As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/13/01


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Proofread by Gisele

Rose: Charming distraction?

[Lucinda laughs]

Rose: That's the "enormous favor"?  You want me to be a charming distraction?

Lucinda: And I want you to listen and observe.

Rose: Charming distraction, what is that, like the person sitting next to you on the plane, the one you want there when the plane finally goes "whoo."

Lucinda: Rose, in Istanbul, businessmen take their daughters with them, and the daughter sits demurely and memorizes the conversation and then can give advice.

Rose: I can do that.  Who am I distracting?

Lucinda: It's a business meeting, darling.  It's Barbara Ryan's son his name is Paul Ryan.  Now, he's gonna be with his guard down because he's in his deepest grief about his mother's condition, and what I want to know is whether or not we see eye-to-eye about things and whether bringing Craig Montgomery to his knees is his first priority.

Rose: How could it not be after what he did to this family?

Lucinda: I think so, but quien sabe?  And of course, if it isn't, then Paul's a liability.

Rose: Why?

Lucinda: Well, I mean, as young as he is, he's been a fearsome competitor in the past.

Rose: Who came out on top with that one I wonder?

Lucinda: I did.

Rose: Of course!

Lucinda: I'm gonna call that guy in Malta.  Why hasn't Lily called?

Rose: Send her my prayers all the way to Malta.

[Knock at door]

Rose: Hey!  Look at that!  It's my tourist in distress!

Paul: My Good Samaritan.

Rose: Oh, what are you doing here?

Paul: Wait, wait.  Before I forget, here you go, $20.

Rose: The money I loaned you for the cab.

Paul: Mm-hmm.  I promised you I never forget a loan.  You're a lifesaver.

Rose: I'm impressed.  You tracked me down.  I guess that wasn't hard.

You know, you know Lily and everything.  You might actually --

Paul: Well, actually, the funny thing is I --

Rose: You know, I don't think it's such a good thing that you're here right now.  Some fat cat with sharp fangs and a long memory is just about to walk in the door, and this is not the best place for you to be right now. Lucinda: Paul, darling!  Darling, how good to see you again.

Paul: Lucinda, you haven't changed.

Lucinda: Oh, and you -- you're so fit.  Well, I'm glad that you could drop by this afternoon.  You two have met?

Paul: Yeah.  We were just getting acquainted.

Rose: So you're the Paul Ryan?

Paul: Yeah. 

Jessica: Jack, how's the case stacking up against Montgomery?

Jack: You tell me.

Jessica: My office was contacted by Paul Ryan.

Jack: Paul Ryan, Barbara's son.  What's he got?

Jessica: Copies of the corporate records Barbara had with her at the boathouse the night of the explosion.

Jack: Great job.  We prove that Craig embezzled money from his wife's company, we got our motive.

Jessica: Yeah.  I don't need to prove motive.  I need evidence.  I need a confession.  I need a stronger case.

Jack: I've been riding this guy for the last several months, and the one thing I know for sure is that when we nail him, it's not gonna be because he made a big mistake.  No, it'll be tiny -- so small he doesn't even know that he made it himself.  And then we make our move.

Jessica: Tell me something.  Could the holes in this case have anything to do with detective Hughes?

Jack: How do you mean?

Jessica: Not notifying the D.A.'s office that Craig had jumped bail.  If I can't trust her to run a clean operation, then I --

Margo: Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Does anyone want to tell me why am I the last person to find out that my brother has been tossed in jail again? 

Katie: Grazie, Molto Grazie for stopping to give me a ride.  I've never actually hitched a ride before, so -- if that stupid bike hadn't slipped its chain, I'd be halfway to the fort by now.  My husband's here.  He's mucho peligroso, and very strong, too.  We both are.  He actually traveled thousands of miles to rescue me from a desert island, and now I'm rescuing him.  His clingy, needy ex-girlfriend just refuses to let us get on with our lives.  Just when we were millimeters away from finally sharing connubial bliss, finally consummating our marriage, I have to put my happiness on hold because Lily Snyder's having a crisis.  Are you sure this is the right way to the fort?

