As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/2/01


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Proofread by Gisele

Jessica: Hey.

Paul: Thank you for meeting me on short notice.

Jessica: No problem.

Paul: Everything set for the trial?

Jessica: There may not be a trial.  I've offered Cass Winthrop a plea bargain.

Paul: What?  No, no, no, you had no right to do that.

Jessica: I have every right to prosecute this case any way I see fit.

Paul: What was the deal?

Jessica: Craig pleads guilty to aggravated assault and battery and serves five years.

Paul: So he gets out in two?

Jessica: That's better than him walking.

Paul: Craig will not walk.

Jessica: There are holes in this case, Paul, holes any self-respecting defense attorney can turn into more than enough reasonable doubt.

Paul: Look, we have financial records proving he was embezzling money from B.R.O.  He got caught, so he struck back.  There's his motive.  My mother's eyewitness testimony -- she saw him.  She saw him at the boathouse.

Jessica: Your mother is emotionally on the brink.  She's bitter, and she's angry, understandably, but I don't know how she's gonna hold up under cross- examination, and we already talked about the fact that Craig has an alibi for the night Barbara was attacked at the hospital.  Carly Tenney swears they were together, and opposing counsel could use that to prove that somebody else is after Barbara.

Paul: Yeah, Carly would swear Craig was volunteering at a homeless shelter, handing out biscuits, if she thought it would help get him off.

Jessica: Her statement is part of the record.

Paul: Her lies are part of the record.  She and Craig were plotting to get my mother out of the way, and I can't believe you're about to let them get away with this.

Jessica: Show me the evidence, Paul.  There's not one solid thing that links Carly to this crime.  There's nothing in that briefcase that proves that Carly and Craig were ever more than just friends. Molly: Are you sure you're okay, Carly?

Carly: Yeah.  Yeah, I've been dodging trouble my entire life.  Why should now be any different?

Molly: Well, if you stay away from Craig, maybe all the rumors will go away.

Carly: Right, and maybe I'll win the lottery and retire in Jamaica.

Molly: I'm just saying, okay, I saw the way he was looking at you, and there's no way that he's gonna be giving up on you anytime soon.

Carly: Craig is two sides short of a triangle.  I love Jack, now and forever, no detours, no distractions.

Molly: Yes.  That is what I want to hear.

Carly: You know, if I could just think of a way to keep Barbara from showing up and singing some long, deluded aria in court.

Molly: That is called tampering with the witness, which you've already tried, with very little success.  So just don't rock the boat, okay?  Jack's behind you on this 100%, right?  Right, okay, and so there's no real evidence against you except for Craig, so just hang tight, keep your fingers crossed, and all this goes away very soon.

Carly: And I have to remind myself, just stay clear of smooth-talking dealmakers in $5,000 suits.  From here on in, I am kissing trouble good-bye. What is that?

Molly: What's what?

Carly: That.

Molly: The security camera?

Carly: Has that always been there?

Molly: As far as I know.

Carly: Right there?  In that very spot, Molly?  Are you sure?

Molly: Yeah, I'm sure.  Why?

Carly: Because I am dead in the water, that's why.  That little techno- peeping Tom could ruin my entire life. 

Emily: Boy, you and Janet must have played hard, huh?  She wiped you out.  Okay.  I'm sorry, buddy, but I'm gonna have to wake you up to put your pajamas on, but Mom's gonna make one quick phone call, okay?  Then we're gonna put you to bed.  Shh, shh, it's okay.  I'll make it fast, I promise. [Emily makes a phone call] Hal, listen, it's Emily.  I had my research team go over my list of names from the hospital.  The only military history buffs they could come up with are one guy in traction and another guy with a nasty rash that hasn't been identified.  Nice, huh?  So call me when you get a chance.  Let me know what you come up with.  Bye. [Emily hangs up] Okay.  Oh, I wish I could show you mommy's cover that's gonna hit the streets.  It's got a very icky man on it.  He's done a lot of naughty things, but I don't think he's blown up any boathouses lately.  Oh, one day you're gonna be so proud of me.  I'm gonna teach you how to say "Pulitzer."  We've got to work on that.  But in the meantime, you are going to bed, okay?  Put your pajamas on, cuddle with your teddy, and then Mommy's gonna take a nice, hot bath and pretend she has a life. 

Molly: Carly, you're scaring me.  Take some breaths.  Breathe, okay?  And then tell me why you're turning the color of corn starch.

