As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 7/3/01


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Hal: Hey, Hon!

Jennifer: Hey, Dad.

Hal: Whatcha doin'?!  Oh, you're cookin'.

Jennifer: Did you see Mom?

Hal: Yes, I did.  There's no change.

Jennifer: Did you see her doctors?

Hal: I talked to Ben Harris.  He said he's not sure how much damage your mother has suffered in terms of nerve damage.  But the burn specialist was there, and he said the skin grafts are holding, so that's some good news, right?

Jennifer: I'm making Mom's potato salad.  I thought we might have a picnic today when Will gets home from Little League.

Hal: Great.

Jennifer: Yeah, I -- I woke up this morning with the image of Mom in my head making this potato salad every year.  I just felt like crying.

Hal: That's okay.  That's good.  Hey, this looks great.  Give me a spoon.

Let me try this.

Jennifer: I don't even know the recipe.  I just started peeling and then just tried to copy every move Mom made. [Hal tastes the potato salad and makes a face] What's wrong?

Hal: Nothin'.  It's crunchy.

Jennifer: Did I forget something?

Hal: Maybe your mom cooks them a little longer.

Jennifer: Right, you're supposed to cook them.

Hal: You know, but they're very interesting this way.

Jennifer: How stupid was this.

Hal: You know, the salad tastes exactly like your mom's.

Jennifer: Well, Mom should be here making it instead of me.

Hal: Oh, come on, Jen, honey, it's really fine.

[Jennifer takes off upstairs

[Knock at the door]

Emily: Hey.  What's wrong?

Hal: Nothin'.  Jen was just trying to make her mother's potato salad.  And I tasted it and it is --

Emily: Oh, it was awful.

Hal: Yeah.  Normally, we'd be rolling on the floor about it, but she's sick to death about her mother, and I didn't help matters, 'cause I kind of made fun of it.

Emily: Well if you really want to help your family, start doing what you do best.

Hal: And what is that?  I forgot.

Emily: Figure out who really tried to kill Barbara. 

Craig: What do you want, Rosie?

Rose: Well I'm here to deliver a message from Lucinda.

Craig: Couldn't bear to come herself?

Rose: She's in the big apple on business.

Craig: She flew to New York so soon after Holden and Luke --

Rose: Don't dig, all right?  Don't bother.  Here is the message.  Your bouncing baby boy, his trust fund comes due this week.  You better be warming up a deposit slip to replace the money that you stole from him.

Craig: An ultimatum, Rosie?

Rose: Or this attempted murder rap that you're facing right now is just the beginning of a very miserable life for you.  Capisce?  God, that felt good.


Craig: You bought in, didn't you, Rose?

Rose: Excuse me?

Craig: She's got you barking like a trained seal.

Rose: I won't even dignify that.

Craig: Okay, okay, but tell me, when you look in the mirror, what do you see? 

Lily: Hello!

Emma: Well my goodness, look who's here!

Lily: Faith, what do you smell?  Apples and cinnamon.  You know what that means?  Pie!  Pie, delicious pie.

Emma: Yes, and you're just in time.  Look what I was just making.  A was making a special little pie for some special little person.

Lily: Oh, I don't think she's talking about me.  It's for you.  Have a seat.

Emma: Half of Luther's Corners is going to be pounding on my door in just a bit, and I don't have these fillings made.  Here you go, sweetheart.

Oh, let me get your little spoon here.  Here we go.

Lily: You're still having your Fourth of July party?

Emma: Well I'm going to -- I'm going to do my best.

Lily: I thought you would have skipped it this year.

Emma: I'm just trying to do something relatively normal, you know?

Trying to keep my hands busy at least.  They say that time moves on.  And I'm doing my best to believe that.

Lily: I'll get an apron.

Emma: Oh, thank you.  Oh, I'm so glad you're here.  I'm so glad you're here.  Rose was going to be my official apple peeler, but she had an errand to run.

