As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/19/01


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Julia: Are you saying that -- that you forgive me?

Reid: Everything is all right now.  It's all out in the open.  Julia, trust me.  Trust what you're feeling.  I know what your heart is telling you right now.  Just go with it.  Don't question this, too.

Andy: If the baby in the picture's Lily and Holden's baby, then the guy holding the baby's gotta be involved in the disappearance.

Molly: I still don't understand how the computer came up with that description.

Andy: Well, the new piece of the picture -- I mean, the shot of the arm. That was enough to go on. The computer takes the proportions of the arm and the hand and deduces muscle mass, bone size. It's amazing stuff.

Molly: But is it accurate?

Andy: Yeah. It's accurate. I mean, the results are ordinary. Height, 6'1", weight, 180, olive skin, dark hair, but -- I mean, it just doesn't narrow down the field very much.  Molly?

Molly: What?

Andy: You're thinking about David Stenbeck, aren't you?

Camille: Oh, this hotel is perfect for the gala.

Sara Ruth: Mm-hmm.  Especially with the deal they cut us on the price.

Camille: Yeah.

Sara Ruth: Well, we better get going on the lists.  Did you bring the committee breakdowns?

Camille: I have everything we need right here.  Those are for you.

Dolores: Okay, I'm here.  Do you want to tell me why?

Jack: Yeah, I've got some questions.

Dolores: Oh, hold on, honey.

Dolores: Hey!  Camille!

Camille: Hey!

Dolores: Oh, sweetheart, do you ever not look gorgeous?  Sara Ruth.

Sara Ruth: Dolores.

Camille: Jack.

Sara Ruth: You know something?  We'd invite you guys to join us, but we're really busy working on this cancer benefit.

Jack: Well, then, we won't keep you.  Come on, ma.

Dolores: Give me a call some time, honey, okay?

Camille: You bet I will.

Dolores: Doesn't it just make you want to cry?

Jack: What?

Dolores: Well, Bradley losing that darling girl.  I mean, I know Carly isn't evil incarnate like I first thought, but -- I don't know, Bradley and Camille were such a romantic couple.  If only he hadn't --

Jack: Hadn't what?

Dolores: Hmm?

Jack: Hadn't what?

Dolores: What?  You know, I went completely blank.  I have no idea what I was talking about.  You know, these middle-age power surges are a real pip.

Jack: You know why Carly and Brad got married, don't you?  That's why I brought you here, ma.  Away from Fairwinds, in a nice, neutral place that you can talk.  Come on, start talking.

Dolores: Well, we've been talking.

Jack: No.  About why Carly married Brad.  Now, you know.  Please, tell me.

A lot is riding on this.

Kevin: One -- two --

Carly: Two --

Both: Three, four, five --

Brad: Six.

Carly: Brad.

Brad: Hi, angel.

Carly: What are you doing here?  I thought you had that meeting.

Brad: Well, I postponed that till later because I wanted to come home and help my poor, suffering wife with her bad back.

Carly: Kev was showing me some strengthening exercises.

Brad: Kevin, would you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes?

Carly: It's really amazing what the therapeutic exercises can do for you.

Brad: Carly, please.  I've seen professional athletes who weren't able to whip off crunches the way you were just now.

Carly: So?

Brad: So -- how do I put this delicately?  Obviously, it's not your back that's keeping you from returning to our marriage bed.  What gives, Carly?

Carly: Okay.  My back was never hurt.  It was all a lie.

Alec: Eddie!  Eddie!  What the hell are you doing?!

Eddie: I hate you.  I hate your guts, Dad!

Alec: Let go of me!

Eddie: I gotta take care of her.  And make sure she doesn't cry, okay?  I can't take it when she cries, man.  It hurts when she cries.

Alec: You talked to Georgia about this, didn't you?  She told you.

Eddie: I am gonna fix things, okay?  I'm gonna fix things!

Alec: There's a reason I never told you I was your father.

Eddie: I'm gonna make it better.  I'm gonna make it better.

Alec: Eddie?  Eddie, are you hearing me?

Eddie: No, don't cry, mama.

Alec: Eddie!

Eddie: Mama, don't cry.  It's gonna be okay.  It's gonna be okay.

Alec: You're sleepwalking.

