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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/19/13
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Episode #39

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[Siren wails]

[Police radio chatter]

David: Excuse me. Would you please page Dr. Anders or whoever else is on duty? This boy had a seizure. All right. Well, they're just gonna run a few tests, okay?

Oliver: I'm scared.

David: Oh, no. No. There's no reason to be scared. I'm gonna be right at your side, okay? Just you and me. I promise.

Nurse: Hey, they're ready for you.

David: Perfect. Okay, come on. Let's go. All right, hey. Oliver, let me ask you something. Do you like superheroes? Me, too! You know what I used to do when I was a kid? Whenever I had to go to the doctor, I would pretend that I was my favorite superhero. You know why? Because I wouldn't be scared, right? 'Cause you and I both know that superheroes, they're really brave, right, and they can handle anything? So that's what I'd like you to do right now. Can you do that for me? Let's see.

Oliver: Grrrr!

David: Oh, that's perfect! That's right! Let's do that again, okay? One, two, three. Rrrr! Oh, you are definitely superhero material.

Dimitri: Good news. I just convinced Mitch Morrison to stick with us.

Brooke: Oh, fantastic! How did you do that?

Dimitri: Well, it turns out that he just got back from a trip to Budapest!

Brooke: [Gasps] And you used your royal charm, didn't you?

Dimitri: I gave it my very best. Carries a lot of influence, and he's agreed to convince the other investors to stay onboard.

Brooke: Oh! Count Marick, what would I do without you?

Dimitri: [Laughs] I don't know.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Woman: Ms. English?

Brooke: Yes.

Woman: Here's the necklace you won. Congratulations.

Brooke: Oh, uh, there has to be some mistake. I... I didn't bid on this. [Gasps] Oh, my God. [Gasps] Adam must have done this. Of all of the items, this is the only one I really wanted. How -- how could I not love a man who knows me so well?

Dr. Anders: It's a little late to be out here all alone.

Dixie: I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself.

Dr. Anders: Right. I didn't mean... I'll just keep walking.

Dixie: No. it's okay. I'm sorry. Please stay. I could use some company.

Dr. Anders: Even if the company is a hard-ass?

Dixie: I'll take my chances.

Dr. Anders: [Sighs]

Dixie: Do you ever wish on stars?

Dr. Anders: Not really.

Dixie: I do. With Tad. I know I'm wishing he was here, so he could help me with JR.

Dr. Anders: You miss him.

Dixie: I do. Some times are worse than others. Times like now.

Dr. Anders: Yeah. That's the way it is when you miss someone. Just when you think you have a handle on it, you know, it all hits you at once.

Dixie: Sounds like you speak from experience.

Dr. Anders: I was just speculating. I've done some research.

Dixie: You know, the picture I saw of a woman on your phone... you never told me who she was.

[Cell phone rings]

Dr. Anders: It's the hospital. I'm still on call.

Dixie: I'll go with you. Uh, I'd like to check on Cassandra.

Dr. Anders: Okay.

Dixie: Um... Dr. Anders, when I told you that you could talk to me anytime about anything as a friend, I meant it.

Dr. Anders: Thanks. After you.

Heather: I can't believe Colby dumped cake on you. How old is she? 5?

Celia: Yeah. I'm not worried about Colby.

Heather: She attacked you with pie.

[Both laugh]

Celia: Yeah, and I showed her she couldn't get away with it. She even gave me props for standing up to her. Now she knows that her silly little mind games and lies don't work, and I'm not as stupid and naive as she thought.

Heather: Well, the look on her face when you won that date with Pete -- priceless! What did she say to you?

Celia: Well, she wanted to know how I won without even bidding.

Heather: So who do you think put the money up for you?

Celia: I-I have no idea. And Pete swears it wasn't him. He even said he would match the bid whether he won or not, just to make sure I wasn't pressured.

Heather: Pete likes you so much. You have to give him another chance. You are psyched enough for the date, right?

Celia: Yeah. Yeah. I... I just hope it's not a mistake.

Colby: So how did it go with Daddy?

JR: Uh, same as always.

Colby: At least he acknowledged you. He didn't even bother to say Hi to me.