Lily: Actually, I came by to ask you a favor.

Emma: Anything, anything.

Lily: Would you mind watching faith for a few days?  I have to go out of town.

Emma: Of course I wouldn't mind, it would be my pleasure to watch that beautiful little girl.  Every time I look at her, I see Holden's eyes.

Lily: I know.

Emma: Is everything all right?  Where are you going?

Lily: Malta.

Emma: Malta?  Is this about Damian?  Does he still have relatives there?

Lily: I think he's there.

Emma: What?  What did you just say?

Lily: I wasn't even going to say anything to you when I came here today. But I just don't think that Holden and Luke are alive, I know they are. They're out there somewhere, Emma, and they just need me to find them.

Emma: Lily -- Lily, please.  Please don't do this to me.  And don't do this to yourself.  Sweetheart, you have to let them go!  

Hal: What is this?  Some new spin for tomorrow morning's front page?

Emily: No, it's not about a story.  It's about your doubts.  You said that maybe Craig isn't the one who planted the bomb.  And the more I think about it, the more I think you're right.

Hal: That's before we found out he was at the scene, Emily.

Emily: Okay, well forget about all that, all right, Hal?  And go with your gut.  You've got this little devil here on your shoulder wanting Craig to be so guilty you're ready to go out and get a law degree just so you could prosecute the guy.  But over here, you've got a little angel detective sitting on your shoulder -- the one with the halo.

Hal: This little detective carries a .38, not a halo.

Emily: Oh, well, just the same.  He's still whispering in your ear maybe Craig isn't the one.

Hal: Emily, he was there!  Forensics has a footprint, and it's a match to Craig's shoes.

Emily: Okay, fine, fine, we know he was at the boathouse the night the bomb exploded.  We know that.  The real question is, where was he exactly?

Hal: Cui bono?

Emily: What?

Hal: Cui bono, Latin for "Who benefits?" It's the first question that every detective asks.

Emily: Right, okay, so we're talking motive.

Hal: Mm-hmm, and who had more motive to want Barbara dead than Craig Montgomery.

Emily: You know what?  You still haven't answered my question.

Hal: Which was?

Emily: Where did they find Craig's footprints?

Hal: A ways from the boathouse in the woods.

Emily: Not inside where the explosives were planted.

Hal: Even if he didn't plant the bomb, he is still guilty of a crime because he saw what happened, he turned tail and ran.  He knew Barbara had to be hurt!

Emily: Fine, so that makes him a coward.  Does it make him guilty of the crime?  Does it make him guilty of planting the bomb?

Hal: No.  And yes, that question has occurred to me.  Yes.

Emily: You see, you -- you can't help being a good cop, Hal.  All right, now add to that, Craig's the kind of guy who pays other people to do the technical stuff.  Hey, the guy couldn't find a dipstick in his car, much less construct a bomb.  You see my point?

Hal: It's beginning to dawn on me.

Emily: He said begrudgingly.  Okay, I'm not a cop, but you know what I would do if I were?

Hal: Look for other people with motive.

Emily: You got it.  So would it hurt to start thinking who else could have planted that bomb? 

Craig: So what's the big payday?

Rose: Not that I would tell you anything that Lucinda shares with me, but yeah, I will get something in the end.

Craig: Yeah, you might.

Rose: I am Lily's sister.  She's not going to Welch on me.  Hmm-mm.

Craig: I was her daughter's husband.  I was the father of her grandchildren. And what do you think I got?

Rose: What you deserved, you lump.  Don't compare the two of us.  It's like apples and hammers.

Craig: I tried just as hard as you, Rosie.  But if you don't do what Lucinda wants, when she wants it, how she wants it --

Rose: Stop it, Craig.  You're bringing a tear to me eye.  I feel lucky just to know Lucinda.  Whatever I get out of this, it's more than where I came from.

