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All My Children Transcript Thursday 5/16/13


Episode #12

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Evelyn: Of course, you're going. You love Europe.

Celia: Right now, it's just not a good time for me.

Evelyn: Why on Earth not?

Celia: Because I've met someone, and he's amazing. I think I'm falling in love.

Pete: So, basically, trying to revive Cortlandt Electronics looks like a pretty stupid plan.

Frank: Yeah. Intangibles are all that's left, IP rights to some of the designs. The brand name may still carry cachet. But you're gonna need a boatload of money if you want to relaunch the company.

Pete: Venture capital is so easy to come by these days. Who can I tap to fund this?

Dixie: So, did you speak to Adam about JR staying here to recuperate?

Brooke: Yes, I did, and absolutely Adam agrees that this would be the best place for him.

Dixie: I'm just afraid that this room might be a trigger for JR.

Brooke: Well, at the same time, because it's familiar and there are so many people who care about him, maybe it will be good for him.

Dixie: I hope it's good for AJ.

Brooke: Are you worried?

Dixie: Well, yeah. I mean, JR didn't recognize him at first.

Brooke: I think that having a therapist in the family will come in handy.

Dixie: I don't know. I'll do the best I can, but I think those guys have a long road ahead of them.

Brooke: Well, what I dread is having to tell JR that Adam put me in charge of the company.

Jesse: [Sighs]

Angie: Anything?

Jesse: No, not yet.

Angie: Four eyes are better than one.

Jesse: Come on. There can't be that many freight trains passing through a town twice a day.

Marvin: Are you crying?

Uri: Cut! What the hell are you doing?

Cassandra: [Crying] I can't.

Uri: You're not in mood? You have headache.

Cassandra: No. Please. Just let me go back to the strip club.

Uri: You will do as you're told. Let me help you. When we start to roll, imagine you are with your boyfriend, the love of your life, a movie star you have fantasized about, because if you don't, then imagine you are in a room with Vlad and no one can hear you scream. Are we clear?

Cassandra: [Nods her head]

Pete: Caleb did a hell of a job on Dad's company. Thank you, Frank. I'll let you know if I find an angel to fund this.

Frank: Good luck, Pete.

Pete: Thanks.

David: Hello, Pete.

Pete: Dr. Hayward. I heard they let you out.

David: Can't keep a good man down.

Pete: Excuse me. I actually have to get going.

David: Actually, you might want to hear what I have to say first.

Celia: I should have told you sooner, and I'm sorry.

Evelyn: Sweetheart, why didn't you come to me with this?

Celia: Because I was afraid you'd look at me like you're looking at me right now -- confused and in shock, like I'm some overdramatic teenager on the CW or something. Or worse than that, that you'd tell me that my guardian wouldn't approve, like I'm too young, or it's impossible.

Evelyn: Celia, all I want is for you to be happy.

Celia: Then please, please just try to understand, Evelyn, how much this means to me, how much Pete means to me. That's his name, Pete Cortlandt. And he is so cute and so smart and really funny, and he's kind of weird but in a really interesting way, and he makes me laugh all the time, and he even bought me flowers. How is that for Mr. Perfect?

Evelyn: Mm-hmm. So you were sneaking out to see him?

Celia: I know that was wrong, and I totally get it, and I was gonna tell you, I swear. But, please, Evelyn, please just try and get how much that Pete means to me. Europe can't happen right now, because I have to stay here with Pete. You do understand, don't you?

Evelyn: I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Celia: We can still go -- just later. And maybe then Pete can come with us.

Evelyn: No. The decision has been made, and we leave tonight.

David: I've been reading up on you. Cortapps, Silicon Valley rock star. Well, that's a hell of a success story, Petey.

Pete: Yeah, it's Pete, and I've read up on you, too.

David: Well, that's all in the past. I'm all about the future now, and I think that we can help each other. Well, at least, I know that I can help you.

Pete: Really? That's rich.

David: [Laughs] It's funny that you should say that, because I happen to be very rich. I couldn't help but overhear that you're looking for an investor for Cortlandt Electronics. Well, today's your lucky day. Looks like you found your man.

Bianca: Honey, you know that what Hunter and those kids did to you has nothing to do with who you are. It's about them, their issues --

Miranda: I get it, Mom.

Bianca: Okay, I just -- I just want to make sure you're okay.

Miranda: Why can't you just understand that I'm fine? I'm dealing with everything.

Bianca: I'm proud of you.

Miranda: No, you're not. You're scared, afraid that I'm not gonna continue the grand tradition of the strong, fearless, in-your-face Kane women.

Bianca: That is not true. I want you to be happy and -- to know I'm her for you. You know, it's -- it's not easy to go it alone. I'm glad you have AJ to talk to.

Miranda: You haven't heard. AJ's dad came out of his coma.

JR: You know, my son isn't the only person I need to rebuild a relationship with. From what I understand, I was a real asshole to pretty much everybody that ever cared about me. I'll probably spend the next year or so making amends to half of Pine Valley.

