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[Jake remembers kissing Cara]

Jake's voice: Let's go. Let's go.

Amanda: So you are here.

Jake: Hey. Ahem.

Amanda: Long shift last night, huh?

Jake: Yeah, I caught a couple hours of sleep at the hospital. Since I have to go right back, I figured I don't want to wake you up, so --

Amanda: No, I couldn't sleep anyway. I almost called you myself, but I didn't want to bother you.

Jake: Yeah. Ahem. Well -- personally, I wish you did.

Cara: You have no idea what I went through last night.

Griffin: It wasn't exactly a picnic for me either.

Cara: I thought you were dead.

Griffin: You know why I couldn't tell you, Cara. I was afraid if you got involved, you would get into trouble.

Cara: Well, sometimes that's hard to avoid.

Griffin: What kind of trouble we talking about?

Cara: What do you mean?

Griffin: What you just said about getting into trouble.

Cara: I'm not in any trouble.

Griffin: Then why'd you say it?

Cara: I just said sometimes I get into trouble like you get into trouble. It just kind of runs in the family.

Griffin: But you'd tell me if it was important, wouldn't you?

Tad: Why aren't we smiling?

Bianca: Oh, my God, Kendall! Oh! God.

Kendall: Are you ok?

Bianca: I am now. I was so worried about you.

Kendall: Oh, my God, Bianca, I am so sorry. I'm so sorry to hear what Ricky did to you. I feel terrible. I should have protected you better.

Bianca: Protect me? I cannot believe that you went on that boat alone with that maniac. What were you thinking?

Kendall: I had to get him to confess, and I did it. Binks, I did it. I got Ricky to actually say the words that he killed Zach.

Bianca: Ok, yeah, but he could have done the same thing to you. Just thinking about that --

Kendall: Don't. Don't. Don't think about it.

Bianca: I'm glad that you're ok and it is all over now.

Kendall: Yeah, except it's not over. No, not for me. I'm not done with Ricky. I haven't even started yet.

Ricky: You know this is a mistake, right? Hey, look at me. I'm serious. I am a man of the cloth, all right?

Cop: Yeah, right.

Ricky: Come on! Damn.

Ryan: Ok, you son of a bitch. Time for you and me to have a little one-on-one chat.

Greenlee: As long as you leave a few pieces of him for me.

[Ringing doorbell]

David: Erica, come on! If you're in there, open up. I need to talk with you.

[Classical music playing]

[Music stops]

Erica: You're in there, aren't you, and that's my phone that's ringing. Is it one of my daughters? Is it Jack? I'm back. You didn't really think that I was just gonna wallow in here, did you? All right, you want me to admit it? I need you. You can lock me up in a room, you can steal my face, you can steal my life, but you owe me information about my family, my daughters, about Jack.

Jane: Your daughters are all right, I guess.

Erica: What do you mean, you guess?

Jane: If there was a crisis, you'd probably take them shopping, right? Buy them something classy.

Erica: Crisis? What are you talking about?

Jane: Or maybe you'd give them a day at the spa?

Erica: Talk to me, damn it! What's happened to my daughters? What's going on?

Jane: All right. You know that reverend that you liked so much? Well, he turned out to be a crazy person. He's the one who killed your son-in-law Zach.

Erica: What? Ricky? Oh, my God.

Jane: Yeah, who'd have thought, huh? But then he hurt Bianca, and she wound up in the hospital.

Erica: The hospital? What do you mean he hurt her?

Jane: I think Kendall's all right, but she was trying to pretend that she loved that creep.

Erica: Let me out of here now. My daughters need me.

Jane: They have me.

Erica: Well, that's not working, is it? 'Cause you're not their real mother. Oh, that's why you're here, isn't it? Because you need me, too.

Greenlee: It's gonna be so nice to watch you take a fall, after getting so many people to trust you, to look to you for spiritual guidance. You make me sick.

Ricky: I bet I helped a lot of people.

Greenlee: You killed an incredible man.

Ricky: You have no proof that I did anything to Zach.

Ryan: I'm having every single one of your associates investigated.

Ricky: For what, Ryan? For being in business with me, huh?

Ryan: No, for having you murder Zach to stop the casino sale.

Ricky: Yeah? Well, guess what. Nobody's gonna talk to you.

Ryan: You think so? Really? 'Cause they all know that you murdered Zach. Once they realize that their lives are on the line, you think they're gonna take the bullet for you?

Greenlee: Especially after they hear what you did to Diana Holden. Who knows how many other associates you have buried somewhere.