Carly: Because Craig kissed me.  Because he kissed me right here in this very spot and because security cameras, they record dates, don't they?  And because as you may recall, the very night Mr. Wonderful decided to plant one on me was the same night that he married Barbara.

Molly: Ouch.  Oh, the timing sure does fit Barbara's conspiracy theory.

Carly: Like a latex glove.

Molly: Yeah.  Oh, honey, you know, we use the tapes in those cameras at the station, and I hate to tell you this, but you know, we take still photos off of them.

Carly: Oh, good.  I'd really love to see that.  I can't wait to see it.  A nice, 8 x 10 glossy of Craig trying to tickle my tonsils.

Molly: Shh.

Lisa: Oh, hi, Molly.  How are your wedding plans coming?

Molly: They're coming.  Yeah, we just had a bite to eat in the dining room.

Carly: Hi, Lisa.

Lisa: Hello.  It's nice you've got this time to socialize.  I understand the Oakdale police are keeping you terribly busy.

Carly: Don't you start.

Lisa: I just came from seeing poor Julia.

Carly: Julia.  Have they voted her psycho of the year yet?

Lisa: You are so mean.

Carly: I'm not.  I'm not mean.  Pathological Julia makes me look like a Girl Scout.

Lisa: Oh, and you just earned another badge in this Craig fiasco.  How does Jack feel about this, Carly?

Carly: You watch it.

Molly: Can we just try to act civilized?

Lisa: Well, Carly can try, but --

Carly: Shouldn't you be out trying to trap husband number -- what?  -- 28?

Lisa: I think you'd just better watch yourself, tootsie.  You're gonna have me beat.

Carly: We're having a private discussion.

Lisa: You see, I understand that you cannot pick your family, but you really should try, Molly, to put a little distance between you and your cousin before the police do.

Carly: Just what I need, Blanche Dubois with an attitude.

Molly: Forget about Lisa.  You've got bigger fish to fry.

Carly: I know, I know.  Oh, do you know something?  I should have played nice with her.  She owns half this dump, right?  If I don't get my hands on that security tape, Molly --

Molly: Carly, like Lisa would ever get you anywhere near that information.

Carly: No, I know.  You're right.  No, she would bring it to the police station as fast as her little broom could fly her.  I've got it.  We will charm the manager.

Molly: We?

Carly: Yes, "we," unless you're buying into her "distance" thing.

Molly: No.  No, hell, no.

Carly: Okay, well, good.  Then let's hurry up, before my own stupid kiss buys me a six-by-nine cell with a barbed-wire view. 

Paul: If our case is so shaky, why is Carly Tenney so desperate?  She showed up at the hospital swearing she was innocent, trying to convince my mother not to implicate her.

Jessica: When?

Paul: Today.  Jessica, she's afraid.  She's afraid to be hauled into court because she knows the truth will come out about her and Craig.

Jessica: Carly's not a defendant in this case.

Paul: Well, she's not innocent, either.  I mean, innocent people lay low.

They don't scamper around town trying to convince everybody they didn't do it.

Jessica: That's speculation.

Paul: I know when people are squirming.

Jessica: And I know what I need to get a conviction.  Now, your sense that Carly was scared is not enough to prove that there was a link between Craig and Carly.

Paul: You know what I think?  If Carly really was with Craig when the attack happened, all it means is they hired somebody to do it.  You know, they got somebody to do their dirty work for them.

Jessica: Where's the proof?

Paul: Whose side are you on?

Jessica: I'm on the side of the truth.

Paul: Oh, the truth?  We know the truth.  Craig and Carly were having an affair.

Jessica: Which they deny.

Paul: Yeah.  And then they tried to take over B.R.O. by sneaking Carly into the company.

Jessica: And they failed.

Paul: Then they tried to kill my mother so that the prenuptial agreement wouldn't keep Craig from getting his hands on my mother's money.

Jessica: Paul, look, if I had no doubt whatsoever that Carly was lying about Craig's alibi or that she was part of some master plan to murder your mother, I'd charge her as an accessory before the fact.  But what we have now are theories and suspicions.  So what we do, we use what we have and what we know.  That's how the legal system works, and all the righteous indignation in the world won't change that.

Emily: The glamour never ends. [Phone rings] Stewart's maid service.

May I help you?

Hal: Emily?

Emily: Oh, yeah, it's me, Hal.  What you got?

Hal: A sink full of dirty dishes and a cranky toddler.

Emily: Hey, no fair.  That's what I was gonna say.  So what about your half of the list?