JR: Oh, poor baby. You missed out on the great Adam Chandler ripping you to shreds. [Scoffs]

Colby: I used to be his favorite. Daddy would protect me, take care of me, love me, and now it's just... I guess it's my fault.

JR: [Scoffs] Colby, you didn't do anything wrong.

Colby: They say whatever relationship a girl has with her father sets the patterns for the rest of her life. It doesn't really matter, right? I mean, sex, men, love -- none of it matters.

Dimitri: Care for a nightcap?

Brooke: [Chuckles] How are you not exhausted?

Dimitri: The night is young.

[Both laugh]

Brooke: Well, we have to be at the office first thing tomorrow, so...

Dimitri: We've done enough work for one day.

Brooke: We may have averted a disaster for tonight, but have a lot of nerves that need calming. So I'm gonna get out of these shoes and get into bed.

Dimitri: All right, then.

Brooke: I'm sorry.

[Cell phone chimes]

Brooke: Oh. Oh, it's Adam. He says he doesn't know why I thanked him for the necklace. He -- he never put a bid on it. Adam wasn't there when I saw the necklace. But you were. Dimitri. What a lovely gesture. Why didn't you say anything?

Dimitri: It... didn't matter where it came from as long as you had it. [Puts the necklace on Brooke] That's perfect. Just perfect. So... perfect. [Leans in for a kiss]

Brooke: I can't. I love Adam.

Dimitri: I'm sorry.

Brooke: It's been a long night, and we're tired. We'll just forget that this ever happened.

Celia: What's up with you and AJ?

Heather: Well, we got to walk the red carpet together, which was, like, amazing!

Celia: I have never seen AJ in a suit before.

Heather: Oh, I know, right? He was so hot. And then that creep, Hunter Morrison, got all in his face, and AJ almost smacked him down, which made him, like, a million times hotter. So I kissed him.

Celia: Wait. What?!

Heather: Yeah. [Laughs]

Celia: When? When?

Heather: On the dance floor. Everything was so perfect. I just went for it. This whole time, I've never really been sure whether or not AJ is actually into me.

Celia: Mm-hmm.

Heather: But now I'm positive.

Celia: What?

Heather: We're, like, meant to be.

Celia: And Miranda's fine with you guys being together?

Heather: Totally. I asked her again tonight. She's 100% cool with it. Yeah.

[Both laugh]

AJ: [Sighs]

JR: Hey. Just wanted to say good night. Something wrong? AJ, come on. I had every reason to be upset.

AJ: I don't care how much you hate Brooke. You had no excuse. You acted like a complete ass in front of everyone.

JR: Let me explain. Look, I didn't mean to embarrass you, okay? What happened tonight was just --

AJ: Tonight?! Try my entire life!

JR: Okay, I know you're angry.

AJ: No, Dad! I'm not the one who's angry! You are! When you flipped out on Brooke, I felt like a little kid, okay? The same kid who was scared all the time 'cause he didn't know when his dad was going to turn into a raving lunatic!

JR: It wasn't always like that, AJ.

AJ: But that's all I remember. I was scared to get anywhere near you! You tell me tonight that -- that what? Uh, that this is gonna be a new beginning? And you know what? Congratulations. I was actually stupid enough to think that you meant it this time.

JR: Come on. I did mean it. I mean, I-I do.

AJ: And then you tell me this frickin' story about how -- how what? Things are gonna be different now, about how you're different, and then two minutes later, you freaking lose it like you always do?!

JR: Damn it, AJ! I am different!

AJ: This is why you flipped out on Brooke? Huh? 'Roid rage?

JR: Look, AJ --

AJ: You accuse me of using, give me this whole "Don't do drugs" lecture, then turn around and inject it into yourself? God, just hold on one second. So -- so, not only are you using steroids, but -- but you stole them from me, your son, and then lied to me about it. Come on. Come on, Dad. Deny it. Deny it. Tell me that it's not true! You are such a freaking hypocrite. You told me you weren't that man anymore.

JR: Look, I'm not.

AJ: Begged me to believe you!

JR: Because it's true!

AJ: Nothing you say is true, 'cause you're a liar and an addict! It's no wonder Grandpa disowned you! You haven't changed, and you never will!

JR: I have tried to change it, damn it! I have tried! But no one will let me!

