As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/20/01


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Proofread by Gisele

Jake: No -- no touching.  No touching.  No, I got that.  I got that.

Molly: No, the furniture is very hot, guys.  Very, very, very, very hot.

Jake: Oh, yeah, very hot.  Uh-oh.

Molly: What?

Mary: It looks like I'm giving somebody a bath tonight.

Jake: Oh, that's great.  I can see this 20 years from now.  "Hey, doc, I don't understand why I can't sit on my sofa."

Molly: Well, it's -- that's what the shrink fund is for, Jake.  Every self- respecting family has one.

Molly: Bath, Mary.

Mary: Bath time.  Let's go.

Jake: Yes, well, I'll be ready, but I just gotta make sure that Molly will watch the twins.

Molly: You know, Mary, just ignore him.  His mother dropped him on his head.

Jake: How'd you know that?

Molly: It's written all over your face.

Jake: Okay, baby.  Noogie for Mommy!  Come here.  Noogie for Mommy.

Molly: I'll tickle you.

Jake: Oh, go ahead.  Oh, oh, oh, tickle, tickle, tickle.  See, that's why I have to marry you.

Molly: Why, because I know where your spots are, or because Lucinda will hunt you down like a dog if you don't?

Jake: Hey, you're the one who signed on for this three-ring wedding stuff.

Molly: She's getting me an orchestra, Jake.

Jake: Anything you want.

Molly: Anything, hmm?

Jake: Mm-hmm.  Ooh, tickle, tickle.

Mary: Mr. McKin -- oh, sorry.

Jake: Oh, hi.  No, don't -- don't worry about it.  You didn't interrupt.  This is -- this is a living room kiss.  If we were kissing anywhere else, but --

Molly: What is it, Mary?

Mary: There's a package for Mr. McKinnon.  It's there on the desk.

Molly: That's not a package.  That is a gift.

Jake: For me?

Molly: Yeah, for you.  Knock yourself out.

Jake: What you talking about?  You're getting -- you're getting an orchestra.  Okay.  Do you see a card in here?

Molly: Nope.

Jake: Well, maybe there's a card inside, or maybe it's -- maybe it's from you.

Molly: Why would I want to give you a present?

Jake: Because, in your eyes, I'm the hottest of the male species.

Molly: Well, that's true.

Jake: Yes, yes.  I hope it's not a nightshirt.

Molly: No.

Jake: No?  'Cause I hate nightshirts.

Molly: Yeah, I know that.

Jake: I just have to tell you that real men don't wear nightshirts.  I don't care what the catalogs say.

Molly: Okay, you know what?  We'll put it in the pre-nup.

Jake: What pre-nup?

Molly: The one that says you will never wear that if it looks as bad as I think it's gonna look.

Jake: It's worse. 

Lucinda: Hi.  Have you ever been to Valletta?

Bryant: No.  Maybe.  I don't know, where is it?

Lucinda: It's in Malta.  Malta.  Where is Humphrey Bogart when I need him?

Bryant: Dead.

Lucinda: Wow, you sure know how to comfort a person, don't you?  If I don't hear from Lily very soon, from Malta -- I don't know what I'm going to do.  Well, don't just stand there, darling, and don't hover, because you're making me nervous!

Bryant: Look, I just -- I just want to talk to you for a minute.

Lucinda: I had a pair of gloves once, and I just loved it.  It was from Malta.  What do you want to talk to me about?

Bryant: About my trust fund.  I wanted to thank you.  I know you put a lot of pressure on my dad.

Lucinda: Darling, I just spoke to him.  I just spoke to him in the language that he understands.

Bryant: Right.  Right, but --

Lucinda: I hope you understand how lucky you are.

Bryant: I do.  I totally, totally do.  The past year, all I could think about was the money, and you made it happen.

Lucinda: Right, I did what I could.  You are very fortunate.  Never forget that.  Don't let a moment pass.  Make the most of every penny, of every cent, of every moment that you have in life.

Bryant: Right, right.  What you said the other day about how I should think about what's important to me?

Lucinda: Yeah, honey.  I remember your goals.  I want you to have goals, and I want you to do great things.

Bryant: Well, the thing is, I thought about what matters to me.  The thing is, I can't take that money. 

