As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/30/01


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Craig: Hey, everyone's still here.  And I thought this party was over.

Jack: Well, if you'd like, you can go right back down to your cell.

Craig: I'd hate to miss another round of "pin the crime on Craig Montgomery."

Jack: Well, I've got a new game for you, Craig.  It's called truth or dare.

We just got new information that flatly contradicts your earlier statement.

And I want to dare you to tell the truth this time.

Craig: Remedial interrogation, interesting.

Margo: Craig!

Craig: What's your question, Jack?

Jack: Where were you when your wife Barbara was being attacked in her hospital room?

Craig: Margo and I already danced this dance, Jack.  From the time I left Barbara to the time I found sierra in my suite, I believe I was alone.

Carly: Craig, I just told Jack you were with me.

Craig: Jack, I hate to break it to you, but she's lying. 

Hal: Emily?

Emily: Hal?  Listen, Jennifer took Will to his Little League game.

Hal: Are those are the book slips from the hospital?  Have you had a chance to start them?

Emily: No.  I need to talk to you about something.

Hal: Em, if this is more questions about Barbara, I can't deal with it right now.

Emily: No, no, Hal.  Something happened on my way home from the hospital.  But since you brought up Barbara, how'd it go?  Look, Hal, I'm not nagging you.  Really.  I just wanna know, you know, if things were any better when you went back to see her.  What'd she say?

Hal: Nothing.

Emily: Oh, Hal -- was it really that hard to say you love her?

Hal: What makes you think I didn't say exactly that?

Emily: And she said nothing?  Well, you know what, I'm sorry.  I know she's going through a really hard time, but that's just down right cold.

Hal: She was asleep.

Emily: Oh.  Well, maybe she didn't hear you.  I mean, did you say it loud enough --

Hal: Look, if this is supposed to make me feel better, it's not.

Emily: No.  All I'm saying is that she didn't respond today --

Hal: Barbara told me she doesn't want to see me anymore.  She made that very clear.  And words do not have the power to fix what -- what's between us now -- as much as I wished they did.  Look, do you think you can start on these -- these leads without me?

Emily: No, no, Hal.  This can't wait.

Hal: What is with you?

Emily: Nothing.

Hal: You're sitting here in my kitchen.  You're cell phone's not ringing.

You're not correcting any copy.  As far as I remember, you're still the Editor- in-Chief of "The Intruder." Has something changed?

Emily: Okay.  Somebody broke into my car at the hospital.

Hal: Did they take anything?

Emily: No.  No.  The glove compartment was smashed in, there were papers everywhere.

Hal: Did this happen while you were checking those book slips at the hospital?  Maybe our military history buff has realized that you're on to him.

Emily: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Hal: Craig isn't our man.  He couldn't have -- he couldn't have broken into your car while he's in police custody.

Emily: Okay, you know what, let's think for a minute.  Maybe this is just a coincidence, Hal.  Maybe -- there was just an amateur car thief looking for fast cash.

Hal: Or maybe this is the guy that went after Barbara.  That settles it.

Emily: That settles what?

Hal: From now on, you're off this case. 

Katie: That feels great.  No, wait.  Back to the left.  Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Oh, yes.  Yes.  Yes!

[Heavy breathing]

Simon: Got it.  Whoo!  Oh, boy.

Katie: Simon, that was -- that was incredible.  Next time, I'm wearing two crosses.

Simon: Really?  Well, one is all we need.  If we just it to pick the lock on these cuffs --

Katie: Oh, you make me feel like a -- a hot cinnamon roll, dripping with icing.  Oh, no, no, wait.  Chocolate pudding.

Simon: Oh, will you stop reading the dessert menu?  I need a little help here.

Katie: Why didn't you say so?  What do you need, my hubby dearest?

Simon: Well, for one thing, I need you to keep your voice down just a little bit, okay?

Katie: Why?  You think those horrible guys are still out there, probably waiting for us to starve to death?  I hope that Dante guy doesn't come back.

He is so scary.

Simon: I don't like him much either, which is why I want to get out of here before he returns.  Now scoot behind me, get the cross, and pick the lock on these cuffs.

