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Episode #27

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Celia: The ratings for the David Hayward interview.

Dimitri: [Sighs]

Brooke: Mmm.

Celia: Congratulations. We killed it in every major demographic.

Brooke: Oh, that's not bad.

Dimitri: Not bad? The are Oprah/Lance Armstrong numbers.

Celia: The "Talk Tempo" website is blowing up. It's this raging debate between people who hate Hayward and people who feel sorry for him. Some women even proposed.

Brooke: Marriage?

Celia: Mm-hmm. She said she'd move here from Anchorage to get a piece of that.

Dimitri: They're talking. They're talking. They're talking.

Celia: And they're tweeting. Buzz -- that's what we want, right?

Brooke: It's a start.

Dimitri: A start? Well, you did a phenomenal job. Sit back and take the credit.

Brooke: Mm... look. One big get is not success, all right? It doesn't mean we can lay back and coast.

Dimitri: Agreed, but we have a little army of editors and designers and coders working all through the day.

Brooke: Yes, and so does our competition.

Celia: Yeah, but our content's better, and we have you. That's what's gonna distinguish us.

Colby: [Sighs] If you want publicity, throw a kick-ass launch party.

Brooke: I think so. And I know exactly the person who can do it.

Colby: [Scoffs] Seriously?

Brooke: It was your idea. And who knows parties better than you?

Colby: True. But it's a lot of work. I couldn't do it solo.

Dimitri: Oh, I think I could find a PA that would help assist you.

Colby: Well, I'd rather work with someone I know, that I'm comfortable with. Like... Celia.

Celia: What?

Lea: How long does it take to return an e-mail?

Zach: Even Russian dentists get busy sometimes, and he got back to Jesse pretty quick, didn't he?

Lea: True.

Zach: All right, then. Just be patient.

Lea: Okay, but if he doesn't get back to us soon, then I'll contact my guy in Moscow.

Zach: Yeah? You'd do that for me?

Lea: For the investigation.

Zach: Oh. Thank you.

Lea: Where are our coffees?

Zach: So, when did it turn for you? What was it? Was it the facts or just my charming handsomeness?

Lea: [Laughs] What charm? Don't answer that. Get the coffees. I'll get a table.

Miranda: That was so funny.

Jane: Ooh! Major sale I should know about or just good old retail therapy?

Miranda: Both, actually. Summer's here. Got to update the wardrobe.

[Both laugh]

Jane: Looks like you hit every store in the mall.

Heather: Twice.

Jane: I think you need a couple of lattes.

Heather: Oh, can I soak my feet in them?

Jane: Whatever works.

[Both laugh]

Miranda: Oh, gosh.

Heather: Oh, my gosh. Okay, bathing suit shopping -- that lighting!

Miranda: Brutal!

Heather: Yeah!

Miranda: Are you kidding?

Heather: Oh, my gosh. In a bikini -- not a good look. Totally depressing.

Miranda: [Clears throat] Yeah, there's really only one thing that'll make us feel better. Two forks and a giant piece of chocolate cake.

Heather: Oh, I am so in. Summer beach bod can wait.

Miranda: Hey, um, why don't you order for us? I'll be right back. Hey!

Zach: Hey! You look great. How are you?

Miranda: Good. Good.

Zach: [Sighs] Have you talked to your mom lately?

Miranda: Uh, no, but, um... I'm sure she's probably busy.

Zach: Oh, I know what I wanted to talk to you about. I read that this artist you like that does the floor-to-ceiling canvas stuff.

Miranda: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Art Basel? I worship her.

Zach: As do I. She is gonna be in New York, and I thought maybe we'd go see her, check her out.

Miranda: Are you kidding me? That would be amazing.

Zach: Uh-huh. Maybe you can call your mom. She can join us.

Miranda: Ye -- um... I doubt she'd be able to.

Zach: I know you're away from your family. I know it's hard, but it's only temporary, and she's always thinking about you. You know that, right?