Carly: You wanna play with that one, huh?  You know, mama has a thing for a certain cop, so I do understand, even though he drives me banana splits.

Who gets to do the siren?  You want to do it?  Go ahead.

[Toy car siren sounds]

Carly: That's enough, honey.

Jack: Wouldn't want to wear out your siren, Parker, huh?

Carly: Sweetie, why don't we go into your room.  We'll play with your car there.

Jack: No, it's okay.  It's okay.  You wanna play -- you wanna play catch the bad guy, Parker?  Yeah?

Carly: And who might that be?

Jack: We'll have to make one up, because everybody here's a good guy, right?  Most of the time.  Hey, I'm sorry.  When I came in last night, it was late, and I didn't want to wake you, so I just crashed on the couch.

Carly: Oh, come on, Jack!  You slept down here to punish me for taking that job with Craig.

Jack: No, that's not true at all.

Carly: Look, either you're in or you're out!  It can't be "Do this, or I'm outta here, Carly." I won't live like that.

Jack: Well I'm not asking you to.

Carly: Well, did you or did you not give me an ultimatum?

Jack: I guess it could have come out that way, yeah.

Carly: Okay.  Well, I don't do ultimatums, Jack.  Come on, sweetheart.

I'm going to take this in your room, okay?

[Toy car siren sounds]

Jack: Carly, wait.  Just stop.

Carly: Why?  Why should I, Jack?

Jack: I'm trying to apologize. 

Paul: Did -- did you hear that, Jen?

Jennifer: Are you trying to say something?  Is there something you want to tell us?

Paul: Just go ahead, Mom.  Go ahead.  We're listening.

Jennifer: What is it, Mom?

Paul: Just take your time.

Jennifer: Here.  Here, have some water.

Paul: Who did this, Mom?

Jennifer: Maybe she's not ready to talk about it yet.

Barbara: Hal.

Jennifer: What?!

Paul: Hal?

Barbara: Where's Hal?  

Paul: Hal's fine, Mom.

Jennifer: He sleeps in that chair over there.

Barbara: Will?

Jennifer: He's great.  Really.  His team is 5-2.  If they keep it up, they'll make the playoffs.

Barbara: You?

Jennifer: I'm just so happy that you woke up.  Paul's been great.  You know, he came as soon as he heard.

Barbara: Why?

Paul: We had some trouble in Nepal after the shootings.  We'd crossed into India, and they had a hard time tracking me down, but as soon as I heard, I was on a plane.

Jennifer: You want some more water, Mom?  Maybe we should call her doctor.

Barbara: Hospital?  Hospital?

Paul: She doesn't know where she is.  Mom, there's been an accident.

You're in a hospital, but you're going to be just fine.  Don't, no, Mom.  Mom, you're bandaged up.

Barbara: My face?

Jennifer: It's okay.  It's still healing.

Paul: They're going to fix anything that needs fixing.  You're going to be more beautiful than ever.

Jennifer: What's important is that you woke up.

Paul: You've been in a coma for weeks.

Barbara: What happened?

Paul: We were hoping you could tell us.

Paul: Mom, I know it's hard to remember --

Jennifer: Maybe she doesn't want to yet, Paul.  How do you feel, Mom?

Barbara: Numb.

Jennifer: Good.  They have you on painkillers so -- you were burned, Mom, pretty badly actually, and that hurts.  I've only burned my hand opening Will's popcorn too fast, but to be burned all over -- I'm so sorry, Mom.  I never meant to be so awful about the wedding and to tear up that beautiful dress that you gave me.  I really did love it.

Paul: Jen, Jen, it's okay, it's okay.

Jennifer: No, it's not.  She needed me, and I pushed her away, because I was mad, and look what happened!

Barbara: No, no, Jennifer.  It's my fault.

Jennifer: No.

Barbara: Yes.  I love you.

Paul: Mom, we need to know what happened.  Can you think back?

Jennifer: Can you let her wake up?

Barbara: It's okay.

Paul: She needs to tell us, Jen.

Barbara: I'll tell you.

Bob: Well, how's our miracle patient? 

Bryant: See, that money in my trust fund is not the same thing.  Yeah, okay, money is money, but the money you put in there and my dad took out, he spent it.  It's gone.  So the money he put back in there must have come from Jen's mom.

