As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/29/01


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Adamski: I'm sorry, ma'am.

Lily: No, wait, wait! No, that lollipop that was on the boat -- it was my daughter's. The DNA evidence is right here that it was hers. It was her lollipop.

Adamski: I understand your frustration, ma'am.

Lily: The only way that lollipop got on that boat in Wisconsin is if my husband put it there, which proves that they were not involved in that explosion, that they're alive!

Adamski: You could look at it that way, ma'am.

Lily: You promised me if I found evidence that they were still alive that you would get the Chicago PD to keep looking for them. And this is it, right here in this envelope.

Adamski: Ma'am, you have to understand, the department looks at things differently. And what you've shown me is a lollipop -- they're not gonna see that as proof of anything. As far as they're concerned, the case is closed. Your family's not coming home.

Luke: Can I have a turn?

Holden: You know what I need you to do, buddy? I need you to be a scout.

Luke: Like in enemy territory?

Holden: Exactly. Go over to the door, stand over there and listen for anybody. If anybody comes, you tell me, okay?

Luke: Gotcha. Dad?

Holden: Somebody coming?

Luke: No. Nobody. I'm just a little bit hungry.

Holden: Well, you know, that's not such a bad thing because we may end up having to crawl through this drain.

Luke: We're crawling through the --

Holden: Shh. Remember the count of Monte Cristo, how he escaped?

Luke: Yeah, that was cool.

Holden: Yeah, well, he's got nothin' on us. We're not gonna get caught.

Luke: You read that chapter to Faith the night before we -- before papa took me away with him.

Holden: You know what you need to do, buddy? You need to try to think about how great it's gonna be when we get home and you can tell Faith all about our adventure stories, okay?

Luke: It's better than dumb old Pooh Bear.

Holden: Much better.

Luke: It's not fair. Papa should have told us these rules.

Holden: You think so? I think it's better to try and figure things out as you go along -- because then -- whoa. Whoa. [Holden manages to get the drain open]

Luke: You did it! Let me see what's down there?

Holden: We're both gonna find out. Let me see.

[Lien dreaming]

[Monitor beeping]

[Monitor flatlines]

John: I'm calling it.

Ben: This is your fault, Dixon.

Bob: This is not the time.

Ben: No, you're right. I should have stood up to him a month ago. But no, you knew best.

John: You think this is something I wanted?

Ben: I think you wanted to be right more than you wanted to save her!

John: I don't think that's fair. I think I tried every procedure we could possibly --

Ben: That's a lie! I told you there were other treatments!

Bob: Nothing this hospital could sanction. I'm sorry. She's my granddaughter. If I thought there was one chance --

Ben: She wanted to live! She'd have tried anything, but you never gave her the choice!

Bob: We've got to tell Tom.

John: I'll do it.

Ben: No, I'll do it.

John: She was my patient!

Ben: And you killed her!

Bob: Go on. Go on. I'll take care of Lien. Good-bye, sweetheart.

Lien: Grandpa. Don't leave me. I can't breathe, grandpa! Please! Help. Don't -- I can't -- no! Daddy, make them stop!

Tom: It's all right.

Lien: I can't breathe!

Tom: It's all right.

Lien: Make it stop.

Tom: Nurse! Nurse. Hey, I'm here. It's okay. You can breathe. It's okay.

[Lien gasps for air]

Bailiff: The state of Illinois versus Craig Montgomery.

Judge: Are all parties present?

Jessica: Yes, your honor.

Cass: Yes, your honor.

Judge: In the charge of the attempted murder of Barbara Ryan, how do you plead?

Cass: We move that the charge be thrown out, your honor. All of the state's evidence is circumstantial.

Jessica: We're here to set bail, your honor, not to argue the case.

Judge: You know better than that, Mr. Winthrop. We'll deal with evidentiary issues at trial.

Cass: I merely wanted to save the court valuable time, sir.

Judge: Your consideration is appreciated, but misplaced. How does Mr. Montgomery plead in the matter of the attempted murder of Barbara Ryan?

Cass: Most definitely, not guilty.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Yeah?

[Miss Emily Stewart walks into the courtroom]

Judge: Request for bail?

Cass: Given the lack of any direct evidence linking my client to this terrible crime against his wife, I request that he be released on his own recognizance.