Katie: Okay, but before I do, I just want to tell you that I really, really love what we just did.

Simon: Come on.

Katie: It was teamwork.

Simon: Yes.  Yes, it was teamwork.  It was great teamwork, but here's some more teamwork for you -- help me get out of these cuffs.

Katie: Okay.  When I do get them off you, I think we should take a pair home -- I mean, take one with us so we can get the bad guys.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  All right, now sit still. 

Lily: I never even knew that Damian had a brother.  I was married to the man for years.  He never mentioned him.

Signora Cordina: Well, perhaps at the time, he did not know that Dante even existed.  As I said, he was the bastard son of his father.  He was a shame to the family.  I mean, it is said that when Dante was a little boy, he watched Damian from afar.  He was envious of his brother, his money and his good looks and how easy it was for people to love him.  So when Damian disappeared after the plane crashed, Dante, he took control of the family empire.

Lily: This is Damian's flesh and blood.  Why would he do anything to hurt Luciano?

Signora Cordina: No, you have to understand.  Your son, he threatens the balance of power inside the Grimaldi family.  Dante, he cannot afford to allow your Luciano to live. 

Luke: Daddy --

Holden: Shh, shh, shh, shh.


Holden: Just stay back.  Hold it right there. 

Lily: I don't care who Dante is or what he wants!  The Grimaldi empire is nothing compared to the welfare of my son.  Now, you get Damian on the phone, and you tell him that I want to see him now!

Signora Cordina: I will try.  I will try, but it won't be easy.  Damian, well, he is in hiding, too, and I cannot easily reach him.  It may take much time.

Lily: I don't have time!  Listen to me right now!  You get in touch with Damian, or I call the American Embassy, the press, the Prime Minister of Malta, but I will get my husband and my son back.  Now go and call him now! [Signora Cordina leaves and locks the door behind her] No, don't!

Signora Cordina, please!  Oh, please let me out!  Please, don't leave!  Please, don't leave!  Help me find my husband and my son!  Please, don't go! 

Holden: Who are you?

Domenico: I'm Friar Domenico, sir.  I come in peace to do God's will.

Please don't shoot.

Holden: Forgive me.  I couldn't see who you were in that light.  My name is Holden Snyder, and this is my son, Luke.  We're American, but we were kidnapped and held hostage here in Malta, and there are men who are after us -- ruthless men.  They held us as prisoners for weeks.  My son is very frightened.  He's hungry.  We need a safe place to stay.  Can you help us?

Domenico: I know exactly who you are. 

Simon: Okay, okay.  Just -- just slip the long end in.  Turn it -- until you feel a slight release.

Katie: Ah, I think I feel it.

Simon: Katie --

[Katie laughs]

Katie: What?  Do you mind telling me how you know how to get out of handcuffs?

Simon: No, just an old Swedish girlfriend of mine.  She was kind of a kinky -- I'm just joking, all right?  It was a magician friend of mine.  Come to think of it, he was pretty kinky, as well.  Can we just get the cross, put it in and get back to work?  Will you stop using my back as a scratching post?  Or we'll never get out of here?

Katie: Men are so goal-oriented.

[Katie sighs]

Simon: Are you getting anywhere?

Katie: Yeah, wait.  Oh, wait, it's turning.

Simon: That's it, that's it.

Katie: Oh, it's unlocked!

Simon: That's it!  Oh!  Katie, you are brilliant.

Katie: Oh, my gosh, I am.

Simon: Come here, come here, come here.

Katie: Ooh.  Come here, come here, come here.

Simon: No, no, no.  Listen, listen, listen.  We'd better keep the cuffs half- on in case the guards come on in here.

Katie: Good idea.

Simon: All right.  Let me do you.

Katie: I thought you'd never ask.

Simon: Get your mind out of the -- turn around.  Okay.  Wait, on second thoughts --

Katie: What?  Why are you stopping?

Simon: I was just thinking.  You'd be a hell of a lot easier to handle if I kept these babies on. 

Emily: You think I'm gonna back off now, when we're this close to smoking out our murderer?  You can forget it, Hal Munson!

