As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/6/01


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Lien: No, Oakdale is great.  Actually, we're one of the busiest firms here.  Yes, it is an incredible offer, but -- I can't accept it.  I've made other commitments.  No, I'm not talking about a business commitment.

Um, right, uh -- say hi to everyone for me, okay?  Yeah.  Bye. 

Margo: Hey, honey, did you find Daniel's Thunderman T-shirt?  Because he's not going to get dressed unless he can wear it and then sleep in it, and then wear it again, and then sleep in it.

[Tom chuckles]

Tom: Yeah, I found it.  In fact, I just put it in the dryer.

Margo: So you're staring off into space the way you do.

Tom: Was I?

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Tom: Yeah, I just heard Lien talking to her old firm in D.C.

Margo: And you weren't eavesdropping, were you?

Tom: Indeed, I was.

Margo: Every parent's prerogative.  What'd you find out?

Tom: I found out that it's time for me to have a serious conversation with my daughter about her future now that she has one. 

Rivera: Look, this is not my case.

Emily: Right.  Right.  But you have friends, right?  Friends who could speed up things on the forensic end?

Rivera: And what's the rush?

Emily: The guy who attacked me last night could be the same perp who planted that bomb that nearly killed Barbara Ryan.

Rivera: Craig Montgomery's already on trial for that.

Emily: Yeah, well, maybe Montgomery did it, maybe not.  That's why we need the blood analysis.

Rivera: From the weapon?

Emily: Right.  Those scissors sure came in pretty handy.  I'll tell ya, it's nice to have something sharp when you're being strangled to death.  You know what I mean?

Hal: Officer Rivera?

Rivera: Good morning, Lieutenant.

Hal: No, you don't have to call me that anymore.

Rivera: Hey, habit, you know?

Hal: What's going on?

Rivera: Ms.  Stewart called me, said the two of you were working together.  I figured she was legit since she's staying here.

Hal: And what did Ms. Stewart want?

Emily: The lab analysis on the guy who attacked me.  And I was thinking maybe he could check out the suspects on our list.

Rivera: I've been trying to tell her, I'm not authorized.

Hal: Well, don't worry about it, because I got nothing to give you anyway.

Emily: What are you talking about?  We've got reams of stuff that he could check out.

Hal: All of which I gave to Margo last night.

Emily: You're kidding, right?

Hal: Do I kid?

Rivera: Not when I was working with you.

Emily: Hal, what are you doing?

Hal: Letting the Oakdale PD do their job.

Sierra: Mother, I don't want you publicly gloating at this trial.

Lucinda: Ooh, you mean, if a smile should cross my face at the sight of Craig in the dark fighting for his life, I should just stifle it?  No.  No, darling.

People expect that of me.

Sierra: Mother, this situation is difficult enough without you grandstanding.

Sierra: Why aren't you dressed for the trial?

Bryant: I'm not going.

Sierra: Why?

Bryant: Do you really have to ask me why?

Sierra: Bryant, he is still your father.

Lucinda: Well, that's -- [Lucinda clears her throat] -- not the boy's fault, is it Sierra?  I'm on my way.  [To Bryant] You stick to your guns.

Sierra: You know, Bryant, despite your feelings for your father, he is on trial for attempted murder.  And if justice doesn't prevail, he is going to prison for a very long time.  Have you thought about that?  Have you thought about how alone he must feel right now?

Bryant: He's not alone.  He has you.  If I'm not by his side, he'll know why.

Sierra: Bryant, I can understand you not wanting to help him, but why hurt him?  You are his son.  And if you don't show your face there, people are going to believe that you think he's guilty.

Bryant: They'd be right. 

Molly: This is Molly Conlan, reporting to you live from Oakdale Municipal Courthouse.  Craig Montgomery's trial begins today.  He's being charged with the attempted murder of clothing designer, wife Barbara Ryan.

Scheduled for today are the opening statements from D.A. Jessica griffin and Defense Attorney Cass Winthrop.  We'll bring you more as the events develop.  Now, back to the studio.

Cameraman: We're clear.