Judge: Is it safe to assume the prosecution will object?

Jessica: Vehemently, your honor. Barbara Ryan is fighting for her life. She may not make it. The defendant is extremely wealthy. He was apprehended at the airport. He clearly poses a substantial flight risk. Therefore, we respectfully request that the defendant be held without bail.

Cass: As Ms. Griffin is well aware, my client was leaving on a business trip when he learned of this attack on his wife. He left the airport immediately and rushed to his wife's side.

Emily: What a saint.

Cass: Your honor, the prosecution's objections are part and parcel of an ongoing campaign against my client. You have my brief. I'll spare you the details.

Judge: I'm in your debt, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Suffice it to say, the prosecution can't even place my client at the scene of the crime. There's just no evidence, judge.

Jack: Not only have we placed him, we've nailed him.

Lily: Detective, do you have children?

Adamski: Ma'am, there's nothing I want more than to bring your son and his daddy home, but --

Lily: They're alive. They're out there. Please, I need your help.

Adamski: I've done everything I could, ma'am. I've been to Kenosha, I impounded the boat, dusted for prints -- not a one.

Lily: That's impossible.

Adamski: It's a new boat.

Lily: No, it's impossible because Simon Frasier was there. He was all over that boat. His prints -- his prints should have been on it. The boat owner's prints should have been on it. He obviously rubbed them away.

Adamski: I talked to the owner. He admits he hosed it down. He's trying to sell it.

Lily: No, he's trying to get rid of the evidence is what he's doing.

Adamski: Look, ma'am, he was very cooperative. I took his prints, his photo, ran 'em through the computer. The man's never even had a parking ticket.

Lily: Oh, he's a wonderful person. How does he explain that my daughter's lollipop was stuck to the seat of one of his brand-new, never-used boats?

Adamski: Isn't it possible that this Frasier fella could have found that lollipop here in Oakdale, maybe in the backseat of your car?

Lily: No, he would never do that. I've got DNA. I have DNA evidence right here.

Adamski: Ma'am, without a proper chain of custody, there's no way to prove that your little girl didn't sneak that lollipop out of this Frasier's pocket and take a lick.

Lily: No, the lollipop. The lollipop! That's what started this whole thing! My daughter had it at the pediatrician's office. She didn't finish it. She put it in Holden's pocket.

Adamski: I'm sorry, ma'am.

Lily: No! They're alive. My husband and my son are alive, and I need your help, please.

Adamski: Ma'am, I want to help you. I truly do. Even if I had the department's go ahead, I wouldn't know where to start.

Lily: I told you, they're with Damian Grimaldi. Did you trace the number that I gave you?

Adamski: Yes, before it was disconnected, I tracked it to a privately held, foreign company. They haven't responded to any of our inquiries.

Lily: Damian answered the phone. Damian -- he has my son. He kidnapped my son and my husband.

Adamski: Did anyone else hear his voice? I'm sorry, ma'am.

Lily: Do you believe me?

Adamski: Ma'am, it's not up to me. I wish it were. But as far as the department is concerned, you're chasing a ghost.

Simon: Look, you're sure there's no mail for me? Can you check again?

Clerk: Not today, Mr. Frasier. But then, you never get mail.

Simon: Yeah, gotta love this town.

Rose: Hey -- I thought I should deliver this in person. 10,000 clams. Yeah?

Simon: Yeah, well, this'll be a first.

Rose: No, no, no. I'm no welcher. You pulled through. You promised to help Lily try to find Luciano and Holden. So there you go.

Simon: I guess I've just been burned once too often.

Rose: All the zeros in the right place?

Simon: You're a class act, Rose.

Rose: Yeah, yeah, I would've thought so. Can't say the same about Lucinda. She doesn't think much of me.

Simon: Does she know about this?

Rose: What, that I'm bankrolling your escape to the wild blue yonder? I don't think so.

Simon: Hey, I'm not escaping, I'm --

Rose: No, you're not. No, you're trying to look for Katie -- who got herself trapped on a desert island to get your attention. Very nice.

Simon: Yeah, and believe me, once I find her, she will be on her own.

Rose: I'm just trying to figure something out here. Why are you trying to help Katie when you're worried about Lily?

Simon: I thought we were talking about Lucinda.

