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Episode #43

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Angie: What do you have planned today?

Jesse: Well, I'm gonna try to scare up a job.

Angie: Any leads?

Jesse: Well, I checked into walking a beat -- Center City Police Department. They couldn't hang up fast enough.

Angie: Well, PVU wanted to hire you to teach Criminology...

Jesse: [Chuckles]

Angie: ...before you became chief. I don't suppose...

Jesse: Yeah, well. Not a chance in hell. No. I really did love my job. You know that?

Angie: Then Jesse, do it.

Jesse: [Groans]

Angie: Open your own detective agency. You're a genius at it. And since Tad closed up shop after he went undercover, you could fill that void.

Jesse: You're serious.

Angie: Well, you know, you wouldn't get to wear the cool chief hat, but you -- you'd make it work.

Jesse: It's not a bad idea.

Angie: It's a great idea. I should get to the hospital.

Jesse: Hey, listen. She's gonna be okay. We are all gonna be okay. Okay?

Angie: [Nods]

Jesse: [Kisses Angie on the head]

Dimitri: Morning.

Brooke: It would be a better morning if we could rally our investors. [Chuckles]

Dimitri: I do have an idea for a new investment strategy.

Brooke: So it's a brighter morning already.

Dimitri: Mm-hmm. [Chuckles]

JR: I come in peace.

Dimitri: [Sighs]

Brooke: What can I do for you?

JR: Uh, well, I'd like to apologize for accusing you of corrupting the file. I was out of line.

Dimitri: More likely out of your mind.

JR: You know, I let the heat of the moment get the best of me, and I was... blinded by my own anger. I made a mess of things with Chandler Media, and I'd like to make it up to you.

Dimitri: You've done enough, JR.

JR: I'd like to offer to smooth things over with the investors. You know, let them know that I-I made a lot of mistakes, you know, but we're a team, and I'm ready to work my ass off again.

Brooke: That's very considerate of you.

Dimitri: No, no, no, no. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. It's too late. Because of your misunderstanding, the rest of the investors have pulled out.

Brooke: I thought Mitch Morrison was gonna talk to them.

Dimitri: No, he joined them. Mitch and the others have decided it's a better bet to invest in Cortech.

Brooke: It's a totally different kind of investment.

Dimitri: Yeah, and one that they feel safer with. Yeah, it's ironic, isn't it? Palmer Cortlandt's son is a genius at running his father's company. Adam Chandler's son seems to have a genius for screwing things up.

Brooke: Dimitri.

JR: I deserve that. Look, I had a very big opportunity. I admit that. And I blew it, but I promise you, it is not gonna happen again.

Dimitri: You're damn right it won't.

Brooke: JR, you're still getting your sea legs. There's more than enough time for us to figure out the way that you can make a contribution to the company.

JR: Great. Thank you. I want nothing more than to be an asset to Chandler.

Dimitri: This, uh -- this turn around on Brooke corrupting that file -- you have any idea who did it?

JR: I have my suspicions.

Brooke: Care to share?

JR: Well, you know, I think I've taken more than enough of your time today. You guys have a good morning. Thank you. Hey.

Colby: "I really do want to be an asset." Do you think you could have sucked up any harder?

JR: Trust me, little sister. I've got a plan.

Miranda: Hey.

AJ: Whoa. Miranda! What's going on?

Miranda: Uh, I was just wondering what you were up to later?

Heather: Well, we're having a picnic by the lake.

AJ: That is one hard core basket.

Heather: It has all of your favorites -- tons of jalapenos, of course, and I downloaded the new Mudhoney album.

AJ: How cool is she?

Miranda: Very. [Chuckles]

AJ: You should totally come.

Heather: Yeah, I have tons of food.

Miranda: Um, you know what? I-I can't. I was actually heading over to Jane's.

AJ: Oh, come on. It's so nice out.

Heather: Yeah, it'll be fun.

Miranda: Another time.

AJ: You sure?

Miranda: [Nods]

AJ: Cool. Let's go. Later.

Miranda: [Tears up her tickets]

JR: Hey.

Joe: Oh, there he is. What are you doing in the hospital? You look like you're feeling pretty good.

JR: Uh, yeah. Yeah. I'm doing great. Yeah, I'm just here on a routine checkup with Dr. Anders, so...

Joe: Oh, well. Somebody should have notified you. He hasn't come in yet.

JR: Oh. Well, that's no problem. You know, I got a bit of time. So, hey, um, how have things been around here?

Joe: [Chuckles] Well. The usual.

