AMC Transcript Tuesday 5/14/13 Ep. 10

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 5/14/13


Episode #10

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[Monitors beeping]

AJ: It's been a while, I know.

JR: I think you have the wrong room.

AJ: [Runs away crying]

JR: Oh, my God. AJ.

Angie: Oh, my God. Who did this to her? The people who have Cassandra?

Jesse: That's what we think, yeah.

Angie: Where did you find her?

Jesse: In a Dumpster... in an alley down the street from a Center City nail salon that was a front for prostitution. Baby, Cassandra is not gonna end up like this. She won't. She won't.

Uri: You are first, Princess.

Cassandra: For what?

Uri: A little more of what you gave me.

Cassandra: Oops, my bad.

Uri: She has such smooth, delicate skin, no? The kind that bruises so easily.

Girl: Cass, please pick it up.

Vlad: Smart girl.

Uri: Put it on. It's showtime.

[Dance music plays]

Zach: She really knows how to work a pole, huh?

Bartender: Our dancers are the best around.

Zach: Any of them do more than dance?

Bartender: You looking for company, or more interested in their extracurricular activities?

Zach: Maybe a little bit of both.

Bartender: Yeah, I can make an introduction.

Sinnamon: It's Sinnamon, with an "S." I haven't seen you here before. Are you new?

Zach: I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Sinnamon: [Laughs] No, I guess we must have just missed each other. I'm not usually up front.

Zach: So you like it in the back?

Sinnamon: Depends on who I'm with and what he's got.

JR: [Grunting]

Dixie: What are you doing?

JR: I think AJ was just here, and I didn't even recognize him. It didn't hit me until he was already gone -- idiot. Didn't recognize my own son.

Dixie: No, no, no.

JR: I have to find him.

Dixie: I will find him, okay? I'll do it. I'm sure he's somewhere here in the hospital.

JR: Just hurry up.

Dixie: I will. You rest, please. Hey, um, the young guy that was just here? Did you happen to see which way he went?

Guard: Yeah, this way.

Dixie: Oh, great, thank you.

[Door closes]

AJ: [Picks up a glass and smashes it to the floor]

Miranda: Your text was so cryptic. I came as fast as I -- why are you in the dark? AJ. What happened?

AJ: My dad -- he's awake. Should be really great news, right? Except for the fact that he didn't know who the hell I was. But you know, I shouldn't be surprised because it's not like he ever really knew me before. Five years. Five years, and I barely even went to see him, but you know what? When I did, there was a part of me -- the lame part -- that wished I could have what every other kid has had with their dad. Then he woke up, and he did not even have a clue. My own father didn't know his own son!

[Monitors beeping]

David: Well, well. Look who's back among the living.

JR: David Hayward.

David: Wow. All these years and you still remember. I'm touched.

JR: This is a surprise. [Clears throat]

David: Surprise? Really? We both know why I'm here.

JR: Maybe you do.

David: Oh, cut the crap, Chandler. You may have been in a coma for the past five years, but that hasn't changed a damn thing between us. From now on, you're gonna experience the same thing that I did, starting with a long stint in prison for the murder of my daughter.

Amy: [Gasps]

Angie: It's okay.

Jesse: You're safe. You're safe now, okay? You're away from Center City. Nobody can get in here. Can you remember what happened -- who did this to you? Well, we have reason to believe that the men who did this to you are Russian sex traffickers. Does that -- does that sound right?

Angie: I know it's hard, but we could use your help. There's another girl -- other girls that may be in trouble, just like you.

Amy: I can't.

Jesse: You don't have to be afraid. We've put a guard on your door.

Amy: If I talk, they'll hurt my family.

[Dance music plays]

Vlad: Drink. I said, "Drink!"

Cassandra: [Gasps]

Vlad: Drink! Drink!

Cassandra: [Whimpers]

Uri: See? See how she does it. Nice and slow. Taking in everyone, even guy at bar. You want to let them get close and touch you with their tips.

Cassandra: No! What are you doing?!

Uri: No! It's what you're not doing.

Cassandra: [Whimpering]

Uri: Keep it up, and she will get more of same.

[Dance music continues]

Jesse: Nobody is going to hurt your family. We will make sure of that.

