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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 5/8/13


Episode #7

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Adam: Yeah.

Brooke: Okay.

Winifred: Passport.

Brooke: Oh!

Winifred: Itinerary's in there, too. [Panting]

Adam: Oh, Winifred!

Brooke: Oh, thank you, Winifred.

Adam: Thank you. God, I hate leaving you!

Brooke: I hate it, too. But, um, AJ said to give him a shout when you really are leaving, okay?

Adam: Oh. Yes.

Brooke: Oh, um, hey, Miranda. I thought -- wasn't AJ part of this tutoring session?

Miranda: Coffee run. But that was kind of a while ago.

Brooke: Oh.

[Monitor beeping]

Dixie: AJ? I didn't know you come here.

AJ: I don't. I just -- I had to pick up some forms for baseball. Figured what the hell.

Dixie: Oh. Well, I'm glad. And I know your father would be happy, too, if he knew. He loves you so much.

AJ: If he really loved me, he wouldn't have brought a gun to my grandfather's engagement party and ruined everybody's life... including mine.

Dixie: If anybody is to blame for that... it's David Hayward.

Jesse: Thanks, Jane.

Jane: You got it, Chief?

Zach: What about the FBI?

Jesse: Well, they're cross-checking the Koslovs' IRS records to see if any of their legitimate businesses are, potential fronts.

Zach: ICE?

Jesse: Yeah -- they're expanding their Koslov watch beyond drugs and human trafficking.

Angie: Hey! Twice in one week, I catch you two with your heads together.

Jesse: Hey, babe.

Angie: I thought you'd be long gone by now. What are you still doing in town?

Miranda: I just texted him again. Still no answer.

Brooke: When did you speak to him?

Adam: We did speak this morning. I told him I would call when my plane landed.

Brooke: Do that. It'll mean a lot to him.

Adam: Keep an eye on him while I'm gone.

Brooke: Oh, I will keep him in line. I know Dixie has her hands full with her daily visits to JR.

Adam: Not to mention keeping Hayward away from him.

Brooke: I can't believe when you told me that Dixie found him in JR's room.

Adam: I think the man has, uh, an agenda. And I wish I knew what it was.

Brooke: Hmm.

[Monitor beeping]

David: AJ, is that you? Oh, my God. I almost didn't recognize you! Look at you! You've become quite the young man.

AJ: I thought the guard outside my dad's room was to keep you from getting near him.

David: Well, your father isn't the only patient here in this hospital.

AJ: I thought you lost your medical license.

David: I lost a lot of things, AJ. But hopefully not my grandson. Let me look at you. You definitely favor your mother. You have her eyes.

AJ: Whatever.

David: Look. What I did to your father -- I never meant to hurt you. I hope you realize that. And that is something that I will regret for the rest of my life.

AJ: It's your problem -- not mine.

David: You want to be angry with me, that's fine. Go ahead. But if there's ever anything that you need... I'm here for you, all right? All you have to do is call.

Dixie: What's David doing here? He knows he's not supposed to be anywhere near your father's room! Listen -- you keep Hayward away! And if he causes any trouble, you call the police, okay? What did he say? Was he harassing you?

AJ: He didn't do anything.

Dixie: AJ, you stay away from him.

Cara: That was quick.

David: Well, your message said that you wanted to see me.

Cara: Yes.

David: Well, that's quite the shift since last we spoke.

Cara: Yeah. Well, I would like to apologize for... my behavior. I've been brushing you off, avoiding you, basically... [Scoffs] Treating you like crap.

David: Well, that's pretty much like most people here in Pine Valley.

Cara: But I'm not most people, David. We shared a baby together.

David: Thank you for remembering that.

Cara: Of course, I remember. And that's why I wanted to see you. It's time I told you everything that happened with our baby. So, after everything that happened that night and after you went to prison, I needed to get out of here.

David: That's understandable.

Cara: I rejoined Doctors Without Borders. I went to Haiti. I thought that would be a really good place for me to take my mind off of things.