JR: I mean, 'cause Cara actually told me something about somebody stealing her prescription pad.

Joe: She, um -- she told you about that?

JR: You know, she's done a lot of work with me.

Joe: Hm-hmm.

JR: And that's why, when I found out about this -- this prescription-pad thing -- you know, that she might lose her medical license...

Joe: Yeah. We'll -- we'll grab him. We'll grab him, yeah.

JR: Do you have any idea who it could be?

Joe: No, not yet. But we're working on it. I, uh, put a flag on a prescription, so whoever wrote it, if he shows up again for a refill -- we'll have him.

JR: Okay. 'Cause I don't want Cara to take the fall for this, Joe.

Joe: No. I don't either. Now, whoever did this rotten thing was thinking only of their own gain. I mean, no thought at all about how devastating it could be to Cara.

Colby: I've got chick flicks -- kick-ass or warm and fuzzy.

Cassandra: I don't care.

Colby: Okay. So not the answer I'm looking for, hon. I have sweet, salty, chocolate, and... cold. All the four food groups.

Cassandra: I'm not hungry.

Colby: Come on. This is ice cream. Don't ever pass up on that.

Cassandra: I'm going back to bed.

Colby: Okay, look, look. If you want to sit in your jammies all day, that's fine. But passing up an ice-cream treat? Not a chance.

Cassandra: I don't need you to keep me company. I'm fine.

Colby: No, you're not. Look at your hair. It's... all bed head. Just because you're inside does not mean you should let yourself go like this.

Cassandra: You're a pain in the ass.

Colby: Well, that's what we have in common. So. Are we gonna eat this before it melts?

Cassandra: What flavor?

Colby: Your favorite -- cookies and cream.

David: Well, if it isn't Pine Valley's own ex-police chief. Hmm. Beautiful day, isn't it?

Jesse: Not anymore. Dark cloud.

David: Mm-hmm. So, how's the unemployed life going? Must be tough, huh -- stepping down from top cop, the disgrace? Oh, and that scene at the gala -- wow, were you drunk.

Jesse: Yeah, I screwed up. Now I suggest you get out of my face before I screw up again, you idiot.

David: We're hiring security guards over at Cortech.

Jesse: [Chuckles]

David: I'd be glad to put in a good word for you.

Jesse: You are funny... like a disease.

David: What? Would you really turn down a legitimate job offer when no one else in town will hire you? I mean, come on. Oh, that's right. You don't need any money, do you? Because wifey's been taking care of you for years.

Jesse: Why don't you slither back to that slimy gutter of a home of yours before I strike you.

David: Go ahead, Hubbard. Do it. I dare you. Add battery to your growing list charges. You won't be able to get a job as a paperboy.

Jesse: [Clears throat] Like my father used to say to reprobates like you, you ain't worth shooting.

David: Mm-hmm. Or maybe you just lost your nerve. But, hey, that's all you ever had anyway, isn't it? I'll tell you what -- you should accept the fact that you're a loser, Hubbard. And one of these days, your wife is gonna wake up, and she's gonna realize that she could do a hell of a lot better. Enjoy your extended vacation.

Jesse: And the day brightens as the snake slithers away. Yes.

JR: Hey. How's Oliver?

Cara: He's good. He's, uh -- he's taking a nap.

JR: Oh, good. I'm glad he's back in his own bed.

Cara: Thank you for paying for those medical bills. That was extremely generous of you.

JR: You're welcome. I told you I wanted to help you anyway I could.

Cara: Yeah. It's appreciated.

JR: Hey. Hey. I don't suppose you have time for another apology.

Cara: It doesn't change what happened, JR.

JR: Look, I know. I made a-a lot of mistakes. This is actually my first stop on the apology tour. Believe it or not, Brooke didn't corrupt that file. It was David.

Cara: David?

JR: Yep. Classic Hayward move. You know, I should have known it wasn't Brooke. [Sighs]

Cara: Huh. Well, I'm glad you cleared that up.

JR: Hey. Look, I-I have -- I got time for a rehab session.

Cara: Well, I don't, so excuse me.

JR: Wait. Wait. Is this how it's gonna be? I mean. Come on. What? Are you gonna keep avoiding me?

Cara: I'm not avoiding you, all right? I got a lot to deal with here.

JR: Like the stolen scripts? [Sighs] Look, I'm off the steroids.

Cara: That's great, JR. I'm really happy to hear that, but you know what? I'm actually dealing with the fallout -- my career, my reputation.

JR: On the line because of me.

