As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 7/24/01


Provided By Stephanie
Proofread by Gisele

Martino: Signora Snyder.  I'll go see if the judge is ready.

Katie: Oh, it's about time.

Simon: Oh, relax, you haven't been here that long.

Katie: Oh, well, I don't know if you haven't noticed, but this place isn't exactly a garden spot.

Simon: Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you stole a bike from the ambassador's son.

Katie: Oh, what, I'm gonna get a lecture now?  How was I supposed to know whose bike it was?  Did you guys spring me?

Lily: Yes, we did, and all this time we spent navigating the Maltese justice system, we could have been looking for Luke and Holden.  A little gratitude would be nice.

Katie: Thank you.  But you're going to be thanking me in a minute, 'cause guess what?  I figured out where I think Holden and Luke might be.

Lily: What?

Simon: What, how do you mean?

Katie: Argotti.  Remember we had no clue where it was or what it was?

Well, now I know -- the Argotti Gardens.  It's an opera house right here in town. 

Holden: How does that fit, buddy?

Luke: Pretty good.  Think Mom'll recognize me?

Holden: Oh, yeah.  She's gonna recognize you right away, and when she does, she's gonna give you one big, enormous hug.  That's why she's here.

She's gonna hug us both, and we'll win the game.

Luke: Do you think we're gonna win?

Holden: The Snyder boys never lose.  You ask Jack.  You've seen all the trophies out at the farm and out at his Rec room, right?

Luke: Yeah, from when you played sports in school.

Holden: That's right.  We're gonna add one more to that collection, okay?

Perfect.  I think the opera's gonna start in a little while, and when it does and we hear the loud music, that's when we're gonna break through the wall and escape to freedom.  What?  What's wrong?

Luke: It's just -- that hole still seems really small.

Holden: Oh, you'll fit.  Don't you worry about that.

Luke: But what about you, Dad?  Will you make it through? 

[Cass claps]

Cass: Bravo.

Craig: Well, I hope you're congratulating yourself for getting me out of here.

Cass: Actually, I caught the tail end of the Molly Conlan interview.

Craig: Ah.

Cass: Kudos, Craig.  Stellar performance.

Craig: You should have seen the open.

Cass: I can only imagine.  From what I could tell, you were the picture perfect loving husband -- contrite, caring.

Craig: Believable?

Cass: At the very least.  You counterpunched Paul Ryan's accusations.  It was a good piece of spin control.

Craig: Well, you're the one who sent me Molly Conlan and her microphone.

Cass: The world needed to hear your side of the story.  Credibility-wise, it had to come from you, not your mouthpiece.

Craig: Credibility-wise, did you see the judge?

Cass: He wasn't too thrilled with your unauthorized trip to New York City, but he still doesn't deem you a menace to the populace of Oakdale.

Craig: So I'm just a menace to New York?

Cass: He did, however, reset your bail up into the stratosphere, but you can afford that, can't you?

Craig: Yeah, okay.  Good.  Now, about Barbara --

Cass: Yeah, that was a miracle, wasn't it?  You said in your interview that she was conscious?

Craig: Conscious enough to exonerate me, I hope.  Jack and Margo and the D.A. are swarming her as we speak.

Cass: This is too good to be true.  Barbara will clear you, and this whole mess will be over.  Let me go find out what she's saying.

Craig: Now, Cass, if she's upset about B.R.O., I can deal with that.  Just get the murder charges dropped, all right?  The view here is getting old.

Cass: You got it. 

Jack: You're absolutely sure it was Craig you saw?

Barbara: Yes.

Margo: You sound very confident, Barbara, but it was dark in the boathouse, wasn't it?  Could it have been anyone else?

Paul: She saw the man, okay?

Barbara: Margo, he tried to kill me.

Jessica: Craig has already been booked for attempted murder.  Your testimony could put him away for a very long time.

Margo: Barbara, could it be possible that you remember seeing Craig near the boathouse, not actually inside?

Barbara: Inside, I saw him.

Jack: Well, Montgomery says that he was nearby, but left just before the boathouse blew up.  He claims he never even heard the explosion.

Paul: Right.

Margo: Listen, Barbara, please, you have been unconscious for a long time now, and certain events could have blended together.  Could your memory possibly be that you saw Craig earlier in the evening?

