As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/25/01


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Proofread by Gisele

Lily: I can't stand this waiting.

Simon: Listen, it's not gonna be that much longer.  Here, listen, I'm gonna go look first.  All right, as soon as the curtain goes up, you two stay seated here until I --

Lily: Until what?!  Until the kidnappers get you, too?  No, I'm coming with you!

Simon: Listen, please.  Let me search the building first, alone.  Don't argue with me.  All right?  The opera's about to start.

Katie: No wonder I'm getting a splitting headache.

Lily: I'm not going to fight you on this.

Simon: Lily, you're already a target.  They know your face.

Lily: I don't care.

Simon: They talked about moving some Americans.  They could bring Holden and Luke right through the theater.  You have to be here if that happens.  Please, stay here with Katie, search the audience.  Look for anybody or anything that could give us some leads.

Katie: Look, guys, the curtain's going up.

[Opera begins]

Holden: Hear that?  It's almost time.

Luke: Get in your costume.

Holden: I will.  I know you know what to do, but let's just go over it one more time, okay?  We wait for the loudest part of the opera --

Luke: Then we slam through the wall.

Holden: We pound our way through.  And where do we run?

Luke: Dad, I know --

Holden: Come on, come on, just tell me.  One more time, come on.

Luke: To the place with the tower where we heard the bells.

Holden: That's right.  The church.

Luke: Like the hunchback.  "Sanctuary, sanctuary."

Holden: Good man, good man.

Luke: Dad, what if the guard comes back?

Holden: We're gonna be long gone by then, buddy.

Luke: I hope Mom is close to the church.

Holden: Yeah, me too.  All right, now, give me your toughest, meanest, nobody can get to us look.  That's my boy.  That's my boy.  All right, are you ready to blow this joint?

Luke: Ready.

Holden: Okay.

[Door opens]

Holden: What do you want?

Guard #1: The boy.

Holden: No, no, you said -- you said after the opera.

Guard #1: New orders.  The boy come with me.  No arguments.  No lies.

Carly: Your wife told the cops we're a team?  What like the Bonnie and Clyde of pyrotechnics?  I can't believe you let her get away with that.

Craig: She's lying in a hospital bed smothered in gauze.  What do you want me to do, drag the truth out of the mummy?

Carly: Somebody ought to be telling the truth.

Craig: Well she's telling the truth as she sees it, Paul's little conspiracy theory -- you and me, star-crossed lovers, swindling her and Paul out of her fortune.

Carly: Star-crossed nothing.  We never --

Craig: Well, sad but true --

Carly: The whole thing is just a big, fat lie.  I admit, I wanted to bump Barbara down a few pegs, but I'm not certainly not the type of person to blow anybody to bits.  And the boathouse -- I loved that boathouse.  It was very special to me.  It was very special to me and --

Craig: If you utter Jack's name breathlessly anymore, I will gag.

Carly: So even if Barbara thinks that we are in cahoots, she can't prove it, and she can't prove it 'cause it isn't true.

Craig: Our reputation precedes us, Carly.

Carly: I still think she has nothing except a sick imagination.

Craig: Well there is the time I tried to hire you for B.R.O. behind her back.

Carly: Yeah, not too bright.

Craig: Then there was the offer I made to you after she was almost killed.

Carly: Well, okay, I see your point.

Craig: Then the way your designs showed up at the penthouse.

Carly: All right!  That doesn't make me Bloody Mary.

Craig: Well aren't you the cupid that practically talked Barbara into marrying me?

Carly: That's because I wanted her to be miserable, Craig, not dead.

Craig: Yeah, then there was the bracelet that showed up in my bedroom?

Carly: Yeah, but that was just to play games with her head, to have fun.

Craig: Well I'm afraid those games are over, Carly.  Right now, we need something more than games.

Carly: No, no.  No, Craig -- let me make something really, really clear to you, okay?  There is no we!  You are like human weed killer.  Whoever you touch just withers away and dies or else gets conveniently refitted to fit into your ash tray.

Craig: That is so low.

Carly: Well, I'm sorry, but it's true.  You are lethal, and if you have done anything to screw things up for Jack and me I swear to you, I will hunt you down like a dog and skin you alive with my nail file! 

Margo: No answer?

Jack: Carly should be home by now.

Margo: You know, maybe she's just hanging our at Molly's, and she got busy with the kids, and she lost track of time and --

Jack: Should I shoot the elephant in the room, or would you like the pleasure?

