As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/23/01


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Proofread by Gisele

Tom: Ah, beautiful.

Lien: Thank you.  Oh, while you're at the Cubs game with Casey and Adam, Ben is bringing our date over here, if that's okay with you.

Tom: Fine with me.  Okay with you?

Lien: Have you taken a good, long look at that guy?  He's gorgeous.

Tom: And he saved your life.

Lien: Please try to sound happy when you say that.

[Lien sighs]

Lien: I promise he will not know that I know.  But I am glad you told me about the injections.

Tom: And now that he has saved your life -- ah, forget I said anything.

Lien: Trying to leave a half-formed loaded question up in the air for nine innings?  Dad, what is it?

Tom: I'm just worried.  That's all.

Lien: About what?

Tom: About you, about Ben.

Lien: I'm mending perfectly.

Tom: Well, I can see that.  But I thought you were gonna take a little time and regroup and decide what you really wanted to do.  I mean, Ben is a great guy, but now, it seems like it's goin' full-steam ahead.  Look, don't let it be because the guy saved your life.  It's not fair to him, and it's not fair to you. 

Hal: Thanks for comin' by, Mrs. Hughes.

Nancy: How many times do I have to ask you to call me Nancy?

Hal: Oh.

Nancy: How are the children doing, Hal?

Hal: They're holdin' steady.

Nancy: And Barbara?

Hal: The same.  Uh, can I get you some lemonade?

Nancy: Oh, that would be nice.  Yes.  Now, you said you wanted me to help you do something.

Hal: Mm-hmm.

Nancy: You know, whatever it is, you can count on me.

Hal: I was hopin' you'd say that.

Nancy: Well, now, what is it you want me to do for you?

Hal: I want you to help me nail the psycho that tried to kill Barbara.

Nancy: Are you sure you have the right woman?  I've -- I've read my quota of Jessica Fletcher Myst --

Hal: I've been doing some research with a friend, sort of, on library books taken out in the weeks prior to the bombing at the boathouse.

Nancy: Well, I'm sure clues come from the oddest places.

Hal: Yeah, well, the oddest thing is that the name that keeps coming up under the most interesting titles is yours.

Nancy: Oh.

[Knocking at the door]

Nancy: I'll get that.  I'm closer.

Nancy: Emily!

Emily: Nancy!  What a lovely surprise.

Nancy: The word is "surprise."

Emily: Is Hal here?

Nancy: Yes, but he and I are in the midst of a very important discussion.

I'll tell him you stopped by.

Emily: Ouch!

Hal: Nancy, I know you'd make a heck of a bouncer, but --

Nancy: Uh, you were expecting her?

Hal: Well, not exactly.  But you could say that Emily and I are working on this library thing together.

Nancy: Tell me you're joking.

Hal: All of a sudden, I wish I was.

Nancy: Well, I hope you know what you're doing.

Hal: That makes two of us.

Emily: Excuse me, people.  I'm the one who found the clue.  Don't you think I should be here for the interrogation?

Nancy: Whose interrogation would that be?

Emily: Yours. 

Molly: Craig Montgomery?  Hi!  Hi, I'm Molly Conlan.  Carly's cousin?


Craig: I know who you are.

Molly: Great, good.  Please tell me that means that Cass Winthrop told you to expect me, then.

Craig: I was alerted.

Molly: Good, because we go live in just a few minutes, and that gives us time to set up the camera and go over the questions I have for you.

Craig: You wanna go live?

Molly: Yeah, that's the plan.  Kim Hughes is preempting all programming so that you can get your full, unedited statement out to the public.  All right, Greg.  Get right there.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.  Make sure you get his full face between the bars, okay?

Greg: Yeah.

Molly: I want the elegant tycoon profile against the gritty, lonely backdrop.

Craig: Molly?  You've forgotten just one minor detail.

Molly: Uh, what's that?

Craig: My permission.  At the moment, I have nothing to say -- on the air or off. 

Barbara: Boathouse?

Paul: That's right, Mom.  That's -- that's where you were when you got hurt.

Barbara: Why?

Paul: You don't remember?

