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All My Children Transcript Monday 4/29/13


Episode #1

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Brooke: [Gasps as she awakens]

Adam: Brooke, Brooke it's all right.

Brooke: Oh, is it ever gonna go away?

Adam: It's ok. I'm right here.

AJ: You had the dream again? About what happened at your engagement party?

Adam: [Sighs]

Brooke: We lost so much, AJ.

AJ: It was five years ago. The only way to deal is... move on.

Brooke: I know. I know. It's just... it's just not that easy.

Cara & David [Kissing]

[Locker Slams]

Griffin: You ready?

Cara: Yeah.

Opal: Ohh. Oh, Palmer. Our baby boy is coming home today.

[Pete drives to Pine Valley as the song "Internet killed the video star" plays]

Angie: Is that croissants and fresh coffee I smell? Oh, baby.

Jesse: Baby, look at you. You look so damn good. I mean, it's just amazing to me that, after all these years. You need to warn a man before you unleash all this.

Angie: [Laughs]

Jesse: Especially at this hour in the morning. Come on now. Hand to God, I got to be the luckiest man on this planet.

Angie: No, I'm the luckiest woman -- to have a husband who says these kind of things to her after all these years. And look -- all my favorites!

Jesse: Bam!

Angie: Right down to the strawberries and whipped cream.

Jesse: Yes, indeed. And I whipped it myself.

Angie: Oh, I bet you did.

Jesse: Oh, listen to you. There is nothing too good for the love of my life.

Angie: I know what you're trying to do.

Jesse: Is it working?

Angie: Jesse I can't help it. I just... I jus--

Pete: I am telling you Spence. It's all changing. Everyone's watching TV online now. I got to run.

Opal: Look at you! Look at you! I hardly recognize you. Oh, my baby boy is home... home again!

Pete: How you doing, Mom?

Opal: Well, all the better for seeing you -- I can tell you that. You are a sight for sore eyes.

Pete: Aww, you're looking pretty spectacular, yourself.

Opal: Gosh, you charmer, charmer. Ohh.

Pete: Hey.

Opal: I'm sorry. It's just that, you know, with, uh, with Dad being gone...

Pete: Mom.

Opal: Mm.

[Dixie stares at a picture of Tad and cries]

Griffin: Hey.

Cara: Hey.

Griffin: Anything?

Cara: No.

Griffin: It's a hell of a way to spend five years.

Opal: I want to show you my latest project. Here it is. It's all about you. Here. Look at this. Look -- "Peter Cortlandt, Silicon Valley's hottest young mogul." And then this one -- "Cort apps poised to take over the world."

Pete: [Chuckles]

Opal: I'm so proud of you. Just so proud. Look. Just look at pages and pages of all that you have achieved. It's just wonderful, and this, of course, is the spot -- I keep it blank 'cause this is where your diploma from Stanford would have gone.

Pete: Come on, Mom. Don't tell me you're still not over me dropping out to start my own company.

Opal: Now, why wouldn't I be over it? Because, diploma or not, you are a star, just like I told you, you would be, which is why I asked you to come home. I need you to bring Cortlandt Electronics back from the dead.

Adam: You put your life on hold for me.

Brooke: My life is with you.

Adam: But I'm not here. No. Not here at all.

Brooke: But I love you.

Adam: And I love you. It's time I made good on that love.

Brooke: What are you saying?

Adam: I'm saying -- I'm not saying -- I'm asking -- will you marry me?

AJ: Shit! Miranda.

Miranda: What? I've seen you play guitar a million times.

AJ: You could have knocked.

Miranda: Or had the butler announce me?

AJ: [Sighs] Privacy. You ever heard of it?

Miranda: Yeah, can we make this about me for a sec? On my Facebook wall -- "Is Miranda Montgomery a vag-etarian, or does she eat meat?"

AJ: What?

Miranda: Such assholes.

AJ: Oh, I am going to burn this loser.

Miranda: What are you doing?

AJ: Just commenting that she's so stupid she can't spell STD.

Miranda: No! No!

AJ: Yes!

Miranda. Ugh. You are so bad.

AJ: What no one messes with my people and you are -- my number-one people.

Miranda: Do you remember when you punched out that boy for making fun of me for having two moms in Kindergarten?

AJ: See?

Miranda: God, I'm probably gonna be getting vag-etarian cracks all day now.

AJ: Yea, let 'em try. You know what? They're a bunch of pea brains. You get it? Vag-etarian -- Vegetarian. Pea brain?

Miranda: Wow, you are so not funny. Look, if you really want to help me out, you can start by explaining that whole polynomial thing from Haren's class.

AJ: [Sighs]

Miranda: Uh... excuse me? Help?

AJ: Excuse me. Getting dressed.

Miranda: Oh, please. You, me naked in the pool since we've had floaties.

AJ: Miranda!

Miranda: Oh come on. It's not like I haven't seen it before.

