AMC Transcript Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 33

All My Children Transcript Monday 7/29/13


Episode #33

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Jane: Now that should bring in a nice chunk of change for the Miranda Center.

Heather: I hope so. We've been putting them up everywhere.

Pete: This is going to haunt me for the rest of my life, isn't it?

Jane: Not having second thoughts, are you?

Pete: No. But I do want to talk to you just about the specifics of what I'm doing that night sort of thing. Can I buy you a coffee?

Celia: Um...

Heather: We can e-mail you the 411.

Pete: I'd rather talk to Celia about it. Thank you, though.

Heather: Okay, I will go hang these up across the street. I'll see you guys in a minute.

Jane: And I'll get you two your usual.

Celia: I actually should go back to the Chandlers' and go over notes with Colby.

Pete: You know what? She's actually not even there. She's at the hospital with one of our old friends.

Cassandra: I don't understand. You said there was no reason why we couldn't go ahead with it.

Dr. Anders: There isn't, but in order for me to perform the procedure to terminate the pregnancy, I have to go through a scheduling process.

Cassandra: Please! I will go crazy if I have to wait another day!

Colby: Doctor, I understand hospital red tape and all, but I know there's always a way around this. My friend is in a lot of emotional pain.

Dr. Anders: Look, this hospital is full of people in pain.

Colby: Let me cut to the chase. My father's on the board here. Our family pretty much started this hospital. Do I have to make all the phone calls and put pressure tactics on you, or could you just maybe go and check to see if the OR room could be available for this abortion?

Dr. Anders: I'll see what I can do. [Sighs]

[Door opens, closes]

Cassandra: Thank you.

Colby: Every once in a while, the last name comes in handy. I'll stick around, make sure he comes through.

Cassandra: You don't have to do that.

Colby: If you're having second thoughts, we can reschedule.

Cassandra: No. I'll do it.

Colby: Then I'm here for you. Okay? Don't you worry. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise you're gonna be fine.

JR: Whoa! Hey! What's the hurry?

AJ: League of Legends tournament is about to start online.

JR: Oh, yeah. Well, you don't want to miss that. Hey, don't forget to buy a suit for the gala, all right?

AJ: Yeah. Got it.

Miranda: Scribbled pages pencil sharp paper thin. How to put this? Where to start to begin. What would I say to somehow -- Hey!

AJ: Sorry. I didn't want to mess up your recording.

Miranda: Oh. It's your room. You're allowed to come in. Besides, I was just, um, messing around.

AJ: That's the song you wrote for me, isn't it?

Miranda: Yeah, I wanted to make a couple changes.

AJ: No, don't change that song. It's perfect.

Miranda: [Laughs] Yeah, right.

AJ: You have no idea how good you are, do you?

Miranda: You're biased.

AJ: No. I'm serious. You keep getting better and better.

Miranda: Thanks. [Chuckles]

AJ: Hey, uh... do you want to get out of here for a bit?

Miranda: Sure. Where to?

AJ: Well, I've got to go suit shopping for the gala, and we all know how much AJ loves shopping.

Miranda: And you know how much I love shopping. Let me go get my purse.

Cara: Did you see this? Jesse Hubbard was arrested.

JR: Arrested? What for?

Cara: Obstruction of justice. It doesn't really go into specifics.

JR: It's got to have something to do with Cassandra's kidnapping. And you can't really blame the guy if he went off the lines, you know, if it meant protecting his daughter, right?

Cara: Yeah. When it comes to your children, sometimes... you do the unthinkable.

Zach: Sullivan's the best there is. He's got a great legal team behind him.

Angie: Just tell me that you can keep Jesse out of jail.

Sullivan: We're gonna do all that we can, but the court takes obstruction of justice charges very seriously. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances in Jesse's case.

Zach: And Sullivan's gonna make sure the judge hears them loud and clear.

Angie: Jesse.

Jesse: Angela. You shouldn't be here, baby. You should be with Cassandra.


Angie: What are you talking about? There's no way that I was gonna let you go through this alone. I'll go back right after the hearing.

Jesse: After everything I've put you through, everything I've done?

Angie: What you've done is exactly what you've always done -- protected your family. Jesse, you saved our daughter's life.

Dr. Anders: [Holds out the consent form to Cassandra]

Cassandra: [Sighs] [Crying] [Signs the form and is wheeled out of her room]

Colby: [Crying]

AJ: [Laughs]

Miranda: Good.

AJ: Oh, man. Levon Helm. His voice was awesome. His drums were awesome. The guy was like God.

Miranda: Wait a second. I thought you said Eric Clapton was God.

AJ: Oh, he is. Classic rock has many gods. Kind of like ancient Greece and Rome.

Miranda: [Laughs]

AJ: Ah! I just wish I could have seen them live. You know, Jim Morrison, the Doors, Hendrix, the Band, obviously. [Sighs]

Miranda: What else do you wish for, Ace?