Molly: All right, Bobby, the second Montgomery gets in here, I want you on it, all right?

Cameraman: You got it.

Molly: Hey!  What's the good word?  Getting all the news that's fit to print?  It's too bad nobody reads anymore.

Jake: Yak, yak, yak.  No, I'm just waiting for the attempted murderer.  So are you doing that breaking news thing that you guys do and cutting into people's soap operas?

[Playful laughing]

Molly: Got your troops here I see.

Jake: Ah, yeah, well, Lucinda would like to have this story on every page.  She'd work it into the sports section if she could.

Molly: Have you seen Carly yet?

Jake: The other woman?

Molly: She's not, you know.  But she's not going to get out of here without a few bruises.  Ooh, it's showtime.

Molly: [Shouting over each other]  So are you still standing by the statements that you made in our interview?

Craig: Regarding my innocence, Molly, yes I do.

Cass: That's all we're going to say.  Sorry.  Let's go, Craig.

Bailiff: Sorry, we're not open for business yet, counselor.

Cass: Follow me.

Cass: Okay, we need to get a few things straight.

Craig: Am I about to be scolded?

Cass: From here on out, you lose the cocky attitude.  It's poison.

Craig: No confidence, got it.

Cass: Craig, do you honestly think I don't know you're about to wet your pants?  You're terrified.

Craig: And?

Cass: And it's okay.  I would be too.

Craig: Not if you had you for a lawyer.

Cass: Compliment noted.  Thank you.  Now, listen, when you're in the courtroom you have to show the jury that you take Barbara's accusations very seriously.  You are incapable of doing her harm in any way.  You got it?  Reporters: "Miss Tenney!" Cass: All right, she's wearing red no less.  Okay, take one last look at her, because that's all you're going to get.

Craig: I can control myself.

Cass: You have to control yourself.  The D.A.'s going to ram every bandage, burn and scar that Barbara's suffered down that jury's throat.  If they catch you looking at Carly even once, you're going away for a long time.

Reporter: Please stand over here.  Thank you. 

Paul: Mom?  Now don't argue with me, but you really do look beautiful.

Barbara: I know you mean that.

Paul: So, how are you feeling?

Barbara: Like I'm 100 years old.  I have this feeling inside, not nerves, but something coiled, like I'm preparing to do what I have to do.  I've been thinking, I don't want Hal to testify.

Paul: Are you sure that's a wise idea?  I mean, it could damage the D.A.'s case, Mom.

Barbara: Hal lost his job because he was trying to save me from marrying Craig.  I will not have him relive the humiliation in court.

Paul: Okay, okay.  We'll talk to Jessica.

Barbara: When I look at myself now, I wonder if this is what punishment looks like.  What I get for having abandoned my family, for stupidity and false pride.

Paul: Mom, Mom, you don't deserve this.  You were looking for love in your life, and you thought Craig was giving it to you.

Barbara: Well, then I guess he owes me, doesn't he?  And I'm going to make him pay for the rest of his miserable life. 

Tom: You have time for a chat with your 'ol man?

Lien: Sure.

Tom: Good.  I overheard you on the phone.  Sounds like your old firm in D.C. wants you back, huh?

Lien: They've asked me to head up a lobby on new child welfare and protection bills.

Tom: Wow.

Lien: I turned them down.

Tom: That kind of work is the reason you went to D.C. in the first place.

Lien: Things change.

Tom: Well, I think Hughes and Hughes will probably survive without you.

Lien: Maybe.  But I have other reasons for staying here now, and you know what they are.

Tom: Uh-huh.  So did you tell the other reasons about the offer?

Lien: No.  And I'm not going to.

Tom: So you're gonna keep the love of your life in the dark?  That's an interesting way to start a marriage.  Unless, of course, he's not the love of your life --

Lien: Okay, okay.  Are you going to get into another argument over semantics?

Tom: You've promised to marry a man that you hopefully will learn to love, and you're going to put the brakes on your career at the same time?

Lien: Okay, wait a minute.  Just because I'm not gonna take this job, doesn't mean that I'm throwing my life away.  At least now I have a life.  I've got Ben to thank for that.