Miranda: Sure.

Zach: All right. And I'm here. And if you need me, you can call me whenever you want.

Miranda: Wait. Um, I thought you were, you know?

Zach: Oh, no. That's all taken care of.

Miranda: Really? Oh, that's so great. I mean, I know we haven't hung out in awhile, but I -- I knew you couldn't have done what they said you did.

Zach: You know what I like?

Miranda: Hmm.

Zach: That we have each other's backs.

Miranda: [Laughs]

Angie: Cassandra. Please talk to me.

Dixie: Angie, let me talk to her, okay? It'll be all right.

Angie: I love you. [Sighs]

David: Angie? It's okay.

Brooke: I just think the homepage needs to be splashier. [Sighs] I don't know. You're the designer. You tell me. No, I -- no, I understand that. What the hell?

Dimitri: She'll call you back.

Brooke: H-hello? I'm launching a network here.

Dimitri: You need a break.

Brooke: There is no break.

Dimitri: No, no, no. After.

Brooke: After what?

Dimitri: I'll show you. Come on. Go on.

Colby: Think about what makes a party hot.

Celia: [Scoffs] I have no idea.

Colby: Okay, when was the last time you went out and it completely blew you away? Was it a hotel? A club? A bar?

Celia: Yeah, it was a club in New York. But I -- I don't remember the name.

Colby: Well, where was it?

Celia: I don't know.

Colby: Neighborhood?

Celia: It was one I wasn't familiar with, but Pete would know. But don't -- don't even ask him. He probably forgot about it.

Colby: So, the whole time Pete and you were together, you only went to one club?

Celia: And some cool restaurants. We weren't going out that long.

Colby: I can see why. Pete is Mr. Social scene, and he probably just scared the hell out of you.

Celia: We were just different.

Colby: Yeah, he wants to jump on a jet to Milan, and you're, like, freaking out. [Chuckles]

Celia: Sometimes people aren't a match. It happens.

Colby: Me and Pete?

Celia: Well, you guys are a match, and that makes more sense.

Colby: Yeah, we practically did grow up together -- same age, interests, experiences. I mean, that's probably why we got so hot so fast.

Celia: [Sighs]

Colby: God, what is wrong with me? I'm sitting here talking about sleeping with your ex. I should just shut up now.

Celia: No, it's fine.

Colby: Are you sure it's not bothering you?

Celia: No, not at all.

Pete: Nice to meet you, man.

AJ: Hey, no problem. So, what's up?

Pete: What happened to your eye?

AJ: Oh, it's -- don't worry about it.

Pete: Okay, well, hey, you play baseball for Pine Valley High, right?

AJ: Yeah. I pitch. What, are you bringing another team to Silicon Valley?

Pete: It's not a bad idea, man, but no. I'm actually developing an app for high-school sports -- stats, scores, news.

AJ: That sounds sweet.

Pete: It's in the beginning stages, but I want you to take a look at it, tell me exactly what you think.

AJ: Ah, sure. Wait, dude, but aren't you and my grandpa working on that medical whatever it is?

Pete: Yeah, David's device is part of Cortech, though. I actually have another company in California.

AJ: No, I've heard of it. Everyone here has heard of it.

Pete: [Chuckles] Check it out, man. Fully customizable. Whatever you're into -- Texas football, Indiana basketball.

AJ: What? You've got schedules and stuff on here, too? Dude, this is awesome.

Pete: We're trying to cover it all.

AJ: Well, then you'd probably want to add girls' sports.

Pete: I didn't even think of that.

AJ: I got friends on the field hockey team.

Pete: Oh, okay. Keep it coming, AJ. That's exactly the kind of feedback I need, actually.

AJ: Sweet.

Miranda: I know it's kind of dorky, but I get so sunburned, so I needed one.

Zach: It's cool. I like it. Let's see.

Miranda: [Laughs]

Zach: Captain Zach. What do you think?

Jane: It's very you.

Zach: Thank you.