AJ: Uh... that I could go back in time.

Miranda: To see all your rock legends?

AJ: [Chuckles] No. I mean you and me. You know? Go back to, like, a few months ago before everything was so crazy.

Miranda: Yeah. Yeah, I'm with you there.

AJ: What about you? Hmm? What do you wish for?

Miranda: What do I wish for?

AJ: Yeah.

Miranda: Mm... I wish... for one of those chocolate fudge brownies from Jane's.

AJ: Of course, you do! Now?

Miranda: Yeah. Come on.

Pete: What about this date that's being auctioned off?

Celia: What about it?

Pete: It's be here in Pine Valley?

Celia: I think so.

Pete: Good. I'd have to put my foot down if it was in, like, Manhattan. I mean, let's be honest. Nothing is going to compete with the time we had there.

Celia: [Chuckles] Pete...

Pete: I'm serious.

AJ: Miranda, check it out! Pine Valley's most eligible bachelor!

Pete: Like I said, this is going to haunt me.

Miranda: You are all over the place. Heather's really pushing this guerilla marketing thing.

Pete: Yeah, Celia and Heather have been working diligently to spread the word.

AJ: No. I'm serious, though, man. You've got some serious stones. I don't know if I'd be able to put myself on the table like that.

Pete: Honestly, I just keep reminding myself it's for a good cause -- with your name on it, in fact.

Miranda: Oh, I know. I know. Don't listen to goofball, here. What you're doing is very appreciated.

Heather: Hey. I need an iced coffee.

Celia: I will take over.

Pete: Well, don't go. Sit down.

Celia: There is a lot of posters. I'll get the next batch.

Heather: She's gonna have a hard time putting them up without this. Would you mind?

Pete: [Chuckles] Thank you.

JR: I thought that was you back here.

Colby: What are you doing here?

JR: Oh, just a checkup. What about you? What's wrong? Are you sick? Is that why you're here?

Colby: It's not me. It's Cassandra.

Jesse: Angela, you do not need to go to the bail hearing. You need to be with Cassandra.

Angie: I told you she's resting. She told me to go.

Jesse: I know.

Angie: Look, I'm sure the hearing won't be that long.

Jesse: Look, I know you don't like being away from her right now.

Angie: Look, right now, I need to be here with you, okay? And by the time I get back, she'll probably be just waking up.


David: Doctor, wait up.

Dr. Anders: You know perfectly well I'm not allowed to give you any information regarding Ms. Foster.

David: Yeah, I just want to know how she is, all right?

Dr. Anders: No.

David: Wait, Doctor. Wait a minute. Hold on for a second. Do you even know where her mother is?

Dr. Anders: That's not my business.

David: What do you mean it's none of your business? This is your patient. This is a young woman who went through hell and is about to have an abortion.

Dr. Anders: Wait, how do you know about that?

David: That's not important, all right? I'm concerned about Cassandra. I mean, this isn't some routine gallbladder operation. And it's imperative that she has someone she loves at her side when she wakes up.

Dr. Anders: As for her mother, I don't think she even knows her daughter went into surgery. From what I heard on the news, she has other things she's worried about. Excuse me.

Pete: I'll get it. You know what? That side needs to go up a little bit. There you go.

Celia: Thanks. [Clears throat] I'll -- I'll get the rest.

Pete: Favor for a favor?

Celia: [Sighs] Pete...

Pete: One dance. You and me at the gala. That's all I'm asking. Come on. Who's it gonna hurt?

Celia: Fine. One dance.

JR: What do you mean? What else happened?

Colby: She was kidnapped from the airport. The things they did to her and now for this to happen? You can't say anything, okay?

JR: No, of course not.

Colby: She was raped, JR. All these men, and now she's pregnant. Or she was. She said she can't keep the baby because it's a reminder of everything that happened. When it came to sign the papers, it just was killing her, JR.

JR: God, I am so sorry. I had no idea.

Colby: Promise me you won't say anything to anyone.

JR: No, of course.

Colby: I want to help her, but I don't know what to do or what to say. [Sighs]

JR: Look, you just being here, right? Being next to her as a friend, I mean, that -- that's enough. You're doing all you can do. What?

Colby: I didn't even come see you.

JR: That's all right. I love you. Okay? Whether you're keeping vigil by my bedside, or you're out partying your ass off in Europe doesn't change the way I feel about you.

Colby: God, this is weird.

JR: What?

Colby: Having you back and you acting like a nice guy and all.

JR: Do you think I'm acting?

Colby: No, I don't.

JR: Well, thank you for saying that. It means a lot. I mean, most people -- they don't feel that way.

Colby: Screw them, right?

David: [Sighs] Hey.

