold on.

Luke: Please, don't let go.

Lily: I won't let go.  I won't.  Oh, please, God, somebody help me!  

Luke: Mommy!  

Lily: No!   I won't let you.  I won't let you take my son!  

Carly: Give it to me straight, okay?   I can take it.  What if I go in there, and I say all the wrong things.  What is the worst-case scenario?

Jack: You're not the one on trial.

Carly: What if they find Craig guilty?  

Jack: There's no evidence that you conspired with him.

Carly: Jack, I lived in a suite with the man.

Jack: Yeah, you also wore a wire to help us try to nail him.

Carly: The D.A. will turn that around, too.  She's gonna make everything look bad.  What's gonna happen to Parker if I end up in jail?  

Jack: Carly?   Carly, listen to me --

Carly: Just tell me that I'm blowing this all out of proportion.

Jack: It's a one-day gig.  You go in, you answer a few questions, you walk right out, okay?   And then we'll come right back here, sit on the couch, Parker safe in your arms and me right beside you.

Carly: Promise?  

Jack: I can't promise that you won't be mad enough to spit nails when they're finished with you.

Carly: They're gonna say things about me, Jack -- terrible, mean things, and they're gonna twist what I've said.  They're gonna twist my intentions.

Jack: I know you, Carly.  I know what's in your heart, and nothing the D.A. can do can change any of that.

Carly: You never know.

Jack: I know everything there is to know about you and Montgomery, right?  

Carly: Right.

Jack: Then there's no problem. 

Jessica: As far as I know, Ms. Tenney has no idea these photos exist.

Paul: You all right?  

Barbara: Oh, they're a perfect match, aren't they?   Just perfect.  All of my "fantasies" about their relationship, my questions, my accusations -- "No, Barbara.  See, Barbara, it's your imagination.  Barbara, we're just friends." Look at this.

Jessica: The photographs were taken by the security camera at the Lakeview.

Barbara: When?  When?  

Jessica: The time and date are stamped in the lower corner.

Paul: This is why I didn't want you to find out in a courtroom full of people.

Barbara: My wedding day?!   My wedding day?!   Just minutes before we took our vows?   I had enough to deal with that day.  We had Hal showing up with a donkey and our children showing up with other pictures, and yet my groom finds time to shove his tongue down this whore's throat before he says "I do"?!

Paul: I'm so sorry.

Jessica: Those photographs will speak volumes to the jury.

Barbara: The jury will see this?   They will see all of this?   They will know that she was trying to get inside his tuxedo on my wedding day?!  

Jessica: Yes, they'll see it.

Barbara: And Carly doesn't know about this?  

Jessica: No.

Barbara: Good. 

Jake: Okay, is this the calm before or after the storm?  

Mary: They're both squeaky clean and sleeping like angels.

Jake: And you, you're up, and no tuna fish in your hair.  How do you do that?  

Mary: Will you be wanting something for your dinner?  

Jake: No.  I've got to write out some bills and read a couple million articles, go to sleep, wake up and rule the world.  Just the usual.  [Mary laughs] How did you -- you get this?  

Mary: It was in the basket with the dirty laundry.  I was going to ask, but I didn't want to pry.  Is it a joke or something?  

Jake: Something like that.

Mary: Well, I take my cue from those precious angels and sleep while I can.  I'll see you in the morning.

Jake: Night.  Mary?   No need to -- no need to mention this to Molly.

Mary: As you wish.  Sweet dreams. 

Molly: I'm telling you, Kim, Nick Scudder is definitely the one distributing this mugshot.

Kim: Did he say that?  

Molly: He didn't have to.  I know that that man wants to ruin my life.

Kim: Do you have proof that's he's the one who's responsible?  

Molly: Proof?   [Knock on the window]

Abigail: There's my favorite anchor.  Hi, Kim.

Kim: Hi, darling.

Molly: What are you doing here?  

Abigail: I heard a rumor you were working late.

[Abigail hands Molly her dinner]

Molly: You are so sweet.  Don't you think you should go home before it's too late?  

Abigail: Well --

Adam: We were kinda hoping we could see the editing room.

Molly: Why?  

Abigail: Adam's trying to turn me into a communications major.

Molly: Oh --

Kim: I didn't know you were interested in communications, Adam?

Abigail: Please, don't get him started on this.

Adam: Are you kidding me?   I mean, I'm in heaven, all this equipment is just -- it's off the hook!   This makes the stuff, the "high-tech" stuff at Oakdale U. just look like child's play.

Kim: Well, for heaven's sake, go look around, ask questions, make yourself at home.

Adam: Okay.

Kim: As a matter of fact, I've been under some pressure to offer an internship to somebody from the university.  Would you happen to have any interest in that?  

Abigail: Those are magic words.

Adam: Where do I sign?  

Kim: Well, obviously, the semester hasn't started yet, but we can certainly sign you up, and we'll take care of the details later.

Abigail: Oh, that's great.

Adam: Oh, man, you are the best.  You're better than the best.  I mean, you're just --

Kim: I know, I'm off the hook.

Adam: Yeah.

Kim: Why don't you guys go and check out the control room, and Molly and I will finish our conversation, okay?  

Adam: Thank you.

Molly: No, Kim, I don't have any real proof, but you know what?   There's coincidence, and then, there's coincidence.  I mean, Nick Scudder gets a job here at the same station that I work right when that mug shot is resurfacing?  

Kim: Well --

Nick: Excuse me, Kim.

Kim: Yeah.  Question?

Nick: Yeah.  Well, the stuff that you shot, the promos --

Kim: Yeah.

Nick: The tape's got a couple glitches in it.

Kim: Oh, no, no, no.  Oh, for Pete's sake.  Oh, here.  Don't tell me it's not - - it's not on the dub?  