David: Well, then you must have worked with Walter Contin. He runs the surgical relief for DWB in Port-au-Prince.

Cara: You know, I -- um, I worked with a lot of people over there, and I just -- I don't remember everyone's name, so...

David: Right. So, did leaving Pine Valley -- did it help you?

Cara: Well, yeah. I mean, of course. I mean, seeing that devastation, seeing what everyone lost, it made me realize how lucky I am, you know? I had my health. I had a -- a great job that I loved. I had a -- a baby on the way. And then there was this, uh, one day where I started feeling these abdominal pains. So I took myself to the hospital, and the Ob-Gyn checked me out, she said that she didn't see anything wrong with me. But she put me on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy, just to be safe.

David: And yet you still miscarried.

Cara: Yes.

David: That must have been really hard for you -- being alone... no friends, no family. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

Cara: I knew how much a baby meant for you, David. And I wanted to tell you in person, because I felt you deserved it. But I couldn't travel, and I couldn't reach you by phone from Haiti.

David: But the letter you sent me wasn't mailed from Haiti.

Cara: Well, um, I had a courier from our camp who took it to the States for me.

David: Well, why didn't you just wait to get home and then come see me in person?

Cara: Because I knew you knew that the baby was coming, and -- and you were waiting for the news. And I didn't want you to think that you had a child when you didn't.

David: Well, I guess that explains the letter a little better.

Cara: Look, I wanted to tell you in person. You know, it's just that every time I got ready to visit you... the thought of facing you, you know, and just reliving all that heartache, I just couldn't do it.

David: Cara, it's been five years. Are you honestly telling me that, in all that time, you couldn't have found the strength, not even once, to come and see me face to face and tell me how my child died?

Cara: I'm sorry. I couldn't.

David: And you're sure there's no other reason, beside your grief, that kept you from coming to see me?

[Cell phone ringing]

Celia: A general quadratic equation can be written in the form --

Miranda: Celia, that's like the bazillionth time. Would you just answer it, please? It seems like whoever it is won't stop until you do.

Celia: I just don't want to him.

Miranda: "Him"? Spill!

Celia: It's just some guy I thought was really great who turned out to be a total jerk.

Miranda: You, too? My guy wasn't just a jerk. He was a total asshole. But then again, I'm sure your guy wasn't asking you to do a threesome with another girl.

Celia: Did someone actually want you to do that?

Miranda: Yeah. Worst part is, I -- I really thought he liked me, wanted to be alone with me.

Celia: Yeah. If it helps, I thought my guy really liked me for me, too, until I overheard some buddy of his talking about taking my "V" card. And to think I was going to risk getting my guardian angry for him.

Miranda: Wait -- your guardian? Don't you have parents?

Celia: No. My parents died when I was a baby.

Miranda: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Celia: What about yours?

Miranda: Uh, well, my dad came from a cup. My mom's gay. She used a sperm donor.

Celia: Oh. [Chuckles] Do you know anything about him?

Miranda: No, nothing. It's not like my mom ever met the guy. I don't think she even wanted to. But I will admit, though... sometimes, I do wish I knew who he was, or at least what he looked like.

Celia: Yeah, I don't blame you. Here. Look. This is my dad.

Miranda: [Chuckles] Where's the other half?

Celia: The guy I was telling you about? He has it.

Miranda: [Winces] Awkward.

Celia: Hm-mmm. And it's the only picture I have of my mom. I've had it my whole life, and now it feels like there's this part of me out there I might not get back.

Miranda: Can't you just ask him for it?

Celia: I could, if I ever even wanted to see him again, but I don't.

Opal: So, uh, how was your big night with Miss Celia?

Pete: She didn't show.

Opal: Oh! Well, gosh! I'm -- I'm sorry.

Pete: Yeah, me too.

Opal: Well, let's face it, sugar plum. The only woman you can ever really count on is your mama.

Jane: Hey, Angie! Are you sitting or to-going?

Angie: Uh, just a tea with steamed nonfat, to go.

Opal: Okay, coming up.