Driver: Oh, Si.

Katie: You have that look on your face that Simon gets when he has no idea what I'm talking about.

Driver: Ah, si, si.

Katie: Si.  You see, I see, we all see you no speak-a the English.  Oh, boy.  Well, all I have to do is get there, right?  Ready or not, Simon, here I come. 

Lily: This is it.  This is Holden's ring.

Simon: Are you sure?

Lily: I'm sure.  We had matching rings.  We had our initials and the date of our wedding engraved in there.  Look, it's in there.  It's his ring.  Oh, they were here.  They were right here, and I was too late!  I'm so sorry!  Oh, my husband and my son!

Simon: Look at me, all right?  Look at me.  It's gonna be all right.  It's gonna be okay.

Lily: No, it's not gonna be okay.  It's never gonna be okay again.  I got to get out of here!

Simon: Where are you gonna go?

Lily: I just want to die!  I want to die!

Simon: You do not want to die.  Don't say that.

Lily: Just please, I can't stay here anymore where my husband and my son took their last breath.  How could they be so cruel to kill a defenseless man and my baby?  They killed them!  They killed my little boy!  How can I live without them?  I can't take this!  I've got to get out of this place!

Simon: Just wait.

Lily: I can't wait.  I lost everything!  I lost everything!  They're gone! 

Holden: Okay.  Time for a riddle with a moral.

Luke: Okay, shoot.

Holden: All right.  You're trapped in this room.  No windows, no doors, no way out.  All you have is a mirror and a box.  How do you escape?

Luke: Yell and scream till you or Mom find me?

Holden: Come on.  Use that brain.

Luke: I don't know.  It's impossible.

Holden: Okay, let's say you looked in the mirror, and you liked what you saw.  All right?  You take the saw, you cut the box in half.  Two halves make a what?

Luke: A whole?

Holden: You crawl through the hole.  You crawl out of the room, and presto, you're free.

Luke: That's silly!

Holden: Let it be a lesson to you.  Nothing is impossible -- nothing.

Luke: I know another way we can get out of this room and win.

Holden: Lay it on me.

Luke: We could crash through that wall, like they do on TV.

Holden: Yeah, but that might attract the guards' attention, then they might want to take us to another game room, and they might want to take my watch or my socks or something, and then we'd be stuck in another room, trying to find another way out.

Luke: Like when we found that drain in the floor in the dungeon?

Holden: I kinda liked that room.  That's where we first made contact with your mom.  Our message in a bottle.

Luke: You think a bottle made it all the way to Oakdale?

Holden: Stranger things have happened, buddy.

Luke: I wish we weren't stuck playing this game.  It's taking too long.

Holden: Come on. [Guard enters] Hey, smiley!  Want to tell me who's running this show, who programmed you for this game?  How long do you generally keep the players?

Guard: Eat.

Holden: Hey, wait a minute.  Don't go yet.  What about dessert?  You want a bite?

Luke: Let's wait.  We'll have whatever we want after we win this game tonight!

Holden: Tonight?  All right.


Luke: The music's starting.

Holden: Double-time, buddy.  Come on.  This is gonna be our big break.  

Simon: This isn't right.

Lily: No, it isn't right, and I'm standing here in the blood of my son and my husband -- the two men that I've loved my entire life.

Simon: Please, just listen, Lily --

Lily: I don't want to listen to anybody anymore.  If I had just gotten on a plane instead of listening to everybody that "meant well," I would have been here on time, and they -- they would be alive.  This never would have happened.

Simon: All right, don't listen to me.  Don't listen.  Just -- I know this is hard, but come back inside and --

Lily: No!  I'm not going back in there.  No, I can't do that.  I've seen too much.  I'm gonna have nightmares about it for the rest of my life.

Simon: All right.  Okay, you know what I see?  You know what I see?  I see -- okay, I see a lot of bullets, a lot of bullet holes, a lot of blood, okay?

But it doesn't make sense.  It's too much.  It's like it's a big production in here.

Lily: That's how they work, these people.  Didn't you see what they did to my home, the glass, the bullets.  My son, he was so terrified.  Damian and I just kept on telling him that he was okay, and Holden, thank God, he was out of the house with Faith.

