As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/27/01


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Carly: You're gonna lock Craig up just like that, just on Barbara's say-so?

Jack: Don't make it any harder than it is.

Carly: Craig's her brother, Jack.

Margo: I'm the acting chief.  I have no choice.

Jack: So we book him.  He can't account for his time.  Barbara's sure it was him.

Carly: Oh, come on.  Somebody put a pillow over her face?  Who, the tooth fairy?  Five'll get you ten she's making the whole thing up, Jack.

Jack: Why are you defending him?

Carly: I'm defending myself.  She's accusing me, too, remember?  And why everybody believes this woman --

Jack: We believe her because Craig doesn't have an alibi.  If someone can put him somewhere else when Barbara was attacked, that'd be different.

Margo: Jack, get Jess on the phone with the D.A.'s office.  Tell her we booked Craig, put her through the q and a, ask her how she wants us to proceed.

Jack: You got it.  You mind if we catch a later show?

Carly: Oh, yes.  That's fine.

Margo: Why don't you use the phone up in my office.  The file's up on my desk.

Margo: Jessica is gonna book him.  Strengthens the first charge, makes it look as if he went after Barbara to keep her from testifying.  Now, with two counts of attempted murder against him, Jessica could go for 20 years.  Hell, she could double that if she wanted to.  You know, my brother's a real complicated guy.  Just when you think you've got him pegged, he surprises you.

Carly: Yes, well, he is complicated.

Margo: Yeah.  He'd be the first to say it was part of his charm.

Carly: He can be charming when it suits him.

Margo: And sensitive.  I mean, sure, he's selfish and ambitious and ruthless, but here he is, about to go to jail to protect someone he cares about.

She must be someone very special. 

Emily: Bingo.  Oh! 

[Monitor beeping]

Hal: Barbara --

Barbara: Just go.  Hal?

Hal: I'm here.

Barbara: Please, don't do this.

Hal: Come when you call?

Barbara: I didn't call.

Hal: Yes, you did.  Jennifer was here.  She told me.

Barbara: Then please go now.

Hal: I'm sorry.  You can't get rid of me that easy.

Barbara: I don't want to see you.  I don't want you to see me.  Can't you understand that?

Hal: Oh, honey.  Do you think I care about how you look?

Barbara: Don't come any closer!

Hal: Barbara, I have been here every day since this thing happened.

You're burned.  I've seen it.

Barbara: How do you think that makes me feel, knowing that I was lying here, and you were all gawking at me?

Hal: No.  Nobody's gawking at you.

Barbara: When you look at me, I see it in your eyes.

Hal: Okay.  Okay, I won't look at you, but I'm not leaving.  I'm here for you, Barbara.  If I have to stand on that ledge outside that window, I'm here for you, Barbara.

Barbara: But I don't want you to be here.  I do not need you, Hal. 

Katie: Who says dreams don't come true? [Katie realizes she is tied up] Hey!  [Simon groans] Simon, what happened?

Simon: Well, I wouldn't want to go out on a limb here, but I'd say we were knocked out and tied up. 

Holden: You okay?

Luke: Is the game over?

Holden: We got out, didn't we?  Just like a couple of commandos --

through that hole in the wall, out of the opera house, into the church.

Luke: You said you were going to talk to a priest, but no one's coming.

Holden: They will.  You know what, buddy?  You know what I want more than anything?

Luke: What?

Holden: I want to go home.

Luke: We will, as soon as Mommy gets here. 

Signora Cordina: Signora Snyder?

Lily: You do as I say, or I swear to God I will kill you.  

Signora Cordina: Signora Snyder --

Lily: What are you doing in my room?

Signora Cordina: When you didn't come back -- I was worried.  I was looking for a note or a telephone number, someway to reach you.

Lily: You're lying to me!

Signora Cordina: No, please.

Lily: Yes.

Signora Cordina: There is no need for violence.  Where did you get this gun?

Lily: A nice man in the pawn shop gave it to me.  He liked my dress.

Where's your phone?

Signora Cordina: It's in the hallway, but -- but please, do not call the police.

Lily: I want you to call Damian, and I want you to tell him I want to see him now!

Simon: Well, they're not taking any chances.

Katie: Excuse me, but it is so not smart to get me this angry.

Simon: Yeah, well, that's probably why you're handcuffed.

Katie: Does it hurt?

Simon: What, having you in my life?  Yeah, sometimes.

