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Episode #23

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Cassandra: You said you'd find me.

Angie: You talked to her?

Jesse: How could I have done that?

Cassandra: He gave me the phone. You said you'd come.

Angie: What is she talking about?

Jesse: You're all right. You're gonna be just fine. All that matters now is that you are home and you are safe, and we are gonna take good care of you and get you healthy, all right?

Cassandra: I knew I'd be okay -- I'd be safe. As soon as I heard your voice, I knew.

Colby: There you are! [Smooches, giggles]

Pete: How did you even find me here?

Colby: Your assistant. We're like this.

Pete: Yeah?

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Pete: Might be time to find a new assistant.

Colby: He's joking.

Jane: [Chuckles]

Colby: Ooh, this is delish.

Jane: Can I get you something to go with that?

Colby: One of those tres fab lattes would be great.

Jane: Okay.

Colby: And so would dinner. I'm thinking Moroccan. We should sit on those cute little poufs and eat with our fingers and lick off what's left.

Pete: Mmm. I have to work.

Colby: And you have to eat, too.

Pete: David's interview is tomorrow.

Colby: Okay. David's, not yours.

Pete: He's my partner, Colby. Okay? And he's a loose cannon. I need to be on top of it, trust me.

Colby: Okay, wouldn't you rather be on top of me?

Pete: [Clears throat]

[All chuckle]

Colby: A sugar -- raw, unwashed, if you have it.

Jane: We do.

Colby: Mm. And some of my friends are throwing a party this weekend, but they're not really my friends. They're definitely NOK. Not our kind. But the music will be awesome.

Pete: I can't.

Colby: So not the answer I want to hear.

Jane: Here you go.

Colby: Merci. Okay. I get that you're busy. Really, and I totally get the whole "master of the universe" thing...

Pete: [Scoffs]

Colby: But you have to have some fun. Didn't you have fun with me last night?

Pete: Come on. I definitely had fun last night.

Colby: Then say yes. And I want you for the weekend. Some of my friends are flying in from London, and they would love you.

Pete: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down.

Colby: What?

Pete: I mean, last night was great.

Colby: It was great.

Pete: But, I mean, that -- that's all I can do, Colby. The whole relationship thing, I'm just -- I'm just not there.

Colby: You read my mind. I mean, we're young, hot. Who wants to be tied down?

Pete: Mmm. So... friends with benefits? Are you cool with that?

Colby: Yeah, I'm totally cool with that.

Lea: Cassandra seemed certain she'd talked to you.

Jesse: Yeah, she certainly did.

Lea: Well, did you?

Jesse: Did I what?

Lea: Did you talk to her?

Dixie: Of course, Jesse didn't speak to her. Cassandra was hallucinating. It's part of withdrawal.

Lea: She seemed so sure.

Dixie: Because in her mind, she did speak to him.

Zach: The girl's been through hell.

Dixie: And she has a long road ahead of her, but she'll get through it. I'll check in with you later, okay? Okay.

Lea: I'm glad your daughter's back home, Jesse. I really am, but I keep bumping against the why or how of it.

Zach: I have an idea. Let's just be grateful that she's alive. Can we do that?

Lea: Of course, I am. But like I told you before, something didn't strike 12 with me. That's why we went back to take a second look at the crime scene.

Jesse: You went back to the house?

Lea: I hope that's okay.

Jesse: No, of course. Of course, it's okay. It's an open investigation. You got to look at everything twice.

Lea: Whoever dumped Cassandra there wanted to make a statement. Why or what?

Jesse: I wish I knew, myself.

Phone prompt: Record your message after the tone.

Jane: I need to talk to you. Please call me when you get this.

[Up-tempo pop music plays]

David: Sorry I'm late.

Colby: Meeting with your probation officer?

[Both chuckle]

David: Funny girl. No. So, do you have the interview topics?

Pete: Yeah. That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

David: All right.

Jane: One drip coffee, no cream, no sugar.

David: Wow. Should I be flattered? You remembered.

Jane: You're hard to forget. [Sets clattering cup down] Oh.

David: Are you okay?

Jane: Yeah. One cup too many. Uh, two more lattes?

Pete: No. Just one. You're gonna have to let me know how that party goes.

Colby: Yeah. What was I thinking? Try to have fun without me, boys.

Pete: [Chuckles]

David: So... what's going on with you two?

Pete: Excuse me?

David: Well, she's obviously very much into you.

Pete: Who? Colby?!

David: Yeah.

Pete: Colby's into Colby. Trust me, I am nothing more than some new toy for her eye.

David: Well, she looks like she's ready to play.

Pete: And I'm ready to work.