Simon: That's just it.  That's it.  A lot of glass broken.  A lot of bullets everywhere.  But once again, no one gets hurt.

Lily: And then we went to look for him, and then we couldn't find him, because he was gone!  Oh, my God!  I can't take this anymore.  I just can't.

Simon: No, no, no.  Please, come here, come here, come here, come here.

Just come here, Lily.  Just take -- I'm sorry to do this to you -- but just take one look, all right?  Why?  Why is there so much firepower for two people?

Lily: I can't do this!

Simon: Lily, you have to do this.  Listen, you have to.  You have to.  You have to, because this may not be their blood.

Lily: What?

Simon: This could be the blood of, I don't know, some animal or something.

Lily: Oh, God!  You're serious?

Simon: Yes, I'm serious.  I am serious.  You have come too far.  You cannot go grieving for something that might not have happened, okay?  This -- all this, this entire thing -- could be completely manufactured.

Lily: I know that this is my husband's wedding ring.

Simon: I know it is, okay?  But how did it get here?  You said he never parts with it.  So what, did it slip off?

Lily: What I'm trying to make you understand is that they took it off of him when they killed him!

Simon: Then if they took it, why didn't they keep it?  Why didn't they keep it?  This is a nice gold ring, Lily.  It's gotta be worth a lot of money.

Why did they leave it here?  It just doesn't add up.

Rose: Why didn't you tell me that you were Paul Ryan?

Paul: I thought I did, but I guess I was so bleary-eyed when I ran into you at the airport that I forgot to introduce myself.

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: Blame it on the time warp.  One minute, I'm hiking the Himalayas, the next, I'm penniless in Oakdale.

Rose: And here I am at the airport desperately seeking Simon, and I hear this racket going on behind me.

Paul: Yeah, I'm trying to talk to the driver and overlooking the fact that I have no wallet, no I.D --

Rose: And I hear him talking about how he needs to see his mom in the hospital.  Touched a soft spot in my heart, so I helped him out.

Lucinda: Darling, how is poor Barbara today?

Paul: Well, the doctors say that she's showing signs of improvement, so - Lucinda: Good.

Paul: The best medicine for the rest of us is to sure that the attacker ends up in prison.

Lucinda: Do they any idea who that might be?

Paul: One name comes up time after time.

Rose: And who might that be?

Paul: Craig Montgomery.

Rose: Yeah, that's him.  Captain smug.  He's got my vote.

Lucinda: Well, you know, I wouldn't -- sit.  Let's sit down.  Come on.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Craig caused the explosion.  He's got a pattern of living off the hard labor of others, mostly women, and then, when they're no longer useful to him, he would have no compunction whatsoever.  The things I know about Craig Montgomery.  Well, for instance, I know where a substantial portion of your mother's funds ended up.

Rose: He's been using B.R.O. stocks, your mom's, to buy up all the Worldwide stock.  He wasn't happy with just taking over one business.  He wants to take Lucinda's business, too.  You know what?  He has issues with women.

Paul: Yeah, I saw the canceled checks.  He got his hands on a lot of your stock.

Lucinda: Right, he did.  I know, it's silly of me, but you know me.  I want it all back. 

Jessica: It was reported to my office that Montgomery had left the state.

We notified the department --

Jack: And we picked him up.

Margo: You failed to notify me.

Jack: What good would that do, Margo?  Come on, I call you tell you that Craig's jumped bail, and what would you have done?  I'll tell you what you would've done.  Nothing.

Jessica: Before Montgomery was apprehended, the arresting officers screened the airport security tapes.

Jack: Guess what lead investigator was spotted meeting his plane?

Margo: Yes, I was there.  I met Craig's plane, I questioned him about leaving town.  Oh, what is going on here?!

Jessica: You "questioned" the suspect?

Jack: The real question is, Margo, why didn't you arrest Craig on the spot?!

Margo: I made a judgment call.

Jessica: Your judgment stinks of nepotism.

