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All My Children Transcript Thursday 5/9/13


Episode #8

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Dixie: JR?

JR: Mom.

Dixie: Oh, my God! [Crying] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

David: Hey.

Angie: David. Listen -- I really need you to stay away from this hospital.

David: I know. I know. Listen -- I just -- I need your opinion about Cara.

Angie: I've already given you my opinion more than once. Now you need to let it go.

David: Ok.

Angie: Let her go.

David: Did she give you any indication as to why she's staying in Pine Valley?

Angie: [Sighs] All she said was that it looked like she'd be here longer because of a patient she'd been treating and did I think there might be room on staff for her.

David: Well, didn't that seem a bit surprising?

Angie: I don't know. Maybe a little. I-I-I just thought it might have something to do with seeing you.

Dixie: Angie! Angie, come quick! JR's awake!

Guard: Uh... Dr. Hayward, I've been given specific orders not to let you anywhere near Mr. Chandler.

Griffin: Uh, finally. I've been looking all over for you.

Cara: What's up?

Griffin: Did David corner you again?

Cara: Uh, no, actually... I was the one who cornered him.

Griffin: What?

Cara: Well, I had to explain to him about the baby so he would just stop hounding me, you know?

Griffin: You didn't tell him the truth, did you?

Cara: No. But... he didn't buy the lie.

Vlad: You've got company. Move over.

[Girl whimpers]

[Door closes]

Cassandra: Who are you?

Girl: Who are you?

Cassandra: I'm Cassandra.

Girl: Cassandra.

Cassandra: What happened to you?

Girl: Hey, you got a pill? God, I need one so bad! [Gasps shakily] Hey, have you got one?!

Cassandra: No. No, I don't.

Girl: You're the new girl. Pretty. I was pretty, too. So pretty.

[Mid-tempo music plays]

Celia: You could've mailed this, you know?

Pete: Who mails things?

Celia: Just so you know, I had no intention of ever seeing you again.

Pete: Got that loud and clear when you didn't show up for our date. But now that you got that back, we don't have to see each other again.

Celia: Oh, you're mad at me. That's rich.

Pete: [Scoffs] Of course, I'm mad. You stood me up. No call, no text --

Celia: Yeah. Damn right I did, and I would do it again, after finding out what you were hoping to do, you're lucky I didn't slap you.

Pete: What the hell are you talking about?

Miranda: [Chuckles softly] You're invited to a very special evening." [Chuckles softly]

Celia: Forget it. I can't -- I can't believe I actually fell for your good-guy shtick. I should have known you were faking it.

Pete: You're a phony.

Celia: [Scoffs] Me? I'm a good person. You -- not so much.

Pete: Whatever, "Princess." Go play games with somebody else.

Celia: [Sighs] You know, I'm just really, really glad I found out you were playing me before I actually let myself fall for you. [Sighs] [Scoffs]

Angie: Listen, JR. I'm going to ask you a few questions, and I just want you to answer them as best you can, okay?

JR: [Weakly] Okay, Angie.

Angie: You remember me?

JR: Sure. You're, uh -- you're Angie [Clears throat] Hubbard.

Dixie: [Sighs]

Miranda: Oh.

AJ: Did pretty good, huh? What's up? You -- you don't like it?

Miranda: [Sighs] It's... totally awesome.

AJ: All right! He shoots, and he scores!

Miranda: [Chuckles]

AJ: What? I mean, I know how picky you are.

Miranda: It's -- it's perfect but... oh. No. No, no, no, no. Hell no! I would rather die than go to that dance.

Zach: There's nothing back here. What about you?

Jesse: Just a bunch of garbage bags.

Zach: Let's get some -- let's get some backup.

Girl: [Gasping weakly]

Jesse: Give me a boost. Holy shit! Oh, my God!

Zach: Is she alive?

Jesse: She's breathing. Her pulse is weak, and she's freezing.

Zach: I'm calling an ambulance.

