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[Doorbell rings]

Ben: Lien, it's me.  I have all of your favorites -- and wait till you see this spot I found near an old orchard near Luther's Corners.  We can pick apples. There's a pond, so you might want to bring a swimsuit.

Lien: Ben --

Ben: Don't worry.  I'm not gonna wear you out.  I brought a blanket.  We can take a little nap.  After we wake up under the tree, we can start planning the wedding.  How do you feel about jazz?  I was thinking a little jazz might be nice for the reception.

Lien: Um, Ben, I can't.

Ben: Okay.  That's fine.  We can keep it simple.  You want a guitar?

Lien: Ben, stop it.  Remember earlier, you asked -- you were giving me a chance to reconsider.

Ben: Right, yeah.  Yeah, and before I left, we'd said we were gonna start making lists for the wedding.  Lien, hey, trust me.  This is right.  I know it's right.  When you have been alone as long as I have, and when you've seen people die -- you know why I adopted Curtis?  Because life is about family, and it's about loving someone.

Lien: You're right about it being about family and loving someone, but I have to be honest with you before it's too late.  I almost died, and I don't know how other survivors deal with something like that.  I can't ignore what I'm feeling inside me anymore.  Everything is telling me that this isn't right for me.  I can't marry you, Ben. 

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?  Ma'am?

Barbara: Yes.  Of course I do.

Judge: You may proceed, Ms. Griffin. 

Hal: Margo.

Margo: What are you doing here?

Hal: I need to talk to you.

Margo: This is not the time or place.

Hal: Well, I have proof that your brother may not have done this thing, so we can do this now, or we can do this later, but if I were you --

Margo: All right, all right, all right. 

Jessica: I'd like to thank Barbara Ryan for agreeing to testify today.  She's only recently awakened from a coma that she was in for several weeks as a result of a bomb exploding in her face at a boathouse outside of town.  I'm sure we'll understand if you need to rest or stop at any time, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: Thank you.

Jessica: Craig Montgomery, who stands accused of trying to kill you -- is he your husband?

Barbara: Yes.  A technicality but yes.

Jessica: When you accepted his proposal of marriage, how did your family, your friends, your business acquaintances -- how did they react?

Barbara: They were very unhappy.  They didn't trust him.

Jessica: Did you discuss this with Mr. Montgomery?

Barbara: Yes.  I asked him to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Jessica: A prenuptial agreement.  Would you consider yourself a wealthy woman?

Barbara: I've worked very hard.  I own Barbara Ryan Originals, a successful fashion house.  I have diversified investments, real estate, stock.

I've been very fortunate -- financially.

Jessica: And what were the terms of this prenuptial agreement?

Barbara: That if Mr. Montgomery and I divorced, neither would hold a claim to the other's holdings.

Jessica: And he agreed to this, knowing that in the event of a divorce, he'd be unable to touch your money?

Barbara: He was offended that I would suggest such a document.

Jessica: But aren't prenuptial agreements standard for a person in your circumstances?

Barbara: They are quite common.  He said it meant that I didn't trust him.

I told him it would mean a great deal to my family, that perhaps they would accept that he loved me and not my money, and so he signed it.

Jessica: And you were married.  Would you say it was a happy marriage?

Barbara: No.  They were right.  They were all right.  I gave him money.  I gave him a joint checking account, but it wasn't enough.  He bilked millions from my corporate account.  My son called me.

Jessica: Your son, Paul Ryan, who manages your corporation?

Barbara: Yes.  Paul called from Paris to warn me that we were running low on funds, and so I confronted Craig.  He was proud that he had stolen my money to buy Worldwide stock.

Jessica: And what did you do, Ms. Ryan, when you realized your fears --

everyone's fears -- were justified?

Barbara: I told him he had to do whatever it took to replace the funds, or I would go to the police, and the marriage was over.

Jessica: So you and Mr. Montgomery would divorce?

Barbara: Yes.

Jessica: So the defendant knew that the joint checking account, the luxurious life that you helped provide, all of that would end with divorce?

Barbara: Yes.  He signed.  He knew.

Jessica: Ms. Ryan, you confronted the defendant with the fact that you knew he was stealing from you.  Then what did you do?

Barbara: I was very upset.  I was confused.  I knew I wanted to do the right thing morally, legally.  So I called Jack Snyder.