Hal: That's why I'm calling.  I haven't had a chance to do much with it, I'm sorry.

Emily: Oh, you know what?  Don't worry about it.  I actually got a pretty good start on my half, so I don't know, what do you say we put our heads together over some pasta?  I've got a terrific recipe even I can't mess up.

Hal: Sorry.  Just clogged my arteries with pizza with the kids.

Emily: You really know how to pamper yourself, huh?

Hal: I'll call first thing tomorrow, see what I can get on your information.

Emily: You got it.  I'll talk to you then.

Hal: Oh, and Emily, if you're serious about the maid service thing, I could really use some help.

Emily: Keep dreaming, Hal.  Later. 

Rose: Hey.  Hey.  Need another hit from the bank of Rose?

Paul: No, I think I've got it.

Rose: Pop always told me you've got to have a couple bucks on you, 'cause you never know what's gonna happen.

Paul: Well, your father sounds like a wise man.

Rose: How's your mom?

Paul: She's better.

Rose: Better?  Better's good.

Paul: Yes, physically, she's out of the woods.  Doctors don't think there's any risk of infections.

Rose: Oh, that's great.  Why aren't you doing the tarantella on top of this table?

Paul: I've got a lot going on.

Rose: Oh.  Yeah, I heard Mr. Calm, cool and demented, he's got his day in court tomorrow, yeah?

Paul: Yeah.  That'll be a great day, the day that he's hauled off to prison.

Rose: About 100 years or so.  That would be nice, huh?

Paul: That'd be nice.

Rose: Yeah, very nice.  But last time I checked, you blow somebody up, you don't get a slap on the wrist.

Paul: Why aren't you on the jury then?

Rose: I'll tell you a little story.  Have a seat I was on a jury one time, one time, and the judge, he kicked me out because I said I don't like attorneys who wear more jewelry than I do.

Paul: I bet you did.

Rose: You know, this is really none of my beeswax, but you don't look like a guy who's on the winning team.

Paul: Well, there are no winners, Rose.  I just got back from the hospital.

My mother's still in pretty bad shape, so it's --

Rose: Wait, you just said --

Paul: Her face is all scarred up, and she's withdrawn, depressed.

Rose: Well, those surgeons, they are miracle workers with that scalpel.

They'll be -- she'll be back in no time, looking great.

Paul: Yeah, it's too soon to even get a consultation from a plastic surgeon.

Rose: So in the meantime, she's a poster child for damaged goods.

Paul: Yeah, something like that.

Rose: I'm real sorry.

Paul: Yeah.  Me, too.  Nothing I do or say helps.

Rose: Come on, I mean, your mom's life has been right through the shredder.  I mean, you can't put it back together in five minutes.  Come on.

Paul: But I've still got to try.

Rose: You've got to try.  Yeah, I know how that goes.  You've got to try.

When someone you love gets kicked in the teeth, you've got to try, but sometimes trying doesn't put things back together again.  You know, sometimes you've got to sit back and just let nature take its course, my friend.

Paul: Is this more of your father's wisdom?

Rose: Yeah, it is, as a matter of fact.  Your pop teach you nothing?

Paul: Let's not go there.

Rose: I'm gonna give you some advice.  You probably don't want it, but I'm gonna give it anyway, 'cause that's the kind of girl I am.  You've got to tell your mother you've got to see positive thinking.  Right now, you know?  Just think happy thoughts, happy memories.  Don't let her watch the trial on TV.

Don't let her read the newspapers, nothing.  Let the lawyers handle all that.

Paul: That's easier said than done.  She has to testify.

Rose: What are you talkin' about?  No, not these days.  You've got closed- circuit TV.  She doesn't have to be nowhere, nobody has to see her say that Craig is a wet piece of toilet paper.

Paul: No, she decided she wants to testify.

Rose: You're kidding me?  Oh, well -- wow.  Really?  I've met a lot of tough broads in my life, but that is tough.  I'm impressed.  That's the toughest - - I mean, Lucinda Walsh couldn't even put enough needles in that guy to make him scream.  I've got an idea.  Yeah.  When they say that he's absolutely, 100% guilty, we rent out Java Underground, have a big party, invite the whole town.

Paul: That sounds like a plan.  Are you buying?

Rose: No.  I don't have any -- I have no money.  But Lucinda, she's got money.  She'll pay for it, soup to nuts.  He's done her wrong.  Trust me.

Paul: Okay, well, I guess it's good that at least one of them get what they deserve.