David: Okay, fine. Sorry if I crossed the line.

Pete: No, you don't need to apologize. There's nothing to talk about where Colby's concerned.

David: I'm just saying, from the look of things, she might disagree.

Pete: Well, that's not my problem. But you might be if Brooke nails you at the interview. She's gonna give you some tough questions.

David: I'm ready.

Pete: [Scoffs] You know, anything you answer she's gonna spin.

David: And I'm ready.

Pete: She is gonna come from left field, David. I don't think you understand that.

David: [Chuckles] I'm not concerned. I'm a world-renowned cardiologist who invested a device that's gonna save millions of lives. Where's the problem?

Pete: Okay, while you're busy talking about how amazing you are, Brooke is gonna blindside you.

David: All right. You know something? I think I have a little more experience than a wet-behind-the-ears millennial who got lucky out of the box with his first app.

Pete: Well, you need this millennial in order to make your little invention a reality.

David: Okay, look, if we're gonna be partners, you need to believe this fact -- that I am just as committed to making Cortech a success as you are, which means that I am very much prepared for anything that Brooke throws my way.

Pete: Well, you better be, because we're about to go into production on the biosensor. If you look anything less than golden, the investors are gonna bail. Then we're screwed.

David: I guess you haven't noticed this, Petey, but I don't screw up.

Pete: [Scoffs] Really? So, why don't you explain to me that five-year stint you just did in the state pen!

David: That was a sacrifice I made for the sake of someone I love very much. My only regret -- how long it took for me to make it.

Lea: I really hate this.

Zach: What? Like, me being in handcuffs?

Lea: No, the unanswered questions, the pieces that don't fit.

Zach: Oh, me being a killer. That's -- you just don't --

Lea: No, like Cassandra saying that she spoke to Jesse on the phone.

Zach: You heard Dixie. The girl was hallucinating?

Lea: Was she?

Zach: Okay. Why would Jesse lie to us?

Lea: I don't know. But did you see his face when Cassandra said that she spoke to him on the phone? It was like he wanted to jump out of his skin, he was so on edge.

Zach: Can I ask you something? Is it all men you don't trust or just the ones you're working with?

Lea: I didn't say I didn't trust Jesse. I just think Cassandra was remembering something that did happen.

Zach: Mm. How do you know the difference?

Lea: My gut.

Zach: Okay. What's your gut telling you now? You want something?

Lea: Answers.

Zach: [Sighs]

Joe: Hi, Dixie. You wanted to see me? Have you heard from Tad?

Dixie: No. This isn't about Tad. Joe... Billy Clyde Tuggle... is back in town.

Joe: Billy Clyde? No one has seen him since he fell in the river. He was assumed dead.

Dixie: Apparently, he's not. He has survived, and now he swears he's a changed man and has found the Lord.

Joe: [Chuckles] I bet he has. How about you? He didn't try anything, did he?

Dixie: No. Well, he... tried to tell me that he's sorry and that he needs me to forgive him, but... I know it's been a long time, Joe, but seeing him just -- just brought everything back.

Joe: Of course, it did. Of course, it did. He kidnapped you. He terrorized you. Oh, no wonder you're shaken up.

Dixie: Now he wants to be friends. [Laughs] I don't want to be friends with that guy! [Chuckles]

Joe: Tad should be here. He should hear this.

Dixie: I know, but there's no way to reach him.

Joe: [Sighs] Look, I don't like the idea of your being all alone, unprotected while that creep is running around loose.

Dixie: Oh, it's okay, Joe. I mean, I can handle him.

Joe: No, I don't want you handling it. Look, I'm gonna pay him a visit.

Dixie: Joe, please no. That's not why I asked to see you.

Joe: I know. I know that. I know that, but someone has got to go see him and tell him he's got to stay clear of you and clear of your family. And if Tad were here, he would do it, but he's not. So, I've got to do it. And I'm gonna make sure he gets that message loud and clear.

[Soft music plays]

David: Well, look who it is. Didn't I hear you say you were on your way to a party?

Colby: Who shows up at a party before midnight?

David: Cristal. Wow.

Colby: Well, it's cheaper by the bottle than the glass.

David: Right. And you're all about saving money. May I?

Colby: Why not?

David: Great.

Colby: Would you like some? You did pay for it.

David: Why not? A toast. To better luck next time.

Colby: What's that supposed to mean?

David: Weren't you hoping that Pete would walk through that door?

Colby: Okay, Pete and I are just friends.

David: Right. And whose idea was that?

Colby: [Sighs] Don't be boring.

David: I'm just trying to make conversation.

Colby: Well, you're kind of being an ass.