Dr. Anders: We need to run a full battery of tests -- EEG, MRI, blood work, spinal tap.

David: Hey, hey. It's quick and easy, all right? Isn't that right, Dr. Anders?

Dr. Anders: You know I can't make any promises.

David: Hey. Now, look we're gonna do everything we can, as fast as we can, okay? And when we're done, you're gonna get some ice cream. Would you like that?

Oliver: You'll stay with me?

David: I'm not going anywhere.

Cara: What is David doing here? What is he doing with my son?!

Carmen: Caracita, calm down.

Cara: You know what? I'm gonna go get --

Carmen: You cannot let David see you?

Cara: What is going on?!

Carmen: David is the one who saved Oliver.

Cara: What?

Carmen: [Sighs] The party was going on. I put Oliver down to sleep. I went to check on him, and he wasn't in his room. I-I looked everywhere.

Cara: Where was he?

Carmen: Downstairs in the parlor. David found him. He told me he had a seizure.

Cara: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I should have been with him.

Carmen: David made sure he was okay, and then he said that we should take him to the hospital.

Cara: And David just insisted to go with you guys?

Carmen: Oliver insisted. He would not let him leave. He has been clinging to David from the moment that I found them.

Cara: Okay. All right, so -- so, what do you think? Oliver, he's -- he's sensing their connection. Right? What if David is? Do you think he's -- he's finding this out, he's gonna figure this out? What?

Carmen: It was a doctor helping a child.

Cara: No, no, then why was my son attached to him? You know what this is? He needs his father, Mama. You know what? Papa wasn't there for me. He wasn't there for Griffin.

Carmen: Your father was a selfish bastard who walked out on his family. We were far better off without him, and Oliver is far better off without David. All these years you have done whatever it took to keep that boy safe, and you are not gonna stop now.

Cara: So what am I supposed to do? Nothing?

Carmen: As much as it kills you, yes. Otherwise David is gonna get suspicious, and you are gonna lose Oliver for good.

Cara: There is no way that's ever gonna happen.

AJ: Just leave me alone.

JR: No. Not until you hear me out.

AJ: What? So you can make excuses and blame everyone else for making you a giant ass? No, thanks.

JR: Look, Hayward put a bullet in my brain! I have been unconscious for five years. Do you honestly think I was gonna wake up and be the same person?

AJ: I really don't care.

JR: Look, I have been trying over and over again to reach out to you, haven't I?

AJ: It's a little late for that now.

JR: You know what? I wish that I could just turn back the clock and undo all my mistakes, but I can't. All I can do is try to be a better person and a better father to you. From the moment I regained consciousness, that's what I've been trying to do.

AJ: Oh, when you weren't busy shooting up, though, right?

JR: Look, I am not proud of what I did, but I have been banging my head against the wall from day one. No matter what I do or what I say, anything anybody ever sees is the old JR!

AJ: What do you expect?

JR: Just a chance, the opportunity to prove myself.

AJ: Well, excuse us for not embracing you with open arms after you murdered Marissa.

JR: I wasn't looking for instant forgiveness, AJ. Just -- just that people wouldn't automatically assume I was gonna be the same, old person.

AJ: You can't tell us how to think.

JR: What? So I deserve this? Huh? To be shut out, cut off forever?

AJ: No. No. I'm sure Kyle won't cut you off.

JR: AJ, the only reason that I did steroids was to speed up my recovery.

AJ: Oh, my God.

JR: Come on! The physical therapy wasn't happening fast enough. I just thought, you know, if I could just get a little bit stronger, people would look at me differently.

AJ: You sound like every other loser who's been busted for steroids by Major League Baseball! They're cheaters, Dad, and so are you!

JR: You know, the way that you looked at me when I fell in that coffee shop, the way Colby was looking at me when I was hobbling around on that cane -- it was humiliating. And Brooke using my so-called weakness as an excuse to keep me out of Chandler. I had to end it.

AJ: Oh, you ended it, Dad. You ended it. After tonight, you're not gonna be allowed anywhere near Chandler ever again.

JR: Look, you have no idea how hard I worked on that reel. It would have blown that room away. Somebody messed with my file!

AJ: Unbelievable.

JR: Do you think I was not ready for tonight, how hard I worked on my presentation? I must have watched that file a hundred times! Somebody messed with it!

