As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/8/01


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Bryant: You know, this time last year, we were trying to sneak out to have a quiet night alone, and now every night's gonna be ours.  Welcome home, Jen.

Jennifer: Home.  You know, that sounds --

Bryant: You know, we don't have to live here.  We can move someplace else.

Jennifer: Are you sure about this?

Bryant: More than anything in my whole life.  You scared?

Jennifer: Yeah, a little.  Everything's so different now.

Bryant: I'll make it everything you've always wanted.

Jennifer: Well, I have to get a job.

Bryant: No, you just need to chill for a couple of weeks.  I think you need some time to process everything that's happened to you.

Jennifer: Look, the rent, furniture --

Bryant: I'll take care of all that.

Jennifer: How much is Lucinda paying you?  I thought she was always preaching "You have to start at the bottom and work your way up."

Bryant: I just want you to think about what you need to move over here.  I want you to be comfortable and I'll take care of everything else.

Jennifer: Okay.  Then I guess the only thing I have to take care of now is to tell my dad.

Bryant: You want reinforcements?

Jennifer: No.  My daddy needs special handling.  I'd better do this on my own.  See ya.

Bryant: I'll be by to swing by in about an hour and pick you up, and then it's you and me and a brand new life. 

Katie: Shh, shh!

Simon: What?

Katie: I heard footsteps, but they're gone now.  It's okay.  Go ahead.

Simon: Okay.

Katie: Can I ask you something?

Simon: Only if it includes the phrase "Can I help?" Katie: I'm serious, Simon.  I've been help.  Wasn't it my cross that got us out of those handcuffs in the first place?

Simon: Yes.  Yes, it was.  How can I help you, Katie?

Katie: When we get out of here --

Simon: We run to the closest sanctuary is what we do.

Katie: I'm not talking about here here.  I'm talking about Malta and everything.  When we get out, what's gonna happen between you and me? 

Luke: You think they have peanut butter and jelly in Malta?

Holden: It's been a long time since we've had a real meal, huh, pal?

Luke: Shouldn't that Friar Domen -- Dom --

Holden: Domenico.

Luke: Yeah.  Shouldn't he be back by now?

Holden: Exactly what I was thinking.

Luke: Do you think he's a part of the game?

Holden: I don't know.  The clues get kind of tricky when you reach higher levels.  One thing's for sure, though, game or no game, friars are supposed to help anyone in trouble.

Luke: Do you think Mommy's had enough to eat?

Holden: When the friar gets here, he's gonna help us find your mom.  And you know what?  You can ask her that question yourself.

[Distant footsteps]

Friar Domenico: I have happy news for you and the boy.

Holden: Were you able to contact the Embassy?

Friar Domenico: I have sent the word of your plight to a trustworthy friend.  Tonight, he will come and help you. 

Lily: Damian?  Damian, I got your note.

Dante: After all that's happened, you still see Damian's name on a piece of paper and come running.  No wonder my brother loved you.

Lily: Dante, you brought me here?

Dante: Sorry to have misled you.

Lily: That note was in Luke's passport.  Where is he?

Dante: Beyond your help.

Lily: What have you done with my son?!

Dante: Put him away for safekeeping, along with his father.  But I will send word from you if you like.

Lily: No.

Dante: If that's the way you want it, I'll simply have them removed.  I was only keeping them alive just in case you had one last message to say to your family, but if not --

Lily: You're lying.  You have no idea where Luke and Holden are.

Dante: My dear lady, you are sadly mistaken.

Lily: No, Luke is the Grimaldi heir.  It's him that you are after.  If you knew where Luke and Holden were, you wouldn't need me.  Now, I want you to stop playing games and tell me what you want!  

Simon: Okay, what is wrong with this picture, Katie?  We're hostages here, trying to get through that wall before a bunch of gun-happy goons burst in here to finish us off, and you, what do you want to do?  You want to have a cup of tea?  You want to take a moment out for an in-depth analysis of our romantic potential?

Katie: No time like the present.

Simon: Here.  Yeah, take this.  This is all yours 'cause you obviously don't have enough to do.  I'm going to listen for the guards.  You work your way through that wall.  Excellent!

Katie: Our entire relationship and future that I'm talking about.

Simon: Our entire future, Katie, could be less than your two-minute attention span if we don't get through that wall.

Katie: Well, if life outside of this prison doesn't include you in it, frankly, I'd just as soon stay here.