[Both chuckle]

David: Okay. But isn't that what you like about me?

Colby: No. I don't like you at all. Really. But I do like the 30 grand you gave me.

David: If that's a thank you, I'll take it.

Colby: Thank you.

David: And if that's genuine gratitude, you're welcome. So, did my money help you with your problems?

Colby: All better. I am very good at getting myself out of messes.

David: [Chuckles] I'm pretty sure I'm the one that got you out of that mess.

Colby: You should do that more.

David: Give you money?

Colby: Smile. [Laughs]

David: You are trouble.

Colby: To trouble.

David: You're very good at this.

Colby: Mm. I am. [Chuckles]

David: Must drive you crazy that Petey isn't biting.

Colby: Not really, because sooner or later, I always get what I want.

Pete: What's going on?

Opal: Oh, I sold the house. Here. Grab a box. You can help me.

Pete: Wait, you what?

Opal: I sold it. Here. You can start with this wash tub. Do you know that your daddy dragged this with him all the way up from Pigeon Hollow as a reminder of his humble beginnings? Let that be a lesson to you, Mister.

Pete: Mom, why would you do that?

Opal: Because I'm a sentimental old fool, and I cannot bear to be parted with anything that connects me with my past. Move over, please. Which includes anything connected to my beloved late husband or to you, for that matter. You know, I used to give you a bath in that tub. You'd swim around like a little goldfish. Rub-a-dub dub, three men in a tub.

Pete: Mom --

Opal: Oh, you were so cute.

Pete: [Chuckling] I'm talking about the house. Why would you sell this house?

Opal: Look at the size of this place, Petey. There are rooms here that I haven't even visited in years.

Pete: Yeah, but this is your home. This is our home.

Opal: I am tired of rattling around in this drafty old barn all by my lonesome. You being back here has reminded me just how lonely I really was.

Pete: Mom, listen. I'm gonna be right down the street, only a few miles away, okay? And I'm gonna visit you a lot, I promise.

Opal: Well, guess what? You don't have to, because we're gonna be neighbors.

Billy Clyde: This makes everything yours, little darlin'. Congratulations, madame.

Ruby Marie: No strings, Billy Clyde. You're not gonna change your mind, come back here, and take it all away from me?

Billy Clyde: Oh, my hand on a stack of Bibles, this all belongs to you. I mean, you're the one who deserves it.

Ruby Marie: You're the best of the best. [Smooches]

Billy Clyde: Well, I try.

Ruby Marie: [Chuckles] Look at you in your fancy duds. You are looking like a real upstanding gentleman now.

Billy Clyde: Well, I shall soon be living like a real upstanding gentleman, too.

Ruby Marie: I hope your life turns out the way you want.

Billy Clyde: [Laughs] Yes, I'm counting on it.

Cassandra: Mom!

Angie: Honey, I'm here. It's okay, baby. It's okay. It's all right.

Dixie: The methadone will give her some relief, okay?

Angie: But we won't be able to begin treatment until she's in full withdrawal, which means nausea, vomiting, fever, insomnia, and a whole host of other tortures she'll have to suffer through. [Voice breaking] I swear, if only I could trade places with her, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Dixie: I know. I know. Anything so she wouldn't have to suffer anymore, but there is something that you can do, Angie. You can fall back on your faith. You can pray that she will come back to you healthy and whole.

Angie: She used to be so strong, so stubborn. What they did to her -- Dixie, how is she ever gonna come back from that?

Dixie: She will. She will with your help and with Jesse and all of us. We will help her come back. But she's gonna have to fight. She cannot let them win.

Angie: They won't. There is no way in hell that I'm gonna let that happen.

Opal: Now, leave plenty of space between each of those pieces. Use lots of bubble wrap. I don't want anything to break. Oh, hey! I got an idea. Why don't you take the wash tub over to your new place until I get settled? Than I won't have to worry about the movers, you know, putting a ding in it.

Pete: I don't think this is a good idea.

Opal: Why not?

Pete: Mom, it's our family home.

Opal: Petey, home is where the heart is. And there is no family living here anymore. Palmer is gone. You're moving out. That leaves me here all by my lonesome without a family.

Pete: I mean, where did you even get the idea to sell it?

Opal: Well, it was a happy coincidence, actually, 'cause somebody made me an offer I could not refuse.

Pete: Okay, hang on. I want to see the paperwork.

Opal: Okay.

Pete: I'm gonna make sure you're not getting screwed over.

Opal: Honey, it was a cash deal, and a few zeroes over market value, too. Take a look at that.

Pete: This is a good deal.

Opal: Yeah. Of course, it is. You're not the only one with a good head for business, you know.

