As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/18/01


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Proofread by Gisele

Isaac: Hey.

Ben: Hey, so, what's up?

Isaac: What's up?  Is Lien okay?

Ben: Yeah.  Why, you hear otherwise?

Isaac: Well, no, I went by the hospital just to check on her, and they said she went home.  Now, I don't know.  I just -- making sure she didn't have a relapse or anything.

Ben: No, no, she's doing better and better, just like I told you.

Isaac: Well, the last time I was there, we were -- it wasn't too long ago we were ready to administer last rites.

Ben: Well, you know, it's a miracle, man.  That's all.

Isaac: Well, I haven't seen too many of those in my day.

Ben: Well, you know, sometimes the lord just smiles on us.

Isaac: Sometimes he has help.

Ben: What?  What -- what -- what do you mean?

Isaac: Look, are you telling me the whole story?

Ben: Why wouldn't I be?

Isaac: Come on, man, it's Isaac.  Come on, just -- whatever you -- whatever you tell me begins and ends right here.

Ben: All right, look, I gotta have your word.  I tracked down a cure for Que-en-Jac.


Ben: Come on --

Isaac: You gotta a cure for --

Ben: Keep it down, man.  Keep it down.

Isaac: What are you talking about?  Think of me as your own personal Gabriel, or your agent.  You know, by the time I'm done with you, John Hopkins is gonna name a wing after us.  You know what else?  The Nobel Prize people, they're gonna come a-knockin'.  They're gonna come a-knockin'.

Ben: By the time you're done with me, my medical career's gonna be done.

Isaac: What are you talking about?

Ben: The drug that I used on Lien was experimental.  It hasn't been approved by the FDA yet.

Isaac: Illegal?  How'd you get hospital brass to sign off on that?

Ben: I didn't, okay?  All they know is that Lien is getting better.  Tom Hughes and I, we're the only ones that were in on it.

Isaac: I sure hope you like this club, man, 'cause I have a feeling you're going to be working here. 

Luke: Dad, can I wear this when we escape?

Holden: Absolutely.  You just put it in a place where you can find it short notice.  'Cause when the show starts, you're gonna need to be able to get into it right away.  Okay, you know what this is?  You know what this right here is?

This is the magic path.

Luke: Why is it magic?

Holden: Because it can disappear whenever those guards come by.

Luke: Cool, Dad.  They won't know where we are.  They'll think we just disappeared, but we'll be -- where will we be, Dad?  Where can we go where the guards won't find us?

[Bells tolling]

Holden: We're going where the good guys go when the bad guys start closing in.

Luke: Huh?

Holden: Church, Luke.  We're going to get sanctuary.

Luke: Like in "Hunchback"!

Holden: You got it, buddy.

Luke: So all we have to do tonight is get to the church and we win the game?

Holden: That's right.  That's exactly right.  And then we win the game.

Katie: Knock it off!  Do you know what time it is?

Lily: Katie, they're church bells.  They're not going to stop just because you want them to.

Katie: Who rings bells this early in the morning?  Did they wake you, too?

Lily: No.

Katie: You're right, you know.  I should've stayed home.  You didn't need me to deal with on top of everything else.

Lily: Things were already a mess before you got here.

Katie: Still, I'm sorry if I made them worse.  And you know, Lily, there's something else I'm sorry for -- last summer, the way I went after Holden.  I hadn't been married before, and I didn't understand what I might be destroying.  And I also didn't know what love was either.  Just because Holden was nice to me, I thought that I loved him.

Lily: And you didn't?

Katie: No.  It was just a crush.  And now I know the difference.  A crush will get you to the movies with someone, and love will take you across the world.

Lily: In a nun's outfit, apparently.

Katie: Or a pith helmet.

Lily: I guess we both know something we didn't know before.

Katie: I'm gonna go see if Simon's awake.

[Katie leaves and Lily looks out the window]

Lily: Holden and Luke, if you're out there -- I love you both so much.

[Katie returns]

Katie: He's gone!  Lily, Simon's gone!  

Katie: Did you find him?  Oh, no, I knew it.  They took him.  They took your husband, then they take my husband.

Lily: Holden and Luke are missing because of Damian Grimaldi.  They don't want anything to do with Simon.

Katie: This is all my fault.  I am so selfish!  I kept thinking how nice it was to have him out there, watching out for us.  I didn't think about his safety.