Rose: I'll handle Lucinda. She'd probably double that check if she knew what you were up to. She'd do anything to get you out of town, away from her daughter. Which brings me back to her daughter.

Simon: Look, Lily's now got all the proof she needs. The cops can take it from here.

Rose: You don't want to hold her hand while she turns the world upside down?

Simon: Is that why you think I helped her?

Rose: You know, you're a lot smarter than I gave you credit for.

Simon: You're an interesting woman, Rose.

Rose: I know.

Simon: Lily takes back the man that you love, and here you are, right by her side.

Rose: Just 'cause things didn't work out for Holden and me doesn't mean I don't love him. And Luciano, I mean, I'd do anything for that kid -- live coals. I really want them back. I do.

Simon: Yeah, well, that's real love.

Rose: What do you call giving Lily proof that her husband and her son are alive?

Simon: I don't know. You and me, I guess we're just a couple of saints.

Rose: Ain't it awful.

[Monitor beeping]

John: All right. You should be feeling the effects of that any moment, Lien.

Lien: I was dead.

Tom: No, no. Just in your dream, sweetheart.

Lien: No, John was there, and Ben, and grandpa.

John: This medication can make your dreams very vivid. The important thing is that you try to relax.

Lien: But if my lungs don't work --

Tom: Oh, no, honey. Your lungs are working fine. You just panicked.

Lien: This disease, it's moving up, isn't it? I can feel it in my legs, in my belly --

Tom: When is this sedative going to work?

Lien: But if my lungs don't work, I can't breathe, right?

John: Lien, Lien -- we will always be sure -- we'll make sure that you can breathe. The important thing is that you conserve your energy so that your body can fight this thing.

Tom: Can you please just give her something to sleep?

Lien: No. I just woke up. I'm fine. I need to relax.

Tom: But, honey, the more you sleep --

Lien: I don't want to sleep.

Tom: Why not?

John: Lien, we can always change the medication so that you don't have to worry about these dreams.

Tom: Why don't you want to sleep?

Lien: I want to be awake when I die.

John: Lien, listen to me. We've got you hooked up to the monitors. You can see them right there. If your heart rate or your breathing should change, we'll know that the moment it happens.

Tom: And I'm gonna be right here for you, okay? I want you to just try and relax, and if you need me, you just squeeze my hand. Go ahead and close your eyes. I'll even sing for you, okay? You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray you'll never know, dear how much I love you please don't take my sunshine away

Messenger: This came all the way from China?

Ben: Farther than that.

Messenger: Well, what is it, some kind of medicine?

Ben: I'm hoping it's a miracle -- that it's not too late.

Messenger: Good luck.

[Ben opens the box and takes out a vial. He places a drop of Lien's blood and a drop of the contents of the vial onto a slide and places it under a microscope]

Ben: Oh, work. Please, God, let this work.

Cass: Your honor, my client has been systematically denied his rights by the Oakdale police department for over a year now. Why? Because he had the audacity to fall in love. And why would such a private matter provoke such a public response from the police? Because the woman he had the audacity to fall in love with had been married to the chief of detectives.

Emily: Nice of you to show up.

Hal: Margo threw me in jail.

Emily: What?

Hal: Don't ask. What I miss?

Emily: Well, Craig is innocent -- surprise, surprise -- demanding release on recognizance.

Hal: Get out of town.

Emily: Well, that's what Jessica's afraid of. Cass is doing his best to scare her.

Hal: Is it working?

Emily: I don't know. You tell me.

Cass: He disrupted my client's wedding, sending --

Hal: What're you doin' here, Jen?

Jennifer: Same as you -- making sure that Craig doesn't get away with this.

Cass: As a result of this, chief of detectives Munson was asked to leave the police force. But it didn't stop there. The matter here before us today is a direct result of all that has gone before. I submit, your honor, that the case against my client was brought by a police department that's acting out in sympathy for its absent chief. Yes, the injury to Barbara Ryan is cruel, but it's not a result of my client's actions. There's simply no evidence.

Judge: Just how prepared are you to go forth with this, Ms. Griffin?

Jessica: Completely, your honor. Craig Montgomery had the means, motive and opportunity, and contrary to Mr. Winthrop's assertions, we can place the defendant at the scene. Our evidence is conclusive.

Luke: It's dark.

Holden: Too small for either one of us to crawl down.

Luke: I could fit down there.