Eddie: Mama, mama, we don't need him, okay?  I can take care of myself, all right?  I can take care of myself.  I'm a big boy, mama.   Listen, it was -- it was really stupid of us to go to that office, mama.  I mean, that guy was a jerk.  Listen, I don't care if he was my dad, okay?  No, no, no, mama, please.

Alec: God.

Eddie: Please don't cry.

Alec: You do remember.

Molly: I haven't had any contact with David Stenbeck for almost a year, Andy.

Andy: I'm not saying that you had --

Molly: Well, your sister just went off on me about it, and now you won't leave it alone.

Andy: Hey, hey.  Time out, all right?  I'm not the enemy.  I'm the guy you live with, okay?  I'm the guy who vanquishes those water bugs for you.

Molly: I just can't stand to be accused.

Andy: I'm not.  I'm not accusing you.  I know you're not in cahoots with David Stenbeck.

Molly: Then why did you say that?

Andy: I only said that you were thinking about him, okay?  It's a logical question.  I mean, Margo was asking a lot of questions, the computer spit out a description of the guy, fits David perfectly.

Molly: And, like you said before -- half the men in Illinois.

Andy: Yes, but, you see, the difference here is that David has a history.

Molly: I mean, look around here, okay?  That guy fits the description.  And the bellboy I saw when I came in fits the description.

Andy: Oh, I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have brought that up.  I know that's a sore subject.

Molly: No, I'm fine about David.  That relationship is so bad  Andy: Well, good, because you gotta be ready.  Because they're gonna catch him, and they're gonna bring him back, and they're gonna put him on trial.

Molly: Great.  It won't hurt me at all to see that man get what he deserves.

[Cell phone rings]

Andy: Andy Dixon.  Oh, no.  No, no, that's okay.  It's okay that you called me.  Why don't you meet me in five at Al's diner, okay?  Order me a cup of coffee.  Okay.

Andy: Mol, that's the guy that I sponsor, and I don't want to ruin our evening or anything, but I should probably go see him.  He's in bad --

Molly: No, go on.

Andy: You sure?

Molly: Yeah, I'll find something else to do.  I'll be fine.  And I love you.Mmm.  Now, go.

Dolores: You think Brad would tell me if there was something weird with his marriage?

Jack: Yes. I do.  Or you'd poke around, eavesdrop, whatever it takes.  Now, you know, ma.  And I know you know.  So, spill it.

Dolores: You're a good cop.

Jack: Don't stonewall me, ma.  Save us all the time and trouble.

Dolores: Oh, what the heck.  I guess it doesn't really matter now. I'm sure you noticed that everything wasn't exactly hearts and flowers when they got married.

Jack: No, it was more like bile and thorns.  So, why did they?

Dolores: To save a life.

Jack: Whose life?

Dolores: Long story, short?

Jack: Please.

Dolores: Well -- Bradley had a fling with the wife of this John Gotti type when he was down in Florida.  Mr. Big And Mean shows up and demands a payoff.

Well, Bradley didn't have the money, so this guy threatens to do ugly, painful things to Camille.  Well, Bradley married Carly so he could get the money so that this thing would let Camille live in one piece.

Brad: Carly why did you lie about your back?  I thought you were happy about where we were.  The other night was really incredible between us.  You know that, too.

Carly: Yeah.

Brad: So, then why are you avoiding us?

Carly: I'm a little confused.  The other night was a big surprise.  I know things were building that way, but --

Brad: But -- we've never been the most romantic couple, have we?

Carly: No.  Not exactly, no.

Brad: And the only reason you went to bed with me was because you had just said good-bye to Jack.  All this is going so fast for you, isn't it?  All those years you thought that you were in love with Jack.  And then, you finally had to accept that it was over with.

Carly: That's not it, exactly.

Brad: Well, Carly, I can imagine how painful that must've been for you.  But you knew that you had to put Jack behind you before we could be together.

Carly: This is about me.  I'm not exactly the most open person in the world.I find it a lot more convenient to hide my feelings than to talk about them.

Brad: Look, we have both got to be willing to put everything on the line.

Both of us.  We have to be honest about how we really feel.

Carly: Okay.  I've been a little unsure about everything.

Brad: You don't have to be, Carly.  I'm here.  You're safe with me.  I'm not gonna leave you.

