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Erica: Hello! Are you there? What's the matter? You don't feel like playing anymore? I'm supposed to be married right now, supposed to be on my honeymoon, starting the rest of my life with Jack. Instead, I'm here with nothing and no one. What do you want from me? Why am I being held here? Is your goal to drive me insane? Because if it is, bravo! It's working.

Disembodied voice: Maybe you're just bored.

Erica: Oh. Thank you for gracing me with your presence.

Disembodied voice: I thought a change of clothes would put you in a better mood.

Erica: Not even close.

Disembodied voice: How about something to read?

Erica: Oh, yes, that's exactly what I feel like doing, curling up with a book.

Disembodied voice: Sounds like you could use the distraction.

Erica: The only distraction I want is out of here.

Disembodied voice: I happen to have a classic here.

Erica: All right, fine. Where is it?

J.R.: Maya.

Maya: I am so sorry.

J.R.: You've only been working here for a couple weeks. Did you break something?

Maya: I know I'm supposed to come through the service entrance, but no one was manning the gate.

J.R.: Those are my father's rules. You can come through any door that you'd like. Just make sure you show up at work.

Maya: Thank you. I guess I'll go get changed.

Colby: Hi! I'm Colby.

Maya: I know.

Colby: Are you friends with J.R.?

Maya: Me? Oh, no. I work here.

Colby: Oh, well, today must be your first big day. Welcome.

Maya: I've been here for a couple weeks.

Colby: That is so weird. Why haven't I seen you before? You definitely work shifts when I'm not around, right?

Maya: Actually, I clean your room every morning.

Asher: What's up? You wanted to see me?

J.R.: Yes, I'm planning on taking the day off. Can you handle a few things for me?

Asher: Yeah, no problem. Doing anything cool?

Marissa: What he's doing is making a play for his ex. Why don't you tell your boss it's not gonna work?

Bianca: Tell the media that I would like some answers about Dr. Castillo's escape, too. No, I'm not trying to be funny, Ron. Of course, I know what a crisis this is for the center, but we're not the only ones affected. Take my sister, for example. Her boys. I've gotta take them in temporarily. Not to mention my mother is God knows where. It's just a complete disaster. I'm gonna call you right back. Sorry.

Jack: Not at all. Disaster is exactly what it is.

Bianca: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Bianca: Look, I don't pretend to know what is going on in my mom's head. Obviously, she just needs a little bit of time to work through it. She will be back. Come on, Uncle Jack. You know she's worth waiting for.

Jack: Bianca, the problem is all I seem to do is wait for her.

Erica: I don't know why you're so amused. There's no chapter in here on how to kidnap people.

Disembodied voice: But your words can be applied to so many situations. "Above all, never cave in. Never ever give up." Page 29.

Erica: You're so impressed with my book, by all means, let me sign your copy.

Disembodied voice: I'd be honored.

Erica: Dear captor, go to hell. Love and kisses, Erica Kane. Are you happy?

Jack: Thank you. Do you think I've been too patient with your mother, allowed her to think that she could take me for granted?

Bianca: No. She doesn't think that. Uncle Jack, she doesn't.

Jack: I love you. I love you for trying to make this all ok when it is impossible. I know you have your own complications in your life, so --

Bianca: You've noticed.

Jack: Yeah.

Bianca: I don't want you to give up on my mom.

Jack: Do I look like a man who's giving up? I spent my wedding day holding my breath. Every time the door opened -- "Ah! Is that Erica?" We're supposed to be on our honeymoon right now, looking deeply into each other's eyes, drinking deeply in each other's souls. Bianca, I had my limit. I can only run my head against the wall so many times before I finally go, "Oh, that's what's giving me the headache." Anyway -- I'm off. Listen, you -- have you seen Krystal come in?

Bianca: I haven't seen her.

Jack: Give me a kiss. Don't worry about me.

Disembodied voice: Ha ha ha! Classic Erica. You're bringing your pages to life. "Never cave in." "Never ever give up." One of the many things I respect about you.

Erica: You're not angry?

Disembodied voice: Just the opposite. I've been waiting for this. Don't forget, I know you.

Erica: So we've met.

Disembodied voice: Fishing will get you nowhere.

Erica: But since you seem to be so impressed with me, then why not a reward for my efforts?