Angie: Can you tell us your name, sweetheart?

Amy: Amy.

Jesse: Amy, we know you got dragged into this by some very, very bad people, but we want to help you.

Amy: I don't want your help. If they find out that a cop found me and brought me to a hospital, I'm dead.

Jesse: No, see, this is what we mean. We need to know who they are -- their names, where they held you.

Amy: I can't.

Zach: What does a guy like me have to do to get a back-door pass?

Sinnamon: Well, how green are you?

Zach: If you're talking about experience, I think you will be satisfied.

Sinnamon: [Laughs] You're so cute. I was actually referring to your wallet.

Zach: My wallet? No, it's fine. Green, very, very green.

Sinnamon: Oh, good, good. So, why don't you just pay the bartender and follow me?

[Dance music continues]

Men: You got a move? Come on. Come on, shake it for Daddy. Don't be scared. Come on! Yeah!

JR: Marissa's dead? She can't be. That's not possible.

David: Oh, just drop the act, Junior.

JR: What happened to her?

David: You want to know what happened to her? You did. You showed up at the mansion all drunk, waving your gun around, trying to punish anyone who ever wronged you, including Marissa.

JR: I had a gun?

David: Oh, don't. Don't! Don't you dare pretend that you don't remember killing my daughter.

Dixie: How dare you come back in here! Call the police immediately.

JR: Wait. Is it true Marissa's dead and that I killed her?

AJ: It's totally whacked, okay, I know, that I don't give a shit whether or not he knew who I was.

Miranda: No, it's not. He's your dad.

AJ: He never acted like one. I'm the stupid one who thought things would be different if he ever got out of that freakin' coma.

Miranda: Maybe they will. I mean, the guy's been basically knocked out for five years, AJ. His brain's probably totally off-kilter.

AJ: Don't. Don't make excuses for him. My whole life, that's all anybody's ever done, and I'm sick of it! Bottom line is I'm just not important enough for him to remember. Never was, never will be.

Miranda: Don't say that.

AJ: It's true. I just saw this, like, blank look on his face, like I was a total stranger, which makes sense, you know, since that's all I've ever been to him, so...

Miranda: Hey, whatever your dad did or didn't do, he loves you. I know he does. I mean, how could he not? You are the smartest, sweetest, coolest guy ever. Anyone who doesn't see that -- Well, you can send them  to me, and you can bet your ass I'm gonna set them straight.

Dixie: Look, we can talk about all of this later, okay?

David: No, I think we should talk about this now.

JR: You can't keep protecting me, Mom. Wait, that's why you want him out -- because you know it's true. I did shoot Marissa.

David: Yeah, you're damn right you did.

Dixie: No, that's not true. This is your fault. If you hadn't butted in that night, none of this would have happened. Marissa wouldn't be dead, JR wouldn't have gone into a coma. You did that.

JR: You shot me?

David: Yes, and my only fault was that I wasn't a good enough aim. But I served my time, Junior. Now it's your turn.

Jesse: Was this girl with you? Please, please. Look again. You don't remember seeing her anywhere. You don't recognize --

Amy: I told you no. Now leave me alone.

Angie: Jesse, you're scaring her.

Jesse: I know. I need something to go on, baby, anything.

Angie: I know. I want that as bad as you, baby, but she is hanging on by a thread.

[Dance music playing, men shouting angrily, then cheering as Cassandra begins to take off her clothes]

Angie: [Crying] When I think about what might be happening to my baby.

Jesse: I know, I know, I know. Listen, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go call Zach, all right? And see if he's got anything. Okay? Are you okay?

Angie: Yeah.

Sinnamon: It's for "Sinnamon."

Zach: Of course. Any other spices around?

Sinnamon: What, you bored already?

Zach: No. I like to combine flavors.

Sinnamon: What do you have in mind?

Zach: I'm partial to chocolate.

Sinnamon: There's a couple of girls?

Zach: Yeah? New ones?

Sinnamon: Why?

Zach: "Why," 'cause I like to break them in. You know what I mean.

Sinnamon: I do.

Amy: That girl in the picture -- you know her?

