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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 5/29/13


Episode #16

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[Knock on door]

Opal: Petey Cortlandt, this damn well better be you!

David: [Chuckles] Why, hello, Opal. Looking lovely as always.

Opal: I heard they sprung you from the pokey, but I never imagined you'd be darkening my door.

David: Actually, I'm looking for Pete.

Opal: I don't care if you're looking for the Pope. You are not welcome here.

David: Wait. Wait a minute. You can relax, okay? Your son and I -- we have very important business to discuss.

Opal: You in business with my son? Over my dead body, mister. Now, you take your criminal mind off of my property, or I will call Pine Valley's finest and have them send you back to the pokey, pronto!

David: I --

[Door slams]

[Phone beeps]

Celia: Is that your mom again?

Pete: Oh, I wish.

Celia: Is everything okay?

Pete: Still good for now.

Celia: Do you need to go back?

Pete: No, I don't need to go back. Besides, it's our last night. I figured we'd do something else that you haven't done before.

Celia: Like...

Pete: Like a concert at the Bowery Ballroom.

Celia: Uh... Can I ask you a question?

Pete: Shoot.

Celia: If you were here with any other girl, what would you really want to be doing instead?

[Door opens, closes]

Cara: Hello? Hey.

JR: Oh, hey.

Cara: Winifred said you were resting.

JR: Oh. Tried. Didn't work.

Cara: Well, before you try to talk me into another workout, I just came back to grab my phone. Are you okay?

JR: Uh, truth? No.

Cara: Something happen?

JR: Yeah, I woke up. You know, I'm starting to think everybody would have been better off if I stayed in that coma.

AJ: Six times on the snake-and-shake coaster, and I don't even care if my dad thinks I'm an addict like him.

Miranda: Well, I'm glad it made you feel better. Me, not so much. Ugh! I swear, I could have hurled on that last turn. Everything's still spinning.

AJ: Well, you need some coffee to level you out. Ready? Hey, grab a table. I'll get you a latte.

Miranda: Okay.

[Door closes]

Miranda: Hey, guys.

Girl: Miranda, hey.

Miranda: Scoot over?

Girl: We were just leaving, actually.

Miranda: Looks like you just got here. Is something up?

Girl: Just in the middle of something. Looks like you had a rough day.

Miranda: Oh! Wait till you hear what AJ and I just... Are you sure there's not something going on?

Girl: We're in the middle of something.

Miranda: Right. Sorry, I --

Heather: Hey, Miranda. Over here.

Miranda: [Clears throat] Uh, I was gonna say hi to her anyway. Just a sec. Later.

Jane: Double espresso, right?

Smithers: You know me.

Jane: That's a lot of octane for this time of night.

Smithers: I have a business meeting, and I need to stay on my toes.

Billy Clyde: And off your feet, right?

Smithers: What are you doing here?

Billy Clyde: [Chuckles] You think you're the only one who enjoys some joltin' joe in the evening? May I have a word with you?

Smithers: I'm kind of in a hurry.

Billy Clyde: This won't take long. So, you tell me where you've been keeping yourself, Smitty.

Smithers: I don't know what you're talking about.

Billy Clyde: Blasphemer! You used to be my best customer. Now, all of a sudden, you're AWOL! You're MIA! Where you been keeping yourself?

Smithers: Would you keep your voice down?

Billy Clyde: How's this? You tell me where you've been doing your business, or I'm going to send all my loving, cherished photographs of you to your darling, loving wife.

Zach: No, you got to get closer. The resolution's no good.

Lea: The more I zoom in, the blurrier the words get on the menu. What, is that an "A"?

Zach: That? No, it's an "H."

Lea: I can't make it out.

Zach: So, this is all we have? This is the best lead we have, and we can't read it?

Lea: I know you want to protect your friend, but as the lead officer in this case, I don't think we should keep this from him, especially since he can identify the menu from patrolling the area.

Zach: No, it would kill him. Jesse can't know about this?

Jesse: Why not?

Uri: [Smacks Vlad]

Vlad: Unh!

Uri: Police chief's daughter! Don't ever make mistake like that again, mudak!

Vlad: I told you! I saw her French passport --

Uri: Shut up!

Zach: Jesse, I was just about to call you.

Jesse: It sounds to me like you were trying not to call me.

Zach: Let's go get a cup of coffee. I'll fill you in on what we found.

Jesse: Why not fill me in here?

Zach: Because Lea is busy.

Jesse: We're working on the same case. Obviously, she knows something about the lead, don't you?

Lea: I do.

Jesse: Well, then, somebody fill me in, please. I'm waiting.