Disembodied voice: I'm not releasing you.

Erica: That's not what I had in mind.

Colby: I'm normally not this clueless.

Maya: It's not a big deal.

Colby: Do you wear your hair different when you work? Maybe you wear it out, maybe?

Maya: Yeah, sometimes.

Colby: Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. So what's your name?

Maya: Maya.

Colby: Maya. Are you new to Pine Valley?

Maya: Actually, I'd love to hang out, but if I don't go get changed, I'm gonna be late.

Colby: Oh, ok, sure. Bye!

Maya: We'll see you later.

Colby: Bye.

Marissa: J.R. thinks he's so smart taking me out by using the cover that he's "helping Bianca."

Asher: Maybe you guys should talk by yourselves.

J.R.: Hey, Bianca is my friend.

Marissa: Friend? Did he just say friend?

J.R.: What is so wrong with trying to set her up?

Marissa: Nothing. I just don't understand why we're going?

J.R.: Because I'm trying to do something nice.

Marissa: Mm-hmm. Jury's out on that one.

J.R.: Oh, she's talking legal. Maybe I should call my lawyer.

Marissa: There's no need. The verdict is in. I'm gonna go.

J.R.: Well, that was easy, easier than I thought. What do you think?

Asher: I guess.

Marissa: Regardless of whatever it is you're trying to pull, if you're trying to pull something, I really care about Bianca. She's going through a rough time, and maybe a date will help get her mind off things.

J.R.: See? We're on the same page.

Marissa: Buddy, we're not even on the same chapter. But for Bianca, I'm in.

J.R.: Ok, so lunch and Adele still works?

Marissa: I've been dying to see that concert, and you know it. I'm gonna go say hi to A.J.

J.R.: Fine. I will be down here.

Marissa: Oh, good.

J.R.: Just a matter of time, Asher.

Asher: Till --

J.R.: Till I get her back. What?

Asher: Nothing. I don't really know Marissa that well, but it doesn't really look like she's gonna go for it.

J.R.: That's just all part of her game. So what do you think?

Erica: You've been pressing me to eat.

Disembodied voice: And all you've had was some sparkling water. I take it you're ready for some food.

Erica: Provided there's a certain level of class, yes.

Disembodied voice: Now, this is getting interesting.

Erica: I'm Erica Kane. I don't eat off paper plates or use plastic cutlery.

Disembodied voice: Fair enough, but you don't do dishes either. Figured it would be easier to throw things out.

Erica: I want real china, sterling silver. And I want to see your face.

Marissa: Looks like Bianca isn't here yet.

J.R.: Guess not. Can I call the office? I'll make it quick.

Marissa: Do whatever you want.

J.R.: Ok.

Louise: You must be Bianca.

Marissa: Oh, no, I'm her friend Marissa.

Louise: Sorry. Right. We met at the holiday office party. J.R.'s wife.

Marissa: Mm-hmm. No, ex-wife. And don't be sorry. Getting me mixed with Bianca, I take that as a compliment. But she should be here any minute. Just wait till you meet her. She is great.

J.R.: Hey. There you are.

Bianca: Hi.

J.R.: You ready?

Bianca: I guess. Is it normal to be so jumpy?

J.R.: Blind dates, they're nerve-wracking. That's why Marissa and I are here.

Bianca: I don't even know if it's the date at this point. This whole day has been a nightmare.

J.R.: You got nowhere else to go but up. Hey, check it out.

Bianca: What?

J.R.: Your date's here. Did I not tell you she was hot?

Bianca: She's beautiful.

J.R.: Yeah.

Colby: How long have you been standing there?

Asher: I just walked in.

Colby: Could you walk a little louder next time?

Asher: What's up with you?

Colby: I'm trying to work and concentrate, and you're making it very hard for me.

Asher: Sorry. I'll get out of your way.

Colby: Am I a snob?

Asher: Where did that come from?

Colby: Just answer the question. Am I?

Asher: I mean -- yeah.

Colby: Yeah? Are you serious? I am?

Asher: Look at where you grew up. You know? Surrounded by all this. It would only make sense that it would rub off on you a little.

Colby: As opposed to you? Asher Pike, man of all people. Never got handed anything in his life.