Jesse: [Grunting] Oh, God. Oh, my God. Sweetheart, hold on. Hang in there. Help is coming. Can you hear me? Oh, dear Lord. Oh, dear God.

Cassandra: [Grunts] I've got to get out of here. [Whimpers]

Girl: You can't leave. They won't let you go.

Girl: [Shakily] Can't leave. I'm trying to be a good girl.

Cassandra: What is wrong with her?!

Girl: She was a bad girl. If you're bad, they make you do it without the pills.

Girl: [Crying] Please, just

Cassandra: Do what?

Girl: Please! Just one pill! Please! I'll be good.

Girl: You'll see. Just remember the customer's always right.

AJ: Just chill.

Miranda: Are you crazy?

AJ: Just calm down.

Miranda: How much torture do you think I can take -- going back there, facing all those assholes who saw Hunter totally trash me? Unh-unh! I am not going!

AJ: Cool, 'cause neither am I. Put on the dress and meet me downstairs. [Chuckles]

Miranda: [Sighs]

Pete: Slow down! Are you kidding?

Celia: Now you want it slow?! That's not what you and your bro said about my "V" card! Yeah, that's right. I heard every disgusting detail. [Scoffs] You're a pig! That's why I stood you up!

Pete: No, no, no. You misunderstood. Did you not hear me tell Dylan that I had never met a girl like you in life?

Celia: Please.

Pete: Okay, my friend -- he's an ass! I know. That was him joking -- total straight-dude gym talk. I know I've been around a little bit.

Celia: [Sighs]

Pete: Okay, a ton. That's not the point, okay? You got it all wrong. You should've just asked me to explain myself instead of screwing me over on dinner.

Celia: I'm sure you had no trouble finding two or three other girls to screw in my place.

Pete: You don't get it! I don't want somebody else. I want you, Celia.

Dixie: JR, you have been in a coma... for five years.

JR: I have been in this hospital for five years? [Clears throat]

Dixie: Yes. But you're awake now, and you're okay. He is, isn't he?

Angie: Your muscle tone is weak, but that's to be expected. But your reflexes are normal. And you seem to be holding your own, which is a good thing.

Dixie: See? It's all good!

Angie: Like I said, I still need to run more tests to make sure that there's no neural damage. And you will definitely have to go through intense physical therapy. But overall... I'm not seeing anything to worry about.

Dixie: That's great. [Sniffles] Thank you. Wow. Did you hear that?

JR: H-have you -- have you been here this whole time?

Dixie: Yeah. Every day. [Chuckles]

JR: Did you ever -- did you ever think I might not wake up?

Dixie: Not once. Never.

Pete: I only wanted to have dinner with you, Celia, okay? Only you.

Celia: And then what? Line up shots in a bar and get me wasted, so you can brag about your latest conquest?

Pete: Do you really think I need to get girls drunk to be with me?

Celia: [Scoffs] You're right I forgot. You can charm the pants off people.

Pete: I get it. You want me to prove to you what I'm saying, and I can do that. But it's gonna require a little help on your end.

Celia: I figured as much.

Pete: I mean eating.

Celia: [Sighs]

Pete: Dinner. With me.

Celia: [Groans] I don't know if that's such a good idea.

Pete: Come on. It's dinner. In public -- plenty of people as witnesses. I'll even get you home before curfew. Are you in?

Celia: [Sighs]

Angie: Hello, Megan. This is Angela Hubbard, Cassandra's mother. Listen -- I'm sorry to bother you, but I haven't heard from her in a few days. I've left messages, but she hasn't returned any of my calls, and that's not like her. So when you see her, could you please tell her to call her mother, okay? Thank you, darling. David.

David: What's going on with JR?

Angie: David, I've asked you to stay away from this hospital. You don't need to be involved in this.

David: Angie, please! I need to know. Now, you -- you said that you thought that what I saw was an involuntary reflex. Was it?

Angie: I was wrong.

David: So he's awake.

Angie: Yeah.