Ryan: You preside over their funerals, too?

Greenlee: The way you used Kendall's grief was so twisted.

Ricky: I did love Kendall. As a matter of fact, I still do. And I know deep down, she knows that. Yeah.

Greenlee: Really? Here's the message she asked me to deliver to you.

Kendall: I'm going to be in that courtroom every day in the front row staring Ricky down. And then when they convict him, I will make sure he gets sent to the worst prison in the state, in the country.

Bianca: Kendall --

Kendall: Everyone he hurt will get the justice that they deserve. You, me, the boys -- everyone.

Bianca: Ok, I know what that's like, but it's time to let it go now.

Kendall: No, there's still so much more that needs to be done.

Bianca: You've done everything you possibly can to make sure Ricky pays. And now it is in the hands of the court.

Kendall: What if they don't get the evidence that they need? What if they don't get enough proof? What if he walks?

Bianca: He knocked me out and tied me up in a closet with Marissa. That alone will lock him away.

Kendall: They have to convict him of murder, of Zach's murder.

Bianca: They will. There is plenty of evidence. Ryan is working on that. So is Tad.

Kendall: Yeah, well, this is a little more personal for me.

Bianca: That is why it's so dangerous -- because it's so personal. My God, Kendall, you pretended to love him, kissed him, you wore his ring.

Kendall: Don't remind me.

Bianca: But if you keep this going, you will be constantly reminded. If you don't let this go, it can hang on forever -- eat you alive. You have to walk away, Kendall. You have to walk away right now.

Kendall: I can't.

Bianca: Why not?

Kendall: Because if I walk away, it'll be like walking away from Zach, like leaving him behind. I just can't.

Tad: Why aren't we celebrating?

Griffin: It's been a rough night.

Cara: Griff's still under arrest.

Tad: Yeah, for the moment. Let's not forget, they're testing the DNA under the victim's fingernails. It comes back to Torres, you're in the clear.

Griffin: That's great. Thank you, Tad.

Cara: And the drug charges?

Tad: May be a little more complicated.

Cara: He's just sending medicine to third-world countries. He wasn't dealing heroin.

Tad: I'm on your side. I know that, you know that, Jesse knows that. And hopefully we use the extenuating circumstances. We'll get those charges dropped as well. It just might take a little longer.

Griffin: How about Kendall? How's she doing?

Tad: She's fine. How she was able to carry that off for so long with Ricky and not get hurt, it's amazing. Let's not forget, she is Erica's kid.

Cara: Let's just be grateful that she and my brother survived.

Griffin: A lot of that thanks has to do with your husband right over there. You definitely married the right Martin brother this time.

Amanda: So, did something happen last night?

Jake: No, not at all. Can I just --

Amanda: Oh, you just sounded like you wish I'd called for a reason or something.

Jake: Well, actually -- just a little. Thank you. Good, good, good. Thank you.

Amanda: What?

Jake: Ricky Torres killed Zach.

Amanda: The minister?

Jake: He ain't a minister. He was just pretending to be a minister so he could be close to Kendall.

Amanda: What -- oh, my God.

Jake: This truth came out last night, so Bianca, Ricky, and Griffin all ended up at the hospital.

Amanda: Griffin? Wait a minute, I thought Griff was halfway across the world.

Jake: Well, he wasn't. He was here the whole time helping Kendall.

Amanda: Well, Cara must be relieved.

Jake: Yeah. Where's the guy with the menus?

Amanda: Oh, my God. And here you were saying nothing happened last night.

Jake: Well, that was just me being stupid, I guess.

Amanda: No, that would be me.

Jake: What do you mean?

Amanda: You want to know why I said I almost called you last night? You're gonna be angry, and I don't blame you because I should have told you when I knew --

Jake: Listen, I already know you're not pregnant.

Tad: I can't tell you again how sorry I am that I couldn't tell you he was here the entire time.

Cara: I understand why you did it. It's ok.

Tad: No, it's not, not for me. I promised you I would always be somebody you could count on, and I took that vow seriously.

Cara: I know. I took the same vow.

Tad: Right, and you've been straight with me. I wasn't straight with you, and I regret it.

Cara: I think you're making way too much out of this.

Griffin: Listen, if you're gonna be mad at anybody, you can take a look in this direction. I'm the one who told you not to tell Cara where I am.

Cara: Oh, my God, let's just drop this whole thing and focus on the fact that you are alive.

Griffin: I agree.

Tad: I vote for that.

