AMC Transcript Monday 8/26/13 Ep. 42

All My Children Transcript Monday 8/26/13
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Episode #42

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Celia: Thank God, you have a convertible. Maybe you should have just hosed me off outside.

Pete: [Chuckles] As much as that sounds fun, I'm thinking tomato juice and a shower is a better idea.

Celia: [Sighs]

Pete: Ugh.

Celia: I'm totally gonna stink up your entire place.

Pete: Ah, well, we're both pretty lethal, but at the end of the day, somebody spent a lot of money on this date, so... [Sniffs] Regardless, it's not over until there's a happy ending.

Celia: Hopefully, a stink-free happy ending.

Pete: [Chuckles] Okay. Why don't you go shower up?

Celia: Okay.

Pete: And I'll get this date back on track.

Celia: Okay.

Colby: Did you see the look on Celia's face? I wish I had a camera. You know, I bet Pete couldn't wait to get away from her as fast as he could. Genius!

Opal: Look, I don't take the same gleeful pleasure in ruining somebody's evening that you seem to take, and if I didn't get such a bad every time I'm around that girl, I would not be cooking up schemes with the likes of you.

Colby: Okay, stop with the guilt trip, why don't you? Move on.

Opal: Well, it is sad what a mother has to do to protect her son, and believe me, one stinky date is not gonna fix all this. Petey is gonna have to figure out on his own that that girl's not good for him.

JR: Oh, fancy seeing you here.

Cara: Just happened to be in the neighborhood?

JR: Look, I don't -- don't like the way our conversation ended last time.

Cara: Well, I really didn't know what to say to you, so I walked away.

JR: You're still upset?

Cara: Ugh. [Scoffs] Upset? You brought my son here, and you promised me to keep him safe.

JR: Look, I told you your secret is safe with me.

Cara: Well, you know what? I don't think I know you like I thought I did, so excuse me.

JR: Hey!

Cara: What?

JR: God, well, I guess they've gotten to you, too, huh?

Cara: You stole my prescription pads, JR! I mean, that's exactly what the old JR would have done.

JR: Look, Cara, I don't want to mess up what we have. Okay, look, I meant what I said. I want to make it up to you. Whatever you need, okay? Whatever I can do, I'll make sure that I take care of it.

Cara: Well, I don't think you can.

JR: Look, Cara, listen. I understand that it's a lot for you to take in, okay? But you have to trust me. David will never find out about Oliver, not from me.

Cara: As long as I keep quiet about the steroids, right?

JR: Look, do you realize that if David finds out that you lied to him, he will do everything in his power to take Oliver away from you? Look, I just lost my son again, okay? I would never want you to feel what I'm feeling right now. Look, if I have to, I'll hire 24/7 surveillance, okay? We'll keep track of all of his comings and goings and contact with you and Oliver. Look, we can do this. Come on. Please.

Cara: I'm gonna need to think about it.

Zach: Who said anything about protection?

Lea: Well, according to you, Jesse's in hell, and it's all because of me. I'm subhuman. I'm this monster with a badge. So I don't need you to walk me home.

Zach: I don't think that I said "subhuman." It's just not a word I use. I don't like what you did to my friend, but I can't change it. Just how I can't change what's going on between us, whether we act on it or not.

Lea: No. No. What is it that you want from me?

Zach: [Kisses Lea] [Clears throat] [Sighs] Okay. That's what I want, and I know what you're gonna say. I'm not ready, and it's too soon, and, uh, but that's what I want. And I think that's what you want, too. [Sighs] Now, I'm gonna walk you home. But if you don't want that, I'm gonna get in my car, and I'm gonna follow you home. Either way, I'm gonna make sure you get there safe. I'll be good. [Sighs] Okay.

Pete: I should, uh -- I should get you back to your dorm.

Celia: Is that really what you want?

Pete: You know it's not.


[Knocking on door]

Pete: All right, look, whoever it is, they're gonna go away.

Opal: [Singsong voice] Petey! Yoo-hoo! [Normal voice] I saw your car downstairs. I know you're home, honey. Open up.

Pete: Mom, I'll call you in the morning!

Celia: [Chuckles]

Opal: Come on, honey. You can't tuck in until you tell me every last little thing. Oh, w-well... How did it go?

Pete: Really well.

Opal: Oh, my. Uh...

Celia: Hi, Mrs. Cortlandt -- I mean, Opal.

Pete: Mom, are you all right?

Opal: Oh, I'm just fine. Just fine. Do I detect, um...?

Pete: A skunk?

Opal: Yeah.

Pete: [Chuckling] Yeah. Can you believe it made its way into Jane's Addiction? Had its way with both of us.

Opal: Oh, no!

Pete: Yeah. It turned our little date into a smellabration.

Celia: Yeah, and we didn't even odor it. [Chuckles]

Pete: It's crazy, right?

Opal: Well, don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Pete: Pbht!

Celia: [Laughs]

Pete: [Sighs]


JR: [Whistling] [Sighs]

Colby: You're in a good mood.