Simon: Fine.  Fine.  Here, give me that.  Suit yourself.  Because as soon as I can squeeze through that wall, I'm out of here.

Katie: You would, wouldn't you?  Just take off and never look back.  Fine.

Don't even think about me, growing pencil-thin as I waste away in this disgusting joint.  Losing every little bit of color I had in my face from baking in the sun, looking for your diamond.  Don't think about me getting ravaged and molested by those gross guards out there.  No, no, no, you just go home and you enjoy being back at the Lakeview, lounging around.  And when people come up to you and they say, "Hey, Simon, whatever happened to that perky, little blonde that used to be married to you?"  You can just say, (in Australian accent) "I dunno, mate, dunno.  Last time I saw her, she was eatin' bugs off a store room floor in Maltese."

Simon: I thought you didn't want to be called perky.

Katie: Simon --

Simon: Listen, Katie.  Didn't I come and rescue you off that island?  Didn't I?  Yes?  Yes, I did.

Katie: Yes, you did.  Probably because you thought I had your diamond.

And you yelled at me the entire way home.  And when I finally got you to admit that you actually loved me, you promised me a good night of good old- fashioned you-know-what, and did I ever collect even an hour of it?  No.  No.

What are we doing instead?  We're risking our lives for your ex-girlfriend who, might I add, never gave you a second of happiness.  And even though just yesterday, I got you to promise to spend three days with me in a honeymoon suite because I had the perfect handcuff release tool just where you could get it, I'm not holding out any hope of you ever fulfilling that promise.

Lucinda: So what you're saying to me is that you've actually managed to take away a lesson from this tragedy that your father has wrought?

Bryant: When I saw my father in that courtroom today, Lucinda -- he's definitely not the same guy that took me fishing when I was a kid.  He had a heart then, and he's let money become more important than -- than people and family.  I'll never be like him.

Lucinda: Good.  Good.  Knowing what you're not going to be is a -- is a commendable first step.  Of course, we always get back to what it is you do want.

Bryant: I want to start a new life for me and Jen.  And I need your help.

Lucinda: Well, darling, if you want to get into the trust fund, it's there and I'm here with all kinds of financial advice.

Bryant: That's sort of -- sort of it.

Lucinda: May I ask what changed Jennifer's mind about getting into the trust fund?

Bryant: Nothing.  She sort of doesn't know -- yet.  Just with the trial and everything, she was going through a lot and I just didn't want to upset her anymore than she already was.

Lucinda: Honey, she's a bright girl.  She's going to ask you where you got the money to build the future that you're gonna have together.

Bryant: I -- told her that I was working for you.

Lucinda: Oh.  Oh, what are you doing for me?  What are you doing for me, darling?  What is this nonexistent job?

Bryant: I manage the Worldwide --

Lucinda: Yeah?

Bryant: -- Unit that is now doing business with BMX bike company.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, you know, if you applied that imagination to a genuine occupation, you could double your trust fund in four or five years --

Bryant: It's only temporary.  It's just temporary.  I'll get a job as soon as it's done.  But will you just back me up on this, please?

Lucinda: I will not lie for you.  On the same token, I will not divulge your secrets, either, because I've learned something about you.  I have learned the best strategy with you is to give you a long rope and you hang yourself, usually, but at least you come out of the whole thing with a lesson that is your own.

Bryant: Thank you.  Thank you.

Lucinda: Honey, you do realize, don't you, that going through the motions of having a job is probably more taxing than just having the job?

Bryant: It's just short-term, just until I get Jen through the trial and we have a chance of getting used to living together.  And I told her I work from home, anyways.

Lucinda: Why borrow trouble?  Why don't you just come to Worldwide and learn, learn the ropes?  It's easier than keeping track of your own lies.


Lily: Admit it.  You have no idea where Holden and Luke are.

Dante: I have an entire network of people here in Malta dedicated to their capture.  They'll be found momentarily.

Lily: And then what?

Dante: Their fate will be swift, painless.

Lily: You're talking about a little boy!  My son is innocent!

Dante: He's a Grimaldi.  If he inherits everything, then I have nothing.

Does that seem fair?

Lily: You're talking about money?  Luke had more money than any child alive.  There is nothing that the Grimaldi empire can give him that he doesn't already have.