Lily, I --

Lily: Would you just calm down, please?  I'm sure Simon couldn't sleep.

He went out for a walk, I'm sure. 

Signora Cordina: Good morning.  I heard the voices.  Always the tourists, they wake up with the bells.  But soon, you will be able to sleep through them.

Where is your Australian friend?

Katie: We don't know.

Lily: We think that he went out for a walk, and he'll be back soon, we're sure of it.

Katie: Maybe he didn't go out for a walk.  Maybe he got knocked over the head and dragged off, I don't know.  We need to call the police or the embassy or something.

Lily: She's a little tense, jet lag and everything.  Why don't you have a little food for your system?  Might help you.

[Katie is about to take a drink]

Simon: Katie, don't, don't, don't, don't touch -- don't touch anything Signora Cordina gives you. 

[Tom Hughes enters from the outside patio door]

Tom: Ladies and gentlemen, now standing, for one night only --

[Lien laughs]

Lien: You ain't see nothin' yet. [Lien takes a few steps] Watch this.  No, no, no, no, no, just stay back, I can do this.  Help. [Tom helps her to a stool] Tom: Gotcha.

Lien: Help.

Tom: Come on, come on, come on.

Lien: Oh!

Tom: Move this, come on.  Come on.

Lien: Don't think I'm ready for the 100-yard dash yet.

Tom: There you go.  Then why don't you slow down and take it easy, because nobody's clocking you.

Lien: But that's what I've always done.

Tom: I know.

Lien: Competed.  That's how I survived Vietnam and coming to America, by being smarter and faster, better than everybody else.

Tom: Yeah, well, you already won the race that matters, right?  You're home now, and you're safe, and you don't have to prove anything here.  Those steps you just took mean more to me than any trophy.  I might have missed the first ones, but I thank God I was here for those.

Lien: Oh.  Thanks, Dad.

Tom: So do me a favor.

Lien: Okay.

Tom: Leave the pogo stick in the garage until the end of the week.

[Lien laughs]

Tom: Okay?

Lien: I promise I will.

Tom: So what time's Ben coming over to give you your medications?

Lien: Um, actually, I've been thinking about that.  I don't really understand why Ben has to be the one to give me my shots, so I left a message with John Dixon.  I'm gonna ask him to give them to me.

Tom: No, I don't want you to do that.

Lien: Why not?

Tom: Because -- because Ben was by your side from day one.  He's the one that got you to the hospital.  And you can't shut him out now, especially when you're gettin' better.

Lien: Dad -- I came home knowing in the back of my mind that I was dying.  I wanted to spend the rest of my time with you.  Ben wasn't even in the picture yet.

Tom: Yeah, but he showed up, and he cares about you.

Lien: I know.  And I care a lot about him, too, but it's major re-evaluation time.  I've got so much to think about.  It's like I'm gonna have to get to know myself all over again.

Tom: You know who you are.  You are a brilliant, fearless attorney.

Lien: That's who I became in order to survive.  But is that who I really want to be for the rest of my life?  I man, it's always been about survival for me.  Ever since I watched my mother die, I've known that there's no love in this world strong enough to save someone.

[Lien sighs]

Lien: So I armed myself with a 4.0 GPA and a Law degree.  But it really didn't help me very much, did it?  I still almost died.

Tom: Ah, but you didn't.

Lien: No, I didn't, but it changed me.  I still don't know how yet.  And when I find out all these changes, will Ben still want to be there?  He wants a serious relationship with this brilliant, fearless attorney person that you're talking about, but she's left the building, and I don't know who's in her place.

And until I know who that person is, I think it would be unfair of me to ask him to keep treating me.

[Phone rings]

Lien: That must be John.

Tom: Please.  Please, don't do that.

Tom: You've reached the Hughes family.  We can't come to the phone.   Please leave a message.

Tom: Ben has to be the one to give you the shots.

[Answering machine beeps]

John: Lien, it's John Dixon.  I'm returning your call.

Lien: Why?  Why?

John: Lien?  I'll call you later. [Dr. John Dixon hangs up]

Lien: Dad?  You're going to have to tell me why it has to be Ben to give me the shots.

Tom: Because the medication you're taking is a cure for Que-en-Jac, a cure that has not yet been approved.

Lien: A cure?  There's no such thing.

Tom: How do you account for your remarkable recovery?

Lien: John can't explain it either, but --

Tom: He can't explain it, honey, because he doesn't know anything about it.