Craig: Okay, Rosie.  Why don't we have this conversation again in a few years, maybe back on the boardwalk in Jersey.

Rose: You're a bitter little twist, ain't you?  Do not blame Lucinda for your problems.  You did that all by yourself.  Lucinda did not make you steal from your little boy, she didn't make your new wife go kaboom so you could steal her money.  No, people like you make your own beds.

Craig: Rosie, you know that you will never truly matter to Lucinda.

Rose: Just make sure you pay back your little boy's money.  Excuse me. You know, if I were a loan shark, you're apples would have been crushed by my hammer already. 

Bryant: Hello.

Craig: Bry.

Bryant: What do you want?

Craig: Listen, we need to talk.  Will you come by this afternoon.

Bryant: I don't think that's gonna wor --

[Dial tone]

Emma: Lily, I have been so worried about you ever since you ran out of the memorial service.  Sweetheart, I know your heart must be breaking, but this kind of denial --

Lily: I knew that you'd react this way, but I can't keep anything from you.

There is no doubt in my mind that Holden and Luke survived.

Emma: Oh, Lily, I can barely stand to hear you say that.

Lily: I'm sorry, but you have to heat what I have to say.

Emma: No, no, I don't.  I don't want to hear, and especially not in front of the baby.

Lily: Please, I have proof that Damian called a boat rental place.  I spoke to the owner, and he finally admitted that Damian paid him to moor a speedboat on Lake Michigan.

Emma: So?

Lily: Holden and Luke were on that launch.  They were supposed to be headed to Damian's yacht.  But Damian must have sent that the launch another way to the speedboat.  That's how they got away.

Emma: How do you know this?

Lily: There were no bodies, Emma.

Emma: Well the police explained that, Lily.

Lily: Holden left me a sign.

Emma: What kind of a sign?

Lily: A lollipop.  Faith got a lollipop from her pediatrician.  She didn't finish it, so Holden put it in his pocket.  He had that in his pocket the night of the explosion.  Simon tracked down the speedboat I was just talking about, and that lollipop was stuck to the seat.

Emma: Simon -- Simon Frasier's some kind of investigator now?  Have you talked to the police about this?

Lily: I am working with a detective in Chicago, and also Jack agreed to do a DNA test on the lollipop.  It was Faith's lollipop!  Emma, the police don't think it's enough to go on, but I do.

Emma: Lily, this is crazy!  You know, this is crazy!  Do you realize what you're saying?!

Lily: I know what I feel.

Emma: I would do anything, I would sell my soul to have Luke and Holden come back, Lily.  But, Lily, listen to me -- it's not going to happen!

Lily: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Emma: Lily, Lily you are basing this entire fantasy on someone finding a child's lollipop?!

Lily: How did it get there?  How did it end up in a speedboat in Kenosha?

The police didn't even know anything about that speedboat?

Emma: I -- I don't know.

Lily: I've been in love with Holden since I was 15 years old.  15 -- 15!

And I knew the day that I met him that I would have him in my life as level until the day that he died.  I didn't have to search my soul to know that he's out there somewhere.  I feel like he has his hand on my shoulder, and he's guiding me.  And my son, I gave birth to Luke, wouldn't I know if he were gone?

Emma: Lily, please --

Lily: Just listen.  Feel what I'm feeling.  Your son, my husband, is alive, and Luke is with him somewhere.

Emma: Lily.  Lily, I want you to stop this now.  I want you to use your head, and I want you to realize that those people who blew up that yacht are still out there.  You know, they had no problem killing an 8-year-old boy.

And if they know you're walking around, snooping around asking for questions, what -- what do you imagine that they will do to you?! 

Holden: Are you okay, buddy?

Luke: I'm okay.

Holden: Don't you worry, we're gonna have you untied in just a minute here.  Hey, guys, that was a beautiful tour, but next time can we do it without the blindfolds?

