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Episode #6

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Adam: What does kids did to her was reprehensible.

Bianca: [Sighs] It's not the first time Miranda's been bullied. We've dealt with it since she was in kindergarten, and she has always been so strong, but this time [Sighs] I just -- I didn't know that kids could be so brutal.

Adam: How's she holding up?

Bianca: I don't know. She won't talk to me. She blames me for what happened. You know what? She's right. It's all my fault.

AJ: You're alive. Come on! You can't sleep forever.

Miranda: Why not?

AJ: [Sighs] Last night sucked.

Miranda: [Scoffs] Make it stop!

AJ: Hey. Hey. I'm not going anywhere, all right? That's how this works -- the best-friend thing. Come on. Waffles? Huh? Want some OJ? Hmm? Cookies. Oh, that kind of worked.

Miranda: [Chuckles] [Sighs] Oh, my God. I'm such an idiot.

AJ: Stop. No, you're not.

[Alarm blares]

AJ: Oh, shit. Oh, yeah. Come on. We got to get going.

Miranda: No. No, no, no, no. I am never going back to that school again.

Pete: Jane, meet Dylan Wilder -- one of the best coders in the west.

Dylan: What, did I just get a demotion? Hey, Jane. I'm Dylan Wilder -- one of the best on the planet.

Jane: Oh.

Pete: Well, then you're even, because Jane here makes one of the best lattes in the world.

Dylan: I don't doubt it.

Jane: Well, don't take his word for it. Decide for yourself. I'll bring you coffee.

Dylan: There's something to be said for some small-town charm. Hey, listen. I'm, um, renting a house again in Lake Tahoe. You in?

Pete: [Sighs] I've got to take a rain check.

Dylan: Oh, Lizette is gonna be heartbroken.

Pete: Not for long, I'm sure.

Dylan: I don't know. She asked for your number.

Jane: Can I get you guys anything else?

Dylan: That depends on what you're doing later.

Pete: Uh, no. We're good.

Jane: [Chuckles]

Pete: Thank you, Jane.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Ugh. If that's a sample of what this local town has to offer, I get why you're not in any rush to come back to the west coast.

Pete: I think you're, uh, not really mature enough for Miss Jane here.

Dylan: Hey, it's not like you haven't hooked up with a 30-something or two yourself. So if you're not hitting that, what girl's keeping you here?

Celia: Hi, Brooke.

Brooke: Hello. [Chuckles]

Celia: Isn't it beautiful out today?

Brooke: Oh, you're one of those morning people, aren't you? I brought you this. You left it at the house. I thought you might need it.

Celia: Thank you.

Brooke: Oh! Oh? [Chuckles] Oh, my -- look at all these beautiful flowers. Oh! [Sniffs] Whoa!

Celia: Aren't they gorgeous?

Brooke: Yes. Are you -- are you thinking of becoming a florist?

Celia: Mm, they're from Pete Cortlandt. Isn't he amazing?

Brooke: Well, I would say he is smitten. I take it the two of you saw each other again. Celia? Are you all right?

Celia: What? Oh, yeah. I'm fine. Um... what did you say?

Brooke: Oh, no, no. I just said I assume that you've seen each other again.

Celia: Yes. Well, I snuck out to see him last night, but you can't tell anyone.

Brooke: A real date?

Celia: Yeah. And we had the best time. He is so smart and funny, and I've never met anyone like him.

Brooke: He's just a great guy. I-I think this is wonderful.

Celia: I know.

Brooke: The only thing is, how is your guardian going to feel about you dating?

Celia: I don't even care. I'm happy, and nothing is going to ruin this.

Zach: Any news from the FBI?

Jesse: Nothing yet. I spoke to ICE. I figured if the Koslovs are in to trafficking, it would be on their radar.

Zach: Anything?

Jesse: No. ICE is aware of the drug activity, but when it comes to human trafficking, they got nothing.

Vlad: Breakfast. You want some more, bitch?!

[Door closes]

Cassandra: [Sobs]

[Alarm blaring]

Vlad: I'll be back.

[Door closes]

Vlad: What are you doing here, boss?

Uri: I was just about to ask you the same question. I noticed you've been taking walk over here a few times each day.

Vlad: Just checking on things.

Uri: You always bring tray of food when you're checking on things? There's girl inside, isn't there?

Vlad: She's trouble.

Uri: And you decided what -- teach her lesson?

Vlad: I was just feeding her.

Uri: I heard screams.

Vlad: Boss, she's not like the others.

Uri: Yes, she is. And that is where she should be -- with others.

Vlad: But, boss --

Uri: How many times you have to be told? You don't touch merchandise. Is that clear? Do it again... and you're a dead man.