David: [Sighs] W-well... how is he? I mean, his -- his brain function, his motor skills?

Angie: I-I have to run more tests, but he appears to be perfectly normal.

David: Unbelievable. My daughter's dead... and that bastard gets to walk away completely unscathed.

Angie: [Sighs] David, David, listen to me. David, please. Please let this go.

David: Oh, really? Really, Angie? Could you? If you lost your child to a monster, could you honestly just sit idly by, do nothing... and just let it go?

Griffin: I just came from Mackenzie. She said you were supposed to be there 20 minutes ago.

Cara: I know. I know. I just saw David talking to Angie, and I got scared he was going to see me.

Griffin: That's why you should've listened to me when I told you to steer clear of him in the first place.

Cara: It's a little late for that now.

Griffin: Listen, Cara. You can't hide from him forever. If you stay here, you're bound to run into him.

Cara: I know. I know. I get that. So what I need to do is just get myself together and figure out how I'm gonna do this.

Griffin: Do what?

Cara: Convince David to leave me alone for good.

Zach: An ambulance is almost here.

Jesse: You hear that? Sweetie, help is coming.

Zach: Has she said anything?

Jesse: Not a word. She's got bruises all over her body, Zach.

Zach: God knows what they did to her.

Girl: [Moans slowly]

Zach: Hey.

Jesse: Hey, hey. Hey, you got to hang in there. Do you hear me?

Zach: [Sighs]

Jesse: Sweetie.

Zach: [Sighs] It might be time to tell...

Jesse: I know, I know. I got to tell Angela.

Zach: It's better to be prepared.

Jesse: How do you prepare for something like this, Zach? It's gonna kill her.

[Siren approaches]

Jesse: Sweetheart, come here.

Girl: They gave you a pill. That's good. You'll need the pills.

Cassandra: No, I won't. I'm gonna get out of here. And I'll [Sighs] and I'll make sure your baby is safe!

Girl: My baby. Don't let them hurt my baby.

Vlad: Time to earn your keep.

Cassandra: No! [Crying] No!

Vlad: [Grunting]

Cassandra: No!

Miranda: Uh, you can come out now. Wow! Um, how did you -- you clean up nice, Chandler.

AJ: Oh. "Nice"? Don't I get a "totally hot"?

Miranda: Sure -- when I do.

AJ: You look totally hot. [Chuckles softly]

Miranda: So, uh, what do you have planned?

AJ: Close your eyes.

Miranda: Really? Okay, you've got to stop watching "The Bachelor." This is so cheesy.

AJ: And you love it. Close them. And keep them closed until I tell you to open them. Not yet. Don't peek. Okay. Open. [Chuckles]

Miranda: I can't believe you did all of this.

AJ: Oh, wait. That's not all.

Miranda: Oh, my God. You're Ryan from Hot Chelle Rae, and -- and Nash and Ian and Jamie! You guys are all here!

AJ: What's up? Sorry, guys. She doesn't normally freak out like this, I swear.

Ryan: It's all right. We're used to it.

Miranda: You know who this is, right?

AJ: I should. I'm the one who got them here.

Miranda: Okay, I'm not dreaming. You really are Ryan Follese from Hot Chelle Rae.

Ryan: You're not dreaming.

Miranda: [Gasps] Oh, my God!

AJ: You said that already.

Nash: So, your friend here said you like our new song?

Miranda: Like it? I love "Hung Up."

Ian: Well, how about we play it for you?

Miranda: Okay!

Ian: Let's do it.

AJ: Come here. All right. Stand here.

Miranda: [Squeals]

[Hot Chelle Rae playing "Hung Up"]

I'm not usually the type of guy to call twice, and leave a message every time It's me again That's quite all right And most days I just dust them off like that Girls text me, you're the only one I text back Cause you know where the party's at And I'm like, yeaaah Everything you heard is true Everybody knows I'm hung up on you (oh oh oh) And I'm like, yeaaah Telling other girls I'm through Everybody knows I'm hung up on you (oh oh oh)

Celia: Oh, my God.