Margo: Excuse me, Jessica, it was very simply good police work.  By showing leniency in a situation where there were extenuating circumstances, I gained Craig's trust.  He trusted me enough to tell me that Barbara had confronted him about his misappropriation of her funds.

Jessica: We're awaiting confirmation on that now.

Jack: He admit to anything else?

Margo: Oh, that he tried to kill his wife?  Why, no.  He said that we wouldn't find his footprints closer to the boathouse than we did.  We didn't, he was correct.

Jack: Mm-hmm.  And did you investigate further, or are we supposed to take the suspect's word?

Margo: I gotta tell you, I found out more at that boathouse than I ever would've found out in that interrogation room.  He was completely open.

Jessica: In your opinion.

Margo: In my opinion, based on years of detective work that is beyond reproach.

Jessica: Based on your experience and the amount of time invested, don't you think we should have a stronger case against Montgomery?

Margo: We don't have a case!

Jessica: Based on your "Many years of experience"!

Margo: If there's another opinion, I'd be more than happy to hear it.

Jessica: If your brother is no longer the number one suspect, I assume you're investigating other avenues?

Jack: Too busy proving Craig's innocence to do that.

Margo: Let me tell you something, Jack Snyder.  By bringing my brother in again, we have jeopardized this investigation.  He was opening up to me.

Now, he will only talk to his lawyer.

Jessica: It was by the book, Margo.

Margo: It was behind my back!

Jessica: Listen, I understand your biases, detective.  And I'll keep them in mind when I'm going over the evidence.  When those papers show up, you'll bring them by my office?

Jack: Count on it.

Jessica: Thank you.  I'll speak with you soon.

Margo: What papers, Jack?  Jack, I am still in charge.

Jack: It might be time for a change, Margo.  Maybe it's time you stepped aside. 

Lucinda: Well, Craig hooks up with these -- he's in collusion with a couple of petty crooks who were drugging me with a whole smorgasbord of drugs.

Rose: What they were doing to her was horrible, horrible.

Lucinda: And when I was coming down from my last trip, Craig put out ugly rumors about me and tried to take over worldwide with a hostile takeover.

Rose: Right, right, right, the stock went down -- and then Craig is buying it up at a cut rate, left and right, left and right.

Lucinda: He used your mother's money to buy it.  Right?  Well, of course, Worldwide stock went up.  And he was counting on that, that he would have the profits to replace the money in your mother's company.  I mean, talk about robbing peter and Paul, that stuff, he's borrowing from Lucinda to pay Barbara.

Paul: I hear Craig's been a busy boy.

Rose: Oh, you don't know the half of it.

Lucinda: Well, look, I'll be Frank.  My plan is to make Craig -- keep him busy, make him squirm.  Now, I don't know if you were planning to bring charges -- I mean, embezzlement, or any other misdemeanor.  But if you do, he'll be forced to sell his worldwide stock.  Because, you know, the guy, he has living expenses and legal fees.  He's absolutely broke!

Paul: You've given this a lot of thought.

Lucinda: Well -- oh, darling, you know, I was just thinking -- I was just - I hope that we can understand each other, and I hope that we can come to some sort of an agreement on all of this that is financially beneficial to both of us.  I mean, we've got to think like this guy.  We have to -- if we're going to win, we have to think like the miscreant.

Paul: Well, Craig's not getting away with anything.  My first order of business was to put the man behind bars.  He's there now.

Rose: For what?!

Paul: Bail-jumping.

Rose: Oh!  That's amazing, your first day in town.  Whoa!

Paul: Stick around.  There's more where that came from.

Lucinda: Okay.  Good, great!  Good!  All right, we've slain the dragon for one day.  What about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow?

Rose: Yeah, I think Ms. Walsh is right.  I mean, this guy, you cut off his head off, he grows another noggin overnight.

Lucinda: I hope that I can count on you.  I mean, do you think we could cooperate?

Paul: My first concern is my mother's full recovery and making sure justice is served.

Lucinda: Oh, absolutely.

Paul: And after that, after she recovers, we'll take care of business then.

Till then, I have to go to the police station.  I have a meeting.