Asher: I'm not -- look. If you didn't want me to be honest --

Colby: I wanted you to be honest, ok. I just -- I don't want to --

Asher: Be you? Is this about what happened at ConFusion? You still pissed that I called the guy out?

Colby: You did a lot more than call him out. But no.

Asher: Then what?

Colby: I don't know. Just forget I ever asked.

Maya: Thank you.

Asher: What's all this?

Maya: No clue. Thank you.

[Door closes]

Maya: So do you have any idea where I should put this stuff?

Asher: I'll take care of it.

Maya: Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

Asher: I got it. What are you doing here?

Caleb: Good to see you, too. I just want to be sure that all this stuff got here for Colby.

Asher: No news on Erica?

Caleb: No, nothing.

Asher: That's it? Every single time I try to get details on her, you just hang up on me. What happened in St. Barts? Did you find her? Know where she is?

Caleb: Nothing happened. Next subject.

Disembodied voice: We'll be face to face soon, but not yet.

Erica: What are you waiting for?

Disembodied voice: There's still details.

Erica: Details. You won't tell me what you want from me, but you did say that you respect me on a certain level. And on a certain level, I respect you, too. I mean, look what you've accomplished. You re-created my home. You've kept people from knowing where I am and finding me.

Disembodied voice: They think you're ok, because you convinced them you're ok.

Erica: And are they ok?

Disembodied voice: Everyone is fine. There's lots of stories everywhere about the way you took off before your wedding, but Jackson --

Erica: Jackson? What about Jackson?

Disembodied voice: Don't you worry about Jack. He'll be just fine.

Erica: What do you mean by that? Hello? Answer me!

Jack: So, what do you got there?

Krystal: Huh?

Jack: On your phone there? Maybe you'd like to share that with me.

Krystal: Oh, somebody just sent me a funny video.

Jack: Well, I could certainly use funny right now.

Krystal: I would show it to you, but I just lost my signal.

Jack: Huh.

Krystal: So how are you?

Jack: I was thinking about your kind offer to spend some time together and talk.

Krystal: Ok.

Jack: And I was wondering how you felt about -- right now.

Maya: Sorry. I'll just do this room later.

Colby: No, no. That's ok. Maya.

Maya: Yeah?

Colby: I was just saying your name.

Maya: Oh. Ok. Seriously, there are a million other rooms to clean. I could just come back later.

Colby: No, no. Stay. It's ok.

Maya: It looks like you're working on something.

Colby: Oh, yeah. I'm just kicking around some ideas.

Maya: For your next video post?

Colby: You've seen them?

Maya: Watched every one. I like the one where you sing.

Colby: Thank you.

Maya: You're really good. Sometimes it's like you know exactly what I feel.

Colby: Really?

Maya: Don't sound so surprised.

Colby: Maya, I didn't mean it like that at all.

Maya: I know.

Colby: So you've had some rotten boyfriends, I guess, too.

Maya: Hasn't everyone? Don't get me wrong. No guy ever slept with my mom.

Colby: I'm glad I still hold that title.

Maya: Anyway, keep doing what you're doing. It helps people.

Colby: Have I helped you in any way?

Maya: I'm just gonna start upstairs and work my way down.

Asher: Come on, something must have happened. Did you at least see Erica, talk to her?

Caleb: Yes, we talked.

Asher: She didn't end up marrying that Jackson guy, so that's a good sign, right?

Caleb: It's complicated.

Asher: Right. Over my head. No way I'd understand, right?

Caleb: Asher, please don't do that. I didn't come here to get into this with you. I just want to be sure that this stuff got here so that Colby can do her thing, ok?

Asher: Look, you honestly think that this is a smart idea? Chandler's your biggest competitor.

Caleb: This is the deal that we made. She gets the stuff free, she makes it visible when she does her thing.

Asher: It's called a Vlog.

Caleb: A what?

Asher: Vlog.

Caleb: A Vlog?

Asher: Yeah.

Caleb: I thought it was a blog.

Asher: No. Look, it doesn't matter, ok? I know you probably don't give a damn, but this is a bad idea. If I were you, I'd get this stuff out of here. J.R.'s gonna flip out, ok?

Caleb: I don't give a damn.

Marissa: So, Louise, how long have you lived in Pine Valley?