Barbara: I am not confused.

Margo: But how do you know?

Paul: Look, she knows what she saw, okay?  I'm sorry if it's not what you want to hear.

Margo: A person has been in a coma for weeks.  We're not even going to question what comes up the first few hours of consciousness?

Jack: Margo, we made the bust.  Maybe we should just let Jessica handle this.

Margo: Even if we don't know if we got the right man?

Jack: It's Jessica's call now.

Jessica: Barbara, I know this is difficult.  Can you answer just a few more questions?

Barbara: Yes.

Jessica: You said you telephoned detective Snyder, arranged to meet him at the boathouse, but when you got there, someone else had arrived first.

Barbara: Craig.

Jessica: Did he say anything?

Barbara: He didn't have to.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Barbara: He knew -- he knew my life was over.  Barbara: Paul?

Paul: You okay?

Barbara: Water.

Paul: Okay.  Mom, I know this is difficult, but by you telling your story, you're making sure Craig never hurts you again.

Jessica: We promised your doctors we wouldn't tire you, so why don't we take a break?  I need to call the judge and bring him up to speed on your statement.

Margo: This statement is not official yet.

Paul: Look, she'll be ready to sign something soon, go on videotape, whatever she needs to do.  Until then, what's going on with Craig?

Jack: Cass was working on getting him released on bail today.

Paul: Can we stop that?

Jessica: Let me get to the phone.

Margo: Oh, and get that hanging troupe together while you're at it.

Jessica: We're going to let you take a few minutes to get some rest.  I'll be back.

Hal: Jess, what is going on?  How is Barbara doing?

Jessica: Amazingly well.  She's alert, and she confirmed what we suspected all along.

Hal: Craig Montgomery?

Jessica: She puts him at the scene, inside the boathouse.

Hal: No doubts?

Jessica: She didn't express any.

Hal: I am the dumbest man alive.  I actually thought the guy might be innocent.

Jessica: Well, the evidence we had was circumstantial till now.

Hal: Put him away, Jess, maximum time on every count, no bargains.

Jessica: Don't worry.

Hal: Can I see her now?

Jessica: If you were on the job, I'd let you in, but until the questioning's over --

Hal: I know, I know.

Jessica: I'll wrap it up as fast as I can. 

Margo: Barbara, now please don't misunderstand me.  I have no doubt that this all seems very true to you right now, but you have been through a major trauma.  I mean, you're searching for words even now.  You could wake up tomorrow, and your perception could be very different.

Paul: Well, then come back tomorrow and see if her story's changed, but for now, leave my mother alone.

Jack: All right, Margo, why don't we take off until Jess gets back, all right?

Come on.  I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Margo: Don't patronize me, Jack!  I'm not coercing anyone.  I simply believe that we should go with our heads.  We should use some logic.  We should have a margin of error.

Jack: Barbara rest now, please.  We'll go.  We'll go.  Come on.

Barbara: Wake up, Margo.  See Craig.  See who he is.

Margo: I know who he is.

Barbara: There was another woman.

Margo: What woman?

Barbara: I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: What?  No.  No, Barbara.

Barbara: You suspected Craig and Carly.

Jack: The guy wouldn't leave her alone.

Paul: There was a reason why my mother wanted to speak with you privately.  She wanted to tell you about Carly's involvement.  In fact, there's a lot to indicate that Craig and Carly were together the whole time from the beginning.

Jack: That is the most irresponsible, unfounded accusation I've ever heard.

Unless you want a lawsuit, you keep your mouth shut!

Paul: The last time I saw the woman was at Craig's penthouse, and when you arrived, you seemed to be a bit surprised to see her there, too.

Jack: Craig offered Carly a job.  That's hardly evidence that she was involved with anything!

Barbara: Carly and Craig were trying to steal my company, and the only way they could do it was to kill me. 

Craig: Well, I was hopeful until I saw that look on your face.  I am getting out, aren't I?

Cass: You might not have if the D.A. had gotten in touch with the judge before I did.

Craig: Let's hear it.

Cass: Your wife spoke to the police and to Jessica.

Craig: Well, Barbara's still furious with me for investing B.R.O. funds.

That's all right, but that's far short of --

Cass: Craig, listen to me.  Barbara did identify her assailant.

Craig: Well, thank God!  Who is it?