Holden: Nah.

Luke: I could try.

Holden: You'd get stuck. You'd be stuck like ol' Pooh Bear. You'd be stuck in the drain. We got to find another way, buddy.

Luke: Did water used to run down this drain?

Holden: Once upon a time.

Luke: So where did it go?

Holden: Out to the ocean, I suppose. You are a genius.

Luke: I saw this movie where they put a message in a bottle.

Holden: Now we just have to find a bottle.

[Luke finds a bottle in the corner]

Luke: Score.

Holden: Perfect. What else do you have in those pockets of yours? [Luke pulls out a pencil] All right. Remind me to take you on the next adventure that I go on, all right?

Luke: Now we just need some paper. [Holden looks around and finds some paper wrapping]

Holden: I'll bet this'll do just fine.

Luke: Can I write it?

Holden: You know what, buddy? Why don't you let me write it, and then, when I'm all finished, I'll let you sign it, okay? All right, first we need to put our names. We need to say that we're in Malta. Anything else?

Luke: Can I tell Mommy I miss her?

Holden: Absolutely.

Lily: I appreciate your involvement in this case. You went to Kenosha, you traced the phone call --

Adamski: Ma'am, it's just my job.

Lily: No, it's more than that. You believe me. Don't you?

Adamski: Mrs. Snyder, I was on the phone with my lieutenant this morning for over an hour trying to convince him that you were right. But without hard proof, he can't commit the resources. The budget won't allow it.

Lily: Budget? My husband and my son are out there somewhere, and they're worried about money?

Adamski: Ma'am, what it is is they've got what they consider an official explanation.

Lily: Oh, that's just great. My son -- my 8-year-old son is out there somewhere. He needs my help.

Adamski: Ma'am, I'm not saying they're right, but the way they look at it -- I'm asking them to open an international investigation based on what a grieving woman hopes is true. You see what I'm saying?

Lily: Yes. I'll pay. I'll pay whatever it takes to find them. I will.

Adamski: If that's what you wanna do, ma'am, God bless. I'd be happy to recommend a private investigator.

Lily: You're not gonna work with me anymore?

Adamski: Anything you dig up, I'd be happy to take it back to my Lieutenant. Good luck to you, Mrs. Snyder.

[Monitor beeping]

John: Her blood oxygen is down.

Bob: It's reached her lungs?

John: It may be time for a ventilator.

Tom: Oh, and then what? Then she's just all strung up on tubes?

Bob: Just until we get the disease under control.

Tom: And when's that gonna be, Dad? Nothing he's doing is working. This is not working!

Bob: It's not from a lack of trying. This disease has no cure.

Tom: Don't you understand, Dad? We're losing her.

Bob: Son, go home. Get some rest.

Tom: I'm not going anywhere until you find a way to help her.

John: Tom, we have found ways to help, but the problem is she doesn't seem to be responding to anything we can do.

Tom: Oh, that's the problem? Then why don't we wake her up and say, "Hey, Lien, honey, you're not doing your part"?

John: I'll be in the lab.

Tom: I know he's trying, Dad.

Bob: We're trying everything, son.

Tom: Well, isn't it possible that you've missed something?

Bob: I logged on at 3:00 A.M. this morning to reach a pathologist in Hong Kong. I e-mailed John with what I found. He called me right back. He was in the lab working.

Tom: And?

Bob: We're still working, but we're not stopping.

Tom: I can't lose her, Dad.

Bob: I love her, too, son. She's my granddaughter. I'd give her my next breath if I thought it would make a difference, but you know, sometimes, in spite of prayers and best efforts, there's just no miracle.

Jessica: Aside from his considerable wealth, Craig Montgomery is known to have friends and business associates on several continents.

Cass: What the hell is inside that box?

Craig: I don't know. She's probably bluffing. What can she have?

Jessica: -- And sits on the boards of corporations headquartered in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney. It would be no hardship at all for him to pull up stakes --

Cass: My client isn't going anywhere until his wife has fully recovered, your honor, at which point we have no doubt that Barbara Ryan will identify her assailant and put an end to this coordinated attack against my client.

Jessica: Why the defendant is now willing to wait for his wife to recover when the night she was attacked he was eager to leave town, is a question we can't answer, your honor. However, the people are not willing to take that risk.