[Speaking Italian]

Holden: You know what?  They don't speak any English.  You see how that gives us the advantage?

Luke: No.  How?

Holden: Well they don't speak any English, but I can speak Italian.

Luke: For real?

Holden: For real, buddy.  Hey, scusi.  Watch this.  Buon giorno! [Speaking Italian] 

Holden: Whatever you say, guys!  Bye-bye, ladies!

Luke: Hey Dad, if you speak Italian, what did those guys say? 

Holden: You look worried, buddy.  Don't be worried.

Luke: What did that guy say?

Holden: He said how well we were playing the game.  In fact, he said we were playing so well that they had to bump us up to game level 15.

Luke: Really?  That's pretty high.

Holden: Oh, yeah.  That's why we're in this room.  The game was so easy that they had to make it a little tougher on us.  This is the master players room, expert level.

Luke: You mean like the video games I play at home?

Holden: Precisely.

Luke: Whoa.  I've never won on expert level before.

Holden: Well, that's because you never played with your old man before, that's why.

Luke: But don't we need guns?  Those guys had pistols!

Holden: Hey, you think those guns were real?

Luke: Yeah.

Holden: They weren't real?  Would I let you play violent video games at home?

Luke: No.

Holden: So I'm not gonna let you play them here, either.  Those guns they were just -- they were just for show.

Luke: They're fake?

Holden: Oh, yeah, probably water guns.  That's all.  Come on, buddy, let's see what we got here.  You hungry?  Wow, take a look at this.  You got some Italian fresh bread, Italian salami, cheese, fresh fruit.  We got some real Italian sodas.  You think those guys would be giving us this food if they were real bad guys?

Luke: I guess not.

Holden: What about those sleeping bags over there.  They look pretty comfy, too, right?  You still want to play this game with me, right?

Luke: Kinda.

Holden: "Kinda"?  All right, I'll take "kinda." You know what we're gonna do?  We're gonna leave the food here, we're gonna look around, check the place out and you tell me what you see, all right?

Luke: Nothing much.

Holden: Remember, this is the master players expert level room.  There's gotta be a way out of here.  There's definitely a way out, you just don't see it right away.

Luke: But there are no windows.  At least the other place had windows.

Holden: Hey, I told you, they don't want to make it easy on us.

Luke: If it's too hard, how are we supposed to figure out where we are?

Holden: We will.

Luke: What if we don't?  How are we going to let Mom know where to find us? 

Lily: Emma, I know.  I don't want you to worry.  I will go to Malta.  I will track down Damian, I promise.

Emma: How do you know he's there?

Lily: Simon found out all the incoming calls to the boat rental place the days before the explosion.  There was a number -- an international cell phone number.  It was Damian's.  I called the number, and Damian answered the phone.

Emma: Are you sure?

Lily: I'm positive.  He spoke in Italian, then he hung up.  I tried to call back, and he didn't answer again, but it was him.

Emma: But even if it's true, you know, Malta is Damian's home country, and if he doesn't want to be found -- I mean, what are you going to do over there?  Who's gonna help you find him?

Lily: I'll do everything I can -- everything.  I have enough money, I can pay off the entire Maltese police department if I have to.

Emma: Does Lucinda know about this?

Lily: No.  I haven't told her yet.  She had to go out of town to New York for a few days.  I wanted to be gone before she came back.

Emma: Because you know -- you know that she'll try to stop you.  You're risking your whole life on a hunch!  I mean, she's not going to support that, Lily.

Lily: This is not some vague intuition.

Emma: Oh, I forgot.  I forgot there's "proof" from Simon Frasier -- a man who manipulated you.

Lily: I asked him to help me.  He doesn't even know that I'm going to Malta.  This is a decision that I made on my own.

Emma: And what about your daughter?  Have you considered her?

Lily: Absolutely.  I have to do everything I can do to bring her father and her brother home.

Emma: You know she does have one parent left here at home.  Are you going to be so selfish as to risk that?