Cass: Take a wild guess.

Craig: Somebody sick enough to torch Barbara that way.  Whoever it is, I hope they get the maximum.

Cass: You might want to re-evaluate those sentiments.

Craig: Why?

Cass: Because the sicko she I.D.d was you.

Katie: Remember?  You heard the landlady say something about moving two Americans from Argotti.

Lily: Did you overhear this was an Opera house?

Katie: Yes, the Argotti Gardens, and supposedly, there's some huge opening to a festival tonight.

Lily: It's probably not the same place as Signora Cordina was talking about.  I cannot imagine Holden and Luke being held in an opera house.

Simon: Especially if a big festival's about to begin.  I mean, two Americans imprisoned.  It's gonna be a little bit conspicuous.

Katie: Okay, is it possible that for once you could actually believe that what I say is true?  You are always blowing me off.

Lily: Wait a minute.  Let's just think about it.  Give me just one second.  I do remember that Kingsley-Malta, Damian's company, was a huge benefactor to the opera.  They sent thousands and thousands of dollars to all companies around the world.  Maybe they would turn a blind eye to anything that Damian had to say.

Katie: Wait.  Why do you think it's Damian that's holding Holden and Luke?  Isn't Damian supposed to be dead?

Lily: He's not dead.  I heard his voice.  I know it.  Look, we have to get in that opera house.

Simon: Okay, if Holden and Luke are there, then it's going to be crawling with security.

Lily: We can't let that stop us, Simon.

Katie: So you guys are gonna check it out?

Simon: Okay, we need a plan.  This place is probably gonna be pretty big.

We're gonna have to cover a lot of ground.

Katie: You're welcome.

Lily: I don't know.  We just have to think of some way how to get in there.

Katie: Hey, guys, I said, "You're welcome."

Simon: Okay, Katie.  Katie, thank you.  Thank you.  You're a genius.

Katie: Okay, and now I need you to listen to my plan.

Simon: All right, fine.  Fine, for once, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut.

Go.  Shoot.

Katie: Okay.  Forget breaking in and trying to nose around where we're not wanted.  Here's my suggestion.  We get dressed up, buy some tickets and some earplugs, and hit the opera tonight. 

Holden: Buddy, I know that the hole looks a little small, but you never know what someone's capable of, especially if they want something really bad, like winning the game.  That's what you want, right?

Luke: Yeah.

Holden: Well, that's what we both have to want really bad.

Luke: Okay.

Holden: What that means is, if by some chance I can't get through that vent, you're gonna have to crawl out by yourself and win the game for both of us.

Luke: But I don't want to go anywhere without you.

Holden: I know, but if it's the only way to win the game, you're gonna have to go for it.  And when you get out, tell me what you're gonna do.

Luke: I'm gonna run as fast as I can, go to the church.

Holden: That's right.  And how are you going to find the church?

Luke: I'm gonna look for a tall tower with a bell on it.

Holden: And when you get to the church, you're gonna tell them Mommy's name, and you're gonna ask them to help you find her.

Luke: Can I tell you something?

Holden: Sure.

Luke: I'm scared.

Holden: I know.  But you know what?  You're probably not gonna have to do it by yourself, 'cause I haven't been eating a heck of a lot since we've been in here, and I bet that we'll be able to wiggle on through like a couple of gophers.

Guard: What's going on?  What are you two doing?

Guard: What's this mess?  Answer me!  What's going on here?  \ [Holden starts singing]

Holden: Ooh, la, la.  Ooh, la, la.  Figaro, Figaro, Figaro.  How'd you like it?

Guard: Terrible.

Holden: Well, I'm more of a '70s rock guy, if you know what I mean. [The Guard pauses] Guess not.  Anyway, we were just, you know, trying to have a little fun, trying on some costumes, trying to entertain ourselves, right?

Luke: We were bored.

Guard: You don't look sick anymore, eh?

Holden: He actually still has a little bit of a fever.

Guard: He look fine, good enough to travel.  Say the good-byes.  The boy, he leave tonight after the opera.

Luke: That was close.

Holden: Well, this is it, buddy.  It's time to go for broke.  You ready? 

Simon: All right, I hate to admit it, but I think you've come up with a good idea.

Katie: You do?

Simon: Yes, I do.  All right.  Do you want to go to the opera?