Angie: So, what's keeping you in Pine Valley? Oh, that's right. You did say that you wanted to hire some PD officers to help expand your security team, right?

Jesse: Right.

Zach: And he's helping me with a case.

Angie: Yeah, well, it must be a really big case, 'cause Jesse's just been a bundle of nerves lately.

Jesse: Baby, you now I can't talk about the case.

Angie: Yeah, I do.

[Cell phone chimes]

Jesse: [Coughs]

Angie: Oh, damn!

Jesse: What's wrong?

Angie: Oh, nothing. I was just hoping that this text was from Cassandra. [Sighs] You know, you haven't heard from her, have you?

Jesse: No. Why?

Angie: Well, I've sent her three texts, and she hasn't responded. And she's usually so good about getting back to me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Dixie: Oh, hang on, now.

Monitor beeping]

Dixie: [Exhaling sharply] Tad? [Laughs] Hey! Hey! Oh! How are you? Does this mean that your job's over and that you're coming home? Oh. No, no, no, no. That's okay. I, uh -- I understand. I-I just miss you, that's all. Oh. Are you sitting down? [Chuckles] David's back.

David: Did Griff have something to do with turning you against me?

Cara: No. No! It wasn't my brother. It wasn't, uh -- no. No one can tell me who I can or cannot see, okay? I stayed away from you for my sanity, David. That was the reason.

David: [Sighs] You know, I really wish I could believe you, Cara.

Cara: Well, I'm not just gonna make up something to please you, David, you know? I-I was hoping you would appreciate me telling you what I did.

David: I do.

Cara: So let it go... and move on, and let me do the same.

Jane: Here you are.

Angie: Thanks, Jane.

Jane: You are welcome.

Angie: Here you go.

Jesse: Oh, we should go.

Zach: Yeah.

Angie: So, where are you staying while you're here.

Zach: I'm at the, uh --

[Cell phone ringing]

Zach: Uh, I got to take this. Slater. Okay. What you got?

Jesse: Um... maybe I should go with him, in case he needs my help.

Angie: Wait, wait, wait! Come here!

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: What is going on with you? Well, you look like you're about to jump out of your skin.

Jesse: It's the case.

Angie: No, it's not the case. It's got something to do with you. And I want to know what it is.

[Door closes]

Miranda: Uh, dude? Where's my skinny vanilla latte?

AJ: Huh? Oh! Man! Um, you know what? I had it, and then, uh, this kid on a skateboard totally slammed into me. There was coffee everywhere. It was --

Miranda: Ugh, I'm dying with all this math stuff! No offense.

Winifred: This came for you.

AJ: Ah, thank you. Yep.

Celia: Oh, those are gorgeous. Who's the lucky lady?

Miranda: Me. We were supposed to go to the school dance together. Not as a couple -- just friends.

AJ: Seemed like the right thing to do, according to "The Bachelor."

Celia: [Laughs]

AJ: Which I have never seen, just heard about, I swear.

Celia: I'll never tell.

Miranda: Well, thanks, anyway, Ace. But I'm not going to that dance. I can't face all those people, not after what Hunter did to me. And besides, you're suspended, anyway. God, school sucks! Yeah, you know, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go help Winnie whip up some caffeine. Looks like it's gonna be a long night.

AJ: [Sighs]

Celia: There has got to be something that could cheer her up.

Jane: Okay, not that I'm complaining, because this is gonna make me a ton of money, why is a guy who looks like you and smells like you spending his evening syncing up data with me in a coffee shop?

Pete: [Scoffs]

Jane: It's not the kind of hot night I know you want.

Pete: It's plenty hot.

Jane: That's the coffee, and you're deflecting.

Pete: I'm not.

Jane: Why aren't you out on a date with that cutie from Bramwell Hall that I know you're crushing on?

Pete: You mean Celia?

Jane: Yeah.

Pete: I don't think she's interested.

Jane: Uh, she looked really interested the other night when I saw you outside. 

Pete: [Sighs] Looks can be deceiving.

