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Episode #38

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Lea: I thought you would be at the Chandler gala.

Jesse: [Slurring] Well, the thought killed the cat thought another did it. I'm out. [Sighs]

Lea: I-I know how much being police chief meant to you.

Jesse: At least I'm not behind bars, though, huh? I guess I should be grateful to you; but unfortunately, I'm not feeling too grateful right now!

Lea: Maybe I should call you a cab.

Jesse: Maybe -- you know what? Maybe you should do? Maybe you should shut the hell up and get the hell out of my way. That's what you should maybe do.

Opal: Do you think JR is drinking again?

Joe: Well, I sure hope not.

Angie: But I can't believe him screaming at Brooke like that, and on her big night and Dixie's.

Joe: It certainly started out in a lovely way, didn't it?

Opal: Yeah, just like the last one five years ago.

Mitch: If I had known, if you disclosed that that mentally unstable drunk would be anywhere near the launch of Chandler Media, I never would've given you a dime.

Brooke: That was an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Mitch: You're saying JR Chandler had no role in the new network?

Brooke: He begged to be involved. He's a member of the family. We threw him a bone, and it will never happen again. I can assure you.

Dimitri: We've been keeping a close eye on every aspect of the company, which is precisely why Brooke had a back-up reel ready to roll.

Brooke: Right -- there's a monitor in the library.

Dimitri: And if you would be so kind as to take a seat, we will give you a private screening. You'll come away convinced that your investment is safe!

Brooke: Thank you.

Dimitri: Whew!

Brooke: How do we fix this?

Dimitri: Uh, a little charm, a lot of champagne, and you'll be okay.

Dixie: Dr. Anders! I-I didn't expect to see you here!

Dr. Anders: Yeah, I'm not big on social events, but, uh, even though I am on call, Joe asked me to make an appearance. It is for charity, too.

Dixie: Thank you! I'm --

Dr. Anders: Congratulations, by the way -- uh, being named head of the Miranda Center.

Dixie: Uh-huh.

Dr. Anders: Is something wrong or --

Dixie: I'm just waiting for you to tell me what a mistake I made -- that I'm going to be neglecting my duties at the hospital or pulled two places at the same time.

Dr. Anders: Wow. You really think I'm a hard-ass, huh?

Dixie: Yeah, I do.

Dr. Anders: I'm not that critical.

Dixie: [Scoffs] Really? Prove it!

Dr. Anders: I... like your dress.

[Both chuckle]

Dixie: Thank you. It's nice seeing you out of scrubs. I mean, not, like, naked. I-I mean -- [Sighs]

Dr. Anders: You mean outside of work.

Dixie: Yeah, outside of work. It is nice to see you outside of work. Perhaps, tonight, we'll get to know each other in a... non-work context.

Dr. Anders: Yeah, I-I hope so.

Brooke: Oh, I'm so sorry. Um, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Dr. Anders: No, it's... quite all right. Uh, excuse me.

Brooke: [Sighs] I should've listened to my instinct and never let JR do that disc. The investors are -- [Chuckles] they are so upset at that display of his.

Dixie: Brooke, while I can sympathize that you're upset about what happened with Chandler Media, right now, I'm a little more disturbed about what's going on with my son. He's been in that room forever!

Brooke: They're still in there?

Dixie: Yes! They've been in there for a really long time!

Brooke: I thought maybe you would've gone in there to try and cool JR down.

Dixie: Cool JR down?! Adam is the one that needs to cool down! I don't know why he finds it so difficult to be compassionate to his flesh and blood!

Brooke: After the way JR behaved, I think he's getting everything he deserves.

Spencer: Brooke English?

Brooke: Oh! [Laughs] Uh, Spencer Phillips of business news update! Ah, the evening's perfect.

Spencer: As Mr. Chandler's fiancee and interim CEO of Chandler Enterprises and Chandler Media, do you care to comment on the behavior of Mr. Chandler's son just now?

Brooke: Actually, no. I don't care to comment. But you enjoy the party.

David: Junior's got quite the temper, huh? From zero to homicidal in seconds flat.

Cara: Well, this was a big night for him.

David: Right. And yet, he blew his big moment with his complete lack of self-control. Classic JR.

Cara: You know, all these weeks that I've been with him working on his physical therapy, really frustrating stuff, and he never lost it, not once.