Lily: It's gonna be the best way to get in there without being noticed.

Simon: Okay, let's buy some tickets up high so we can scope out the entire place.

Katie: All right.  And when the fat lady starts singing, we will go find Holden and Luke and bust them out.

Simon: Whoa.  We?

Katie: Yeah.  I'm not gonna leave you guys in the lurch.  What do you think I am?

Simon: Okay, listen, Katie.  You figured out where the opera house was.

You worked out a way to get us inside, and now, you've earned a nice, safe trip back home.

Katie: Excuse me?

Simon: I want you back in the states tonight.

Katie: No way.  Forget it.  I know I came here for the wrong reasons, but I'm gonna stay for the right ones.  I feel for Lily -- I do.  And I want to make a contribution.

Simon: I don't think Lily wants you making any contributions, okay?

Katie: Please.  Please just let me make up for following you here and making a mess of things.  Help me out here, please.

Lily: I might regret this, but we could use somebody else.  There's nobody else here we can trust.

Katie: So then it's settled.  I promise you won't regret this, either of you.

Martino: Oh, Signora Frasier can see the judge now.  Pay your fine, and you're free to go.

Katie: Okay.  So this fine that he's talking about -- I'm a little short on cash right now.

Lily: Of course you are.

Simon: Lily, no.  It's fine, it's fine.  I got it.

Lily: Who do you think you're fooling?

Simon: What are you talking about?

Lily: Oh, this may be a little difficult for you, but try.  Why don't you let your guard down and just admit that you care about that girl? 

Craig: She what?!  I never set that bomb.

Cass: She places you in the boathouse with deadly intent.

Craig: Can you believe this insanity?

Cass: Is there something you'd like to share with me?

Craig: No!

Cass: Because I would really love to avoid all of the games this time, and go straight to the truth.

Craig: I never set foot inside that boathouse, Cass.  Barbara is either more deluded than I thought, or she's lying through her teeth.

Cass: Yeah, well, the D.A. seemed pretty confident.  She couldn't use the statement if there was any hint of delirium on Barbara's part.

Craig: I can't believe it.  She's trying to nail me for attempted murder.

Cass: She's doing a pretty good job of it, too.

Craig: Get me out of here, Cass.

Cass: I got you out.  But now, be honest.  You're not thinking of skipping out of town again, are you?

Craig: Oh, no.  No, I'm gonna go wring the truth out of my beloved wife. 

Jessica: So you're implicating Carly Tenney as well?

Jack: There's no way Carly gets involved in taking another person's life, no way at all.  I know her.  I trust her.

Barbara: I trusted Craig.

Jack: Over Hal?  Excuse me for saying so, Barbara.  That's something I'll never understand.

Jessica: Jack --

Paul: Hey, back off.

Jack: You shut up!

Jessica: Hey, wait a minute.  Everybody, let's just table this for now.

Paul: Yeah, my mother's been through enough.

Jessica: I agree.  Barbara, would you allow me to depose you at a later date?  I'll need you to testify to everything you've said today.

Barbara: I will, Jess.

Jessica: Thank you.  My office will handle this from here.

Margo: Jessica, could I have --

Jessica: That'll be all for tonight, detective. 

Barbara: Poor Jack, and Margo loves Craig.

Paul: Sure.  I guess that's why she ignores all the evidence and lets little brother skip bail to New York.

Barbara: New York?

Paul: Yeah.  That's where he fired half your company.

Barbara: Oh.

Paul: He slashed and burned anybody that stood between him and the company checkbook -- people who had been there for years, people that's been there from the very beginning.

Barbara: Everybody warned me -- friends and family, my children.

Paul: Hey, hey, hey.  There's somebody outside who won't say, "I told you so."

Barbara: Who?

Paul: Hal's been waiting to see you ever since you woke up and asked for him.  I'll go get him for you.

Barbara: Don't.  Don't, no.

Paul: Why not?

Barbara: I don't want him to see me like this.

Paul: Mom, he's been here every day.

Barbara: Did you see Jack and Margo look at me?

Paul: Mom, Hal doesn't care.

Barbara: I care.  Tell him to go home. 

Hal: And Barbara is willing to testify to all that?

Jessica: She's ready to give her statement for the record.