Cass: My client can't be penalized for his success. Yes, he's an international businessman. He has worldwide interests, but his roots are here in Oakdale with his wife, his son, his sister --

Jessica: His sister who is spearheading the investigation against him.

Cass: As acting chief, it's Margo Hughes' job to manage any current investigations.

Jessica: And to bring to the district attorney's attention any case she deems ready for trial.

Cass: I object. The district attorney is being prejudicial.

Judge: You're both pushing it, counselors, and I've heard enough. Bail is set at $3 million. I trust that's high enough to keep even you in town, Mr. Montgomery.

Cass: Thank you, your honor.

Judge: Court is adjourned.

Jack: $3 million, when he knows we've got him? He's gonna run.

Jessica: If he's smart, but the problem with Craig is he thinks he's invincible.

Cass: Once you've paid the clerk, you're free to go.

Craig: Well, I don't actually carry that much around in cash, but here's the look, here's the key to Barbara's desk in my suite. The B.R.O. checkbook -

Jennifer: That's not your money.

Hal: Honey.

Jennifer: No, Dad, he's stealing from Mom! Your honor --

Hal: Jennifer, now is not the time.

Jennifer: First, he tried to kill my mother, and now, he's stealing from her so he can pay his own bail. You can't let him do that!

Hal: Jen -

Jennifer: Your honor, my mother may never wake up, and you're gonna let him use her money so he can pay off his bail?!

Hal: Jen -- your honor, I am sorry. I will get this under control. Jennifer --

Jessica: Jennifer, he's not gonna get away with it, I promise you.

Jennifer: Do you know how many people have promised me things in the past year?

Hal: Jen --

Emily: Jennifer, wait. Listen to me. I know this seems unfair.

Jennifer: Get out of my way, Emily.

Emily: Sweetheart, you're looking for answers. We all are. Now, when I don't understand something about the law, I ask the guy who knows the most about it -- your dad. Okay, so why don't we go talk to him? Come on.

Cass: The old bluff in the box trick, huh? I was impressed.

Jessica: If you hadn't been so busy trying to impress the judge with your client's innocence, I might have given you a peek at this.

Cass: What is this, photos?

Jessica: Better. Footprints at the scene matching a pair of shoes found in your client's closet. And see this? See this mud on the sole here? From the riverbank. We got him.

Cass: Interesting, but hardly conclusive. Craig can't be the only man in the county who favors Italian loafers.

Jessica: Covered with mud?

Cass: No one ever claimed that he'd never set foot on that riverbank.

Jessica: Nice try.

Cass: You do good work, Jessica, you do. But be prepared for Craig's lawsuit when he's cleared, because he will be cleared, and when he is, he's coming after you and coming after your department.

Jessica: Your client's a liar. He was there. We're gonna put him away.

Holden: Okay, let's see what we got here. "Dear Mom, I miss you. Daddy and I are in Malta in this creepy old dungeon that looks over a row of five cypress trees near a golden church dome, and we think the ocean's pretty nearby. It's a good game, but we want to come home." I think we should probably put Mommy's name, too, her address and her phone number, so that whoever finds this can reach her.

Luke: I'll sign my name.

Holden: Okay.

Luke: Anything else?

Holden: Tell her to hurry.

Luke: It'll scare her.

Holden: Okay. Then we should just send it as is, okay?

Lily: [on the phone] Simon, could you call me as soon as you get this message? The police don't believe me. They're closing the case, and I have no idea what to do. Please call me as soon as you get this message. Simon?

Lily: Rose.

Rose: Hey, Lil. You want me to drive you to the airport?

Simon: No, I'll be fine. No, thank you. Thanks anyway.

Lily: Where are you going?

Rose: You know Simon. Always another damsel in distress.

Simon: Katie's still not back yet.

Lily: That's right. I forgot about Katie. She's -- are you sure that's she on our -- on the island.

Simon: Well, at least that's where she was headed, and what, with Cooley still out there, I really should go.

Lily: You should get there as soon as possible.

Simon: Was there something you needed?

Lily: No. No, I just wanted to let you know that I got in touch with the Chicago PD.

Rose: All systems go?

Lily: Absolutely. You should go. The traffic at this hour is terrible.

Simon: Well, I hope it all works out for you.

Lily: Me, too.

Simon: Take care, Rose.