Zach: According to this, the guy we're dealing with is Koslov's son. He started a new division of the family business.

Jesse: Are you kidding me? An entrepreneur?

Zach: They're brand-new. No one knows anything about them

Jesse: Which is going to make the trail to Cassandra a hell of a lot harder to follow.

Bianca: I am so glad you were there and stood up for her last night. I don't know what she would have done without you.

AJ: I hate what that creep did to her?

Bianca: Yeah, I know. Is she still in her room?

AJ: Yeah. She hasn't moved since we got in last night.

Bianca: All right. I don't know if she wants to talk to me, but I think I should, uh, give it a try.

AJ: [Sighs]

Adam: Oh. That was the school principal.

AJ: Yeah. It's probably all over school -- what happened last night. Mr. Larkin just wants my side of the story.

Adam: Well, he's not interested in your side, actually, but he did say, starting today, you've been suspended.

[Door opens]

Bianca: Miranda.

Miranda: [Crying] Mom.

Bianca: Oh, God.

Miranda: I'm so sorry.

Bianca: Honey.

Miranda: [Sniffles] What I said earlier -- I didn't mean any of it.

Bianca: I know.

Miranda: I'm so sorry.

Bianca: I know, honey. It's okay. It's okay.

[Monitor beeping]

Dixie [Sighs]

Joe: The nurses told me you spent the night again. I thought maybe you could use this.

Dixie: Oh.

Joe: Yeah.

Dixie: Thank you, Joe. Five years, and I'm still falling asleep by his bed. You must think I'm crazy.

Joe: You love your son.

Dixie: He did a terrible thing. I know.

Joe: He was very troubled. But that doesn't affect our love for our own children, though. Can you tell me -- have you heard anything from Tad?

Dixie: Not a word. Sorry. He said he'd be incommunicado until this assignment was over, but I was hoping to hear something from him by now. [Chuckling] God, I miss him.

Joe: Yeah. Yeah. We all do.

Dixie: Yeah. I was really hoping that Tad and I would be married by now, you know, and celebrating anniversaries together, and helping raise Kathy. Instead, he's off on assignment God knows where, and I'm talking to stars like some some Psych-ward escapee.

Joe: [Chuckling] Talking to the stars? You don't have to talk to the stars anymore, Dixie. All you got to do is pick up the telephone. Ruth and I would love to hear from you anytime.

Dixie: Thank you. I just wish something good would happen, you know? I won't give up on him, Joe. I can't.

Zach: These guys are as bad as it gets.

Jesse: Oh, man. When I get my hands on these...

Zach: I know.

Jesse: I will rip them apart!

Zach: Hey, hey, hey. Take a breath.

Jesse: [Chuckles] Yeah, I know. I know. I'm setting up a search for all the missing girls in the surrounding areas. I'm taking names. I'm going to speak to their parents to see if I can detect some sort of pattern.

Zach: All right. And I've got another lead. I'm gonna go pull him out from under his rock.

Jesse: Zach, every minute we lose... This poor baby -- she just sinks deeper and deeper into this sick shit.

Zach: Hey. Hey. We're gonna bring her home. I promise you.

Cassandra: [Cries] Mom. Please, help me.

AJ: That scumbag rips on Miranda, and I'm the one who's getting suspended?!

Adam: Your principal was very clear on this.

AJ: His head's up his ass.

Adam: Yes, I don't disagree.

AJ: I mean, who should have seen Miranda's face. She was totally devastated.

Adam: I'm sure that hooligan deserved a thrashing, but, uh --

AJ: What? I should have risen above it? A punch in the face is the only thing Hunter Morrison understands.

Adam: He'll have plenty of time to think about it now.

AJ: God! Hunter and his asshole friends ruined Miranda's life, and they get to walk? This totally blows!

Adam: Whoo! Boy's got spirit.

Bianca: You were right last night. It is my fault.

Miranda: No. [Sighs] I wasn't -- I was just mad.

Bianca: Yeah, I know. If I were you, I'd be mad, too. Why did I have to be gay, right?

Miranda: Sometimes.

Bianca: Yeah. I mean, I didn't understand why my mom had to be Erica Kane. I just wanted a normal mother -- someone who wouldn't stand out, someone who could be so normal that no one would ever expect anything from me. You know what I mean?

Miranda: Kind of.

Bianca: Yeah. But knowing it doesn't make it any easier, does it?

Miranda: Mom, can you make me disappear? Please?

Bianca: Don't say that.

Miranda: Mom, no one likes me.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

Miranda: And half the time, I don't even blame them, because I hate myself, too.