Jessica: Detective Snyder, who testified earlier.

Barbara: Yes.  I told him I wanted to see him.  He said I should meet him at the boathouse.  I was very embarrassed.  I wanted some privacy.

Jessica: Ms. Ryan, why didn't you give your husband a chance to pay you back?

Barbara: Because when I had confronted him earlier, he was so angry.

Jessica: And you were afraid to confront him again?

Cass: Objection.  Counsel is leading the witness.

Jessica: I'll rephrase.  Ms. Ryan, after your angry confrontation with your husband, how did you feel about him?

Barbara: What kind of person takes everything and shows no remorse?  I didn't know who he was.  I had no idea who he was or what he would do next except do everything he could to escape being brought to justice, and I was scared.

Jessica: So you asked Detective Snyder to meet you at the boathouse.

What happened?  Please tell the jury.

Barbara: I was early.  Jack, Detective Snyder, had not arrived yet.  So I stood outside, and I thought about what a mess I had made of my life.  Then it got chilly, and I moved in.  And he was there -- Craig -- waiting for me. 

Emily: It wasn't Craig.  Listen, I know your brother.  The guy in my office wasn't his height, wasn't his weight.

Margo: All right.  I really appreciate that --

Hal: Wasn't his blood type.

Emily: Because I was able to stab the guy with my scissors.

Hal: We had some blood work done.

Margo: Did you?

Emily: He had a major anti-psychotic drug in his bloodstream.  Now, your brother is a lot of things, but psychotic ain't one of them.

Hal: It's starting to add up.  Nancy had a bunch of books checked out of the library for several patients over at Oakdale Memorial.

Margo: What, "how to build a bomb in three easy lessons," Hal?

Hal: Think about it, Margo.  You've got a psychiatric patient on anti- psychotics drugs.  He's got access to Barbara at the hospital.  He's got access to Emily's car, to books on bombs.

Emily: An outpatient, Margo.  He follows me home, followed me to my office.

Hal: And he plants a bomb in the boathouse.

Emily: It's not Craig, Margo.  It's some nutjob who likes to read about blowing things up. 

Ben: Lien, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Lien: Ben -- Ben --

Ben: This is not right.  Just this morning, I was here.  We talked about this, how your father and I broke every rule in the book to treat you in secret, but I didn't want that to interfere with our relationship.

Lien: I know.

Ben: That's why I gave you an out, but you didn't take it.  You looked me in the eye, and you wanted to marry me.  So call me crazy, but what you're saying right now, it's not making any sense to me.

Lien: It's my fault.  I think I was just confusing the closeness that you and I had with something else.  Ben, you are a wonderful man.  You're a really good person, and I enjoyed spending time with you.  I guess there's no reason, except the only reason.  I can't marry you because I should or because you want me or because we both deserve to be happy.  It won't work.

Ben: Wait, wait, wait.  We deserve to be happy, but no thanks?

Lien: Please don't put it that way.

Ben: Why not?  That's what you're saying, isn't it?

Lien: Look, it all happened so fast.  I'm just -- just trying to explain --

Ben: You don't have to explain anything.  It's obvious.  I asked you to marry me.  You said yes.  Okay, let's not forget you said yes.  I didn't put a gun to your head.  You're a mature, intelligent, I thought independent woman, and you said yes.  And then, your father had a chance to work on you.

Lien: Wait.  My dad has nothing to do with this.

Ben: Come on.  He tried to do the same thing to me, Lien.  He's got you thinking that what you feel for me is gratitude.

Lien: What I feel for you is friendship and deep admiration and affection, but it's not enough. 

Hal: I need that list back, the one I gave you of library books checked out by patients.

Emily: We find the patient who likes to read the kind of books we're looking for.

Hal: He's on Thorazine.

Emily: We've got our nutjob.

Margo: Whoa.  Wait a minute.  Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hal: It's a start.

Margo: You got this blood work done at the PD lab?

Hal: It was being done anyway.  Emily was attacked.  People were following up.

Margo: But you got the report released to you.

Hal: I still have friends in the force.

Margo: You have been fired, Hal.  You shouldn't be anywhere near that lab.  You've rendered this report inadmissible.

Emily: Oh, who cares?  You can prove Craig is innocent.  You can build any kind of case you want against this nutjob.

Margo: All right.  That's a great idea.  The acting chief -- who just happens to be the defendant's sister -- violates every rule in the book.