Miranda: Give me that.

Zach: Join us.

Miranda: I can't. Um, my friend is waiting for me.

Lea: I'm Lea.

Zach: Oh, I'm sorry. It's my fault. You haven't met.

Lea: Mnh-mnh. Not officially.

Miranda: Miranda -- Zach's niece.

Zach: And Lea is my bodyguard until I am proven innocent.

Miranda: Ah, I thought that was all taken care of.

Lea: It will be very, very soon.

Zach: In the meantime, we should try to have dinner, maybe watch a movie.

Miranda: Oh, um, there's this new Spanish film out I've been dying to see.

Zach: Oh! Black-and-white Spanish movie with subtitles. That sounds... great. Anything to spend time with you.

AJ: Hey.

Miranda: Oh, um... Hey, I'm gonna go, but text me. We'll pick a day.

Zach: I'll text you. I love you. Don't forget that.

Miranda: You too.

Lea: Nice meeting you.

Miranda: You too.

Zach: [Sighs]

Lea: Zach Slater has a paternal side. Who knew? Modern man.

Zach: Family means everything to me. Hey, can you get this?

Lea: Me?

Zach: Yeah. I'm the modern man, and I respect your right to pay for my coffee. And get me something sweet. I'm feeling peckish.

Brooke: I don't usually drink in the middle of the afternoon.

Dimitri: Well, we're celebrating.

Brooke: Prematurely.

Dimitri: Says you!

Brooke: Says the research. I mean, a lot has changed since owned WRCW. This train is moving a million miles an hour, and we have to be smarter and faster in this landscape to assume any level of -- of -- What?

Dimitri: Work. Work.

Brooke: Well, as if business isn't important to you.

Dimitri: Well, business has its place, but what good is wealth and power if we never take the time to enjoy life?

Brooke: Oh, I know. You're right. [Sighs, chuckles] I just keep thinking about the interview with David. I go over it in my head about the points that I should have covered differently.

Dimitri: Thousands of content to choose from -- thousands. And they chose you.

Brooke: Well, I doubt very much if I was the main source of attraction.

Dimitri: Why would you say that?

Brooke: Well. [Sighs] Anyway. [Chuckles] I owe a lot to you, to my brilliant executive producer.

Dimitri: No. No. It has all been you. So... here is to Brooke English. One of the most talented and powerful women I've ever crossed paths with. You know, I knew you a long time ago.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Dimitri: As a friend, as family. But now I get to meet you all over again. May we have many more celebrations... together.

Brooke: We do make a great team.

[Glasses clink]

Jane: Can I get you guys anything else?

Miranda: No, thanks. We're stuffed.

Heather: Yeah.

Miranda: That cake was amazing.

Heather: I have no prayer of fitting into my new bikini, but it was so worth it.

Jane: I aim to please. I'll take this whenever you guys are ready.

Heather: Thank you.

Pete: Hey, so, check it out. Another cool thing about this app is that the users can actually submit content. So, if, say, you want to show that your team just broke a record or your coach is retiring, we'll get it out there.

Heather: What if you're not an athlete?

Pete: Well, it's for fans, too.

Heather: What if you don't like sports?

Pete: Then, I guess you don't buy the app.

Heather: Guess not.

AJ: Uh, okay. Well, I mean, I think it's perfect. Uh, like, say, for example, say I'm pitching tomorrow --

Miranda: What? Which means you didn't get suspended.

AJ: Why would I get suspended?

Miranda: Well, you won't if, you know...

AJ: Oh, yeah. Thanks, Mom.

Miranda: [Laughs] Stop! No! What are you -- No! Stop it! Stop it! [Laughs]

AJ: What?! You hit me first! Come on!

Miranda: No! I got you now!

AJ: Okay. [Laughing] Okay. God. Um... okay, I'm sorry. Now, where were we?

Heather: You were pitching tomorrow.

AJ: Oh, right. Okay, so, say someone on the other team gets injured and they have to readjust the entire lineup.