Lien: He doesn't know there's a cure?

Tom: Ben found some cases in Asia that was using a new drug that showed remarkable results.  He got it imported here, somehow, brought it to me.  And I gave you the first shot.

Lien: This is incredible!  We have to -- we have to --

Tom: We can't.  I mean, just think about it.  Ben did something that was against the law.  You and I both know the consequences for that. 

Isaac: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Don't go running off.  I'm not trying to bust your chops, Ben.  But how can you justify using black market drugs to save a patient?

Ben: Hey, look.  Look, it's not black market.  It's foreign market.  Doctors are using this treatment in other countries, and it works.  The only thing wrong with it is it's not approved by the FDA yet.

Isaac: Yeah, well, the last time I checked, John Dixon cared more about the FDA than Dr. B-E-N.  How could you do that, just hand him your career like that?

Ben: Look, Lien's lungs were becoming paralyzed.  She was dying.  What was I supposed to do, sit back, watch her suffocate, when I knew that I could save her?  No.  I did what I became a doctor to do.  And if it costs me my license, so be it!  I can live with that outcome.  I couldn't live with the other one.

Isaac: All right, just -- you convinced me.  I'm proud of you.

Ben: Thanks.  Look, Lien's waiting for me.

Isaac: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  What does she think of all this?  I mean, is she ready to give you that superman cape?

Ben: She doesn't know.  She was unconscious, and we didn't know if she was going to come out of it, so Tom and I made the decision on our own.

Isaac: When are you going to tell her?

Ben: I'm not.  We are not, okay?  I mean, Lien and I were just starting to build a future together.  I don't want to do something that's going to screw it up, make her feel like she owes me a relationship.

Isaac: Do you hear yourself, a future?

Ben: Yeah.  I care about Lien a lot.  Man, she helped me get Curtis.

Isaac: That was her job, okay?  You've been on a few dates.  You don't see her willing to back up the U-haul anytime soon.

Ben: Did I say soon?  All I know is there's a reason that she came into my life, and there's a reason that I was able to save her.

Isaac: Yeah, that sounds great, really, but why don't you just give it a few months before you decide this thing is preordained, or whatever?  Seriously, I mean, don't you notice there's a pattern going on here?

Ben: There's a pattern?

Isaac: Yeah, a pattern with you and women.  You date them, and then they're the one.  First it was Camille, then it was Denise, now it's Lien.

Ben: Oh, okay.  Wait, wait, this is a bartender thing, right?  You're going to sit around and psychoanalyze the whole world.

Isaac: No, I'm just saying chill, relax.  You have a good job, a beautiful woman, Curtis.  Give it time before you go making everybody your family.

Ben: Nothing wrong with family, Isaac.  I had a good one growing up.  I want Curtis to have one, too.

Isaac: You had an illusion, Ben.  You didn't even know you were sharing your father with a little boy right across town.  It doesn't matter if you make the perfect family.  That's not going to fix the one our old man screwed up.

Ben: Fine, okay?  So what if I do want to create a family?  Life is not one big nightclub, Isaac.  I don't want to grow old sitting on some barstool trying to impress some pretty young thing.  I want to be sitting on a porch with a woman that was young when I was young.  And I want to look over at her, and I want to look back on the life that we built together.  Because that's all that matters in the end, man -- what you build, who you build it with -- family.

[Ben leaves]

Lisa: Ooh, well.  Seems like Ben was very eloquent tonight.

Isaac: You heard?

Lisa: I did, and so did everyone else at the bar.

Isaac: Oh, man.  Is there a way that he can be eloquent, but not know what he's talking about?

Lisa: Oh, honey, I think Ben might have a good point. 

Simon: Here.  I'm pretty sure a glass of this will knock her out for, what, at least a day and a half?

Katie: This is what you call hospitality?

Lily: Why would Simon think that you did something to that drink?

Signora Cordina: I don't know.  I can't imagine, because I am innocent.

Simon: Oh, come on.  You're as bent as a paper clip, lady, which is why I've brought the cops.  It's this one here, officer.

Signora Cordina: Salvatore?

Sal: He came to the station and said I should arrest someone on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder.  If I had known he was talking about you, Signora, I would have thrown him in jail.

Lily: Wait a minute.  If Simon thinks this woman is guilty of something, shouldn't you question her?

Sal: Hey, she's my friend.