Louise: Almost two years now.

J.R.: It's a great place, huh?

Louise: Perfect. It's exactly what I envisioned when I imagined settling down, starting a family.

Marissa: Oh, you have kids?

Louise: Not yet.

J.R.: But you want them.

Louise: Oh, yes. I mean, not right this second, but someday.

Louise: So how's A.J.?

J.R.: He's great. He's --

Marissa: What?

J.R.: I forgot to tell Lucretia to give him his cold medicine.

Marissa: Want me to call?

J.R.: No, it's ok. I'll take care of it. Excuse me.

[Phone rings]

Maya: Chandler residence.

J.R.: Maya, it's J.R. Can you do me a favor? Tell Lucretia to give A.J. a dose of his cold medicine with lunch.

Maya: Yeah. Sure.

J.R.: Is something wrong?

Maya: I don't know.

J.R.: What's going on?

Maya: There's this guy here -- older, tall, gray hair. Seems like he knows Asher pretty well.

J.R.: What does he want?

Maya: He sent in a bunch of big boxes. Asher didn't want him to. He knew that you wouldn't like it.

J.R.: You know what, Maya, it's ok. I'll deal with it.

Marissa: Hey, everything ok?

J.R.: I'm so sorry, but I'm gonna have to run out of here. I'll meet up with you ladies as soon as I can.

Marissa: Is it A.J.?

J.R.: A.J.'s fine. Somebody else might not be.

Krystal: Way to pull out all stops, Jack. You take me to my own restaurant.

Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. I just thought --

Krystal: I'm kidding. No, no. I'm kidding. I know that you want to kind of keep it low-key, and I completely understand.

Jack: We can go anyplace you want to go.

Krystal: It's great. It's great.

Jack: Yeah?

Krystal: Yes.

Jack: Ok.

Krystal: Honestly, any place would be great. I just want to help you through this.

Jack: Thank you. I appreciate that. I really do. Wow. I really can't escape her, can I?

Krystal: There's always a way.

Erica: Talk to me! Hello! Hello? Please, just talk to me! Are you there? Hello! Hello!

Jack: Really, of all the books in the world, she had to be reading that one.

Krystal: Do you want me to ask her to take off the dust Jacket?

Jack: Would you, please? Then at least Erica wouldn't be staring at me.

Krystal: Her eyes kind of follow you everywhere like the "Mona Lisa."

Jack: Except so much more -- beautiful.

Krystal: I can't blame the girl for reading it. I mean, it's a good story.

Jack: You've read the book?

Krystal: Oh, yeah. "The secret to having it all is understanding that it's simply a state of mind."

Jack: You can quote the book.

Krystal: Oh, just that one line, believe me.

Jack: Whatever compelled you to pick it up?

Krystal: Probably the fact that there was nothing else to read in a tent in Africa, and Erica brought along extra copies.

Jack: To give away to the lucky indigenous population, I'm sure. You never told me about that trip. I knew about it, but what was it like?

Krystal: Uh -- enlightening? Yeah, I guess I didn't realize that turns out Erica Kane can rough it just like the rest of us. I learned a lot about her.

Jack: Hmm!

Krystal: Jack.

Jack: What?

Krystal: I hope you're not feeling guilty about being here with me. I really just -- I want to keep you company while Erica is gone.

Jack: I know that. And I don't feel the least bit guilty. Let's get something to eat.

Krystal: Let's eat, yeah. I'm starving.

Jack: What's good here?

Krystal: "What's good here?" Everything is good here. It's my restaurant.

Jack: I know. I'm sorry.

Penny: Hi.

Jack: Well, you order for us.

Penny: So sorry to interrupt.

Jack: Not at all.

Penny: Henry called in sick and there's no one else to run deliveries.

Krystal: Oh, great.

Penny: I read about the wedding -- almost wedding. It must have been awful.

Krystal: Penny, no. Listen, I'll take care of it. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Jack: Penny. Penny, right? Penny? Thank you for your concern.

Krystal: I'm so sorry.

Jack: No, that's ok. I should get used to it.

Krystal: No, you shouldn't have to get used to it, Jack. And I know it might feel this way, but Erica is not here, and you can escape her.