Margo: I'll load, you fire.

Jack: I'm not backing down from what I said.  Barbara's wrong about Carly.

Margo: About Carly and Craig, or just Carly?

Jack: There is no way that she would scheme to hurt Barbara.  Oh, yeah, she'd give the woman a run for her money face-to-face, in fact she practically gouged the woman's eyes out right in front of me, but plot to do her in?


Margo: But you're totally willing to believe Barbara when she identifies Craig as the man in the boathouse?

Jack: He's got the motive!

Margo: So does Carly, according to Barbara.  You know what?  Carly and Craig are two of the most complicated people in the world.

Jack: I know what I know.

Margo: All right, but what we have got to do is set aside our feelings for these people.  I mean, maybe they've got an agenda, maybe they don't, but we've got to rely on facts if we're gonna find out what happened the night of the explosion.

Paul: Well it sounds like we finally agree on something, Detective Hughes. 

[Monitor beeping]

[Muffled screams]

[Barbara gasping]

John: I want you to call Dr. Collins. 

[Loud music playing]

John: Barbara, are you all right?  What happened?

Barbara: He got away!  He got away!

John: Who got away?

Barbara: He tried to kill me!  He tried to kill me!

John: All right, calm down.  Come on, take it easy.

Barbara: I couldn't breathe!

John: You're safe now.  You're safe now.  Everything's okay.  Everything's okay.

John: How's the guard?

Nurse: Dr. Collins is with him.

John: It looks as if someone went out this window.  I want you to call security and have them search the grounds.  Did you see who it was?

Barbara: It was too dark!

John: I want you to call the police.  Have them send my daughter over here right away.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Dixon.

John: And have security stop anyone who looks suspicious outside.

Barbara: Paul needs to know -- John, tell Paul!

John: All right, just lie still.  Lie still, I'm going to take care of everything, all right?

Barbara: He tried to kill me!  He tried to kill me!

John: Who did?  Who did this?

Barbara: I don't know!

John: Did Craig do this to you, Barbara?

[Barbara cries]

Craig: I'll add you to the list of people who will dance on my grave.

Carly: I'll be the one with the brass band.

Craig: You write your own material, do you?

Carly: There is nothing, I repeat, nothing funny about this.  If I become involved in some investigation, what do you think Jack's gonna think?  I do not intend to lose him, Craig.

Craig: I'm getting nauseated here.  If we have anymore Jack talk, I will take that nail file and commit hara-kiri.

Carly: I wish you would.

Craig: You're so sweet.  You know, believe it or not, you are not the only injured party here.  I didn't hurt Barbara.  I am an innocent man.

Carly: You treated a very intelligent woman like the village idiot, Craig.

What, you didn't think that she was going to notice that her checkbook was bleeding green?

Craig: After I quadrupled her investment?

Carly: Save it for the witness stand, okay?  I am not going down with you.

Craig: I'll protect you.

Carly: Please don't.  I'm not vulnerable or lonely or in need of love.  And I definitely do not need your kind of protection.

Craig: You don't believe I tried to kill Barbara.  And she doesn't, either.

She knows our brief time together was more thrilling than all those years she had with Hal.

Carly: Well at least with Hal she didn't have to worry about him every time he lit the barbecue.

Craig: Now that's funny.  That's funny.  You through?

Carly: Yeah, I'm through with you.

Craig: Okay, okay.  Back to good old Jack, hmm?  Let's see how long you can settle.

Carly: Oh, I'm gonna settle.  I'm gonna settle for happiness, Craig.

Happiness and a man who knows how to give a woman passion, as well as honesty.  You have painted yourself into this corner, and let me tell you what is gonna happen.  After today, we no longer speak, okay?  There will be no phone calls, no notes, no surprise visits.  I don't care if you show up at my doorstep with your decapitated head in your hands.  I will slam the door right where your face ought to be!  Now, I am serious, Craig.  I'm deadly serious.

You are on your own.

Paul: Why is Craig back out on the streets?

Jack: He made bail.

Paul: Hey, he jumped once, what are you gonna give him another chance to do it again?

Margo: The judge made the decision to reset bail, not the department.

Paul: Oh, and you didn't put in a few good words for baby brother?

Jack: Knock it off, Ryan!

Paul: Hey, hey, hey, he went to my mother's room right from the jail.  I guess his lawyer told him about her statement, so he marched over there and threatened her!