Katie: No, your eye.

Simon: No, it's fine.  Only when I blink.

Katie: Oh, Simon.

Simon: It's all right, all right?  I'll survive.

Katie: Did they get anything out of you when they dragged you off?  That was so scary.  That guy's such a freak.  Who the hell is he?

Simon: Well, I heard one of the Argotti assassins call him Dante or something like that.  He was the same guy from that opera box.

Katie: The guy that was threatening Lily?

Simon: Yeah.  And the deal is, we tell him where Holden and Luke are or he lets us starve to death.

Katie: Oh, great.  Well, I don't know about you, but this is the last time I'm vacationing in this country.

Simon: Yeah.  Well, I offered him the same deal.  He didn't go for it.

Katie: And so they hit you?  Oh Simon.

Simon: We really should think about what we're gonna do.

Katie: I have an idea. 

Margo: It's pretty dangerous for Craig to risk going to jail.  He must care an awful lot about whoever he's trying to protect.

Carly: How do you know that?

Margo: Why else would he want to protect her?

Carly: And why do you keep saying that it's a woman?  He could have been meeting some guy, having a business meeting with a man, some old cronie from Hong Kong.

Margo: Maybe.

Carly: Besides which, Craig is a very smart man, and he probably figures that the case against him isn't very strong, that he doesn't even need an alibi.

Margo: No, no, no.  He knows he's in trouble.  Why else would he send Sierra home with instructions for the kids?

Carly: Look, ever since I've known the man, he's always gotten out of it, whatever it is.

Margo: Oh, so you didn't know that he was a convicted felon, that he spent five years in jail?  And let's not forget about those lovely, charming guys down in Hong Kong.  You saved him there.  But this?  Two counts of attempted murder?  I'd say that Craig's gotten caught as often as not.

Carly: Well, it's his own stupid fault.

Margo: Maybe in the past, but not now.  He's going to go to jail, Carly, unless somebody breaks her silence.  Carly, you were with Craig, weren't you?

Emily: Oh.  Oh!

Clerk: I'm terribly sorry, but my supervisor said no exceptions.  We cannot allow --

Emily: You know what?  I understand.  You were doing your job, and I appreciate that.  You have a nice -- have a nice day. 

Barbara: This has always been the problem.  You think your love can solve everything, but it couldn't fix our marriage, and it can't fix my face.

Hal: So what are you gonna do?  You're gonna just sit here in the dark and feel sorry for yourself?

Barbara: Now you're making me angry.

Hal: Well, good.  This conversation could use a little honesty.

Barbara: Honesty?  You want honesty?  All right.  Here it is.  I don't want company.  I don't want your help.  I don't want you here.  Shall I keep going?

Hal: I'll listen.  See, that's the thing, Barbara?  Life isn't perfect, but for you, if something is out of place --

Barbara: This is not about me.  This is about you and your need to help and fix things.  Well, I'm not a cause.  I'm just a broken version of me.

Hal: Honey, you're still the greatest.  Sweetheart --

Barbara: Don't, don't.  Don't come near me.  Don't come near me.  I don't want to feel this.  I don't want you to do this to me.  There's nothing left of me to help now.

Hal: Barbara, you know I love you, and you could paint yourself purple for all I care.  It wouldn't make any difference.  And you're a beautiful woman, and this has got to be tough on you, but the doctors say they can fix it.

Barbara: So they say.

Hal: Are you in pain?

Barbara: Not the way you think.

Hal: But you feel something.

Barbara: Actually, no.  When I woke up, my skin was numb, and my memory was gone.  You know, when you take a breath, and you let it out, how it relaxes everything?  Your -- you, your center, your soul.  I can't feel it.

I can't feel it anymore.  I breathe in, I breathe out again and again, and I feel nothing.  It's all gone inside me.  It all burned up inside me.  It's all gone.  No, no!  No, don't --

Hal: Let me hold you.

Barbara: No!

Hal: Let me hold you.

Barbara: No!  Get away from me!  Don't look at me!

Hal: Let me hold you.

Barbara: No, no, no!

[Barbara sobs]

Simon: Katie, we really should -- Katie, stop, stop, stop.  We really have more important --

Katie: Not to me.

Simon: -- Things to -- look, you want to starve to death?

Katie: I survived weeks on that desert island with Henry and Cooley.  We had nothing to eat.  Don't talk to me about food.