David: I've known JR a lot longer than you, Cara. He's a ticking time-bomb. All the rage, all the anger, just keeps building up, and before you know it, boom -- it's out there. JR is the same person he always was, the same dangerous man that I've been warning you about! I mean, come on! Can you at least believe me now?

Cara: You know, earlier when we were at the hospital... I actually thought I saw a glimmer of the guy that I used to care about. Thank you for proving to me just how wrong I was.

David: [Scoffs]

Celia: I feel so bad for Brooke. People are already leaving, and Dixie didn't even make her announcement yet. We have to do something!

Pete: Hang on. Mom. Hey, Mom. Get up there and tell them that the dance contest is about to start.

Opal: What dance contest?

Pete: Just go. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Thank you.

Cara: Hey. How's JR?

Dixie: Good question.

Brooke: Is he still in there with Adam?

Dixie: Oh, baby, how are you?

JR: Dad wants to speak to you -- both of you.

Dixie: I'll be right back. [Clears throat]

JR: [Sighs]

Cara: Hey. Let's get out of here, okay? Do you want too talk about it?

JR: You know, my father said I'm an embarrassment. I'm an embarrassment to my family, to him, my name. Even after five years in a coma, I am -- I am still the same miserable failure that he always knew I was. [Sighs] [Scoffs]

Adam: JR will no longer be a problem.

Brooke: Oh, thank you for dealing with him. I know it couldn't be easy, and -- anyway, I'm handling everything else, and -- fingers crossed -- it'll all blow over. Oh! I meant to thank you for the flowers! They're so beautiful!

Adam: Ah, they're nothing compared to you!

Brooke: Oh! I miss this.

Adam: Mm.

Brooke: Us... me in your arms. I wish you could stay. I know. I know. You have a plane to catch. Just promise me... [Voice breaking] That you will be home soon.


AJ: Why does my dad have to ruin everything?!

Miranda: He doesn't mean to.

AJ: Look what he did to your mom, okay? You should hate him, too.

Miranda: [Sighs] I don't hate him. I just -- I feel bad, mostly for you. And you shouldn't hate him, either!

AJ: You know, when I saw him get mad tonight... I was sick in the pit of my stomach, like I was when I was a little kid, okay? I was just -- I was so scared of the guy!

Miranda: You just have to trust that everything's gonna get better.

AJ: He told me tonight -- he told me that this was gonna be a new beginning for us. I actually believed him! Look how that turned out. Yep. Every time I think things are gonna get better or different, he just -- just disappoints me. You know, the only person... who doesn't disappoint me... is you!

Miranda: Uh, uh, what's that? [Clears throat] It's cool! Uh, is it new?

AJ: And you're avoiding me again. What is going on?! Every time we have a conversation, you just -- you just bail! What is it?! I-I-I ask you to hang out, and you don't want to? What's going on?!

Miranda: It's just... obvious that you have a lot going on, and... I'm not sure you want me around.

AJ: What? Come on. Are you serious? Listen to me. You are my best friend, okay? I always want you around, because I --

Miranda: You what?

AJ: I -- Um, I just -- I want to know. I want to know. What's going on? Is it something I did?

Miranda: Uh -- [Sighs] AJ, it's --

Heather: Hey. Guys, I've been looking all over for you. Are you okay?

AJ: Yeah, I just kind of want to forget it ever happened, okay?

Heather: Well, I have the perfect solution! There's a dance contest going on downstairs.

Miranda: We should probably go.

Colby: I saw JR take off. Where's Dad?

Brooke: Uh, well, he's on his way to the airport.

Colby: Already?

Brooke: Well, he probably would have said goodbye to you, but he thought he didn't want to interrupt you and David.

Colby: No biggie. I'll catch him next time.

Dimitri: Are you okay?

Brooke: Yeah.

JR: No matter what I say or what I do, nobody believes me.

Cara: Brooke did -- she let you make that presentation.

JR: "Let me." Come on. You know how pathetic that sounds -- really?

Cara: It takes a while to earn back trust, JR!

JR: Well, you can't earn something that you've never had in the first place! That's why Brooke made the back-up reel -- she doesn't have any confidence in me!

Cara: Well, even you have to admit that the way that you acted in there -- that was a little over the top.