Tom: Is that reason enough to become the wife of someone that you're not sure about? 

Hal: Thanks for your help, Carlos, but I don't want you getting jammed up sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Rivera: It's all just paperwork to me.

Hal: Thanks.

Emily: Thanks, for your help, Carlos, really.  Give me a call!

Hal: Enough!

Emily: He was trying to help, Hal. 

Jennifer: So what's going on?

Hal: Emily was trying to get us arrested for tampering with evidence.

Emily: Excuse me.  That evidence I would be tampering with just so happens to be information that I collected for us -- which would still be in my possession if you hadn't turned it over to Margo.  When were you going to tell me that anyway?

Hal: I just did.

Emily: Oh, yeah.  Way, way after the fact, Munson.

Jennifer: Are you two still trying to prove that Craig didn't set that bomb?

Emily: Yes!

Hal: No!

[Knock at the door]

Emily: Oh, I knew Rivera would come back.  I love a man who doesn't take "No" for an answer, you know that?  Uh --

Kim: Emily?  Good morning.  What are you doing here?

Nancy: Emily seems to be spending a great deal of time with Hal lately.

Emily: Will you stop talking about me in the third person when I'm standing right in front of your face?

Nancy: Is that one of Barbara's robes?

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Do you have any concealer I can borrow?  I can still feel this creep's fingerprints all over my neck.

Jennifer: My bathroom, third drawer.

Emily: Thanks.  We're not finished, flatfoot. 

Hal: What?  She needed a place to stay.  I've got room.

Kim: We monitor the police band at WOAK.  So I know that Emily had been attacked.

Jennifer: Did they catch who did it?

Hal: Not yet.  That's why she staying here.  It's safer than her place.

Nancy: Ever the Good Samaritan, huh?

Hal: Is WOAK going to report the incident?

Kim: Well, we were going to unless of course you think it would be better for Emily that we didn't.

Hal: It would be best if her whereabouts were kept quiet for a while.

Kim: All right, fine.  Actually, I stopped by because Paul asked me to pick up some of Barbara's things.  We'll see her at the trial today.

Jennifer: Wait.  Mom's going to testify?

Kim: Well, Paul got her released just for a few hours.

Hal: Jen, I'm sure your mother thought it would be worth it to put her feelings aside for a while, to go ahead and do that.  But that doesn't mean --

Jennifer: So testifying in court, no problem.  But visit with your only daughter, oh, now that's a completely different story.

Hal: Jen, you're not going to see your mother.

Jennifer: Oh, is that a suggestion, Dad, or a direct order?

Hal: I promise we'll get you in to see her as soon as possible, but today is not the day.

Nancy: Jennifer, dear, I'm sure you understand how stressful this situation has been for your mother.

Jennifer: So, once again, I'm supposed to back off?

Hal: She just needs time, Jen.  It doesn't mean she doesn't love her family.

Jennifer: You know what, Dad?  If this is a family, when do I get to stop acting like the understanding adult and start being just a plain old kid who needs her mom?

[Jennifer leaves]

[Door slams]

Ben: Hey.  How you doin' this morning, Barbara?

Barbara: Oh, I'm carrying a bag of sunshine around.

Ben: Well, there's an ambulance downstairs.  I brought you this for the pain.

Barbara: No, I don't want it.

Paul: Mom --

Barbara: No, no.  They could discount my testimony.  I have to be clear- headed at trial.

Ben: It's your decision.  Just take it easy.  I want her back here as soon as she's done.

Paul: Okay.

[Orderlies start pushing Barbara’s wheelchair]

Barbara: No!  Only Paul stands behind me.

Barbara: Sweetheart, I want to make a stop before we go to court.

Paul: Where?

Barbara: I want to see Julia.  We have a lot in common.  I want to tell her what I'm preparing to do. 

Barbara: Hello, Julia.

Julia: Barbara, I --

Barbara: This is my son, Paul.

Julia: Hello.

Paul: Mom's told me what a good friend you've been.