Lucinda: But we're not entirely sure of that.

Bryant: It's Barbara's money, and when she found out he had stolen it, he tried to kill her.  It's blood money.

Lucinda: And you've reached this conclusion after a short conversation with Jennifer?

Bryant: Look, most girls, forget about it.  They'd be all over it -- "Buy me this.  Take me here." She doesn't want anything to do with it.

Lucinda: Well, that's absolutely admirable.  That's wonderful.  Honey, you never studied economics in school, did you?  No, of course you didn't.

Look, if we're splitting hairs around here, the money is my money!

Bryant: Your money?

Lucinda: My money!  You know that.  We've talked about this 100 times, because I set up the trust fund for you, when you were born, because you were adorable, and I loved you.  And so it's my money, and the responsibility is mine!

Bryant: Look, I'm grateful.

Lucinda: I understand!  I -- I honor -- your sense of scruples, dear.

Bryant: But I still -- I can't --

Lucinda: Yes, you can.  Come on, sit down.  Darling, I set up the trust fund for you, right?  That's my money.  Your father took money, stole it.

Okay, you're following me on that?

Bryant: Yeah.

Lucinda: Then your father knew I meant business, so he finds a way to put it back.  Either he raids B.R.O., Or he had a good night with cards, we don't know.  He returns the money before the deadline.  That money is back in the trust.  The money is my money, and I give it to you.

Bryant: So it's your moral dilemma them, not mine?

Lucinda: You see?  I don't give you enough credit.  Absolutely.  It is.  It's my problem, and I have a clear conscience -- absolutely clear conscience.

Your father, those are his sins, and he will have to answer for them.

Bryant: And if he doesn't, what happens to Jen's mom?

Lucinda: Well, you know, your dad finagled an awful lot of Worldwide stock, you know, and he manipulated the market.  But it's gone up, you see, so that when he's convicted, Paul Ryan's going to put his hands on a bundle.

Tit for tat.  B.R.O. is going to make a fortune.

Bryant: So hold on.  I'm getting money from B.R.O., but B.R.O.'s getting it from Worldwide?

Lucinda: Yes, and so it goes.  Round and round and round.  So you see?

Nobody's ripping anybody off.

Bryant: Or everybody's ripping everyone off.

Lucinda: Well -- well, that's business, honey.  So you see, in any case, it is not your responsibility to pay Barbara back.  That is your dad's chore.

Bryant: Yeah, I guess.

Lucinda: Okay?  That's settled?  We understand each other?  All right.

Go on.  Have the money.  Spend it well.

Bryant: I can't.  I can't.

Lucinda: Honey, for heaven's sake.

Bryant: It's Jen.  She said she'd break up with me if I took the money, and I don't want to lose her.

Lucinda: You don't want to lose her, but you don't mind losing yourself?

Forget that word, "Lose." You're just giving yourself away, both hands at a time. 

Jack: I had no right to grill you when I found you at Craig's like I knew the answer.  I guess it's -- it's part about being a cop.  We go at people hard sometimes.  We have to.  I was out of line.  I'm sorry.

Carly: You had every right to ask the questions, Jack.  It's what you did with the answers.

Jack: I guess I didn't like the answers.  That's no excuse.

Carly: You give me an order that ends with the words "Or else," it's not gonna work.

Jack: That's not how I want to be with you.  I want to leave all that on the job, and I want to come home to something safe, something I can trust.

Carly: What you said last night about me leading Craig on?

Jack: Well, that came out all wrong.

Carly: I don't like having to ask you if you trust me!  I shouldn't have to ask you that!

Jack: Look, this isn't about -- okay, this isn't about Craig, okay?  It's about you and me.

Carly: Great.  So what, you want out?

Jack: No.  Do you?

Carly: No.  Well then?

Jack: This is hard for me.

Carly: What?

Jack: Saying how I feel about things.

Carly: It's just me, Jack.

Jack: Just you?  Do you have any idea how much I want this to work?

Carly: You've given up everything.  I think I have some idea.

Jack: Okay, so if something comes up that makes me feel threatened --

Carly: Craig.

Jack: No.

Carly: Really?