JR: So, what? I was just supposed to stand there and let that bitch dress me down in front of the entire town? I was supposed to have a smile on my face while she makes me look like an idiot?

Cara: Yeah! Actually, yes! And later, at an appropriate time, you should've talked to her in private!

JR: Oh, my --

Cara: What is going on with you?! Huh? Because you are smart! You are determined! You're making incredible progress with your family, with your recovery! That's all you ever talk about! How could you not think that reacting like that would undo everything?

JR: You know what? Are you turning on me, too? Huh?

Cara: I'm on your side! And you know that. But sugar-coating the truth, telling you what you want to hear, that's not going to help you.

JR: I don't need your help, Cara! You know what? You're a fake. Leading me on, pretending to care about me?

Cara: I care about you.

JR: No, you don't. The only thing you care about is hiding your son from David.

Cara: Whoa.

JR: You know what? Drop the act. Go to hell.

Cara: [Scoffs]

Opal: All right! Now, that is the way to cut a rug! We're going to be doing a lot more boogieing in a minute, but first, I want to introduce to all of you the hostess with the most-ess this evening, the CEO of Chandler Enterprises and my cherished friend, Ms. Brooke English.


Brooke: Thank you, Opal. Uh, first, I want to thank all of you, because I'm thrilled that so many of you joined us this evening. And many thanks to all of you who helped to make this evening the success that it has become. Um, we know, of course, that tonight is the launch of Chandler Media's new online venture, and it's a very ambitious venture that we could not be more excited about. But this night is also about giving back. The proceeds from the silent auction will be going to an organization that does extraordinary work here in the community and deserves our ongoing support, the Miranda Montgomery Center for Women and Children. And if you would give a warm welcome to its newly appointed director, Dixie Martin.


Dixie: Thank you all so much for being here. I am, uh, honored and thrilled to be asked to run the Miranda Montgomery Center for Women and Children. But none of what we accomplish at the center would be possible without the incredible dedication and vision and compassion of its founder, Bianca Montgomery. Unfortunately, Bianca was not able to be with us tonight, so, on behalf of her and all of us at the center, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Opal: Isn't she something, folks? All right, now, enough with the speeches! Let's get back to kicking up our heels! Um, and let's not forget that the silent auction is about to close, so if any of you want to take home a treasure, be sure to get over there and bid before it's too late. All right! Let's start the music!

[Mid-tempo music playing]

Angie: Hi! You're cute as a button. Who might you be?

Oliver: I'm Oliver. I live here now. My grandma's the cook.

Angie: Oh! Well, hello, Oliver! I'm Angie. Boy, those are really cool PJs. [Whispering] Aren't you supposed to be in bed?!

Oliver: I can't sleep! It's too noisy!

Angie: Yeah, well, the party is kind of loud, but I think it's gonna be over soon. How about I tuck you back in?

Brooke: I have to say, in spite of the JR incident, I think that we have pulled it off.

Dimitri: And you look as fresh as when the evening began.

Brooke: I think it's all those years being a reporter. You know, never let them see you sweat.

Dimitri: [Chuckles]

Brooke: You know what I think we should do next week? We should take the investors to lunch and just reassure them -- maybe invite them to a taping next week. Oh, and the woman from the state department called. She -- she confirmed for next week, so I think we have to -- Are you listening?

Dimitri: Can we do each other a great favor and shelve the shop talk and just enjoy the rest of this beautiful night?

Dr. Anders: Everything okay?

Dixie: Oh, hi. Fine.

Dr. Anders: You sure? I mean, I'm no analyst, but... it seems like you have something on your mind.

Dixie: It's my son. He made a bit of a spectacle of himself tonight.

Dr. Anders: Not in a good way, I take it.

Dixie: No, and I'm -- I'm trying to reach him, and I can't, and... I'm worried.

Dr. Anders: It's JR, right? I heard at the hospital that he was in a coma.

Dixie: For five years.

Dr. Anders: You have him back. You're lucky.

Dixie: I know. It's just, um... my son has always had issues. Before he was shot, he was in a very dark place, and when he woke up, I was hoping that things would be different -- that he would be different. After tonight, I'm not so sure.

David: Oh! Hey! Where've you been?

Angie: Oh, I was reading a bedtime story to an adorable little boy.