Hal: Oh, that's what this is about, getting a story.  Well, just remember --

you can't file it from your grave.  The guy that broke into your car could be the same person that tried to blow Barbara to bits.  What do you think he's gonna do to you?

Emily: Oh, please.  I can take care of myself, thank you.

Hal: Oh, that's fine for you.  But what about Daniel?  What is he gonna do without a mother?

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Okay.  I'll be more careful.  You will always know where I am.  I'll know where you are.  Will you listen to me, please?  There are so many people here!  This is -- this is every single person who has ever asked for a library book within the last three months.  There is no way you're gonna have time to follow up on these people by yourself.

Hal: I can, and I will.

Emily: Oh, fine.  Fine.  But while you are slowly making your way through that entire pile, just know that our guy's gonna have that much more time to take another crack at Barbara.


Hal: Get back there.

Emily: Hal!

Hal: Just hide until I know who it is.  Yeah?

Process server: Harold Munson?

Hal: That's close enough.  Nobody except my father's called me that since I was in the fifth grade.  What do you want?

Process server: You've been served, Mr. Munson.

[The Process Server leaves]

Hal: It's from the D.A.

Emily: Yeah.  Guess they want you to testify in their case against Craig.

Hal: How am I gonna stand up in that court and make it look like Craig Montgomery is a killer when I'm thinking every minute it's gotta be somebody else?  The defense is gonna rip me apart.

Emily: Well, you got bigger problems than that, Hal.  If you get up on that stand and you tell them everything we know, you'll be calling the woman you love a liar. 

Jack: Well, one of you is telling the truth.  My bet's on Carly.

Craig: Have you checked today's odds?

Carly: I'm trying to save your neck, Craig.

Margo: Carly's handed you something here, Craig, that you ought to lay down and die for -- an alibi.  Use it.  The D.A.'s already fingered you as co- conspirators in it, Barbara Ryan's attempted murder.  So if you think you're protecting Carly by denying that you were together, you're not.  You're making it worse.

Craig: All right.  When Barbara was attacked, Carly and I were talking in my car.

Jack: Which was where?

Craig: In the hospital parking lot.

Margo: Okay, that jives with Carly's story.

Craig: Carly asked me not to contact her.  That's why I -- I was trying to do what she wanted -- at least, what she said she wanted.

Margo: I'm gonna call the D.A.'s office.

Craig: Why'd you try to incriminate yourself?

Carly: Because once I thought about it, I saw that I had nothing to hide.

Jack: A better question is why would you be covering for something so innocent?  It landed you back in jail.  It could have clinched the prosecution's case.

Craig: Jack, maybe I should tell you what Carly said while we were sitting in my car talking.  She said you always make her feel guilty.

Carly: What?!

Craig: She always thinks whenever she steps over the line, you're gonna leave her.  Jack, I feel sorry for her.

Carly: No, no, he -- you're completely twisting my words!  You know that.

Craig: No, I wanna get this -- this Jack garbage out in the open about your not ever being good enough, how you never live up to his standards.  Who do you have to answer to?  Huh?  Any guy you would want to be with would accept you as you are.  Just exactly as you are.  Jack, you're the reason she's always sneaking around, hiding in the back of my car, trying to talk to --

Carly: Hey!  That's enough! 

Margo: Okay, what the hell is going on here?

Craig: I was just giving Jack an explanation.

Margo: Can we just wrap this up?  Carly, go.

Jack: I'll walk Carly to her car.

Carly: No, Jack.  I'll walk myself.

Jack: Carly --

Margo: Jack!  I need you here.  I need you to hear this.  I just got off the phone with the D.A.  They have agreed to drop the additional charges against Craig.  You are free to go.

Craig: Free at last!

Margo: I don't think I have to remind you not to leave Oakdale, not to violate your bail term in any way.  You've just about reached the end of your nine lives.

Craig: Yes, Margo.

Margo: Yes.  And may I just remind, you, too, if you're going to unleash any more testosterone, you can take it outside?

Craig: Jack, I didn't realize you and Carly had such truth issues.

Jack: You wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you across the face.

[Craig laughs] The problem is with you.

Craig: And why is that?