Angie: Mm.

Jesse: Here you go, baby.

Angie: Mmm. That is so delicious.

Jesse: Just like my beautiful wife.

Angie: Jesse, remember how Lucy insisted on having strawberry cupcakes for her birthday?

Jesse: 5 years old and already a little diva, huh?

Angie: That might have been the last birthday we'd spend with her.

Jesse: Baby, they moved to Portland, not Mars. We will be able to see them plenty,

Angie: No, I'm glad that Maya found a job that she's excited about. I just didn't expect it would be so soon after she graduated, or so far away.

Jesse: Well come on now. We're living in the cyber age. You got your Facebook, your tweets, You got your uh whatever Skype.

Angie: I know, but it's not the same as kissing Lucy to sleep at night, listening to her prayers.

Jessie: Yeah. That little girl definitely was... a bright light these last five years, huh?

Angie: Yeah, it's hard  to believe it's been that long. Since --

Jesse: Pine Valley lost a part of its soul that night, but today, the sun is shining bright, and my beautiful wife loves me, and life is good... Very good. And, now milady, I think it's time we stopped lollygagging and --

Angie: Hug? Lollygagging? Really?

Jesse: Yeah, I suggest you get dressed real quick and in a hurry 'cause I got a surprise coming for you.

Angie: What kind of surprise?

Jesse: Now, if I told you what kind of surprise it was, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it, woman?

Angie: You're just so damn cute when you try to be all mysterious. Well, I'm going to be in the shower, and I'm just saying, in case you want to tell me what that big surprise is about. Jesse, I miss Lucy so much, but we are so blessed. For Frankie, Natalia, Cassandra -- we just have the most incredible family.

Jesse: Yes we do. Angela you have given me the most beautiful family. Angela Irene Baxter Hubbard, I love you.

Angie: if you're talking about finally fixing that garage door, that ain't no big surprise.

Jesse: Oh, trust me, baby, this is big... big like Christmas morning. Big like you and me.

Angie: Well  I don't think I can take anything else big this morning.

Jesse: Whoa!

Angie: I will be in the shower.

Jesse: I think I might have to join you there. Uh, yeah --

Opal: Palmer told me you could fix everything.

Peter: He did?

Opal: Yeah. Came to me in a dream you know how powerful my dreams are. Oh, my Petey. Always the smartest boy in the class.

Pete: It's Pete, Mom.

Opal: Yeah, well, you will always be Petey to me so you might as well get used to it. So?

Pete: It's not good. The receiver pretty much wants to close down all the unprofitable divisions, break up the company, sell what's left.

Opal:  Well, they can't do that.

Pete: Yes, they can.

Opal: No, they can't!

Pete: Maybe it's time to let Cortlandt go, Mom.

Opal: How can you say that?

Pete: It's what Dad would have done.

Opal: That company was your daddy's heart and soul. Now, you have that same kind of fight in you, and if anybody can save it you can. It would make your mama so happy if you would at least consider --

Pete: It's not like I'm trying to make you unhappy. Okay. I promise you, I will visit as often as I can.

Opal: Well, unfortunately your idea of "often" doesn't exactly merge with mine.

Pete: Come on, Mom.

Opal: Well, it's true. I mean, it's taken the complete financial destruction of Cortlandt Electronics to get you back here. I'm not gonna wait, until, what Armageddon before I see you again.

Pete: I've been on a plane all night.

Opal: Well, your room is ready.

Pete: I need to get some air.

Opal: I'll get my purse.

Pete: Alone.

Brooke: You're asking me to marry you now?

Adam: Well, I-I know it's not very timely right now, but uh --

Brooke: O-Oh, a-- Adam.

Adam: I love you. I love you more than I thought I could ever love another human being.

Brooke: I love you, too.

Adam: Is that a yes?

Brooke: Yes absolutely.

Adam: I'm glad because, um, I have a terrible favor to ask you.

Miranda: I swear.

AJ: I swear I don't.

Brooke: Hey.

AJ: What, are you heading out of town soon, Grandpa?

Brooke: Oh, isn't he always?

Adam: Yeah.

AJ: You and me-- "War Demons" rematch before you leave, ok?

Adam: You're on.

Miranda: Oh, please. You are never going to beat him.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

Adam: My most charming fan. You need some cash?

AJ: I got my debit card.

Brooke: How is Bianca?

Miranda: Uh, she is ok. I mean as ok as she ever is since the night where--

AJ: Can we let it go people? It happened. It's over. We need to move on. We're late.

Cassandra: [Over phone] This is Cassandra. Leave a message.

Jesse: Hey, Darling, it's me. Uh, my app says that your flight from Paris has landed. So, when you're finished with customs, look for a driver. He's gonna have your name on a sign, all right? Can't wait to see the look on your mother's face when you walk through the door. All right.

AJ: You want to go over those polynomials at lunch?

Miranda: You gonna wear a towel?