Barbara: When?

Paul: It was a little over a month ago.  Mid-June.  It's July now, Mom.

Come on, it's -- it's okay.

Barbara: A month?  Here?

Paul: Mom -- Mom, time's not important right now.  Just try to think back about that night.

Barbara: I think nothing.  Nothing.

Paul: Oh, come on, Mom.  Come on.  This is from a woman who never forgets anything?  Come on.  Give it another try.  You went to Holden's memorial service, and then what?

Barbara: Oh.  Oh, Holden -- and Luke.  Oh, poor Lily -- heartbroken.

Paul: You remember that.  You remember that.  Good, good.  Now --

now, think back.  What did you do before the memorial service?  Can you think back earlier in the day?

Barbara: Can't --

Paul: Okay.  All right, all right.  Look, we'll do this.  Look.  Close your eyes.  Go ahead.  Go on.  Okay.  Let's pretend like this is a movie.  Okay?

You're at Holden's memorial service.  All of Holden and Lily's friends are there.  Now, go to the church. [Barbara looks scared] What, what?  You --

you remember something?

Barbara: Heartbroken.

Paul: Yeah, that's right.  That's right.  Do you remember why?

Barbara: Craig.  Oh.  Craig.

Paul: That's great, Mom. 

Paul: That's great, Mom.  I knew you could remember.

Barbara: Craig.

Paul: That's right.  Craig was at the church.  Now, then what happened next?

Barbara: A terrible -- fight.

Paul: Between you and Craig?  What did you two argue about?

Barbara: I can't -- words.

Paul: Mom, look.  Look, the words will come.  Just -- just think -- think about what you were doing, how you felt.

Barbara: I -- I wanted to -- wanted to leave.

Paul: Okay.  Okay, do you know why?

[Barbara groans]

Barbara: Angry.

Paul: Did you know -- do you know why you were so angry?

Barbara: Do you?

Paul: I think I do, but I need to hear it from you.

Barbara: He signed.  He swore.

Paul: "Signed," "Signed" -- signed what?

Barbara: Wedding -- before wedding --

Paul: "Before wedding," "wedding" -- he -- he signed the pre-nup, the pre-nup before the wedding?  And he swore he wouldn't touch your money?

Barbara: He lied.  He stole so much.

[Barbara breathes rapidly]

Barbara: Did I dream?

Paul: I'm so sorry.  I'm so sorry.  Come here.  Look, you're gettin' your memory back.  You're gettin' your memory back, and you'll get your strength back.  And then we'll go after Craig. 

Hal: Please, Nancy, don't go.  Emily didn't really mean I was going to interrogate you.

Emily: Yeah, I was just kidding.  I'll be as quiet as a church mouse.  You won't even know I'm here.

Nancy: I know you realize she runs "The Intruder."

Hal: Well, the truth is that Emily is kind of --

Nancy: That sentence could end in a million different ways.

Hal: Well, she's sort of become a -- a friend of the family.

Emily: Hey, don't look at me like that.  I've practically went blind researching, okay?  Don't I get anything for my troubles?  What, are you gonna make me wait outside in the blistering heat like a dog?

Hal: Fine, stay!

[Emily huffs]

Hal: You're welcome to stay and listen.

Emily: Thank you.  Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?  Now, where were we?

Hal: We were talking about books.  Do you want some lemonade?

Emily: Thank you.  Sure.  Books -- now, that is an interesting topic.  You know, you think you could just learn everything about a person just by the books they read.  For instance, just looking at you, I'd say you were into biographies, murder mysteries, an occasional romance novel -- you know, your everyday, garden variety fiction.

Nancy: Your point, Emily?

Emily: Simply that if you were to start checking out books on, say -- oh, I don't know -- military weaponry, ballistics, weaponry --

Hal: What Emily's so doggedly trying to get at --

Emily: -- Wouldn't you be amused?

Hal: -- Is that your name kept coming up under some rather odd titles.

[Nancy giggles]

Nancy: Yes, I can imagine.

Hal: A new hobby you wanna tell us about?

Nancy: No, an old job.  I check out books for other people.