Cara: I thought I could trust you. And it scares me that I can't.

JR: Look, I know it's a lot, but I want you to give me the chance to prove that you can trust me again. All right? Help me get back on track with my rehab. Help me stay clean. I will do it however you want.

Cara: Do you know what I want? I want to take Oliver and get the hell out of Pine Valley and never come back.

Colby: For me?

David: Cassandra.

Colby: Snooze fest.

David: Well, I don't want to wake her up.

Colby: I'll put these in water. Very sweet that you brought these.

David: It's very sweet of you to hang out with her.

Colby: Hmm, all this sweetness -- so not my style.

David: How is she doing?

Colby: Not good. It's like sometimes she's not even there. She gets really quiet, and it's like she's reliving everything in her head.

David: It's gonna take quite a while for those demons to disappear.

Colby: Do you want to wait till she wakes up? I'm sure she'd be happy to see you. You did save her life.

David: No. That's all right. Let her sleep. Another time.

Colby: David.

David: Yeah?

Colby: You said we could always be honest with each other, right?

David: Well, that's the least we can do for each other.

Colby: I need the truth. Now. Did you ruin JR's reel?

David: [Chuckles] Is this a Chandler-family trait -- paranoia, conspiracies?

Colby: Okay, it's not paranoia if it's true.

David: Is JR the one that fed you this theory?

Colby: I'm still waiting for your answer.

David: Oh, typical JR. He does something wrong and, of course, someone else has to be blamed for it.

Colby: If you did do it, you're a jerk.

David: I didn't say I did, all right? But I do think that JR needs to learn some lessons.

Colby: Would it be so horrible if you just let him be?

David: The man who killed Marissa and destroyed Babe's life? You want me to cut him some slack? You're kidding, right? You don't know me very well if you think for one second I'm gonna forget what he did.

Colby: Look, I'm sorry your daughters are dead, but don't you think JR's been punished enough?

David: No! No, I'm sorry, but I cannot agree with you there. And I'm hoping that you're not intending to fight for him.

Colby: What do you expect? He's my brother. We're family.

David: And we, my dear Colby, are allies. Those were your words, not mine.

Colby: Okay, I will not help you destroy my brother.

David: Since when did you care so much about JR?

Colby: He's my only family member I have left. My mom went AWOL and my dad -- he made it pretty clear he doesn't give a shit about me when he blew into town and didn't even stop to say hi.

David: You just remember who gave you 30 grand when you needed it. Was it JR? No. Was it your daddy? Absolutely not. It was me. And I'd be happy to do it again for you, Colby. I just might be the only one who's really there for you, sweetie. Okay?

Dimitri: We need to set up a production meeting for the DC interview. Brooke! Production meeting.

Brooke: Oh, yes. Of course.

Dimitri: All right. All right. This has got to stop -- two-word sentences, minimal communication. Now, I know we weren't gonna talk about it, but I think we have to.

Brooke: It shouldn't have happened.

Dimitri: It did.

Brooke: [Sighs] Then can we just move past it? We have a lot of work to do.

Dimitri: Brooke, we have been in each other's lives for years. It's not a whim on my part.

Brooke: We've been friends.

Dimitri: Do you get how beautiful you are?

Brooke: Dimitri --

Dimitri: No, no. Look -- that sparkle when you've got a new idea, your laugh, that wicked sense of humor -- I want that. I want all of that, Brooke.

Brooke: I'm with Adam.

Dimitri: Then why isn't he here with you?

Brooke: He would be here if he could.

Dimitri: If a woman like you loved me, I wouldn't be halfway around the world sending flowers and apologies.

Brooke: Well, he has a company that he's trying to rebuild.

Dimitri: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. When I am with you, I have these feelings -- feelings that I thought were dead. When we almost kissed, in that moment, you felt it, too. I know you did.

Brooke: I'm sorry, Dimitri. I love Adam.

Dimitri: [Kisses Brooke passionately]

Miranda: Hey, Jane, um, I was wondering if maybe you needed another extra hand around here. I'm looking for a summer job.

Jane: It's a little late.

Miranda: I know, but even if it's just for a couple weeks, I could, um -- I could really use the distraction.

[Past scenes play while Miranda sings] In the darkness there's an exit, there's a way. You're the candle, you're the light, my escape. What would I do? I'm lost without you. I-I-I-I-I'll be right here by your si-i-i-ide when the clouds are coming. I-I-I'll be your silver lining.

Miranda: You are the greatest friend I'll ever have. [Singing] I-I-I-I only want butterfli-i-i-ies

Jane: What's going on?

