As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/9/01


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Molly: This is dirty, and this is dirty.

Jake: And this is definitely dirty.


Molly: Is this dirty?  You're dirty.

Jake: What are you talking about.  Come here.  Feel this.  Feel this.  I'm like a rosebud -- a closer shave cannot be found.

Molly: I don't know.  I think you and I have had a few closer.

Jake: Oh, but I'm only thinking of you.  Oops.  You got some spaghetti sauce.

Molly: Where?

Jake: Gotcha.

Molly: Oh, you need some adult time.

Jake: A truer word has never been said.  Listen, the twins are asleep, and Abigail's out with Adam.

Molly: And Mary's downstairs putting in a load of darks.

Jake: Mary's downstairs flirting with Aiden.  We've got a good 20 minutes.

Molly: 20 minutes?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Molly: Jake, I have to be at the studio ready to go in 20 minutes.

Jake: Remind me to never marry a working woman, okay?

Molly: It's too late.

Jake: All right.  Okay.  I'll drop you off, 'cause I've gotta go by the office and check on some things anyway.

Molly: Go easy on Carly, okay?

Jake: Carly?  Carly?  Oh, "The Whore of Babylon"?

Molly: You didn't.

Jake: Also known as "Carly Tenney, a rival dress designer." Molly: Oh, how did I get so darn lucky?

Jake: That's my line.

Molly: Oh?

Jake: Mm-hmm.  She testifies tomorrow?

Molly: First thing. [Jake leaves the room and Molly calls out to him] Oh, don't wake up the girls.

Jake: [in a loud voice] How are my girls?!

Singer: Well, I'm here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away it's not fair to remind me of the cross I bear that you gave to me you, you, you, oughta know well, I'm here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away it's not fair.

[Alarm goes off]

Nick: Go, go!  Just go!  Go!  Just drive!  Drive! Molly: Nope.  Not going there. 

Isaac: Well, if it isn't the future Ms. Harris.  How is my beautiful, soon- to-be sister-in-law?

Tom: You know what?  I see Mom over there.  I'm gonna go tell her.

Lien: Thanks.

Isaac: Tell her?  Tell her what?  What's going on?

Lien: I called off the wedding.  I'm really sorry.

Isaac: No, no.  Don't -- don't be sorry.  I -- I actually warned Ben.  I mean, Ben has two speeds -- fast and faster.  But I tell you what.  This time, you all should take your time, get to know each other and --

Lien: No.  It's over.  We broke up.  I'm leaving town tonight. 

Luke: What did you do with the body?

Holden: It's hidden.  What do you think?

Luke: You took his clothes?

Holden: He was wearing some stuff underneath.

Luke: What?

Holden: Jeans and a T-shirt.

Luke: So he really wasn't a friar.

Holden: No, but he was still a human being.

Luke: He was a bad guy.

Holden: I'm very sorry that he died.  That is never a good thing.

Luke: What happens when his friend comes?

Holden: We'll be ready.

Luke: But what if they have guns?  Dad?

Holden: Listen.  I've taken care of you so far, right?  Everything is gonna be all right.  I promise. 

Lily: Mother, I'm sorry that I missed your call, but I am here in Malta with Simon and Katie, and we have gotten some leads and some contacts, and I'm sure that we're going to find Holden and Luke very soon.  Please give Faith a big kiss for me, and tell her that I love her.  I miss my little girl.

[Lily screams]

Simon: Wait, wait!  Lily, wait.  It's us.  It's us.

Lily: Oh, it's so good to see you guys.  I didn't think I'd ever see you alive again. 

Kim: Okay, Molly.  We're gonna lead with the trial.  Have you looked at the copy?

Molly: Yep.  I've run through it.

Kim: We've got sketches of the principals, stock shots of Barbara, Craig and Carly --

Molly: Kim, can we not use the shot of Carly?  I mean, obviously, Barbara's made certain allegations, but until Carly's had a chance to refute --

okay, it's a favor.

Kim: No, actually, you're right.  No picture of Carly, all right?

Stage manager: Five minutes to air.