Emily: What people?

Nancy: Patients at Memorial Hospital.  I'm a volunteer, remember? 

Paul: I know the pieces probably feel a little mixed-up right now, but just tell me all that you can remember, okay?  And then -- and then we'll piece it all together, okay, like those -- those puzzles.  The puzzles we used to do when I was a little kid -- you remember those?

Barbara: Uh-huh.

Paul: We'd do the corners and the sides first, and then we'd fill in the rest.

You just tell me everything you remember about Craig before the memorial service.

[Monitor beeping]

Barbara: More fighting.

Paul: You -- you two were arguing?  What -- do you remember why?

Barbara: Money -- checks.

Paul: "Checks"?  Checks?  The -- the checks that he was writing from the B.R.O. account?  The checks I called you about?

Barbara: Yes.  I said, "Give it back." Oh, words --

Paul: What?  And then you went to the church.  And then -- and then what?  Come on, Mom, it's all right.  It's all right.

Ben: Hey, how's everybody's favorite patient?

Paul: Hey, doc.  You got those test results yet?

Ben: Yeah, I have some promising news.  Just took a look at the C.A.T.


Paul: And?

Ben: And it looks like the swelling in your brain has decreased and the blood clot that we were worried about is disappearing.  You're well on the road to recovery.

Barbara: Words -- memory -- can't --

Ben: Okay.  Be patient.  You need to give yourself some time.  Okay?  I know you want all the answers now, but after this type of trauma, you need to cut yourself some slack.  Now, the therapists, the rest of the doctors around here, they'll put you through your paces soon enough.

Barbara: Thanks.

Ben: No.  Thank you.  You know, you're the talk of the floor here.

You've made everybody's day.  So you keep up the good work.

Paul: Hey, you got a minute?  I got some questions.

Ben: All right, sure.

Paul: Bye, Mom.  I'll be right back.

Barbara: I won't move.

[Door closing]

Paul: Hey, look, my mom's starting to have memories from that night, but only up to a certain point.  And if she has to testify --

Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Paul, Paul -- your mother is experiencing retrograde amnesia, which is par for the course after this type of trauma, okay?  Now, given time, some patients, they experience a total recall of the events leading up to the trauma.  Others don't.  You never can tell.

Paul: So what are you saying, she might never remember?

Ben: No, Barbara's the only one that can answer that.  Every case is different.

Paul: Well, look, there's got to be something I can do to help her along here.

Ben: You can be patient, okay?  Don't rush her to remember something that -- that -- that might be painful for her.

Paul: Look, if you knew my --

Ben: Just let this unfold at its own pace.

Paul: If you knew my mother as well as I do, you'd know how much this is killing her.

Ben: Well, your mother is doing great.  There's no reason to believe that she won't continue to improve.

[Pager beeping]

Ben: Hey, I have to take this.  If there's anything else you need me for, everybody around here knows how to reach me, okay?

Paul: Okay.  Thanks, doc.

Ben: Yeah.

[Paul sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Barbara: So sorry.

Paul: What do you have to be sorry about?

Barbara: Swiss cheese brain --

Paul: Look, it's only a matter of time.

Barbara: -- All holes.

Paul: It's only a matter of time, Mom.  It's only a matter of time before you remember everything.  We -- we already made it to Holden Snyder's memorial service, and it's only a matter of time before you remember why you left the church to go to the boathouse.

Barbara: I had to tell -- to tell -- to talk --

Paul: It's okay.  It's okay.  Just -- Mom --

[Monitor beeping]

Barbara: Paul?  Paul, I know.  I know.

Paul: What, what?  What, what, what?  What do you remember?

Barbara: Jack -- Jack called.  No, I called.

Paul: Okay.  You -- you called Jack?  Do you remember why?

Barbara: Craig.  Had to tell Jack Craig stole -- yes?

Paul: Yeah, you got it. 

Molly: I would love to stand here and bargain with you, but you know what?  We go live in a matter of minutes, Craig.

Craig: And you need this exclusive.