Lucinda: Oh, I didn't know you were -- I thought -- I mean, you just got here, darling.

Paul: Well, I'm sure we'll see each other soon.  Rose?

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: It was a pleasure to see you again.

Rose: Pleasure's all mine.  Bye-bye now.  Mmm.

Lucinda: Huh.  Huh-uh.  Hmm-mm.  Hmm-mm-mm-mm.

Rose: What?  I thought it went all right.

Lucinda: I don't like that.  I don't like that when that happens.

Rose: What?  What happened?

Lucinda: He seems to think that we're operating on his timetable, not mine.

Simon: So walk me through it one more time.

Lily: It's exactly the way that Holden described it in his message.  They were here.  I know that they were both here.

Simon: Okay, until when?  Until when?  Until Damian's enemies arrived?

Lily: I don't know.  I don't know if Damian's alive.

Simon: Hey, hey, okay, let's just Damian is still alive.  Let's say he's still alive and still calling the shots.  Then this whole scene, this carnage, could be for you.

Lily: Go on.

Simon: Okay, whoever went to the trouble of bringing Holden and Luke all the way from Oakdale didn't bring them this far to hurt them, to harm them.

Lily: You think that -- you're saying that Damian could be involved in this?

Simon: Yes.  When he heard your voice on his cell phone, he had to know that you were on to him, that it would only be a matter of time until you made your way here to Malta, all right?  What if he was here waiting for you to arrive?  Okay, this whole -- this whole bloody scene, he got this all ready for you to send you scurrying back to Oakdale defeated, discouraged and out of his hair.  Lily, the way I see it, you have two options here.  You can believe that Holden and Luke died here, or you can believe that you are being lied to once again in the worst way imaginable.  It's your choice. 

Luke: Think we have enough noisemakers?

Holden: Yeah, I think we got plenty of noisemakers here.

Luke: After we win this game, I want to forget we ever played.  There's only been one good part.

Holden: Yeah.  What's that?

Luke: Being with you.  If you weren't here to help me, I would have given up by now.

Holden: Let's make each other a promise, buddy, that we will never, ever give up on ourselves or each other.  Deal?

Luke: Deal.  I'm glad you're with me and not papa.

Holden: There's no other place that I'd rather be.

Luke: Including your job?

Holden: You know, I have had lots of jobs -- training horses, working at the TV station.  But you know my favorite job of all?  Being your dad, teaching you things about the world, learning what a cool kid you are --

mostly because I happen to be such a supercool dad.

Luke: Well, you're not so bad.

Holden: I'm not so bad?!  Oh, you come here!  You know, I remember the day you were born, and I held your tiny body in my arms, and I remember thinking that day that I knew what I was born to do -- to love you and your mom.

Luke: Even Faith when she cries?

Holden: Especially when she cries.  I'll tell you something else.  When this is all over, I want you to forget all about this silly game.  But I don't want you to ever forget how much I love you. [Opera music ends] Hear that?

Luke: Not a sound.

Holden: That's our cue.  Come on!  [Banging and shouting]

Lucinda: Do you think, Rose, that he was dismissive of me?

Rose: Everybody has a different way to grieve, Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: Well, I know what it is.  It's all in his genes.

Rose: Oh, he does know how to wear a pair of jeans, though, doesn't he?

Lucinda: Rose --

Rose: I'm sorry.  We're talking about different genes.

Lucinda: Yeah.

Rose: Right.  What's he got, undesirables swimming around in his gene pool or something?

Lucinda: He's James' spawn.  James, my dear husband, son of the devil, James Stenbeck's son.

Rose: Son --

Lucinda: Yeah.

Rose: Whoa, that guy?

Lucinda: Yeah.

Rose: You think that's why he has attitude?

Lucinda: Can you think of anything else?

Rose: Well, maybe he doesn't trust you.

Lucinda: Why wouldn't he trust me?

Rose: Didn't you just say you took him to school the last time he was in town?

Lucinda: But that was in the past, and we were competitors.  Now -- now, we have a common goal, we have a joint enemy.

Rose: You know, let me just give you a little bit of advice.  Next time you want to, like, have the peace talks, don't start talking about stocks.  Talk about his family, his mother.

