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Episode #15

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Jane: Miss Miranda. Usual?

Miranda: Yep. Thanks, Jane.

Jane: You're welcome.

Miranda: [Sighs] Hi.

Bianca: Hi. So, how'd it go?

Miranda: You know, better that I thought it would. Some kids even came up to me and told me what a dick they thought Hunter was for what he did.

Bianca: And no run-ins with him?

Miranda: He actually came and apologized.

Bianca: That was big of him.

Miranda: Yeah, well, you could tell someone put him up to it. AJ called him out on it, and Hunter was just like, whatever.

Bianca: You know, AJ will have to be careful. He can't afford another suspension. But it is nice that you have a friend who loves you like that.

Miranda: Yeah.

Bianca: I have a surprise for you.

Miranda: Yeah, I don't know if I can handle any more surprises.

Bianca: [Chuckles] Your Uncle Zach is in town.

Miranda: No way. I haven't seen him in, like, forever!

Bianca: I know. I know. He wants to take us to dinner tonight.

Miranda: Cool. Gabby, too?

Bianca: Just the three of us. Um... there's some things that we should talk about.

AJ: [Sighs, looks at the bag of steroids]

Cara: That's enough.

JR: No. Just give me a second.

Cara: No. Listen to me. You hit the wall for the day, okay? I'm calling it, JR.

JR: Hold on.

Cara: The mistress of pain has spoken.

JR: [Chuckles] All right. [Grunts]

Cara: Gently.

JR: Thank you.

Cara: You're welcome.

JR: Well... 10 minutes. [Panting] We're starting again.

Cara: [Sighs] Look -- I get it. You want to make up for lost time, but --

JR: No. It's not about lost time. This family doesn't tolerate weakness in any form.

Cara: Okay, well, do they tolerate foolishness? Because that's what it would be for you to keep going when your body needs to rest. You have to trust me on this.

JR: Trust you? I barely know you.

Cara: Well, considering I'm trusting you with the biggest secret of my entire life, do you think that you owe me at least that much in return?

David: Joe. Thanks for seeing me.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

David: Can we talk in your office?

Joe: No. I'll give you five minutes here, then I call Security.

David: [Chuckles] You don't have to be such a hard-ass, Joe, especially since I'm offering you the opportunity to make this hospital world famous and to give you a legacy that the medical world will be talking about for decades to come.

Zach: Honestly, what do you expect? A shortened season, Lidstrom's retired, first year without him, a lot of injuries -- come on.

Lochman: I guess I was hoping Zetterberg would keep the fire going.

Zach: You and me both!

Lea: Lochman, get your ass in here. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Zach: Take it easy on Agent Lochman. He did a nice job tailing me until I decided to lose him.

Lochman: This guy is really quick.

Zach: But, to be fair, I circled back, and I bought him lunch.

Lea: You had lunch with the subject you're supposed to be tailing?

Zach: Well, he did ask if we could invite you, and I just said that you're not that much fun, so...

Lea: We'll talk later.

Zach: See you, Lochman. Nice job. This is --

[Nameplate thuds]

Zach: [Sighs] Take it easy on the guy. He's doing a good job. Besides, if I really wanted to disappear, you'd never find me.

Lea: Why don't you do it, and we'll see?

Zach: You know, I don't have to run from anybody. I'm one of the good guys.

Lea: The evidence against that statement is rather compelling.

Zach: Oh, okay. Then, you know what I'll do? I will prove it to you. Even better -- wager. If you win, I'll go to prison. If I win... you're gonna strip some more. No?

Lea: What are you doing here, Slater? Really. What do you want?

Zach: Honestly? I came to be with you.

[Door opens]

Cassandra: [Whimpering]

Uri: You have been keeping secrets from me.

Cassandra: I don't know what you're talking about! [Crying]

Uri: Your stepfather is chief of police in Pine Valley? That makes you very dangerous piece of merchandise to keep around.

Cara: Hey, really good job today. Okay?

JR: Thank you. See you soon.

Dixie: Yeah, tomorrow! Tomorrow.

Dixie: Hi.

Cara: Hi. Uh, can you make sure your son doesn't work out any more today? Doctor's orders.

JR: [Grunts] Yeah.

Dixie: I will do my best.

Cara: Bye.

JR: Cara. I do, you know -- trust you.

Miranda: What was it you and Zach wanted to talk about, anyway?