Bianca: Honey, you listen to me, and you listen good. You are a beautiful, talented, smart, funny, amazing daughter and sister and friend.

Miranda: To you. And Gabby and AJ. To the rest of the world, I'm just a total joke.

Bianca: Oh, my God. You sound like me when I was your age. Not that it's the same situation, because it wasn't. [Chuckling] It's not.

Miranda: What, people did stuff like that to you?

Bianca: Oh, my God. Yes. The worst part was they made me think I was their friend. And maybe I didn't have a roomful of kids laughing at me, but I did make the headlines of a national tabloid. "Erica Kane's daughter is gay."

Miranda: Ouch.

Bianca: Yeah. And I was already being blackmailed at the time. And fear rules everything -- fear of being found out, of losing my mother's love. [Chuckling] It was hard. It was actually really painful at the time -- like standing naked in front of everyone I knew in the freezing cold.

[Both chuckle]

Bianca: But it got better. Eventually, I felt stronger.

Miranda: I don't feel strong, Mom.

Bianca: You are already stronger than you know.

Miranda: [Crying] No, I'm not. I'm not like you. I-I can't go back and face those kids.

Bianca: Well, if you don't, then they win.

Miranda: They already won, Mom. I just don't want to give them another chance to make me feel like more of a freak than I already do.

Bianca: Okay, let's just -- we'll just give it a little time -- a few days --

Miranda: No. A few days isn't gonna help. Please, Mom? Let me transfer to Bramwell or homeschool me or send me to Siberia. I don't care. Just don't make me go back there.

Dylan: Why are you holding out on me.

Pete: Dude, there's nothing to tell.

Dylan: This is me, Cortlandt. I've watched you walk into a room and, five minutes later, be knee-deep in babes. There is no way you've been here for almost a week without hooking up with someone.

Pete: [Scoffs] Hang on one second. I'll be right back.

Dylan: [Chuckles]

Celia: Bye, guys.

Pete: Celia.

Celia: Hi, Pete.

Pete: I was hoping I'd bump into you again.

Celia: Uh, really? I mean, it's good to see you, too.

Pete: [Chuckles] I had so much fun last night.

Celia: Ditto.

Pete: That's cute. [Chuckles] So, is it too soon for me to give you that surprise I owe you, or...

Celia: I don't think it's too soon.

Pete: Great! Well, how about dinner tonight? That sound good or...

Celia: Uh... dinner...

Pete: I'll call you later -- figure out a time I can steal you away from Bramwell?

Celia: I-I think it's easier if I meet you.

Pete: [Chuckles] Are you sure you got the whole, sneaking-out thing down? I mean, me sitting alone at a table for two -- not really good for my image.

Celia: I'm sure. I-I should get going.

Pete: All right. I'll meet you here -- three hours? Grab a couple shots of espresso, then we'll head out.

Celia: Okay.

Adam: Since I'll be gone an extended period this time, I put Brooke in charge of Chandler Enterprises. Make no mistake -- whether you are in this bed or not, I would have, um, made the same decision. Adam Chandler, Jr. -- a drunk, a failure in business and in life. You are the biggest disappointment of my life.

Dixie: Adam! How dare you?! This is your son! This is your flesh and blood!

Adam: Who destroyed lives.

Dixie: I know. I know he hurt a lot of people irreparably, and I grieve that every day. He's also had a lot to overcome, including you. This is our child, Adam. Can't you find it in your heart to show him a little kindness?

Dylan: Ah, I see you're skewing younger these days.

Pete: It's not what you think.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, as long as she's legal, I say go for it.

Pete: [Scoffs]

Dylan: I think she was blushing when you were talking to her. I didn't think there were girls out there who still did that.

Pete: Well, it's because Celia's not like other girls.

Dylan: Dude, you could use every line of that to get that one into bed. It's not like she's ever heard them before.

Pete: I don't have to use any lines on her.

Dylan: Don't tell me you've already sealed the deal. I knew you were fast, but this is a record even for you. So, what's the plan? You, uh, take the V-card then give her another ride or two before moving on to the next one?

Pete: Enough, Dylan. You're way off base, man, okay? I really like this girl.

Dylan: No one said you didn't.

Pete: There's just something about her -- something special. [Chuckles] I have never met any girl like in my life.

Jesse: When did you last see your daughter.

Woman: Five months ago. Alicia was recruited by a modeling agency. They were supposed to be sending her to New York. She was so excited -- was finally going to be living her dream. Isn't she beautiful?

Jesse: So, what happened? When did you first notice that there was something wrong?