Jack: It's bad enough you're chasing a woman who wants nothing to do with you.  But now you're calling yourself the protector?  She needs protection from you, Craig.

Craig: Okay, Jack.  Whatever.

Jack: You represented a business opportunity to her!  Nothing more.  And now that that opportunity has vanished, provided there was ever one there to begin with, you're doing everything you can to stay within her orbit.

Craig: Well, Jack, I do believe Carly deserves more.  More than a list of your rules.  More than a little garden apartment duplex and dinner out every now and then at Mabel's.  Kind of a slim package, don't you think, Jack?

Jack: And still, the woman loves me.  Ain't that a kick in the head?  She loves me, and that's what's got you so bent out of shape that you can't stand it.

Craig: Why does she keep knocking at my door, Jack?  She likes to use her head a little.  A little intrigue, a little suspense.  You're like tic-tac-toe.  I'm more like --

Jack: You're a shell game, and you keep on coming up empty every single time.  Don't feel sorry for Carly, Craig.  She feels sorry for you.  See, what Carly and I have, it's real.  And real is something that you can't offer anyone.

Which is why, I guess, at the end of the day, she keeps coming home to my bed -- and to my heart.  And she always will. 

Emily: All right.  Keep in touch. [hangs up] That was my stringer down at the police station.  There's been a new development in Barbara's case.  Apparently, Craig has an alibi for the second attack.  He was with Carly Tenney.

Hal: Carly?

Emily: Lest we had any lingering doubts.  Oh, man.  That means whoever attacked Barbara is still out there.  And his name is probably right here in this stack of cards.

Hal: Or Craig hired someone to go after Barbara a second time.

Emily: You really think he's the murder-for-hire type?

Hal: I don't know.  All I know is that he separated Barbara from everybody that she ever loved, filled her head full of these bogus romantic notions and stole her money.

Emily: Yeah, well, he's a mercenary.  I'll give you that.  But a killer?

Hal: My family had everything before this Craig Montgomery showed up.

And now what do we got?  A busted marriage, two kids who are practically raising themselves.  Barbara has suffered the ultimate humiliation.  The business that she spent her life building is now in shambles.  And all of this has happened just before the injury in that explosion.  Do I think Craig Montgomery is coldhearted?  Yes.  Do I think he could have attempted to murder Barbara?  It's possible.  Would I be upset if he went to jail for a crime he didn't commit?  Probably not.

Emily: You know what?  You don't mean that, Hal.  You know what I think?  I think you're scared.  I think you're afraid that, when you get up on that stand, you're gonna look like a fool. 

Katie: You'd better be kidding about not getting me out of these cuffs, Simon.  Don't even think about it, or I am through with you.

Simon: Oh, no!  No, you're not gonna leave me?

Katie: Leave you?  Are you kidding?  I'll kill you!

Simon: Okay, all right.  Fine, fine.  I'm sure you could level me and every single one of those guards without even raising a fist, so I'll spare us all the pain.

Katie: That's right.

Simon: So just keep still.  Wait a sec.  Doesn't seem to be working on yours.

Katie: Simon!

Simon: All right!  Okay, okay.  A little to the left.  There.

Katie: Oh!  That feels so much better!  I think I'll give you a big hug.

Simon: Whoa.  Whoa, Katie.

Katie: Wanna know something?

Simon: Probably not.

Katie: When we got locked up in here, I was really scared.  But then I realized that -- I knew you'd get me out of here.  And you know what?  You're doing it. 

[Lily sobbing]

Lily: Please, Signora Cordina!  Please open the door!  Please don't leave me here!  Please just help me!  Help me, please!  Help me find my husband and my son!  Come on!

[Lily shrieks]

[Lily sobs]

Lily: Oh, God!  Oh!  I was so close!  I was so close to you at that opera house!  And I just -- I felt you there.  Did you feel me?  I've lost everybody that could help me.  I've lost Simon and Katie and -- and Damian.  I feel so lost!  I'm so -- I'm so lost!

[Lily sobs]

Holden: How do you know who we are?

Domenico: I've heard rumors about the two of you.  You -- you are pawns in a dangerous game, no?