Cara: Ok, fantastic. And on that positive news, I am off to ConFusion to get us something to eat. Que quieres?

Griffin: Yo quiero crab cake benedicts, por favor.

Cara: Ok. Ole. Bye, you two.

Tad: Yeah, whatever she said. No joke. You have no idea how worried she was about you. When your birthday came and went, I thought she was gonna lose it.

Griffin: I know. We worry about each other, which is why I'm happy she's with you. You're good for her.

Tad: Yeah, so you've said over and over and over.

Griffin: Because it's true.

Tad: Well, it works both ways. She's good for me, too.

Griffin: Yeah, I can clearly see that. Question is, what are you gonna do about it?

Jake: I found out that you were not pregnant from Nicole.

Amanda: I thought nurses were supposed to keep --

Jake: They're not supposed to. She thought I knew, and then when she told me, she could see that I clearly didn't.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Jake: Don't be sorry.

Amanda: No, I'm so sorry. I just thought that if I was pregnant that it would help our marriage and bring us together. I know how crazy that must sound.

Jake: It's ok.

Amanda: No, it's not.

Jake: It is. I don't blame you. I'm not mad at you.

Amanda: Why are you being so sweet about this?

Jake: 'Cause I love you. And I love our life together, and I love our son. And you did this because you thought our marriage is in trouble, and it isn't. We're not in trouble, ok?

Amanda: Really?

Jake: Really. Truly. And I'm sorry if I made you feel insecure or anything. I'm sorry.

Amanda: You didn't. It was me.

Jake: I could have reassured you more, every day if I had to, because you mean everything to me. You know, people, they make mistakes, right?

Amanda: Except you.

Jake: Well, you would be wrong about that.

Jane: Of course, I know how to take care of Kendall and Bianca.

Erica: You don't know anything about being their mother.

Jane: Shut up.

Erica: No! They need me. They need their real mother, not some empty department-store mannequin version of Erica Kane. You may have made yourself to look like me, but you are not me. You're empty inside.

Kendall: I hate the game I had to play with Ricky -- making him care about me, making him think I cared about him.

Bianca: It made my skin crawl every time he touched you.

Kendall: Well, it doesn't matter now because I got exactly what we needed. When Ricky actually said those words that he murdered Zach, as horrible as it was, I felt as if I had won.

Bianca: Yeah, and you did win, Kendall. All I'm trying to say to you is -- it's over. You got what you wanted.

Kendall: No, Binks, no. Like I said, there's still a lot more that I need to do.

Bianca: Yeah, but with your kids, with your life.

Kendall: For so long, my life has been about fighting for Zach, doing everything we can, making sure we get the proof that we needed. So I feel like as long as I'm fighting, it keeps him alive.

Bianca: We all miss him. We still have all these wonderful memories of Zach.

Kendall: Yes, I know that. I know, but -- I'm not ready for Zach to just be a memory, Binks. And he wouldn't have to be if it weren't for Ricky.

Bianca: Do you know what Zach would say to you right now?

Kendall: What?

Bianca: Move on. Go have a happy life with your kids. Well, he'd use fewer words.

Kendall: Yeah. He probably would.

Bianca: Listen to him. Listen to me, because I have been there. And I know what a dark and lonely road it is to want more than just simple justice. Don't let this take over your life. Don't let Ricky win.

[Greenlee slaps Ricky]

Ricky: What the hell was that?

Greenlee: Kendall's message to you. Do you want to hear it again?

Ryan: No, I think he got it. I think he got it.

Greenlee: Did you ever meet Zach?

Ricky: What difference does it make?

Greenlee: It might make it more personal, knowing the man that you killed. Maybe to you it wouldn't.

Ricky: Really? 'Cause according to Kendall, Zach wasn't a real prince.

Greenlee: And you believed -- she was trying to get a confession out of you, which she did.

Ricky: Whatever.

Greenlee: Zach was more than a prince. He mattered in this world. He had a wife who loved him. He had kids who adored him. He had friends who counted on him. You took all of that away for money.

Ryan: He's not even worth it. Come on.

Ricky: Please, you two don't know a damn thing about me, but one thing that you should know is that I am very determined, and I will find a way to win Kendall back.

Greenlee: It wasn't real, you idiot. The relationship with Kendall was fake.

Ricky: Oh, really? You mean like your marriage? Oh, whoops! I guess you guys forgot, huh? You guys said your I dos in front of me. And guess what. I'm not a real minister. So that makes the two of you, what, roomies?

Greenlee: Go to hell.