Carly: That's not what I meant, Brad.

Brad: Honesty, total disclosure to another human being -- I can imagine how terrifying that must be.  Why don't you let me go first?  I love you, Carly.

And we are so right together.  You feel it, too.  Just give me one more night, all right, and I will prove it to you.

Carly: Brad --

Brad: That it -- look, I've got this business meeting I've gotta go to right now.  While I'm gone, don't listen to those devil voices, all right?  When I come back, we'll put them to rest together.

Carly: But, Brad --

Brad: No.  I'm gonna go to this meeting, and we're gonna be fine. We're gonna be better than fine.  I'll come back tonight and there won't be any surprises.  You'll be ready.  It'll just be the two of us. No more memories from the past.  Okay?  I'm gonna make this the shortest meeting in history.

I'll be back before you have time to miss me.

Alec: How do I get through to you?  Maybe on a subconscious level, you'll understand.

Eddie: Listen, I don't care, all right?  I don't care if the guy's my dad!

He's a dirt bag!  He didn't care about us!  He didn't care about anybody!

[Glass smashing]

Alec: Eddie, that's not how it was!

Eddie: Literally, we are better off without the guy, all right?!  He didn't care!

[Glass smashing]

Alec: Eddie, I cared --

Eddie: He didn't care about me!  He didn't care about you!

Alec: Eddie, stop!

Eddie: He didn't care about anything!

Alec: You're gonna hurt yourself!  Stop it!  Stop it.  Eddie, you gotta know.  You gotta know, it wasn't about you, it was about me.  It was about me.

Your mother loved you more than life itself.  Me.  I wasn't a dad.  I wasn't cut out to be a dad.  And it's not your fault.  It's mine!  It's mine!  And that's something I'm gonna have to live with for the rest of my life.

Eddie: Oh, mama, don't cry.  Don't cry, mama.  Mama, it's okay.  It's okay, mama.  It's okay.  It's okay.

Alec: Eddie, she's got nothing to cry about anymore.  She's not crying.

She's not crying.  She's got nothing to cry about where she is.  She's all right now.  She's all right now.

Molly: Oh.  Oh, red alert, cuz.  I am in it up to my eyebrows.

Carly: Join the club.

Molly: No, this is major.  I'm handling a criminal investigation, independent of the police, behind the cops' backs, and they're gonna be furious.

Carly: What is your point, Molly?

Molly: I think that Reid Hamilton's connected to Lily and Holden's missing baby.

Carly: Reid's what?

Molly: Yeah.  Carly, I have evidence.  The picture that I ran on my TV show --

Carly: Oh, okay, so you're gonna accuse Reid of kidnapping or whatever, based on some headless photograph.  Do you have any idea what the laws are about slander in this state?

Molly: Andy ran the picture through some state-of-the-art computer and it came up with this physical profile that matches Reid.  Well, I mean, same height, weight, bone structure, coloring.  But there's more, okay?  There's a letter that came along with the photo from Rita Renfield.

Carly: The nutjob who was obsessed with him?

Molly: e may not be a nutjob.  Emily felt that Reid had her committed because she knew too much.

Carly: I don't even want to know what Emily has to do with this whole thing.

Molly: She was in the same hospital that Reid had stashed Rita in.  And when the cops came and got her, they took her to this other place, the Benedict House.  Only they didn't know that she was really Rita.

Carly: Molly, you're giving me a headache here.

Molly: Okay, okay, okay.  I ran into Reid Hamilton at the Benedict House.

Okay?  And Rita had disappeared before Lily and Holden could question her about why she sent them that picture.  See how it all fits together?  Say something.

Carly: If the Benedict House still has an open bed, you should check yourself in.

Molly: I am onto something.

Carly: What?  A convoluted story, a few coincidences, which might add up to something if Reid were toting around a little baby, which he's not.

Molly: The theory has a few glitches.

Carly: If you honestly believe this, Molly, go to the police. Please, just stay away from Reid Hamilton!

Molly: I'm not sure I want to.

Carly: You are really getting on my nerves, Molly.  Just stay away from that loser.  Please, let's talk about something important.  I have a problem and I need your advice.  I'm with Jack.  He actually wants to be with me.

Molly: My advice -- be with him.

Carly: Brad.  Brad's fallen for me hard, and if I try to leave him for Jack, well, he could blow me out of the water with this whole paternity thing.