Jack: Look, Craig triggered something, okay?  There's no question.  But it's -- it's about what he represents.  Not who he is, but what he can give you, and I'm not talking about money!  I'm talking about this life that you want and that you completely deserve, because I think you're really talented!  And I can't give you that, Carly, so I guess I'm just afraid that -- I'm afraid, Carly.

That's the bottom line.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Molly: It's not your fault.  This is the same picture that whoever posted on the website.  I guess it means I have a serial prankster.

Jake: What are you talking about?  That's not a prank.

Molly: Come on, Jake.  It's the same thing as the other day.  So some practical joker wanted to stick it to a local celeb.

Jake: So somebody downloads a mug shot, they get a T-shirt, they silkscreen -- do you have any idea how much time that takes, and then they find out where you live?!

Molly: Hey, so he's a little obsessive.

Jake: The website, any kid could've done that with a scanner, but this --

this took a plan.

Molly: What are you gonna do?

Jake: I'm gonna call Margo.

Molly: Jake, wait a minute.  I mean, really, why get all, you know, panic- stricken when it's just a shirt -- a big, huge, ugly sweatshirt.

Jake: You know something?  The last time that somebody harassed you, it was a ghost, so I'm not taking any chances.

Molly: Okay, but what's Margo gonna do, arrest the shirt?

Jake: No, she'll come and make a report, just in case --

Molly: In case you come home and find me diced and sautéed, right?

Jake: That's not going to happen.

Molly: We're going to call Margo just as soon as we get the whole story.

Mary!  I mean, somebody must have seen something.

Mary: Yeah?

Molly: When was this delivered?

Mary: Um, I'd say about a half an hour ago.

Jake: And who delivered it?

Mary: Aiden.

Jake: Who?

Molly: The doorman.

Jake: Oh, O'Toole.  That's right, he has a first name.

Molly: And then some.  Thank you, Mary.

Mary: Was there a problem with the box, then?

Molly: No, not a bit.  Oh, Mary.

Mary: Oh, God.  Michele, Bridget, it's time for your bath!

Jake: Hi, is O'To -- Aiden there?  No, just please send him up, okay? [hangs up] Well, if he's got a receipt from this messenger, we can track this bozo down.

Molly: You know what I don't understand?  Why?  I mean, why -- yeah, it's embarrassing, my hideous past and everything, but once this joker put the picture on the website, that should be it.  What is -- what is he going to accomplish by sending another picture here to the house, when you've already seen it?  You know?  What is the point?  What does he want?

Jake: Those are all very good questions.  But if we find out who it's from, then --

Molly: I mean, obviously -- obviously I don't want my picture plastered all over Oakdale, so this is not some lovestruck -- I don't know -- freak.  He hates me.  Whoever this is hates me, so if they hate me so much, why not just run me down with a car?

Jake: Don't give him any ideas.

Molly: If it's me they're after, why are they sending shirts to you?  Why are they posting these pictures on your website?

Jake: So what, he's after me?

Molly: Unless he is a she.

Jake: No, he's not a she, 'cause then it would be a nightshirt.

[Doorbell rings]

Aiden: You'd be wantin' a word with me, sir?

Jake: Yes, can you come in, O' -- Aiden?  That package that was delivered, how long ago was that?

Aiden: About 45 minutes ago.  I brought it right up.

Molly: I bet you did.

Jake: Hey --

Aiden: Ma'am?

Molly: I bet you still have the slip or receipt or whatever from the messenger service.

Aiden: You see, ma'am, that's the thing.  It wasn't a messenger service.

Jake: So the bozo delivered it himself.

Molly: Or herself.

Aiden: In point of fact, the truth is no one delivered it.  It just appeared out of nowhere.  Like magic. 

Lucinda: Okay.  Give the money back.  Then what?  I mean, after Jennifer throws her arms around you and says you're her knight in shining armor, then what?

Bryant: What do you mean?

Lucinda: Well, then what?  What then?  What are you going to do?  You need money.  How are you going to get it.

Bryant: Get a job, I guess.

Lucinda: I see.  Doing what?

Bryant: I don't know.

Lucinda: Precisely.  You don't know.  Darling, how long have you been here with me, 18 months or something?  I don't know.  Even with my urging, you have only managed to have a job a couple of nights in a bar, and we know how that sorry episode played out.  You are -- you're a sweetheart, you know that?  You're very sweet, but you're not a tycoon, and that's a good thing!  It's okay, because if the world were filled with tycoons, it would be an extraordinarily nasty place instead of just an occasionally nasty place.