JR: [Chuckles] I am. Mm.

Colby: So did you find out who screwed up your reel to make you look like... ?

JR: [Chuckles] Apparently, I'm pretty good at doing that myself. But no. No, I don't have any proof. Not yet.

Colby: Are you high?

JR: [Chuckles] Sober as a judge. Things are just looking up a bit, that's all.

Colby: Okay, you exploded in front of Pine Valley -- total humiliation. And then Dad tore you a new one. So where is "looking up" here? I don't get it.

JR: Maybe I'm just being a little optimistic.

Colby: [Scoffs] Okay, I don't know what exactly is optimistic here when we're trying to figure out how to get Brooke out and put our family -- by that, I mean you and me -- back on top.

JR: Well, first I have to prove that she tampered with the reel.

Colby: But it's not her style.

JR: You do realize she had a back-up ready to go, right?

Colby: But Brooke doesn't do the obvious. Okay, she's all about keeping that rock from Daddy and keeping it on her finger, but she's not gonna get her hands dirty.

JR: Okay, well, if it wasn't her, then who in this town hates me enough.

Colby: Well, a lot of people hate you.

JR: David. He was your date. He had access.

Colby: Well, that is a David move.

JR: That son of a...

[Soft music plays as Pete & Celia dance]

Pete: I should probably get you home soon.

Celia: Mm, five more minutes.

Pete: You said that five minutes ago.

Celia: [Chuckles] I know, but... this night is just so perfect.

Pete: You're perfect.


Singer: Maybe tonight it won't be your night and all we need is love

[Zach lies in bed remembering]

Lea: What is it that you want from me?


Zach: [Groans] [Sighs] [Looks at Myrtle's picture]

Myrtle: Darling, you're in charge of your own life. You decide what your life is going to be. You ought to be happy. You ought to have happiness. You ought to have rainbows. You ought to have everything -- the works. And so should Kendall.

Zach: [Twirls the wedding ring on his finger]

[Knock on door]

Lea: You got a minute?

Joe: Okay. That'll be fine. Have you seen Anders today?

Dixie: No. Why?

Joe: Well, he's not shown up for work, and he's not answering his phone.

Dixie: Did you leave a message?

Joe: Yeah. Two.

Dixie: Well, that's odd.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Dixie: He's usually so on top of everything, but taking a day off without telling anyone -- taking a day off period, that's not like him at all.

Joe: No. It's not like him. Well, if you hear from him, let me know.

Dixie: I will. Of course.

Joe: Yeah.

Dixie: Oh. Cara. Hey. I wanted to talk to you. Um, do you have a second? I-I -- how is JR's recovery going?

Cara: It's good. Yeah. He's, uh, working real hard.

Dixie: So, you have no concerns about his progress?

Cara: You know what? If you have any questions, he's seeing Dr. Anders today, and he can help you with that, but as far as I'm concerned, his physical recovery -- I'm pleased.

Dixie: Well, what about his recovery emotionally or psychologically?

Cara: That would be your department.

Dixie: No, no, no, no, no. I'm his mother. [Chuckles] I have -- it's completely impossible for me to be objective.

Cara: Well, um, I really don't have any authority to discuss a patient's mental state, so...

Dixie: [Sighs] What about his behavior?

Cara: Don't know what you mean.

Dixie: Well, you were there, I mean -- at the Chandler Gala. You saw him. Look, has he ever had an outburst like that with you?

Cara: Never.

Dixie: [Sighs] I just hate seeing him like this. He was so angry and so out of control. I hate the way his father talks to him. I mean, I assume he told you what Adam did.

Cara: Yeah. He was pretty hard on him.

Dixie: And I'm not -- I'm -- I'm not condoning the way he treated Brooke. That's not right, but I-I don't think berating him helps.

Cara: Well, I -- look, I think we were all a little shocked by his reaction, you know? We thought he was doing well.

Dixie: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You just said you were happy with his progress.

Cara: Yeah. I mean, look, we got to -- we have to remember, JR was in a coma for five years, you know? I mean, I can't even imagine what it would be like to come back from that. He's got to be very consumed with, you know, his emotions, which makes him unpredictable, makes him hard to read at times.

Dixie: Well, so, what are you saying? We should all just be careful and tiptoe around him just in case he, like, freaks out again?

Cara: No, see, this is why I didn't want to analyze him, 'cause I knew I'd just -- I'd just say whatever I was gonna say, you'd take it the wrong way, and then I'd just upset you, and then that's what I just did.

Dixie: I'm sorry. I-I know -- I know you're doing everything you can for JR, and... it's just painful to see everybody blaming him so much. Not all of this is his fault. JR can be a good man. He can be a better man. I mean, I've seen -- he's fought his way back from cancer, from addictions. He can fight his way back from this, too.

Cara: You really believe in him, huh?

Dixie: [Scoffs] I do.

JR: I know what you did, you son of a bitch.

David: You better be careful, Junior. First a tantrum at the gala, now this. People are gonna start to see through the "kinder, gentler JR" act.

