As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/11/01


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Isaac: -- Show that much skin.

Hal: Excuse me, Isaac.  You got a table for me?

Isaac: Well, that depends.  Are you gonna spend your time drowning your sorrows like last time?

Hal: No sorrows.  Looks like Barbara's getting better.

Isaac: I'm glad to hear it.  How's Emily Stewart?

Hal: Emily?

Isaac: Stewart, yes.  She called a minute ago checking to see if you were here.

Hal: Right.  Well, we have a business thing going.

Isaac: Uh-huh.

Hal: Really, Isaac.  Business.

Isaac: I'm just an unbiased observer, and I recall the last time you were here, I observed you and Emily leaving together.

Hal: Right, because I was three sheets to the wind, and because she was being nice.  [Miss Emily Stewart walks over]

Isaac: Emily, nice?

Hal: I know the lady's a holy terror most of the time, but she saved my neck that night, 'cause there's no telling where I would have wound up if she hadn't driven me home, okay?

Isaac: Yeah, yeah.  So once you got home, what happened?  Did she put a move on you or something?

Emily: Oh, no, no, no.  I got him all liquored up, then I had my way with him swinging from his chandelier.  What's it to you?

Isaac: That's what I love.  Who says relationships that start in bars don't work out?

Hal: Relationship?  We're just friends.

Emily: What's up with you, huh?  Jealous?

Isaac: No, no, no.  I'm just concerned about my customers.  See, it's the barman's creed.

Emily: Well, this customer is dying of thirst, so soda with a twist?

Hal: Make that two.

Isaac: Oh, you two want to be alone?  Okay.

Emily: Look, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry about that.  I just don't like the suggestion that the only reason I helped you is because I had designs on you.

Hal: Oh, that part didn't bother me.

Emily: Well, then what's with the face?

Hal: Just trying to work out the logistics of doing it hanging from a chandelier.

Craig: Matthew, back in the saddle again.  Nice.

Matthew: Thank you, sir.

Craig: Is Lucinda in?

Matthew: Not for you, sir.

Craig: Why don't you announce me, anyway, just to see how loudly she yells?

Lucinda: Matthew?  Matthew, is that -- ?  Oh, it's you.  This can wait until another time.

Craig: No, it can't.

Matthew: Should I remove him, madam?

Lucinda: No.  Let him come in.  Fumigate afterwards.

[Craig laughs]

Matthew: Yes, ma'am.

Craig: Lucinda, there is no hostess quite like you.

Lucinda: You know, I'm amazed, absolutely amazed at your performance in New York, how you fired all of Barbara's employees in one fell swoop.

[Craig laughs]

Lucinda: I'm just amazed.  I thought you'd be too busy patting yourself on the tummy to even think of poor me.

Craig: I am never too busy for you.

Lucinda: Lets get this over with quickly.

Craig: The loan to Bryant's trust has been repaid.  It is now totally available to be spent irresponsibly by my son, the master of the art.

Lucinda: Oh, I see.  And you raided B.R.O., right?

Craig: The loan is paid in full and on time.

Lucinda: To save you prosecution.  When I think of the havoc you have wreaked over stealing this money --

Craig: Borrowing it.  I accomplished my goal.

Lucinda: What was your goal?

Craig: To free my son from you.  That money makes my son autonomous.  He's his own man.  You cannot control him.  And I warn you, do not try to obligate him again in any way.

Lucinda: Obligate with my money?  You're warning me?  Or what will you do?  You'll huff and puff and blow my house in?

[Craig laughs] is that it?  It's gonna be difficult to do that from a jail cell.

Craig: Oh, if my innocence does not keep me out, my lawyer will.  You can't get rid of me, Lucinda. 

[Monitor beeping]

Nurse: Mr. Ryan?

Paul: Yeah.

Nurse: You were expecting this from your office?

Paul: Thank you.  It's all here.  It's all here, Mom.  Everything we need to prosecute Craig Montgomery -- financial statements, canceled checks --

Worldwide stocks?  That's what he was buying with your money.  Yeah, I need the number for the D.A.'s office.  Don't worry, Mom.  Craig Montgomery is gonna be back in jail before the night's out. 