Barbara: The best --

Paul: I'll let you two talk alone.  I won't even leave the room.  I'll be right over there.

Julia: Barbara?

Barbara: This wasn't a good idea.  I thought the veil would -- everyone is staring at me.  I know I look awful.

Julia: No, all I see is my very best friend.  And soon, you're gonna look exactly the way that you did before.

Barbara: This is a far cry from our lives a year ago, isn't it, Julia?

Julia: Back then, on a morning like this we would have been sitting around your table sharing muffins and tea.  You'd be bragging about the kids or talking about Hal.  And I'd be mooning over Jack.

Barbara: Craig's trial begins today.

Julia: I heard.  You're testifying?

Barbara: I have to do this.  I have to do this.  For us.

Julia: What do you mean?

Barbara: That slime I married set that bomb.  But you and I know who's really responsible.

Julia: Carly?

Barbara: She stole our husbands.  She stole our lives.  Craig may be on trial, but I plan on using that witness stand to expose Carly Tenney to the world for the vicious, self-serving slut that she really is.  We'll get our revenge, Julia, starting today.

Jessica: Ladies and gentleman of the jury -- no, no.  I don't like that.  Hit 'em right between the eyes.  How much time do I have?  Okay, I can do this one more time.  Power -- money -- sex -- the unholy trinity of human motivation.  It's as simple as that.  Craig Montgomery is obsessed with power.  He worships money.  And he lusts for a woman who is not his wife.

To satisfy his appetite for these three, he tried to kill his wife.  Murder was his only option this time around.

I say, "This time around," because Craig Montgomery thought he hit the jackpot with his previous wife.  Sierra Esteban Reyes was wealthy and beautiful.  She loved the defendant, bore him two children.  She was the daughter of Lucinda Walsh.  Perfect.

The defendant became Ms. Walsh's son-in-law.  She took him into her confidence, into her business.  She trusted Craig Montgomery.  Cared for him like a son.  She had no idea how sick he was.  She didn't know he was an addict.  His drug?  Money.  Power.  Sex.

To be specific, let's talk about a woman named Carly Tenney -- would-be clothing designer and Craig Montgomery's mistress.  He begins to want more, but he's a married man.  Then again, men leave their wives for other women, nothing new about that.  But if Montgomery wants the money, the power, if he wants Carly Tenney in his bed, at his side, as they make it their business to steal the design firm Barbara Ryan created, there's only one solution.

He's got to kill Barbara Ryan, his wife, the mother of three children who will never again see the face of the mother they once knew.  What kind of a man would do this?  He has children, too.  Will they come to his defense?

Craig Montgomery has a son, Bryant Montgomery, whose trust fund he blatantly raided to finance one of his many schemes.  I'm sure the son won't offer us a glowing report of his father.

The defendant has an older sister -- Oakdale Chief of Detectives Margo Hughes.  She was the arresting officer in this case.  And even she could not fight the tide of evidence against her brother.

The defense will argue that a stranger committed this crime, even though Barbara Ryan was overheard speaking to her attacker as if she knew him.

Even though Ms. Ryan herself will tell us exactly who she saw that night before everything went up in flames.  The state will prove that the person Barbara Ryan was speaking to before the explosion at the boathouse was her husband, the defendant Craig Montgomery. [Jessica holds up a picture of Barbara before the accident] This is what Barbara Ryan looked like before this heinous attack on her life.  This is how her children and her friends remember her.  What I want you, the jury, to remember, is what she looks like now. 

Lien: Just because I don't go around declaring my undying love for Ben, it doesn't mean that we're not meant to be together.

Tom: Oh, is that how fate works?  Come on, all I'm asking you to do is follow your heart.

Lien: Who says I'm not?

[Doorbell rings]

Lien: Hey.

[Lien kisses Ben]

Ben: Can I go back outside and knock on the door again?  I don't get too many greetings like that.

Lien: Get used to it.

Ben: Oh, I can do that.  Hey, Tom.

Tom: Hey.  Why don't you guys go ahead and visit, I'm going to be upstairs with Daniel.

Lien: Okay.  Come on in!  So have you been on call the whole night?