Lucinda: But I asked him about his mom.

Rose: Once, I mean, twice if we really, you know, stretch it a little.  But you talked about stocks.  It's always stocks, stocks, stocks.  I'm just saying --

I'm supposed to give you advice.  That was my job.

Lucinda: What, you think I seem so manipulative that the boy, in his deepest grief, would rather suffer than accept my assistance?

Rose: I gotta go.

Lucinda: Rose, something I said, dear?

Rose: I gotta go.

[Lucinda sighs]

Margo: All right, now let me get this straight.  In your opinion, you feel that I should step down from the case, and I should leave you short-handed.

You know that it will take weeks to bring somebody up to speed on this.  If we start the investigation again from the ground up -- we can't.  We don't have time like that to waste.

Jack: Then why don't we ask the commissioner?  He's the one who put you in charge.

Margo: Why, because it's not going the way you want?  What, is that your next step then, Jack?

Jack: You think I want to be next in charge?  No thanks.  Look, Margo, I know how lonely it is at the top, and I know you want to do the right thing.

Margo: Well, it was lonely at the bottom, so I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Jack: The bottom line here is, Margo, you don't have to answer to me or Hal or Craig or the commissioner, for that matter.  It's your call, your conscience.  No matter what, you've got to live with your decision.

Margo: You know, Jack, I've just got one question.  There's one little detail that I can't quite put together here.  How did the D.A.'s office find out that Craig had violated his bail?

Paul: They found out because I told them. 

[Ratting and shouting]

Luke: I feel like I'm losing my voice.

Holden: All right.  Well, then we should probably take a little break.

Luke: I don't think anybody heard us.

Holden: Well, you never know.  I mean, we don't know how far we are from the stage or from the audience.  It might just take them a few minutes to find us.

Luke: You think?  [Door creaking] Dad, listen!  Somebody heard us.

They found us.

[Opera music playing]

Guard: You're finished with your dinner?  I come for the trays.

Holden: We didn't hear you coming.  We were enjoying the music.

Guard: You like opera?

Holden: Usually, I'd rather have my teeth pulled, but this stuff isn't so bad.  A lot of people up there?

Guard: This is only rehearsal.  Tomorrow is the premiere.  I'll give you one more chance to finish that, for the boy's sake.  But the next time, I take it away, hmm? 

Holden: All right, buddy.  Let's give him a few seconds to clear, then we try again.

Luke: What's the use?  We can yell forever, and nobody will still hear us.

Holden: You know what?  There's a bad loud -- which is you and faith arguing over a cookie after dinner.

Luke: We don't always.

Holden: And then there's a good loud -- ear-splitting opera music.  Here's what I want you to remember, buddy.  When something is working against you, you need to try and make it work for you, and that is exactly what we are gonna do.

Lily: Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

Simon: Well, you must be exhausted.

Lily: No, I'm too wired to sleep.

Simon: Good.  So you believe that Holden and Luke are still alive?

Lily: You convinced me.  This ring doesn't prove that Holden is gone.  It proves we're on the right track.

Simon: That's it.  That's what you're gonna show these people, whoever and wherever they are, that you will not back down and you will not scare away.

Lily: I'm not.  So what's our next move?

Simon: Well, I've been thinking.  If that whole dungeon scene was a setup, then someone had to tell the guard that you were on your way there or even that you're here right now.

Lily: You think somebody's watching us right now?

[Knock at door]

Lily: Oh, one minute! [Simon hides]  Signora Cordina: Hello.  I brought you towels and a blanket because the breezes here at night are so cold.

Lily: Oh, I could've taken care of that.

Signora Cordina: Would you like me to turn down the bed for you?

Lily: No.  Thank you.

Signora Cordina: Oh, all right.  Very well.  As you wish.  If there is anything else that you need -- is this something that you need?

[Simon is caught hiding behind the door]

Lily: No, he's a friend.  He's my friend, Simon Frasier.

Simon: Hi.

Lily: Working on a project with me.  It's okay if he stays, yes?