Molly: No, we need this exclusive.  You're going on trial soon.  And if you don't get your side of the story out there in the court of public opinion now --

Craig: Au contraire, mon petite bon-bon.  My lawyer is having the bail reinstated as we speak.  The charges will be dropped before you know it.  So the last thing I need is your exclusive microphone in my face.

Molly: You think so, huh?  Oh.  Some people know what to make of their time in the spotlight.  Some people like Paul Ryan.

Craig: And what about Paul?

Molly: He didn't have any problem giving me his story.  Greg?

Paul: Craig Montgomery is finally where he should have been months ago.  He's singlehandedly engineered a takeover in the company that my mother poured all of her talents, time and energy into.  He left town -- a clear violation of his bail.  He went to New York.  He appropriated hundreds of documents, computer data, embezzled money, used my mother's money to bail himself out of jail.  And now, he's grooming a new designer to take over her company, all of this while my mother lies in a coma.  And how does one get away with all this?  It's easy.  He's the brother of the Chief of Detectives.

So that's how you get away with murder in Oakdale -- keep it in the family.

Molly: Thanks, Greg.  That is gonna be on today's newscast.  Okay?  By tomorrow, those damning words are gonna be on page one of every newspaper in this state, whether they are true or not.  Listen, I am not here to judge you.  I just wanna get the story.  And you never struck me as the kind of guy to let some other guy get the last word.  All right, fine.  Fine.  Come on, Greg.  Let's see what Mr. Ryan has to say about the defendant's telling silence.

Craig: All right, Molly, I'll talk.

Molly: I was hoping you'd say that.  Trust me, you will not regret this.

Craig: I'll hold you to that.

Molly: Okay, great.  Tell them we got the story, Greg, and -- let me get the list of questions for you.

Craig: No questions.

Molly: Uh, wha -- excuse me?

Craig: No questions.  I'll do all the talking.

Molly: Total control.

Craig: Well, if my terms are unsatisfactory, I'm sure I could find some other ambitious, leggy newshound.

Molly: Fine, have it your way.  Let's just do it.  Greg, tell 'em I'll be ready to go in five.

Margo: No, I -- I'd hold off on that interview if I were you.

Craig: An audience.

Jack: You might have second thoughts on makin' any statements right now.

Craig: Is it Barbara?  She's -- she --

Jack: She's awake, Craig.  She's out of her coma, and she's ready to make a few statements of her own.  Big news day, huh? 

Lien: What woman in her right mind wouldn't want to date Ben Harris?

The guy is gorgeous, tall, strong, brilliant -- did I say he was gorgeous?

Tom: You mentioned that.

Lien: -- Sensitive and thoughtful.

[Lien giggles]

Lien: All these great reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with a sense of obligation.

Tom: Sure about that?

Lien: You want to polygraph me?

Tom: It's not admissible in court.

Lien: I honestly like Ben Harris.  I really like spending time with him.

He's fun.  And it's been so long since I've had a steady guy.  It seems like -- I don't know -- decades?

Tom: Oh, it hasn't been that bad.  It's been that bad?

Lien: Hmm.  I mean, don't I even get that chance to see where this thing might go?  I feel like I'm in mid-dive, four feet off the diving board, and you're now telling me, "Double-check to make sure that there's water in the pool."

Tom: Did I just imagine that, before I told you Ben was the one that found the injections that saved your life, you were not gonna have any serious relationships with anybody?

Lien: I changed my mind.

Tom: But that's my point.  What if you change it again?  I mean, you've been through so much in the last few weeks, you could be confusing gratitude with something deeper.  Look, I just don't want to see anybody get hurt.  Okay, maybe I'm overreacting.

Lien: You?

Tom: Yeah.

Lien: No.  You're just blowing things way out of proportion.

Tom: Oh.

[Doorbell ringing]

Ben: Hey, hey.

Lien: Hey, hey.

Ben: Stand aside.  I have picked up some cool, delicious dishes for one hot date.

Tom: Hello, Ben!

Ben: Hey, Tom!  What's goin' on, man?

Tom: Oh, well, I'm heading to a formal dinner with the governor.  I'm goin' to the Cubs game with my kids, gonna root on the home team.  Have fun.