Lily: What kind of mother would I be if I didn't do anything?  What if Luke and Holden are out there somewhere praying, praying for help?  What if something happens to him, and I have done nothing?

Emma: Lily -- Lily, listen to me!  Listen to me!  Something has happened.

They died!

Lily: No.  No, I don't believe that, and I will not raise my daughter alone knowing that I could have saved her family, and I did nothing.

Rose: Hey, everybody.  You two having a pow-wow?  I sense a little tension.

Emma: I can see that there's nothing -- nothing I can say to change your mind.  Do you know about this?

Rose: It depends on what you're talking about.  Oh, yeah, I do.  I know.  I know about it.

Emma: Are you going to let your sister go to Malta alone?

Rose: You want me to put my two cents in?  I will, okay?  If you go - and I'm not saying that this is going to happen -- but if you go, you got to face the possibility that you might not come back. 

Hal: Come on, Emily.  You must have better things to do than to hang around here and work up some profile on some mad bomber.

Emily: No, actually, Daniel is with Kim and Bob, and I've got nothing but time, so humor me.

Hal: Okay.

Emily: Let's go over everything we know about the bomb.

Hal: Well, the forensics expert from Chicago -- she had a lot to say.  The kind of device used was the same type of device that special forces used in the '60's.

Emily: Wait, wait, wait.  Special forces, what's that?

Hal: Special forces.  Every branch of the military has a specially trained unit.  You know, the green berets belong to the army.  The navy has the S.E.A.L.S.

Emily: Okay, fine.  Then that's great.  Then that's where we'll start.  I'll contact the research department at my paper and have them crank out a list of people who fit the description.

Hal: Yeah, that's gonna take a lot of manpower and a lot of time, Emily, and let's get real anyway.  Barbara didn't have any real enemies.

Emily: You're kidding, right?

Hal: Nobody wanted her dead!  Come on, Craig Montgomery is the only one with any real motive.

Emily: Okay.  So is that the cop saying that or the guy who just lost his wife to another man? 

Emily: Okay, Hal, let's make a deal here.  You keep an open mind about who might have planted that bomb, and I'll work on my list of possible suspects.

Hal: All right.  I'll do that on one condition -- that not one word of this makes it into your paper.

Emily: On pain of death, Hal.

Hal: Deal.

Emily: You know, I don't know where you get this reputation of being so stubborn.

Hal: I can't believe I'm giving you carte blanche to prove that Craig Montgomery had nothing to do with what happened to Barbara.

Jennifer: What's going on here?

Emily: Oh, your dad -- your dad's a great cop, and he's finally figuring out the case against Craig Montgomery is full of holes.

Jennifer: She's joking, right?  Dad?!

Hal: Honey, right now, there is reasonable doubt concerning Craig.

Jennifer: Are you insane all of the sudden?!

Hal: All I'm saying is that there are certain aspects of this case that just don't make any sense.

Jennifer: You're not even a cop anymore, Dad.  Why don't you just step aside and let Jack or whoever else put Craig behind bars?

Emily: Jennifer, don't be upset with your father, okay?  I'm the one who's really putting him up to this.

Jennifer: Why, to get an exclusive, Emily?

Emily: No, sweetie, to get to the truth.

Jennifer: Since when has "The Intruder" cared about the truth?

Emily: I just want to make sure the cops have the right guy.

Hal: Otherwise, your mom could still be in danger.

Jennifer: Look, I don't know what you're thinking, but if you want to go ahead and make all this as complicated as possible, knock yourself out.  Just leave me out of it.

Emily: Jennifer -- I didn't come here to cause trouble between you and your father, all right?  So just tell me, what's gonna make you cool with this?Jennifer: I have no problem with you wanting to find out what really happened to my mom.  I am just so sick of constant surprises.

Emily: Amen.  So you want to be in on the loop, right?  That's fine.