Hal: You didn't violate 'em.  I violated 'em.

Margo: And when our real perp walks because we have hopelessly compromised the case?

Hal: Oh, come on, Margo.  If you weren't afraid people would say you were grabbing at another suspect just to get the heat off your brother, you'd be all over this evidence, and you know it.

Emily: You will never forgive yourself if you don't follow up on this.

Margo: And you can link this library book reading psychotic to Barbara's attack?

Hal: Just give me the list before this guy strikes again, Margo.

Emily: Okay, what just happened here?

Hal: She's gonna think about it.  Come on.

Emily: Okay. 

Jessica: Ms. Ryan, you saw the defendant, Craig Montgomery, inside the boathouse?

Barbara: Yes.

Jessica: And you asked him what he was doing there?

Barbara: No.  I honestly don't remember what I said, but I saw him.  He was there.  And then -- [explosion] the sun came crashing through the roof.

And the sound, like thunder.  And heat, heat, everywhere.  And knives, knives.  I guess it was the glass.  And I was in flames, and my face, and I couldn't get out, and I thought, "my God, I'm going to die here!  I'm going to die here!" It was dark -- forever -- and then, I heard a voice -- my son's voice, Paul.  I heard you, Paul.  I knew you were there.  I couldn't move.  I couldn't speak.  I was trapped in the dark, but I heard your voice and Jennifer and Hal, and then, I woke up.

Jessica: Thank you, Ms. Ryan.  I know how difficult that was for you.

Would you like to take a break?

Barbara: Let's finish this.

Jessica: Then that's what we'll do.  Ms. Ryan, since you've recovered, you've learned that while you were in a coma fighting for your life, Craig Montgomery took control of your company.  Is that true?

Barbara: He made his whore the designer.

Cass: Objection.  Witness is misrepresenting.

Jessica: We'll rephrase.  Ms. Ryan, is it true that, when you came out of the coma, you found out that your husband had intentions of putting the woman who used to live in his suite in charge of design at your company?

Barbara: Yes.

Jessica: So after he stole your money and put you in a coma, he tried to replace you with the woman he was living with before he married you.

Cass: Objection.  Counsel is making inaccurate conclusions.

Jessica: I have nothing further, your honor.

Craig: She's been through a lot.

Cass: Look at the jury, Craig.  She's done a lot of damage.  I have no choice.  I've got to go after her. 

Ben: So I'm not enough?

Lien: No.  What I feel for you isn't enough.  Ben, look around you --

divorces and broken families.  I don't want that, and neither do you.

Ben: So you don't want to marry me because you're afraid we'll get divorced?

Lien: No.  I feel like you're trying to argue me into something --

Ben: No.  I feel like you're trying to argue your way out of something, out of us being happy together.

Lien: Ben, I'm just trying to explain a decision that I made on instinct, and -- I'm sorry.  I'm just not making any sense.

Ben: You want to explain something?  Explain to me why I'm not enough?  Explain what more do you want?  I'm not enough 'cause I don't cheat?  I don't lie?  I don't hit you?  Am I too simple because I want a decent life for us?

Lien: Please don't make this be about you.

Ben: Come on!  It's gotta be about me!  I'm a doctor.  I'm a good man, but I got to go out and adopt a kid to get one.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Curtis.  That's not what I'm saying.  God almighty, give me an answer, because I give up!

Lien: Please don't.  Don't.  You're doing everything right, but I'm just the wrong person.

Ben: No.

Lien: Now, maybe it was circumstances.  I mean, I just recovered, and you and I were just starting to spend time together, and you kind of ambushed me at the party.  You took a pretty big risk asking me to marry you in front of all those people, in front of my family without knowing how I would respond.  Maybe if -- maybe if we take it a little slower --

Ben: Lien, stop it!  This is not my fault.

Cass: So Ms. Ryan, you flew to the Dominican Republic for a divorce.

You wanted to free yourself from your previous marriage.  Why?  As I understand things, Craig hadn't yet proposed to you.

Barbara: He flew down the next day and asked me to marry him.

Cass: Oh, so your plan worked?  You've already stated for the record that you asked Craig to sign a prenuptial agreement and that he willingly did so.

Barbara: Yes, but --

Cass: Money was always an issue, wasn't it, Ms. Ryan?  In fact, wasn't it one of the reasons why you left your previous husband?  You were unable to enjoy the money that you had made?