Bianca: Well -- [Sighs] After what happened with you at school, we just thought... that it was just time to discuss some things, that's all. And I-I want him to be --

[Cell phone beeping rapidly]

Bianca: I'm -- I'm sorry. Um, emergency tone from work. Uh... Barbara, what is it? What?! No. No, no, no. Uh, tell them that I have to be there. Yeah, right away. No arguments.

Miranda: You're bailing on me, aren't you?

Joe: Diagnostic biosensors.

David: That's right, with a focus on cardiac monitoring.

Joe: I'm sure you realize that there must be hundreds of universities and biotech companies that are already a decade into R&D on these things.

David: Absolutely. Absolutely. But those five years I spent in prison, I developed a method to use the body's own stem cells to bind to a nano-device, to fool the immune system into thinking that a biosensor is the patient's own heart tissue.

Joe: Wow. Um... if you're right, you have leap-frogged years of research.

David: [Chuckles] Yes, I certainly have. But there's still a lot to be done, Joe, which is where you and Pine Valley Hospital come in.

Joe: Well...

Lea: What do you mean you want to be with me? What is that -- some sort of pick-up line?

Zach: Oh! Um, no, no, no. That's -- that's not what -- It's interesting you would think of it that way. No, what I meant was I-I want to be with you, like... you know, I'm not against you. We're on the same team.

Lea: Not quite. Before this was about sex trafficking, this was a money-laundering case. An investigation. It still is -- with you as the prime suspect.

Zach: Hmm. You're stubborn -- like my wife, my ex-wife. It's a compliment, by the way.

Lea: And your arrogance reminds me of the half thickheaded jocks at the academy. And that's not a compliment, by the way.

Zach: Hmm. It's never gonna end for you, is it?

Lea: What are you talking about?

Zach: Whenever you're with a man, you have to make sure that you're stronger and better.

Lea: You don't know a damn thing about me.

Zach: Even at the academy, you'd beat everybody else down. You win. You're the best one. But it still doesn't get that chip off your shoulder, does it now?

Lea: Digging into my history, Mr. Slater, is not gonna win you any brownie points.

Zach: I'm not doing that. I was just... curious. You know, I want to find out whatever I can about my new partner. And, by the way, you should call me Zach. Is that okay, Lea? Can I call you Lea? Is that all right?

Lea: We are not partners, and you can call me Special Agent Marquez.

Zach: Holy shit. That's a mouthful, huh? Listen. 24/7, you've been on me. It's really making it hard for my investigation.

Lea: What -- are you afraid that we're gonna catch you with some unsavory people, people that will further implicate you in this investigation?

Zach: No, what I'm afraid of is that if the FBI is on me, all the rats are gonna scatter.

Lea: Well, when you lie down with dogs...

Zach: Well, at least, when I go after a subject... I keep my clothes on. Unless she's cute and she says pretty please.

Lea: You're a suspect in one of my investigations, not a partner. End of discussion.

Zach: Maybe I can change your mind on that.

Bianca: Honey, I'm so sorry! There's a Violence Against Women conference that the center is sponsoring in DC. We've raised a ton of money selling it out. The speaker has an emergency, and I have to fill in. Please understand. It's an important cause.

Miranda: Sure. Hey, it is my name on the place, after all. Um, so what about me and Gabby?

Bianca: Oh, uh... Well, Gabby can probably come with me, but I'd hate to see you miss any more school. Maybe you can stay with Opal?

Miranda: Of course, the logical choice in this situation would be for me to stay with AJ, considering they have more rooms than a Hilton, but that would mean me staying under the same roof as his evil father, wouldn't it?

Bianca: Miranda!

Miranda: Look, Mom. I understand why you hate JR so much, but he's back in AJ's life, which means he's also back in mine.

Bianca: All right, let me be very clear about something. The last thing I want is for there to be any tension between you and me. And as for AJ, I love him as though he were my own. I mean, for a while there, it was looking like he was gonna be.

Miranda: Do we really need to revisit that night?

Bianca: Apparently, we do, because that night our family, which consisted not only of you, me, and Gabby, but also of AJ and Marissa was destroyed.

Miranda: By JR. I know.

Bianca: Okay, well, if you know that, then you should be able to understand why I can't just turn off my emotions when it comes to that man!

Miranda: Well, can you at least try to control them?! 'Cause it's really gonna suck if I have to choose between my mother and my best friend!

Bianca: [Sighs] Okay. For your sake and for AJ's, I will try.

Cassandra: [Crying] Please just let me go! I promise I won't say anything! I'll tell them I was drugged, and I'll say that I never seen anything! Please!