Molly: Not if you tell Jack about it first.  Carly, if the man really loves you, he will understand.

Carly: Well, there's something else.  And I wonder if you will understand that I need a divorce instead of an annulment.

Molly: Divorce, annulment, it's all the same -- oh.

Carly: I slept with Brad.

Molly: Yeah, I know.  He told me.  What were you thinking?

Carly: That it was over for good with Jack.  And I needed someone, and he was there.  He was sweet and -- passionate.

Molly: Great, great.

Carly: He was wonderful.

Molly: So be with him.

Carly: He's not Jack.

Molly: Oh, God.  Okay, you only slept with Brad once, right?

Carly: Right.  The night before last.  And I've been horrible to him ever since.  I've been making up lies so -- reasons that we can't sleep together again, only I just gave him the impression that we would tonight.  I didn't know what else to do.

Molly: And you think that I'm the one who should be committed.

Carly: I'm in real trouble, huh?

Molly: Yeah, you're in trouble.  Jack can't understand why you married Brad, and Brad actually thinks he has a chance at being happy with you.  And when the two of them get together and compare notes -- not that Brad would narc on you -- but he will have that happy bride/groom glow.

Carly: Well, okay, but if he doesn't actually say anything.  I mean, men don't really talk about that kind of stuff, do they?

Molly: Honey -- honey, he told me, okay?  He wants to yell it from rooftops.

Carly: All right.  All right.  I get your point.  What am I gonna do?

Molly: I don't know.

Carly: That's helpful.  Thanks.

Molly: Well, I'm sorry, okay?  It's just, I would love to have an answer for you.  But the way I see it, I think you're doomed.

Carly: No, no, no.  No, there has got to be a way out of this.  There has to be.  I just have to find it.

Sara Ruth: Hey, Worldwide is gonna underwrite the door prizes.  And you better be telling me what's bothering you.  You haven't heard a word I've said.

Camille: Hmm?  Mama, I'm sorry.  Sorry.

Sara Ruth: Come on, talk to me, okay?  I'm not gonna rest till you tell me what's the matter.

Camille: All right, fine.  You know how I had that photo shoot the other day, the one down on the dock?

Sara Ruth: Uh-huh.

Camille: I left my sweater behind and I had to go back to the boat house.  I saw Jack and Carly together and I caught an eyeful.  They definitely weren't talking about sailing, trust me.

Sara Ruth: Well, you know what, Camille?  That's their business.  That's none of your business.

Camille: No, no, not exactly, but -- look, I don't want Brad to get hurt.

That's the last thing that I want.  And part of me thinks that I should tell him, and maybe I shouldn't.  I don't know.  Maybe Carly just needed to get something out -- with Jack out of her system.

Sara Ruth: Please.  I got two words for you, two you have thrown my way very often -- butt out.

Camille: Don't you think that that man deserves to know?

Sara Ruth: No, I don't think!  I think you ought to let that man go!  That's the best thing you could do for everybody!

Jack: I still don't understand why.

Dolores: Jack, Bradley didn't tell me all the gory details.  I really have told you everything I know.

Jack: Ma, it doesn't make any sense.

Barbara: Excuse me.  Jack, could I have a word with you, please?

Dolores: Oh, I'll go powder my nose.

Jack: Ma -- ma.

Jack: What can I do for you, Barbara?

Barbara: Actually, it's what you cannot do for me.  Hal and I are very happy that you're gonna be coming to our wedding.

Jack: Well, that's good 'cause I already sent in my acceptance.

Barbara: Yes, but, see, here's the thing.  We want only you.  Now, I don't know what kind of arrangement you have with your brother's wife, and frankly, I don't want to know.  But I will not have her coming to my wedding.

Jack: Barbara --

Barbara: Did you hear me?  This is my day, and I will not have her at my wedding.

Jack: Okay, first of all, Carly would never force herself to a place where she thought she wasn't welcome.

[Barbara laughs]

Jack: And secondly -- secondly, yeah, she's made mistakes.  All right?  But who hasn't?  At least she's honest enough to own up to them and try to make it better.  Excuse me.

Camille: Well, did you hear that?

Sara Ruth: Yes, I did.

Camille: Okay, well, Brad is gonna get hurt, mama.