Ben: All right, thanks.  You, too.

Tom: Think about what I said, okay?

Lien: Thanks for taking the time to nag.

Tom: You're welcome.


[Lien chuckles]

Lien: Have fun.

[Door closing]

Ben: Well, I think we have all the ingredients for a perfect evening together.

Lien: Yes, we do.  Wow, flowers.

Ben: Yes.

Lien: I'd better put these in water before they melt.  Food.  And we've got food from -- what is that -- the pretentious palate.  Oh, I'm sorry.  The -- the preferential palate.

Ben: So -- you know, I -- I have been thinking about you all day long.

So either I'm -- I'm crazy about you, or -- I don't know -- I'm just -- just plain crazy.  I don't know.  Which do you think it is?

Nancy: I show up at work, they give me a list of book requests that would shock Santa Claus.  I take that list to the library, they give me the books, I take the books back to the hospital, and they're distributed.

Emily: By you?

Nancy: All the volunteers help.

Hal: Did you ever notice which kind of patient likes what kind of book?

Nancy: I never checked out a book on how to build a bomb for the accused, Craig Montgomery.  I know that much.

Emily: Okay, well, what about a -- another hospital patient?

Nancy: That's all the information I have.  I'm just sorry that I can't help you more.

Hal: No, no, you did great.  She got us started in the right direction.

Emily: Yeah, great.  Thanks a million.  You were a big help.

Nancy: Anything for Barbara.  You know, if anyone had told me that you two would be on the same page --

Hal: Thanks again for everything.

Hal: Not one step closer to pinning that bomb on Montgomery.

Emily: Yeah, but you know what?  This collaboration thing, it's workin' for me.  You know?  I come up with the bright idea, you run with the lead.

Just think about all the great stories we could've worked on if we had teamed up when you were still on --

Hal: I'd have to spend half my time keeping you out of the -- jail.

Emily: Yeah, oh, please.  I got an idea.  I got a great idea.  Next time one of us comes up with a bright idea, we both run with the lead.  Works for me.

Work for you?

Hal: As a matter of fact, not so hot.

Emily: Ho, ho, "not so hot."

Jennifer: Dad, Dad, Dad?!  Good -- good, you're here!

Hal: What?

Emily: Whoa.

Hal: What?

Jennifer: You won't believe it.  It's incredible.  This has been the best day ever!

Hal: What?

Emily: It's gotta be good.  Come on.

Jennifer: News, news -- big news.  The biggest.

Hal: Well, tell me before I have to peel you off the ceiling.

Jennifer: It's Mom.  Mom's awake.  Yeah, awake.  And the first person she asked for was you!

[Jennifer sighs]

Craig: Barbara's out of the coma?

Jack: You were hopin' to hear some other news about her?

Craig: This is great.  I knew she'd pull through.  How is she?  What do her doctors say?

Margo: Well, she's fully conscious.  She's -- she's aware.  The doctors are doing some tests on her now.  That's all we've got.

Jack: Yeah, we'll know more after we talk to her.

Margo: We're on our way over there.  I knew you'd wanna know.

Jack: Right.

Craig: Will you tell her how happy I am she's all right?

Jack: I'm not sure she's gonna want to hear any messages from you.

Craig: Nothing has changed between me and my wife despite the mistakes the Oakdale police have made.  She knows I had nothing to do with that explosion.

Jack: Save it for the cameras.  Come on.  Jessica's waiting.  Hell, we've all been waiting for this day for weeks.

Craig: Margo, will you tell Barbara what I said?  She'll tell the truth, Margo.  I didn't do it.  I didn't do it.

Paul: It'll all come back.  Okay, so you talked to Jack.  Did you -- did you tell him about Craig?

Barbara: Yes -- the money.

Paul: Okay, did you have any proof?

Barbara: Bank records.

Paul: Okay, okay.  Then what did Jack say?  What did he -- he wanted you -- to meet you somewhere?

Barbara: Yes.  Yes!  Yes!  The bo -- boathouse.