Darling, the philosopher said "Know thyself," and she was right.  You need that money.

Bryant: No, I need Jen.

Lucinda: No, you don't.  You don't need her.  You just want her, but you don't need --

Bryant: Whatever word you want use, use.  I'd much rather have Jen than the money.

Lucinda: It's so romantic, it really is, so inspired.  Sweetheart, don't throw yourself away for love.  It doesn't work.  Believe me, it doesn't work.

Bryant: How am I throwing myself away?

Lucinda: Because the birthright is you.  It is yours.  It comes with you. In that sense, it does define you.  You are who you are.  You are a guy with certain expectations.  You've had certain experiences.  You have discrimination.  You'll be able to use that money that's coming your way, use it for good things -- humanitarian, you can give it to schools!  You can give it to hospitals!

Bryant: That's your thing.  Me?  I don't know.  I'd be happy --

Lucinda: Happy?  Happy?  Happy doing what?  You don't know.

Bryant: All I know is that I'm not giving up Jen.

Lucinda: Oh, fine.  Oh, go get a trailer, haul her off to Vegas, live there, you know?  But if you can't pay your bills, then don't come and ask me.  It's too late. 

Carly: You're scared that I make dresses?

Jack: Making dresses is gonna take you halfway around the world --

Milan, Paris, London.  I read.  I know where all these shows happen and how the beautiful people live -- private jets, yachts, whatever.

Carly: Yes, well, that's me, Carly Tenney, Miss Jet Set.

Jack: It's gonna happen.  You're gonna make it.  And when you do, you're gone, you're a franchise, Carly.  Me and Parker, we'll have to make appointments.

Carly: Then I suppose I will have to tell my assistant to put you at the top of the list.

Jack: I'm serious.

Carly: Jack -- I would kill to have those problems.

Jack: I know.  And that's what worries me.  You see, me, you give me you and Parker, a couple more kids, a nice home, some land that no one can trash, a decent boss, and I'm happy.  Hell, I'm happy here bunking up with you and Parker.

Carly: So am I.

Jack: And I'm not saying that you can't do it, Carly, I'm really not.  I know how creative you are, I do.  And I know how important this is to you.

It's just with me here in Oakdale mowin' the lawn and you in Venice --

Carly: Milan.

Jack: Why would you ever come home?

Carly: Because I love you with every breath in my body.

Jack: And how long is that gonna last, really, with you goin' one way and me goin' another.

Carly: So?  So then you quit your job and we all move to Milan.

Jack: No, that's not gonna happen.

Carly: Why?  What?  So I'm the one who's supposed to give up my dream --

Jack: No, that's what I'm talking about.  I'm just havin' a tough time seein' it is all, how it's gonna work.

Carly: Well, Jack, that's why Craig's offered.  I really, really do not wanna fight about it right now.  But at least it was here.  That was half the appeal, Jack.  And, of course, the issue is dead now that Paul is taking over.

But we will work this out.

Jack: And you're really not going to have any trouble bein' married to some guy who doesn't have one clue as to what you do?

Carly: What are you talkin' about?  You happen to be my very best critic.

Jack: I am not a part of that world.

Carly: Sweetheart, you walk out that door every single morning.  Do you think that I have any clue what it is you do all day?  What it means to build a case or track down a suspect?  And we don't even talk about it.  You come in, something's bothering you, and you can't even discuss it with me.

Jack: Well, at least I come home at night.  You could be gone for days.

Carly: And you could be killed.

Jack: That's not gonna happen.

Carly: Look, I accept that you are a cop and that I am a cop's girlfriend.

And that sometimes you will go when I want you to stay, that you will never really be safe until you're home.  I'm willing to live with that.  Why can't you feel the same way about me? 

Ben: Don't try and talk, Barbara, just squeeze my hand.  How many fingers am I holding up?  Good.  Good.

Bob: Definite increase in neurological activity.

Jennifer: She was talking to us earlier.

Paul: Give her an hour, she's gonna order new drapes for this place.

Ben: Hey, hey, hey, I just got another squeeze.

Jennifer: See?