Margo: No, no, he can't do that.  She's under 24-hour guard.

Jack: No one can get in without clearance.

Paul: Well tell me, does your girlfriend have clearance?

Margo: Jack -- Jack --

[Phone rings]

Jack: Snyder -- no, she's with me.  Yeah, just a sec.

Margo: Detective Hughes.  What?  How is she?  You get three units over to the hospital right away.  Start a search.  I'm on my way.  [Margo hangs up] I gotta get to the hospital now.

Paul: What, is my mother all right?

Margo: No, she's -- she's fine.  Barbara is fine.  An attempt was made on her life.  The guard stationed outside the door was knocked unconscious.  And then whoever it was entered her room and put a pillow over her head.

Paul: You're sure?  You're sure she's fine?

Margo: Barbara is fine.  Listen, Paul, the chances that something like this happening are like a million to one.

Paul: Oh, God, save it, Margo.  You and your department have blown this case from the very beginning.  Don't even send out the search teams.  You know good and well who did this! 

Katie: What do you think you're gonna see with those things?  No, no, no, no.  These babies ought to do the trick.

[Katie pulls out a pair of very large binoculars, while Lily is using the small opera binoculars]

Lily: So inconspicuous of you, as usual.

Katie: Well, I don't care what I look like.  Simon gave me a job to do, and I'm gonna do it.

Lily: Just tell me if you see anything.

Katie: Oh, like that poor babe in row three?  Talk about when bad face- lifts happen to good people.

Lily: I'm talking about Luke and Holden -- Luke and Holden!  Got it?!

Katie: I'm sorry.  I haven't seen anything yet.

Lily: I'll take the orchestra.

Katie: All right.  The mezzanine's mine.  Do you believe in premonitions?

Lily: No, not really.

Katie: Well I do, and I don't know why, but I'm feeling really lucky tonight.  I wouldn't be surprised if we blew this thing wide open. 

Holden: I've made a decision.  The boy stays with me.

Guard #1: This is not a request.

Holden: We're a team.  We go together.

Guard #1: Like this "game" that you speak of?

Holden: That's right.  That's the way it is.

Guard #1: We've been patient with your arrogance, but no more.  Take off the costume, boy.  You're coming with me.

Luke: No.

Guard #1: Don't be fooled by your father.  This is no game.  Remove the costume!

Luke: I won't go.

Guard #1: I said take off the costume right now!  Don't fight me!  You understand?!

Holden: Hey!

Guard #1: Hey!

Holden: Get your hands off my son!

[Holden attacks the Guard]

Guard #1: Oh! 

[Monitor beeping]

Paul: Mom, you're okay?

Barbara: Oh, thank God you're here.

John: She's fine.  I looked her over after the attack, and she's gonna be just fine.

Jack: Can we talk to her?

John: If it's a short talk.  I don't want her any more upset than she is right now.

Margo: Yeah, yeah.

Margo: How are you feeling?

Barbara: I'm fine.  I'm fine.  Did you get him?

Jack: Not yet, but we have three units searching the entire area.

Barbara: He got away?! Margo: No.  Now Barbara, we're still looking.  John got security on it immediately.

Jack: And we doubled security on the floor.  I'll camp out myself, if I have to.

Paul: I told them Craig was already here once tonight.

Barbara: He -- he tried to get me to change my story.  He was very angry.

Paul: That's why I tracked you two down.

Jack: How did he get past the guards?  That's something we haven't gotten an answer to.

Barbara: I said he could come in.  I wanted him to see what he had done to me, and he didn't care.

Paul: And that's when he came back and put a pillow over her face.  Did you question everybody on this floor, nurses, and maintenance crew?  Did they see Craig come back?

Jack: We're questioning them now, Paul.

Paul: Now?!  Now's a little too late, detective!  Do your job!  Go to the Lakeview, take the elevator up to the penthouse and drag Craig back to jail by his neck!  How many chances does he get?!

Margo: Barbara, can you identify Craig as the man who attacked you tonight?

Paul: He wants her out of the way!  What will it take to convince you, Margo, huh?!  He won't stop until my mother is dead! 

Craig: Well, room service has improved around here.

Sierra: How are you, Craig?

Craig: Never better.  Unless you're here to lead the cheerleading at my hanging, which would depress me like I cannot tell you.  But you look beautiful.  Do you know how to look anything but?  I don't think so.