Lily: You don't wanna do your job?  That's fine.  I'll do it myself.  Meeting you on the airplane, that wasn't an accident, was it?  It was all a setup!

Sal: Signora Cordina is one of our --

Lily: Who are you working for?!

Signora Cordina: I am working for myself.

Lily: And Damian Grimaldi, what about him?  You're working for him, aren't you?  Tell me!

Sal: Hey, stop harassing her.  She's an old woman.

Simon: Oh, she's an old crook, is what she is.

Sal: The thought of her mixed up in a kidnapping and attempted murder, it is ludicrous.

Simon: Oh, yeah?  Yeah, then how come I overheard your little friend here telling her buddies to move two Americans from Argotti?  You want to explain that? 

Tom: I gave Ben permission to use the drug.  I knew it was a risk, and I did not like gambling with your life, but we had nothing left to try.  You were dying, and I couldn't bear it.

Lien: Does grandpa know?

Tom: Nobody knows.  Ben, Margo and me.  You were unconscious, fighting for your life.  The drug was illegal, but it was our only shot to save your life.  And I told him to use it.

Lien: If anyone else finds out, you could be disbarred.

Tom: I could care less.  I got you back.  That's all that matters to me.  So you're angry.  You think I played Russian roulette with your life.

Lien: Angry?  You gave me life, not just once, but twice.  I'm -- I'm so grateful.  And Ben, he could have lost everything.  He could have lost his whole career for me.

Tom: Well, Ben didn't think that we should tell you.  He thought that you might feel indebted to him.  Just between you and me, I think the guy's got a case on you.

[Both giggle]

Lien: And that's exactly why I didn't want him to be my doctor.  Good thing he didn't listen.  [Doorbell rings] Okay, that might -- that must be him now.

Tom: Okay.  Look -- I probably don't have the right to say this, but do you think you could not say anything to Ben about you knowing about this?

Because he didn't do it for the glory.  He did it for you.  And the last thing he wants is for anything between you to be about gratitude.

Lien: I won't let him know that I know.

Tom: Okay.

Tom: Hey.

Ben: Hey.  How you doin', Tom?

Tom: Good.

Ben: I'm here to see our favorite patient. 

Luke: Now what do we do, Dad?

Holden: Now -- now, we rest.  Big, big night.

Guard #1: Luke, get your things.  You're comin' with me.

Luke: Dad, is this part of the game?

Holden: My son isn't goin' anywhere without me.

Guard #1: You're not the one givin' orders.  The boy, he come with me alone.  We are sending you to a more permanent destination.

Luke: Dad, what does this mean?

Holden: Don't worry, buddy.  It's all just part of the game.

Guard #1: You have to be moved today.  But I give you a few minutes alone with your father.  But then I come back to take you to your destination.

Holden: Hey, hey, who said anything about movin' anyone?  Who are these orders from?  [Door closes]

Luke: I thought we were supposed to escape later tonight.  If they take me away, how are we supposed to do our big plan?

Holden: Don't you worry, buddy.  That guard, he's not gonna take you anywhere.

Luke: Good.  What's our plan?

Holden: Our plan?  To, uh -- to make you too sick to go.

Luke: But I feel fine.

Holden: Not for long. 

Lily: I'm going to ask you a question, and I want an honest answer.  Those two Americans that you were talking about, were you talking about my husband and my son?

[Signora Cordina sighs]

Signora Cordina: Salvatore, take me away from these people.  Sono pazzo.

They're crazy.

Lily: No, no!  You're not going anywhere until you answer my questions!

[Lily closes the door]

Signora Cordina: I gave you a place to stay to refresh and restore yourself, and for thanks, I get tormented with accusations!  My heart -- no.

Sal: Basta.  Enough.  It is time for the truth.  What has Damian Grimaldi have to do with this?

Lily: I'll tell you exactly what he has to do with this.  I was married to him once.  We had a child together, a son, Luke.

Signora Cordina: Oh, my God.

Lily: He came to America to warn me that my son was in danger.  And the next thing we know, they were all gone, all three of them.  Damian, Luke and my husband, gone, disappeared!

Sal: Please accept my condolences.  I heard about Signore Grimaldi's death.  But I had no idea your son and husband --

Lily: They're not dead!  That's the point.  They are here!  They're being held prisoners somewhere here on Malta.