Minister: May I help you?

Jake: Reverend Elkins?  Jake McKinnon.  We talked yesterday.

Minister: Oh.  You're a little early, aren't you?

Jake: Yeah.  I just wanted to come and scope things out, you know?  I was here the other day at Holden and his son's memorial service, but to tell you -- to tell you the truth, I really didn't -- pay too much attention.  This sort of reminds me of a church I used to go to where I used to live.

Minister: Where was that?

Jake: Lassiter, Pennsylvania.  To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn't really a regular churchgoer, although I did get dragged in there every once in a while for Sunday School.

Minister: Kicking and screaming I'll bet.

Jake: Yeah.  How did you know that?  You know, I think this is gonna be the perfect place for my fiancé, although we've been going back and forth --

big wedding, small wedding.  She thinks that I'm spending too much on the reception.

Minister: Planning a wedding can be quite stressful.

Jake: I know.  I know that.  I was married once before.  She died almost two years ago.

Minister: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jake: Oh, don't be.  Don't be.  I'm twice lucky.  Molly is an incredible woman, and I just want to make sure that this wedding is worthy of her. 

Molly: Mary!  I think Michele is finally sleepy.  It took a lot of singing and a lot of swaying, but I think she's ready to go to bed.  Good-night, my bunny.

Mary: Sweetie.  Going out for?

Molly: Oh, Jake and I are going to Luther's Corners Church to see if it's a possible wedding site.

Mary: Well, that sounds romantic.

Molly: Yep.

Mary: Well, we'll see you when you get home.

Molly: Okay.

Abigail: Molly, can I talk to you?

Molly: Oh, hey, honey, can we catch up later?  I am so running late.

Where is my purse?

Abigail: Right here.

Molly: Oh, thank you.  Thank you so much.  Hey, have fun on your date with Adam, okay?  Hey, is something wrong?  Are you okay?

Abigail: I was on the computer, checking my e-mail, and then I checked out the fashion page on "The City Times" website, and I found this picture of you.

Molly: Are you faking me out?  Is this some Jake McKinnon surprise?

Abigail: I don't think Jake had anything to do with this.

[Abigail shows Molly a picture of Molly’s police mug shot]

Molly: Oh, my God.   Abigail: I am so sorry.  I didn't even want to show it to you, but I thought that you could tell Jake, and you could get it taken off the site.  I mean, some sicko hacker must have made this up on his computer.

Molly: This picture isn't a fake, honey.  I'm so sorry.

Abigail: Oh, no, don't worry about it.  I mean, that Stenbeck stuff is over.

It doesn't matter.

Molly: Why did I even think that this would never come up again?

Abigail: Molly --

Molly: Honey, I had an arrest record before I ever knew David.  This is from that.  I did something.

Abigail: No, you know, it doesn't matter.  Just, whatever it is, forget it.

Molly: I just want you and the twins to have the best life and to never have to apologize for who you are or -- who your mother is.

Abigail: Molly, I am so proud of you.

Molly: You know what?  When you're young, and you're single, you --

you figure, "What the hell?  I'll do it.  I'll do anything, because it's only gonna hurt myself." But then you grow up, and you look at your kids, and you realize that every action you've ever taken in your life comes back to affect the people you love.  Jake -- you said this is from Jake's website?

Abigail: Yeah, but -- are you afraid of what Jake's gonna think?

Molly: No.  He'll say he doesn't care.  He'll say, "So what?" You know?

But what about the other people?  They'll see it, and they'll think, "Why is successful, all-around good guy, easy-to-look-at Jake McKinnon marrying this?" Abigail: Molly, absolutely nobody is thinking that.

Molly: I am. 

Hal: Hey, Tom.  I'm glad you could make it.

Tom: Am I interrupting something?

Hal: No.  The thing that I'm workin' on that I wanted to ask you about concerns Emily, too.

Tom: Oh, really?

Emily: Tom, we share a child.  I think we can share a table for a minute or two.

Tom: So what's this all about?

Hal: The explosion at the boathouse.  Emily and I have been workin' on it.

Tom: Why?

Hal: Because we think there might be some things that the cops missed.