Cara: Hi. Uh... heard you talking to Dr. Anders. So, how's Cassandra doing?

David: Don't know yet.

Cara: I read about Jesse this morning. Angie must be a wreck, huh?

David: I'm sure she is. I haven't been able to find her, though.

Cara: I've been thinking about her a lot, you know? Like, what she must be going through. What her daughter must be going through. I mean, I can't even imagine.

David: Well, you had to make a similar decision. Five years ago. A baby whose father represented nothing but loss and pain, misery for you.

Cara: Okay. What Cassandra is going through is nothing like what I went through. She was raped, David. And by a stranger? I went to bed with you willingly, because I actually cared about you, and I never denied that.

[Pager beeping]

David: It's nice to finally know that it wasn't all me. That there was a time when we felt... well, what we both felt.

JR: I'm ready when you are.

David: [Sighs] Well... thanks for clarifying things.

Cara: Uh, yeah.

JR: What was that about?

Cara: Um, nothing. Let's just get you home.

Jesse: [Picks up his belongings]

Zach: [Sighs]

Jesse: Thanks a lot, Zach, for bailing me out. You're a real friend.

Zach: Come on, man. I love you. Go see Angie at the hospital.

Jesse: I intend to, but I got to wait around for the lawyer. What do you think that was at the end there.

Zach: Well, Sullivan's gonna to the judge and the DA in chambers, so we got to see what happens.

[Door opens]

Sullivan: Jesse. The judge is ready to approve a deal that we worked out with the DA. Special Agent Marquez was very persuasive on your account.

Jesse: It's gonna keep me out of prison?

Lea: Better than that. The charges will be dropped. But -- and there's a big one. Only if you agree to resign as chief of police.

Jesse: [Sighs]

Heather: And I heard that the whole thing is gonna be sold out, and there's supposed to be a surprise act playing. Do you know what you're gonna wear yet?

Miranda: No, but AJ has to go suit shopping, so I figured I'd browse or something.

Heather: Why don't we all go thrifting, get some vintage stuff, find you something awesome.

AJ: Wait a minute. As long as it's not one of those stupid, white outfits with the giant lapel things and the bell bottoms. You know what I'm talking about?

Heather: Yeah, no. I mean vintage, not ugly, silly.

AJ: Okay. I can handle that. Um... let me go pay and then we'll get going. Cool?

Miranda: So... you're going to gala.

Heather: Yeah, AJ invited me. Totally excited.

Miranda: Oh.

Zach: Miranda! Hey!

Miranda: Hey! Hi! How are you?

Zach: Hi.

Miranda: Good to see you. AJ, look who it is.

AJ: Hey. Hey, Zach.

Zach: AJ, how are you doing?

AJ: Good. Oh, this is my friend Heather.

Heather: Hi.

Zach: Hi.

Miranda: This is the coolest uncle in the world.

Zach: Coolest uncle in the world? I'll take that. Heather, it's nice to meet you.

Heather: Good to meet you.

AJ: So, girls, you ready to hit the shops.

Heather: Yeah.

Miranda: Um... you know what? Why don't you and Heather go. I don't get to spend nearly enough time with my uncle.

AJ: Um... yeah. Okay. We'll see you later.

Miranda: Yeah.

AJ: Later.

Zach: See you, big guy.

Heather: Bye.

Zach: Hey! So, this is gonna be the first time that a woman has turned down shopping to have coffee with me.

Miranda: [Laughs]

Zach: Sure you don't want to go with them?

Miranda: Positive.

Zach: Is everything okay?

Miranda: Yeah. Yeah, um... more importantly, how are you? I heard about Jesse Hubbard.

Zach: That's gonna work itself out, I think.

Miranda: Good.

Zach: You're looking more like your mom every day. Beautiful girl.

Miranda: [Laughs] Stop. I'm glad things worked out for you, too. There haven't really been that many people I can talk to nowadays.

[Door opens]

David: Angie. Hi. I've been looking for you. Uh... the nurse said that you just got in.

Angie: Yeah, I was at Jesse's bail hearing. I was just gonna freshen up before I go to see Cassandra.

David: Well, what's the latest?

Angie: Um... the judge granted bail. I left right after that happened. I don't know what I'm going to tell Cassandra about him. Just one step at a time, I suppose.

David: So... you haven't spoken to Cassandra or to any of her doctors?

Angie: No. Why? What's wrong?

David: Cassandra went ahead with the abortion this morning.

Angie: Oh!

David: Angie -- Angie, I'm sorry.

Angie: [Crying] I should have been there!

Jesse: [Packs his office belongings in a box]

Angie: You will be Pine Valley's chief of the po-po. Voila!

Jesse: Bam! Looking good!

[Both laugh]

Jesse: [Leaves his badge on the desk] [Sighs]

Cassandra: [Crying]

Angie: [Hugs and comforts Cassandra]

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