Ryan: Come on, let's get out of here. Let's get out of here. You can't let him get to you like that, ok?

Greenlee: But what he said was true, Ryan. This ring is as fake as his collar.

Jane: In and out, a quick hug. That's all she needs. And then, I can go back to living the classy life.

Bianca: Mommy's missed you, too. But you know what? I am coming home soon. And I'm gonna stop by on my way home and get you your favorite chocolate cupcakes, ones with the double chocolate frosting. Oh, I love you, too.

David: Just the person I've been looking for.

Amanda: Ok, so --

Jake: There you are.

Amanda: So you think you've made some mistakes in your life?

Jake: I don't think it. I know it. It's the fact, Jack.

Amanda: Ok, so you bought the wrong toothpaste once. You've never lied to me or done anything crazy like I have, like calling Immigration on Cara or trying to get pregnant without telling me.

Jake: All right, I want you to please stop beating yourself up about all this stuff, ok? Please, ok?

Cara: He told her.

Griffin: Tad.

Tad: Leave me alone. Don't look at me like that.

Griffin: You always have an answer for everything. What are you gonna do about my sister?

Tad: What am I supposed to do? I'm gonna do what I've been doing all along, ok? I'm gonna be a husband to Cara, of sorts. I'm gonna try to take care of her, keep her from being deported.

Griffin: So that's good enough for you?

Tad: You're like a dog with a bone. Ok, it's just you and me. I admit it. If something was to happen between me and Cara -- I'd think it was great.

Griffin: So what are you gonna do? You gonna wait for lightning to strike? Is that your strategy? I think whatever she had with Jake is over.

Tad: Yeah, maybe.

Griffin: You don't think so?

Tad: What I think is she realizes he's in love with his family, and she doesn't want to do anything to screw that up.

Griffin: Ok, so what's the problem then?

Tad: Franklin.

Frankie: How's the patient?

Griffin: I'm all right.

Frankie: How's the arm?

Griffin: Still connected to my shoulder.

Frankie: Boy, do I love having doctors for patients. Could you give me and the doc a minute?

Tad: I can take a hint.

Frankie: Since when?

Tad: Hasta la vista, baby.

Griffin: Hasta la vista.

Frankie: So how you been feeling?

Griffin: I'm ok.

Frankie: "Ok" is not the answer I'm looking for.

Griffin: I'm having a little trouble flexing my hand.

Frankie: Hmm. Still swelling. The antibiotics they gave you --

Griffin: They haven't done their job yet.

Ryan: So Ricky isn't a minister and we're not officially married, but we knew that was a possibility.

Greenlee: We just can't let that change anything. He's taken too much already. Kendall.

Ryan: Hey. Are we happy to see you.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. You're so amazing. You're so brave.

Kendall: Right. Well, I wasn't feeling too brave on that boat with Ricky.

Ryan: Somehow you did it, though. You got him to confess. It's unbelievable.

Kendall: Yeah, I did. He confessed. He said the words out loud. "I killed Zach." It was surreal. And then he said it was a relief that he'd finally said the words. Then he started bragging about how he pulled the whole thing off.

Greenlee: He's sick, but you got him.

Kendall: Yeah. I'm ok. I am. I'm good. I just wish we could go back to the way things used to be, that Zach was still here.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. If he hadn't come --

Kendall: Would you stop, please? How many times you gonna blame yourself? For the hundredth time, it is not your fault. I don't blame you. Ok, at first I blamed the two of you. I needed somewhere to put my anger and my pain towards, but the truth is, if it hadn't happened on that plane, Ricky would have found some other way to get to Zach.

Ryan: We're just happy he didn't get to you, too.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I had a little help with that. You guys, Tad, my family -- you guys have been amazing.

Ryan: Aren't you forgetting somebody?

Kendall: Yeah.

Frankie: Let it go, Griff.

Griffin: I can't make a fist.

Frankie: You done enough already. All you're doing is irritating the nerve. Give it a rest.

Griffin: How am I supposed to operate if I can't wrap my hand around a scalpel?

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Tad: Well, hey, beautiful.

Cara: Hi. Ha ha!

Tad: You ok?

Cara: Yeah, just -- great.

Tad: Frankie is -- going over things with Griffin, so he's still gonna be there for a while. I was wondering -- you wanna have some dinner with me?

Cara: Actually, you know what, I have a great idea. Let's go back home, and I'll make us something, and I'll make up something for Griff.

Tad: No, come on. You look amazing. You're here --

Cara: Thank you, but I'm not --

Tad: Whoa. Hey, look.