Woman: When she didn't call. She promised she would as soon as she got there. I should have checked up on the modeling agency or gone to New York with her. Why didn't I do that? This is my fault --

Jesse: No, no, no, no, no. There's no way you could have known.

Woman: [Sighs] I lie awake every night, wondering where my daughter is, and if I'll ever see her again.

[Door opens]

Uri: You must be hungry. You have to eat. I apologize for Vlad. It won't happen again. You're lovely.

Cassandra [Crying] Please, let me go home. I just want to go home.

Uri: You wouldn't want your family to see you like this. It would be very upsetting.

Cassandra: No.

Uri: You are in pain.

Cassandra: I just want to go home.

Uri: Such a beautiful girl. This will help the pain.

Cassandra: [Crying] No.

Uri: I only want to help you, Cassandra. But I need you to trust me. Maybe we can trust each other. Those must hurt. I'll take them off, and you won't do anything silly. Agreed?

Cassandra: Yes. [Sniffles]

Uri: Better? Isn't trust a beautiful thing. I can help you, Cassandra -- take care of you -- if you let me. That is good girl.

[Pills rattle]

[Cassandra takes a pill]

AJ: You're not gonna believe this. The school called. I'm suspended.

Bianca: What?!

Miranda: Oh, shut up.

AJ: Yeah, the high school called Grandpa.

Bianca: All right. Excuse me. I'm gonna go find Adam and talk to him.

AJ: Man, this sucks ass.

Miranda: [Sighs] I'm so sorry, AJ. This is all my fault. You must totally hate me.

AJ: No. I could never hate you, and none of this is your fault. It's that asshole Hunter's, and you know what? I'd do it again. I'd punch his teeth out if he tried to pull any of that crazy shit again.

Miranda: [Scoffs] Well, if we're lucky, we'll never have to see him again in this lifetime.

AJ: Yeah, that might be kind of hard. Don't you have third period with him?

Miranda: Not if I transfer schools. I just asked my mom.

AJ: You can't be serious.

Miranda: Yeah. I'm gonna get her to transfer me to Bramwell.

AJ: No, no, no, no. You can't do that. You and me -- we do everything together. I'm gonna look like hell in a plaid skirt, and you know white socks will not look good on me. People are gonna start to talk.

Miranda: [Laughs] I love you, Ace. God, I love, love, love, love you!

Dixie: In case you've forgotten, Adam, JR was a victim that night, too. And the man who shot him point-blank is out of prison and back.

Adam: Hayward is -- he's in Pine Valley?

Dixie: Yes. And he was here in JR's room with his hands around his throat. That's why we have the extra protection.

Adam: He might come after AJ next.

Dixie: [Chuckles] And to hell with JR?! Come on, Adam. I know he's hurt people, but --

Adam: Not to mention bankrupting my company.

Dixie: Can't you stop thinking about what he's done to your blessed company and remember that this is your son -- that this is your pride and joy?! Can't you rise above what you've lost just long enough to tell him that you love him and you miss him, and you want him to come back to us?

Jane: That's your second. Want me to put something stronger in it?

Pete: Did I really just get stood up?

Celia: How could I be so dumb?!

[Cell phone ringing]

Jesse: So, here's what I got from the families. One girl -- she was signed to a bogus modeling agency, shipped off to New York, never seen or heard from again. Another girl answered an ad for an au pair in Switzerland. And another girl she went online, met this nice guy, decided to meet him for coffee. Gone. [Sighs]

Zach: So much for a pattern.

Jesse: These bastards rip these poor girls from their lives and send them straight to hell with their families following behind them. Did you dig under that rock for that source of yours?

Zach: After the girls are taken, they have them work locally, servicing clients. They feed them booze, drugs -- anything to break them down and keep them from running. And when they're ready, they're -- they're shipped anywhere in the world.

Jesse: So -- so, what's the timeline for all this happening?

Zach: Days, maybe. Which means -- if we --

Jesse: If we don't find her right away, she could be lost forever.

Zach: I-I know.

Uri: What the hell were you thinking?!

Vlad: The customers rough them up all the time. I was just getting her used to her new life.

Uri: The customers can do whatever the hell they want, but you hit her again, and you will regret. She was supposed to be shipped out tonight with other girl. Now we have to wait for those bruises to heal.

Vlad: There's a new shipment of product next week, boss.

Uri: She better be ready. You know what to do. Once we get her hooked, she'll stop fighting and do whatever we want her to do.

[Monitor beeping]

Adam: Hey. I love you son. I always will.

Dixie: Thank you.

[Both chuckling]

Dixie: Come on.

Adam: [Smooches]

Dixie: Come on. [Chuckles]

JR: Dad.

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