David: Is that a euphemism for something?

Angie: [Sighs] His name is Oliver, and his grandmother's the Chandler's cook.

David: Oh. Poor kid. He has to shack up here, huh?

Angie: He seemed pretty happy to me.

David: You know what would make me happy? If you'd give me at least one dance.

Angie: No, David. I'm really not in the mood.

David: All right. I'll tell you what? In exchange for one dance, I will bid on every remaining item on that auction table.

Angie: [Laughs]

David: What?

Angie: You do realize that that includes a year of free bikini waxes?

David: [Laughing] Well, I'm sure I could find some woman I can give that to. And I'll tell you what -- I'll even give you a ride home after the dance, all right?

Angie: You're not giving up, huh?

David: I never do.

[Both laughing and dancing]

[Both continue laughing as Jesse stumbles in]

Jesse: If I ever catch you near my wife again --

David: Hey, hey. What -- are you drunk?

Jesse: What do you think, genius, huh? [Exhales]

Angie: Jesse. Jesse. We are going home now.

Jesse: We're not going anywhere!

David: All right. You know what? I think you should listen to your wife about this.

Jesse: You know what? You are a sick, twisted freak, son of a whore!

David: Really?!

Jesse: Really!

David: Well, I guess you forgot the fact that I saved your daughter's life, and I gave your wife back her vision. That just slipped your mind, huh?!

Jesse: So that gives you the right to put your hands all over her?!

Angie: Stop it!

David: I've come through for your family in more ways than you ever could! Now, if that's a reminder of your own freaking ineptitude --

Jesse: Oh, my God!

[All shouting indistinctly]

David: Oh, yeah --

Jesse: [Roaring indistinctly]

David: Angie, Angie, Angie. Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? Let me -- let me take you home.

Angie: I really don't think that's a good idea, David.

Oliver: [Roams around the house, helping himself to a bowl of candy]

Opal: Hey, hey, hey! Slow down! You're gonna hurt yourself --

Carmen: I'm looking for someone.

Opal: Letitia, it's Opal, Tad's mom! We met at the wedding!

Carmen: No, no, no, no. My name is Carmen. I-I cook for the Chandlers.

Opal: But I-I'd swear --

Carmen: No, no. I have to go. I'm sorry.

Colby: The night's still young. It's not over yet.

David: I'm going home... alone.

Colby: Your loss.

David: Speaking of losses, you might want to get in there.

Colby: Let me help.

Celia: Um, it's okay.

Colby: No, we both planned this shindig. We should both clean up.

Celia: [Gasps as Colby slaps a plate of food on her chest]

Colby: Oh... my God! [Chuckling] I am... so sorry! Uh, hold on.

Celia: What is wrong with you? No, no, no, no, no! I got it. I got it. I got it.

Colby: [Gasps as Celia dumps ice water on her head] [Screams] You bitch!

David: Hey. Hey, kid. Are you all right? Hey. Oh, my God!

Cara: [Sniffles]

JR: Forgive me? Hey. Hey, Cara. Hey, hey.

Cara: Oh, get off me!

JR: I'm sorry! I'm sorry. [Sighs] Look, I shouldn't have lashed out at you like that, okay? You're the last person that deserved it. I-I'm sorry.

Cara: How could you think that I was turning against you, huh? How could you think that my feelings for you are an act?! Do you know what I've done for you the past few weeks -- been there for you, helped you get better, convinced Brooke how capable you are, how much it means to you to be in the family business.

JR: I know. I know.

Cara: Then why would you attack me like that?!

JR: I don't have an excuse. I -- [Sighs] I don't know. I just felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. You know, when you said I overreacted, I just -- [Sighs]

Cara: What?

JR: I felt like I lost my last friend in the world.

Cara: [Voice breaking] You haven't lost me.

JR: You know, you've been the one person that I've felt like has been by my side... the one person I feel that I can count on.

Cara: You can count on me, all right? I'm here.

JR: I feel like, by the way I yelled at you, I wouldn't be surprised if you did walk away.

Cara: [Sighs] I don't want to walk away.


Cara: No, no, no, no. No. No. We're not doing this.

JR: Why not?

Cara: You're my patient.

JR: Come on! We can change that! Cara!

Cara: No.

JR: Cara!

Cara: Get off.

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