Barbara: There were other issues.

Cass: You wanted to enjoy what you felt you deserved, didn't you?  You wanted a luxurious life.

Barbara: I earned it.

Cass: You had certainly worked very hard for it, yes.  However, under your son, Paul's, management, it does appear that your profit margin at B.R.O. was shrinking.

Barbara: That's not accurate.  We were having difficulties with some manufacturers.

Cass: You always relied on your son, didn't you?  You still do.

Barbara: Yes, I do.

Cass: And was Craig aware of the fact that you had this desire for a luxurious lifestyle?

Barbara: He promised me a certain lifestyle.

Cass: So when he found out that your company was in trouble and took steps to improve the bottom line --

Barbara: That's not what happened.  He stole corporate funds.

Cass: He invested your money, quadrupling it.  Isn't that what really happened?  He increased your net profit, your net worth, by a factor of four?

Barbara: I didn't give him permission.

Cass: Permission?  I see.  You stated that after the explosion that night, your first memory was of darkness.  Now, Ms. Ryan, according to your doctors, was this "darkness" you experienced psychological or physiological?

Barbara: My problems were not psychological.  I had a concussion, that's all.

Cass: We're all very thankful that you're back to your old self again.  Do you recall what you were wearing that night of the accident, Ms. Ryan?

Maybe this will help.  You attended a memorial service for your friends, so were you wearing something black?

Barbara: Whatever I wore was burned, and they threw it out.

Cass: What route did you take when you drove out to the boathouse, Ms.

Ryan?  Was it a highway, a back road?

Barbara: What difference does it make?

Cass: Your honor?

Judge: Answer the question, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: The highway.

Cass: The highway?  Are you quite sure?  Because -- yes -- your car was found parked on Spring road, not in the lot near the highway.

Barbara: Then I took Spring road.

Cass: You told Ms. Griffin that you didn't remember speaking to Craig that night, and yet, your friend, detective Jack Snyder, clearly remembers hearing you speak to someone.

Barbara: And two seconds later, the bomb exploded.

Cass: It was very traumatic, and anyone would understand why your memory might be a little sketchy.  In fact, you don't remember much of anything that night, do you, Ms. Ryan?

Jessica: Objection.

Cass: Your honor, the prosecution's case is based on Ms. Ryan's memory, and yet, she cannot remember the clothes she wore that night, the route she took to the boathouse, the words detective Snyder heard her speak -- are we to believe that she has a crystal clear memory of a two-second glimpse of a man in the shadows?

Barbara: He was there!

Cass: Your honor.

Judge: Ms. Griffin, please control your witness.

Barbara: He was there!  It doesn't matter about the road or my clothes!

All that matters is this -- what he did to me!

[Barbara lifts her veil to reveal her scarred face]

[Thunder crashes]

Paul: Mom --

Barbara: They have to see what he's done to me.  Look what he's done to me!  He signed the prenup, he had to kill me.  That was the only way he could get what he wanted, my money.  Because that's all that he wanted, my money -- and her!  He wanted her!

Cass: Your honor, please --

Judge: Ms. Griffin, if you can't control Ms. Ryan --

Barbara: Look what you've done.  You've destroyed me!

Jessica: Barbara --

Barbara: You'll go to jail for the rest of your life, Craig.  I will make you pay!

Jennifer: Mom, stop!

Barbara: Jennifer?  Jennifer?

Jennifer: Let me take -- let me take you home.

Barbara: No, get her out of here.  Get her out of here.  She can't see me like this.  Make her go away.  No, no, no --

Paul: It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Barbara: -- Get her out of here.  No, no! 

Hal: Jennifer, you have to understand that she is very upset.

Jennifer: He destroyed her.

Hal: She'll find a way to live with what's happened.

Jennifer: No, she won't.  She might as well be dead.

Bryant: I'll take her back to my place.

Hal: Okay.  I'll see you later, honey. 

Carly: There isn't a jury in the world that will acquit after seeing that.

Jack: We'll see.

Carly: You don't believe what Barbara said, did you?  About Craig's motives for marrying her?  That he and I had some kind of pact?

Jack: No.  No.  Listen, you just tell the truth.  You'll be fine.

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: I've got to go check in.

Molly: Hey, you okay?