Holden: Yes.  And we need to get out of Malta as soon as possible.  So I you could contact the American Embassy, maybe find someone that I can talk to.  Maybe even get them to come here.

Domenico: I must speak with Father Valletto.  He heads this parish.  But of course I will do whatever I can.

Holden: Thank you.  Thank you so very much. [To Luke] Say hello to Father Domenico.

Luke: Hello.

Domenico: Such a handsome boy.  You must be hungry.  I will bring you both some food after I've consulted the priest.  You must be patient.  This might take a little time.

Holden: Please, hurry.  Time isn't something that we have.

Domenico: First, give me the gun.

Holden: No.  I can't do that.

Domenico: Then I can do nothing for you.

[Church bell clanging]

Lily: It's so hard to have faith.  I just wanna be like those people in that church, just putting their trust in a higher power.  Just knowing in their heart that their prayers will be answered.  I'll do that.  I will do that.  I will pray for strength for you, Holden, and for my baby, Luke.  I'll pray for strength to keep going.

[Scuffling sounds]

[Lily inhaling sharply]

[Lily hears someone approach to the door and unlock the door, but doesn’t come in]

Lily: I have a gun!


[Lily cautiously opens the door]

Lily: Where -- where are you going?  Come back!  Don't -- don't you leave me now!  Look, if this is a trick, I will -- I will shoot you.  Please.  Signora?!

Signora?!  Signora?  Anybody?  What?  Oh, Damian, what have you done with my son?!

[Lily finds a passport on the floor, she picks it up and sees Luke’s picture in it]

Holden: I'm sorry, but I need this gun to protect my son.

Friar Domenico: This is the house of God, sir.  You must trust in him, or cast your fate with someone else.

Luke: Remember when you were mad at papa for having a gun?  And you said only weak people needed weapons.

Holden: You're right, I did. [Holden places the gun into the Friar’s hands] Please, don't betray us. 

Simon: Back off.  I cannot trust you for a minute, can I?

Katie: That was a real kiss.  Something we both wanted.  You can admit that, can't you?

Simon: Look, when someone holds you captive and threatens to kill you, I got to tell you, it does wonders for the old libido.  Don't take those off.  It'll take too long to tie up if the guards come in.  Leave them there.

[Church bells ring]

Katie: I really should start going back to church.

Simon: Wait.  Wait, wait.  I wonder if Holden and Luke heard those church bells when they were in here?

Katie: Probably.

Simon: Okay.  Listen, listen.  If you escaped and you needed a safe place to go in a foreign country, where would you go?

Katie: I don't know.

Simon: Well, you'd probably go to the one place where the people are bound by oath to help anyone in need.

Katie: Oh, Simon, if you're right, Holden and Luke are in the safest possible place. 

Emily: So why are you so upset about this subpoena?  You having second thoughts about whether Craig planted that bomb?  I don't think so.  You know how to finesse a situation like that.  Right?  No, what you're dreading is having to get up on that stand.  Because once you do, it's personal.

Hal: What is that supposed to mean?

Emily: How do you think it's going to feel when the D.A. gets you to air all your dirty laundry in that courtroom?

Hal: What dirty laundry?  I don't -- I don't have anything to hide.

Emily: Yeah, but your wife does.  Your ex-wife.  She went behind your back for months, Hal, trying to pass off her affair with Craig as a friendship when everybody in this entire town but you knew exactly what was going on.

And to make matters worse, she dissolved a marriage of years where there were children involved in about the same amount of time it takes to get your nails done.

Hal: All right, em, that's enough, stop.

Emily: Well, you know what?  You can stop me, Hal, but you can't stop the D.A.  I'm sorry, but I know you.  What you are dreading is having to get up on that stand and tell the judge, the jury and the press that you lost your wife to another man. 

Emily: I called it, didn't I?  I mean, you can't bear the thought of everyone knowing your private business.

Hal: Yeah, you nailed it, em.  When are you gonna hang out your shingle?

Emily: Want to hear what else I think?

Hal: What?  You think my ears are too small?  You don't like the clothes I'm wearing?

Emily: No, actually, I was thinking they were a little --

Hal: Go ahead, hit me with your best shot.