Tom: You mean something that maybe Margo missed?  What are you trying to do, Hal?  Look, I can see Emily pullin' something like this.

Emily: Oh, you know what?  Can you please give me the benefit of the doubt once in your life?

Hal: All right, just stop, you two, okay?  Tom, if I was out to hurt Margo, do you really think I would call you for help?

Tom: So what is this about?

Hal: Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I think I'm trying to prove Craig Montgomery innocent.

Lucinda: As appearances are often so deceptive where you're concerned, Craig, I will have these papers looked over by a battery of attorneys, and I'll get back to you.

Craig: Why can't you ever admit you're wrong?

Lucinda: Wrong?  No, not wrong.  You stole the money that I put aside for your son, and then you replaced it with money that you stole from your new wife, Barbara, leaving her near death's door.  And, of course, you consider that a victory.

Craig: I made B.R.O. a lot of money buying Worldwide stock.

Lucinda: Of course you did.  What are you going to do with that stock, darling?

Craig: You'll find out at the rescheduled meeting.

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: I can't wait.  More psychedelic nibbles for me, huh?

Craig: I think you'll find your control of the company is in question.

Lucinda: Because you would do it so much better than I?

Craig: I will always do everything I can to knock you off your pedestals, baby.

[Lucinda laughs]

[Doorbell ringing]

Lucinda: Oh.  Oh, you came!  Thank goodness.

Matthew: Mr. Frasier, madam.

Lucinda: Yes, I can see, Matthew.  I'm talking to the man, right?  Come.

Come on.  Oh, heavens.  Here, come in.  Come on.  And, oh, you -- you, go.

Craig: Ousting me for a tête-à-tête with my brother-in-law?  So, Simon, where you been?

Simon: Rescuing your sister.

Craig: And you found her, she was all right, right?

Simon: Yeah.  She's safe and sound, no thanks to you.  Don't go spending that money you owe me.  I intend to collect.

Lucinda: Matthew?

Matthew: Yes, ma'am?

Lucinda: Oh, there you are.  Mr. Montgomery was just leaving.

Matthew: Yes, madam.

Lucinda: Oh, all right.

[Craig laughs]

Lucinda: You got -- Rose spoke to you?

Simon: Yes.  Yeah, yeah, she did.  Yeah.

Lucinda: Yes?

Simon: Yeah.

Lucinda: Oh!  And you're going to help us with Lily?

Simon: No.  I want no part of this.

Simon: You think I liked being accused of milking Lily's grief to get money out of her?

Lucinda: I have made a blunder -- a colossal blunder, and I owe you an apology.

Simon: No, no, you listen to me.  Stuff your apology, and stuff your money!

Lucinda: No, don't do that.  Please, wait, wait, wait.  Mea culpa doesn't come easily to me.  It's not my forte, but it is my fault, and I didn't know.  I really didn't know that you'd found out anything about Holden and that you were working, helping Lily.  I didn't, and I misconstrued all over the place!

Simon: Is this some kind of -- what, another trick?

Lucinda: Wait!  That's the point.  It could be a trap.  And Lily is walking into a trap.  Don't you understand that?  And you're the only person that I can think of that she will accept help from.  Now, I don't know what Damian is up to.  I don't -- I know Damian.  I know Malta.  I know the kind of people that he's dealing with, and they are killers!  And -- I know your problem is with me.  So what can I do?  What can I do?  I can apologize.  I'm doing that.  I ha -- I'm filled with regrets.  I can make -- money, you don't want, but I can make donations.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: What can I do?  Because time's wasting.  And I need you now.

It's Lily.  It's Lily, darling.  I'd die for Lily.  I'd die for Lily.  Me.  But I -- I'm not allowed to.  Please -- please help. 

Jake: Hey, sweetie.

Molly: Hiya, handsome.

Jake: Hey.  Mm.  Okay, what's wrong?

Molly: I was just thinking maybe a big hoo-ha with everybody in town isn't the way to go.

Jake: I thought you wanted a big hoo-ha with all the trimmings.

Molly: I know.  I just, um -- I changed my mind.