Paul: Okay.  Yeah, yeah.  Oh, that's right.  That's right.  He wanted to meet you at the boathouse.  Then what?

Barbara: Accident.

Paul: There's -- something happened at the boathouse.

Barbara: Accident.  Tell me.  Tell me.

Paul: It -- it wasn't an accident.  Someone planted an explosive device in the building -- some sort of bomb.

Barbara: Bomb?  To hurt me?

Paul: It's okay.  It's okay.

Barbara: Why?  Why hurt me?

Paul: The building exploded, and Jack got there a few minutes later.

Barbara: Jack?

Paul: Thank God he got there when he did.

Barbara: But who?  Someone wanted me to die?

Paul: The police are still investigating.

Barbara: Who?

Paul: All the evidence points to one -- someone who was afraid that you were gonna blow the whistle on him.  And I don't think I have to tell you who, do I?

Barbara: Craig?  Craig?  Barbara: Mirror.

Paul: Mom --

Barbara: Please.

Paul: Let's -- let's wait a little while for this. Barbara: Please.  Paul, give me the mirror. 

Jennifer: Oh, it was the most incredible thing, Dad!

Hal: Tell me everything.

Jennifer: She started waking up, little by little, you know, only we didn't know when the machines went ballistic, beeping and screeching.  Paul and I were really terrified.

Hal: Then what happened?

Jennifer: Well, everyone came rushing in -- doctors and nurses, and then her hand moved, then her eyes opened, and we could hardly hear her, her voice was so weak, but she said, "where's Hal?" Can you believe it?!

"Where's Hal?" She's asking for you, Dad!

Hal: I don't believe it.

Jennifer: Isn't this incredible!  Oh, Mom's back!  She's back!  And oh, you gotta go see her!  Oh, I'm gonna go tell Adam!

Emily: Hal, what's with you?!  Come on!  You oughta be halfway out the door by now.

Hal: I'm gonna go in there, and I'm gonna blow it.  I'm gonna say the wrong thing.  All the bad memories will come flooding back, and she's gonna wonder what the hell she was thinking of when she asked to see me.

Emily: Are you kidding me?  Say the wrong thing to Barbara?  You've been married to that woman how many times, huh?  You've probably said the wrong thing to her a million times by now.

Hal: Exactly.  So why does she want an encore?

Emily: Oh, I don't know.  I don't know, maybe because you were the only man who was bull-headed enough to risk losing his job to keep her safe, hmm?  Because you spent the last couple weeks looking for that coward who put her in the hospital.  You've tried to keep this family together in spite of staggering odds.  Come on!  You think maybe that's why your name was the first on her lips?

Hal: I feel so -- lucky.

Emily: Oh, no.  No, Barbara's the lucky one.  Yeah.  She's got a guy like you in her corner.

Hal: Thanks, Emily.

Emily: Come here.  Forget about it.  Come here.  I'm so happy for you.

Now go.  Go.

Hal: Yeah, before she comes to her senses.

Emily: Didn't you hear Jennifer?  She already has.

Hal: Thanks, Em.

Emily: Hal, Hal --

Hal: What?

[Hal laughs]

[Monitor beeping]

[Barbara cries]

Barbara: Oh, my face!  Oh, God help me.

Paul: You'll be fine, Mom.  It's okay.

Barbara: Oh, God.  He burned me.  Oh, Paul.

Paul: Give me the mirror.  I knew this was a mistake.

Barbara: Oh, go.  Go.

Paul: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom -- I am right here.  I am right here, and I'm going to stay here.  Look at me, Mom.  Please.  Look at me.  Mom.

[Barbara cries]

Paul: The important thing is that you're awake and alive, and you're going to be every bit as beautiful.  Do you hear me?  We're gonna get the best plastic surgeons in the world.  If we can't take you to them, we'll bring them to you.

Barbara: No, it's too much.

Paul: No, no, no.  That's where you're wrong.  That's where you're wrong.

You're gonna be as beautiful as you always were.  We'll make you good as new.

Barbara: Oh, he burned me.  He burned me!

Paul: Craig must have known.  Craig must have known that you were going to meet Jack, and he was afraid you were gonna tell the truth about the millions he embezzled.