Rose: One?

Paul: Yeah, Craig didn't act alone.  He and his lover plotted to take over B.R.O. and kill my mother.

Rose: Wait -- do you have -- are you telling me you've got proof that Carly and Craig were having an affair?

Paul: Yeah, Carly and Craig were conspiring from the very beginning.

Rose: This town -- Craig -- Jack -- I thought Carly was with Jack.  Wasn't that the love of her life, Jack Snyder?  You know who I'm talking about.

Paul: Yeah.  Yeah, apparently.  Apparently, she likes variety.

Rose: Wow.  Did your mom know about this?

Paul: Yeah, she saw the signs of it, but it wasn't until after she got out of her coma that she put it all together and -- actually, it was you that helped us figure it all out.

Rose: Me?

Paul: Yeah.  When you pretended to be Lily and got me into Craig's suite, and I found those sketched that she left --

Rose: Yeah?

Paul: That was the second time Craig tried to sneak her designs into the firm.

Rose: Second time?  No kiddin'.  So I did that, huh?  I busted the case wide open.

Paul: But the D.A. doesn't consider that to be hard evidence.

Rose: What are you talking about?  What do they want?  They want pictures of him setting the bomb off?

Paul: More or less, yeah.  She offered him a soft deal, and then she won't even consider bringing up separate charges against Carly being a co- conspirator.

Rose: Oh, that's terrible.  You know, this justice system really is terrible.

Well, you know what?  If there's anything that I can -- anything I can do for you, just -- or Lily -- you just holler.  I'll help you out.

Paul: Thanks, Rose.  I appreciate that.

Rose: Good luck tomorrow, 'cause I'll be -- I'll be thinkin' about you.

Good luck.

Paul: All right.  Thank you.

Rose: Yes, I will be thinking about you.  Very nice. 

Carly: Excuse me, sir.  Hi.  Could I have a moment of your time?

Lisa: Don't pay any attention to her, Kevin.  The last man who did is now facing a jail sentence.  I can handle it.

Assistant manager: Let me know if I can help.

Lisa: Sure.

Carly: Listen, I'm sorry that we had words out front.

Lisa: Oh, no you're not.

Carly: I am.  I don't want to cause any trouble.

Lisa: Oh, since when, darling?

Carly: I need your help, Lisa.  I lost a bracelet here, out front.

Lisa: Oh, well, no one has turned in a bracelet that I know of.

Carly: It would have been about two months ago.  I don't wear it that often.

It was my mother's.  I would hate to think that I lost it for good, so I just want to talk to the manager.

Lisa: No, I'll talk to him, and I'm sure if anyone has found it, it will be put in his safe in the office.

Carly: Lisa, the bracelet's very important to me.

Lisa: Well, let's see, you say it's been two months since you've realized this wonderful bracelet is missing?  My goodness.

Molly: Lisa, if we could just take a look around.

Lisa: You, yes, you can.  But Carly, no way.

Carly: Hey, I've got it.  You know, why don't we just look at one of the tapes from the security camera out front?  We'll be able to see if I left the hotel wearing a bracelet or maybe it slipped off right there.

Lisa: Oh, well, I'm sorry, darling, but those videotapes are private property.  I think you know the way out, don't you?

Molly: That went well.

Carly: Do you think she knows that I'm all bent out of shape about the security tape?

Molly: No, you didn't come off too desperate at all.

Carly: Okay.  You know, I just need more time to prepare for something like this.  The first rule of lying is to believe the lie yourself, you know?  Oh, I've got it.  Lily.  She owns part of this place, too, right?

Molly: Yeah, so?

Carly: So Holden is Jack's cousin.  We're practically family.  Maybe she'll play nice.

Molly: And maybe she won't.  Carly, that girl has been through hell the last couple of weeks.

Carly: Yeah, I'm not -- I'm not gonna get in the way of her grieving process or anything.  It's just that if I don't get that security tape, then it is over for Jack and me.

Molly: Now, you don't know that.

Carly: Jack thinks that I have told him everything that went down with Craig and me.  He thinks that I have been totally open, totally honest, no more secrets.

Molly: Whoa, whoa, I got it.  I got it.  Just tell Jack the truth.  Yeah, just tell him that Craig grabbed you and planted one on you right before he marched down the aisle with Barbara.

Carly: Oh, okay, that's a good idea.  So what, it just slipped my mind until now?

Molly: Yeah, why didn't you tell him?