Cara: Well, I didn't know you very well, so I can't really say, but it looks like you're getting a second chance.

JR: Yeah, Marissa won't. I mean, David wants to wipe me off the face of the Earth for killing his daughter, and I can't blame him one bit.

Cara: How can you defend him? He shot you, JR. He put you in a coma for five years.

JR: Well, I certainly can't condemn him, not when I basically did the same thing. Only I didn't take just five years from Marissa that night. I took the rest of her life.

Cara: But what happened with Marissa was an accident. You and David fought over the gun, and it went off.

JR: Yes, and she's dead.

Cara: But you didn't intend to kill her, unlike David, who looked you in the eye, he pointed a fun at your head, and he shot you. He wanted you dead. What he's done to you, what he's done to others, it's...

JR: So, you and David Hayward -- a lot of tension there. Any reason?

Bianca: Awake? After what he did to Marissa, the hell he put us through.

Miranda: AJ said his dad doesn't remember anything about that night.

Bianca: Typical. Never in his miserable life has JR ever taken responsibility for the pain he's inflicted. He just blows up people's lives and then moves on as though nothing happened, or, better yet, now he doesn't remember.

Miranda: It sounded like he was really sorry.

Bianca: Oh, trust me, he's not. JR wanted Marissa dead, and he always gets what he wants. Now she's in the ground, and he just gets another chance? Honey, I don't want you anywhere near him.

Miranda: He's AJ's dad.

Bianca: He's toxic.

Miranda: But AJ's my best friend. He's having a hard time going through all of this, too. I'm not just gonna check out on now.

Bianca: I'm sorry, sweetheart. I am, but JR has already done way too much damage to our family.

Miranda: It's not just about JR, Mom. It's about AJ, too. And if he needs me, then I'm gonna have his back, just like he had mine.

Bianca: JR killed the woman I love.

Miranda: I'm sorry, Mom. Look, I loved Marissa, too, but I'm not bailing on AJ.

Bianca: Okay. Let's not talk about this right now. I wanted us to have a nice afternoon together and --

Miranda: You know what? I have to go. I have a lot of homework.

Celia: I can't live like this -- taking orders on how to live my life from some guardian who won't even show his face.

Evelyn: Celia, going away is for the best.

Celia: I have him.

Evelyn: You have to pack, and I suggest you start now.

Celia: Evelyn! [Breathing heavily]

Pete: So you want to invest in Cortlandt Electronics?

David: Why not? You're looking for an angel investor. I'm looking to spread my wings, so to speak.

Pete: Sounds more like a deal with the devil.

David: It's very simple, Pete. I can help you, you can help me.

Pete: Help you how, exactly?

David: Well, I'm hoping to rebuild my life here.

Pete: Well, what about your practice?

David: [Chuckles] Well, not a lot of hospitals are putting ex-con attempted killers on staff.

Pete: And why come back to Pine Valley?

David: I have my daughters buried here. They are the only family that I have, so medicine is out, at least for now. Cortlandt Electronics might be the fresh start that I'm looking for.

Pete: I only work with people that I trust.

David: I doubt that very much. A great business deal is a mutually beneficient one. Your father understood the true value of quid pro quo. I assume, with your success, you do too. Look, it comes down to this. You want CE to go big, right? Well, I can make that happen for you.

Pete: I'll think about it.

David: I expect nothing less. [Shake hands] I'll be in touch.

Pete: [Sighs]

Jesse: One train, one town, two stops. Where the hell is it?

Angie: When I think about what they're doing to her...

Jesse: She's gonna be all right?

Angie: Is she? You saw Amy, her eyes, what they to her. That's happening to Cassandra right now. [Groans]

Jesse: Hey. We're gonna bring her home. We're gonna bring her home.

Uri: Time to move. Don't go diva on me. You were not that good. Listen, lastochka. This is your new life. Embrace it. You better try hell of a lot harder, or next time we make it snuff film.

Cassandra: [Crying]

Celia: I didn't know what to do. We're supposed to leave tonight.

Pete: I'll take care of it.

Celia: How?

Pete: Trust me, you're not going anywhere except with me. I'll make sure of it.

JR: [Grunting]

Brooke: I spoke to your father this morning. Adam said to give you his love, and he's sorry that he couldn't be here.

JR: I'm just grateful he's letting me recuperate at home. Thanks. You know, I just want to get back to a normal life as quickly as possible. That includes work. Chandler Enterprises without me for the last five years -- I doubt I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Dixie: [Clears throat]

JR: What's up with that look? It makes me feel like I'm missing something.

Dixie: Oh, it's nothing important.

JR: The look says otherwise.

Brooke: There's plenty of time to discuss it when we get home.

JR: No. We have time now. Mom, Brooke, please tell me.

Dixie: When you were running Chandler, it went bankrupt.

JR: What?

Dixie: Adam has spent the past five years rebuilding the company. That's why he's gone so much.