Sierra: Stop.  I've been worried to death.

Craig: About me?

Sierra: Yes.  Is that so impossible to believe?

Craig: Nothing shocks me anymore.  How's Lucy?

Sierra: Well she knows what's going on.  She's upset, but she's handling it.

Craig: I'll call her tomorrow.

Sierra: She'd like that.

Craig: My story must have made the papers.  Have the good people of Montega burned me in effigy?

Sierra: Believe it or not, you're still somewhat of a local hero.

Craig: Nice to know that experience counts for something, even if it's only entertainment.

Sierra: You did a lot of wonderful things while you were there, Craig.

[Craig laughs]

Sierra: I've seen the good that you are capable of, but even more importantly, I know that even at your most desperate, there are certain things that you would never do.

Craig: Tell the police.

Sierra: I'll do better than that.  Is your passport current?

Craig: My passport?  Why, Sierra, what are you suggesting?

Sierra: We could leave tonight.  I will fly you any place you want to go.

You can wait it out someplace else until the police find whoever did this to Barbara.

Craig: You sound like you almost believe I didn't do it.

Sierra: Of course you didn't do it.  You're not a murderer, Craig.

Craig: No, but my resume is a bit tarnished.

Sierra: I lived your resume.

Craig: Then why would you go out on a limb for me?

Sierra: Because I still remember the look on your face when you held Bryant for the first time.  It wasn't me who was holding Lucy's hands when she took her first steps.  It was you.  I will never forget that.

Craig: 10 months old.

Sierra: You are still her hero.  I couldn't let this happen to her hero.  I had to do something.  I know it sounds crazy, but I have everything set up ready to go.  All I need is you and your duffel bag.

Craig: So you were out on the lanai sunbathing.  You suddenly decided it would be a good day to aid and abet?

Sierra: Actually, it's not so far from the truth.

Craig: Oh, Sierra, after all we have been and done to each other, you -- you amaze me, you know that?  I don't know what to say.

Sierra: That's a first.

Craig: The truth is, Sierra, I'm tired, tired of having to fight the world just to get through the day.

Sierra: Then stop fighting, Craig.  Stop trying to fix this mess when everything in this small-minded town is stacked up against you.  Let me take you away from all this.  Together, we can buy some time.  Please, let me help you. 

Luke: All right, Dad!  Did we win? [Holden covers up the unconscious guard with blankets]  Holden: Not yet, buddy.  Not yet, but you know what?  I've got to tell you something.  This game is over, okay?  The other guys, they broke the rules, and the game is over.  We can't play this game anymore, but we got to get out of here now, so we're gonna go through that wall now, all right?

Luke: But they'll hear us.

Holden: It doesn't matter.

Luke: Can't we get the keys and go out the door?

Holden: No, we can't, because there might be another guard out there.  But you know what?  You know what the good thing is?  They don't know about this wall.  Buddy, look, you've got to trust me on this, okay?  It's the only way out.  I promise you, I would never let anything happen to you, ever.  We stick to the plan, okay?

Luke: I don't want to be scared.  I really don't, but --

Holden: It's okay.  It's okay.  I'm right here with you, all right?  And remember, when we get through the wall, we listen for the sound of the bells, okay?

Luke: From the church.

Holden: Yeah.  You have a very important job right now.  I want you to watch this guard.  If he makes a move, if he moves a muscle, you let me know, okay?  You go over to the door.  If you hear any voices or hear any footsteps, you let me know right away, all right?

Luke: I will.

[Loud banging]

[Opera being performed]

Lily: See anything?

Katie: Man, they grow 'em by the pound out here.

Lily: I'm not talking about on the stage.

Katie: She must tip the scales at what, 280?  I need a bigger lens.

Lily: I want you to check against the wall over there.  I thought I saw somebody get up.

Katie: What, that old man?  He can barely walk.  Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.  Take a look at that box.  Right there.

Lily: I thought I checked all of them out.  Where -- what do you see?

Katie: No one, that's the thing.  It's empty.  I thought this gig was sold out.

Lily: It is.

Katie: Well somebody's a no-show.  And what is with that shield thing?

Lily: Where?

Katie: It's three boxes over on the left-hand side.  I didn't notice it before.

Lily: That's the Grimaldi family crest.

Katie: With no Grimaldis in sight.  Huh.

Lily: What, what?!