Jack: No, I can't. I can't escape her in my apartment. I can't escape her on the TV. She's there. I turn on the radio, she's there. I come in here to have a bite to eat with you, and there she is. Maybe this was a bad idea.

Krystal: Some other time?

Jack: I think that might be a better idea. I'll give you a call. Good luck with your delivery problem.

Krystal: I'll probably end up doing those deliveries myself. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands.

Jack: See ya.

Marissa: Bianca, you should tell Louise what you do. She's really inspiring.

Bianca: Oh, I would not go that far.

Marissa: I would.

Louise: Don't leave me in suspense.

Marissa: She's the founder of the Miranda Center.

Louise: Really?

Bianca: Miranda is my daughter.

Louise: Wow. That's incredible. I know a couple of women who've really benefited from that place.

Bianca: I'm glad. I'm sorry. I've really been looking forward to this. It just was one of those days. The center is having some insane publicity issues.

Louise: I used to work in publicity. Is this about that doctor guy?

Bianca: The backers aren't too thrilled about having a potential murderer linked to the center, especially since the media outlets are all over us right now.

Louise: What about a media blitz? Address everyone at once. Put all those questions to bed.

Bianca: That's an idea.

Marissa: I think Bianca's style is more to lay low, let the frenzy die down. Hopefully, by then you'll have all the facts.

Bianca: That's exactly what I'm trying to do, yeah.

Louise: That's cool. Everyone has their style.

Bianca: I didn't mean -- Marissa knows how I operate a little bit better.

Louise: I'm sure she does.

Asher: I'm telling you you're gonna regret this.

Colby: Regret what? What is going on?

Caleb: Hey. There's the stuff we talked about.

Colby: Oh, thank you, Mr. Cortlandt. That's all for me then, right?

Caleb: Yes.

Colby: Thank you.

J.R.: Don't worry, Colby. It's for my benefit, not yours. It's another lame attempt by Caleb to hit me where it hurts, but it's funny, because I don't feel anything.

Caleb: It's just a simple business transaction.

J.R.: Right. I want this stuff out of here.

Caleb: Are you really that threatened by having Cortlandt equipment in your home?

Colby: J.R., please. Will you just stop, please?

J.R.: The last thing I am is threatened by you.

Caleb: Well, then, we're good here.

J.R.: No, not even close.

Colby: Does anybody care about what I think right now?

J.R.: You want to one-up me? You go ahead and try, but don't use my family to do it.

Colby: J.R., stop.

Caleb: Colby here is going places, and we're gonna be the beneficiary.

J.R.: Asher, grab some of these boxes.

Asher: Yeah, I don't think so.

J.R.: What? You're on his side?

Asher: If you ask me, it's between him and Colby.

Colby: Finally --

J.R.: No, that's not the point! It's not between Colby!

Asher: Would you cut the guy some slack? He's going through a lot.

Disembodied voice: I can't tell you how relieved I am you're finally ending your hunger strike. How did I do?

Erica: Real china, real silver. I suppose it would be too much to ask to ask for a real key to that door for dessert.

Disembodied voice: I love how funny you are. Even when things go wrong, it's like you're always above it all.

Erica: Always?

Disembodied voice: Is there a problem?

Erica: This is from Krystal's.

Disembodied voice: Hate to break it to you, but chicken parmesan is a popular dish.

Erica: Oh, no. Only Krystal ruins it like this. This is from Krystal's. And it's still hot. Oh, my God! Am I in Pine Valley?

Disembodied voice: Don't jump to conclusions.

Erica: All this time I've been just minutes away from the people I love? Who are you? What kind of excuse for a man would do this to me?

Disembodied voice: Who says I'm a man? You can do practically anything with audio these days.

Erica: Krystal, it's you. You did this to get your hooks into Jack, didn't you? Is this what you used to do in the trailer park, Krystal, in order to get some other woman's man? You locked her in a double-wide till you could get your hooks in him? Oh, it's not gonna work, Krystal. You know why, Krystal? 'Cause you're gonna screw up again, 'cause you're stupid. Who would be stupid enough to bring food from their own restaurant? Ha! So it's you, Krystal. Ok. Answer me. It's you, Krystal. I know it. Just talk to me, Krystal. Answer me! Krystal! Hello!