Jake: Come on.  Now, listen, maybe I was a little resistant at first, but now, you've got me wanting a big wedding.

Molly: But I don't need all that, Jake.

Jake: Wait.  I -- I need to show everybody everywhere how much I love you, and I gotta find the fir -- the perfect place to do it, and I was thinkin' about the -- the House of Blues in Chicago.

Molly: Or maybe just a small, nice, simple civil ceremony.  You know, just you, me and the justice of the peace?

Jake: What happened?

Molly: I just, um -- you know, just -- my life is so public at WOAK and every -- I think we should make this private, just us.

Jake: Hmm.  I think you should try that again, only the truth this time.

Come on, it can't be that bad.

Molly: Can't it? 

Hal: This is the bomb, the type of bomb that was used in the boathouse explosion.  Have you ever seen one like that?

Tom: It's a gas and acid bomb, homemade.

Hal: Did you ever use a bomb like that or have occasion to make a bomb like that?

Tom: No.  In combat, explosives tend to be a little more immediate, lightweight.

Emily: Like grenades?

Tom: Yeah, pretty much.  The components of this bomb would make it too cumbersome for battle.  No special mission force I'm aware of ever used it.

Hal: A friend of mine on the Chicago bomb squad said that this type of bomb was used by special forces -- Green Berets, Navy S.E.A.L.S.

Tom: No, I'm pretty sure your friend is wrong.  It's not military.  It's strictly CIA. 

[Monitor beeping]

Paul: Jessica, I have all the information right here.  I can document everything I've told you about Montgomery's actions.  What do you mean you have to locate him?  Just -- all right.  Yeah, sure.  Just -- just let me know when you -- Jessica?  I think we just caught a break.  Yeah.  Mr.

Montgomery just arrived.  Okay.  Yeah, he's right here.

Craig: Who is this, and why is he alone with my wife?

Slocumb: It's authorized.  He's a relative.

Craig: Paul!

Paul: You can go.  I'll protect my mother.

Slocumb: I'll be right outside.

Craig: What a surprise.

Paul: My mother nearly died, and you're surprised I'm here?

Craig: She got married, you chose not to be here.

Paul: My mistake.  Someone should have been there to stand between you and my mother.

Craig: I think you've been talking to the wrong people, Paul.

Paul: The police, the D.A.?

Craig: They always need their scapegoats.

Paul: Yeah, and since your sister Margo's the new chief of detectives, you're --

Craig: Paul, if you had chosen to attend the wedding, I think my relationship with your mother would have been obvious.

Paul: Oh, yeah, yeah.  It's obvious.  Look at her.  Don't insult her or me.

What you love is her money.

Craig: Well, wouldn't want to insult you, would I?

Paul: My mother telephoned me the day of the accident.  Did you know that?  She called to tell me that she tracked down the source of certain financial irregularities that I brought to her attention.  I'm sure the police will be interested to know that she confronted you, that you stole money from her.

Craig: I'm sure.  But for one, that's hearsay, isn't it?

Paul: Yeah, well, it's a good thing we're gonna have eyewitness testimony, then.

Craig: Is that right?

Paul: Yeah.  My mother will convict you from the witness stand.  Haven't you heard?  She's coming out of her coma.  Oh, yes!  Yes! 

Craig: What happened?  She woke up?

Paul: Step away from her now.

Craig: She's my wife!  What happened?

Paul: Makes you sweat bullets, doesn't it, Craig?  You know what?  She's gonna wake up, she's gonna tell the police you stole money from her.

Craig: Oh, please.

Paul: Tried to kill her.  You took everything from her.  You think that I don't know you tried to run the night of the explosion, that you fired the B.R.O. staff in New York, that you've been working day and night to take over my mother's company while she's been lying here in a coma.

Craig: You're just as clever as ever, aren't you, Paul?

Paul: Oh, I'm back, and I'm back to stay, and my mother's coming out of this coma soon, and when she does, she'll tell the police everything.

Craig: Good.  We'll get these charges dropped.  Now where's the doctor?

Officer: Craig Montgomery?

Paul: Right here, officer.

Officer: You're under arrest.

Craig: For what?

Officer: The judge has revoked your bail because you left the state without leave from the court.