Zach: Hey.

Jesse: Hey. Anything else?

Zach: [Sighs] Maybe. There's a place in Center City called the Fancy Finger nail salon. A lot of male clientele.

Jesse: What kind of guy goes to a nail salon to get his nails done?

Zach: Uh... I don't know. Apparently, men do. But here, they look for a little more than a buff and a polish. My source says that he sees women going out of the place, but only early in the morning and late at night. The rest is all men.

Jesse: Let's go.

[Book slams]

Miranda: [Gasps] [Groans] Uh, what -- what happened?

Celia: Enough studying for tonight.

Miranda: [Groans] Wait. Where did AJ go? Didn't he say he was coming right back? How long does it take to do a chart on European Parliament elections?

Celia: Mm, you'd be surprised.

Brooke: How is that tutoring going?

Miranda: She tortured me for hours.

Brooke: Good. [Laughs] I figured the two of you would get along.

Celia: How was the Center?

Brooke: Uh, actually, I didn't go. I went to visit with Pete and Opal, and I told him how gorgeous those flowers were that he sent you.

Celia: [Chuckles] Oh.

Brooke: Did something happen the two of you?

Celia: Nothing, thank God.

Brooke: Well, maybe it's for the best. I mean, from what I hear, he's not going to be in town that long, anyway.

Jesse: You see anything?

Zach: No. Must have gotten tipped off.

Jesse: There's got to be something here.

Zach: Let's find out.

[Mid-tempo music plays]

Pete: I thought you'd want that back.

Celia: I did. Thank you for returning it.

Pete: It was nice talking to you.

Celia: [Sighs]

AJ: [Sighs] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Miranda: Whoa! What you are ODing on?

AJ: Adrenaline. Yeah, I got this project done.

Miranda: [Sighs] You're suspended. What's the rush? And, hey, I want to talk to you right now. It's important!

AJ: [Sighs] Okay.

Miranda: You lied to me... Before, about the coffee run.

AJ: No, I didn't.

Miranda: You never went to Jane's, did you?

AJ: Are you serious?

Miranda: Look, I heard Dixie talking about how she thinks it might be good for your dad to hear your voice, and --

AJ: Okay. Guilt trips so don't work on me.

Miranda: It would be cool if you did... go visit him, you know? Look -- I know it sucks seeing him be so far away --

AJ: Look -- he's not away! He's gone! And it's actually been kind of nice not having to deal with all his shit. Seeing him again would just -- would just mess up my life. Why would I want that? God. I got stuff to do!

Miranda: [Chuckles] [Chuckles]

Jesse: All this shit, and none of it ties the place to the Koslovs. Damn it!

Zach: These guys are real pros. They know how to sweep a place clean. [Sighs]

Jesse: So now what?

Zach: I saw a Dumpster in the alley out back. Maybe they're not as professional as they think they are. It's worth a shot. What do you say?

Jesse: Let's go.

Angie: I'm glad that Cara finally told you what happened so you can move on.

David: I don't know. I think that's what Cara was hoping for.

Angie: [Sighs] Don't torture yourself, David! Look -- Cara tried to give you peace.  Now you need to see that as the gift that it was and push past this.

David: I just can't help but feel that there was something more to this story that she's not telling me. And I need to find out why.

Cara: So you do understand the importance of this request. Uh, all records must be destroyed -- every e-mail, every memo, every scrap of paper. There can't be any evidence that I was ever there. And more important... no one can ever know why I was in your clinic. Is that clear?

Dixie: [Sighs] AJ ran into David, and I suspect David took [Sighs] full advantage of the opportunity to bond with his grandson. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this, but the fact is, if you were awake, it would be your problem, too. And I suspect you'd be just as disturbed as I am that David is honing in on AJ at his most vulnerable. I'm sure David's argument would be that AJ needs a man in his life. And he does. But not that man. Not if I have anything to say about it. What AJ needs is his dad. He needs you, JR. Just like I need my son. [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

JR: [Weakly] Mom.

Dixie: [Gasps]

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