Colby: Hi, all you brokenhearted. Sorry I seem a little bummed today. There's just been a lot of drama at the house again. But I don't want to talk about that, because I want to talk about Erica Kane. I know you all know that she bailed on her wedding. And a lot of you may think that is crazy. But me, I call it genius. The woman has everything, including a wedding set up in St. Barts to a stand-up guy. So who would walk away from something like that? Erica Kane, that's who. Why, you ask? Because she's strong. She is brave. She believes in who she is. Would it have been better if it was a year or a week from now? I don't know. But come on, you guys. Whatever. She bailed on her wedding. Big deal. I mean, it's not like she hasn't ever had one. So I hear a lot of you out there are slamming her. You're saying that she is selfish. How selfish could she be and how mean could she be? Come on, people. She was being honest. And maybe she realized she's better off on her own. Doesn't really seem like a bad place to be. Anyway, that's it for me. The break-up girl signing off. Later.

[Asher watches on his laptop]

Colby: That was fast.

Caleb: Hey.

Asher: Hey.

Caleb: Stick around for a minute.

Asher: What for?

Caleb: 'Cause I want to thank you.

Marissa: Excuse me. I'm gonna go see if everything's really ok with A.J.

Louise: She seems nice.

Bianca: Oh, Marissa. Yeah, she is incredible. So you said something before about working in PR.

Louise: Look, no offense, but maybe this date wasn't the best idea.

Bianca: My fault.

Louise: No, I'm not trying to place blame --

Bianca: No, it is, though. I'm supposed to be here focused on you, and I just cannot get my mind off of work.

Louise: Are you sure that's what you can't keep your mind off of?

Bianca: I don't -- what do you mean?

Louise: Look, I don't know you at all, so forgive me if this is completely off-base, but -- I couldn't help but get the feeling you're interested in someone else.

[Jack remembers]

Erica's voice: I just can't marry you right now, Jack. I'm so sorry.

Jack's voice: Erica, is it Caleb? Look, you love me. Nothing will ever convince me that you don't.

Erica's voice: Jack, please, just let it go. Just let it go.

J.R.: Louise said something about a personal emergency?

Bianca: Yeah, I think the only emergency was she wanted to get out of here.

Marissa: I'm so sorry.

J.R.: If I would have known she would flake like that, I would never --

Bianca: No, she was just being realistic. It wasn't going anywhere between us. We both saw it.

Marissa: But how do you know that? You barely got to talk to her.

Bianca: I just -- I know.

J.R.: So the whole date thing was a bust. Doesn't mean we have to bag the concert. You still game?

Bianca: You know what, actually, I think I might just sit this one out.

Marissa: You sure?

Bianca: Yeah, I just have a lot on my plate right now, but thank you for everything. We'll talk soon.

Marissa: That was a bummer.

J.R.: Yeah.

Marissa: I really hoped that they would hit it off.

J.R.: There's gotta be someone around here to make Bianca happy.

Marissa: No one deserves it more.

Caleb: Thank you for having my back with J.R.

Asher: I get it. Talking about personal stuff, it's not your thing.

Caleb: And for reminding me to go after what I want. I asked Erica to go with me. I waited for her at the airport. She never showed up.

Asher: But you assumed she was gonna pick the Jackson guy, and she didn't.

Caleb: She didn't pick me either.

Asher: Yeah, but just because she didn't show up at the airport doesn't mean that she didn't pick you.

Caleb: Well, it's over.

Asher: You could find her, convince her that you're the guy for her, you know? I could help.

Caleb: No.

[Pats Asher's shoulder]

Caleb: It's time to let it go.

Krystal: I just brought you these papers to sign.

Jack: Thank you.

Krystal: Are you going somewhere?

Jack: Yeah. It would help if I had a destination in mind.

Krystal: I'll leave you alone.

Jack: No, it's ok. It's just I, uh -- I hate this, this place, this apartment. This whole town feels like a prison to me, because I can't walk 10 feet without running into her. Of course not. She's Erica Kane. You know what, the hell with it. [Throws keys on table] I'm not gonna let her force me out of my own home.

[Slams door]

Jack: Or you either.

Erica: Ok. Ok. You can do this. I know you can. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. [Picks door lock open with a fork] Yes. Oh, please work. Oh, please work. Oh, my God.

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