Nick: I don't know.  That's actually where I was gonna go to check.

Kim: Okay.

Nick: Okay?  

Kim: Take that down and find out, okay?  

Nick: All right. 

Luke: Mommy!  

Lily: Luke!  

Luke: Mommy, I'm here!  

Lily: Please, you can't take him!   Please, you can't take him!  

Dante: Looking for something, Lily?  

Craig: You're wound up tight, Cass.

Cass: Hello?   Were you in that courtroom today?  

Craig: You should meditate, breathe, visualize success.

Cass: I am visualizing the day I turn to my wife, and I say, "Lila, honey, whatever happened to that Craig Montgomery guy?   You remember, I got the attempted murder charges cleared, and he made a fortune in the market and was able to pay off his sizable legal bill, and then he dropped out of sight.  Do you remember that guy?"

Craig: Relax!   We got it all under control.

Cass: What do you mean "We," Kemo Sabe?   Either you secretly know Carly Tenney better than most people realize -- and if that's the case, keep it that way, a secret -- or you don't have a clue.  You're delusional.  If she puts her foot in it again, I'm telling you, it is over.

Craig: Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Cass: I will breathe when this trial is over.  I'll see you in the morning.

Craig: It's all under control.

Cass: Yeah, yeah.

Craig: It's all under control.  It's all under control.  It's all under control.

Carly: You know, Jack, I was thinking.  Maybe it'd be better if you didn't even go tomorrow at all.

Jack: Why?  

Carly: I was just thinking it could be easier.

Jack: Okay.  If there's something you haven't told me, something you want to get out of the open, you've got ten seconds of immunity.

Carly: Ten seconds?   It's generous.

Jack: Anything you've omitted, forgotten, hmm?   Five seconds.

Carly: Well, actually, there is one thing -- I'm madly in love with you.

Jack: I've already figured that one out.

Carly: So then you know how horrible I am at keeping secrets?  

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Time's up, and you've got nothing to worry about.  You just keep those baby blues focused on me, and you're golden. 

Barbara: I want you to lay into that blonde and never give up.  I want the jury to hear all of it.  I want her to have to admit everything she's done to me.

Jessica: I'll do my best.

Barbara: How shrewd of you to find this photograph.

Jessica: Actually, I didn't find it.  Your son did.

Barbara: Paul?  

Paul: I had some help.

Barbara: I can always count on you.  Oh, why can't they seal them in a tomb like they used to?  I guess two prison cells will have to suffice.

Paul: Mom, let me go tomorrow.  Let me go to the court in your place.

Jessica: I agree, Barbara.  I think that will be best.

Barbara: Maybe you're right.  Maybe I shouldn't be in the court so the whole world can learn how foolish I was to marry a man like this.

Jessica: Try and get some rest, okay?   Paul, I'll see you tomorrow.

Barbara: Tomorrow -- tomorrow they get what's coming to them. 

Abigail: Are you okay?   You looked a little weird a moment ago.

Molly: Work got to my brain.  Okay, Carly's testifying tomorrow, sweetie, and I'm really nervous for her.

Kim: Okay, so I'll start the paperwork with my end of the internship.  And maybe, I don't know if you're interested -- you could get a head start on the semester.  Would you like to do that?

Adam: Yes, thank you.  That sounds so wonderful.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you so much.

Kim: You're welcome.  So in that case, I'll see you very soon.

Adam: Mm-hmm, I guess so.

Abigail: I love you.

Molly: I love you.  Be careful.

Adam: Take it easy, Molly.

Molly: Bye.

Kim: Bye, you guys.

Adam: Bye-bye. 

Molly: Did they go into the edit room?  

Kim: Don't worry about it.  Nick was downstairs, and I was with them the whole time.

Molly: Good.

Kim: Are you really that worried about him?  

Molly: I don't know if it's a silly prank or if it's something more serious, but I'm not gonna take any chances when it comes to my life or my family's safety.

Kim: This may be a radical suggestion, but have you considered just telling Abigail the truth?  

Molly: She's my little girl, Kim.  We're not gonna play total disclosure with my past any more.  She knows too much as it is.

Kim: I'll have a word with Nick first thing in the morning.

Molly: Thank you so much.

Kim: Consider it taken of.

Molly: Thank you.

Kim: Okay, darling, see you later. 

[Phone rings]

Molly: Hello.

Jake: Hello, gorgeous.

Molly: Hello, handsome.  What's new at the circus?  

Jake: Well, everything's quiet and clean especially since the flying McKinnon twins are sleeping, and I quote, "Like angels."

Molly: What would we do without Mary?  

Jake: No, what would I do without you?  

Molly: I told Kim everything -- almost everything.

Jake: And?  

Molly: And her words were exactly, "Consider it taken care of." So I would say that Nick Scudder is going to be history.

Jake: Whatever it takes to make you feel better.

Molly: The sooner that Nick is out of my life entirely, the sooner I can get back to normal.

Jake: Normal, whatever that is.

Molly: Funny. 

Lily: Where are you taking them?  

Dante: They're safe now.

Lily: For how long?  

Dante: She knows me too well.

Lily: I swear to God if you doing anything, anything to hurt them --

Dante: I don't want to hurt anyone!   I don't want to hurt anyone, but I am a man of my word.  So you either deliver Damian to me as promised.  Or I will kill your husband and son as promised.

Lily: I can't do this!  

Dante: How much do you love your son, Lily?  

Lily: With all of my heart.

Dante: Then it's a simple decision, isn't it?  

Lily: You'd actually kill a little boy?  

Dante: In a heartbeat!   Shouldn't you deliver Damian to me?  

Lily: No, no, don't go!   Please don't take them away from me.  Oh, God, no!   [Lily crying] Don't make me do this!   Please, God, please forgive me for what I'm about to do. 

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