Carly: Yeah, well, it's not my favorite way to spend an afternoon.

Molly: I know.  Poor Barbara, huh?  At least we know there are no pictures, right?

Carly: Hmm?

Molly: Of that kiss that you got from the groom on his wedding day.

Ben: So if I hadn't ambushed you with a proposal, if I'd have given you, what, two years, three years, more time to think about it, if I'd have asked you in private, you'd have said what?

Lien: Ben, I'm really sorry.

Ben: It's really not enough.

Lien: I know I've made some mistakes here, but they were honest mistakes.  I never set out to hurt you or to mislead you.  I liked you a lot. We were friends, and -- and okay, so you couldn't help how you were feeling about me, and despite other people's advice -- Isaac's, my father's, they were all telling you to slow down.  You went ahead and did what you wanted to do anyway.  And okay, I flip-flopped.  I was confused, and you didn't like my answer.  But I don't see how that suddenly makes me the enemy.

Ben: I don't want it.

Lien: What are you gonna tell Curtis?

Ben: I'll think of something.  Don't worry.

Lien: You're angry, and I accept that.  But please, just don't take your anger to Curtis.  If you ever trusted me, respected me, you'll let me talk to him.  It's not his fault.  Can we at least agree on that?

Ben: Yeah.

Lien: So you'll let me talk to him?  Tell him that even though things didn't turn out the way we expected, that I'd still like to be his friend.

Ben: I'll talk to him first.

Lien: Thank you.

Tom: Hey, Ben.  Didn't hear you come in.

[Door closes]

Lien: It's over. 

Bryant: Look, your mom was obviously freaked out.

Jennifer: She talked to Paul.  Why couldn't she talk to me?  All I wanted to do was comfort her.

Bryant: She couldn't take it in, not in front of all those people.

Jennifer: She's all alone in the hospital and she still won't see me.  She barely even talks to me on the phone.

Bryant: You know, when my parents were going through their break-up, it was really tough on my mom.  And she didn't want to hurt the kids, so she sent Lucy off to school and me back here.

Jennifer: I just miss her.

Bryant: I know.  I know.  Are you gonna let me take care of you?  I really want you to move in here.  I know I can make things better.  What do you say?

Hal: Jack's taking the lab report.

Emily: Yeah.  Let's hope Margo didn't tell him to throw it away.

Hal: She wouldn't do that.  Cass scored some points.  She's hopeful.  She just needs to distance herself.

Emily: Listen, Hal, Barbara's a strong woman.  She's gonna -- she's gonna make it through this.

Hal: She won't see Jennifer, she won't see me and yet she pulls that veil off in front of a court full of people.  I just hope she's strong enough to get through the rest of this.  Winthrop's gonna go after her and it's not gonna be pretty. 

Cass: It's grounds for mistrial, if not now, in the appeal.  I'll get the remarks stricken.

Lucinda: Craig, you know, you can hire any number of glib lawyers.  It doesn't matter, because we know the truth.

Craig: Lucinda, do we have to do this?

Lucinda: You've always thought -- you have always thought that you were so damn smart, raiding companies, manipulating stock, embezzling.

Well, with any justice, you're gonna end up where you belong, in a cell.

And I personally hope that your cell mate is an even sicker person than you are. 

Sierra: Mother, Emily Stewart is hovering, and unless you want to be on the cover --

Lucinda: Oh, I don't mind.

Craig: Cass --

Sierra: How're you holding up?

Craig: Barbara's not in very good shape.

Sierra: I can't imagine.

Craig: She's not gonna survive this.  You know, I don't care how much plastic surgery, how much soul-searching she does, she's done.

Sierra: I wouldn't count her out.  Not yet.

Craig: Well, I'm not gonna ruin her.  I can't.  I don't care what it costs me.

Lucinda: And let me tell you something.  If your client sets one foot across the threshold at worldwide, you're gonna be in trouble, all right? 

Carly: Don't -- don't even look at me.

Craig: She's been hurt enough, Carly.

Carly: Trust me, she's gotten off a few rounds.

Craig: Well, I just hope there's no more surprises from anybody.

Carly: Unfortunately, your secrets are my secrets. 

Kim: Honey, is there anything I can get for you?

Barbara: I just want to be alone.  Thank you.

Kim: Okay, darling.  What do you think?

Paul: This isn't over.  Cass is gonna want to cross-examine her some more.

