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All My Children Transcript Monday 7/22/13


Episode #32

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Colby: Hotel beds are so yummy. [Chuckles] Hmm. ][Laughs]

David: Uh, you know what? I think I'll pass on the sex tape, Colby.

Colby: Uh, I'm not Colby. I'm Brooke English, the lame-ass host of "Talk Tempo." [Chuckles]

David: Well, then... hello.

Colby: [Giggles] Joining me today is the world-renowned and highly-controversial Dr. David Hayward. Welcome, Doctor.

David: Happy to be here.

Colby: Our cameras just caught you in bed with Adam Chandler's daughter.

David: Mm-hmm.

Colby: What do you have to say for yourself?

David: Happy to be here.

Colby: [Chuckles] And how would Miss Chandler's brother, JR Chandler, whom you shot, react to seeing you two together?

David: He'd probably try to kill me... then say he forgot.

Colby: Now for a serious question. Boxers or briefs?

David: At the moment... neither.

Colby: [Laughs] And if you were a tree, what tree would you be?

David: Well, of course, the kind money grows on.

Colby: Mm. That's my favorite.

David: Perfect. Come here.


[Door closes]

Angie: I'm sorry. She's not up for visitors.

Pete: Don't apologize. I feel awful that you and your family are going through this. If there's anything I can do...

Angie: Thank you, Pete.

Pete: Seriously, Angie. Anything at all, don't hesitate.

Angie: I appreciate that, and so does Cassandra.

David: I just want to make sure that we're on the same page, that's all. That nobody's harboring any illusions, okay? I mean, this is just --

Colby: Mind-blowing sex.

David: Well, I was gonna say a mutually beneficial relationship, but... all right. I'll go there.

[Cell phone rings]

Colby: [Sighs] Pete, again? Desperate much? [Sighs] Looking for a booty call? Oh, why don't you call... what's her name? Cilantro? [Chuckling] Oh, right. She doesn't put out.

Pete: [Sighs] I have bad news... about Cass.

Opal: And David Hayward...

Jane: Wait, that one I know. Tall, dark, and handsome?

Opal: Don't forget evil. That snake wasn't out of prison five minutes but he was slithering his way into my family's business. I'm telling you, he cannot be trusted as far as you can throw him.

Jane: Really?

Brooke: Ladies.

Opal: Oh, he's evil on a stick. Oh, hey! Good morning, honey.

Brooke: How are you?

Opal: Oh, nice to see you here today. I just got my invitation to the Chandler Media shindig. I'm so excited to be hobnobbing it with the glitterati.

Brooke: Fingers crossed it all comes together.

Opal: Oh, of course, it will.

Jane: Can I get you anything?

Brooke: Uh, yes. A coffee, industrial size.

Jane: Okay.

[Cell phone buzzes]

Brooke: Excuse me.

Opal: So, anyhoo, then there's Zach Slater. I'm sure you know him.

Jane: Mm-hmm.

Opal: That hunky hottie with the brogue -- used to be hitched to Erica Kane's daughter. I'm telling you, if I was a few years younger, he would be in big trouble, that guy.

Jane: [Laughs]

Brooke: You know, if you could, would you stop by the studio later this morning? I-I have something I'd like to talk to you about.

Opal: Well, yeah. I'd love to.

Jane: Here you go.

Brooke: Good. All right. Thanks so much.

Jane: Thank you.

Opal: See you later.

Brooke: You, too.

Opal: [Gasps] Well, I wonder what that was about.

David: I didn't realize you and Cassandra were friends.

Colby: Where are my shoes?

David: I'm surprised Petey knew she was in the hospital. It was my impression that Angela wanted to keep that quiet.

Colby: Where are my shoes?

David: What's going on with you? Look, uh... Cass went through a terrible ordeal, but she's back, all right? She's gonna be safe now. Oh, here you go. Here, here, here. What do you need?

Colby: I want to see her.

David: Okay. I'll give you a lift.

Colby: Okay.

David: But I just want to warn you -- she's not in good shape.

Colby: Okay, we have to make a stop first.

Dudley: The master requested I arrange a personal meeting here at the manor. He'll be with you shortly.