Carly: Because there was never the right time, and I thought if I told him that it would seem like I was confessing something, which I wouldn't be.

There's absolutely nothing to confess.  I mean, the kiss meant nothing.  It didn't even register, barely.

Molly: Are you sure?

Carly: Yes.  Sure I'm sure.  But if I told Jack now, after all this time, he --

he'd feel differently.

Molly: Okay.  As long as that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Carly: Do you want the truth?

Molly: Yeah.

Carly: The truth is, I love Jack.  The truth is, I believe in us so much, together.  The truth is, he is the best thing that has happened in my life, and I will not allow Craig to take us down with him.

Molly: Maybe I'm reaching here, but Jack might surprise you, Carly.  I mean, just tell him that you did not see it coming, that it was a sneak attack, maybe he'll be cool with it.

Carly: And maybe Craig will join the peace corps.  Molly, did you tell Jake all your little secrets?

Molly: No.

Carly: And aren't you just a little bit afraid that if you did tell him, it might ruin what the two of you have?

Molly: Yeah.

Carly: See?  Women like us -- nobody hands us anything.  We're always fighting the tide.  We get out of life what we take from it.  Oh, I'm supposed to be picking up Parker right now from Hal's.  Would you do that for me?

Molly: Of course.

Carly: Good.  And just take him to Al's and give him a treat, and I'll meet you there, okay?

Molly: Carly, why don't you go with me to pick up Parker, okay?  And then we'll put our heads together, and we'll figure out what we're gonna do next.

Carly: Because, Molly, if there is a picture of that kiss.  And the wrong person gets their hands on that picture, there will be nothing left to figure out, and everything I have wanted, everything I have dreamt of since the first moment I laid eyes on Jack Snyder will be gone, and I will kick Craig's can all the way to hell myself before I let that happen.

Emily: Hal, it's me.  Can you come over right away?

Hal: What are you, psychic?  I was just on my way out the door.  Jennifer's gonna watch Parker, and I thought I'd get a head start on your information.

Emily: I'm totally freaked.  I heard some -- I heard something.  I think somebody's in the house.

Hal: I'm on my way.  Get Daniel.  Get out of the house.  I'll be right there.

Emily: No.  No, no, no.  Maybe -- maybe it's just my imagination.

Hal: Just do it, Emily, now. 

[Car approaching]

[Knock at door]   Hal: Emily!

Emily: Hal, hold on!  Oh, I'm so glad you're here!

Hal: Tell me what you heard.

Emily: I don't know.  Here, over here.  Look, this toy -- Daniel's toy -- it went off.  It's the kind of toy that only goes off when you touch it.  The only problem is, I didn't touch it.  Am I just being paranoid?

Hal: Did you hear anything else?

Emily: No.  I just -- I had this totally spooked feeling.

Hal: You didn't see anything?

Emily: No. [Hal tries to make a phone call and realizes the phone is dead]

Hal: Did you disconnect this?

Emily: No.  I didn't even know it was out.  I was using my cell -- using my cell phone. [Hal picks up the phone cord the mystery man left behind] Oh, God.  Maybe I'm not so paranoid after all.

Hal: You just take Daniel, go to my car, lock yourselves in.

Emily: No way.  I am not leaving your side.  I'm standing right here.

Hal: Don't argue with me, Emily.  Just go.  Whoever did this could still be in the house. 

Jennifer: Well, if you're looking for a home-cooked meal, you have definitely come to the wrong place.

Paul: Well, I'm glad I already ate.

Jennifer: So how's Mom, or am I not supposed to ask?

Paul: I just stopped by the hospital on my way over.  They gave her something to sleep.  Is Hal around?

Jennifer: No.  No, he ran out.  I'm not sure when he'll be back.

Paul: Then I'll just catch up with him later.

Jennifer: Whatever.  So how long are you going to let the Paris office run itself without your crucial input?

Paul: Well, actually, I've been thinking of making some changes.  I'm thinking of moving back here, running B.R.O. from Oakdale.

Jennifer: You're serious?

Paul: I never kid around about business.

Jennifer: So we'd actually live in the same state for once?

Paul: If you could stand it, yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, I guess I could put up with you if I really had to.

Paul: That's actually why I wanted to come over and talk to Hal.  Mom wants me to finalize the details, make sure that Hal owns the house outright.

Jennifer: Why?

Paul: She wants him to own it outright so she doesn't have to shuffle you two back and forth to another place.