Pete: [Grunts]

Celia: [Laughs]

Pete: I'm sorry.

Celia: Oh, God. You can't be in here. You have got to get out of here.

Pete: A gentleman always walks his date home. I don't care if it's even up a trellis.

Celia: Oh, I could've climbed that myself.

Pete: I'm sure you could've, but what's the fun in that? Chivalry -- dead or not? Don't answer that.

Celia: [Chuckles]

Pete: Before I go, I --

Celia: Oh, here we go.

Pete: I was just gonna ask if I could see you tomorrow.

Celia: Oh, God. [Scoffs]

Pete: Okay, okay. I'll lay off.

Celia: No. You're bleeding.

Pete: What-- Oh, damn rosebush.

Celia: There. You'll -- you'll live. You -- you should go.

Pete: Tomorrow?

Celia: I'll... think about it.

Pete: Mysterious.

Celia: [Chuckles]

Pete: I like it.

Celia: [Chuckles] Uh...

Pete: I'll swing by tomorrow just to remind you.

Celia: Okay. Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. But you -- you really have to go.

Pete: [Sighs]

Celia: [Chuckles] Go, go!

[Both chuckle]

Pete: [Grunts]

Celia: [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Dixie: [Sniffles] People tried to tell me not to expect this, but I knew in my heart you'd be back.

JR: You know, Mom. [Clears throat] What happened? How'd I end up here?

Dixie: You don't remember?

JR: [Sighs]

Dixie: Brooke and Adam's engagement party?

JR: Brooke and Adam are married?

Dixie: No. No, sweetheart. They, um, decided to wait. It's a long story. Uh... anyway, the, um...

JR: [Sighs]

Dixie: The night of their party, you were shot.

JR: I don't remember that at all.

Griffin: There's nothing to figure out as far as David's concerned, Cara. Just stay the hell away from him.

Cara: Even if I do everything in my power to avoid him, he is not gonna let this go. Not unless I do something extreme.

Griffin: Okay, now you're acting freakin' crazy. If David ever finds out what happened to the baby --

Cara: He is never gonna find out what happened to the baby. I will make sure of it.

David: Is that so, Cara?

Cara: David?

David: I knew it. I knew that you were keeping something from me.

Griffin: All right. Leave her alone.

David: What really happened to our baby.

Cara: I told you.

David: No! No. You told me that you had a miscarriage. But I knew that there was something more to that story.

Cara: Well, y-you're wrong.

David: Oh, come on. That's enough!

Griffin: Hey! Leave her alone.

David: I want to hear it from you right now. Were you lying to me? Was it a miscarriage? It wasn't, was it? You had an abortion. Didn't you?

Zach: "Your every fantasy."

Angie: Oh, hi, Megan. Thanks for getting back -- wait a minute. Slow down. What -- what do you mean Cassandra was on her way home? No, I didn't. You dropped her off at de Gaulle three days ago? W-w-wait a minute. I don't understand, because the last time that she and I talked, she said money was tight. I sent her some, but not enough for a plane ticket. Who? I'll call you back.

Jesse: Angela, I need to talk you.

Angie: No. Me first. I just got off the phone with Cassandra's roommate in Paris. She told me you bought Cassandra a plane ticket home.

Jesse: I wanted to surprise you.

Angie: [Stammers] She left Paris three days ago, and I haven't heard from her! Have you?!

Jesse: No.

Angie: Well, then where is she?!

Jesse: I don't know.

Ryan: Everybody knows I'm hung up on you

Miranda: AJ, why did you do all of this?

AJ: You needed a pick-me-up after all that shit Hunter pulled.

Miranda: Hunter who? [Chuckles]

AJ: See? I'm a genius.

Miranda: Seriously though... this is something I'll never forget.

Ryan: I want you now, I want you later. I'm hung up, so let's get down tonight hung up on you oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh, oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh

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