JR: You corrupted the file I made for Chandler Media.

David: Paranoid, too, huh?

JR: You tried to embarrass me.

David: [Laughs] No. You did that all on your own.

JR: Come on, man! Admit it. You set me up.

David: You're the one who scared the money boys away. I merely gave them a safe place to park their millions.

JR: Chandler Enterprises is a major player. Chandler Media is a slam dunk.

David: You see, the problem is when people think Chandler, they think you -- an alcoholic who's as dangerous when he's dry as when he's drunk, a total screw-up who not only bankrupted his own company but shot up a family party. Face it, Junior, you don't exactly inspire confidence. I'll tell you what. Maybe you should have stayed in the coma. People seemed to like you better then.

JR: You know, you're such an ass.

David: You may not have served time for killing my daughter, but as I warned you when I got out, I am gonna make you pay. I am gonna grind you into the ground, and I am gonna enjoy every single glorious moment.

JR: Bring it.

David: [Laughs] Oh, this is you all over, isn't it, Junior? So full of yourself that you can't even see that you've already lost.

Zach: All right. Excuse me. Uh, how about right here?

Lea: Uh, yeah. This is fine.

Zach: Okay.

Lea: I just didn't think what I wanted to say to you was a good idea telling you in your hotel room.

Zach: That sounds very heavy.

Lea: The truth is I-I-I didn't sleep last night.

Zach: Well, don't blame me. My TV was off at 11:30 -- 12: 30, something.

Lea: It wasn't your TV. It was you. It was what you said -- what you did.

Zach: The kiss. I couldn't help myself. It was one of those things.

Lea: I'm glad.

Zach: You what?

Lea: The truth is, is that I -- you're driving me crazy. I-I-I don't know how to act when I'm around you. I -- all I know is that, last night, I didn't want you to leave. I wanted you to kiss me and not to say good night.

Dixie: Hi. Um, could I get a Cobb salad, please, to go? Thank you. Hey. Joe's been trying to reach you. You didn't show up for work. He's concerned. You okay?

Anders: [Chuckles] No, not really.

Dixie: You want to talk about it?

Anders: How convenient. The shrink wants to talk. It's a waste of time.

Dixie: I'm offering as a friend.

Anders: Yeah, but we're not friends, are we? We're colleagues. There's a difference. I know it's a difficult concept for you to grasp, but maybe if I say it enough times, it'll actually sink in.

Dixie: Well, I apologize for disturbing you. If you change your mind, I'm around.

Anders: Hey, you know what today is? Of course, you don't. [Chuckling] Nobody does. Nobody even knows anymore. Nobody even cares. Nobody remembers.

Dixie: Why don't you tell me?

Anders: Time heals all wounds, right? They say the more days go by, more months, more years, it just gets easier. It gets easier to move on. At least, that's what you people like to tell people. [Chuckles] You know what? You're all liars.

Dixie: Thank you. Um, can I ask you a question? [Chuckles] That man that was just here -- how much did he have to drink?

Bartender: That was the only one he ordered, and he never even touched it. He just sat here staring at it for hours.

Anders: [Sighs and looks at a picture of a beautiful woman on his phone as he sits on a bench]

Carmen: Buenos dias, mija.

Cara: Y usted, tambien. How's Oliver?

Carmen: Very excited to go home.

Cara: Good. Hospitals are no place for children. Those are release papers?

Carmen: Indeed they are. You won't believe it. The bill's been paid.

Cara: By whom?

Carmen: JR Chandler.

David: All right. Here we go. Ready? Wheelie time! Whoo! [Laughs]

Oliver: Let's do it again.

David: No, I think once is enough. He's ready to go.

Oliver: He gave me a book!

Carmen: You shouldn't have.

David: Nah, it's all right. It's about a kid who wants to be a doctor.

Carmen: You're very kind.

David: Looks like I made a friend. Do you have a way to get back to the house? I'd be happy to take you.

Carmen: The Chandlers have provided a car.

David: Well, if you need anything at any time, just call, all right? And you -- you stay away from peanuts. All right?

Oliver: Okay. Will you visit me?

David: I would like that very much.

Carmen: Thank you, Dr. Hayward, for everything you did. If you hadn't come along -- thank you for saving his life.

David: He's an amazing little boy. Okay, kid. Time for you to go home.

Carmen: You ready? Goodbye.

David: I'm really gonna miss that kid.

Cara: [Sighs] What? I'm sorry.

David: Oh, I was just talking about Oliver. You know, the Chandler cook's grandson.

Cara: Oh. Yeah. He seems like a good kid.

David: [Chuckling] Yeah. I don't know why, but I feel so... connected to that boy. Do you ever think about our child, Cara -- what he or she would have been like?

Cara: Why are you doing this?

David: I don't know. Just spending all this time with Oliver has really made me realize what it is that you took from me. And I'm sorry, Cara. I know I told you that I was gonna try and work through it and get past it, but... honestly, I don't know if I will ever truly forgive you for what you did.

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