Katie: Wait, wait, it looks empty, but something just caught the light.

Lily: Let me see.

Katie: No, wait, wait, just use your own.  Hold on, hold on.  Oh, gross, it's a pinky ring.  All I can see is his hand.  Wait, wait, look at that crest again and describe it to me.

Lily: Why?!

Katie: Just do it, please.

Lily: It's got a battle axe and a spear.

Katie: Yes, check.  And what else?

Lily: Two blue swords.

Katie: And three fleurs-de-lis?

Lily: How do you that?

Katie: It's on the pinky ring, too.

Lily: Let me see.  Oh, I can't see.  I cannot see who it is!  I can't see the face!

Katie: He's smoking.  I think he's smoking a cigar.  Wait, he's leaning forward!

Lily: Come on, come on, show -- show us your face, please!  Oh, he leaned back in!  Oh!

Katie: Is it Damian?

Lily: I don't know.  I don't -- I don't know.  But I'm going to find out.

Katie: No, wait, wait, wait, where are you going?  Simon said do not leave.

Lily: I can't -- I cannot -- I have to go over there!  That man knows where my family is!

Katie: Well you're not going to help them, if he gets you, too.

Lily: Just keep looking, okay?!  Have your eyes -- just keep watching me!

Katie: For what?  You getting killed?

Lily: I'm going to be fine.  Trust me.

Katie: No, no, us three split up does not make me feel very good.

Lily: I'm going to find Luke and Holden!  Now you put those things up to your eyes and you watch me!  Do you understand?!

Katie: All right, okay.  Go for it.  Please, just don't be killed.  If you go home in a box, Lucinda will kill me.  Okay, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  Help, that's him! 

[Monitor beeping]

Margo: Before we arrest anyone, we will get Barbara's statement.  Barbara, are you sure you're strong enough?  Okay.  Describe your assailant.

Barbara: I said it was dark.  I couldn't really see the person.

Jack: Man or woman?

Barbara: I don't know.  I was sleeping, and I felt someone in the room.

And I looked, and there was a person with a hood.  And then they had a pillow over me, and I couldn't breathe.

Jack: How long after Paul left?

Barbara: I don't know.

Margo: Can you describe how tall this person was?

Barbara: I was struggling.  I was trying scream.

Paul: What, you want height?  You want height?

Barbara: I was trying to breathe.

Paul: How tall is Craig, huh, 6'2", 6'4"?  When he couldn't get her to change her statement, he decided he'd shut her up permanently.

Margo: Paul, there is something called "evidence."

Jack: Exactly.  We can't shred the constitution because you have a hunch.

Paul: Oh, and we don't want to violate Craig's rights, do we?  I'm just trying to figure out where my mom's rights fit in here.

Margo: If you have a complaint about how we're running this investigation, you call the commissioner.  For right now, we're doing out job.

This is how we do our job.

Paul: All right, I'm sorry.  This is a difficult time for everybody, including you.  It can't be easy indicting your own brother.

Margo: No, but if the evidence leads us there, I will.

Paul: That's all I can ask for.

Margo: Barbara, we have officers stationed on every floor, just as promised, and we have also extra people stationed on the hospital grounds.

Barbara: Thank you, Margo.

Margo: I will do everything I can to keep you safe.

Jack: You concentrate on getting well, okay?  We'll check back later.

Margo: And call us if you remember anything else.

Barbara: I will.

John: I've arranged for you to have a sedative, and I want you to get some rest.

Barbara: Thank you, John.

John: Listen, Margo's gonna do her job, even if it means bringing Craig down.

Paul: I hope you're right. 

Jack: Let's go.  I'll drive.

Margo: You know what?  No.  I'm gonna go over to Craig's alone.

Jack: Are you sure?  Do you think he tried to smother her?

Margo: What else can we think?  Craig has everything to gain by Barbara's death.  So if it wasn't Craig who attacked her tonight, then who the hell else could it be?

Craig: My day certainly took a turn for the better.

Sierra: I forgot to tell you the best part of the plan.  The plane I have waiting for us --

Craig: Mm-hmm?

Sierra: -- Is mother's.

[Craig laughs]

Sierra: You escape on Lucinda's private jet.  How great is that?

Craig: Almost irresistible.

Sierra: All it takes is one phone call.

Craig: And enough cash to keep me afloat.

Sierra: In a country with no extradition treaty.

Craig: And where indoor plumbing is not the exception.