Uri: If you are begging for your life, should you not be on your knees?

Cassandra: [Crying] Please! Please don't kill me! Please! I'll do whatever you want! Please!

Uri: Anything?

Cassandra: Yes.

Uri: Stupid girl! Very pretty, but very stupid. You are too valuable to kill. You will be sold, and then you will disappear forever.

Cassandra: No!

David: I'm confident that I could raise the financing, Joe. And I want you to hear this -- that I have every intention of doing everything aboveboard. That means that I want to run the entire FDA gauntlet. So, all I'm needing from you are lab facilities, um, cardiac patients for trials, and, well -- [Chuckles] most importantly, this hospital's endorsement.

Joe: [Chuckles] David, there is no way this hospital will give you any kind of endorsement or assistance.

David: You've got to be kidding me. I did my time, Joe.

Joe: Uh-huh.

David: I paid my dues. You're obviously not understanding the full significance of what I'm talking here. This has the potential of saving hundreds of thousands of lives! And what -- you're gonna reject that, because you want your pound of flesh? Unbelievable. Well, you won't be satisfied until I'm dead and gone, will you?

Joe: I'll settle for gone.

David: When I succeed at this, and I promise you I will, I'm going to make sure the entire world knows what a petty son of a bitch you really are.

Cara: [Gasps] What are you doing here?

David: I'm just wasting my time talking to a fool. [Scoffs] Don't you even feel a twinge of hypocrisy? What -- doing everything you can to save that child in there, all the while knowing that you deliberately killed ours? You're the one this town should be calling a murderer. Not me.

[Knock on door]


AJ: I'll be right out!

JR: [Sighs]

AJ: Would you get the hell out of my stuff!

JR: What is that?

AJ: It's none of your damn business.

JR: Answer me! Are you shooting up drugs?

AJ: Yeah, Dad. I've been slamming crystal meth for the past two months. These aren't drugs, okay? They're steroids.

JR: Those are still drugs, AJ! How long have you been taking them?

AJ: Not like it's any of your business, but I haven't been, and I wasn't planning on it, either, okay? Some kid gave them to me today to try. That's it.

JR: Why don't I believe you.

AJ: Why don't I give a shit whether you do or not.

JR: Hey. What am I supposed to think? I mean, I find a baggie full of vials and needles in my son's backpack, and I'm not supposed to be concerned?

AJ: And I told you that I didn't take them, and I wasn't planning on it, either! But, no, you'd rather think that I'm some liar and an addict! Sorry, Dad. But the only person in this room who fits that description is you.

Cara: [Crying on Joe's shoulder]

Joe: Oh. There, there. Oh, listen. You mustn't let that man say anything that can do this to you.

Cara: No. No. You know what? You don't understand.

Joe: Tell me. Cara, you used to be my daughter-in-law, twice over! I want to help.

Uri: Such a shame. I had such plans for you.

Cassandra: [Crying]

Eileen: You bitch! You sold her out!

Tia: It's called self-preservation, honey.

Uri: Yeah, today. She is too dangerous to keep.

Zach: May I?

[Keyboard clacking]

Zach: There. Look familiar?

Lea: Yes. It's the strip club's website. Members log in to get nightly entrance codes. I've already gone through it. There's just a homepage and a JavaScript code generator.

Zach: That's what I thought, then I kept looking.

Lea: I'm sure you did. There's lots of pictures of naked women.

Zach: Yeah, there is. Did you click on the naughty bits?

Lea: [Chuckles] No. Not exactly what came to mind, no. Well, how incredibly juvenile. I'm sure this kept you busy for hours.

Zach: It did. See, it's a code. A game, really. What you want to do -- see the woman in the middle.

Lea: Hm-hmm.

Zach: You want to try to give her an orgasm. I'll explain what that is later.

[Mouse clicking]

Woman: [Moaning] Mm. Mm-hmm. Mm.

Zach: See? Almost there.

Woman: [Panting, moaning]

Zach: There.

Lea: [Sighs] Well, well. Password-protected link to another site. I bet you had fun finding that one out.

Zach: Ah, once you know what buttons to push, it's pretty easy, but this one here -- it's uncrackable.

Lea: There's no such thing.

[Computer beeps]

Zach: Mind if I get a copy of that?

Lea: How can you get a copy of something that doesn't exist? Now, let's see what's hiding in here that warrants this type of security.

Dixie: Hi! Brooke told me you're going to be staying here for a while. Is everything okay with your mom?