Pete: Something you normally you wouldn't notice until you got to the game.

AJ: Right. Exactly. Which totally blows. So, with this, you get alerts, find out the night before, and you're ready to go.

Heather: Does it also track stats? I mean, not just for the regular stuff, but sabermetrics?

AJ: Wait, are you a baseball fan?

Heather: Well, I mean, I've basically been going to Phillies games since I was born.

AJ: What? We should totally go to a game some time.

Heather: Well, what I really wanted to do is go to a minor league's game.

AJ: No, you know what we do? We should drive out to Harrisburg. There's this really awesome park out there.

Pete: Driving directions to games. Another one we need to add. This is great. You know any other ideas or? Miranda?

Miranda: Hmm? Um...

Pete: Any other ideas?

Miranda: No.

Pete: Okay. Well, then, I will get this.

AJ: Cool.

Pete: All right, thank you guys for your help and your time.

Heather: Maybe you should make an app on how to be a better boyfriend.

Pete: What's that supposed to mean?

Heather: You broke my friend's heart.

Colby: I'm Colby Chandler. I called earlier.

Man: About the gala. It's lovely to meet you, Miss Chandler. I've known your father for years. Glad you came to us.

Colby: Well, we heard you're the best, and that's what we need -- the best wine, champagne, the works.

Man: Oh, let's start with the bubbles.

Colby: We would like the 1996 Dom Perignon.

Man: I have to special order it but certainly. You are aware of the price.

Colby: Yes. And I forgot to mention the gala is a charity thing. For the cancer thing.

Man: That's wonderful. I'd still have to charge you the full price.

Colby: So you don't want to help sick people? What's up with that?

Man: Um... excuse me.

Celia: It is not a charity event.

Colby: So? He doesn't know that.

Celia: So it's wrong.

Colby: [Sighs] Just don't be so uptight, Celia.

Dimitri: Do you care for another one?

Brooke: Oh, I couldn't?

Dimitri: Why not?

Brooke: Well, because I have a stack of notes on my desk this high, and I'd like to be awake to read them.

Dimitri: Oh, let it wait until tomorrow.

Brooke: Then they'll be this high.

Dimitri: [Laughs]

Brooke: But thank you. I didn't realize how much I needed to get out of that studio.

Dimitri: It's my pleasure.

Brooke: I'd forgotten about this. You know, nice restaurants and conversation that wasn't about work. But, you know, with Adam out of town, I haven't really gotten out much, and, well, I haven't had time.

Dimitri: We all have to remember to take the time.

Brooke: I know. Anyway, I do need to look over those notes, so we should really, uh, leave.

Dimitri: Okay.

Brooke: Sorry.

Dimitri: [Laughs] Oh, before I forget...

Brooke: Oh! [Chuckles] I'll see you tomorrow.

Dimitri: [Sighs]

Lea: Okay, the e-mail from the dentist's office just came in.

Zach: Did he send the records?

Lea: It's downloading. Come on!

Zach: There it is. Now, compare those to the ones that Jesse was sent.

Lea: Oh, wow. Uri isn't dead. It's his brother Vlad.

Zach: Are you sure?

Lea: I mean, the pictures confirm it. It's a perfect match to the victim, his brother Vlad, to the body that we found.

Zach: I knew it. Guy killed his own brother.

Lea: Okay, we don't have all the details yet, but one thing is for sure. You didn't kill Uri. I've seen some sick stuff in my career, but burning your own flesh and blood beyond recognition to just fake your own death?

Zach: I don't care what you do in your own life. If you want to come after me and Jesse's daughter, you got a problem.

Dixie: I know this is a difficult time, but you're not alone. You have your mother, Jesse, your family, friends. And you have options. No decisions need to be made right now. Right now your only priority is to get stronger, and when you are... you'll make the decision that's right for you... surrounded by love and all the support you need.