Emily: All I'm trying to say is that I don't think you should worry about what it looks when you're on that stand.

Hal: "Don't worry." Oh, yeah, that's right up there with "Don't panic," "Act natural." I'll remember that when the ship is going down.

Emily: Come on.  What I'm trying to say here is -- all those people in that courtroom, who do you think they're going to be rooting for?  Huh?  Barbara?

I mean, the way she is now, broken and bitter?  Or Craig, the original ice king?  I don't think so.  They're going to be rooting for you.  They're going to be saying to themselves, "You know what, that Hal Munson never would have let that happen to Barbara.  How could that woman have ever left him?" Hal: Thanks you for that, Em.

Emily: Ah, don't mention it.

Hal: How did my life get to be such a mess?

Emily: I don't know.  And I think there's only one way from keeping it from getting any messier.  Let me help you solve this case before it goes to court. 

Margo: Sign right here.

Craig: Once again, it's been reality-based, Sis, but I think I'd better leave before somebody decides to arrest me again.  I will see you.

Margo: Craig, you know what just happened here, don't you?

Craig: Justice was served?

Margo: Ah, it's a whole new ball game.  Your alibi blows a hole in the D.A.'s case.  There's no way that you could have been Barbara's second attacker.  Which means --

Craig: Maybe I wasn't her first attacker.  Thanks for sticking by me, Sis.

Margo: Craig, I have a question for you, and I think I deserve and honest answer.  Why did you do it?  Why did you risk another jail sentence to protect Carly Tenney?

Craig: Well, maybe because she loaned me a lot of money when my neck was on the line.

Margo: That's why you protected her?  Gratitude?

Craig: Oh, you could say that.  I'm grateful for those -- those eyes, those lips.

Margo: Okay, that's what I thought.  That's enough.  That's enough.  Just --

just -- that woman is such trouble, Craig.

Craig: Oh, you'd better believe it.  She is everything everybody says she is -- conniving, pushy, self-interested.

Margo: And that appeals to you because?

Craig: I like it. 

P.A.: Ah, we apologize for the technical problems.  Unfortunately, we can't continue with our film, so please show your ticket stubs at the box office for a full refund.  We regret the inconvenience, and we hope you'll come back soon.

Jack: I should have known you'd pick a tearjerker.

Carly: Jack?

Jack: Are you okay?  Why'd you take off like that?  Did Craig really upset you?

Carly: I thought what he said was unfair and hurtful.

Jack: One advantage of being your G-man is that one kiss from your lips, and suddenly, I'm bullet proof.

Carly: I don't know, Jack.  I have this feeling that the bullets are going to start coming fast and furious from here on in.  And pretty soon, all the kisses in the world won't protect us.

Carly: With Craig's case going to trial and me having to testify, the prosecution is going to make me look -- you told me yourself how they're going to make me look, Jack.  Nobody's going to be believe that I stayed in a room in Craig's suite and didn't sleep with him.  I wouldn't believe it myself.

Even Barbara's going to get her licks in.

Jack: Haven't you always told me that you didn't care what people said about you?

Carly: I'm not worried about me.  I'm worried about you sitting there, having to listen to it all.

Jack: Ah, who'll be listening?  Huh?  I'll be too busy thinking how I'm the luckiest man on earth that you're in my life.

Carly: Oh, why can't I just have a normal life, Jack?  Normal problems?

Jack: Well, that's not in the cards for you.

Carly: Do you know what I would like?  I would like us to have a date.

Some Saturday night, go to the movies, hold hands.  I feel like we're missing out on all the good stuff.

Jack: No.  No.  We've had plenty of good stuff.  You're just not like anybody else, Carly, face it.  That's why I'm crazy about you.  Hell, who wouldn't be?  And I have a feeling that Craig is one of many who are going to try to steal you away from me.

Carly: He never could, you know?

Jack: I know.  I believe that now.  And I'm strong enough to handle whatever comes our way, 'cause I plan on spending the rest of my life with you.  Hey, it's not Saturday night, but we could still have that date, right?

What'd I miss?

Carly: No, you don't want me to give it away.  You might come back and see it.