Joe: Oh. Well, the previous owner told me that she had sold the house, but she never mentioned who bought it.

Billy Clyde: That would be me. Welcome to my new home, Doc.

Joe: Well, I could never have imagined it -- not in a million years.

Billy Clyde: Well, great prayers do come true, praise Jesus.

Joe: [Chuckles] Quite a transformation.

Billy Clyde: Truth be told, I'd like to make a charitable donation.

Joe: And you -- what? Need my help to do this?

Billy Clyde: Well, I-I-I'm new to philantro -- philanthropy in this fashion.

Joe: Well, have you chosen a cause to which you can make this donation?

Billy Clyde: Well, yes, I have. Uh, women who need psychological help and yet -- and yet do not have the finances they need. I know that Dixie's a psychotherapist now, and she helps other women who have psychological problems.

Joe: Well, now it makes sense.

Billy Clyde: No. No. No. You -- you -- no. You missed my point entirely. I just -- I just want to... atone for my sins.

Joe: Oh. And how are you gonna do that? By buying Dixie's forgiveness?

Billy Clyde: Oh, no, no, no. I don't want Dixie or anyone else to know where any of this money's coming from.

Joe: Well, that's a very noble idea. I'm just a bit unsure as to the motivation behind all this.

Billy Clyde: Look, I can't undo the hurt I've brought to Dixie's life. That's done. But I thought maybe if I make this contribution, I can help Dixie helping other women to avoid the kind of suffering that I brought unto her. It's undoing it in some kind of a way, isn't it?

Joe: All right. Dixie has just been appointed head of the Miranda Center. And I'm sure your donation will do a great deal of good.

Opal: It is just a hoot coming here. I keep thinking, you know, like, Regis is gonna pop out. He -- he isn't here, is he?

Dimitri: [Laughs] Opal, what brings you by?

Opal: Well, the queen of entertainment wanted to chat.

Brooke: I have an offer for you.

Opal: Oh?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. Yes. As you know, the gala -- the Chandler gala is coming up soon.

Opal: Well, yeah. It's only the biggest party of the summer.

Brooke: So, how would you like to do color commentary on the red carpet for us?

Opal: Wa -- wait. You mean like those -- those entertainment reporters that do those pre-Oscar, pre-Emmy shows?

Brooke: Yeah. That's exactly what I mean. You would greet people as they arrive, and you'd do a running commentary as only you can do. And if this goes well, who knows? Maybe it'll be a series.

Opal: Well, Joan and Melissa move over. Opal is in the house!

Brooke: [Laughs] Well, now, you know, let's just wait and see how everything goes, but I have a feeling the audience is just gonna fall in love with you.

Opal: I've got to go shopping for my dress right now.

Brooke: Okay. [Smooches]

Dimitri: Mwah.

Opal: Oh, my good -- you're not gonna regret this.

Colby: [Singsong voice] Guess who! [Chuckles] I know it's been forever, and I'm beyond lame that I didn't call you when I was in Paris, but I come bearing gifts. I got the cutest little sundress ever with Prada shades to go with and Delightfully Chi, the hottest new make-up line out there with colors that will make you look amazing. It's like silk. Do you want to try? I know I've come a long way since our make-up disaster in high school. Give me a chance. I'll prove it to you. This is the perfect shade for your skin tone. Here. Let me try. Well, how about I go first, huh? Look, I've got an amazing lipstick in here. Everything I put on lipstick, I think of Brian Unger. I-I was crazy for him. Like I have to tell you. Remember the first time I went on our big date? The night before, I got this hideous cold sore, and I tried to cover it with lipstick. And it was ridiculous, and then he looked at me the next day and cancelled, and I was devastated. Until you took me by my hand and marched me over to him and told him that I was beautiful. Look, that's when I knew we were friends -- real friends -- the kind that are there for each other no matter what. Look, I've met a lot of people, but up until this day, you're my only real friend.

Cassandra: Can I try some of that make-up?

Dixie: Is this for real?

Joe: Every penny.

Dixie: And it's all for the Miranda Center?

Joe: For women who need psychological help and can't afford it.