Jennifer: But everything's different now.  Mom will be out of the hospital soon.  She'll divorce Craig.  She'll want to come home.  She'll have to take it easy, and there's no better place than here, where she feels totally comfortable.

Paul: Well, actually, I suggested to Mom that she and I get a place together.

Jennifer: Just the two of you?

Paul: Just for the time being, yeah.

Jennifer: But this is her home.

Paul: I'm not sure Mom sees it that way anymore, Jen.

Jennifer: Well, then how does she feel, Paul?  'Cause it's not like any of us know.  We've all been left in the dark.  So why don't you tell me what's going on, Paul, hmm?  Why does Mom want nothing to do with us anymore? 

Rose: Hey, Matt.  I got you one of those French Vanilla frosty coffee thingies that you like so much.

Matthew: Oh, thank you, Ms. Rose.

Rose: I downed one of them myself on the way over here.  Got to keep my peepers open, you know.  Mrs. Walsh is gonna be wanting to powwow some of those worldwide spreadsheets.

Matthew: Well, unfortunately, Ms. Walsh has been detained.

Rose: Well, what a shame.  Maybe I can go home and catch some reality TV.

Matthew: Oh, but Ms. Rose, there is someone waiting.

Rose: Who?  Carly Tenney?

Matthew: She wants to see Ms. Walsh.  She's been very, very obstinate.

She has refused to leave unless she sees the lady of the house.  I told her I'd, you know, give Ms. Walsh a message, but oh, no.  She just shook her little blonde bob and refused to budge.

Rose: I understand, I understand.  I'll handle Carly Tenney.

Matthew: Oh, thanks again, Ms. Rose.  Thank you.

Rose: Mm-hmm.  Mm-hmm.

Rose: Hey, what can I do you for?

Carly: Hi.  I'm here to see Lucinda.

Rose: She's away on business out of this house.

Carly: Well, that's okay.  I don't mind waiting.

Rose: Oh, see, the problem is, Ms. Walsh doesn't like people snooping around her house when she's not here.

Carly: Oh, she won't mind, really.  We've done a few favors for each other in the past.

Rose: No, no, no.  See, you're not gonna get the lay of the land around here, so I'm kind of the personal assistant, gal Friday, bodyguard all in one.

Carly: Well, I'll tell you the same thing I told Jeeves.  I'm not budging until I see the old girl myself.

Rose: See, you can't play hardball with Rose, so why don't you just tell me what you're after?

Carly: Oh, okay.  I'm looking for Lily.

Rose: Why?

Carly: I need some help with a personal matter.

Rose: Don't you think Lily has enough personal matters in her life right now?

Carly: Yes, I know, I know.  I don't want to bother her.  I went to the farm.

Emma's not talking.  I went to her house.  The caretaker told me she had left the country.

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Do you have any idea when she'll be back?

Rose: Nope.

Carly: No?  But if I could just speak with her on the phone --

Rose: She's not taking any phone calls.  Why don't you run your little emergency by me?

Carly: I can't do that.  That wouldn't help.

Rose: How do you know that?

Carly: Oh, because I told you, it's personal.  If I could just contact her, wherever she is --

Rose: You can't.  You can't do that.  I'm so sorry.  So you're gonna have to face it.  I'm as close as you're gonna get to Lily, so why don't you spill your guts right here on this oriental rug or take a hike, capisce? 

Paul: Come on, Jen.  You know how much she loves you and Will.

Jennifer: Oh, is that why she's freezing us out?

Paul: Look, I've talked to her about you guys.  She's just not sure she's ready.

Jennifer: I'm ready.  Will is definitely ready -- or don't we count?

Paul: Of course.

Jennifer: You know what?  You and Mom live wherever you want, okay?

I don't care anymore.

Paul: Oh.  Oh, yeah, I can see how above it all you really are.

Jennifer: The next time you two have your little heart-to-heart talks, make sure you mention to Mom that she's not the only one getting on with her life.  I might be getting a new place of my own.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  What?

Jennifer: You know, I'm really sick of pretending that we have a family left here, Paul.  I'm finally gonna do what I want to do, and I really don't care whether or not Mom likes it or not.

Carly: And so, if I left the hotel without the bracelet, then I know that I would have left the bracelet at the Lakeview.

Rose: And these cameras are on, like, all the time, 24/7?

Carly: Oh, I don't know.  I think so.  But I just need to look at the tape myself, and I'll know if the bracelet is there.