Ben: All right, this is great, Barbara.  We're going to do another Cat scan so we can have a better idea of what's going on.

[Barbara groans]

Jennifer: I know it's a drag, Mom, but they need to know.

Paul: And we'll be waiting here for you, okay?

Ben: Won't take long.

Bob: I'll see if I can use my connections to get you put in the head of the line.

Ben: Haven't lost your sense of humor.

Barbara: Never.

Jennifer: You tell 'em, Mom.

Ben: Take Ms. Ryan down for a Cat scan.  I'll meet you down there, Barbara.

Paul: We'll see you when you get back, okay?  We need to talk.  So now that you see how responsive she is, do you have a better idea if she's gonna be able to talk to the police when she gets done with those tests?

Bob: I don't see why not.  Ben?

Ben: Fine.  But as long as you don't tire her out.

Bob: I'll call Sylvia, and see if we can get her to take her next, huh?

Ben: Good.

[Paul makes a call]

Jennifer: What're you doing?

Paul: Nailing Craig Montgomery. 

Jake: So, I'm a little confused.  The package just appeared?

Aiden: Well, I was helping Mrs. Blumenthal into the elevator.  She's a large woman.  Poor thing has trouble with her feet.

Jake: Yeah, she can't see them.  So once you stuffed her in the elevator, then -- ?

Aiden: I wasn't gone but a moment, and there it was -- a lovely thing with a bow.  Very nice.  Is it your birthday, sir?

Jake: No.  So there was no note, no notice, no nothing?

Molly: No messenger lurking around?

Jake: Or running away?

Aiden: I did take a peek outside.  Nobody, not even a cat.

Jake: So the bozo's very clever.

Molly: She sure is.

Aiden: Was there a problem then, sir?

Jake: No, just wanted to know who the package was from.  I thank you very much.

[Jake pays Aiden for the information and pauses for a moment]

Molly: Mary's giving the girls a bath.

Aiden: Oh, well.

Molly: Okay.  I'll tell her you said Hi though.

Aiden: Great.

Jake: Great.  What are you, a matchmaker?  What's -- ?

Molly: He's very sweet.  So what do we do now?

Jake: Look, I don't wanna be an alarmist any more than you do, but somebody went to a lot of trouble to make this happen.  I mean, they wait until Aiden's gone, and they run, and they sent the package in.  They go running in -- running --

Molly: And what?

Jake: I'm just thinking of another possibility.

Molly: Not Mrs. Blumenthal?

Jake: No.  Bozo could live in this building. [Molly goes to the phone] What are you doing?

Molly: I'm calling Margo. 

Lucinda: All right, let's think this through again.  Let's think it through.

You refuse the trust fund.  What happens to the money?  Where does the money go?  Does the money go into Barbara's pocket or does it go into your dad's pocket?

Bryant: Can he?

Lucinda: Yes, honey.  He did it before.  He's certainly gonna do it again.

And what is he gonna do with the money?  He's not gonna do anything for kids or anything for anybody in the world.  He's gonna use it to thwart justice.  He's gonna use it to torment Barbara.  He's gonna use it to attack me.  Is that what you really want?

Bryant: No, no.

Lucinda: Then the best thing for Jennifer is to leave things the way they were, they way they were meant to be, with you safe and secure and with your father unable to use the money to hurt anybody else.

Bryant: I don't know.

Lucinda: Well, honey, would you think?!  Would you please think about this?!

Bryant: Yeah, I'll think about it, but in the end, it's my decision, and whether you like it or not, you're gonna have to live with it. 

Jack: We have a connection, you and me.  We just look at each other, and we understand, and I don't want to risk that.  Better me talking myself into a corner.  At least it's out there.  We can deal with it.

Carly: And that's why I'll always come home.  But you know, no one is asking me to rev up that private jet just yet, so --

Jack: All we need is a little luck.  It'll happen.

Carly: Well, until it does, can we stop worrying about it?

Jack: Deal.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Snyder.

Paul: Paul Ryan.  My mother's awake and ready to talk.

How soon can you be here?

Jack: Whoa, whoa.  She's fully conscious?

Paul: Detective, you told me you were committed to this case.

Jack: I am, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: Then get over here.  She's about to identify Craig Montgomery as her assailant.