Dixie: Well, that's specific. And wo-wonderful. [Chuckling] I mean, wow. Who -- who is this incredibly generous person?

Joe: Oh, I'm not at liberty to say. He wants to remain anonymous.

Dixie: Come on, Joe. You can tell me. I have to thank him.

Joe: No, no, no. He doesn't want thanks -- doesn't want recognition.

Dixie: But why? [Chuckles] A check this big?

Joe: Mm.

Dixie: For such a particular purpose -- there's got to be some kind of reason behind it.

Joe: Atonement.

Dixie: Is that what he said? That's very odd, you know? Kind of personal, don't you think, to tell that to somebody that you don't even -- unless you do know him. Do I know him?

Joe: Uh, it doesn't matter, really.

Dixie: Joe, come on. Let me think. Atonement, atonement... has religious overtones, that's for sure. Billy Clyde? Am I right?

Joe: He didn't want you to know, Dixie. He was afraid you'd turn the money down or assume an ulterior motive.

Dixie: Well, does he have an ulterior motive?

Joe: I was very skeptical at first, but after looking him in the eye and hearing him out, yes. I'm certain that Billy Clyde is determined to make amends.

Pete: [Laughs] Whoa, where's the fire, Mom?

Opal: You are looking at the next big reality-TV star. Brooke asked yours truly to cover the red carpet at the Chandler bash, and if it's a success, I get my own show!

Pete: [Laughs] That's great, Mom! I mean, that sounds perfect for you.

Opal: Yeah! But don't worry. Even though I'll be working, we can still go to the party together.

Pete: You know what? I'm actually gonna be working, sort of.

Opal: You are?

Pete: Yeah, a little bit. Um, you know they're having that charity auction? Well, one of the items up for bid -- a date with me, Pine Valley's most eligible bachelor.

Opal: That is get-out-of-town fabulous!

Pete: You think so?

Opal: Yeah, absolutely. That's exactly what you ought to be doing -- mixing it up, you know, having fun. You are too young to be getting serious about just one girl.

Pete: You're right.

Opal: Especially if it's that gold-digging hussy, Colby Chandler.

Pete: Oh, no, no, no. Colby is not the issue, okay? There's only one girl I want to be with, and she wants nothing to do with me.

David: Angie, hey.

Angie: Hi.

David: I heard about Jesse. On top of everything else, I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you.

Angie: Yeah. It's a lot.

David: The chief of police breaking the law, going to such lengths.

Angie: He had his reasons.

David: [Chuckles] Believe me, that is something that I completely understand.

Angie: You think he made the right choice? That's a first.

David: All right. Come on. You know I'm not your husband's biggest fan, right? But I do respect his commitment to his family... as I do yours.

Angie: What does that mean?

David: Well, it couldn't have been easy for you to get on board with his plan, you know, to keep up that poker face. What?

Angie: I didn't know. Jesse didn't tell me about any of it.

David: Are you serious?!

Angie: I only found out after he got arrested.

David: Unbelievable. You must be furious. I mean, all right, obviously his intentions were good, but to keep you shut out of something that huge, something that involved Cassandra like this? You would think that he would have learned from his experience.

Angie: Yes. You would.

David: Well, at least, you know now why he disappeared while Cassandra was going through withdrawal.

Angie: David, I'm just grateful that I had you to lean on.

David: So am I.

Cassandra: Can I open now?

Colby: Almost. I just have to put some mascara on your eyebrows like in high school.

Cassandra: Don't even.

Colby: [Sniffles] [Voice breaking] Okay, I'm done. Oh. [Sniffles] I'm amazing. And you look gorgeous. Go ahead. Check it out. What's wrong?

Cassandra: I'm disgusting.

Colby: What? No!

Cassandra: I'm ugly. I'm dirty. I'm filthy.

Colby: Stop it. Stop it. Come on.

Cassandra: Don't touch me! [Gasps] Don't look at me. I make myself sick. I make you sick.

Colby: No, Cass. That's not true.

Cassandra: Go away.

Colby: No.

Cassandra: Get out, Colby! Please, just go!

Colby: No. I'm not leaving you. I care about you. I'm not gonna leave you alone, okay?