Simon: How about these handcuffs?  All right, you know, I'm a pretty creative kind of guy, but even I can't manage it with these handcuffs behind my back.

Katie: Okay, you have a point.

Simon: Good.  So let's get free.

Katie: So we can make love.

Simon: So we can get out of this room.

Katie: But I want to make love.

Simon: Look, look, look, I don't want this Dante guy coming in here and hurting you, okay?

Katie: Because you love me?  You kissed me back, and you want to save me.  Okay, I take it back.  Let's come back here twice a year.

Simon: Okay, let's get out of this place first, though.  So turn around, please.  You know what?  Where are the bobby pins?

Katie: I have a rubber band.

Simon: No, that's not good.  Damn.  All right.

Katie: What?

Simon: This is locked.  Great.

Katie: Well, if we had a bobby pin, we could open it.

Simon: No, if we had a bobby pin, then I could undo these handcuffs behind my back, get out of these ropes and get out of this room.

Katie: How exactly are we gonna do that?  They boarded up the hole.

Simon: All right, so we'll -- we'll unboard it.  We'll kick it in.

Katie: Oh, yeah, we don't even know what's on the other side of that.  Yes, Holden and Luke got through it.

Simon: And Lily, she got through it, too.

Katie: Yes, but we don't know if they got through.  I hope they did, but what if they fell into a shark pit or something?  [Simon laughs]

Simon: What?  How many opera houses do you know with shark pits in the basement?

Katie: They have anvils on stage.  They can have shark pits in the basement.

Simon: Well, I'm gonna take my chances.

Katie: Let's just get free, like you said, okay?  And then we'll overpower them or something.

[A Guard enters]

Guard: Silence, or I shoot you!

[A Guard leaves]

Katie: We go through the hole.

Simon: Right. 

Barbara: Stop, stop!

Hal: Please, you're gonna hurt yourself.

Barbara: Somebody?!  Go away!  Get out of here!

Hal: Barbara, calm down.

Barbara: I don't want to feel this anymore!

Hal: Calm down.  Calm down.

Barbara: Nurse, send someone in here now!  Go away, Hal!

Hal: Please, calm down.

Barbara: I hate you.  I hate you.  Get him out of here!

[A nurse enters]

Nurse: Get out of here.  Get - Hal: It's my fault.  I upset her, I upset her!  Barbara, it's gonna be okay!

Emily: Hal?  Check it out.  I hit the mother lode.  Look.  All we have to do is go through these babies and find out who has a passion for things that go boom in the -- Hal, what's wrong?  What happened?

Hal: I blew it.

Emily: What, Barbara?

Hal: I upset her.  It's my fault.  I just went in there, and she's all locked up, and I tried to comfort her.  I tried to get through to her, but I couldn't.  She wasn't ready.

Emily: Ready for what?

Hal: For me!  It's me.  It's not what we talked about, but it is.  It's what we always talk about -- what's wrong with us.  She's right.  I know what she needs, and I just keep pushing it, and I just mow her right down!

Emily: It was just one conversation, Hal.

Hal: It's been going on for ten years.

Emily: You gotta know she loves you deep down, right?

Hal: She hates that word.  It makes her mad.

Emily: You told her you loved her?

Hal: About six times.  She couldn't stand it.

Emily: You know what?  Listen to me.  There's telling a woman you love her, and there's telling a woman you love her.

Hal: Yeah, well, whichever one is the right one, it's not the one I used, I'll tell you that.

Emily: Well, you know, you give up too soon.  Will you just give her time?

Hal: It's no use.  Time -- for what?

Emily: Hal --

Hal: What?

Emily: I love you. 

Carly: You're fishing, Margo.

Margo: I do not want my brother to go to jail for something he didn't do.

Carly: Neither do I.  But the fact is, even if I was with Craig, nobody would believe me.  Barbara has already accused me of being his co- conspirator.

Margo: Jack would believe you, and that's what you're afraid of.

Carly: Okay, why don't you tell Jack to pick me up at home?  I don't need this.

Margo: Oh, my God.  I can't believe it.  You're gonna walk out.  That surprises me, Carly.

Carly: Why's that?

Margo: Because despite the way you've always operated, I've always felt that there must be something warm and decent about you.  Jack, Hal, my brother -- these are all men that I respect, and they are all drawn to you.  I was wrong.

Carly: All right.  I was with Craig in the hospital parking lot from 8:30 till almost 9:00 and then I watched him drive away.