Sierra: And five-star chefs are the norm.

Craig: You know me too well.

Sierra: Remember that time that we tried to go camping?

Craig: What did we last, two hours?

[Craig laughs]

Sierra: And then, we spent the rest of the vacation in a seven-room suite.

You know, Craig, you're not a wilderness kind of guy, and all of a sudden, you find yourself in a jungle without even a slingshot.  Let's get you out of here before these people eat you alive.  Please?

Craig: You know I would never take advantage of you or the situation.

Sierra: Sure you would.  But you didn't, not tonight.

Craig: I feel naked without an agenda.

Sierra: Tonight was incredible.

Craig: I wasn't looking for a review.

Sierra: Just stating the obvious.

Craig: We do have our times, don't we?

Sierra: Wonderful times.

Craig: You know, there will never be another woman in my life like you.

Sierra: But there will always be other women.

Craig: Hey, now, come on.  I'm trying to have a moment here.

Sierra: Sorry.

Craig: You know, what I'm trying to say is that a part of me will always --

will always love you.

Sierra: Why do you think I'm here?

Craig: How could Lucinda's child be kind and loving, hmm?

Sierra: I guess I'm just a freak of nature.

Craig: Yes, you are.  Yes, you are, a beautiful, remarkable freak.

Sierra: Craig?

Craig: Hmm?

Sierra: Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find a place to start over again? 

[Opera music playing]

Simon: Any sign of them?

[Katie gasps]

Katie: You almost gave me a heart attack!

Simon: Where's Lily?

Katie: She's right over there.

Simon: Over where doing what?

Katie: Well, there's a box with the Grimaldi family shield on it, and there's a guy in the box with a pinky ring with the same shield.  We don't know who it is, if it's Damian or what, but she went over there.  I told her to stay here.

Simon: Wait a minute.  Do you think Damian's here in one of those boxes?

Katie: Yes.  All we could see was this hand with a pinky ring on it and smoke, and then, I looked through my glasses, and I saw him looking at me with his opera glasses.  It was so freaky.  Did you find anything in the building?

Simon: Just some guarded storage rooms.  I couldn't even get near the basement.

Katie: Who guards old junk?

Simon: Exactly what I thought.  Hey, are you sure Lily was heading straight for that box?

Katie: Like she was shot out of a cannon.

[Simon looks through the binoculars]

Katie: Do you see her?

Simon: Yeah, she made it.  She made it.

Katie: What about the pinky ring?

Simon: There's no sign of him.

Katie: Maybe he took off.

Simon: Wait.

Katie: What?  Let me see.

Simon: No, not now.  Katie --

Katie: What?

Simon: Oh, no.  No.

Katie: What?

Simon: Lily!  Lily!  Look out!

Katie: What?  What is happening?

Simon: He's trying to -- he's got her pinned against the railing.  Stay here.

And whatever you do, do not leave here.

Katie: Okay.  Hurry, Simon.  Hurry, Simon.  Get there! 

[Opera music playing]

[Lily screams]

Lily: Where's Damian?!  Where's Holden and Luke?!

Dante: They're dead.

Lily: No, you're lying.

Dante: And my brother Damian, he's gone, too.  He can't help you now.

Lily: Damian has a brother?

Dante: Dante.  So pleased to meet you.  So sorry our acquaintance will have to be so brief.

Lily: Oh, let me go!

Katie: He's going to strangle her, Simon!  Hurry!

[Lily screams]

Simon: Lily -- look at me, look at me, look at me.  Are you okay?  Are you all right?

Lily: He said that Holden and Luke are dead.

Simon: Well, then why is every storage room guarded?  Every entrance to the basement is padlocked.

Lily: Do you think they're here?

Simon: They have to be, all right?  I know it.  They have to be, all right?

Let's go.  Let's go.

Holden: Okay, buddy.  I'm through.

Luke: Somebody's coming.

Holden: Come on.  Let's go.  You first.

Luke: Dad, he's moving!

Holden: Come on.  We have to move fast.

Luke: But your costume --

Holden: I don't need it.  Come on, let's go.  You go.

Guard #2: He should have brought the boy to us by now.  What happened?

Where did they go?  Where did they go?

Guard #1: Look!  Go!  Go, go, go!  Grimaldi will have our heads if we lose them!  Go! 

Craig: I was just thinking about the children.  Do you think I messed them up?