Signora Cordina: I serve breakfast at 7:00.

Simon: Fantastic.

Lily: Great.

Signora Cordina: No noise.

Lily: Noise?

Simon: Are you kidding?

Signora Cordina: No, no, no.

Simon: She's --

Lily: No, she's great.  I would be lost without her, literally.

Simon: How do you mean?

Lily: Well, I sat next to her on the plane.  She actually is the one who told me about the castle and the dungeon and everything.

Simon: Really?

Lily: Yes.  She was so sweet to rent this room to me.  She actually let me borrow her son's car.  I feel lucky to have run into her.

Simon: Yeah, a little bit too lucky for my money. 

Margo: Paul, you called the D.A.'s office about Craig leaving town?

Paul: Don't expect old friendships to carry more weight than convicting the man who tried to kill my mother.

Margo: I'm sorry.  Paul Ryan, Detective Jack Snyder.

Jack: It's good to meet you, Paul.  I'm sorry about your mom.

Paul: Making much progress on her case?

Margo: Believe me, Paul, we are all fighting the same battle here.  And when Barbara recovers and she names her assailant, I am gonna be one of the happiest people in this town, but to rush to convict a man with insufficient evidence is just -- it's not gonna do Barbara any good.  I mean, she's still gonna have her assailant out there ready to hurt her.

Paul: Perhaps these will help.

Margo: These are?

Paul: Corporate papers my mother was carrying when she -- the night of the explosion.  Canceled checks used by Craig to siphon money from B.R.O.

funds to his personal account.  I believe that's one of the reasons why he went to New York -- to keep his purse strings open.

Jack: Craig says his first priority was to keep B.R.O. afloat financially.

Paul: Search his suite for the files he stole.  It'll prove he skipped bail to perpetuate a felony.

Margo: Excuse me.  Wait.  Does not the company charter clearly state that the responsibility for running B.R.O. falls to Barbara's spouse in the event that she is unavailable and you are unavailable, and were you not trekking Nepal?

Paul: I've returned.  I'm available, and I want the files he stole.

Margo: Do you have proof that he stole them?

Paul: I have my employees' word.

Margo: These employees who were fired Fourth of July?  Perhaps they stole the files.  I hear that the fashion industry can be pretty cut-throat.

Paul: Well, then Craig's in good company.

Jack: Margo, I think we've got enough here to ask for another warrant.

Margo: Jack, we have got nothing.  I am not gonna waste our time by going before a judge who's gonna throw our case out because it's so flimsy.

Paul: I'll give you two a couple minutes to figure this out.

Margo: Great, this is fine.  This is just what I need, a disgruntled prodigal son coming home with a vendetta.  Look, Jack, I'm not gonna waste my time.  I'm not gonna waste your time.  I'm not gonna waste the department's time by going for a search warrant when we've got nothing.

Jack: So what are you going to do, Margo?  You're gonna bury this?

Margo: I'm gonna do what I've been trying to do since the explosion --

the right thing, whether you see it that way or not. 

Simon: Lily, we cannot afford to trust anyone.

Lily: I feel like I'm in a funhouse maze.  I get so close to finding Holden and Luke, and then they're taken away from me again.

Simon: Lily, you have come so far.  We are gonna find them.

Lily: This is Damian's homeland.  He knows every inch of this island.  If he is holding Holden and Luke somewhere, it's gonna be in secret and only he's gonna know about it.  But I'm not going home without them.

Simon: That's the Lily I know.

Lily: You know, Simon -- I know this can't be easy for you, after everything that we've been through together, but I don't know what I would have done without you.

Simon: Come on.  You're a lot tougher than you remember.  Well, you'd better get some sleep.

Lily: I want to get started first thing in the morning.

Simon: And before that landlady knows we're even gone.  I'm gonna go and try to find a place to sleep.

Lily: Wait, wait, wait.  You're leaving?

Simon: Yeah.

Lily: No.  You can't.  I mean, if you're right about these wrong people looking after us and trying to find us, then I'd feel a lot safer if you were here with me. 