Kim: I'll go pull it from the lineup.

Molly: Thanks, Kim.

Kim: Listen, tell him to pull the picture of Carly out of the lineup.  And then him to [the lights dim] -- Jason?

Stage manager: He's on it.

Kim: All right.  Everybody, keep focused.  We've got four minutes. Molly: No.  It can't be.

Stage manager: 15 seconds.

Molly: Hmm?  What?

Stage manager: Are you okay?

Molly: Yeah, I'm fine.  I'm perfect.  Thanks.

Stage manager: In five, four, three, two --

Molly: Good evening.  I'm Molly Conlan with today's top story, Montgomery vs. Montgomery.  Fashion designer, Barbara Ryan, squares off with her husband, entrepreneur Craig Montgomery, for his alleged attempts on her life.  The motive?  Money.

Tom: The second chair on a case that's gone to the Supreme Court in her area of interest, family law.

Lisa: Honey, who are you trying to convince?

Tom: Look, Mom, I don't want to see her go, but given the situation --

Lisa: Well, I know, but does she know how you feel?  Does she know how all of us feel about this?

Tom: You know what?  She's already feeling guilty enough about leaving Ben.  If she finds out how we feel about the move to D.C.  --

Lisa: All right.  I will try to send her off with a smile on her face, but I'm telling you, I will go down there and kidnap that girl and bring her back if she doesn't come to visit. 

Isaac: I kept telling him.  I said you've got to let a woman breathe.

Lien: No, no.  He and I, we both -- we both made mistakes.

Isaac: This may be none of my business, but I've gotta ask you, do you think you could give him another shot?  I know he doesn't seem real, not even to me, but he is.  I mean, he doesn't drink.  He doesn't cheat, and all because he cares about you.  He loves you.  I don't know anybody else who cares more about family than Dr. Ben Harris.  Sure, his idea of a first date is getting a blood test on the way to the church, but -- why don't you stick around?

Lien: You know, I wish I could, but it's just not there, you know?

Isaac: Yeah.  Yeah, I do.  I'm gonna miss you.

Lien: It's so hard to say good-bye to everyone.

Curtis: You goin' someplace? 

Katie: Simon was amazing.  He knocked out one of the guards.  He took his gun.

Simon: And we shot up the place and got out of there.

Lily: I'm so sorry.  I never meant to put either one of you in any danger.

Katie: It's okay.  It was fun.  Well, not fun, but exciting.

Lily: I've had enough excitement for my entire life.  I saw Dante.

Simon: So did we.

Lily: He is Damian's half-brother.  He wants the Grimaldi Empire.  That's why he's after Luke.

Simon: He hasn't got him yet though, right?

Lily: No, not yet, but it's only a matter of time.  He's got people everywhere.  He wants me to lure Damian to some cafe in the hills so he can kill him.

Simon: What?

Lily: If I don't do it, he's going to kill Luke.

Simon: Look, Lily, he's gonna kill Luke anyway.

Lily: No, he's not gonna do that.  He said that he won't.

Simon: Listen, Luke is Damian's heir.

Lily: But see, Luke isn't a threat to him, 'cause Luke does not want the Grimaldi Empire.

Katie: So you're just gonna let Damian get killed?

Lily: Yes, if I have to.

Simon: Lily, Lily, Lily, you have to think about this.

Lily: Damian would do the same thing.  He's already proven that.  He would sacrifice all of us to protect Luke.

Luke: Daddy, why can't we just go before they get here?

Holden: Buddy, they're watching us.  They know that we're here.  But we have to use that to our advantage, right?  Let's pretend that this is our hideout.  It's like our fort.

Luke: I know.  We can hide behind that trap door, and when they come, we get stuff, and we throw it down on them.

Holden: That is a very good plan "b," but I need to go down there first, and I need to check things out.

Luke: But what if they're down there?

Holden: I'll be okay.

Luke: No!

[Luke hugs Holden]

Tom: Hello, Ben.

Lisa: Oh, Ben, what you need is one of my extra-special --

Ben: I'm way past help, Lisa.  Thanks.