Rose: Uh-huh.  That's a good plan.  See, I would be devastated if I lost my mom's engagement ring.

Carly: Oh.  Oh, that is pretty.

Rose: Yeah, it's tiny, but my mom -- my mom thought it was the Hope diamond.

Carly: Oh, that's nice.  Well, then you know exactly how I feel.

Rose: I do.  I do.

Carly: A gift that's given with love is priceless.

Rose: I feel your pain.  I do.  I really understand, but you know, the problem is, I don't know how long Lily's gonna be out of town, and I got like zero clout at the Lakeview, so you're out of luck.

Carly: Right.  Well, that's okay.  So my mom's bracelet will be lost forever, you know.  I'll live.

Rose: Maybe not.  You know what I can do?  I can call the manager at the Lakeview.  I can ask him to do me a favor.

Carly: You would do that?

Rose: Yeah, but you need to give me some information.  I mean, tell me, when was the last time you were there at the Lakeview?

Carly: It was the day of Craig and Barbara's wedding.

Rose: Whoa.  Well, well, the bride wasn't the only one rollin' snake-eyes that night, huh?  That's a shame.  I'll call him.  I'll see if he'll help me out.

Carly: Rose, I don't know what to say.

Rose: Sit tight.  I'll see if the manager guy will do me a favor, okay?

Rose: Hello.  Sorry.  Yes, this is Rose D'Angelo, Lily Snyder's sister.

Yeah.  Could you tell me who the manager is on-duty tonight?  Kevin?  Great.

Could you tell Kevin that I need to come over right away and talk to him, but I won't take up much of his time, and could he have a decaffeinated cappuccino waiting for me?  If he does, I'll put in a good word with the boss.  Great.  Yes, thank you so much.  Ciao.

Carly: Great!  You are an angel!  Let's go.

Rose: No, we're not going anywhere.  I mean, I -- I will go.  I will go, and I'll see if he's got the pictures, and I'll let you know if anybody's wearing the bracelet, okay?

Carly: Well, that's sweet of you, Rose, and very, very thoughtful, but I was wearing two bracelets that night, and how would you know which was which?

Rose: Well, I'm very smart.  Could you tell, like, what it looked like?  Is it gold?  Is it, like -- I mean, what does it look like, fringe or bangle or -- ?

Carly: It's very, very difficult to describe, actually.  You know what I hate?

I hate the thought that somebody else might have picked it up and walked away with it.

Rose: I never thought of that.  How would I know if some other broad's wearing your gold?

Carly: Right.  That's why I should see the tape myself.

Rose: Four eyes are better than two.

Carly: Right.

Rose: I will call Kevin back.  I will tell him that it's all clear for you to take a look at the videotape yourself.

Carly: Oh, that's great.  Thank you so much.  I can't thank you enough for this, really.  I'm gonna leave you my cell phone number.

Rose: I haven't done anything yet.

Carly: Okay.  And after you talk to the manager, give me a call, and I'll be able to come right over.

Rose: Yeah.

Carly: Okay?

Rose: You do that.  Now, you keep the cell phone on, and I will call you right away if I hear anything.

Carly: Rose, great.

Rose: Okay.

Carly: Thank you.

Rose: It was great to talk to you.

Carly: Okay.

Rose: Paul Ryan's room, please.  I want to leave him a message.  Please, sharpen your pencil.  He's gonna want to get this one. 

Hal: Whoever it was took off.  The back door was wide open.

Emily: Okay, now I'm totally spooked.

Hal: Just be glad that Susan and Alison were on vacation.

Emily: Yeah, tell me about it.  My mother already thinks "The Intruder" should be sold wrapped in brown paper behind a counter with an 18-year-old age limit.  If she found out some nutcase was after me because of a story, she'd have a total meltdown.

Hal: I can't say I'd blame her.

Emily: Oh, thanks.  Editing a tabloid in her book is one notch above grave digger.

Hal: Emily, this is probably the same guy that broke into your car.

Emily: Yeah.  Moving up in the world, huh?

Hal: What do you think he was planning on doing with that phone cord?

Emily: Yeah.  Yeah, I see your point, but what kind of assassin comes unprepared, huh?

Hal: The kind who doesn't care how he gets the job done.  I'm calling Margo.  I'm gonna put somebody on you.

Emily: No, you are not.  No, you are not.

Hal: Emily, you need police protection.

Emily: My mother is not gonna find out about this tonight.  Put that phone away!  No cops, no guards, Hal.  No way! 

Hal: It's not open for discussion.