Margo: I cannot believe that we're taking as gospel the disjointed memories of a woman who just came out of a coma!

Jessica: She didn't sound disjointed to me.  I'm moving forward with this case.

Margo: Fine.  You do what you've got to do.

Jessica: Jack, I'm going to have to look into the allegations against Carly, too.

Jack: I can't believe this, Hal.  Can you believe this?  The mother of your son, do you think she's involved in some kind of murder conspiracy?  Tell Jessica right now.

Hal: Jack, I just gave up trying to figure out what people will do when they're under Craig Montgomery's control.  I'm sorry.

Jack: So Carly is now a part of this investigation?

Jessica: Yes.  She should get a lawyer.

Hal: Is she awake?

Paul: Yeah, but she's very tired.

Hal: Well, sure.  People have been traipsing in and out of there all night.

I'm not gonna be long.  I'm just gonna hold her.

Paul: Hal, now's not a real good time.

Hal: Oh, come on, Paul, this is all I've been praying for.

Paul: Just give her some time.

Hal: How long?

Paul: I'll let you know.  I'm gonna go check with the doctors right now.

Hal: Will you tell her I waited?  Tell her I'll wait as long as it takes. 

Slocumb: Do you know where your son is, Miss Ryan?  You have an unwanted visitor outside, and I wouldn't mind some help convincing him to leave.

Craig: Barbara?!  Barbara?!

Slocumb: Move away from the door, now!

Barbara: It's all right.  Let him in.  I want to hear what my husband has to say.

Barbara: Some privacy, please?

Slocumb: I'll be right outside the door.

Barbara: I'm amazed, you coming here.  What could you possibly want?

Craig: To see you.

Barbara: How do I look?

Craig: Oh, Barbara --

Barbara: Don't.  After what you've done to me, not one word.

Craig: We are alone, Barbara.

Barbara: Yes.

Craig: We can be honest here.

Barbara: Now?  Now you want to be honest?

Craig: All right, okay.  You can't stand me, but telling these lies --

Barbara: Is that the best you can do, Craig?  Same old lies, same smooth words.

Craig: Maybe I was indiscreet with B.R.O. assets.

Barbara: You robbed me blind!

Craig: I didn't rob you.  And I was never inside that boathouse.

Barbara: Yes, you were.

Craig: I never --

Barbara: Yes, you were!  I would try to explain everything again, but I know it wouldn't do any good.  No.  You hate me, so go ahead, so go ahead and hate me for the rest of your life.  But to accuse me of trying to kill you?

Barbara: You can go now, Craig.

Craig: Barbara --

Barbara: Save it, Craig.  Save it for the jury.  You can get out.

Craig: You're asking for my blood here.

Barbara: And I'm going to get it.

Craig: You want to try and ruin my life for what?

Barbara: I put you above everything, above my children, and you humiliated me, but that wasn't enough.  You had to torture me.

Craig: I had nothing to do with you being in here, Barbara.

Barbara: You married me for my money because you couldn't make any on your own.  You and Carly were in on this from the beginning.  You tried to take over my company.  You didn't have the guts to put a gun to my head, so you burned me to death instead, but you couldn't even finish the job.

Craig: Don't do this, Barbara.  You're not yourself.

Barbara: Yes, I am.  I am who I should be.  I am not blind anymore.

Craig: Okay, you want to accuse someone, fine.  What happened to you was horrible, and --

Barbara: Officer!

Barbara: Say good-bye to your life, Craig -- to me, and to your life as you know it.

Slocumb: Let's go.

Craig: I'm not going down for this, Barbara.  Do you understand?  You tried, but it's not gonna happen. 

Lily: Cynicism isn't good for the soul.

Simon: Right.  I'll survive.

Lily: Oh, Katie is totally infuriating.  No one would ever call her sane, but she's madly in love with you.

Simon: You know, not to be insulting, but I did make a living producing that effect in women.

Lily: Oh, no, no, no.  I'm not talking about the con man or the love artist or the guy who lies his way into vulnerable women's heart.  No, I'm talking about the real you, and she loves you for you.

Simon: Whatever that means.

Lily: Oh, you obviously feel something for her, too, or else you wouldn't have risked your neck getting over here to find her.

Simon: I have tried absolutely everything to make Katie realize that I am not in love with her.

Lily: Like flying to that God-forsaken island to rescue her?