Cara: What?

Tad: Jake and Amanda. What do you say we make it a foursome?

Cara: Yeah?

Tad: Yeah.

Cara: Ok.

Tad: Get a room.

Jake: Hey. How you doing?

Tad: Hey. All right.

Cara: Hi. Thank you.

Jake: How -- how's your brother?

Cara: Alive.

Amanda: How are you doing, Cara?

Cara: What do you mean?

Amanda: I was just wondering with everything that's happened --

Cara: Oh, I'm, you know -- I'm focused on my brother.

Jake: Knowing your brother, he's gonna be up and running and working at the hospital in no time.

Tad: Amen to that. Then hopefully it'll be like this whole nightmare never happened.

P.A.: Dr. Kravitz, you have a visitor in the main lobby.

Greenlee: I'm sorry about what I said before. I love my wedding ring, and I'm not taking it off. I couldn't care less whether this marriage is real or not, because we're real. We'll deal with the legal part after we deal with everything else.

Ryan: I can do better than that. I want you to call, and I want you to cancel all your appointments.

Greenlee: But I'm supposed to be --

Ryan: Whatever it is, it can wait. You and I are gonna go down to City Hall, and we're gonna find a judge, and we're gonna make this marriage official. Right now.

Jane: Oh, isn't this a surprise?

David: Yeah, for me, too. Any reason why you're avoiding Bianca?

Jane: I felt that my daughter would like to be alone.

David: After what she went through last night? The Erica I know would be moving her base of operations into her room.

Jane: Just trying to give my daughter her space.

David: You look to me like someone who just didn't want to deal with it.

Jane: You know better than that. You know how much I love my daughters.

David: Ok. So here's another question. Why haven't you been answering my phone calls?

Jane: What did you want to talk to me about?

David: I'm trying to get my medical license reinstated, Erica. I would appreciate your help. I would like you to testify on my behalf in front of the medical board.

Jane: Why would I do that?

David: Because I was shot in the back a few months ago. Remember? Almost died?

Jane: But you're alive now, and the charges against me were dropped.

David: The charges against you? I'm not talking about you, Erica. I'm talking about the real shooter.

Griffin: It's not that bad.

Kendall: What was that whole thing about you not operating again?

Griffin: Oh, doctors go worst-case scenario all the time.

Kendall: So then it is a possibility.

Griffin: Remote.

Kendall: How remote?

Griffin: Hey, I'm a doctor. You can ask me questions. I can answer them.

Frankie: At the moment, you're the patient, and I'm the doctor. I'm telling you to rest your hand and keep it elevated.

Griffin: Why don't you just hook me up with some anti-inflammatories --

Frankie: We're not starting you on any other drugs until I have more information, ok? I've been in your shoes -- or should I say surgical gloves.

Griffin: Oh, my God, spare me another speech, please.

Frankie: You may be a brilliant surgeon, but you're a lame-ass patient.

Griffin: Makes the two of us.

Frankie: Look, just be patient. Let the antibiotics do their job, and stop flexing that hand.

Kendall: You may never operate again, because you were hurt saving me.

David: You don't want to play games with me, Erica.

Jane: I don't know what you're talking about.

David: Knock off the act. No one can hear us. You know damn well you're not the one who put a bullet in my back.

Jane: I am so tired. I'm sorry. I have been through so much.

David: Are you telling me you don't give a damn whether or not the real person who shot me gets away with it?

Jane: I'm telling you I don't have time for this right now -- or for you.

Greenlee: Ryan --

Ryan: We should have no trouble finding a judge that will marry us.

Greenlee: Please, listen to me.

Ryan: By the end of the day, we will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lavery.

Greenlee: No.

Ryan: What do you mean "no"?

Greenlee: Exactly what I said. I don't want to get married this way.

Ryan: Are you actually turning down my proposal?

Greenlee: It isn't a proposal. It's a way to show that fake minister that he doesn't have the last laugh, but we're better than that, Ryan. When we get married, which I know we will, I want it to be special. I don't want you thinking about anything or anyone except me, except us.

Ryan: I will. You know I will.

Greenlee: You just lost a baby, and you're mourning that loss, and you're not the only one.

Ryan: I know, I know. Madison -- you and I --

Greenlee: We're gonna be fine. I know that, but there's Emma. We have a little girl at home who was so excited to have a baby sister. You have to tell your daughter that's not gonna happen.

Ryan: You're right. You're right.

Griffin: My white blood count is high. When the swelling goes down, my hand will be fine.