Billy Clyde: So, you tell me where you've been taking your business, or I'll make mincemeat of your marriage.

Smithers: Nowhere, okay? Except home. It's my wife. We're trying to work things out.

Billy Clyde: [Laughing] [Snaps knife blade out]

Smithers: God!

Billy Clyde: Now, don't bring the big guy into this. I'm the only one here who can grant you redemption, huh? Now let's have the skinny. Come on. Let's have the skinny. Bleed it on me.

Smithers: I needed something kinkier than your girls are giving me, all right?

Billy Clyde: Since I'm a man of God, I may no longer relish the salacious details, but you better tell me who's running this den of iniquity.

Smithers: I... can't.

Billy Clyde: Well, sure hope the missus enjoys her early anniversary present.

Smithers: Here. Go to the website. Click on the girl in red. It's a portal for hookups.

Billy Clyde: This better be legitimate.

Smithers: It is. The password's on the back.

Billy Clyde: [Grumbles] May fire and brimstone rain down upon the Sodomites. [Closes knife]

Lea: We've been examining every link under "Your Every Fantasy" website, and we came across this video.

Zach: But the video is not what's important. In the background, it looks like a take-out menu or something. It's probably from a restaurant in the area. But the video's blurry, so Lea's gonna send it out to get blown up.

Jesse: Wait a minute. I know some of the restaurants on the outskirts of Center City. Maybe I can make it out.

Zach: Maybe the tech guys should fiddle with it.

Jesse: It couldn't hurt if I took a look, right?

Zach: I -- [Sighs]

Jesse: Show me.

Zach: See, it's not very clear.

Jesse: What is that? In the corner, is that a leg? Is that -- this is a porn video.

Zach: The video's not what's important, Jesse.

Jesse: Wait a minute. Is that why you don't want me to see it? Can you pull this out of close-up?

Zach: Don't do it, Jesse.

Jesse: Please!

Cassandra: [Whimpering]

Man: Say it, bitch.

Jesse: Oh, my God.

Cassandra: [Crying] I'm a dirty girl.

Jesse: It's Cassandra.

Man: You know what happens to dirty girls, don't you?

Jesse: Oh, my God!

Zach: Turn it off!

Heather: I know it's hard, but try to ignore them.

Miranda: Listen, thanks for calling me over, but... do I know you?

Heather: No. But I know you. I'm Heather. I heard about what happened with that jerk Hunter. Twitter -- got to love it.

Miranda: Great! Now the whole town knows about it.

Heather: Oh, in a week, everyone will forget it ever happened. I always thought Bramwell sucked, 'cause an all-girl school can get really bitchy, but after seeing that tweet, how do you deal with assholes like him every day?

Miranda: He's not the only one.

Jane: Here you go.

AJ: Thanks.

Kyle: Hey.

AJ: Whoa, dude. Watch it.

Kyle: How'd it go with the stuff?

AJ: Uh... I didn't do it. My dad kinda found it before I did it.

Kyle: You didn't rat me out, did you?

AJ: No way.

Kyle: 'Cause if your old man tells my old man --

AJ: Trust me. My dad's not gonna do shit.

Kyle: My dad would have beat the crap out of me. You're lucky, man.

AJ: [Scoffs] Yeah. Real lucky.

JR: AJ wants absolutely nothing to do with me.

Cara: You've been out of his life for five years. You can't expect for things to automatically fall into a happy family place. And he's a teenager. From what I hear, they're hardwired to hate their parents.

JR: Well, I just hope, because I turned out like my father, AJ doesn't turn out like me. It's the last thing I ever wanted for my son.

Pete: Mmm. My weather app's saying thunderstorms, so gonna match it up with the local news channel -- see if we need to order a car for tonight. Trying to get a cab when it's raining in this city is next to impossible.

Celia: You're dodging my question.

Pete: Celia, I'm not dod --

Celia: Pete, come on. I know the kind of girls you're used to dating. They're hardly shy. And something tells me that if you were here in this hotel room with any of those girls, you wouldn't be talking about going to dinner and a show. You'd... you'd be in bed. Wouldn't you?

Pete: You're right. I would.

Opal: [Gasps] What are you doing? How did you get in here?

David: You left the door unlocked after you slammed it in my face. You really should be more careful, Opal.

Opal: All right, that does it. I am calling the cops.

David: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. All I want to do is talk to Petey.

Opal: I told you. Petey isn't here.

David: Okay. Well, I figured I would just wait until he got back from wherever it is that he went -- unless, of course, you know where that is.

Opal: No, I don't. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

David: What if I told you that the future of Cortlandt Electronics depends on it.