Isaac: Hey, bro.

Ben: Hey.  Hey, look, I can't stay.  I'm just gonna pick up Curtis and head home, okay?

Isaac: Curtis is talking to Lien.  She talked to me earlier also.  I'm sorry.

Ben: I told her that she could talk to him after I did.

Isaac: Well, he came up while we were talking.

Ben: I was gonna tell him tonight.  Why did he have to run into her now?

Isaac: There's no time.  She's leaving tonight, Ben.

Lien: Look, this has nothing to do with you.  Do you understand?  Curtis, you're a great kid, and you're going to be a wonderful man.  I wish I could have seen you grow up, but I hope that we'll always be friends.

Curtis: Well, you saved my life when you helped Ben adopt me.

Lien: And he saved mine.  You know, the three of us are always going to be very important to one another.

Curtis: Is Ben okay with this?

Lien: Uh, I think it's gonna take some time before your dad and I can be friends again.

Curtis: Why?  If he liked you enough to want marry you --

Lien: But I said no.

Curtis: So?

Lien: It's just -- I think it's just a grown-up thing.

Curtis: It's a stupid thing, that's what it is.

Lien: Curtis -- Curtis – [Curtis walks away]

Tom: So how did that whole thing go?

Lien: Oh, it went great.  I just made everything worse.

Curtis: Lien says you guys broke up.

Ben: I wanted to talk to you before she saw you.

Curtis: Why?

Ben: Because I knew you'd be disappointed, like I'm disappointed.  Look, this is not what I wanted, but I have to respect her wishes.

Curtis: How come you guys aren't friends anymore?

Ben: Did she say that?

Curtis: No.

Ben: Look, you'll understand all this when you're older.

Curtis: How about you explain it to me now?

Ben: Now is not the time or the place.

Curtis: Did you guys have a fight or something?  Look, she's leaving town.

Ben: I know.  Look, Curtis, when you love somebody and you ask them to marry you, and then they say yes, and then they say no, they change their mind for no good reason --

Curtis: I know you're mad at her because she didn't do what you wanted?

Tom: You did the only thing you could do.

Lien: I wish Ben would have talked to me.

Lisa: Well, honey, I think Washington is so beautiful in the spring, you know, with the cherry blossoms and everything.

Tom: You know, maybe we'll just plan a trip, huh?

Lien: Dad, can we just go?  I need to get out of here.

Ben: She let me believe that she wanted what I wanted, but she didn't.  I mean, I can't talk to you about this, Curtis.

Curtis: Look, don't worry about it.  Just get over it.  That's what you tell me, right?  Just to forgive everybody?

Ben: Well, this is different.

Curtis: How?

Ben: Because it takes time.

Curtis: Why?

Ben: Because it does.

Curtis: All right.  Whatever you say.  She's the one who should be forgiving you.

Ben: Oh, and why is that?

Curtis: She was straight with you, right?  What did you want her to do?

Ben: Curtis, you're missing the point.

Curtis: Look, the main point is that you still like her, right?

Isaac: Right.

Curtis: And what's the point of being all mad?

Ben: All right.  Look, I appreciate the concern here, but I can handle this on my own.

Isaac: Oh, yeah, you're handling it just fine.  Isn't that right, Curtis?

Curtis: You're making a big mistake, Dad.  You're messing up big time.

Isaac: Yeah.  She's leaving.

Curtis: You're just gonna let her leave like this?

Ben: Lien! 

Molly: And when we come back, Campaign Finance Reform.

Stage manager: We're out.

Molly: How did the Craig story play?

Stage manager: You nailed it.

Molly: Yeah?

Nick: Don't turn it off.

Molly: What, you tell me to circle the block five times to find a spot right  out front, and you don't want me to turn the engine off?

Nick: I'm just gonna be a minute.

Molly: Talk about engines that don't turn off.

Nick: You love it.  Stage manager: Hey, where are you going?  We're back in 30 seconds.

Molly: Yeah, I'll make it.  Hey.

Kim: Molly?  You have a question?

Molly: No, I don't.  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to touch you.  I'm sorry.