Dante: But he'll grow up.  And one day, he'll be curious about his legacy, drawn to the power.  I can't let that happen.

Lily: How can you be so cold-blooded?

Dante: It is a hard choice, but one I must make.  I will shed tears.  But I'll be serving a larger goal.

Lily: Your pathetic lust for money?

Dante: The right to my own family's name!  That is why I must find your son and do what is necessary.

Lily: Not if I find him first.  Thanks to Luke's father's help, he has evaded you, Dante.  If you haven't found them by now, you're not going to find them at all.  Oh, Damian, he's so smart.  He's keeping him safe until I find him myself.

Dante: Yeah, like he did back in America?  You're in Malta now.  I can do far more damage here.

Lily: Then why not do it?  Why lure me all the way here just to explain it to me?

Dante: Such a good question.  Why don't you tell me, huh?  Why have I brought you here, Mrs. Snyder?

Luke: Look, Dad.  The friar brought us bread.  And cheese, too.

Holden: Luke's been counting the bells since you were last here.

Friar Domenico: I'm only sorry the food I bring is so meager.  Our order lives under a strict vow of poverty.

Holden: We should thank the friar for all his help, Luke.

Luke: Thank you, Friar Domenico.

Holden: Luke and I realize that your sharing your food with us is a great sacrifice.

Friar Domenico: The lord provides, and we in turn do what we must do for him.

Holden: Which order did you say you were from?

Friar Domenico: The -- the Franciscan order.  Help yourself, young man.

Luke: I'm so hungry I could eat a moose.

Holden: Don't.  Don't eat it.

Friar Domenico: Sir, the food is fresh.

Holden: I'm sure.

Friar Domenico: Then it is a matter of trust.  Safe, see?

Holden: Tell me, friar, how does a brother from an order as poor as yours afford such an expensive watch, like the one you're wearing? 

Hal: Hi, sweetie.

Jennifer: Will home yet?

Hal: No.  He stopped off at his friend Josh's after day camp.

Jennifer: You know, I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen you with a mop.

Hal: Yeah, well, I can count on one finger days as difficult as today.  I don't know.  Mopping's kind of like therapy.  You okay?

Jennifer: Yeah.  I'm just great.

Hal: You don't need to put on a brave face for me.  That courtroom was a nightmare.

Jennifer: Why?  Because my mother would rather face 100 strangers than talk to me?

Hal: She's not herself, Jennifer.

Jennifer: How would you know?  Has Paul even let you close enough to find out?

Hal: Your mother is a proud woman.  No matter how strained things got between the two of you, being your mother was one of the greatest joys in her life.  But not now.  She's too damaged to do that job anymore.

Jennifer: But I don't care what she looks like.  Doesn't she realize that?

Hal: Deep inside, she does.  She doesn't mean to push you away.  Hon, it's like I keep telling you, she just needs time to heal, inside and outside.

Someday, she'll be the mother that you used to know.

Jennifer: You know, I'm okay, though.  Really, I know I had a -- I had a tantrum earlier about Mom testifying at Craig's trial, but I'm okay, though.

And I really, you know, don't look too much into it.

Hal: You said the right thing, Jen.  You're right.  You're tired of being the grown-up.  You do need a mother in your life.

Jennifer: Not as much as I made it seem like I did.  You know, I'm tougher than you think.  I may still act like a little girl, but I'm not.  And I'm getting used to all the changes.  In fact, I think in the long run, they'll be -- they'll be the best thing for everyone.

Hal: What changes, exactly?

Jennifer: Well, this house, for instance.  You've got Emily Stewart living with you now.

Hal: Hold it.  Emily's been in the guest room for exactly one night, and she's there for her own protection.  And when she gets a hotel room, she is gone.  Nobody is living with her, okay?

Jennifer: Whatever.  All I know is that I've been fighting everything that has threatened to change in the past year.  But I know that change is inevitable, and you've got to roll with the punches and see it as opportunity.

Hal: To do what?

Jennifer: To live a different life.  Strike out on your own.  Strike out on my own.

Hal: Are you talking about moving out?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Hal: Jen, this -- this is big.  This is a monumental step you're talking about.

Jennifer: Yeah, but I'm not doing it alone.  Bryant asked me to move in with him, Dad.

Hal: He what?

Jennifer: You heard me.  And -- I said yes. 

Friar Domenico: God has blessed you with a quick wit and a keen eye.