Sierra: Craig, I know that you and Bryant have had difficult times.  But I know Bryant, and he loves you, and you will always be at the top of Lucy's list.

Craig: I miss her so much.

Sierra: Well, after we get you settled, we'll arrange for a meeting.

Craig: Oh, it's so -- it's so tempting, Sierra.

Sierra: I mean, who would think that your ex helped you slip out of the country?  And if you want to come back after this whole thing with Barbara is over --

Craig: And come back to what?

Sierra: Whatever.

Craig: I don't know how to thank you.

Sierra: Then pack your bag.

Craig: I can't.  I can't take you up on your offer.

Sierra: Why not?

Craig: Because of Lucy and Bryant.  If I run, I'm admitting guilt.  I didn't hurt Barbara.  I need to stay and clear my name.  It's the right thing.

Sierra: Even if it costs you your freedom?

Craig: No, I'll be all right.  Come on.

Sierra: Well, how are you set for character witnesses?

Craig: Cass is looking at my third-grade teacher.

Sierra: What if your ex-wife said a few good words in your favor?

Craig: Do you know any?

Sierra: One or two.

Craig: That would be all right, I think.

Sierra: I should go.

Craig: Before I change my mind.

Sierra: You know where to find me.

Craig: And I will never forget what you were willing to do for me tonight.

Sierra: You know, it's funny.  There were a few moments tonight where I really felt maybe we had found a place to start again, but then I realized it's something else.

Craig: What?

Sierra: Maybe we've just found a place to say good-bye.

Craig: You're an angel, you know that?   

[Monitor beeping]

Paul: Everything's gonna be all right, Mom.  I'll keep you safe.  Craig and Carly will never hurt you again.

Carly: Excuse me.  Do you know officer Jack Snyder?

Waitress: Sure.  He's a regular.

Carly: Well, he left me a message saying that he was here.

Waitress: He left a while ago with his boss and some other guy.  I heard them say something about -- what was the name?  Barbara.  They had to go see her, I think.

Carly: Thank you. 

Lily: They're gone!  Wait.  Oh, they escaped!  Please, God, let's hope that that's true that they escaped right there.

Simon: Lily, that hole could have been there for years.

Lily: No.  There's fresh dust flying all over the place.  Oh, my God!  This is Luke's jacket!  They were here.  Holden and Luke were here, and I'm -- I'm gonna go find them.

Simon: Wait, wait, wait!  Lily, wait.  Wait, wait, wait.  They could already be on the outside.  If they've gone through there, they could be on the outside.

Let's start the search there.

Lily: We have no idea where this leads, Simon.

Simon: Crawling through there could be way too risky.

Lily: You know what?  You check outside, and I'm going to go through here, and I'll meet you on the west end of the opera house.  Please, just let me do this.  I'll be fine, trust me.

Simon: Be careful, all right?

Lily: Okay.

[Katie screams]

Katie: Where's Lily?

Simon: What the hell are you doing here, Katie?

Katie: He got up.

Simon: Who?  Who got up?

Katie: The pinky-ring guy.  He got up and took off.

Simon: Damn!  Damn!  Lily's gone through that hole after Holden and Luke.

Katie: Come on, come on.  We have to find her before he does --

Dante: Before he what?  Move, and you die.

Simon: What do you want with Lily and her family?

Dante: I'm the one with the questions.  I have a proposition for you.  You tell me what I want to know, and you'll live.  Refuse -- [cocks gun] and I'll kill the girl first.  Now, where is the Snyder family? 

Holden: Okay, buddy.  The coast is clear.

Luke: That was close.

Holden: Very close.  We should be safe here, though.

Luke: When do we ask for sanctuary?

Holden: Soon, very soon.  Nobody's here right now, though.

Luke: How come?

Holden: Because it's late.  I'll just have to talk to a priest tomorrow.

Luke: Can we stay here until we find Mom?

Holden: Sure.  You know what?  I bet this is a good place for Mom to actually find us.  Come on.  This is going to be over very soon, okay?  Don't you worry.  Everything's going to be fine.  I don't know about you, but I'm pretty beat.

Luke: I'm a little tired.

Holden: All right.  Come on.  What do you say we call it a night?  Put your head on my lap.  There you go.

Luke: Can those guards get in here?

Holden: No way.  We're gonna be just fine.  You just rest, okay?  Don't you worry about those guards.  You let me take care of them. 

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