[Margo sighs deeply]

Margo: What were you doing all that time?

Carly: I was telling him that Paul Ryan had taken over B.R.O., that he wasn't interested in my designs, that I didn't want to pursue it because there wasn't any point, and that he should leave me alone.

Margo: So it was strictly a business conversation?

Carly: Basically, yeah.

Margo: Great, okay.

Carly: So you're gonna let him go then?

Margo: Well, that's Jack's job.

Carly: What do you mean?

Margo: It's Jack's case.

Carly: No.  Margo, I told you the truth.  Craig is innocent.  I am his alibi.  I mean, that's what you wanted, right, for me to come forward, and I've done it.

So let's just keep things simple, okay?  Just let him go, and everything is gonna be fine.

Margo: No, I can't do that, Carly.

Carly: No, Margo!  I cannot let you tell Jack.

Carly: Look -- Craig is not the only innocent party here, okay?  Jack has been dragged through hell -- first by Julia, then the department, now this.  And I have to tell you, Margo, it's starting to take its toll.  Now, he knows that there's nothing going on with Craig.  But still, that doesn't stop it from bothering him, you know?  And with Paul accusing me and now Barbara --

please, Margo, Jack is like running on faith here.

Margo: I'm sorry.  It's not my responsibility, Carly.

Carly: Okay, so I stick my neck out for your brother - Margo: What's the problem?  If your conversation was purely business, what is the problem?

Jack: No surprise.  Jessica wants to charge Craig with the assault against Barbara in the hospital.

Margo: I don't think so.  Huh-uh.

Jack: Well, then you explain it to her.  She's hot to prosecute.

Margo: No.  I'll let Carly explain it.

Jack: What's going on? 

Hal: Emily, I had no idea.

Emily: It did something to you, didn't it?

Hal: Yeah.

Emily: Made you stop and really take a look.

Hal: Yeah.

Emily: Yeah.  Because when someone really means it, life is never the same.

Hal: No.  Of course it isn't.

Emily: So why don't you go into that room and tell Barbara?

Hal: What?

Emily: Tell her you love her, and you mean it.

Hal: You mean like -- like you just didn't mean it?

Emily: No, I never mean anything.  That's the secret of my success.  Come on.

Hal: Yeah, okay.  What just happened here?

Emily: Hal, when you told Barbara you loved her, it was to reassure her, to comfort her, to support her.

Hal: Yeah, yeah.

Emily: Well, it wasn't the whole truth.  It wasn't the man who's been sitting in a chair, sleeping in a chair next to her bed for how many weeks, huh?  The man who thought he'd die if she didn't wake up, who can't imagine his life without her.  Am I right?

Hal: Yes, but --

Emily: But what?  Come on, this is all or nothing time, pal, and from the looks of it, you've got nothing.  So what've you got to lose?

Signora Cordina: Signora, you do not know what you are asking.

Lily: My husband and my son could die if I don't get to them soon!  Now I want you to call Damian.  You tell him I want to meet him now, or I swear, I will use this gun, and I will kill you.  Do you understand?

Signora Cordina: Don't.  Don't -- don't shoot!  This is not my fault.  I just did what they told me.

Lily: And now I'm telling you to call Damian.

Signora Cordina: I cannot.

Lily: I know Damian thought he was doing the right thing, but all the rules have changed!  My husband and my son were being held in the basement of that opera house, and now they're gone!  They've escaped.

Signora Cordina: It is too late.

Lily: What do you mean?

Signora Cordina: While they were under the protection of signore Damian, they were safe.  But now, he has them.

Lily: Who, Dante?

Signora Cordina: How do you know this name?

Lily: We've met.  He says that he's Damian's brother.

Signora Cordina: His half-brother.  He is a very, very bad man. 

Simon: Damn, no good.

Katie: All right, what if I start crying?  The guard will come in.  I'll keep his attention, then you can hit him on the head.

Simon: With what, my head?  No.  I need a wire or something like that.

Katie: Oh, wait.  So it doesn't just have to be a bobby pin?  Something like a bobby pin?

Simon: How did you survive all those weeks on that island?

Katie: For your information, I have a great track record in your basic desperate situation, which we find ourselves in at this very moment.  So give me a little credit, would you?

Simon: All right.

Katie: How would a long, thin piece of metal do?

Simon: If you've got a long, thin piece of metal, Katie, you can name your price.