Miranda: Oh, yeah. Everything's fine. She had to go out of town. I guess there was an emergency with the center, so...

Dixie: She's amazing. She pours her heart and soul into that place, doesn't she?

Miranda: Tell me about it.

Dixie: Well, listen. I can track down AJ for you -- he's somewhere if you want.

Miranda: No, it's okay. I can just put my stuff in the guestroom, and I'll text him if need him.

Dixie: Okay, great! Well, maybe I'll see you at dinner later. [Chuckles]

Miranda: [Chuckles]

Dixie: Nice having you here.

Miranda: Thank you.

Dixie: Okay. Bye.

Miranda: [Sighs]

Lea: I've been through some gruesome homicide scenes, but I have to tell you -- nothing has made me want to lose my lunch like some of this stuff.

Zach: [Sighs] That one right there.

Cassandra: [Crying]

Man: [Slaps her] Say it!

Cassandra: [Crying]

Man: [Slaps her] Say it!

Cassandra: [Crying] I'm a --

Man: Say it, bitch.

Cassandra: I'm a dirty girl!

Man: You know what happens to dirty girls, don't you?

Zach: Turn it off!

Cassandra: [Crying] Please!

Lea: You're sure it's her?

Zach: I said turn it off!

Lea: I'm sorry! But at least it's a solid lead.

Zach: Yeah. You know what? You better follow that solid of yours, Special Agent Marquez, because if I get to these guys before you, I'm gonna kill every single one of them.

Cara: Thank you.

Joe: And the boy?

Cara: He's safe. He's with my mom in Puerto Rico.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Cara: I-I had to lie, you know? I know what David would do if he find out.

Joe: You don't have to tell me that. I am well aware of what David is capable of. Well -- [Sighs] I am going to do what I can to keep him away from the hospital and from you. But as far as JR is concerned, since he knows the truth, I think you're just gonna have to trust him.

Cara: And not many people do.

Joe: Yeah.

AJ: I'm not like you or anyone else in this screwed-up family. I don't lie! I don't cheat! I don't steal! I don't try to kill people. And I sure as hell don't do drugs!

JR: Hey, hey. All right! Okay! God, I'm sorry. AJ, I believe you! I believe you about the steroids. But now I need you to believe me. I'm not that man anymore.

AJ: Why should I believe you, huh? I don't know you. I -- you've -- you've -- you've been in a coma for a third of my life, okay? Grandpa and Brooke sure as hell don't believe you!

JR: What are you talking about?

AJ: Yeah. I overheard them on the phone this morning. Grandpa thinks you're bullshitting everyone. He thinks you're faking your memory loss or whatever. He doesn't trust you at all!

JR: Is that what you believe?

AJ: God, I don't know what I believe. I try to be straight with you, and you -- you call me a liar.

JR: Look, I know. I-I said I'm sorry. Look, AJ. I was -- I was an addict. You know, I know what drugs and booze can do to you.

AJ: But I'm not you, okay?! God, here! You know what? I was gonna get rid of these, but since you don't seem to trust me any more than your dad trusts you, you do it!

JR: AJ --

AJ: Screw you.

[Door slams]

Miranda: AJ.

AJ: What are you doing here?

Miranda: Um, Mom's out of town, so I'm staying here for a while. Hey, is everything okay? I kind of heard you and your dad fighting.

AJ: Yeah, well... Come on. Let's get the hell out of here.

Lea: The IP address is in Belarus. It's probably routed through zombie proxies. We can still trace it. Maybe we'll get lucky. Do you want me to tell her parents?

Zach: No, I don't want you to tell her parents. Not until we find her.

Lea: She's still alive, at least as recently as this video.

Zach: Yeah, if you want to call that living.

Lea: I'm uploading this to Washington. They can run a facial recognition on the guy in this video, and then we're going to take this website apart piece by piece. I will find her.

Zach: We will find her. I found that lead. We will find her.

Lea: Despite your threats about killing these men --

Zach: I didn't threaten anyone! I promised you! Don't make me prove it.

Lea: Wait a minute. Look at this end table.

Zach: What is that -- a drawing?

Lea: I don't know. Maybe.

Zach: A menu?

Lea: I can try to clean it up so we can see it a little bit better. Maybe it can help us pinpoint her location.

Cassandra: If they take me out of this country, no one's ever gonna find me. I almost wish they'd just kill me instead.

Eileen: Don't -- don't say that, please! Don't say that.

Cassandra: [Crying]

Eileen: Don't give up hope, okay?

Vlad: Time to go.

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