Signora Cordina: Oh, I'm so sorry.  I had no idea.  We all -- we love the Grimaldis.  And your Damian, he is so handsome and kind.  I would never hurt him or his child.  No, no.

Lily: Okay, let's say I believe you.  Then I need you to help me.  My little boy is somewhere here on Malta.  I don't know if he's alone or if he's with his father, but I do know that he's scared.  And there are people out there that want to kill him!  So I am begging you, please, if you know anything, just tell me!

[Knock on the door]

Martino: Lily Snyder, open this door immediately.

[Martino speaking Italian]

Sal: Martino?  What are you doing here?

Martino: Trying to track down a thief.  Someone fitting her description was seen coming to Signora Cordina's.  "American, early 20s, blonde hair, blue eyes." Seen anyone who looks like that?

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sal: Her, maybe?

Katie: Who are you calling a thief?  I didn't do anything.

Martino: We got a complaint that you stole a bicycle.

Katie: Oh, no, borrowed.  I borrowed a bicycle.  It was a piece of junk anyway.

Martino: It belongs to the son of the American ambassador.

Simon: Ah, Katie, no?!

Katie: How was I supposed to know that?

Sal: I don't know what game are you people playing, but it seems to me that maybe you are the criminals here, not that band of kidnapping murderers you're supposed to be looking for.  You're lucky I'm not throwing you all in jail for harassing Signora Cordina.

Martino: Okay, let's go.

Simon: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Katie: Don't let him take me, Simon!

Simon: Please, please, come on.  It was just a bike.  Come on.  I'll buy the kid a new one.

Martino: We have to acknowledge a crime was committed.  I mean, she will have to be processed, we have to -- a report must be filed.

Katie: No, no, I don't want to go to jail!

Simon: It's fine.

Katie: Simon, wait --

Simon: Look, Katie, Katie, Katie.  I'll get you out, I promise, okay?  Just --

hang in there until --

Katie: No, wait!  I am an innocent American!

Simon: Hang in there until we straighten all this out.

Katie: I can't just go to a foreign prison!  What are you doing?!  I borrowed a bicycle!  Please, no, wait!

Simon: Come on.

Lily: Wait.  Where's Signora Cordina?  Where did she go?!

Simon: I don't know.

Lily: I -- I -- I wasn't finished speaking with her!

Sal: I think you were.  At first, I believe your story about your son and husband.  But now, I'm not sure what you Americans are after.  Some advice, watch your step.  And unless you do want that little blonde to rot in a cell for 20 years, leave Signora Cordina alone.  She's under my protection.

Simon: What, what, all that for bike?  No way!  Oh, great.  So now -- now -- Katie's in jail.  And if we question our one lead, then we'll be in jail, too!

Lily: What is going on here?!  I don't understand.  Is Signora Cordina working for Damian or the -- or Damian's enemies?  I can't figure any of this out!  Am I right or am I wrong?  Everything instinct that I have is wrong.  If Holden and Luke are alive, how am I going to find them?

Simon: Look, you were the one who knew that they were alive when everyone else thought you were crazy, all right.  Please, Lily, do not give up.

Luke: But I don't even have a headache, Dad.

Holden: Just pretend.  Just like when you and Faith play hospital.  Okay, this is it.  This is [Holden finds an old makeup kit]

Luke: Dad!  Makeup's for girls!

Holden: Makeup is also for actors.  It makes them look older, or younger, or --

Luke: Sicker?

Holden: Exactly.  Okay, buddy, here's what we need to do.  We need to make you look a little pale, so shut your eyes.

Luke: Remember when my class did the Christmas play?

Holden: Yep, I remember it well.  Okay, now I just need to make your eyes look a little dark.

Luke: I forgot some lines in the Christmas play.  What if I mess up tonight?

Holden: Don't you worry about it.  You don't have any lines to forget.  In fact, it's better if you don't say anything at all.  Just cough, pretend that you're tired, like when you want to go to sleep.  Oh.  Guard's coming.  Okay, come on, get down.  Lie on your sleeping bag.

[Luke coughs]

Guard #1: Let's go, kid.

Holden: Ah, he can't.  He's -- I don't know, something's happened.  He's started running a fever.

Guard #1: He was fine when I left.

Holden: He was starting to have a sore throat.  It just happened.  It came out of nowhere, and he kind of collapsed.

Guard #1: Put him up on the ladder.  I take a look.

Holden: Come here, buddy.