Simon: Oh, come on!  She was stranded with Henry Coleman, you know.

I'm not completely heartless.

Lily: There's something about her that gets to you.  Tell me that I'm wrong.

Simon: Oh, can we just focus on the task at hand here, please?

Lily: I think we're past the point of lying to each other, keeping secrets.

You can't hide from me.

Simon: All right, fine.  You're probably the one person in the entire world who knows better than anyone what makes me tick.  Can we just leave it that way?

Lily: Can I make one observation?

Simon: No.

Lily: Just one?

Simon: No.  Go ahead.

Lily: You would jump off a bridge for love, but you don't want to take that chance.

Simon: Not without a bungee cord, no.

Lily: You find a woman who loves you for you, and she just happens to already be your wife.

Simon: Can you believe my lucky break?  I kick myself every day.

Katie: Whew.  Sorry it took so long, but that judge gave me quite a lecture.

Simon: In English, I hope?

Katie: Oh, yes.  He went on and on and on.  Something about stealing and crime doesn't pay.  Whatever.  Anyway, who is ready to hit the opera?  You know, I was thinking on the way down here that, Lily, I hope that this turns out to have a happy ending for you, just like the guy in "Il Travatore." Lily: Oh, dear.  Well, see, how that one ends is that guy ends up killing the person he's been looking for all his life.

Katie: Oh, well, scratch that.  We'll make our own happy ending. 

Emily: Hey, I heard your car pull up.  How'd it go?

Hal: Hey, you're still here.

Emily: Yeah.  I -- I couldn't help it.  I wanted to hear what Barbara had to say about Craig, but first things first, how is she?  Is she okay?

Hal: Well, from what I hear, she's fine.

Emily: You didn't -- you didn't see her?

Hal: Nope.

Emily: Well, she asked for you, didn't she?

Hal: That's what Jennifer said.

Emily: Yeah, I know, I heard.  But what happened?

Hal: Well, half the Oakdale P.D., The D.A. and most of the doctors on the staff, they went into her room, but, I don't know, I just didn't make the cut.

Emily: Did they say why?

Hal: Barbara didn't want to see me.

Emily: That's it?

Hal: Emily, what am I going to do, knock down the door?  Paul came out, and he told me to come back another time.  He said that she -- she needed more time, something like that.

Emily: Oh, Hal, I am so sorry.

Hal: Maybe I misread what Jennifer said.  I mean, I don't know what to expect.

Emily: Well, I don't know, not to get the bum's rush, how about that for starters?

Hal: Well, Paul, Paul -- no, Paul was very nice when he came out and talked to me.  And I got the feeling he wanted me to go in, but she'd said no.

Emily: How could she do something like that to you?

Hal: It's not about me, my feelings, what I need.  Who cares about that?  I mean, the woman just cheated death.  Whatever she wants is fine by me.

Emily: Whatever she wants.  You've practically lived your life for her, Hal.  You know, you remember, you lost your job for her.  All you do is care for that woman.

Hal: If I can give her a little time, I can do that.  Hmm?

Emily: You know what?  I'm sorry if it upsets me when a man is standing here with his heart in his hands, and he gets some door slammed in his face.

Hal: I can't hear this right now.

Emily: Okay.  All right.  You want me to go?  I guess I should go.

Hal: I'm kind of talked out.

Emily: You know, I think we both had the same idea of what to expect from Barbara.  I'm just so sorry it didn't happen for you, Hal. 

[Craig gasps]

Carly: It's just me.

Craig: I can tell.  What do you want?

Carly: Anything and everything you can do to help me.

Craig: Carly, at the moment, I believe you and I are in the same boat. 

Paul: I spoke to Dr. Harris.  He said you're doing extremely well.

Barbara: Craig was here.

Paul: What?

Barbara: Don't blame the guard.

Paul: What -- who -- who should I blame?!  I should sue.  I should sue the whole police department.  That man should not be allowed within 100 yards of this place!

Barbara: I told the guard to let him in.

Paul: Why?

Barbara: Because it helped.  Seeing his face, hearing his lies -- it made me feel better about what I have to do.

Paul: Listen.  I told Hal to give you some time.  Mom, he's dying to see you.  You should have seen his face when I told him he couldn't come in here.