Barbara: He said he loved me.

Paul: Don't worry about Craig.  Don't worry about Craig.  We'll take care of him, okay?  He's in jail now, okay?  And until now, I didn't know if we were gonna be able to keep him there.  The only evidence they had was a footprint -- a footprint near the boathouse that matched some shoes in his closet.

Barbara: Not enough evidence?

Paul: Well, the D.A.'s afraid they might not get a conviction based on the circumstantial evidence alone.

Barbara: No.  He won't go free.

Paul: If we don't have concrete evidence -- a confession, an eyewitness account -- that's exactly what could happen. 

Ben: You've been a real gift to me, Lien.

Lien: Ben --

Ben: No, it's true.

Lien: Yeah, a woman who was critically ill, ignoring all her symptoms out of sheer terror and refusing all treatment -- some gift.  More like an immature, selfish pain in the neck.

Ben: You saved my life.

Lien: That's an interesting choice of words, considering that --

Ben: I was on autopilot.  I wasn't connecting to anything or anyone.  I went to work, and of course, I had Curtis, but other than that, my world was dead air.  You know what I mean?

Lien: Not a clue.

Ben: Then you came along, and you helped make Curtis a permanent part of my life.

Lien: And for my next trick, I almost died on your living room floor.

What a way to make an impression.

Ben: That's when I got to see how brave and how strong you are.

Lien: Stubborn and inflexible.

Ben: See, 'cause that's when I knew.

Lien: Knew what?

[Knock at door]

Lien: I'm gonna go get that.

Lien: Oh.  Hey!   Lien: [Laughter] Where have you two been?

Isaac: Actually, we were just playing a little hoops, you know, a little one-on-one.

Curtis: Yeah, right.  One-on-one?  Isaac was showing me his slick moves on the court, talking about how we used to do it in the old school.

Isaac: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  You're just mad 'cause you couldn't keep up.

Curtis: Winded in the first 20 minutes?  Get out of here.

Isaac: First of all, I wasn't winded.  I told him I have asthma, okay?  And anyway, who won?

Ben: All right, all right, all right.  Now that the gang is all here, I'm gonna go in the kitchen and get the food together.  You all wash up.

Isaac: When a brain surgeon tells you to wash up, it means wash from the fingernails to the elbows.  Come on, shorty.

Curtis: Just a minute.  Are you feeling okay?

Lien: Like a million bucks.

Curtis: You're not just saying that.

Lien: No.  Stronger every day.  Before you know it, I'm gonna be beating you on the basketball court.

Curtis: Cool.  I knew everything would turn out like this.

Lien: Like what?

Curtis: You know -- the brain surgeon, the attorney, the amazing, colossal kid -- all of us together from now on.

Molly: Good evening, Oakdale.  I'm Molly Conlan, reporting to you live from a holding facility at the Oakdale PD where international entrepreneur Craig Montgomery is being held under arrest for the attempted murder of his wife, clothing designer Barbara Ryan.  After a month of "no comment," Mr.

Montgomery has decided to break his silence and reveal to us his reaction to the charges and recent events.  Welcome, Craig.

Craig: Oh, thank you, Molly.

Molly: Just today, WOAK aired a blistering indictment from Barbara's son, Paul Ryan.  Would you like to give us your reaction to that tape?

Craig: Right now I don't want to dwell on puerile accusations and silly name-calling.  I have just received some news which, despite my surroundings here, makes me the happiest, most grateful man on this earth.

My wife has regained consciousness.  She has recovered from her devastating injuries, and once her attacker has been brought to justice, everything will be just fine.  In fact, I have a special message for her, if I may?  Barbara?  Welcome back.  I send you all my love and a promise that I'll see you very soon.  And we can pick up right where we left off.  Things will be better than ever.

Paul: Unless the DA has an eyewitness, we don't have much of a case.

Barbara: Jack?

Paul: No, no, no.  Jack said the only person he saw when he got there was you, but he said he did hear you talk to someone on the inside.

Barbara: Who?