Margo: Look, Jack, just do me a favor here.  Try to put aside your personal opinion of my brother.  Try to put aside that you're a cop and look at the facts.  What are the actual pertinent details we have in this case?  A few loose ends and a footprint.  Now, am I wrong to ask questions?

Jack: No, a good cop questions everything, Margo.  But would you be asking these questions if the suspect wasn't your brother?  For the record --

Hal's got some doubts about Craig's guilt, too.

Margo: Hal does?  Really?

Jack: Yeah.

Margo: Look, make sure someone checks that out. 

Paul: Rose -- you're not following me, are you?

Rose: Sorta.

Paul: Coffee?  Question?

Rose: Comment, actually.  I didn't peg you for one of those gorgeous- but-dumb types.  I mean, your IQ might be in the millions, and you may be able to run a business with your eyes closed, but what good is all that knowledge if you can't tell your friends from your enemies?

Paul: All right, what did I do to deserve this?

Rose: You're not used to accepting help from people.  I can see that about you already.  Especially from a woman like Lucinda Walsh.

Paul: If she sent you here to encourage me to sell back the worldwide stock --

Rose: No, no, no.  Your business is your business.  This woman only goes on missions for herself.

Paul: I'll make note of that.

Rose: Lucinda's offered to help you bring down Craig Montgomery.

You're not gonna get a better one.  I mean, between you and me and the lamppost, between you and Lucinda, you could do more damage to Craig Montgomery than a firing squad.

Paul: She's got a vendetta against him over a few thousand shares of stock?

Rose: Oh, no, it just comes across like that.  No, it's not about stocks and shareholders.  With Lucinda, it's about family, and her daughter, Sierra and her grandchildren are as important to her as your mom is to you.  Your problem's with Craig Montgomery, not Lucinda Walsh.

Paul: Detective, making much progress with the search warrant?

Jack: I've got some bad news.

Paul: I don't want to hear this.

Jack: It's a complicated situation.

Paul: "Complicated"?  Interesting term.  If that has anything to do with "Highly irregular" or "questionable," I'd have to agree with you.  All requests have to go through Margo Hughes.

Jack: She's in charge of the investigation.

Paul: Well, how the hell are you supposed to make a case when she's throwing up roadblocks in your face?  How am I supposed to run my mother's company without the files that he stole from my office?

Jack: I don't know what I can tell you.  I'll do my best.

Rose: And that, my friend, is what you're gonna get from the Oakdale PD.  Now, if you're interested into getting into Craig's Lakeview suite, I am the girl who can make all your dreams come true. 

Lily: You know, you're not going to get much sleep on that cold, hard floor.

Simon: Are you kidding?  This is a bed of roses compared to some of the places that I've slept.  We are gonna find Holden and Luke, okay?  I promise.

Lily: I'm beginning to believe that.  Good night, Simon.

Simon: Good night, Lily.

[Lily lays in the bed, and Simon lays on the floor]

Katie: I knew it!  I knew it!

Holden: What does this part sound like to you?

Luke: It's pretty noisy.  A lot of banging.

Holden: All right.  We'll call it -- we'll call it "the kitchen sink suite." Luke: What's our plan?

Holden: The guard said tomorrow night is the big premiere, so everybody will be in their fancy dresses and tuxedos.

Luke: Yuck!

Holden: But we're gonna be in disguise, too.  And when the music gets so loud we can't hear ourselves think, that's when we crash through the wall and make a break for it.

Luke: What if the guards see us?

Holden: We're gonna be long gone before they have a chance.  And then, that's it.  Game over, we win.

Luke: First thing I want to do --

Holden: What's that?

Luke: I want to see Mommy.  Think she'll be happy we won?

Holden: Yeah.  I think she'll be very happy we won.  She'll want to hug us so tight, she'll never let go.

Luke: I can live with that.

Holden: All right, I want you to eat.  We need to keep up your strength for tomorrow night.

Guard #1: No, in English.  I want to practice.

Guard #2: He says we might have to get rid of these two inside.

Guard #1: Get rid of?  You mean?

Guard #2: The American woman is asking too many questions.

Holden: American woman?  Oh, my God -- Lily. 

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