Angie: Cassandra, my daughter. Amy, I know that you're scared, but we think that Cassandra is being held by the same men who hurt you. So if you have any -- any information at all, maybe we can find Cassandra before the same thing happens to her.

Amy: If they have her, it's already too late.

Angie: [Cries] Oh, God! Please! Oh, God, please! Not my baby! Oh, God!

Dixie: All right. You have had your say. Get out of here or I will have you arrested this time.

David: Your son is the one who should be arrested for murder.

Cara: Enough!

JR: Oh, wait. You know, if anyone tried to ever hurt AJ, I'd have done the same thing. If you're telling the truth, I deserve to go to jail.

Dixie: It wasn't your fault.

JR: Look, it sounds like it was, Mom. I'm sorry for that. I'm really sorry.

David: [Laughs] Oh, please. Convenient memory loss? That's one of the oldest tricks in the book. I even tried it myself a few times.

Cara: David, you've been around trauma patients. You know how the brain tries to block itself from traumatic events.

David: Oh, what a bunch of bull! This is Junior trying to save his own ass and keep himself out of prison. You may have fooled these idiots, but you're not fooling me. You're gonna pay for what you did to my daughter and to me.

AJ: That thing you said about being the best friend you'll ever have -- right back to you.

Miranda: All I did was sit here and listen.

AJ: Yeah, but that's a lot. I mean, if I left my dad the way I did and didn't have you to spill to [Exhales sharply] who knows what I would have done?

Miranda: You might have broken a little bit more than that.

AJ: Yeah.

Miranda: You feel better?

AJ: Yeah, I do. Thanks to you.

Miranda: [Chuckles]

JR: Mom, just tell me, okay? Just tell me who else's life I destroyed that night? I just -- I want to know.

Dixie: I know you want to know, but I need you to just try and relax, okay?

JR: I want to know.

Dixie: No, no. You need to relax. You just need to calm your mind, okay? And the answers will come. They'll come naturally. So just do me a favor, all right? Please, please, please. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just rest, okay? I'm gonna go get Angie.

JR: Okay.

Dixie: Okay? I love you.

David: Angie, hey. What is it? What happened?

Angie: It's Cassandra.

David: What? What? I mean, was she in a car accident? What happened?

Angie: She was taken by sex traffickers on her way home. Jesse was trying to surprise me, and we think they must have got her at the airport.

David: Oh, my God. W-w-what can I do, Angie? What -- who can I call? Just tell me.

Angie: Jesse has the police and FBI working on it. That girl in there, David, was beaten up. When I think that that could have happened to Cassandra. I mean, the men who have her might have already... God! What if I never see her again?

David: Don't, don't. Don't even go there.

Angie: Oh, God. You know, I was thinking, if Jesse had just told me from the beginning, maybe I could have done something myself, but -- I know that he's already done everything humanly possible.

David: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.

Angie: And even with all that, I could still lose her. David, I'm sorry. I know you must be thinking about Marissa.

David: No. No. Right now, all I am is concerned about you, okay?

Angie: Did you hear from Zach?

Jesse: I called, and he's not picking up.

Angie: I, uh, I'm gonna go get some air. Thank you, David.

David: [Scoffs]

Jesse: Don't even think it, David.

David: After everything that happened five years ago -- lying to Angie about her baby dying, trying to pass off Lucy, and still, you couldn't tell her the truth about Cassandra up front? What the hell kind of a husband are you?

Jesse: You need to back the hell up. You don't know anything about my marriage.

David: I'll tell you what I do know. She deserves a hell of a lot better.

Zach: So that's how you like it?

[Knock on door]

Bartender: Time's up.

Zach: Well, that was interesting.

Sinnamon: Too bad we couldn't finish what we started.

Zach: Don't worry. I'll be back.

Sinnamon: Run this for prints. I need that customer ID'd now.

[Door opens]

Jesse: Here you are. I thought I might find you in here. Baby, we will find Cassandra. I promise you, I will not let her fall through the cracks. And what happened to this poor girl will not happen to Cassandra. We have to believe that.

Angie: God. Please, God, help us find -- help us find our baby before it's too late. Let her know that we love her, and that we are never, ever going to stop trying to find her. Keep her strong. And, God, please, bring her home. Please bring her home.

[Men cheering]

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