Paul: That's the $10,000,000 question, and you have the answer.

Barbara: No witnesses, Craig goes free?

Paul: I'm afraid so.  If we can't place him at the scene of the crime, yeah, he's free.

Barbara: To hurt me again?

Paul: To hurt you and to hurt your company.  He's been playing a lot of games with B.R.O.  I met Carly Tenney.  I stopped by your suite at the Lakeview, and she was there picking up some sketches.

Barbara: He tried to bring her in before.

Paul: Yeah.  Not gonna happen.  No one will ever replace you.

Barbara: Never.

Jessica: Knock knock?  I understand there's a patient here making medical history.

Margo: Are you sure you're up for some company?

Paul: Oh, come on in.  We were just catching up.

Jack: Hey, beautiful.

Barbara: Awful.

Jack: Oh, no.  You'll always be beautiful.  It's been a long time since we talked, huh?

Barbara: Weeks?

Jack: You sure know how to keep a guy waiting.

Barbara: You saved me.

Jack: I wish I could have done more.  I wish I -- I wish I --

Barbara: No, no, Jack.  Thank you.

Margo: Barbara, are you sure you're strong enough to answer some questions tonight?

Jack: Do you remember what you wanted to tell me that night at the boathouse?

Barbara: Yes, but now I have so much more to say. 

Lien: Gin.  I win.  Thank you, thank you.  No applause, please.

Isaac: How are you gonna let her win again?  Is that any way to treat your uncle after everything I've done for you?

[Lien laughs]

Curtis: Wait, wait, wait.  "My uncle"?  Not too long ago, I was a foster kid with nobody but a few loser friends and you, but now, I'm so lucky that I have you as my uncle, Ben as my dad and Lien.  I've finally got a family.

Ben: Okay, family, dinner is served.  Everybody grab something.

Lien: Hey, hey, hey.  You said to grab "something," not "someone." Ben: Well, I just couldn't help myself.  You know, we never did finish that conversation that we had.

Lien: We will.

Ben: Good.  See, I'm just trying to find the perfect time to tell you that I really am falling in love with you.

[Isaac overhears]

Molly: Are you aware of any enemies your wife may have had?

Craig: No, none that I know of.  The only thing that I know with absolute certainty is that I had nothing to do with that explosion.

Molly: And would you like to give us your reaction regarding Paul Ryan's comments about you?

Craig: Well, I'm glad my wife can finally speak for herself and not rely on anyone else's opinions.  The truth, as they say, shall set me free.

Molly: The police are certain that they have the right man.

Craig: Well, my wife will set them straight, won't she?  And then they can finally start looking for her real assailant.  Thank you, Molly.

Molly: No, thank you, Craig, for that exclusive.  Molly Conlan, coming to you live from Oakdale PD.  Now back to the studio.

Molly: And that's a wrap.  How did I do?  How did I look?

Cameraman: Great.  You're the best.

Molly: Thanks.

Craig: It's always easy to put somebody on the defensive on Live TV, hey Mol?

Molly: What do you have to be defensive about, Craig?

Craig: Nothing.  I told the truth.

Molly: Only two people know what that is.

Craig: Three -- Barbara, me and whoever set that bomb.

Molly: I'll wait for Barbara's side of the story before I cast my vote. 

Hal: Hey, how's it going?  You heard the news, right?  Barbara's awake.

Slocumb: So I hear, sir.

Hal: Well, she requested my presence.  I can see her, right?

Slocumb: Sorry, sir.  Just following orders.

Hal: Her doctor's orders?

Slocumb: D.A.'s.  She's in there now.

Hal: Barbara's giving her statement to the police? 

Jessica: Do you recall telephoning detective Snyder?

Barbara: About Craig.  Jack said meet at boathouse.

Paul: You're doing fine.  You're doing great, Mom.

Margo: It's just a few more questions, Barbara.

Jessica: Barbara, do you remember what happened when you arrived?

Barbara: Someone got there first.

Jessica: Was it detective Snyder?

Barbara: Not Jack.

Margo: Did you see who it was, Barbara?

Barbara: Craig.  Craig. 

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