AJ: What are you doing?

Miranda: Act natural.

AJ: Huh?

Hunter: Hey.

Miranda: Hey. Did you see that?

AJ: He said, "Hey."

Miranda: And he smiled.

AJ: And he walked. All at once.

Miranda: Hunter Morrison talked to me.

Griffin: You know, you and this patient have a lot in common.

Cara: Huh?

Griffin: David Hayward. You were both his problems.

Cara: No. What I did--

Griffin: Had to be done.

Cara: Griff, if David ever finds out the truth.

Griffin: That's not gonna happen. Cara. David's buried behind bars for manslaughter. He is not getting out for a long, long time.

David: My stuff?

Officer: Where are you heading?

David: Home sweet home.

Pete: I predict that there will be 4.8 billion tablet users by the end of the year. So if Franklin's gonna compete he's gonna need a B2B app yesterday. and we're the company to do it. Hey, I'll call you back.

Angie: I'm gonna run out to the store, get something for dinner. Uh, not unless you got that surprise hiding around here somewhere.

Jesse: That surprise will show up in its own time.

Angie: Not even a hint?

Jesse: I'll give you one hint.

Angie: What?

Jesse: You are gonna love me even more.

Angie: Impossible.

Jesse: Hm-hmm.

Angie: [Laughs] You can come out now, wherever you are.

Jesse: Not bad. Come on, Cassandra. Where are you? You should be here by now.

Pete: These yours?

Celia: Yeah. Thank you.

Pete: Let me help you up.

Celia: No it's ok.

Pete: I'm sorry.

Celia: No. I'm sorry. It's my fault.

Pete: No, here. Let me help you up.

Celia: Uh, my apple. mmm. I just ate an apple off the ground. You must think I am so weird.

Pete: Actually apples are my new favorite fruit.

Celia: I really have to go.

Pete: What are you late for detention?

Celia: No, I'm not a student.

Pete: Oh, you just like plaid? I mean it's definitely a good color on you.

Celia: No, I'm... taking a gap year. I teach art history at my old high school.

Pete: I took a gap year, too. Just lasted it a bit longer. Ended up dropping out of Stanford.

Celia: Oh, so for good?

Pete: I started my own company in California.

Celia: So, what are you doing in Pine Valley?

Pete: That's a good question.

Celia: I really have to go. Thank you... again.

Pete: Hey! What's your name?

Celia: Celia.

Brooke: It's official. Are you sure about this?

Adam: You ran a national magazine with, um, great success. Who else would I choose?

Brooke: Well, is that the only reason that you chose me?

Adam: That, and I love you dearly. And I know you're the one person who would never betray me.

Brooke: Never.

AJ: Oh, you still tripping over Hunter?

Miranda: Oh, yes, he is such a--

AJ: Douche?

Miranda: Do you not get this? He's the hottest guy in school, and he talked to me.

AJ: He said, "Hey." That's not exactly a conversation.

Miranda: What is your problem? Every girl in school freaks over him.

AJ: You're not every girl in school.

Miranda: What is that a dig?

AJ: He is a player.

Miranda: Oh, and I am not cool enough?

AJ: You're gorgeous and smart, and talented, and you're-- He's not cool enough for you.

Miranda: Is somebody jealous?

AJ: Get over yourself.

Miranda: Oh, but did you see the way he smiled at me.

AJ: I didn't notice.

Miranda: I'll see you later.

AJ: Whatever.

David: You recognize me. You're right. I'm that guy. Chandler Mansion, the shooting. That was me.

Opal: That was some bit of air you took.

Pete: Yeah, I took a drive by the old factory.

Opal: Any particular reason?

Pete: There, uh, might be more potential than I thought.

Opal: Wait a minute. Does that mean that maybe you won't be hopping on the next plane out of here?

Pete: I'm going to stay a little bit longer.

Opal: Ohh!

Pete: Just a few extra days, Mom-- that's all.

Opal: Well, a few extra days, that's better than none.

Pete: Right? I just hope I get this kind of reception when I arrive at Cortlandt Electronics.

Opal: Well, of course, you will. You're gonna get a hero's welcome, for sure. But now lets see. If you're only here a few days, we're gonna have to live large and savor every bit of it, every minute. Oh, well we can do some scrapbooking, oh you are going to love scrapbooking. Oh, and Tai Chi! I do love me my Tai Chi! I think you will, too. Oh, Petey. We're just gonna have the best time.

Evelyn: You're late.

Celia: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll reschedule my tutoring session with my students.

Evelyn: Yes. Yes. Yes, you will but before you do that, I'd like you to explain this.

Jesse: Hey, I'm glad I caught you. I've been calling Cassandra's cell, but I guess her battery died. How is the traffic? You two almost here? What do you mean she never showed up? Where the hell is she?

David: I've been behind bars for five years for what happened to you. But now I'm back... and there's gonna be hell to pay.

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