Rose: So how bad is it?

Lily: Worse than you can possibly imagine.

Ben: How's she doing?

Tom: She woke up earlier from a nightmare, gasping for breath. It's getting to her lungs.

Bob: John gave her a sedative. She's been resting comfortably ever since.

Tom: She knows it, Ben. This disease is winning. She's petrified to go to sleep. She's afraid she's gonna suffocate.

Bob: We've got to put her on a ventilator.

Tom: Don't do that, Dad. She wants to talk to us.

Ben: I'll stay with her.

Tom: Do I let him do that, Ben? Do I let him put her on a ventilator? I know you're not her doctor.

Ben: Don't worry about that. Now, the ventilator, it will help her get more oxygen, of course, make it easier for her to breathe. That'll buy her a few days, maybe a week.

Tom: You mean -- that's the best we can hope for?

Ben: We have to keep her alive and pray that they find a cure, but even then, she may never come off the ventilator.

Tom: So this -- this is it?

Ben: I didn't say that.

Tom: Look, I know John's tried everything.

Ben: Almost everything.

Tom: What are we talking about here?

Ben: Breaking the law.

Tom: I'm an officer of the court. I respect the law, but if this has anything to do with saving my daughter's life, then I'll take the responsibility.

Ben: First, you need to understand that there are no guarantees. Now, John has tried every approved treatment.

Tom: And it's not working.

Ben: And he's gotten permission to use drugs that are still in trial.

Tom: I'm not blaming John.

Ben: I just need you to understand that what I'm proposing -- it's not only not FDA approved, it's not even approved on a research level.

Tom: Where did you hear about something like this?

Ben: From a woman in southeast Asia. I figured since the disease was discovered there, they'd probably made more headway.

Tom: What did the woman say?

Ben: Her child was suffering from the disease. She took her to a clinic in Saigon. The clinic's run by a biochemist who has a theory that the disease progresses by invading --

Tom: And the child?

Ben: The child survived. I got a sample of the serum. Don't ask me how. I tested it against a sample of Lien's blood.

Tom: Did it work?

Ben: It was successful. But I have to tell you, Tom, this stuff is very toxic. There will definitely be collateral damage.

Tom: There's already been collateral damage, Ben.

Ben: Where are you going?

Tom: I'm gonna tell John to treat my daughter with that serum.

Ben: No, you can't. He'd have to forbid it.

Tom: I told you, I'll take the responsibility.

Ben: No, you don't understand. The hospital would be liable. They can't allow it.

Tom: So what do we do?

Ben: We could wait, see if she improves.

Tom: She's not improving, Ben. She's dying.

Ben: Or I can treat her secretly.

Tom: Without her doctors knowing?

Ben: That's her only chance.

Emily: Jennifer, you did a wonderful thing in that courtroom today. You stood up for your mom.

Hal: I'm really proud of you, honey.

Jennifer: Yeah, for all the good it did.

Hal: Hey, you'd be surprised.

Jennifer: You know, it's just not fair. He gets to go back to his fancy suite while Mom gets to stay in the burn unit?

Hal: You've gotta remember, in this country, everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

Jennifer: You're not saying he's innocent, Dad?

Hal: No, I'm saying that the law works one step at a time. Today was the first step. The prosecution brought charges. The defendant answered them. They negotiated bail. That's the law. That's the way it works.

Jennifer: So he's entitled to use Mom's money to pay his own bail?

Hal: Generally, no. But in this case --

Jennifer: Because he married her. Right.

Hal: Come on, Hon. It'll work out.

Emily: He's at the end of his rope, Jen.

Jennifer: You think so? He looks pretty comfortable to me.

Hal: Jen --

Emily: No, no, no. Hal, let her go. Hal, just let her go.

Hal: Do you know what that feels like when you just can't make it right?

Emily: Yeah, I do.

Craig: She'll eat you for lunch, Hal, but you like the abuse, don't you?

Cass: You're in a good mood.

Craig: Consider the alternative.

Cass: We may have to.

Craig: Not until we celebrate. I'm freed, thanks to you. It cost me.

Cass: Actually. It cost Barbara.

Craig: B.R.O., but with me at the helm, B.R.O. will prosper. And now, I can pay back Bryant's trust fund, Lucinda won't be able to press charges -- a trifecta, Cass. Triple play. Hat trick.