Paul: Yeah, there's a limit to what your sister can cover up for you, Craig, and I will be filing additional charges with the D.A.'s office.  Jessica's an old friend.

Craig: You think you can railroad me?

Paul: I plan to annihilate you. 

Lucinda: The note was in the bottle.

Simon: Rose mentioned something about a note, but she didn't say anything about a bottle.

Lucinda: It was literally in a bottle.  A fisherman sent it, and the handwriting was Holden's.

Simon: Holden -- you're certain about that?  You're sure?

Lucinda: Well, Lily was certain about it.  She was certain about it, and she's fled.  She's fled off to rescue them.

Simon: Wait, wait, you have contacts all over the world, security experts.

How could you let her go there alone?

Lucinda: Darling!  She was adamant that I not be involved!  You know what Lily's like when she's adamant, all right?  So, what are we gonna do now?  I can fudge it!  I mean, I can do something if she doesn't -- come on!

Time is wasting.  You care about her.

Simon: Don't go there.

Lucinda: You care about her!

Simon: Stop, all right?  Don't go there.  Fine, I'll go.  I'll do it.

Lucinda: Great.  Well, I'll make the --

Simon: This is not for money.  This is not for money, just expenses.

Lucinda: I've got it.  I've got that, okay?  But maybe -- maybe you could use the corporate jet.

Simon: No.  No, no, you were smart to keep this low-profile.  If Holden and Luke are still alive, then we do not want to alert whoever's got them.

We need to protect Lily.

Lucinda: When can you go?

Simon: Tonight.  Tonight -- I can go tonight.  I'll call you as soon as I know more.

Lucinda: Come here.  Thank you.

Simon: Yeah. 

Adam: Hi.

Abigail: Hi.

Adam: You ready to go?  The movie starts in about 20 minutes.

Abigail: Is it okay if we don't go?  I'm really not in the mood.

Adam: Yeah, yeah.  We can just go next weekend, that's all.  I guess I'll just -- I'll be leaving.

Abigail: Adam, could you just not go?  Is it all right if you stay?

Adam: Sure.

Adam: Are you all right?

Abigail: Yeah.  Everything's fine -- sort of.

Adam: Translation -- "Everything's lousy, sort of."

Abigail: Adam, if I show you something, do you swear on a stack of bibles not to tell a soul?

[Abigail shows Adam the picture]

Adam: What?!

Abigail: Adam!

Adam: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  Did you get that off the web?

Abigail: Yeah, "The City Times" website.

Adam: Who got it?  Does somebody have a vendetta against Molly?

Abigail: I guess.

Adam: Is it even real, or did somebody dummy this up?

Abigail: It's real.

Adam: Man.  I -- I feel so bad for Molly, you know?  If I find the guy who did this, I'm -- I'm gonna punch him out or something, I don't know.

Abigail: You're a really great guy, you know that, Adam?

Adam: Has Molly even seen this?

Abigail: Yeah.  She went to go show Jake.

Adam: That's good.  Jake would be there for her.

Abigail: Yeah, I know.  But what if Molly does something really noble but really stupid?

Adam: Like what?

Abigail: Like calling off the engagement. 

Jake: It doesn't capture your eyes.

Molly: Jake, don't make a joke about this!  Abigail -- Abigail of all people downloaded this from "The City Times" fashion page.

Jake: Well, we'll delete it, and we'll find out who posted it.

Molly: I didn't show you this so you could go rush off and defend my honor, Jake.

Jake: You know what?  I thought you showed it to me, Molly, I thought you showed it to me because I'm your friend and your fiancé, and it upset you, and -- maybe I'm in the dark.  There's another reason?

Molly: Everything in my life seems to be public knowledge right now, Jake, and I mean everything.

Jake: Yeah, well, you're on TV.  The rules for celebrity --

Molly: I just --

Jake: -- Are there are no rules.

Molly: I felt like that I finally got out from under the whole Stenbeck fiasco, and now this comes and bites me in the butt, and it's just gonna keep on happening, Jake.

Jake: Well, you can't change the past.

Molly: Don't you get it?  Do you understand?  I have no secrets left, and a woman with no secrets is almost always --

Jake: What?