Miranda: Nothing. Nothing. It's just that this summer really isn't turning out quite the way I planned.

Heather: I can't believe you put jalapenos on an ice-cream sandwich.

AJ: I put jalapenos on everything.

Heather: Oh, everything, huh? Well, that could be very hot.


AJ: Oh, yeah?

Heather: Uh-huh.

AJ: [Chuckles] Wait. Hold on.

Heather: AJ, it's okay. I want you.

AJ: Um... Are you sure?

Heather: Yeah, you don't -- Oh, this isn't my first time. Not that I go around. I don't go around.

AJ: No, it's not that. I, um -- I don't know. I just...

Heather: It's okay. It's okay. AJ, I like you. I think about you all the time -- about this all the time -- how hot it would be. Don't you?

AJ: Yeah.

Heather: [Chuckles] How do you get this shirt off? [Laughs]

[Knocks on door]

JR: AJ, open up. I want to talk.

AJ: Not now!

JR: I'm gonna stand here until you let me in.

AJ: Damn it.

Heather: [Giggles and runs into the bathroom]

AJ: What?!

Heather: We're just listening to music.

JR: Would you excuse us?

AJ: Could you be any ruder?

Heather: It's fine.

AJ: No, it's not fine. We're actually on our way out, so it's not really a good time.

JR: Look, it's not gonna take long, okay?

Heather: I'll be downstairs.

AJ: I got nothing to say to you.

JR: So, what? We're never gonna talk about this?

AJ: About what? You juicing or you being a hypocrite? Well, actually, you're a liar, too. You want to talk about that?

JR: Look, AJ, you have every right to be angry with me.

AJ: Oh, thank you for your permission.

JR: Listen. Hey. Come on. We can't keep going on like this.

AJ: Why not? Works for me.

JR: Because I feel like we were making really good progress. You know, I don't want to go backwards.

AJ: Too late.

JR: Hey. I am still your father, okay?

AJ: What is that -- a threat?

JR: No, it's a fact.

AJ: So, if I don't want a relationship with you, what? What, you'll kidnap me? Huh? You'll cut me off? What? What? You'll -- you'll shoot me. That's how this family works, right?

JR: Look, it doesn't have to, AJ.

AJ: But it does. That's who you are. And that's all you know -- shoot, steal, lie, kill. That's how the Chandlers do it, right? Well, I don't want to be a part of it, and I definitely don't want to have anything to do with you.

[Slams door]

Dimitri: Thank you, Mark.

Brooke: I believe in, you know, honesty, but you have -- you've put me in a difficult position.

Dimitri: I'm not gonna apologize for telling you how I feel.

Brooke: The kiss?

Dimitri: Well, well, have you ever known me to sit back and let life happen?

Brooke: No. [Chuckles] You've always gone for the gusto, but, you know, look where that's left me. I've lost investors and now I may lose a-a valuable employee.

Dimitri: [Sighs] Brooke, I never expected this to happen, but it has. Do you want me to leave?

Brooke: No. I just want things... to go back to the way they were. I think that we are amazing partners, professionally. And I think the two of us can take Chandler out of this mess and make it bigger and better than it ever was. We just have to leave all the rest at the door.

Dimitri: Hmm. And pretend nothing's happened.

Brooke: Nothing has to change. I mean, what happened isn't a problem unless we let it be. I'm willing to forget the whole thing. Are you?

Dimitri: That was a hell of a kiss. [Chuckling] Okay. If that's what you want, you've got it.

Brooke: Partners?

Dimitri: [Clears throat] Partners.

Angie: I know you said you weren't interested, but the appointment with Dr. Peterson is at 3:00, and I really hope you can make it.

Jesse: Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I can't today. I got a meeting with a realtor about leasing the space for my agency.

Angie: Wait a minute. Are you going to do it -- what we talked about this morning?

Jesse: You haven't steered me wrong yet.

Angie: [Sighs] I am so glad.

Jesse: So, maybe next time with Dr. Peterson?

Angie: Yeah. I hope so.

Jesse: Listen, I should go.

Angie: Listen, I just want to tell you how proud I am of you -- You know, the way you're moving forward, not letting what happened bring you down.

Jesse: We'll talk later?

Angie: I'll see you at home.

Jesse: All right.

[Telephone rings]

Tad: Jesse, it's Tad.

Jesse: What do you got?

Tad: Look, my sources are telling me Uri's about to resurface.

Jesse: I really need you.

Tad: You've got me. I'm on the next flight home.

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