Cass: I hate to put a damper on your holiday humor, but we may have a problem.

Craig: Well, of course.

Cass: They have evidence putting you at the scene.

Craig: What?

Cass: They found a pair of shoes in your closet that match a set of prints found at the boathouse. The mud on the shoes matches the mud at the scene.

Craig: I did not try to kill my wife, Cass.

Cass: If you expect a jury to believe that, you're going to have to explain those shoes. Otherwise, you're going to jail, pal.

Lily: His lieutenant won't authorize another search.

Rose: Is that why you came looking for Simon?

Lily: It's better that he left. He's got problems of his own.

Rose: Well, number one, he's still in love with you.

Lily: It's not fair to involve him. It's just that he was the only who believed me.

Rose: I believe you. Jake, he believes you.

Lily: Jake has a big family now. He's planning for a wedding.

Rose: Well, you've got money. You've got cash. You know, we'll just -- we'll hire our own army.

Lily: No. This is between Damian and me. He took my son without permission. He kidnapped him. He terrorized him. He let me believe that he was dead. He's gonna have to deal with me.

Rose: Look out, Damian.

Lily: I mean it. He's not getting away with this. Holden left me a clue that he was alive, and Damian answered his overseas cell phone number. That means that everything -- everything points right to Malta.

Rose: You go, girl.

Lily: I'm going to Malta, and I'm bringing my family home.

Holden: One, two, three --

Luke: Go to Mom. [Splash] I heard something splash!

Holden: Somebody's coming.

[Gate opening]

[Speaking Italian]

Guard #1: Andiamo. Andiamo!

Luke: Dad --

Holden: It's okay, buddy. It just means that we won this part of the game and we're moving onto the next round. Come on.

[Speaking Italian]

Guard #2: Vai. Vai. Spicciarsi! [Hurry up]

Tom: So you would treat her without the hospital knowing?

Ben: That's the way it's gonna have to be.

Tom: And if they found out?

Ben: I'd probably lose my license, might even be prosecuted.

Tom: What, you're willing to risk that?

Ben: Man, do you have to ask me that?!

Tom: I know how you feel about Lien. I guess my only question is are you that confident in this serum?

Ben: The theory makes sense. They've had good success with it in Saigon. I tested a sample of the serum against Lien's blood, and it worked. The bottom line is that this is the best that I have to offer, and she's running out of time. This is your decision. She's already too weak.

Tom: She can't --

Ben: You're her father, so it's up to you. Do I give her the serum?

Emily: All right. I got something that I think's gonna perk you up.

Hal: What?

Emily: Put your fork down.

[Emily holds up the new front page of "The Intruder" claiming Craig as a murderer]

Hal: You can't run that.

Emily: Why not?

Hal: Because he didn't do it. Believe me, there's nothing more that I would like than to bury Craig Montgomery.

Emily: Wait, you actually believe that guy isn't guilty.

Hal: Oh, he is guilty, all right. He has hurt people. He has committed crimes. I just don't think he planted the bomb, or he knew anything about it, Emily.

Craig: I'm not going to jail, Cass. I have you for a lawyer.

Cass: I am only as good as the information I've got.

Craig: Well, what more can I tell you? I'm innocent.

Cass: Here's a tidbit of historical trivia for you -- in the eighth century, Chinese doctors were only allowed to examine women of noble birth through a screen. You see, the women felt safer that way, but then most of them died.

Craig: If you're trying to say I don't trust you, you're wrong.

Cass: I'm trying to say that I can't help you unless you tell me everything, no matter how insignificant, no matter how problematic. Like most intelligent men, you're very good at a lot of things, but I assure you, I am just this much better than you at the law.

Craig: I believe you.

Cass: So, the night of the explosion --

Craig: I was there. I was at the boathouse.

Next week on "As The World Turns" --

Hal: The facts don't add up.

Announcer: -- They're out to solve a mystery.

Hal: Nobody should go to prison for a crime they didn't commit.

Announcer: They're following the clues --

Margo: Your footprint was found at the boathouse.

Announcer: -- And adding up the evidence.

Margo: We've got means. We've got motive. We've got opportunity.

Announcer: Now, where the trail leads next --

Emily: I think that it's possible that there's somebody out there other than Craig with a motive.

Announcer: -- Is everything.

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