Holden: Yeah.  I don't miss much.  Explain.

Friar Domenico: Even the wealthy fall prey to illness and need care.

When they receive it, they often express their gratitude with material goods.

This watch was a gift from a patron whose health meant more to him than his possessions.

Holden: Oh.  I didn't realize the Franciscans were trained in the healing arts.

Friar Domenico: We -- we serve in many capacities.

Holden: There was a catholic school where I grew up.  I had friends there.

The Franciscan Brothers who taught at the school, they didn't wear robes like yours.  Since we both know that you're not a man of God, why don't you explain to me who you are?

Friar Domenico: Please, Mr. Snyder, I can help you.  My friend can help you and your boy.

Holden: We don't need help from a liar.  Come on Luke, let's get out of here.

Friar Domenico: You're not going anywhere.

Holden: Luke --

Luke: Stop it.

Holden: Luke, get back.  Get back.


[The Friar falls down the stairs]

Friar Domenico: Ah! 

Lily: Look, if it's money that you want, just name your price.  I'll pay anything.  Just spare Luke's life.

Dante: The Grimaldi holdings will provide me with riches beyond what you can imagine.  What do I need with a ransom?

Lily: Look, stop playing games with me.  Just tell me what you want.

Dante: How far would you go to save your precious boy?

Lily: I'd do anything.

Dante: Perhaps Damian loved you for your courage.  You are a brave woman.

Lily: No.  I'm not brave.  I'm just a woman who loves her son.  I'm doing as any mother would do or feel.  You must remember your own mother's love.

You know how she would feel if anything happened to you.

Dante: My mother was a whore.  A rich man's concubine.

Lily: But still, though, her heart would be torn out if anything happened to you.  I'm telling you to trust me.  Your mother loved you before you were born.  And whether she's rich or she's poor, she will love you till your last breath here on earth.  So please spare me the pain of that.  Spare Luke.

Dante: Spare me your American clichés.  You know what?  Spare me that.

You know nothing of my life!

Lily: And you know nothing of my son's life.  And yet you'll throw it away without a thought.  You murder Luke, you'll be killing the both of us.  You kill Luke, you might as well slit my own throat.

Dante: Brava, signora, brava.  An aria worthy of Verdi, but you know what?  Your passionate talk of motherhood is lost on the bastard son of a backstreet whore.  My mother cared nothing for me.  She fed me on bread and water.  I slept with rats beneath my bed, and the entire time, she knew.  She knew that -- she knew that Grimaldi blood ran through my veins.  She knew that by accident of birth, I've never had the love you speak of with such tenderness.

Lily: I am so sorry that you felt such pain.  I'm sorry that your father denied you -- denied you a place in his life.  But this has absolutely nothing to do with my son.  Nothing.

Dante: I was denied my rightful life once!  I won't be denied it again.

Lily: Just take me.  Take me instead.

Dante: You mean nothing to me.

Lily: But I mean something to Damian.  You just said that.  You said that Damian still loves me.

Dante: Luke is Damian's heir.

Lily: Get word to Damian that you have Luke's mother and he will sign over the Grimaldi empire to you.  He will do it.

Dante: You know what?  I have a better idea?  What about if I, you know, put your body along Damian's doorstep as a reminder what will happen to his son if he doesn't obey, huh? 

[Simon kisses Katie]

Katie: Mm, more.

Simon: No, no, please, please.  And what if you -- don't talk.  Please don't talk.

Katie: But Simon --

Simon: No, no, no.  Enough.  Look, I'm getting somewhere in that wall, okay?  And when I'm done, we're out of here -- both of us.

Katie: Okay, but about afterwards, you never answered my question.

Simon: Come on.

Katie: What are you doing?

Simon: I'm answering your question.  Okay?

Katie: You mean -- you mean if we get out of here and we get past those madmen and we actually get off this idiotic island, when we get back to Oakdale --

Simon: If we get back to Oakdale, we'll take it one day at a time, all right?

Now let's get out of here, okay?  Yes?

Katie: Well, don't let me stop you.  Fire up those muscles and dig.

Simon: All right.  [Lily screams]

Lily: No!

Simon: Oh, my God, that was Lily.  Katie: How could you possibly know that was Lily?  How would you know what her scream sounds like?

Simon: I've heard her scream before.

Katie: Oh, don't even make me ask.

Simon: Listen, Lily and I have been through some tough spots.  I definitely know that was her.