Celia: What if we added a charity component to the gala? You know, make it like what you were telling that man with the wine for real. Like, still have really good music and food and still promote the new network but also show the people that Chandler gives back.

Colby: Love that! [Sighs] Wow, you're really talented. Are you sure you're not a socialite?

Celia: [Chuckles]

AJ: Hey, is anyone up to see a movie?

Both: I am.

[Both chuckle]

Miranda: I was just telling Zach there's this cool Spanish film out, and it's getting excellent reviews.

Heather: I'm dying to see the new "Superman!"

AJ: Yes! That actually looks amazing.

Heather: Right?

AJ: Hold on. Let's see. It's playing in 3-D.

Heather: Oh, no way.

AJ: Should we get tickets?

Heather: Well, it's up to you guys.

Miranda: Um... Why don't you two go?

AJ: No, we'll all go.

Heather: No, Miranda, you have to come.

Miranda: No, um... I-I can't. I forgot I have this... pedicure appointment. Well, I can't wear my new bathing suit without getting my toes done.

AJ: Well, we can do something else.

Miranda: No, it's okay. I'll be fine. Um... I'll catch up with you later.

Heather: Okay.

AJ: You okay?

Miranda: Mm-hmm. Have fun.

Heather: [Chuckles]

AJ: I hope she didn't get the wrong idea?

Heather: About the movie?

AJ: No. About us. Like, this is a date or something.

Heather: Right.

Lea: [Hangs up phone] Well, the DA received the new evidence that I sent over.

Zach: And?

Lea: The charges against you have officially been dropped.

Zach: [Sighs]


Brooke: Oh, I only wish you were here to share in all this excitement. The office is abuzz since the ratings came in. [Chuckles] Yeah. Oh, no, no, no. It's okay. You go. Uh... call me back later if you get a chance. I love you, too, Adam.

[Cell phone beeps]

Brooke: [Sighs]

Colby: How's Daddy doing?

Brooke: Oh, hi. [Chuckles] Uh, he's busy as usual. So, how's the planning coming?

Colby: I had the best idea.

Brooke: Hit me with it.

Colby: What if -- now, try not get too excited. But the gala's not only the launching party for Chandler but also a charity event.

Brooke: That is genius.

Colby: Right?

Brooke: Yes. Actually, it could benefit the Miranda Center.

Colby: I will start making calls.

Brooke: Colby, I just, uh... I want to tell you I'm really very impressed. Adding this philanthropic component, it's truly genius. Nice job.

Angie: [Voice breaking] I don't know what to do for her. I don't know how to help her!

David: You're gonna do what comes naturally to you. You're gonna love her.

Angie: What if it's not enough?

David: Cassandra's pregnancy? Is it making you think of your own? Losing Ellie? The devastation that you felt?

Angie: [Sighs] Ellie was conceived out of love. And this child?

David: Will be a constant reminder of the horrors that Cassandra suffered, which is why it's really important that you prepare yourself for the possibility that she might choose to have an abortion.

Angie: It's -- it's her choice. And I will support whatever she decides. But it is my grandchild.

David: And you love this baby already.

Angie: Yeah. [Sniffles] I know you probably think I'm crazy.

David: No. I don't think it's silly that you're crying over this baby.

Angie: You know... Cassandra needs 100% of me, and she has that. I can't help it. I mean, there's a part of me that feels that I should fight for the life inside of her, be the voice that he or she doesn't have. When I think again that... a fetus could... that a fetus -- what could happen when it's exposed to heroin. I mean, the damage could have already been done.

David: You know something? You're gonna make all the right decisions, and you know why? Because everything you do comes from love.

Angie: [Sniffles] I should get back to my daughter.

David: You know, I'd like to go check in on her later if that's all right.

Angie: She's alive because of you. I thank you for that. [Laughs, sniffles] And I thank you for this talk. You're a good man.

David: Oh, now, don't let get around, okay? [Laughs] Come here. Mm.

[Jesse looks on as David and Angie hug]

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