Molly: Do you really want to go through life knowing that everybody thinks that your wife is a tramp?

Jake: Look, we all have labels that scare us.

Molly: Yeah, usually ones we've earned.

Jake: Are you trying to tell me that the woman who sleeps in my arms every night and the woman that soothes my children when they're sad or inspires such loveliness in Abigail -- is a tramp?  Well, I say, "Hail to the tramp."

Molly: I need you to be straight with me, Jake.

Jake: I'm being straight with you.  I mean, how much straighter can I be?

I don't care about some stray photo that happened before I ever got the privilege to meet you.  I don't care.  It means nothing.

Molly: I knew you were gonna say that!

Jake: Well, what am I supposed to say?

Molly: I knew that you were gonna say that it --

Jake: Molly, what am I --

Molly: I knew you were gonna say that it meant nothing, that it just was - - it was fine and -- I don't believe -- I don't believe that somewhere down deep you don't have doubts about me, Jake, particularly after seeing a picture of me with numbers across my chest.  Just be -- just stop being so sweet and consider it and be honest with me.

Jake: Oh, you want me to be honest with you?

Molly: Yeah.

Jake: You want the truth?  All right, here's the truth, 'cause it's time I came clean with you. 

Tom: What reason would the CIA have to try to kill Barbara Ryan?

Emily: I don't know, maybe they don't like pashminas.

Hal: Emily --

Emily: Anything's possible, right?  I mean, come on.  Barbara dealt with a lot of Euro trash in Paris and Milan.  Maybe she got herself involved in some international incident.  You never know.

Hal: I know, okay?

Emily: Okay.  Sorry.

Hal: Tom, the way that this bomb is constructed, is that classified information?

Tom: No way.  You can pick up any book on CIA weaponry and find out anything you want to know about it. 

Abigail: It's just Molly seemed so down, you know?  She even warned me.

Adam: About what?

Abigail: That everything you do comes back to haunt you, so be careful.

Adam: Well, how careful is she talking about?  I mean, do you just not leave your house or do you just not go sky diving or crazy stuff like parachuting?

Abigail: I think she's talking most about relationships, Adam.

Adam: Oh.

Abigail: You know, I sort of -- I did that with Chris Hughes.  You know, be careful, I mean.  After we ended it, I swore off boyfriends and dating.

Adam: I know.

Abigail: You know, it's scary opening yourself up to someone, to another person, you know, 'cause whatever they do, even when they're not around, still affects you.

Adam: You know, I think maybe being too careful isn't a good thing, because it's like zoning out on your life.  Maybe you should just do something off the wall every so often, take a chance.

Abigail: Like planting a kiss on someone during fireworks when they're completely not expecting it?

Adam: Exactly like that. 

Molly: What are those for, Jake?

Jake: I want you to take your car, drive over to Bay City, then I want you to go to the hall of records.

Molly: For what?

Jake: Well, so you can look at my list of arrest warrants, convictions.

You know, sorry to disappoint you, honey, but your police blotter doesn't hold a candle to mine.

Molly: That's a nice try, McKinnon, but you know what?  You have been able to rise above your past.  People don't keep throwing it in your face.

Jake: I don't give a flying rat's patootie what people think.  Nobody gets under my skin, present company excluded.

Molly: Aren't you even gonna ask me what it's about?

Jake: If you feel like you want to unburden your soul, fine, but do I need to know every little detail?  It doesn't have a thing to do with what's going on at this moment.  Look around you.  It's a house of prayer.  People come in here every single day, and they look to the heavens, and they pray for love and forgiveness and redemption and deliverance -- occasionally, the winning lotto numbers and a Cadillac.  But I can stand here in front of you, and I can honestly tell you that I don't need to pray for not one single thing, because the answer to my prayers is standing right before me at this very moment.

Katie: What is taking him so long?

Katie: There you are.

Simon: Wow.

Katie: There's more where that came from.  So, you like my outfit?  I thought you might want to undress me.

Simon: You know, Katie, listen, listen --

Katie: I missed you so much.  What took you so long to get Lucinda and tell her her money did not mean anything to you?