Katie: Fine.  Where did it come from?

Simon: Somewhere in the opera house.  Look, we've got to get to her, okay?

Katie: Wait a minute, Simon.

Simon: We don't -- can you just quit it with your insane jealousy for just two seconds, please?

Katie: If you would stop bossing me around for two seconds, you would know that I know how to get past those guards.

Simon: Fine.  How?

Katie: Brains, baby.  I think it's about time that Samson put down his tool and let Delilah take over. 

Lily: No, no --

Dante: Scream again and it'll be your last.

Lily: No, look, you kill me and you lose all your bargaining power.

There's no way that Luke will be the Grimaldi heir if Damian signs everything over to you.

Dante: Are you telling me that he would do that because you're in danger?

You know very little of our family.  No man would risk that much for a woman.

Lily: Yes, no, Damian would.  He would never let Luke find out that he allowed me to die.  You must think I'm worth something, or else you would not even have me here.  Why wouldn't you just kill me in my sleep?

Dante: Why, huh?  Huh?  Why have I brought you here, Mrs. Snyder?

Lily: I don't know, and I don't want to play anymore games.

Dante: Think hard.  Think.  What is the one thing that will save your son's life?

Lily: I don't know.  But I will tell you one thing.  If you kill Luke, then Damian will find you.  He will hunt you down.  He will make you pay.  He'll make you pay for what you've done.

Dante: Very good.  Very, very good indeed.

Lily: So it's not me that you want?

Dante: No.

Lily: Or Luke?

Dante: Luke brought me you.  And you, Mrs. Snyder, will bring me --

Lily: Damian.

Dante: If Damian's love for you is as strong as you believe, then perhaps we can strike a bargain.  I can spare Luke and your husband's life --

Lily: If -- if you find them.

Dante: I will find them!  And I will let them live only if you deliver Damian to me. 

Bryant: I'll think about your offer.  I really will.  But if I take the job at Worldwide right now, I won't have time to look for a place for me and Jen.

Lucinda: Thousands all over the country manage to do just that, dear.

Well, what are you two kids looking for?

Bryant: Well, nothing too big and definitely far enough away so our parents think twice before visiting.  Not much.

Lucinda: Well, I know.  I know something.  I know something.  I know of a house.  It's on a dirt road by the lake.  It's very secluded, but close enough to town so you can pop in for a pint of ice cream if you need it.

Bryant: That's perfect.  Can you put me in touch with the person that owns it?

Lucinda: You're looking at her.

Bryant: You're too much.

Lucinda: I know.  People have told me that.  Honey, I would love to open the house for you and Jennifer.

Bryant: Thank you.  Thank you.  It's perfect timing, 'cause I'm gonna go pick up Jen at her dad's, and that's one less thing to worry about.

Lucinda: Go now.  Go quickly.  Do it.  Oh, great.  Oh, my darling, I can find my way home.

Bryant: Hey, hey.

Lucinda: Yeah?

Bryant: I don't know what made you Santa Claus, but thank you.

Lucinda: On the contrary, darling.  Thank you. 

Hal: You know, no matter how much you prepare for this moment, it's like somebody gut-punched you.

Jennifer: When it was time to let Nikki go, you lived.  You knew someday I'd grow up, too, Dad.

Hal: You're my baby girl.

Jennifer: I haven't been that for a long, long time, Dad.

Hal: Jennifer -- does it have to be now?  I mean, with everything that's going on with your mother, honey, have you really had time to think this thing through?

Jennifer: Is there ever going to be a better time, Dad?  Mom can't even stand to look at me.  How can I stay in this house full of memories and not go insane?  And I am so sick of making my life decisions around what Mom's gonna do or not gonna do next.  I have to start to live my own life.

Hal: That's what I want for you, too, honey.  That's what I want.  But shouldn't it be about going to college and parties and girls your age and --

Jennifer: Dad, how old am I after I've cooked all the meals, cleaned up after a toddler and tucked an 8-year-old into bed every night?  How old am I after I've done five loads of laundry, cleaned the house from top to bottom and made sure the lights were out after you came stumbling in at 1:15?

Hal: I know, I know, and I'm sorry about that.  I've been too busy, hon.

But when your mother comes back --

Jennifer: She's not coming back, Dad, and you know that.  So don't pretend that she is for my sake.  And even if she was, I still don't think that I'd change my mind.