Barbara: No.  No, I can't face him now.  Everything he warned me about has happened.  Look at me, Paul.

Paul: Mom, Mom, he doesn't see it that way.

Barbara: No, no, I can't see his face, those eyes.

Paul: Okay, Mom, look.  One step at a time, okay?  You don't have to rush into anything you're not ready for.

Barbara: Thank you.

Paul: You just concentrate on gettin' better and gettin' back on your feet.

Barbara: That's going to be tricky.

Paul: But I'll be here for you every step of the way.

Barbara: Thank God you're here.  I love you, Paul.

Paul: I love you, too, Mom.

Barbara: I need to sleep.

Paul: I'll go track down Margo and make sure she keeps Craig away from you, okay?  I'll be back. 

Holden: Did you hear that?

Luke: It sounds like the band at school before they play a song.

Holden: That's right, buddy.  They're warmin' up.  The opera is about to start. 

Simon: Anybody see anything?

Katie: Lots of dresses and tuxes and -- look at that necklace on that woman!

Lily: Would you please not do anything to draw attention to us?  I just want the lights to go down and the curtain to go up so we can start looking for Holden and Luke.  Do you -- do you think we can get in and out of here without anybody really noticing us?

Katie: Oh, yeah, I wouldn't worry about that.  One thing I've learned in Malta is that people love their opera.  As soon as that curtain goes up, they won't be able to tear their eyes away from it.

Simon: Still, we should keep a low profile, okay?

Katie: Oh, and if we have to do anything that makes any noise, just wait for this one really loud part.  I'm kidding you not, you could hear cat's screaming over it.  Dum dum dum-dum tsh Dum-dum tsh dum-dum Dum-dum dum dum

Holden: Hey, you know how proud I am of you?

Luke: I guess.

Holden: You guess?!  You guess?!

Luke: Well, kinda.

Holden: You, you're like a bright shining light in my life.  When I go to bed at night, I treasure the fact that I am your dad.  And I dream about all the wonderful things that I just know that you are going to accomplish when you get older.  I have known ever since you were just a little, little guy how special you are.  I want you to know that I love you.  I love you very much.

Luke: I love you too, Dad.

Holden: And we're going to win.  You know that? 

Lily: Could you stop doing that please?!

Katie: What?  Oh.  Sorry, I would if I could get that stupid opera out of my head.  It was playing all night long in the slam.

Simon: The slam?

Katie: Yeah, you've done time.  You know what I'm talking about.

Lily: A few inconvenient hours in a jail cell does not make you an ex-con, I'm sorry.

Katie: I was in a foreign jail.  That's most American travelers' worst nightmare, and I lived through it.

[The lights blink]

Lily: It's starting.

Simon: Okay.  Listen, listen, when the lights go down, and the overture begins, we'll start looking, okay?  We're going to find your family tonight. 

Craig: You know, normally, I would welcome the sight of your --

Carly: Craig!

Craig: -- Pretty face, but not tonight.

[Car approaching]

[Carly hides on the floor]

Craig: Oh!  But since you're down there --

Carly: Craig!

Craig: I couldn't resist.  What?

Carly: I just can't risk being seen with you.  If Jack finds out, if anybody finds out --

Craig: Well, you have a lot more to worry about than Jack at the moment.

Carly: Oh, I wish I could just be reading about you in the newspaper, that maybe we could just be a passing acquaintance or something, you know?

Craig: We're star-crossed, Carly.  What do you want?

Carly: The only reason I am here and in trouble yet again is because of you.  Paul Ryan is on the warpath.  He says all he's doing is protecting his mother, but for some -- some reason, that means trashing me in the process.

Do you know what he's telling everybody?  He's telling everybody that I am your mistress.

Craig: Well, mama's boy sure likes his free ride, doesn't he?  Well -- shall I call you mistress?

Carly: Craig!

[Craig laughs]

Carly: This is actually pretty serious!  I would like this rumor squashed before it gets out of hand.  And if he wants to drag you name through the mud, that's just fine with me.  But why do I have to be any part of it?!

Craig: It's too late for that now.  Barbara has bought her baby's little rumor about us being in cahoots.  Actually, they're spinning a tale to the police now.

Carly: Which police?  Who?  No.  No!

Craig: Barbara won't be content just trying to ruin my life.  She wants yours, too.

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