Katie: Me, you, the honeymoon suite on the plaza for three days and room service.

Simon: Oh, I don't know about these hard bargains you drive.

Katie: Oh, come on.  You want it just as much as I do.  Don't pretend you don't.

Simon: The honeymoon suite?

Katie: Three days -- minimum.

Simon: We're gonna be sending out for oxygen, aren't we?

Katie: And did I mention room service?

Simon: It's a deal.

Katie: Really?

Simon: Yeah.  Yeah, why not?  Yeah.

Katie: Okay.  It's on the chain around my neck.  See it?  Silver chain, silver cross?

Simon: Around your neck.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Simon: Yeah.  Okay.  All right.  Let's have a look at you.

Katie: Simon.

Simon: That's a really nice perfume, you know.

Katie: Same one I've been wearing since the day we met.

Simon: Really?

Katie: Silver chain, silver cross.

Simon: Right.  Yes, I know.  I think it's gone all the way down.  I can't see it.

Katie: So get it.

Simon: How?

Katie: You're shy.

[Simon laughs]

Simon: I am not.  What?

Katie: Come on, look at you.  You're totally blushing.

Simon: Oh -- please.  Do you have any idea how many women I have --

Katie: Oh, yes, these women that you didn't care about.  It was all work.

I'm different.

Simon: Yeah, well, that's an understatement.

Katie: I'm getting to you.

Simon: Look, can we just get this cross and get this whole thing over with?

All right.

Katie: Simon?

Simon: What?!

Katie: It's okay.

Simon: What's okay?  Look, I can so do this without being affected, you know.

Katie: Prove it.

Simon: Too easy.

Katie: Really?

Simon: Mm-hmm.

Katie: All right.  If you can go down there and get that cross without being affected, I'll pay for the honeymoon suite. 

Katie: Undo me, Simon.  Come on.  I dare you.

Simon: And how am I supposed to do that?

Katie: And you call yourself a ladies' man?

Simon: I'm trying to be polite.

Katie: And I love that about you.  I do.

Simon: This dress is too tight.  I can't do this.  It's too tight.

Katie: So unzip it.

Simon: With what?  With what?  A dirty look?

Katie: Be creative.

[Simon unzips Katie’s dress]

Simon: I still can't see your necklace.  Can you stop that?

Katie: Well, you're the one with the love meter, mister.  I can show my feelings if I want to.

Simon: I didn't say I didn't feel anything.  I -- I just said that it's no different than with anyone else.

Katie: Is that right?

Simon: I still can't see any cross.

Katie: It's there.

Simon: Where?

Katie: Sometimes it gets snagged on my bra.

Simon: Well, this time I'd say it's fully in your bra.

Katie: So what're you waiting for?

Simon: Are you sure I'm the first guy that you've ever been with?

Katie: Yes!  I was saving myself.

Simon: Were you?  Right.  You're -- you're gorgeous, smart, sexy.  There must've been a lotta guys.

Katie: Oh, yeah, there were.  I just never --

Simon: Why?  Why did you save yourself for a man who was already involved with someone else, whose visa had run out, whose bags were packed?

Katie: I knew it was just a matter of time.

Simon: Or maybe, Katie -- maybe you're the one who's afraid.  I mean, you think you can take it, Katie?  All my attention?  It doesn't scare you at all, me being this close? 

Luke: When is Mommy getting here?

Holden: I'm not sure.

Luke: But you said, if we get out of the opera house --

Holden: -- And got into the church that we would be safe.  And we did that.  Now, we just have to find a way to try and contact Mom.

Luke: But where is she?

Holden: We're gonna find her.

Luke: You don't even know where she is?

Holden: I know that she's here in Malta, and Malta is a very small place.

We'll find her.

Luke: I wanna go home.

Holden: Yeah, me too, buddy.

Luke: Who's watching Faith?

Holden: I'm sure that Faith is fine.  I'm sure that Grandma Emma and Rose and Lucinda are with her at home.  And you know what?  We're gonna be home, too, very soon.

Luke: You don't know that.  You don't know anything.

Holden: Well, I know that we're safe, and I know Mom is here in Malta somewhere.  I know that she is looking for us.  And I know something else, too.  What we need to do right now is we need to be strong, okay?  Can you do that for me?  Good.  Good boy.  We just need to hold on now, okay, and we'll find somebody here at the church who can help us contact Mom.


Luke: Hear that?

Holden: What?