Sara Ruth: I don't think you should interfere.  Come on, let's go.

Camille: What's the rush?  We have stuff that we have to do here.

Brad: Hey, Camille.  Good to see you.  Sara Ruth.

Sara Ruth: Brad.

Adam: What's up? This isn't about me going home to Mom's, is it?  'Cause that's not my home anymore.

Hal: Adam, Margo and I understand how you feel.  Nobody's gonna put any pressure on you.  Okay?

Adam: Okay.  But you gotta know that there are gonna be some big changes real soon.

Adam: Like your wedding, yeah.

Hal: It means our bachelor days are coming to an end, buddy.  We're gonna have to get used to sharing space with a female again.

Adam: Ah, and we're gonna have to put our dirty clothes in hampers.

Hal: No more feeding the dust bunnies under the bed.

Adam: And pizza will no longer be a major food group.

Hal: You know the drill, my friend.

Adam: Yes.  But they were fun while they lasted, huh?

Hal: Those days were fun.  Adam, Barbara and I have decided that I'm gonna move into her place.  I mean, eventually, we're gonna build a house.  But right now, she's more settled than I am, and I don't have as much junk to move, so --

Adam: Dad, if you're trying to tell me that you don't have enough space for me --

Hal: Hey, hey, Adam.  Adam, there is always space for you no matter where I am.  You got that?  Barbara and I already picked out a room for you.  She's waiting to decorate it.  We just wanted to find out how you felt about it.

Adam: I'm okay with it.  You know, my home -- or my mom's house just isn't the same anymore, you know, 'cause she's dating Alec Wallace and my -- Tom, he's so caught up with Emily and a new kid, you know?  Really, the only person I'm gonna miss is --

Hal: Casey.

Adam: Yeah. I feel like such a deserter, you know?  I mean, he's happy living with Mom alone and everything.  And, you know, he understands why I came to live with you.

Hal: Adam, you called him every night before he left for camp, right?  I mean, you already sent him three care packages full of candy and gross stuff, right?  I mean, Casey knows you're there for him.

Adam: Yeah.  Just like you're always there for me, right?

Hal: Yeah, that's right.  And, well, that kind of brings me to what I wanted to talk to you about.  I know you're gonna think it's lame because it involves a tuxedo and icky stuff like that, but -- it would really mean a lot to me if you'd stand up for me at my wedding, be my best man.

Adam: Really?  You want -- you want me to be your best man?

Hal: You bet I do.

Adam: Um -- well, about the tuxedo, will I have to wear a tie?

Hal: Yeah, and a cummerbund.  Yeah.

Adam: Mm, not one of those pleated jobs, right?

Hal: I'm afraid so.

Adam: Will I at least get to pick out the color?

Hal: Well, that's something you're gonna have to negotiate with the bride.

Adam: Well, you know what?  I think I'm gonna go with whatever she says 'cause I'm gonna stick by you 100%.

Brad: So, anyway, I've got this big business meeting in about five minutes.

How do you like the sound of that?  Me with a big business meetings.

Camille: Well, it sounds good to me.

Brad: Well, unfortunately, I'm gonna have to cut it short, though, because I gotta get back home to Carly.  It's one of those "don't want to be late" kind of nights.  Camille?  Is there something wrong?

Camille: No.  Nope, everything is great.

Carly: A plan.  I need a plan.

Jack: Just look to the left.

Carly: Jack.  Why did you come here?  What if Brad were home?

Jack: I saw him at the Lakeview, so I knew the coast was clear.  I was gonna talk to him, but then I figured I better get the full story from you first.

Carly: Jack, I've told you why I can't --

Jack: Carly, you don't need to explain, okay?  I know the truth.

Carly: You do?

Jack: I know why you and Brad got married.

Reid: What is it, Julia?  Tell me.

Julia: Um -- I'm just a little -- this was really unexpected.  I mean, it was wonderful, but --

Reid: It was a big step for us.  But then, our whole relationship has been a surprise.

Julia: A bit.

Reid: You know, I kept the wall up as long as I could.  As your therapist, there were certain boundaries I didn't want to cross.

Julia: Like this one?  Look, my therapy was over long before we got involved.

Reid: But, still, it wasn't the most normal courtship you could have had.

And I'm sorry for that.