Opal: I would tell you that Palmer would be spinning in his grave to think that you had anything to do with that.

David: Gosh. What is wrong with you people? Don't I ever get any points for all the good things that I've done in this town?

Opal: Oh, please.

David: Not only was I the best heart surgeon this town has ever known, but I also single-handedly cured Angie Hubbard's blindness.

Opal: And every life that you touched ends up in tragedy, and I will not have you slithering into my Petey's world and destroy that, too. No. Now, are you gonna get your sorry butt out of here, or am I gonna have to call the cops?

David: Okay. Okay, fine. I'll leave. But if you really give a damn about your son, you'll tell him to call me, or else you can kiss Daddy's dynasty goodbye.

JR: I can actually -- I can hold this bottle and I have absolutely no desire to take a sip. That is how much I've changed. But you know what? They're just gonna accuse me of being in denial -- or worse, lying.

Brooke: JR.

JR: Here we go. I wasn't gonna take a sip. I'm just making a point.

Cara: I can attest to that.

Brooke: I'd like to believe you.

JR: But, of course, in this house, you are guilty until proven innocent, right? Oh, my God. AJ.

AJ: I thought you left.

Miranda: Yeah. I was about to until Heather saved me from looking like a total loser. Oh, I'm sorry. Heather, this is AJ. AJ -- Heather.

AJ: Nice to meet you.

Heather: You, too.

AJ: Wait. So, what happened?

Heather: Oh, those girls over there didn't want Miranda to sit with them. I think it was because that asshole Hunter was watching.

AJ: Who? Kirsten?

Miranda: I know, right?

Heather: It was so shitty. Nobody would have had the guts to stand up to Hunter the way you did.

Miranda: Uh, Heather goes to Bramwell, but she knows all about what happened with Hunter thanks to social media.

Heather: You're a hero for having Miranda's back like you did.

AJ: Uh, I don't know.

Hunter: Figured you two would be friends. Hey, you know what they say about Bramwell girls. They like to get off on the "V." I bet you like that, hmm?


AJ: Piece of shit!

Miranda: Hey! Stop! Remember what Coach Lane said.

AJ: I don't give a shit what he said! Someone needs to bring that asshole down!

Miranda: Someone, not you -- not for me again. Come on. Later. Thank you.

Pete: Celia, you asked me a question, and I answered it.

Celia: I don't even know why you brought me here. I mean, you had to know that what you do with other girls wasn't gonna happen with me.

Pete: That's exactly why I brought you here. Because, Celia, you're not like other girls. Because when I'm with you, I'm not just thinking about how great it would be to sleep with you. Not that I wouldn't want to. I would. I do. It's just when I'm with you... I'm happy, no matter what we do. And for the record, I like the kind of girl that waits until she's in love.

Celia: I... I think I might be.

Pete: What?

Celia: Falling in love with you. Oh! I shouldn't have said that.

Pete: Oh, no, no, no. I'm glad you did. 'Cause I'm pretty sure I'm falling in love with you, too.

Celia: [Sees a man's face behind Pete] Oh! Oh, my God. [Breathing heavily]

Jane: Hey, fellas, what's all this about?

Man: It's a press conference.

Jane: I wasn't informed.

David: Well, then, consider yourself informed.

Jane: You're the doctor... who's not the doctor anymore, the one that shot --

David: Uh, old news. What I'm about to drop here is a game changer, and you can tell everyone that you head it first.

Jane: You really should have checked ahead of time. Not all my patrons want their faces plastered on TV. I'm not so thrilled about it.

David: You can relax, sweetheart, because the only mug the camera's going to be facing right now is this one.

Jane: Keep it that way.

David: Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Um, before you go, why don't you get some coffee and danish for the crew?

Jane: Are you running a tab?

David: Give them whatever they want.

Jane: Mm.

Man: Dr. Hayward, is this announcement connected to your attempted-murder conviction?

David: No, no. That's all in the past. What I'm about to talk about right here today is the future and how I'm gonna change it.

Billy Clyde: What's this for?

Man: Put it on. Our location is top-secret.

Billy Clyde: Well, how will I know when I want to come back?

Man: I'll take you, if there is a next time.

Billy Clyde: [Puts on blindfold] Oh, the things I do for the name of the Lord.

Zach: I didn't want you to see that.

Jesse: When I get my hands on those bastards, I will kill them.

Zach: And I will help you.

Lea: Hey, guys, the first letter on this menu is an "A."

Zach: See, that's better. That's a "D."

Lea: Mm-hmm.

Zach: And an "R."

Jesse: Adriano's. I know exactly where that is.