Jack: That wouldn't be half as much fun as hearing it from you.

Carly: Okay.  Fade in on a small house, deep in the Midwest.  It's nighttime, but inside the house the lights are glowing.  And a close up on a couple in the upstairs window, he's a cop, and she's -- she's head over heels in love. 

Margo: I knew it.  I knew it.  I knew it.  From the minute you wouldn't ask Carly Tenney for that money when Lucy and Sierra were being threatened by the syndicate, I knew you had a thing for her even back then.  You denied it.

Craig: Why play my hand so soon?  Carly's a prize.  And who better deserves that than me?

Margo: Craig, she is the love of Jack Snyder's life.

Craig: Oh, please.  Please.  Carly and I are -- we are somehow fated.  You know?

[Margo scoffs]

Craig: No, I'm serious.  When she was in Hong Kong, when she was in trouble, who showed up out of nowhere just to bail her out?  It wasn't Jack.

And when she came back to Oakdale and everybody shunned her, did Jack step up?  Uh-huh.  And tonight, when I needed a rescue, Carly was right there with the 9-1-1.

Margo: Oh, yeah, Craig, she's a regular saint.  Would your use your head, please?  Stay away from that woman, at least for now.  I mean, besides the fact that the lead detective on your case is her boyfriend, getting mixed up with Carly right now will have legal repercussions.  The D.A. is already accused you of colluding with Carly against Barbara.  So please, Craig, do not give the D.A. any more ammunition.  Please?

Craig: I can be patient, Margo.  But mark my words, I am going to win more than my freedom.  Carly already knows Jack will never be enough.  She might as well kiss him good-bye right now, 'cause she's mine. 

Hal: You scare the heck out of me when you're being nice to me.

Emily: I'm not being nice, I'm just being sensible.  I'm a sensible gal.

Come on, Hal, everyone gets the shaft in love every now and then.  It's part of the grand plan.  Keeps us humble, you know?

Hal: Well, I'm miles past humble.  I'm ready to give up my worldly goods, find a cave and fly right in.

Emily: Please don't do that.  Just -- you know what, promise yourself next time out, you'll be smarter.

Hal: There won't be a next time.  My heart is under 24-hour arrest.

Emily: Really?  Good.  Because, you know what, you'll have that much more time on your hands.  So why don't we split these up and see if we can't find our psychopath bomber.  What do you say?

Hal: Sure.

Emily: All right.  Guess I'll see you around.

Hal: Em, you sure you don't want me to follow you home in my car?

Emily: No, no.  I live just a couple blocks away.  I promise I'll run right from my car to the house.  I'll be fine.

Hal: You better be. 

Simon: I'm sure that Holden and Luke would have heard those church bells if they were in here.

Katie: And churches are neutral territory, everyone knows that.

Simon: Exactly.

Katie: Oh, I want to think that.  I want to think that Holden and Luke got through that hole and went straight for that church.

Simon: Quick, get back to back, quick.

Guard #1: Too much noise in here.  Shut up or you'll stay that way and you will not live to see tomorrow.

Katie: Well, it's pretty dark in here.  Sounds like the guard's walking away, doesn't it?

Simon: Yes.  Yes, it does.  Which means, this is our chance to get to work on that wall.  Are you going to give me a hand, or you going to just sit there looking perky?

Katie: I told you never, ever to call me that.

Simon: Okay, fine.  Then get up and make yourself useful. 

Luke: Do you really think Friar Domenico will really help us?

Holden: He's a man of God, and he promised.

Luke: It would be a really big sin if he didn't keep that promise, right?

Holden: Right.  A very big sin.

Luke: What about Mommy?  Do you think Friar Domenico will help us find her?

Holden: That's what I'm hoping.  But do you know what?  Since we're in a church, it might not hurt to say a little prayer. 

Lily: Oh, my Luke, Mommy loves you so much.  I just wish you could feel my arms around you, protecting you.  And I swear I will go to the ends of the earth to find you, I promise.  And I miss you.

Lily: "Lily, meet me in the Grimaldi opera box at Argotti Gardens tomorrow night at dusk.  Be careful.  There is great danger.  Damian."

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