Julia: Don't be.  God, talk about feeling guilty.  I cannot believe that I thought that you had Lily and Holden's baby.  I'm so sorry about that.

Reid: No, no, no.  No more apologies.  We're together now.  And we have our whole life together ahead of us.  There's nothing standing in our way.

Andy: Hi, Mol.  This is a surprise.

Molly: Yeah, tell me about it.  How'd you know I was here, anyway?

Andy: I saw your flashlight moving around in the window.  What, are you moonlighting as a cat burglar?

Molly: I'm not doing anything illegal.

Andy: You're not?

Molly: No.  It's research, for my expose.

Andy: Since when do they give a license to break and enter to talk show hosts?  I thought you were gonna let this drop.

Molly: Well, I can't.

Andy: You know, I know you hate him.  But focusing on Reid -- it takes away from your life.  Do you understand that?

Molly: All right, well, what do you want me to do, Andy?

Andy: He's not gonna bother you anymore -- I straightened him out on that, okay?  And if he's got a thing for you, well, so be it.  It's a nonissue.  And if you forget him, I promise you, that's the way to get him.

Molly: You're right.  You're absolutely right.  So I'm just gonna put this stuff back where I found it, and you play lookout.  Okay?

Andy: Come on, Molly, coast is clear.

Molly: Coming.

Deena: They're sending me to jail.  You gotta take Eddie in.  If you don't, the court will put him in foster care.  And God knows what kind of people they are.

Alec: Deena, you just can't come in here and drop this on me.   Deena: Eddie -- Eddie's never been without me.  He doesn't like new places.  He has trouble sleeping sometimes.  He's just a little kid.

And he gets scared, and he tries to act tough.  But underneath, he's so sweet.  Like you used to be.

Alec: I really don't have time to deal with this right now.

Deena: You never came to see us, and that's okay.  But you gotta do this now.

Alec: I can't right now.

Deena: He's your kid -- Look at him!  How can you turn your back on him?

Alec (on phone): Yeah, put together those papers on the ICM deal, for me, will ya, please?

Deena: Can't you see how cruel you're being?!

Alec: Deena, I can't just cancel this meeting last second.  I gotta be there.

Deena: You're a big suit now, just like you always dreamed of in school!  You can afford to take care of him!

Alec (on phone): Cynthia, yeah, call down for a taxi, too.

Deena: Just for a little while.  I'll be out before you know it, and I'll come back, and I'll get him.  I love him.  For the love of God, Alec, don't do this to us.  Don't do this to your son.

Alec: Deena, the kid's been all right all this time.

Deena: That "kid" is your son, dammit!  What happened to you, Alec?

You used to have a heart.

Alec: That's enough.  I gotta go.

Deena: You're not a big man!  If you were, you wouldn't walk out on us.  You just go!  Just go!  I'm glad he doesn't have to get to know you!

Young Eddie: Mom -- No, Mom, don't cry.  Don't cry, Mom, please.

[Deena crying]

Carly: You seem awfully calm.

Jack: You think I'd lose it?  I knew you and Brad weren't in love.

Carly: How'd you find out, Jack?

Jack: Ma told me.

Carly: Dolores?

Jack: About Peter Wentworth and his mob connections, and the threats against Camille.

Carly: Yes.  So now you know.

Jack: Why'd you hide it from me, Carly?

Carly: Brad didn't want the police to know.  You're the police.

Jack: I can't tell you what was goin' through my mind.  Talk about a relief.

Carly: I'm glad.

Jack: Look, I get why Brad needed the money to help Camille, but why'd you go along with it?  Why didn't you just hand him the money?

Carly: I couldn't.  It's all this complicated stuff about how Parker's trust is set up.  Just being mister and missus would make the transaction a whole lot more low-key.

Jack: That was a pretty big sacrifice to make.

Carly: Well, Camille's not my favorite person, but I couldn't let that animal murder her.

Jack: Okay, but why did you stay married to Brad after he paid off Wentworth?

Carly: Well, that's really complicated, Jack.

Jack: See, if you had only come to me in the first place.

Carly: Wentworth was the one who was calling all the shots.  And, well, he wanted it to be marriage, so -- I don't know, he was a jealous maniac.  He wanted to keep Brad away from Mrs. Wentworth.