Guard #1: What's the matter?  You sick?

[Luke coughs]

Guard #1: You'd better not be lying, kid.  I no like it when people lie. 

Tom: Dr. Harris, I'm going to leave you alone here with your patient.  I'll move this for you.

Lien: Thanks.

Ben: Okay.  Well, you know the drill.

Lien: Mm-hmm.

Ben: Hold out your arm, make a fist.  Um -- on second thought, let's -- let's take five.

Lien: Something wrong?

Ben: I hope not.  I don't know, I got a lot on my mind.  I had a talk with Isaac tonight.  And I didn't like what he had to say, but it got me thinking.  I think maybe I -- I push too hard.  What you said the other day about not knowing what your future is now -- you have every right to be left alone while you figure that out.

Lien: Thanks for saying that.

Ben: Yeah.  Let's hope I can do more than just say the words.  So from now on, friendly and professional, that's the way it's going to be between us, unless you say different.  And that's all I have to say.  And I'm gonna go wash my hands now.

Lien: Friendly and professional is not gonna do it, Ben, not anymore.

Lisa: Now, Isaac, I was just getting a compliment, and you had to interrupt?

Isaac: I promise I'll make that up to you, really, I will.  But if you're trying to compare me and my brother --

Lisa: Oh, now, would I do a thing like that?  No.  I just meant that there's nothing wrong with looking for true love.  And I think that -- I think Ben wants to settle down.  Settling down can be just wonderful.

Isaac: Of course it can.

Lisa: Well, then, why are you so annoyed with me for bringing it up?


Isaac: I'm not annoyed!

Lisa: Yes, you are.

Isaac: No, no.

Lisa: You are anti-love.

Isaac: No.  No, no, no.

Lisa: Yes, you are.

Isaac: If I was anti-love, then why would I be dating?

Lisa: You date a different woman every night.  I've got news for you, honey, love is not a four-letter word.  Look, you might even enjoy it.  But it's just a shame you're just so chicken.

Isaac: I'm not chicken.

Lisa: Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk.

Isaac: No, no, no.  I just haven't found the right woman.

Lisa: Is that true?  Well, sounds like a good challenge to me.

Isaac: No, no, no, no.

Lisa: Yes!

Isaac: Lisa, it's definitely not a challenge.  No!

Lisa: Oh, you know me.  You know I love challenges.  Now, let's see -- I redecorated this place.  It's doing pretty good.  I've got a little spare time on my hands.

Isaac: No, no.  See -- I don't need a setup.

Lisa: Oh, you don't know.  See, you don't know what you're talking about.

You don't know what you're missing.  But me, my darling, I have had eight husbands.  Ah, well, I know there've been some ups and downs here and there, you know.  But I must say, I'm ready for number nine.

Isaac: I'm not ready for number one.  I'm not going to play along with this, partner, so don't even try it.

Lisa: You poor baby.  You've already lost.  I'm so good you won't even see it coming. 

Guard #1: What's the matter?

[Luke coughs]

Luke: My throat hurts.

Guard #1: Why you shake?

Luke: I'm cold, and I can't get warm.

Guard #1: Is that what he tell you, your father?!  Is that what he tell you to say?!

Holden: Hey, hey, don't you do that to my son!

Guard #1: You know what the heroes get?  Funerals.

Holden: The only funeral is gonna be yours, pal.

Luke: Daddy!

Holden: It's okay, buddy.  It's okay.  Don't talk, all right.

Guard #1: I don't care if you're sick, you're coming with me!

Luke: You know, I really hope it's not TB.  One of the kids at school had it.

[Luke coughs]

Holden: And we were supposed to get Luke a booster shot, but we never had the chance.

Guard #1: Tonight, I'll be back tonight!  And then that brat, he coming with me!

Holden: You did great, buddy.  You did great.

Luke: What if he doesn't believe me?  What if he comes back before we can escape?

Holden: He won't.  You know why?  He's probably out there washing his hands.  You scared him more than he scared you.

Luke: I'm getting tired of this game.  I want to see Mommy.

Holden: We will.  Tonight, when we go to the church.  It's true, Luke, I am almost positive that your mom is right here in Malta. 

Simon: When the chief of police gets in, we'll go down to the station, work Katie out of jail.  We'll get her out.

Lily: That's absolutely right.  And when I see that man, I'm going to ask him why they're protecting Signora Cordina.