Pete: [Chuckles] Okay, Mom, regardless of the money, you need to think about this. This is a big decision. You know, what would Dad say? I mean, you rebuilt this place after the fire? How can you just walk away?

Opal: [Chuckles] You know, Petey, if I didn't know better, I would think that you're not happy about us being neighbors.

Pete: That's not it at all. I just don't want you making a decision that you're gonna regret.

Opal: Well, I don't regret it, and I don't have time to think about it anyway, because I told the buyer that we'd be out of here by the end of the week.

Pete: You're not moving in a week, Mom?

Opal: Yes, I am. He bought the place, lock, stock, and barrel. All I'm taking is my clothes, my cosmetics, and, uh, you know, a few of my favorite tchotchkes.

Pete: This is just some corporate shell, Mom. Do you even know who's gonna live here?

Opal: I have no idea. All I know is that it's somebody with excellent taste and a lot of loot to toss around.

[Knock on door]

Billy Clyde: Oh, well, now, here's your first paying admirer. [Chuckles] Congratulations and break a leg, little darlin'.

Ruby Marie: [Chuckles] Thank you. Hello, sweetie.

Joe: Oh, um, hello. Um, I'm Dr. Joe Martin.

Ruby Marie: A doctor? But we're not quite so formal here, Joey.

Joe: Well, you don't understand.

Ruby Marie: [Chuckles] Sure I do.

Joe: You -- I think you really don't. Look, uh, I'm here because... Well, I understand that --

Ruby Marie: You're a sweet little ball of nerves, aren't you? Is this your first time?

Joe: No.

Ruby Marie: So, you're an aficionado in the art of love.

Joe: Uh... what I want is something quite different.

Ruby Marie: Mm. Different is what we do best.

Joe: Oh, this is ridiculous. Really, I --

Ruby Marie: Don't get yourself in a twist. Let me show you my girls.

Joe: No, no, no, no, no. Wait. You really don't understand. Look, I came here -- I want to talk to the man in charge.

Ruby Marie: Oh, well, that would be me, sweetie, because I'm in charge now.

Joe: Well, I don't know what to say. I'm not a customer.

Billy Clyde: Dr. Joe! Is that you?

Joe: Oh, thank God!

Billy Clyde: [Chuckles] Are you looking for me?

Joe: Yes. I'm looking to come in. Heaven help me. Yes.

Ruby Marie: Well, if you swing this way, you got the wrong guy. But I can rustle you up another.

Joe: I don't swing -- period.

Billy Clyde: [Laughs]

Joe: Listen, I want to talk to you.

Ruby Marie: All right. Well, excuse me.

Billy Clyde: Please, do come in.

Joe: Thank you. Thank you. This will only take a minute.

Billy Clyde: I assume this is not, uh, a felicitous, uh, little get-together betwixt old chums, is it?

Joe: You assume right. So, listen closely. I'm only gonna say it once.

[David and Colby kiss passionately]

Colby: Don't stop now.

David: I know you're just doing this because Petey blew you off.

Colby: Do you care?

David: Absolutely not.

Colby: Don't think I don't know you're doing this to screw it to my family. Screw me, screw over JR and my father. [Giggles]

David: Do you care?

Colby: I think it's hot. Mm. [Breathes heavily]

Angie: There you are.

Jesse: How is she?

Angie: In and out.

Cassandra: [Crying] I won't. Please! Don't make me!

Angie: Cassandra! Cassandra, honey. It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.

Cassandra: Where am I?

Angie: You're safe, baby.

Cassandra: Mom, please. Jesse.

Jesse: We're here. We're here.

Cassandra: You're both here.

Angie: Yes.

Cassandra: I'm with you?

Jesse: Yes.

Angie: Yes, baby.

Cassandra: I didn't think I'd ever see you guys again. [Groans] Oh, God. Mom, the things I did... [Sobbing] The things they made me do... I'm so sorry.

Jesse: It's gonna be okay.

Angie: [Crying] It's gonna be okay, honey.

Cassandra: It's so awful. You'll hate me.

Angie: No. Never, baby. No matter what, we love you.

Cassandra: They put me in a movie. The man -- the man -- he wouldn't stop. And... I begged them, "No." I -- they made me do it. [Sobbing] I'm so sorry.

Angie: You -- listen to me. Listen to me. I want you to listen to your mother. You did nothing wrong. Nothing. Do you hear me? And all that matters is that you're home and you're safe. Cassandra, you're going to get through this. We're going to get through this together, I promise. [Crying] I promise you, baby.

Cassandra: [Crying]

Angie: I promise you.

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