Emily: Exactly.  It's my life.

Hal: And your son's.

Emily: Fine.  Daniel can stay with Tom.

Hal: What if this is the same guy who tried to kill Barbara?

Emily: I'm counting on it.

Hal: He won't stop!

Emily: I hope not.

Hal: Did you hit your head or something?

Emily: I am perfectly rational.

Hal: Emily, we need forensics in here to search the place and look for prints.

Emily: Okay, so don't you have one of those do-it-yourself kits at home?

Come on.  We can do this ourselves.

Hal: It is not the same.

Emily: We just need one measly fingerprint.

Hal: Which means absolutely nothing if this guy doesn't have a record.

Besides, the police lab can do the work a lot faster.

Emily: Yeah, right.  And we're gonna scare off this jerk, whoever he is, in the meantime.

Hal: Which is the point!

Emily: Not for me.

Hal: Can I borrow some of that ice water runnin' through your veins?

Emily: I have worked on this story too damn long.  If I can prove Craig Montgomery innocent, my paper will fly off the shelves.

Hal: And I would like you alive to witness that glorious event.

Emily: You don't get it, Hal!  This is real news.  This is the real thing!  I mean, the kind of news that wins awards and wins the respect and attention of your peers.

Hal: At what cost?

Emily: At all costs.  I'm sick and tired of being a joke.

Hal: You're not a joke.

Emily: I used to be a real journalist.  You know, I reported news that mattered, not who's kissing what in the no-tell motel.  And I miss that.  I miss making a difference.  And don't get me wrong -- because if sleaze is all I have to trade, well, then I will trade it better than anybody out there.  But, boy, would it be nice to finally break a story that didn't make people groan when they heard the name Emily Stewart!

Hal: It's too risky.

Emily: One day, Hal!  One day.  Please, that's all I'm asking.  Just one day to go through all of our names.  And I promise, if we come up empty-handed, then we go to the cops.

Hal: One day?

Emily: Then we do it your way, I promise.

Hal: Okay.  One day, but I have one condition.

Emily: Sorry, negotiations are closed.

Hal: Well, I just reopened them.  One day if you and Daniel stay at my place tonight.  Because this guy could come back here.

Emily: Oh, come on.  I don't need a babysitter.  We certainly don't need a bodyguard.

Hal: Okay, fine. Detective Margo Hughes, please.

Emily: Oh, no!  No. [Emily sighs]  Fine.  Fine!  I will go pack my bags.

Hal: Never mind.  I'll speak to Detective Hughes later.  Thank you. [Hal hands up] See?  I'm not that hard to negotiate with.

Emily: Yeah.  No harder than your average pit bull.  Hey, do me a favor?

Hal: Mm-hmm?

Emily: Will you take him for a minute?  Do you mind?

Hal: Sure.

Emily: Come here, buddy.  There you go.  Be right back.  I'll be quick.

Hal: Okay.  Can I clue you in on a little secret?  Never even try to figure them out.  Never even try. 

Carly: Where's Parker?

Molly: He's with Jennifer.  He was sleeping when I got there, so she said she'd watch him for a little bit longer.  How'd you make out?

Carly: Well -- [smacking] -- I think all my problems may be solved.

Molly: Did you track down Lily?

Carly: No, but I found the next best thing.  Rose was at Lucinda's, and she said she would find out if there was any tape from that security camera from Craig and Barbara's wedding.  She's gonna call me.  We're gonna go over the tape together.  [Carly giggles]

Molly: Wow!  So you did it.  You actually pulled it off.

Carly: Well, almost.  She said she was gonna call, so come on!  Ring!

[Smacking] Once I erase that tape, Jack will never have to know that my lips were anywhere close to Craig's. 

Rose: You are gonna be so glad -- so glad that you got my message.

Paul: I understand that's your favorite.

Rose: Oh, yes, it is.  But I got something better -- better than a decaf cappy for you, handsome.  [Rose chuckles] I am so glad you're sittin' down because you're gonna fall over.  You gotta look at this.  Feast your beautiful eyes on these.

[Rose shows Paul still photos of Craig kissing Carly]

Paul: Where did you --

Rose: It -- it all started about some phony story about some lost bracelet.

Look, if Carly lost a bracelet, it's down Craig's throat.

Paul: What -- I --

Rose: No, no, no, never mind.  Look -- what do you think?  What do you think?

Paul: I think this is exactly what the district attorney needs to put Craig and Carly away for a very long time. 

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