Hal: Whatever happens, you'll be the first to know.

Jennifer: Thank you.  I appreciate it.  Can I go know?

Hal: Sure.  Where are you go -- ?  Keep your cell phone on.

Jennifer: I will.

Hal: You handled that very well.

Emily: Well, it wasn't that long ago that I was an angry teenager.

Hal: Well, that accounts for it.

Emily: Oh, wow.  I got to go.  I have to pick up Daniel and work on that list after the holiday.

Hal: You know, it is a holiday, isn't it?  I keep forgetting.  You know, other than poking at my conscience a little bit, you haven't mentioned how you're gonna spend it.

Emily: I don't know.  I haven't decided.

Hal: Do you like to barbecue?

Craig: Bryant!  I wasn't sure you'd come.

Bryant: I was curious, Dad.  I haven't seen you since the wedding.

Craig: Ah, yes, the one you and Jennifer tried to stop.

Bryant: Yeah, I wish I had -- for Barbara's sake, at least.

Craig: I don't like what you're suggesting, Bryant.

Bryant: Yeah, and?

Craig: What happened to Barbara was the act of a psychotic.

Bryant: All right, Dad, I see.  Well, if that's all you had to say --

Craig: No, no, no, no.  We have to talk about your trust fund.  It's coming due this week.

Bryant: Yeah, I know it is.

Craig: It's a lot of money.  I want to make sure you have some idea how to handle it.

Bryant: You are the last person I would ever go to for financial advice, Dad.

Craig: Bryant, this is your money.  This is your financial future.  I want you to be able to take hold of it and roll, all right?  Huh?  Now, Lucinda set it up, but you don't have to answer to her.

Bryant: I wasn't planning on answering to her.

Craig: Okay.  Fine, but you still need a financial adviser.  You need an accountant.  You need to protect you from yourself.  You've got to be able to manage it.

Bryant: Dad, what are you doing?  You're applying for a job right now?

Craig: Well, money is something I do know a little bit about, huh?  What, that's funny?  You think that's funny?

Bryant: Do you have any idea how bad your timing is right now?  Jen's mom -- your so-called wife -- is in a Burn ICU unit right now, Dad.  Nobody knows if she's gonna make it through this thing alive.  Look what you're doing right now.

Craig: I'm talking with my son.

Bryant: Yeah, your soon-to-be rich son, Dad.  You know what?  Just don't call me anymore.  Just don't.  I don't care about the money or you.  Just don't.

Don't.  Leave me alone.

Craig: Bryant, Bryant, Bryant.  Whenever you're ready, I'll be there.

Bryant: Everybody says that.  Dad, do you have any concept of what being there really means, Dad?

Craig: As long as you call me Dad.

Bryant: I'll get over that. 

Emma: Talk to your sister.  Let her know that she's needed here among the living and that she has a daughter to raise. 

Rose: Since when did you decide to tell Emma about Holden and Luke?

Lily: I couldn't help it.  It just came out.

Rose: She wasn't going to hear you, Lily.

Lily: Yes, I know that, but I'm so sure that Luke and Holden are alive, I thought I could convince her.  I didn't think we'd end up fighting.

Rose: Well, I can believe it.  I mean, she doesn't want anybody coming over here telling her to hang up her black veil.  She's not ready.

Lily: I tried to tell her she doesn't have to mourn anyone.  She has to have Faith.

Rose: And hope against hope that everybody involved in this investigation is wrong?  Everybody?  I mean, that's a lot to ask of her.

Lily: How could she turn her back on hope?

Rose: It's not just that.  She doesn't want you going off to Malta by yourself.  If you go over there, you're on your little trail there, people find out that trying to look for Holden and Luke -- who knows who's going to pop up out of the woodwork.

Lily: You mean Damian?

Rose: No, I'm talking about the thugs -- the thugs that are after Damian, the ones who shot up your house.