Lea: These are the delivery records for the last month. The owner of Adriano's just sent it over.

Zach: Look for cash customers. Credit cards are too easy to trace.

Lea: Cash customers who only give cell phone numbers are harder to trace.

Jesse: Well, here's a customer at 136 Bleeker. He orders all the time, never gives a number.

Zach: And he's feeding an army. Look at that.

Jesse: Yeah, I need you to check out 136 Bleeker. It's got to be right across the street from Adriano's.

Zach: And it's right by the railroad tracks. Amy could've heard the whistle.

Jesse: Manny, you there? Yeah, 136. Yeah. What's it look like? Shit! No, no, no, no. Don't move in yet. Wait for back-up. It's an abandoned building. Doors boarded up, windows blacked out, just like Amy said.

Zach: Let's go!

Brooke: These should have been put away before JR came home.

Cara: Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions?

Brooke: He's an alcoholic who was holding a bottle of Scotch.

Cara: [Chuckles] You know what? I am starting to think he's right. You are all expecting him to fail.

Brooke: Is that what he told you?

Cara: It makes him feel like there's no point in even trying to make up for his past mistakes.

Brooke: Well, it didn't take him very long to get you to start feeling sorry for him, did it?

Cara: Excuse me?

Brooke: We've all been witness and some even victims of JR's manipulations. And I appreciate you wanting to believe the best of JR, but I should caution you -- I would hate to see your faith in him turn around and bite you.

JR: AJ, I shouldn't have accused you of taking those drugs.

AJ: You acted like it was heroin. They're steroids!

JR: But they're still drugs, okay? When I saw you with them, I just...

AJ: What? What? You thought I was gonna have a "like father, like son" moment, Dad? Well, you know what? You thought wrong. I don't do drugs.

JR: I know, and I'm sorry. Okay? It didn't hit me till the same thing happened with Brooke. Right? I was holding a bottle of Scotch, and I'm trying to --

AJ: What?

JR: No, I was not taking a drink. I wasn't. I was making a point with Cara. You don't believe me, either.

AJ: Whatever, Dad.

JR: You still don't trust me. Nobody does. No, but I -- look, I deserve that, AJ. But you don't. You've never given me a reason not to trust you. I'm sorry for accusing you.

Pete: Tell me what's going on.

Celia: I don't know.

Pete: You know, if I did something, any -- what the... ? "Ex-con and former Pennsylvania doctor David Hayward released from jail... talks... new medical breakthrough and mega-merger with Cortlandt Electronics"? You son of a bitch!

TV: David Hayward, the physical recently released from a Pennsylvania state prison after serving a five-year sentence for attempted murder has announced that he has big plans for the town of Pine Valley. Let's tune in.

JR: Oh, hey.

Cara: Hey.

JR: I didn't expect to see you still here.

Cara: Yeah, well... did you talk to your son?

JR: I tried.

Cara: Okay. You keep trying, all right? Sooner or later, he's gonna see that you've changed. Everyone will.

JR: I'm glad you think so.

Cara: Right.

Brooke: Wow. Look at this. Here. Ready?

David: But before I get started, I would like to quickly address the subject of my unfortunate incarceration for the accidental shooting of JR Chandler.

JR: What the hell is he doing?

David: Now, that being said, I'm hoping that you will all give me the benefit of the doubt and allow me to return to Pine Valley, a place that I still consider home, so that I may start my venture here, to the benefit of us all.

Pete: This guy is bat-shit crazy!

David: I have spent the past five years developing and refining a miraculous new device that will revolutionize modern medicine. And I'm hoping to produce that device right here in Pine Valley, a move that will bring new jobs to the region, revitalizing not only the downtown area, but the outer neighborhoods, as well. Now, I'm hoping to do this by forging a partnership with Cortlandt Electronics?

Pete: Cortlandt Electronics? [Scoffs] Like hell you will! We didn't agree on anything! [Shuts TV off] Manipulative piece of shit. You want to walk around like a white knight? Act like you're gonna save the world? You think I'm gonna just take a partnership with you? Ha! Got another thing coming, buddy. Wrong guy.

[Phone ringing]

Pete: Hey, Amber. It's Pete. Listen, I'm sorry it's late. You need to get Legal on the phone and make sure that they file an injunction on David Hayward. You shut him down.

Jesse: What the hell are you doing here?

Billy Clyde: I told you I had a bone to pick with these perpetrators of evil.

Jesse: Get him out of here! Give me that. Get him out of here.

Lea: You're under arrest.

Billy Clyde: What for?

Lea: I'll think of something.

Billy Clyde: [Muttering]

[Women screaming]

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