Hal: Well, then, at least wait and see --

Jennifer: Dad, I've been waiting.  All I know is that I've been doing everything an adult does without ever learning how wonderful it really is to be one.  Ever since you and Mom turned our lives upside down -- and I'm not blaming you, you know that I'm not -- but before all this happened, before the trial, before the explosion, it's like I've been Mom's substitute or something.

And I know that -- that you try, but I need more.  I need to be loved.

Hal: We love you, honey.  Don't take to heart the things that your mother has been saying.

Jennifer: No, Dad.  Dad, I need to be loved as an adult.  As a woman.  Not as your little girl or as will's big sister or even as the needy daughter who's waiting at her mother's feet for bread crumbs.  I love Bryant, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna do what Mom did, throw away the most important thing to me because something else looks a little better.  I can't walk away from the man who loves me, Daddy.

Hal: Jennifer, being on your own isn't just about laundry and chores and meals or living alone with your lover for the first time.  There is so much about life that you don't know.

Jennifer: Well, then, I'll learn it, Dad, with Bryant.  You were right about something, Dad.  My life has been so dark lately.  But moving in with Bryant, it's like someone finally opened up the shades.  He loves me and I love him, and we deserve a little bit of light in our life.  So please, Dad, don't try to talk me out of this, because you can't. 

Katie: Please, please help me.  Help me!  Please!  It's Simon.  He's gone.

He took off, and I don't know what to do!  I'm sorry, I was trying to be good, but he just kept insisting on leaving.  Please, I don't know what to do.  I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry.  Please don't hurt me for this.

Bodyguard #1: Dove?  Dove?

Katie: Right here.

Bodyguard #1: Where?

Katie: Right here.  He went through this hole in the wall and then he drug these in front of it.  That selfish con artist didn't even take me with him!

Bodyguard #1: What is this?  You are playing with me?

Katie: What?  No, I don't know what you mean. 

Luke: He never moved.  He's not playing, is he, Dad?

Holden: No.  There was no pulse.  We need to stay away from that door now, okay?

Luke: Is he dead?

Holden: You remember what I told you in the storage room?

Luke: About how this isn't a game anymore?

Holden: It's all real, buddy.  The bad guys, the danger, all of it.

Luke: I was afraid that was it.  But I still pretended, because I didn't want you to worry that I was scared.

Holden: Well, you are a very brave guy, you know that?  And I just need you to stay brave for just a little while longer, okay?

Luke: Till we find Mom.

Holden: That's right.

Luke: I tried not to be scared -- but when he jumped on you --

Holden: I know.  I know.  But you did great.

Luke: Did you really know about those robes because of your friends in Catholic school?

Holden: I was bluffing.  But he took the bait.

Luke: If he wasn't a friar, then who was he?

Holden: He was probably one of the bad guys.  And he probably thought that he could get a ransom or something for us.  A reward.

Luke: He dressed up in those robes just so we would trust him?

Holden: That's right.

Luke: I don't know what I'd do if you weren't here.  I almost believed him.

Holden: You don't have to worry about that.  You know why?  Because I'm not going anywhere.  We're a team, right?  Yogi and BooBoo.

Luke: Shaggy and Scooby.

Holden: All right, Shaggy and Scooby it is.

Luke: Now what?  If the church isn't safe, where can we go?

Holden: Listen, buddy, I need for you to eat, okay?  I want you to have some of this.  You need to keep up your strength.

Luke: Do you think the food's okay?

Holden: Now, remember, it's all real, okay?  So we're probably gonna have to do things that we wouldn't ordinarily do at times that we wouldn't ordinarily do them.

Luke: You're making a plan, aren't you?

Holden: You betcha. 

Lily: You're afraid of Damian.  Since you can't get your hands on Luke, I'm the best bait that you have.

Dante: Of course you are.

Lily: But I don't know where Damian is.  All I care about is Luke.

Dante: Yeah, but we both know he will find you.  You have one week to meet with him.

Lily: Where?

Dante: There is a cafe in the hills, secluded.  Tell him that you want to talk to him.  Tell him that you have information.  Tell him you're in danger.  Tell him whatever you want.  Just get him there.

Lily: And then what?

Dante: Then your son will be allowed to leave Malta alive.

Lily: And Holden?  What are you gonna do to Damian?