Simon: No, no, no, we can't do that.  We can't -- look, Lily, I was stupid to get the police involved, okay?  We can't be reckless anymore.  Look, this game is going to get a lot more dangerous before it's over.

Lily: You're not giving up, are you?

Simon: No!  Me, never.  No, but after what just happened, that whole --

that.  We have to admit that whoever is behind the kidnapping, whoever it is, they've got the upper hand.

Lily: How do we fight back?

Simon: Okay, first, we find a way to bail Katie out of jail, and then we ship her back to the states, we just get rid of her.  And then after that, we keep searching.  We'll keep on searching.  And this time, we trust absolutely no one but each other.

Katie: Ow!  This is illegal, do you hear me?  I have rights!  I'm an American citizen.  I want to speak to someone from my country, besides the ambassador.  Isn't there a consul general or something?

Martino: No.

Katie: Okay, then, let me -- get me your president or king or prime minister, whatever you guys have.

Martino: Buon giorno.

Katie: No, wait, wait, wait!  You know, it's funny, in this light, you look very much like a movie star.  You know, my mother is in show business back in the states.  No, don't go, please?  I'm sorry.  I should not have taken that kid's bike, but he has it back now, so what's the harm done, right?  Don't go.

My maiden name is Peretti.  I'm half-Italian, paesano!  Italy is right next door.

We're practically related!  How do I say "God, help me" in Maltese? 

Ben: So you get a good night's sleep.

Lien: Okay.

Ben: And see you again, same time, same channel.

Lien: Wait.

[Lien kisses Ben]

Ben: So what's this for?

Lien: Everything.

Ben: Okay.  So, so -- what brought about this change?

Lien: I guess I realize why I'm sitting here on a summer night, feeling a sore spot in my arm where you just plugged me with a needle, thinking about having milk and cookies before I go to bed.  That reason is you.  I mean, what if Ben Harris decided to not become a doctor, you know?  You saved my life.

Ben: Or maybe you're still alive because you didn't quit.

Lien: I know, but your encouragement and your support -- I couldn't have done that without you.  Okay, okay, so, can we just agree that I'm here because of the both of us together?

Ben: Yeah.

Lien: Yeah?

Ben: Yeah, we can agree on that.

Lien: Okay.

Ben: You know, Curtis has been asking about you.  He's even made you a couple of cards, but he gets too shy to send them to you.  Maybe -- I don't know -- sometime when you're feeling up to it, the three of us could go out for dinner or something?

Lien: I would like that.  I would like that very much. 

Holden: I overheard the guards talking, and they said that the other side is starting to worry that they're going to lose the game.  You know why?

Because your mom is so close by.

Luke: They better worry.  You, me and Mom are way better at this game than they are.

Holden: That's right.  When that stinky old guard comes in here to find you, he's gonna have a big surprise waitin' for him.

Luke: Yeah, 'cause we're not going to be here, right, Dad?

Holden: That's right.  Old garlic breath's gonna come in here, and we're going to be long gone -- to Mom.

Luke: Yeah, to Mom. 

Simon: I'm not going to let you down, Lily.

Lily: I never thought you would.

Simon: Okay.  We are gonna to do this.  We are gonna find Holden and Luke.  We are.

Lily: I just can't shake this feeling that we're running out of time.  That phone call that Signora Cordina's made -- what is Argotti?  Is it a town?  Is it a person?

Simon: Look, if it's a town, I didn't see it on the map.  But we will find it, okay?  And we're going to bring your family home again. 

[Opera music is playing]

Katie: What is up with the noise?  It's so loud.  First, it's the church bells in the wee hours of the morning.  And then, I have to listen to this bozo singing opera.

Martino: That is one of my colleagues.  You'd better get used to it.  You'll be hearing a lot of singing in the next few days.  The annual Argotti Gardens Opera Festival is opening.

Katie: Oh, whoop-de-do.  Malta's a blast.  What gardens?

Martino: Argotti.  It is the city's opera house.

Katie: That's what Simon heard the landlady say.  I have to make a phone call.

Martino: Maybe you didn't notice, but this is not a hotel.

Katie: No, no, no.  You don't understand.  I have to talk to my husband, please.

Martino: You're not doing anything except sitting in that cell until later.

Katie: No, no, wait.  You don't understand.  This is a matter of life and death!  Please?!  Oh, God, Lily, I know where Holden and Luke are. 

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