Stage manager: People, we are back in five, four, three, two --

Molly: Campaign Finance Reform.  We've heard from left, right and center, and now, we've decided to go to the man and the woman in the street and find out exactly what -- they think -- of the effects of big money on big parties.  [Molly sees Nick] Um -- and to bring us the man on the street story, we go to our political correspond -- correspondent, Ingrid Hoffman.  Ingrid? 

Lily: So I agreed to bring Damian up to the Cafe Dell'Arte in the hills, and Dante said he would stop pursuing Holden and Luke.

Simon: All right.  Okay, do you have any idea where Damian is?

Lily: No, and I only have one week to find him and bring him there.

Simon: That's okay, all right?  That's bought us some time at least.

Lily: Not much time, and in that time, Dante could be using that time to look for Luke himself!

Simon: Look, Holden and Luke's luck has got them this far, right?

Lily: Dante has men everywhere looking for them.  If I could just find Holden and Luke before this week's time.  I could avoid this entire situation!

Simon: Okay, but they can't have gotten far.  I mean, they escaped just as we got to the opera house.

Lily: I checked everywhere.  I asked questions at the harbor, the train station --

Simon: Wait, wait.  What about the church?

Lily: What?

Simon: The ch -- when we were locked in that room, we kept hearing the bells from the nearby church.

Katie: Yes, and I heard them from the jail, too.  They were really loud.

Lily: Then Holden must have heard them, too.

Simon: Yes.

Lily: You're right.  Simon, you're absolutely right.

Simon: Here, wait, wait.  Take the passport.  The embassy opens at 8:00, but the guard will let you in, okay?

[Katie is looking out the window]

Katie: No, I don't think so.

Simon: Katie, it's called asylum.

Katie: No, it's called 6'4" in his socks and at least 280.

Simon: What?

Lily: That's one of Dante's men.

Simon: With an Uzi strapped to his back.

Katie: Yeah, he looks like the shoot no forget about it later type.

Lily: Oh, my gosh.  What are we gonna do now?  He's watching every movement we make.

Simon: At least we know that they don't have Holden and Luke. Otherwise, that big guy wouldn't be planted out there.

Lily: Sooner or later --

Simon: Okay, he'll fall asleep.

Katie: Or recycle the bottle of wine that he just drank.

Simon: Okay, okay.  Whatever.  We just have to wait.

Katie: Fine with me.  I am so exhausted.  I have to take a nap.

Lily: And I'm too wired to sleep.

Simon: We're gonna sleep.  Please, will you wake me when tiny out there nods off?  None of this Lily to the rescue by her lonesome?

Lily: No Lily to the rescue by her lonesome.

Katie: Come on, Simon.  We haven't slept in days. 

Holden: I'm the scout, all right?  I need to go on ahead and see what's what.  You're gonna be okay.

Luke: But what about you?

Holden: Okay, listen.  If I'm not back before the sun comes up, then I want you to go down the steps, but make sure that the coast is clear first.  I want you to go through the church.  I want you to go out the entrance and run into the street and start yelling for a policeman.  But you're not gonna have to do that, okay?  'Cause I'll be back.

Luke: I'm going with you.

Holden: Listen, you're the treasure, okay?  And the treasure needs to stay hidden.

Luke: Yeah, but --

Holden: And I'm the scout.  So you stay here, and you stay hidden, okay?

And don't make a sound.  I'll be right back. 

Kim: Listen, Molly, we got an insert.  I just got a call from the school board.  The rep for the teachers' union just walked out of the budget meeting.

Okay?  So we do that.

Molly: "This just in?" Kim: Yeah.  And then, the other thing is, we're going to follow -- do the follow up on the hospital fund-raiser tomorrow.  Listen, you know something, you look kind of pale.  Are you sure you're feeling okay?

Molly: Yeah.  Yeah, you hear that, Kwame?  More blush.

Kwame: What you need is more sunshine.

Molly: Yeah, well, with the girls and work, that's just not gonna happen.

Kwame: There.  You're a knockout.

Molly: What?