Dante: The same thing I will do to you if you refuse to help.  It's your choice.  Damian's life or Luke's life.  Take it or leave it. 

Jennifer: Well, that was the quietest pint of mint chocolate chip that we've ever eaten together.  Don't I get the good cop/bad daughter lecture with it?

Hal: Well, what am I gonna do?  Ground you for growing up?  No.  I've got to save my best lectures for like times when you gave Will that haircut because I wouldn't buy you that ‘Baby Locks and Grow doll’ or whatever, and you gave Will that haircut.  Remember?

Jennifer: You remember that?  You were pretty loud that day.  Will running around, bald patches in his hair.  I was hysterical, of course.

Hal: And I'll bet you anything the neighbors still remember me screaming, “When are those kids gonna grow up and get out of this house?" I can't believe I ever felt that way.  I'm gonna miss your strawberry hair flying down the stairs like a tornado and out the door.

Jennifer: Oh, Dad.

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: Hi.

Bryant: Everything okay?

Jennifer: Yeah.  Everything's going to be okay.  Get in here.

Hal: Hello, Bryant.

Bryant: Hi, sir.

Hal: I understand you and Jennifer have made some plans.

Bryant: Yeah.  We've talked a lot about it.

Hal: Well, did those plans include any details about where I forward her mail or her many, many phone calls?

Bryant: Actually, I think I've found a place that I think Jen's gonna love and you'll approve of.

Jennifer: I can't believe it.  Already?

Hal: Where?

Bryant: It's not too far from town, and it's quiet.  It's safe.  I just came by to see if Jen wanted to see it tonight, if that's okay.

Jennifer: Yeah, I can't wait.  One second.  Just let me run upstairs and grab my purse.  I'll be right back down.

Bryant: Lieutenant Munson?

Hal: Not anymore.

Bryant: Right.  Mr. Munson -- actually, at this point, maybe -- maybe I could call you -- never mind.  Mr. Munson, I know we haven't gotten along that well in the past.

Hal: It actually hasn't been so bad the last couple of months.

Bryant: Well, I hope for Jennifer's sake that we can keep that up.  But I am aware that this is a big step.

Hal: It is.  It's a very big step, like I was telling Jennifer.  But I can't stop her from growing up.  I can't stop her from loving who she loves, and I can't stop her from moving in with you.  But will tell you this, Bryant -- if you ever harm a hair on that beautiful girl's head, you'll wish to God you never met me.

Do we understand each other?

Bryant: Perfectly. 

Lily: Why should I trust you?

Dante: You shouldn't, but you have no choice.  Think about it.  Your son will have a week to live and a chance to go home.  Besides, do I have my men go after Holden and Luke to kill them in cold blood, or will you deliver Damian to me?

Lily: I'll do it.

Dante: Good.  You won't regret it.

Lily: What about my friends, Simon Frasier, Katie Peretti?  What have you done with them?

Dante: They've been useless.  No information.

Lily: So you'll let them go?

Dante: When the time comes.  Remember, bring Damian to Cafe Dell'Arte.

Lily: One week.

Dante: Do this and your son's life will be spared.

Luke: You sure you want to stay here?  That man's coming tonight.  The one the friar said would help us.

Holden: That's what I'm counting on.

Luke: But he's probably a bad guy, too.

Holden: Exactly.  And he'll be expecting his friend, the fake friar.  But he's gonna get a little surprise.

Luke: I remember.  Just like when Quasimodo jumps down and swoops up Esmeralda.  Surprise gives us the advantage, right?

Holden: That's right.  You're the master.

Luke: But how?  What could we use for a surprise?

Holden: Costumes.  We're getting pretty good at that.  I'll put on the fake Friar's robe.

Luke: If you put the hood up in the dark, nobody'll know it's you.

Holden: That's right.

Luke: Then what?

Holden: Then -- then -- then we're gonna get some answers. 

Katie: Simon?  Simon?  Oh, oh, thank God.  I was so worried.  Are you okay?  Are you okay?

Simon: Yeah, I'm fine.  I'm fine.  I'm fine.  Let's get out of here.  Stay close behind me, okay?

Katie: No, I should probably go first.  I'm a better distraction.

Simon: No, I've got the gun.  Stick close behind me, please.

Katie: Okay.  Like glue, sweetheart, now and forever.

Simon: You ready?

Katie: Yeah.  [Gunshots]  Look. 

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