Lily: I know it's dangerous.

Rose: They'll throw you around like a dollar chip at the craps table if it could lead to Damian.

Lily: You don't think I should go?

Rose: Not until Lucinda gets back.  You need the big guns here, okay?

And Lucinda is like the terminator.  You could use her help.

Lily: Mother's help is code for mother's interference.

Rose: Maybe that's not such a bad thing?  I mean, the woman is connected to everybody across the planet.  She could level the playing field for you, maybe.

Lily: Not if she doesn't believe that Holden and Luke are still alive.

She'll be the first person to try to convince me not to go find them.

Rose: Your mother would do anything for you -- anything -- whether she wants to or not.

Lily: So you think I should wait till she gets back from New York before I go to Malta?

Rose: What's one more day, hmm? 

Holden: Feel better?

Luke: I was starved.

Holden: We can't play the game on an empty stomach.  I'm sure that's why those guys gave us all this great food.

Luke: It's all my favorite stuff again.

Holden: That's the best part of the game -- you get to build up healthy points, so we can keep going.

Luke: Yeah, but, Dad, I'm a little bit worried.

Holden: About what?

Luke: About Mom.  When she gets that message we sent in the bottle, she'll go to the wrong place.  How is she supposed to play the game if she doesn't even know where we are?  We don't even know where we are.

Holden: That's why we got to figure out where we are, and when we do, somehow we'll just have to let her know.  Tell you what, why don't we look around, see if we can find any clues, okay?

Luke: It's just a bunch of junk.

Holden: Doesn't a master game player know that everything isn't quite what it seems?

Luke: I guess.

Holden: And every game level has a secret passageway or something, right?

Luke: Yeah, but you have to a key or something that unlocks it.

Holden: Well, how about this trunk right here?

Luke: Oh, yeah.  It's locked.

Holden: Yeah, but we expected that, didn't we?

Luke: There must be something inside this.

Holden: So what are we gonna do?

Luke: Bust it open?

Holden: 100 game points for Luke!  Score!  How are we gonna jimmy it.

Luke: I'll find something. 

Hal: The last time you were here, I wanted to say thanks.  I don't think it quite came out right.

Emily: Eh, don't worry about it.

Hal: You know, I just don't get it.  I mean, you've covered my back on a couple of occasions, and I just don't get it.

Emily: Don't look so confused, Hal.

Hal: Well, I mean, I just never figured that you would turn out to be my guardian angel, you know.

Emily: I told you that's what I'd be.

Hal: Yeah, well, I figured that's when I was three sheets to the wind, crawling in the gutter.

Emily: Yeah, I know.  I like you a lot better like this.

Hal: Tell me, how long do you angel-types stay on any one particular given project?

Emily: Gee, I don't know.  I'll have to check the manual.  But don't get too used to it, Hal. 

[Knock at door]

[Cass shows up in shorts and a t-shirt]

Cass: I promised my wife I would be back in Bay City in time to marinate the chicken for the barbecue.

Craig: Nice shorts.

Cass: I am immune to your charms.  Let's make this quick before my association with you gets me divorced as well as disbarred.

Craig: Trouble in paradise?

Cass: You've already told me that Barbara didn't know anything about the checks we wrote from the B.R.O.  Account to purchase shares in the Worldwide stock, right?

Craig: Correct.  Problem?

Cass: Well, the check that you wrote to cover the bail cleared, so the word "problem" is relative, but I think you should know that counsel at B.R.O.

called, and as of this moment, they've frozen all access you have to Barbara's account.

Craig: I beg your pardon?

Cass: The well has run dry, Craig.  You can't write any more checks. 

[Knock at door]

Bryant: Jen --

Jennifer: You and I have been having problems, and I've been trying to figure out the cause.

Bryant: Me, too.

Jennifer: So what have you come up with?

Bryant: I was thinking we've been too obsessed with living our parents' lives instead of our own.