Ben: Can we take a minute?  There's something I want to get out on the table.

Lien: Sounds serious.

Ben: Yeah, well, I figure I need to just break out with this.  I know that your dad told you about what he and I did.

Lien: Oh.

Ben: But I don't know how you feel about it.  We made some pretty serious decisions about your treatment, and you haven't even mentioned it.

Lien: What am I supposed to say?

Ben: I don't know.  I just figured we should talk about it.

Lien: I've just been following your lead.  I mean, you haven't mentioned it either.  I find out that you treat me with some black market drug, and the next thing I know, you're slipping a ring on my finger.  Most doctors would just send me the bill.

Ben: Maybe that's what I should've done.

Lien: Are you having second thoughts?

Ben: Ain't no way.  But if you are, I just want you to know that I'm opening the door if you want to change your mind about me, about us.

Jennifer: Bryant?

Bryant: Hey.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm so glad you're here.  When you weren't at the guest house I didn't know where else you'd be.

Bryant: Yeah, I was just jottin' down notes for the bike manufacturers in Paris.

Jennifer: Oh, right, your new job.  I'm sorry, I keep forgetting about it.

How's it going?

Bryant: It's great.  It's great.  How's everything going with you?

Jennifer: Well, as usual, I'm the last to know and the first one to be told to get over it.  [Jennifer sighs] my mom is testifying at Craig's trial today.

Bryant: She's well enough do that?

Jennifer: Apparently.  I have no idea.  My mom and I have been through so much drama over this stupid wedding, and then she gets hurt, and I never really got the chance to tell her how much I love her.

Bryant: We're going to the courthouse, c'mon.  You deserve to see your mother face-to-face.

Jennifer: I don't know if that's such a good idea.  Maybe she really doesn't want to see me.

Bryant: We agreed that we would do things our way from now on, right?

[Jennifer sighs]

Jennifer: Yeah.

Bryant: So tell me -- what feels right to you?

[Jennifer sighs]

Jennifer: I want to go. 

Emily: Tossing out the garbage, huh?  Too bad you can't toss Kim and Nancy into that bag, huh?  Well, anyway, I just wanted to thank you, okay, for letting me stay.

Hal: Where are you going with the suitcase?

Emily: I'm leaving.  And don't even pretend -- you don't have to look like you're sad to see me go.

Hal: I won't, because you're not going anywhere.

Emily: Hal?  Hal, please don't do this, okay?  I'm trying to keep things light and friendly.

Hal: Emily, I hate to sound like the cliché, but there's somebody after you, and he knows where you live.  Now, you're not going anywhere until the cops find this maniac.

Emily: Yeah, well, you know what?  If I wait that long, I'll be living with you until Daniel's collecting social security.  So -- no, I'm going to find myself a nice hotel.  And I'm sure Tom and Margo will help out with Daniel.

Besides, the longer I stay here, the harder it's gonna be to explain our relation -- our working relationship.

Hal: Is that what we have?

Emily: Barely these days.

Hal: Or is it just that you can't stand the sight of me?

Emily: Yeah, well, there's that too, you know.

[Both laugh]

Hal: I'll help you find a hotel.

Emily: Oh, wait, wait, wait -- careful, it sounds like you're about to do me a favor.

[Knocking at door]

Hal: Carlos.

Emily: Ah!  I knew you'd come back!

Rivera: I've got something for you, if you want it. 

Cass: I'm not here to prove to you that my client Craig Montgomery is nice, or trustworthy, or faithful to his marriage.  I am here to show that the state cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Craig Montgomery tried to murder his wife.  I will give you reason to doubt the evidence presented by the District Attorney, reason to doubt the testimony of her chief witness, reason to doubt the alleged affair between my client and Carly Tenney.  And in the end, you will doubt that the charge of attempted murder even applies in this case.  They want to hang someone for what happened to Barbara Ryan.  And you know what?  I understand.  And I truly sympathize.  But they've got the wrong man. Judge: We'll take a brief recess before we call witnesses.  Five minutes. 

Craig: That was a good job.