Jack: And Brad being married to someone he doesn't love -- that would stop him?

Carly: Well, maybe Mrs. Wentworth thought we were a love match, I don't know.  Brad and I just did what we thought we had to.

Jack: Don't let anyone tell you you're selfish.  'Cause you are the warmest, kindest person --

Carly: No.

Jack: And you're crazy for trying to do this alone.  Do you know that?  You and Brad.

Carly: I was scared.  I didn't know what to do.

Jack: Well, it's all going to work out now.  I'm gonna nail Wentworth.  I'm gonna talk to Brad, tell him how we feel about each other so you can get out of this marriage.  Then everyone, with the exception of Wentworth, can be happy.

Carly: You can't.

Jack: Why?

Carly: And you can't go to Wentworth either.  The man's a criminal, Jack.

Jack: Going after criminals is what I do, Carly.  Besides, I don't want to wait any longer than I have to to be with you.

Carly: Neither do I.

Jack: Okay, then let me do my job, and we'll be together that much faster.

Isn't that what you want?

Carly: Yes -- yes, that's what I want.  It's what I've wanted --

[Phone rings]

Carly: Yeah?

Brad: Hello, woman that I love.  You're talking to a husband who just closed a major business deal.  So, now you get to sit around and wonder how you're gonna spend my money, sweetheart.

Carly: Let's talk about that later.  Okay?

Brad: Hmm, talking is the least of it.  So, what would you like me to bring home?  A $400 bottle of wine or the crown jewels?

Carly: No, no, I don't need anything.  Just -- just take your time, okay?

Brad: Mmm, with everything that I've got planned?  I'm comin' home right now.

Julia: What are you thinking about?

Reid: You.  Only you.

Alec: Eddie?  Eddie?!  Eddie!  Are you awake?

Eddie: What am I doin' in here?

Alec: You were sleepwalking.  Remember anything?  Remember what happened?

Eddie: I don't remember anything, man.  I do that sometimes.  I'm sorry, man.  You gotta let me clean that up.

Alec: No, no, no, no.  It's okay.  Forget about it.  It's okay.

Eddie: Man, I thought I had these sleeping fits under control.  Man, why the hell is this happening to me again?

Alec: Eddie, you told me to butt out, stay out of your business.  But if Ben Harris can help you, please, please, go see him.

Eddie: Sometimes when I have my fits, I get a little freaky, and I say things, do stuff, like demolishing the place.  Did I do anything else?

Anything at all?

Alec: No.  Nothing worth remembering.

Carly: I don't know when Brad will be home.

Jack: Well, then, I'll stick around and wait for him.

Carly: No, don't do that, Jack.  It could be really late.

Jack: Well, I bet Brad will be glad to know the secret's out.

Carly: He won't.  And I won't.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Because -- if you go to Wentworth with this, things could get really ugly.

Jack: I told you, we can handle this, Carly.

Carly: The guy has connections.  What about my safety?  What about Parker's safety?  You can't go to Brad with this, Jack.

Jack: How will talking to Brad endanger you?

Carly: Trust me.  Going to Brad would be the worst thing you could do.  I want to be with you, more than anything in the world.  This is the wrong way.

Jack: What other way is there?

Carly: Well, we could take Parker, pack up our things, and run.

Jack: What?

Carly: Just leave, Jack.  Come on.  We'll leave Oakdale, and we'll never look back.

Brad: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Let me give you a hand with that.

Camille: Thanks.  Always rescuing me.  I wish I could return the favor.

Brad: Ah, I'm sure if I ever needed it, you'd be there to rescue me.

Although things are goin' pretty good right now.  Better than that.  I just had this phenomenal business meeting, I'm going home to a little boy and an incredible woman.  What could be better than that?

Camille: You really love Carly, don't you?

Brad: Yeah, well, I guess that things are finally starting to work out for us.

Camille: I know it seems that way, Brad, but you really deserve better than that, okay?

Brad: Wait a minute.  I mean, I know that Carly isn't perfect, but -- is there something that you're not telling me?  Camille, do you know something?

Molly: Excuse me.  I need to get the forwarding address and phone number of my friends, Julia Lindsey and Reid Hamilton.

[Baby crying]  Julia: No, no, no.  I'll get her.

[Phone rings]

Reid: Hello?

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