Kwame: You heard me.

[Molly remembering]

Nick: You're a knockout.

Molly: Even with my hair in my eyes?

Nick: With those eyes, it doesn't matter.

[End of Memory]

Molly: I'm sorry, Kwame.

Kwame: Uh-huh.

Kwame: Child, we are having ourselves a day.

Stage manager: Molly, you okay?

Molly: Yeah.  Yeah, I'm fine.

Stage manager: Here's the new copy on the school board thing.  You've got two minutes. [Molly remembering]

Nick: Two minutes, and keep the engine running.

Molly: Wait.

[Molly gasps]

[End of Memory]

Josh: You're breaking up.

Molly: Yeah.

Kim: Listen, are you sure you're all right?

Molly: No, but I can get through this, Kim.  It's just one more segment.

Kim: Okay.  Good girl.  You're on.

Molly: One more segment.  See if you can get through one segment without seeing things, Molly. 

Abigail: Where did those girls put my headband?  What's this? [Abigail finds the mug shot T-shirt]  Oh, no.

Jake: I know.  I know I'm late.  I'm running late.  I know it.

Abigail: For what?

Jake: Listen, I dropped Molly off at work, and then I took the work that I brought from home, and I went to my desk, and I started going through it, and I must have picked this up by --

Abigail: Oh.

Jake: Oh.

Abigail: Don't worry about that thing.  I'm not going, anyway.

Jake: The university invites Abigail Williams to an open house.  You've got to go to this.  You've got to check out all the gigs before, you know, so you know what classes you got to take, not to mention the guys.  You'll want to be in the class with the right kind of guys, you know what I'm saying?

Abigail: You know, I'm not sure -- I'll be fine.

Jake: What do you mean you're not sure?  About what?

Abigail: I've got a lot of things to do around here between the kids and the wedding coming up, and I was thinking that maybe I should just start next semester.  What's the hurry, right?

Jake: You're just gonna sit around here and fold laundry for the next six months?

Abigail: There's other stuff.

Jake: Other -- other stuff?

Abigail: You know, I just -- I don't know what I want to take, okay?

Jake: That's why you go to the open house.

Abigail: I just -- I just want to stay home, okay?

Jake: Honey --

Abigail: No! 

Lily: Simon, he's asleep.

Katie: What?

Lily: He's asleep!

Katie: So am I.

Lily: No.  Dante's goon, the guard, is asleep.

Katie: Oh, he fell asleep?

Lily: Yes.  He must've nodded off because of the wine.  He's asleep.  He's slouched over by the garden wall.  We've got to get to the church right now.

Katie: Okay.  Let's go.  Just let me get my shoes.

Lily: Simon.  Simon, wake up.

Katie: Oh, I slept in my shoes?

Lily: I've got to go.  I'm going.

Katie: No.  Wait, wait, wait.  Don't go.  Hold on.  Simon.  I took a nap, but he hasn't slept in days.

Lily: I will be back in 20 minutes.

Katie: What about the guard?

Lily: Once I'm gone, there's nothing that he can do.

Katie: What if he sees you come back?  Just hold on.  Simon, we can't let her go.  It's too dangerous.  Just wake up, would you?  Sim -- Lily!  Lily!

Simon's gonna kill me.  All right, just keep snoring, tiny.  Looks like she got past you.  Besides, how much trouble could she get in in a church, right?

Dante: How touching.  After all these years, you've found your faith.

Well, there's hope for all of us, huh?  Where's the boy, hmm?  If you lost the boy, you better hope your prayers are answered.  Hey, I'm asking you a question.

[Holden holds the broken bottle up to Dante’s neck]

Holden: Who are you?

Dante: Ah!

Holden: Your name.

Dante: Dante Grimaldi, for all the good it's done me.

Holden: Grimaldi?  You're related to Damian?

Dante: I'm his brother -- his half-brother.  And you, Luke's stepfather?

Holden: No, I'm his father.

Dante: Then you care about him.  You love him.  So you can help me protect him.

Holden: You don't care about Luke.

Dante: Of course I care about him.  He's my -- he's my nephew.