AJ: Why can't you just admit you screwed up?!

JR: Because I didn't! I didn't. It was Brooke. It had to be. Think about it, okay? I mean, I'm in a coma. She has everything, right? She has the house, she has the company, she's got my father wrapped around her finger? I wake up. She freaks. Right? If I prove myself, she loses all of her power. She has to find a way to neutralize me.

AJ: You're seriously paranoid.

JR: Look, just think about it, okay? Brooke pretends to give me this chance when really she's just setting me up, right? She fixes it so my file won't work, and she swoops in with her own back-up, right? Mission accomplished. I'm out!

AJ: Yeah, Dad! You're out! For good this time!

JR: Look, I know -- I know that I messed up, okay? I get that. I just -- Look, I just ask that you keep this between us, okay? Please, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna stop, all right? I swear. I love you, AJ. I love you more than life itself. It's... please don't give up on me.

AJ: I'm not buying it. Not anymore.

JR: Please.

AJ: I'm not like you. I don't need my daddy's acceptance and attention to validate my existence in life. Especially when my dad is a rage-a-holic junkie. All you do -- all you ever do -- is disappoint me! So -- so take your drugs and your freaking lies and get the hell out of my life!

David: You did great.

Oliver: Can I have my ice cream now?

David: Just a little while longer, okay, buddy? Can you hold out? I'm very proud of you, son.

Dixie: Hey, Cara, I didn't know you were working tonight.

Cara: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Just, uh -- well, actually, not. I came to visit Mackenzie, so...

Dixie: Oh, the little girl with cancer, right?

Cara: Yeah. Yep.

Dixie: That's Oliver. He's the grandson of, uh, Chandler's new chef. Well, you know them, right? I mean, you're always at the mansion. Do you want to go in there?

Cara: Oh, no, no. His grandmother is -- is with him, so he looks fine.

Dixie: Okay. Yeah, David's in there, too. [Chuckles] Well, whatever else he is, he's a great doctor, and he's crazy great with kids. He'll treat Oliver like his own.

Man: Come, Darling.

Celia: [Wakes up gasping]

Dr. Anders: We've ruled out epilepsy.

Carmen: Oh, thank God.

David: I have to tell you, Mrs...?

Carmen: You can call me abuela. Everybody else does.

David: Okay. Abuela. Your grandson is a real champ. His parents would be very proud.

Carmen: Well, do you know what caused the seizure?

Dr. Anders: The evidence suggests that Oliver has some sort of peanut allergy. He told us he had some candy this evening?

Carmen: Nuh-uh.

David: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, peanut drops. They're my favorite, too.

Dr. Anders: We'd have to do more extensive tests in order to be certain about that. I can schedule them tomorrow if you'd like.

Carmen: Yes. Thank you. In the meantime, we'll just make sure that Oliver stays away from peanuts.

Dr. Anders: Yes, you'll have to monitor his diet and, uh, carry an epipen just in case?

Carmen: A pen? Non comprendo.

Dr. Anders: It's an epinephrine auto-injector --

David: It's -- it's -- Es muy pasito, okay? Su hijo esta bien. Okay?

Oliver: Mama!

Cara: [Laughs] Hi, baby. [Draws the blinds] Oh, my goodness. Let me see you. Oh, my God. Oh, baby. I heard you had a big scare. I'm sorry I wasn't with you, okay? You are the bravest little boy in the whole -- mwah! -- wide world. How was that man, David, huh? Okay?

Oliver: [Nods his head]

Cara: I can't stay, all right? Um, but I'm gonna come back. And I need you to remember something. I love you. I love you more than anything in this world. [Sniffles] Be strong for me, okay? I'll be back. [Opens the blinds]

Celia: [Dials a number]

Dr. Anders: [Stares at a woman's picture on his phone while Dixie looks on]

Cara: [Looks at David playing with Oliver through the door]

Singer: Places, places, please. In the first scene where they meet they pause spending time investing time, time. The beauty of the new, the deadly convention has fleeted away. All's quiet now

JR: [Reads a note: "My dearest Brooke, Congratulations on what I know will be a ringing success. I only wish I could be there to share it with you. Love, Adam" then crumbles it]

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