Carly: That's Paul Ryan?!

Paul: I want a witness here when she makes her identification.

Carly: Why don't you tell him to call the police station and bother somebody who's on duty?

Paul: Tell your charming little friend there that I'd prefer dealing with someone who isn't related to the perpetrator.

Jack: Alleged perpetrator, Mr. Ryan.  Has Barbara identified Craig by name?  Has she discussed the night in question?  What are we talking about here?

Paul: Detective, my mother's been in a coma for weeks.  She's awake now.  I'd think you want to be here.

Jack: Who's with her now?

Paul: Her daughter, and her doctors.

Jack: And no one's discussed the attack?

Paul: We're waiting for you.

Jack: Okay.  I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.  I'm gonna stop by the station.  I'm gonna alert Margo Hughes.

Paul: What, so she can sandbag the I.D.?  I thought we understood each other.  I do not want her here.

Jack: Mr. Ryan, Chief Hughes is in charge of all investigations.

Paul: Do I have to go to the D.A.?

Jack: You know, why don't you do that?  I'm sure she'd be happy to hear from you.  In the meantime, alerting Margo Hughes isn't your call.

[Jack hangs up]

Jack: You know, for a bright guy, he really is pretty dumb.

Carly: Don't antagonize him, Jack.  He's rich, and he's mad.

Jack: Yeah, well, if he'd stop and think for two seconds, he'd realize that keeping Margo in the loop only strengthens his case.  Don't wait up.  I have a feeling this is gonna be a long day and a longer night.

Carly: Hey, Jack, just be careful okay?  I don't trust him.

Jack: That makes two of us. 

Jennifer: Hey.  I called Dad and left a message.  Do you like these?

Paul: Oh, are you kidding me?  The cops are on their way.

Jennifer: Do you think we should call Jessica, you know, let her know before she goes to the bail hearing that Mom's about to name Craig?

Paul: As soon as Mom talks to the cops, we'll get in touch with Jessica, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Bryant: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey.

Bryant: Hi.  Hey.  Where's your mother, Jen?

Jennifer: She woke up.

Bryant: She woke up?  Seriously?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Bryant: That is great.  That's great.  Is she okay?

Jennifer: Yeah.  I still can't believe it.  Yes, she's great.  She's -- she's talking.  She's weak, but she's all there, you know?

Bryant: I'm so happy.  I'm so happy for you.  I don't mean to intrude.

Paul: Oh, no.  You're welcome here any time, Bryant.  However, I have to warn you with my mother awake, the case against your father will proceed.

Jennifer: The cops are on their way.

Paul: I just thought you should know, given your friendship with Jen.

Bryant: I appreciate that.

Paul: It's not your fault, Bryant, and we have no intention of playing this out in the media.  However, they will find out.

Bryant: Right.

Paul: Your business will probably take a hit.

Bryant: I guess it would, but I'm really not involved in business right now.

Paul: Hmm.  Well, what do you do exactly, if you don't mind my asking.

Bryant: No, I do a lot of things right now, actually.

Jennifer: Bryant could do anything he wants to.

Paul: Great.  Well, are you leaning towards anything in particular?

Bryant: I haven't narrowed it down yet.

Paul: Well, you must have something special going on for you.  My little sister doesn't fall for just anybody.

Jennifer: Well, Bry does play racquetball.  Maybe the two of you could get together sometime and play.

Paul: How'd it go?

Jennifer: See, I told you they'd bump you to the head of the line.

Bryant: Jen, I'll catch you later.

Paul: Did they tell you anything?  Did they give you the results?

Jennifer: They said they'd rush them.

Paul: Not too tired, are you, Mom?

Jennifer: 'Cause we kinda need to talk.

Margo: So is this the first time you've received something like this?

Jake: Yes.

Molly: No.  We have.

Margo: Okay.

Molly: Look, somebody put this very same picture on the paper's website.

Jake: This is the first time we've received, like, anything at home.

Margo: All right.  Well, I talked to your doorman, and there is a surveillance camera right above the front door, so he's gonna get me a tape.

Molly: Great.  So then we can see her?

Margo: Her?

Jake: She thinks it's a her.  I know it's a him.

Margo: Okay.  Well, judging from the looks of that camera, we'll be lucky to get a picture at all let alone an I.D. but that's not your big problem.