Kendall: I don't believe you.

Griffin: You want me to get a medical textbook? I could show you.

Kendall: If something bad happened to you because of me --

Griffin: Does it always have to be about you?

Kendall: I would like a straight answer, please.

Griffin: All right. There's a small chance that I have nerve damage.

Kendall: Nerve damage?

Griffin: My prognosis is good, and whatever happens, I have no regrets.

Kendall: And here I was just worried about you getting thrown into jail --

Griffin: We're all working on that.

Kendall: Can you let me work on that, too, and help?

Griffin: Yeah, you can help me by taking care of yourself.

Kendall: I have been.

Griffin: You haven't been following your doctor's orders, which means you shouldn't be here. You should be at home taking it easy.

Kendall: You sick of me already?

Griffin: Never. I think you should be -- getting some down time. I think you should be with your boys.

Kendall: Yeah, I've been away from them a lot lately.

Griffin: Then go. We'll talk later.

Kendall: Ok, all right, but I am going to come and visit you, whether you want me to or not. All right? Deal?

Griffin: Deal.

Kendall: Ok. Wait. Was that your -- look at your hand!

Griffin: Yep.

Kendall: Yep.

Griffin: The doctor is back in business.

Kendall: Oh, he is. Look at that. I did that.

Griffin: You did?

Kendall: I did.

Jane: Yes. Hi. This is Room 301. I'd like an order of wings and -- hot wings -- and french-fried onion rings and extra ketchup and mayo. Yeah, that's it. Ahh -- Erica was right. It is not easy being Erica Kane. I don't know how she does it without a drink.

Tad: Kendall ends up on the yacht with Ricky holding a gun on her. Somehow -- thank the Lord -- Griffin manages to get on board, nail the bad guy, and ends up shot. So he's been beaten up, stabbed, and shot. Has he ever been run over by a car?

Cara: No.

Amanda: You must have been scared to death.

Cara: Oh, long night. So I think that takeout's ready. Excuse me.

Jake: Where is this waiter? I'll get our bill so we can pay and go. All right?

Tad: Stop. Amanda, look at me. It's gonna be ok.

Jake: How you doing?

Cara: My brother's alive.

Jake: I'm not talking about him.

Cara: I know.

Jake: I mean how are you doing, really?

Cara: We don't really need to talk about what happened. It was a mistake. We never should have been that close.

Jake: Right.

Cara: You love your wife. You love your son.

Jake: I don't want to do anything to hurt them.

Cara: And I don't want you to. That's why whatever happened just never happened.

Jake: So we just erase it.

Cara: Exactly. It'll keep from hurting the people that we care about.

Jake: You're ok with that?

Cara: I have to be, and so do you, ok? Keep the change.

Jake: Thank you very much.

Cara: Hey.

Tad: Hey!

Cara: Ready?

Tad: Yeah. Let's do it.

Jake: Ok. See ya. Right. All right.

Amanda: Hey. You're missing a button. How'd that happen?

Jake: I am? What? Beats me.

Emma: Daddy!

Ryan: Hi, hi, hi, hi. Ooh -- hey, um -- I know how much you were looking forward to having a little baby sister, weren't you?

Emma: When can we see her again?

Ryan: Well, um -- sometimes things happen that are really, really hard to understand.

Greenlee: Sara was a strong little baby girl. She was just born too early.

Ryan: And she fought as hard as she could, and we all prayed for her, but in the end she just didn't make it.

Emma: No. No.

Ryan: It's true, sweetie. It's true. It's true.

Greenlee: She's in heaven smiling down on us right now.

Ryan: And she's happy now. She doesn't have to fight anymore.

Emma: No.

Man: Comes my way but the thought of being without you is the one thing I don't wanna know 'cause we shine together and we shine right through to forever and you make me strong when you're right here by my side you can light the world around us 'cause there's nothing left to bound us 'cause all we are is all we need this time together we will shine stay with me and I'll stand by your side 'cause one thing I know is true ooh, we can win we can conquer anything if you can believe in me like I believe in you 'cause we shine together we'll shine right through forever you make me strong when you're right here by my side we can light the world around us 'cause there's nothing left to bound us 'cause all we are is all we need this time together we will shine

TV announcer: With a new lease on life thanks to surgery at the hospital for sick children --

[Knock on door]

TV announcer: Tracy Hooper was given the liver --

Jane: Who is it?

Man: Room service.

Jane: Well, that was fast.

[Turns off TV]

Jane: I just ordered a couple minutes ago. Hey!

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