Holden: Yeah?  Well, then why did you send that thug after him in the monk's robe?

Dante: Where's Renaldo?

Holden: Dead.

Dante: Pity.  The man owed me money.  To business.  I'm the only one who can ensure Luciano's safety.

Holden: Sorry, not interested.

Dante: What are you gonna do, huh?  Cut me with a bottle?  You think I came down here alone?  Marco!  You see? 

Lien: Nice of Isaac to send these over.

Ben: My brother doesn't think I can handle any situation with a woman.

Lien: Well, actually, there are quite a few people who aren't happy with me, either.  I know my dad isn't saying anything, but I know he wishes I wasn't going.

Ben: How did we get here?

Lien: I don't know.

Ben: We made so much sense as a couple.

Lien: Even to me, but I guess I just wasn't ready to be a couple with anyone.  Look, if this isn't comfortable for you, I'll just say good-bye and leave.  You can tell Curtis whatever you want.

Ben: No, Lien.  No, no.  I think we should talk.  You know, Curtis said something to me earlier, said I was mad at you because you didn't do what I wanted you to do, and as much as I hate to admit it, he was right.  I was acting like a child.

Lien: Do you think we can still be friends?  I mean, I know that people just say that, but -- but I mean it.  It would be just such a terrible waste of a pretty good friendship just because --

Ben: You're not ready for prime time?

Lien: Yeah.

Ben: Call me when you get to D.C. 

Holden: Stay right where you are!

Dante: Come on, be reasonable.  If you kill me, you think you can still manage both of them?

Holden: Let's find out.

Dante: Wait, wait, wait.  You win. 

[Church bells ring]

Luke: Daddy?! 

Holden: I'll kill him.

Dante: Marco, Giuseppe, stop!  Stop.  It's all right.  It's all right.

Holden: We have a deal?  You for me and the boy and safe passage out of here?

Dante: What can I say?  I'm outmatched.

Luke: Daddy?

Holden: Luke --

Dante: Get the boy!  Get the boy!  Well, who's the one outmatched now, Daddy?

Luke: Daddy? 

Jake: This was in the laundry because Molly was wearing it.

Abigail: So she feels if she wears it, it can't hurt her?

Jake: No, it can hurt her.  She just feels like she's handling it.

Abigail: You can't handle something like this.  You can't control it.  It just happens.

Jake: No, you can't control it.

Abigail: You can't control anything.  I mean, you put your baby to bed one night, and somebody steals him.

Jake: I know you've heard me say this.  Just remember, when Vicky disappeared, I tried, but I couldn't -- I couldn't find her.  Do you know when you're a kid, they tell you to play fair and do your best, and that's the way you figure it works.  That's the way you figure it out, how you're gonna win and stay safe, and it just doesn't work that way.  I mean, there's no system, and if there is, it's beyond me.  I think you do your best.  I think you do your best because it makes you a good person, but things still happen.  Otherwise, you wouldn't need newspapers and Molly doing the news every night.  I know when things go wrong, it's scary, and it hurts, and it makes you feel like you cannot depend on anything, and you just want to stay home.  The ground gets all shaky under your feet, but then, then you learn to dance.

[Jake twirls Abigail]

[Abigail laughs]

Jake: The world starts shaking, and your feet just – steady yourself, and after awhile, you develop a few steps of your own.  It becomes fun, you know.  Life does its thing.  You do your own.  And you pay attention.  You make some -- pretty beautiful things happen.

Abigail: I'm so glad Molly's marrying you.

Jake: Well, that makes two of us.  Hey, get outta here.  I got an open house to go to. [Abigail laughs] Good-bye. 

Molly: Oh.

Stage manager: Good show, Molly.

Molly: You're being kind.

Kim: No, he's right.  It was good.  But I'm worried about you.

Molly: Yeah, I know.  I just have a lot of stuff on my mind.

Kim: Is this about Carly?

Molly: Yeah.

Kim: Look, I promised you we're gonna be fair about this, but I have to warn you, it's not gonna be easy for you.  Covering our friends and our family is the worst part of this business.