The big problem is, he hasn't committed a crime.

Molly: What are you talking about?  He stole my face, stole my history, trespassed on my life.  He's threatening me.

Margo: How?

Jake: 50/50 Poly blend.

Margo: Oh, see, that's only a crime in New York City.  Oh, come on.

The good news is, he didn't harm you.  I don't think he intends to, either.

Molly: Harassment.

Margo: No, that's not gonna hold up.

Jake: Which is why we didn't report it.  Now that it's happened twice, we wanted to get it on the record.

Margo: Oh, no, it's good that you did.  I'm glad you did.  If we do track the guy down, we will do our best to dissuade him.  For now, you should tell your doorman to keep his eyes open, all right?

Jake: Thank you very much for coming over, Margo.

Margo: Oh, it's not a problem.  Bye-bye.

Jake: Bye-bye.

Jake: Well, that's about all we can do for now.  You okay?

Molly: The only thing I was ever really afraid of was you not understanding, but since you've been so great about having a felon for a fiancée --

Jake: Oh, what's a little felony between friends?  What are we gonna do about this? [Jake holds up the shirt]  Molly: Turn around.

Molly: Turn around.

Jake: Wow.  Yeah, that's my girl.

Molly: Oh, you got that right.  All of me -- the good, the bad --

Jake: -- And the beautiful.  So unless all you want is kisses in the living room, I suggest we take this to the --

Molly: To the boudoir, baby.

Jake: Ooh. 

Lucinda: Oh, cheer up, honey.  It could be worse.  Did you speak with Jennifer?

Bryant: We couldn't really talk.  Her mom woke up, and they were all involved in tests and doctors.

Lucinda: Oh, that's wonderful!  Oh, I'm very glad.  I knew she would.

Oh, well, well, well, well.  Now, the fun really begins.

Bryant: I guess.

Lucinda: I'm afraid she will identify your father, you know.  He'll go to trial.

Bryant: Yeah.

Lucinda: So it's very important that you make the right choice now.

Bryant: About the money?

Lucinda: Yeah, because he'll use it.  If you refuse the trust, he'll use that money for his own defense.

Bryant: I was thinking.

Lucinda: Good.

Bryant: I'm gonna keep the money just until the trial's over and until Barbara gets her divorce.

Lucinda: Splendid idea.

Bryant: And then I want to give it back.

Lucinda: Always an option.

Bryant: All right.  So I'm gonna hold hang onto it for now, and I just won't spend anything.

Lucinda: If you think that's best.

Bryant: Yeah, I do.  I just wish I could have talked to Jen about everything.

Lucinda: Well, maybe you shouldn't trouble her now.

Bryant: What do you mean?

Lucinda: Well, I mean, with the trial and her mother getting better, maybe it'd be better if you just spared her the details.

Bryant: Maybe.

Lucinda: Does she really have to trouble herself about the details of your trust?  Isn't that a matter between you and your attorney?  I mean really think about it.  Does she ever have to know? 

Jennifer: You okay, Mom?

Barbara: Good.

Paul: So what's the word?

Orderly: You know how doctors are.  They don't tell you anything.

Paul: But you've been working here for a long time.  Certainly you can tell something.

Orderly: Between you and me, they seemed happy.

Jennifer: You hear that, Mom?

Orderly: But no dancing in the aisles, Ms. Ryan.  Not yet.

Paul: There'll be plenty of time to celebrate.

Jennifer: Look, I haven't gotten ahold of Dad yet, so if you don't mind, I'm gonna go track him down.  You look fine.  Really, Mom.  I know, but it'll heal, and you'll look better than ever.  I love you, Mom.  I've got my cell, so call me.

Paul: As soon as they -- and tell Hal.  He'll want to be here.  How are you feeling?

Barbara: Good.

Paul: Are you tired?

Barbara: Could I -- a mirror?

Orderly: I'll check around. 

Paul: Mom, the police are on their way.

Barbara: Why?

Paul: They want to talk to you.  But if it's too much, and you get tired, you just let us know, okay?

Barbara: Why the police?

Paul: They need to get a statement from you.  I know it won't be easy living that night over again, but they need to know everything that happened at that boathouse.

Barbara: What boathouse? 

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