JR: Oh, my God. What was wrong with me? Chandler Enterprises is everything to my father. He built that from scratch to make sure his children had a legacy. I mean, why would I...? Okay, yes. Okay, I screwed up, and I screwed up royally, but I am back now. And I can help Dad make Chandler better than it's ever been. Okay, that's the least that I can do. There's more?

Brooke: [Sighs] JR, with Adam traveling so much, he put me in charge of Chandler.

JR: Great. Great, then you can help bring me up to speed.

Brooke: I'm so sorry, JR, but Adam's instructions were very explicit. No matter what the circumstances, I am to remain head of Chandler Enterprises.

David: I was wondering who else was leaving flowers on Marissa's grave. I should have known it was you.

Bianca: I heard you got out. I have to go.

David: Bianca, wait a minute. We both lost someone that we love very much that night. Now, regardless of what you think of me, would it really be so terrible to sit out in the sun and talk about Marissa for a while?

[Knock on door]

Evelyn: Good. You're packed. Well, I'm sorry you're not looking forward to this. Do you have your passport? Yes, very good, because the chauffer's here to pick up the things. Young man, the bags in here are ready to be loaded into the car.

Pete: Yes, ma'am.

Evelyn: Celia, let's go.

Pete: [Drops Evelyn's passport]

David: Marissa loved beautiful days like this.

Bianca: Cool breeze, hot sun. Summer just around the corner.

David: Yeah. She should be alive to enjoy it.

Bianca: Yes, she should.

David: But instead... I'm sure you heard the news -- JR out of his coma. I wish to hell that that bullet would have done its job and killed the bastard.

Bianca: Am I supposed to thank you for shooting him? Is that what you want?

David: Look, I just know how much you and I loved Marissa.

Bianca: Loved her? Oh, you mean when you weren't lying to her or playing her or making her feel like everything else was more important to you than her?

David: I know. I know. I wasn't exactly the perfect father. I made a lot of mistakes, but I loved my daughter, Bianca, and she knew that. That's why she kept giving me another chance.

Bianca: Yeah, to break her heart all over again.

David: You're right. I'm a first-class son of a bitch. That's not exactly a secret, but that doesn't mean I didn't love my daughter.

Bianca: I know. [Sighs]

David: I saw how much in love you and Marissa were. The two of you had a beautiful future together, and now it's gone, and there's only one man to blame for that.

JR: [Sighs]

Cara: Good luck with everything.

JR: Thanks. Hey, listen, what I said before about you and David -- I hope I didn't speak out of turn.

Cara: Oh, no. And you weren't wrong, actually. There's definitely some tension between David and me, but I'm actually going to be going to Doctors Without Borders soon, so whatever we had, is going to be a distant memory.

JR: You know, I could hear... when I was in the coma. I may have looked like a vegetable, but I could hear. I know you didn't have a miscarriage or an abortion. Your baby's alive, and you don't want David to know.

Pete: This is the last of the luggage.

Evelyn: Oh, thank you.

Pete: Now, before we go, do you have everything -- tickets, passports?

Evelyn: I have my ticket. No passport, but I know I packed it, so it must be in here somewhere. But it's not.

Pete: Perhaps you left it inside.

Evelyn: I must have. I'll be right back.

Celia: What? What are we doing?

Pete: Getting out of here.

Celia: Oh! Okay.

Pete: Ready?

Celia: Yeah.

[Engine turns over and revs]

Jesse: Twice a day. Morning and night. It's either Rosemont or Center City.

Angie: They could be holding her anywhere along the track.

Jesse: It's not much, but we are one step closer to bringing her home.

Angie: [Moans]

Cassandra: [Whimpering]

Vlad: Don't get too comfy, Princess. You're working the pole tonight.

Tia: Better get used to it. Stripping and triple "X" are just the beginning.

Susan: Are you okay?

Cassandra: [Crying]

Uri: Business is good, but I want to step it up in Center City.

Vlad: Some old-school pimp's had that territory for years. We move in, he's not going to like it.

Uri: Like I give a shit about some small-time mongrel who thinks he's king of world.

Vlad: He'll make trouble.

Uri: Then we'll get rid of him.

Ruby Marie: Get your lazy ass off that seat and go to work.

Sister Mosley: Well, greetings. I'm Sister Mosley from the thankful Pentecostal Church. You're just in time to join us for our prayer meeting.

Ruby Marie: Oh, well, thanks, but no thanks.

Rob: There you go, sister.

Sister Mosley: The good shepherd will bless you.

Rob: Ask him to bless the lottery ticket, too, sweet lady.

Sister Mosley: Oh, my sweet lord, can you hear me now? I'm asking you to bless this ticket in the name of my sweet Jesus!

Rob: Amen.

Ruby Marie: [Sighs] The girls need that money 'cause the Johns didn't show up.

Rob: Well, I got to keep my rosy reputation just a-gleaming' as friend of the needy so as people will talk about me.

Ruby Marie: You keep throwing money at them widows, the only rep you'll have will be folks saying, "He died alone in an empty stable.

Rob: You watch your mouth, Missy. I'm Billy Clyde Tuggle. I rule this bar.

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