Molly: I appreciate it, Kim.

Kim: See ya, toots.

[Molly remembering]

Molly: Wait.  Get me some gum.

Nick: You keep the motor running, and I'll get you the moon.

[Molly snickers]

[Door slamming shut]

Song playing in the car: The mess you left when you went away it's not fair to remind me [Sirens wailing]

Nick: Just go!  Just drive!

Song: You ought to know [End of Memory]

Molly: You! 

[Simon grunts]

Katie: What?  What was that?

Simon: Love.

Katie: Hmm, three guesses of what you're dreaming about.  Let's see, who could it be, Ilsa, Monique, Svetlana?  Oh, no, no, wait.  I have a better idea.  Sounded kind of like "Lily."

Simon: Katie.

Katie: You're dreaming about me? 

Lien: Do you think I made a mistake?

Tom: Yep.  No, I don't.  And your reaction should tell you all you need to know.

Lien: He's such a nice guy.

Tom: That he is.

Lisa: Come on, now.  Now, here.  It's the tradition here at -- at Java Underground.  The last dance must be done before you go away.

Lien: Oh, tradition?  Since when?

Lisa: Since right this minute.  Come on.  Tom?

Tom: Oh.  Someone like you keeps me satisfied

Ben: It's not my idea.  You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.  I don't want --

Lien: Ah, just shut up, and let's just dance.

Ben: Wait, baby.   I've been doing some soul-searching if you ever change your mind -- I mean, I'm not -- I'm not pushing anything.  I know you got your plan, headed to D.C.  But -- just -- I've been up and down the highway Ben: -- Want you to know that, if you ever need me – (song) in all kinds of foreign lands someone like you you make it all worthwhile someone like you keep me satisfied

Nick: You look great.  But then you always were a knockout.

Molly: How'd you get in here?

Nick: Mrs. Hughes didn't tell you?  Oh, Molly, I'm sorry.  I -- I thought that you knew.  I'm the new editor.

Molly: The new -- you?!

Nick: Look, I didn't come here to bother you.  Okay?  I got a good offer, and I took it.

Molly: Well, too bad.  I can't work with you.  What do you know about editing videotape?!

Nick: Well, I learned a lot after we broke up, like how to make an honest living.

Molly: Kim told me the new editor was an ex-con.

Nick: Yeah, she's been very supportive.  I -- I even get time off to meet with my parole officer.  I didn't tell her about you and me.  I didn't know if she knew, you know, that you had a record.

Molly: Kind of you.

Nick: Look, I know it's weird, you and me working at the same place.

But it was the best offer, and I figured maybe, you know, you could cut me some slack given the history.

Molly: "Given the history"?  That you hung me out to dry?!  I thought you were going in to get gum, and you rob the place?!  And then you bail, and I take the rap for it?!

Nick: I didn't know that they were gonna nail you, moll.  Believe me.

Molly: Yeah, I tried that once.  It didn't work.

Nick: Molly, I'm really sorry, okay?

Molly: So you put my mug shot on a website?  On a T-shirt?  You move here, and you take a job at the very same place I work?  What kind of sicko are you?! 

[Glass shattering]

Luke: Daddy?

Holden: It's okay, buddy.  Let go of my son.

Luke: Daddy, I'm very sorry.  The bells were so loud --

Holden: It's okay.  It's all right.  You didn't do anything wrong, buddy.

Dante: Sweet, sweet.  Very nice.  Now, listen to me.  It's very simple. We're gonna go for a little car ride.  And if either of you disobeys, well, you die.  Understand?

Holden: It's okay, buddy.  It's all right.  This man, he just has some business with Damian, and after that, we're gonna go home.

Dante: And everybody will live happily ever after.  Why not?

Driver: Signora Snyder is coming.

Dante: No!

Luke: Mommy!

[Dante speaks Italian]

Dante: One sound, and he's dead. 

Lily: Luke?!  Sweetie?!  Holden?!  Can you hear me?  It's okay. Mommy's here.  It's safe to come out now.  Luke?  Luke?

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