Cass: It doesn't matter.

Craig: Why?

Cass: We've got St. Barbara of the shroud over there looking as if she's attending her own funeral.  I don't know if the jury heard a word I said.

They only have eyes for her.

Molly: Nervous?

Carly: No.  My reputation as a tramp and a home wrecker is safe.

Although I did like the addition of "would-be-designer." That went well with "murdering slut," didn't it?

Molly: Listen, you'll take the stand, you'll tell the truth, you'll keep your cool.

Carly: Yeah, you're right.

Molly: Carly --

Carly: I'm cool.  I'm cool.  Really, the only thing that I have to worry about is the tape of me and Craig from the security camera, and that's never gonna see the light of day, so how bad could it get? 

Jack: I think you've already got them on the ropes.  That opening statement was a gem.

Jessica: I think I got in a few shots.

Jack: Is there anything I need to know before you call me?

Jessica: No, I think I've have everything I need. 

Ben: You need time to think about things.  There's no rush.  I think that's the whole point of what I'm trying to say here.  No rush.

Lien: I owe you my life, Ben.

Ben: Lien, don't think that when it comes to us.  We've connected on so many levels since you've been here.  First you were my lawyer, then I was your doctor.  This whole thing's been so crazy.  But every time I poked my head above water to get my bearings, I'd see this beautiful woman.  And she's fussing with me and flirting with me and making me laugh.  And then I realize that I'm in love with her.  But that's just me.

Lien: Isn't love in a marriage supposed to be mutual?

Ben: Yeah, it'd be nice.  But if it's not there, you can't force it.

Lien: I'm not.  I've never said that I don't want the life you're offering me, Ben.  I still can't believe that someone like you would take a chance on me.

[Pager beeps] Pagers have rotten timing.

Ben: Mm-hmm.  I'll be back later.  You can break out that wedding list, and we can talk about dishes and putting a hardware store on the registry, or something.

Lien: Wait?  A hardware store?!

Ben: Or not.

Lien: Not.

Ben: Not?

Lien: Not.

Lien: Why did you do that?

Tom: Well, Ben was certainly happy.

Lien: I don't want to go another round with you, please.

Tom: Okay.

Lien: He saved my life!  He loves me.  I can't hurt him.

Tom: What you're doing is not the way to repay a debt that you may feel you owe.  And although I can't stop you, if you truly care for this man, then don't condemn him to a life with someone who almost loves him.

Rivera: Like I said, Lieutenant.  Sorry, I wasn't gonna call you that anymore.  Look, all I'm saying is if you want the information, you got it.  No questions asked.

Hal: Did this cost you anything?

Rivera: What'd I just say?  It was good seeing you, Hal.  Everyone really misses you at the squad.

Hal: Well, you gotta know how I feel.

Rivera: Yes, sir.  Have a good day, ma'am. 

Hal: Do you mind?!

Emily: Well, you're just standing there getting all sentimental on me.

Hal: People must have really wanted to kick your butt when you were a kid.

Emily: Yeah, well, I could always outrun them.  You know what I mean?

This is a bust.  I don't understand any of this.  It's all medical terminology!

So the guy's type o-positive, big whoop.

Hal: May I?  'Cause it's not the blood itself, it's what's in the blood.  And in this case it would be -- Thorazine.  Our man was on Thorazine.  It's a very common anti-psychotic.

Emily: Great!  Great!  So now we know.  Now, if you hadn't turned our suspect list over to the cops, we could find out which patient is taking this drug.

Hal: So let's go get our list back. 

Jessica: Detective Snyder, what did you hear, if anything, when you arrived at the boathouse?

Jack: I heard Barbara say, "why are you doing this?" Jessica: Did she sound like she was speaking to someone she knew?

Cass: Objection, your honor.  Detective Snyder has no direct knowledge of whom the victim was speaking to.

Jessica: Withdrawn.  Detective Snyder, was that short exchange the last thing you heard before the explosion?

Jack: Yes.

Jessica: Thank you.  Nothing further. 

Cass: You were an FBI agent, Detective Snyder?

Jack: Yes, I was.