Simon: Well, you know, it didn't quite go as I expected.

Katie: Oh, it never does with her.  She does not take no for an answer.

So, did she rant and rave when you turned her down?

Simon: No.

Katie: You didn't turn her down?

Simon: No, I couldn't.  Listen, listen, listen, I had no choice.

Katie: Why not?  You were so mad when you left here.  What changed your mind, the money?

Simon: No, it was Lily.

Katie: Lily.  Of course it was Lily.  It's always Lily.

Simon: It's not like that.  She got a message from Holden, a written message.  It confirms that Luke and Holden may still be alive.  That's why she went to Malta.  Listen, Katie, it's gonna be dangerous there.  I have to go and help her.

Katie: You're leaving now?

Simon: Yeah, yeah, I have to.  Lily's already made her way there.

Katie: And who told her to do that, to just take off like that?  And why does she need my husband?  Can't she just call the cops or a security team, the Navy, hell's angels for all I care?

Simon: No, she can't, because this has to be kept quiet.

Katie: This is just really lousy timing, Simon.  You just rescued me.  We just got back here, and we were gonna start our life and have sex for the first time in our marriage, and then Rose comes in here and mentions Lily, and you're out the door.

Simon: I'm not doing this, trust me, because I have any residual romantic feelings for Lily.

Katie: Yeah, right.  You're gonna get there and find her, and she's gonna be crying on your shoulder and wanting you to rescue her and keep her safe and whatever.

Simon: Think about it, okay?  Lily has lost -- her son and her husband are missing.  She's not gonna be in the mood for any romance under the Maltese stars, and neither am I, for that matter, so just think about somebody else for a change.

Katie: You're right, absolutely.  Holden and that cute little boy definitely need deliverance.

Simon: Good, I'm glad you see it that way.

Katie: I'll be dressed in just a minute.

Simon: What?

Katie: You and I are gonna save the entire Snyder clan, honey.

Simon: No, no, no --

Katie: Don't worry.

Simon: Listen, no, Katie, you can't come with me.  You just got back from your own nightmare.  You're not in any shape to go anywhere.

Besides, it's gonna be dangerous there.  You're not coming.

Katie: I'm a proven survivor.  I've endured selfish Henry, crazy Cooley and a relationship with a coconut.  Malta will be a piece of cake.

Simon: You are not going.  No, no way.  That's it.

Katie: I just finally got what I wanted, Simon -- you.  I'm not gonna let you go.

Simon: Listen, I'm gonna come back in one piece, I promise.

Katie: Come back to bed, please.

Simon: I can't, I can't, I can't.  I have to catch a plane out tonight.  I -- you take care of yourself, okay?

Katie: I love you.

Simon: You wait for me, okay?

Katie: After everything I've been through, he expects me to sit around and wait? [Katie makes a call] Hi, it's Katie Frasier in Craig Montgomery's suite.  I'm gonna need someone to baby-sit a rabbit. 

Craig: You guys ought to have my lawyer on speed dial by now.

Where's my sister?

Officer: Out.

Craig: Well, tell her when she gets back, I want to see her.  You hear me?! 

[Monitor beeping]

Paul: Thank you for moving on this so quickly, Jessica.  Did you get those faxes?  Very good.  All right, I'll talk to you soon.  Bye.  Mom?  God, I hope you can hear me, because I'm not gonna let Craig Montgomery hurt you or anyone or anything else you care about ever again, and that's a promise I will keep.  He's locked up now, and that's where he's gonna stay.

Jake: Okay.  Once upon a beautiful day in the not-too-distant future, you and I will stand on an altar like this, and you will be -- you will be as beautiful as a -- California sunset.  And I will be sweating like a pig going to slaughter.  [Molly laughs] And a man or a woman that we don't know will ask us -- each of us -- if we want to spend the rest of our lives together.  All you have to do is say --

Molly: I do.

Jake: I do, too.  Simple as that.  And you know what?  Every second, every hour, every day that came and went before that won't mean anything, 'cause it has nothing to do with you and me and the pact that we made to God and to our distant future.  And to this.

[Jake lifts Molly’s imaginary veil and kisses her]

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