Luke: That noise.  You hear it? 

Jack: What's goin' on?

Carly: What's going on is that you're right.  You were right, Jack.  Okay.

You know I wanted that job, and when Paul Ryan came into the picture, I didn't have a chance.  You were right.  So -- I decided to tell him.

Jack: Paul Ryan?

Carly: Craig.  To tell him that I wanted out, you know?  And that's exactly what I told him.  But as it turns out, at the timing of my telling him this -- it's a little bizarre.

Jack: Because?

Carly: Because it's exactly when Barbara was attacked, which I didn't know.  I mean, how could I know that until I came here?  And there's Margo pressing him for an alibi, which is me, and he's looking right into my face and says that he was alone the whole time, which is a lie, and why he didn't just tell the truth, Jack, I have no idea.

Jack: So you already knew.

Carly: About what?

Jack: About Barbara accusing the two of you.  When I saw you at the boathouse, handed you the subpoena, you acted so surprised.  You already knew.  Why couldn't you just tell me this?

Carly: Because it wasn't important.  I didn't tell you -- I didn't tell you, Jack, because we always seem to fight whenever we talk about it, and it's over.  It's a dead issue, because I told Craig that I am not interested in any job, and that's all we ever talked about to begin with.

Jack: No.  No, no, no.

Carly: I swear to God, Jack!

Jack: You lied to me again, Carly!

Carly: No, I didn't!  Don't you think he knew that this was gonna happen, that I was gonna do the right thing, that I was gonna step forward and be his alibi, Jack?  This is what he wanted, to drive you nuts.

Jack: You know -- what I see, is for some reason, you couldn't tell me that you'd seen him, and for some reason, he was willing to keep your secret!

Carly: It isn't a secret!  When it became an issue, I told you.

Jack: Yeah, not soon enough!

Carly: This is what he wants.

Jack: I don't give a damn what he wants!

Carly: Jack, I swear to you.  I met with Craig for like a half hour in the parking to tell him that I didn't want the job, and that is it!

Jack: This innocent conversation -- Craig is willing to go jail for to keep your secret?!  How stupid do you think I am?! 

Jack: You live in a secret little world, Carly, whether you wanna think so or not, only it ain't working.

Carly: Which is exactly why I told him I didn't want the job.

Jack: Yeah, yeah.  But then you met me at the boathouse, and you didn't let me in.  You kept his secret even then!

Carly: I was trying to get out, Jack.  Craig doesn't want that.  He is the one causing all the problems.  That's why he made this great, noble gesture to begin with -- to drive us crazy!

Jack: Well, let's see, shall we?  Pulaski, bring Montgomery up here.  I'd like to talk to him. 

Emily: Well, Hal, it looks like we got someone's attention. 

Nurse: Ms. Ryan needs her sleep.

Hal: Yeah, yeah.  I don't -- I don't wanna cause any trouble.  Barbara, I love you no matter what. 

Katie: You found it?

Simon: Why?  You want me to stop?

Katie: No, I'm fine.  It's just a little hot in here.

Simon: Look, have you had enough.

Katie: No.  No, no, no.  No.  I'm fine, really.

Simon: Okay, okay.

[Katie breathing heavily]

Katie: I just needed to catch my breath for a second.

Simon: Look, I can try something else if you want.

Katie: Don't you even try to weasel out of your three days.

Simon: Look, you've already got your three days if that's what you really want.

Katie: I can handle it if you can handle it.

Simon: You don't have to rush, you know.

Katie: You're gonna leave town.

Simon: I left town, and you followed me.

Katie: And I left town, and you followed me.

Simon: Hmm.  Yeah.  So I guess we're stuck with each other for the time being.

Katie: For the time being?  Forever?

Simon: Don't push your luck.  You ready?

Katie: Yes.

[Simon laughs]

Lily: I never even knew that Damian had a brother.

Signora Cordina: Dante is a bastard.  He's much younger, from a time when the father was involved with this evil woman.

Lily: What does he want?

Signora Cordina: Power, money -- everything that his brother has.

Lily: Dante is the one that Damian's been fighting with all these years?

Signora Cordina: Yes, they have struggled for years.  But, Signora, if Dante Grimaldi has your son and your husband, I tell you now, not even God can save them. 

Holden: Don't move.

Luke: Who's coming?  Who is it?

Holden: I don't know.  Stay behind that box.

Luke: Daddy --

Holden: Shh. 

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