Cass: And would you say that you have risen to the rank of detective pretty much by playing things by the book?

Jack: I follow the rules, yes.

Cass: Then why is it that when my client's wife wanted to report a crime, you didn't meet her at the police station?  Wouldn't that have been standard procedure?

Jack: Barbara was uncomfortable meeting me at the police station because the Chief of Detectives is also Craig Montgomery's sister.

Cass: There are other station houses in the area, are there not?  Why not meet her at one of those?

Jack: Barbara sounded distressed.  I wanted to make things easy for her.

Cass: I see.  The Snyders have been in Oakdale for a long time, haven't they, detective Snyder?  Your folks have a lot of friends in this community?

Jack: I suppose.

Cass: And recently your family suffered quite a loss, didn't they?  Your cousin Holden and his son were killed?

Jessica: Objection, your honor.  Irrelevant.  What does that tragedy have to do with this case?

Judge: Move on, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Yes, sir.  Detective, do you bear any animosity toward my client?

Jack: He's not my favorite person in the world.

Cass: Could you elaborate?  Has my client ever punched you in the nose?

Stolen your morning paper?  Kicked your dog?

Jack: Everyone knows what kind of man Craig Montgomery is.

Cass: I not asking you to speak on behalf of the masses.  Explain to me your views, sir.  You don't like him, do you?

Jack: No.

Cass: Do you have a girlfriend?

Jack: There is a woman I plan to marry.

Cass: I wish you every happiness.  What's her name?

Jack: Carly Tenney.

Cass: If Ms. Tenney is here in the courtroom today, would you point her out for the jury?

Jack: She's right there.

Cass: I assume that this wedding to Ms. Tenney will take place after you divorce your current wife?

Jessica: Objection!  Where is the relevancy?

Cass: Your honor, my line of questioning goes to detective Snyder's prejudicial view of my client, and thus to his reliability as a detective in this case and as a witness.

Judge: Then make your point.

Cass: Detective, do you have any evidence that Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Tenney are romantically involved?

Jack: No.

Cass: Absolutely no proof that anything is going on?

Jack: No.

Cass: But you are jealous of their friendship, are you not?

Jack: Montgomery helped Carly out of a few jams, offered her a job.

Cass: Are you jealous, or not?

Jack: I don't let my personal feelings affect the way I do my job.

Cass: You'd never lose your objectivity?

Jack: No.

Cass: Do you recall, detective, the date of the boathouse explosion?

Jack: June 18th.

Cass: June 18th.  And when was your cousin Holden's memorial service?

Jack: That same night.

Cass: The same night.  So to review, on June 18th at night, you received a phone call from Barbara Ryan, a personal friend.  She's distressed and concerned about some money issues relating to her business.

Jack: It was about Craig, not just about her business.

Cass: Exactly!  You discovered that Craig Montgomery might be involved in this, so you couldn't wait to meet your friend someplace unofficial and discuss things.

Jessica: Objection!  Badgering!

Judge: Are we there yet, Mr. Winthrop?

Cass: Any second, your honor.  Detective, how long did you stay at your cousin's memorial service?  Was it an hour?  Was it ten minutes?

Jack: I left before it started.

Cass: Your family was grieving.  Your presence was needed.  And you couldn't pass the call from Barbara to another detective?

Jack: No, she called me.  I felt that she needed my help.

Cass: No.  You were obsessed with the possibility that you could nail Craig Montgomery, isn't that right?  Detective, can you still tell this court that you were completely objective when it comes to my client?

Jack: I was doing my job that night.

Cass: Did you ever question any other suspects in connection with this case?

Jack: No.

Cass: Nothing further. 

Judge: We're back in session.

Jessica: The state calls Barbara Ryan.

Paul: Okay, Mom, I'll be right here, okay? 

Jennifer: Look what he did to her. 

Paul: Okay, Mom, you can read your story, okay?  I'll be right over there.

I love you. 

Bailiff: Please place your hand on the bible.  Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Barbara: Yes, I do.

Bailiff: State your name for the record.

Barbara: Barbara Ryan.

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