Jennifer: Yeah, and it's been a complete waste of time.  You know, you said you'd be here whenever I needed to talk, that I could come over anytime.

Bryant: And look where I am.  I'm here.  We needed to talk.

Jennifer: What if I really don't feel like talking anymore?

Bryant: I don't mind that either.

Jennifer: That was nice.

Bryant: Look, today is Independence Day, right?  All right?  So why don't we celebrate our independence?

Jennifer: Sounds good.  What do you have in mind?

Bryant: We could hit Lucinda's pool.

Jennifer: I didn't bring a suit.

Bryant: Then we're definitely going swimming.  Look, why don't we go check out the fireworks maybe at the drive-in?

Jennifer: This is sounding scary normal.  Think we can actually just act our own age for once?

Bryant: And pretend we're not a couple of dysfunctional kids from dysfunctional families?  Why not?  Let's live a little bit.  Sound like a plan? Jennifer: More like a dream come true. 

Rose: Did you clear your head?

Lily: Yes.  I will wait for Lucinda to come back from New York before I go to Malta.

Rose: And look at that.  You're taking advice from me.  I'm gonna go out and try to track down Emma, maybe calm her down a little bit.  She'll be very happy to know that you're going to wait for Lucinda.

Lily: Rose, you believe that Holden and Luke are alive, don't you?

Rose: Almost as much as you do, tiger Lily.  You keep pushing.  You'll find them.

Lily: Holden, nothing is going to stop me, nothing in the world, but I need something else -- another sign, something to convince people that you're still alive.  I will fight for you and Luke by myself if I have to, but I really need your help. 

Luke: I'm getting a little bit tired.  Can I lay down on your sleeping bag?

Holden: Sure, buddy.  Why don't you lay down right over there?

[Holden opens the trunk]

Luke: You did it!  Let me see!  What's in it?

Holden: I don't know, let's take a look.

[Luke pulls out a pirate's hat]

Luke: This stuff is cool.

Holden: I like this.  Let me see.  There you go.  Looks good.  You know what, buddy?  I bet we're in a storage room of an old theater.  Sleep away master game player.  Don't you worry about your mom.  She is not gonna give up on us.  No way. 

Craig: I got to write checks!

Cass: Not gonna happen.

Craig: I have to pay back the loan on Bryant's trust.  It comes due this week.

Cass: Why don't you sell off some of the Worldwide stock that you've been piling up?

Craig: No, that's corporate.  That's frozen, too.  This has to come from a personal account.

Cass: Craig, go ahead.  Write checks, and then stand back and watch them bounce as high as this penthouse.  Counsel from B.R.O. made their position very clear.  Any attempt to access Barbara's account will be blocked.  As a matter of fact, they sent over copies of the articles of incorporation to prove that they have the juice to do it.

Craig: What's the corporate office doing working on a holiday?

Cass: You know, I asked that very question.  Apparently, some kind of high-level, emergency meeting.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: I'm sure.  I'm sure.  That old snake is smooth.  She just lost her son- in-law, she just lost her grandson, and Lucinda Walsh just had to fly to New York yesterday.

Cass: And not to take in a Broadway show, I'm sure.

Craig: She's not in mourning, either.  She knows I'm going to repay that trust.

Cass: Well, I really wish I could help you wriggle out of this one.  Sounds like fun, but I'm afraid you're on your own, because I have chicken to marinate and fireworks to watch with three lovely ladies.

Craig: Enjoy your barbecue.

Cass: Stay away from the airport.

Craig: Stop thinking so much!

Cass: Craig, you're out on bail.  That means you don't leave Oakdale and fly off to New York city to take on your ex-mother in law.

Craig: And if I do?

Cass: We never had this conversation.

Craig: Thanks, Cass.  Easy on the marinade.

Cass: Loosen your tie.

Craig: You can't beat me, Lucinda.  You can try, but you can't beat me. 

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