Cassandra: I'm not alone. I have this thing inside of me. [Crying]

Colby: It's okay. [Sniffles]

Cassandra: They raped me... over and over again. [Crying] And now I'm pregnant. I just want to die. [Sobbing]

Colby: It's okay. It's okay.

Brooke: I could use a little caffeine. I want to be alert on the flight, so we can review the interview questions.

Dimitri: Oh, no, no. No thinky about worky.

Brooke: Can I thinky about a little, you know, touch-up in the ladies room?

Dimitri: Good idea.

Brooke: Okay. Will you watch my phone?

Dimitri: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Thanks.

[Cell phone buzzes with a call from Adam]

Dimitri: Hello! [Sighs] Ooh.

Jane: Can I get you anything?

[Cell phone beeps]

Dimitri: Uh, yeah. Two caffé lattes.

Jane: You got it.

Dimitri: Whoa, whoa. You'd better make those lattes to go.

Jane: No problem.

Brooke: Oh. What's going on? I thought we had time to have some coffee.

Dimitri: The app that, uh, told us about the flight delay just texted me -- new flight, another airline, in half an hour. If we leave now, we can make it.

Brooke: Oh, great. Oh, great. Oh, Adam called.

Dimitri: I know. I figured you wouldn't want to miss him, so I picked up.

Brooke: What did he say?

Dimitri: Well. [Chuckles] Nothing. I said, "Hello," and he hung up.

Brooke: He probably thought he had the wrong number. I'm gonna call him back real quick.

Dimitri: All right.

Jane: Here you go.

Dixie: [Hands Billy Clyde a letter and walks away]

Billy Clyde: "Dear Billy Clyde. I don't want you to misinterpret this overture as anything more than a gesture of gratitude, because that is all it is -- a simple thank you for stepping in and protecting my grandson when he needed someone to do so. To say I was surprised you extended yourself for a young man you don't even know is an understatement. It led me to consider that perhaps your newfound spirituality isn't an act after all. Despite what I suffered at your hands, I do believe we all start out with goodness in our hearts. Again, thank you for your kindness, and may whatever moved you to act as you did continue to guide and inspire you. Sincerely, Dixie." Thank you.

Dixie: Thank you.

Colby: What do you want to do?

Cassandra: [Sighs] Disappear.

Colby: Hey, that's not an option, Cass.

Cassandra: [Crying] I can't keep it. [Sniffles]

Colby: It's your choice, Cass.

Cassandra: But you think I'm making a mistake by having an --

Colby: No, I don't think you're making a mistake if that's what you want to do. Any decision, I will back you up 100%, okay?

Cassandra: And what about my mom?

Colby: What about her?

Cassandra: I'm her daughter -- her adopted daughter, the infant she found in a dumpster, rescued, and raised, saved. There's no way in hell she's going to accept this.

Colby: Okay, your mother loves you. She wants you to make the best choice for yourself. It's your life.

Cassandra: Okay. I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay? I just -- I don't want to talk about it anymore. [Sniffles] [Sighs]

Colby: Hey, look at me, Cass. Is there any part of you that wants to keep this baby?

Cassandra: [Sniffles] No. I want it out of me. I want it out of my body. This constant reminder -- I want it gone. Oh, God. I want an abortion. [Sniffles]

Colby: Then that's your decision.

Cassandra: Do you hate me?

Colby: No. I don't hate you. I love you.

Cassandra: [Sighs] How soon can it happen?

Colby: Well, I'm not sure. Should I go get your doctor? Yeah? Okay.

Cassandra: Wait. Please don't tell anyone.

Colby: Everything's gonna be all right, okay? I'm not gonna leave you alone.

Cassandra: [Sobbing] Okay. You're my only real friend.

Colby: Always and forever, right?

Cassandra: [Chuckles]

Colby: [Kisses Cassandra's hand] Okay.

Cassandra: [Sighs]

[Door opens, closes]

Cassandra: [Crying]

Colby: [Sighs]

David: Colby? Hey.

Colby: [Crying]

David: Are you okay?

Colby: No. Not even close. This should have never happened. She shouldn't have to go through this. No one else should.

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