Nancy: I don't believe it, after all she's been through. 

[Gavel bangs]

Bailiff: The court will come to order. 

Cass: No mistrial.  But she did herself a lot of damage with that display.

We'll have to go after her credibility.

Craig: No.

Cass: Craig, we have no choice.  She's an eyewitness.  I have to discredit her.

Craig: No more.

Cass: Did you do this to her?  Did you scar her face?

Craig: No.

Cass: Then let me fight for you.

Craig: Let her go. 

Judge: Mr. Winthrop?

Cass: Due to the -- unusual circumstances -- the witness's obvious distress -- we have no further questions at this time.


Judge: Order.  Order.  Order!  Ms. Griffin, anything further for this witness?

Jessica: No, your honor.

Judge: The witness is excused.  The witness's extemporaneous remarks during the earlier session will be stricken from the record.  The jury is further instructed to disregard these remarks in their entirety.  They are not part of the record.  The jury is further admonished not to discuss these remarks, refer to them in any way or include them in any future deliberations.

Craig: Barbara, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Barbara: Go to hell. 

Lien: I didn't realize how much it meant to him.  I mean, above and beyond me, he wanted a wife and a family.  I mean, nothing wrong with that.

I mean, it's great.  But it's just --

Tom: Not for you.  At least not with him, and that's okay.  It's okay.

Lien: He's such a good man.  I hope that he and I one day can be friends.

Tom: Ben has had his share of disappointments, and I think he's probably gonna take this pretty hard.

Lien: Which is why I think the kindest thing that I can do is stay out of his way.  Yeah.  Dad?  It's really meant a lot to me, working with you, being here.

Tom: I know.  You don't want to let your old man down.  But you need to take that job in Washington, for a lot of reasons, most of them good.  But you need to do it.

Lien: How come you know everything?

Tom: Because I'm your dad.  I'm your dad. 

Bryant: You don't like it here, we can move someplace else, someplace where there won't be anything to bring you down.

Jennifer: It's just that I thought my mom would need me when she left the hospital.  That she'd want me to take care of her.  But she's moving in with Paul.  She's finalizing the sale of the house to my dad instead of keeping it and moving back in with us.  I feel like I'm losing my entire life all over again.

Bryant: So let's start over right now, you and me.

Jennifer: I'm so glad you're here.

Bryant: So what do you think?  You'll move in today?

Jennifer: As soon as I possibly can.

Intercom: Dr. Max,  extension --

Orderly: Oh, here, let me get that.

Barbara: Oh, get him out of here.  Get him out!

Paul: You come near my mother again, I will have you jailed for harassment, you got me?

Slocomb: Come on, pal, before I slip and break your nose.

Orderly: Yeah?  What are you gonna do, man? 

Paul: Mom, he's gone.  Are you okay?

Barbara: The blinds.  Please.  You were right.  I never should have gone into that courtroom.  I should have stayed here and testified on tape.

Paul: No, Mom, you did just fine.  And you'll never have to go through anything like that, ever again.

Barbara: Promise?  I'll stay right here, where it's safe.  With you, Paul.

Paul: From now on, you don't have to see anybody that you don't want to see.  You want a promise, you can take that one to the bank. 

Molly: Remember, okay, when they call you --

Carly: Which is gonna happen any minute.

Molly: Right.  Keep it short.  Don't add anything.  Don't try to explain.

Don't try to defend yourself.  Just yes, no, and get out of there.

Carly: Okay.  Judge: Court will recess until 10:00 tomorrow morning. 

Carly: No.  I want to get this over with.

Molly: Look on the bright side.  At least you can go home and relax and try to think about what they could ask you.

Carly: Right.  And stay up all night driving myself crazy. 

Hal: What's the word?

Margo: I thought you weren't going to push this.  Jack is pursuing it, he's following channels, he's getting the hospital to release records, he's cross- referencing lists.

Hal: Thanks.

Margo: Hal, I really hope you're right.  I really do. 

Cass: You tied my hands today.  But judging by the jury, you still have a chance. 

Margo: So where are we?

Jessica: Surprised.  I would never have taken your brother for a humanitarian.

Margo: He couldn't stand it any more than anybody else.

Jessica: Well, Barbara may have done herself more harm than good.

We'll see.

Margo: Got anything left?

Jessica: I always have something left.

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