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Marissa: Hi. The rain came out of nowhere.

J.R.: Well, come in. Dry off.

Marissa: Thank you. I just actually wanted to come in and give A.J. a hug.

J.R.: He's on a play date with Miranda and Gabby. I called, but they want to wait in the car till the rain passed.

Marissa: Oh, God, ha ha! All right. Fine. Can you just give him this book and give him a hug for me?

J.R.: Yeah, but you're soaking wet.

Marissa: Oh, it's ok. I'm just gonna go sit in the car. It doesn't matter.

J.R.: You still have clothes upstairs. Why do you go up there and take a hot shower?

Marissa: Oh, yeah? You gonna be waiting there for me with a towel when I come out?

J.R.: I have a meeting. I'm gonna be long gone, so take your time.

Marissa: Ok. Thanks.

J.R.: Yeah.

Marissa: Hey.

J.R.: Hey, come here. Do me a favor.

Asher: What do you want?

J.R.: Call Hank Stetter. Tell him I can't make the meeting. Tell him something came up.

Scott: Hey, hey. Just me. Forgot some stuff here for work, but -- ahem. Are you wearing my shirt?

Madison: I borrowed it. I mean, all of mine are too small, and this one is just so comfortable. Ah, I should've asked. I'm sorry.

Scott: No, no, no. You do not have to ask -- to wear anything that makes you look that good.

Greenlee: I'm the boss. Working at home is no problem.

Ryan: You sure? Because I just don't think you're gonna get a lot of work done here with Emma.

Greenlee: Go. Check on Annie. I'll be fine.

Ryan: You remember what to tell her in case she asks why she can't come with me?

Greenlee: Yes, yes. You want to do the first visit solo, and everything is ok. Maybe she can come next time.

Ryan: Are you sure about this? Emma has been a little bit tough on you lately, and --

Greenlee: I know. This is gonna be good bonding time for us. Besides, I brought home a bunch of Fusion samples. Yeah. I'm gonna do her nails. A little nail polish goes a long way.

Ryan: Yeah?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Ok. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Greenlee: Ok.

Emma: Where's Daddy?

Greenlee: He had to go out for a little while.

Emma: I want to go there, too.

Greenlee: I'm sorry, honey, but you can't.

Emma: Why not?

Greenlee: It's business for grown-ups.

Emma: He went to see Mommy.

Greenlee: Hey, hey, you know what? You have to stay here.

Emma: Get out of my way. Daddy! Daddy, wait!

Jesse: Oh, Angela --

Angie: Jesse? What is it? What's wrong?

Brot: [Holding a note that reads, "I didn't want to leave my beautiful baby girl, but I had no choice.] Yeah. It's Monroe. You got results on those fingerprints yet? Then put a bigger rush on it and make sure you keep it confidential.

Angie: Is Lucille ok?

Jesse: She's fine. She's right here. She's sleeping, baby.

Angie: Then what is it? What is it, baby? I can hear something in your voice.

Jesse: Oh, I'm just -- I'm just so happy.

Angie: Jesse, I know you, and this is not happiness. Please tell me, what is going on with you?

Greenlee: Daddy will be back soon.

Emma: Get out of my way!

Greenlee: Listen, listen. We're gonna have a great time together today. I have that lemonade that you like, and I have tons of Fusion samples -- body lotion and that lip gloss you like.

Emma: I don't want your stupid makeup. I want Mommy!

Greenlee: Ok. You can't see her. Emma, Emma, don't do that. Emma, stop.

Emma: Let go of me.

Greenlee: Ok. Listen. Take it easy, ok? Just take it easy. It's ok.

Emma: You don't want me to see Mommy.

Greenlee: That's not true.

Emma: Yes, it is. She said you broke up our family.

Greenlee: What? No.

Emma: You took Daddy away from her, and now you're trying to take me.

Greenlee: Listen. I would never, ever try to come between you and your mommy. You love her, and she loves you.

Emma: I hope Daddy finds out what a horrible person you are and leaves you forever.

Greenlee: I'll go get us some of that lemonade.

[Knocks on door]

Bianca: Hi.

Greenlee: Am I glad you're here. Come in.

Bianca: Hi, Emma. Hi.

Emma: Can I play with Miranda today?

Bianca: She would love that, but she can't do it today. We'll set something up soon, ok?

Emma: Ok. Bye. I'm gonna do my homework.

Bianca: Ok. Bye.

Emma: Bye.

Bianca: I'm glad she's doing better.

Greenlee: Yeah, when you're here, and when we're alone, she attacks.

Bianca: Seriously?

Greenlee: If you could've heard what she just said to me --

Madison: You think I look good, like sexy?

Scott: Adorable.

Madison: So not sexy.

Scott: I was just -- ok. What can I say that would not lodge my foot into my mouth?

Madison: How about yes?

Scott: Yes. What am I agreeing to?

Madison: An evening out with an adorably sexy woman.

Scott: I would love that. I would love that, but, oh, I already told Marissa that I'd go see a movie with her. Why don't you come with us?

Madison: Oh. What was I thinking? Greenlee wants me to have this report done by tomorrow, and I haven't even made a dent on it yet. You go have fun with Marissa. We'll do it another time.

Marissa: What are you doing here?

J.R.: The meeting got canceled.

Marissa: Did he cancel his meeting?

J.R.: We don't lie to each other.

Asher: He canceled it.

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

Asher: Well, I'm gonna run. Call me if you need anything.

J.R.: Wow, this crazy rain.

Marissa: Yeah.

J.R.: Makes me think of that time I asked you to go hiking with me. Remember that?

Marissa: Yeah.

J.R.: And I forgot to check the weather, got up there, and --

Marissa: Yeah, and then the sky opened up.

J.R.: Yeah. We got soaked.

Marissa: Yeah.

J.R.: Jumped in the back of the SUV and watched the rain come down for hours. We were drenched and freezing, and we didn't care. We didn't even feel it -- because we were together.

[As Lucy cries, her young mother writes the note she left with her baby]

Jesse: I've been flashing back to when we were kids. When we first met, you were so young, beautiful, smart, out of my league. Your father hated me, thought I wasn't good enough for you.

Angie: He was wrong. Where is this coming from, Jesse? I was in love with you.

Jesse: But your father hated -- he did everything he could to keep us apart. He even convinced you to give up our baby for adoption. Angela, I -- we almost lost our little boy, because I didn't measure up.

Angie: Why are you talking like this?

Jesse: Every decision that I have made, even disappearing on you for those 20 years, I thought I was doing the right thing, protecting you. I could never hurt you -- like that again, Angela, ever. I couldn't.

Greenlee: Emma has been this way ever since that kidnapping, and I know she's been through hell -- I get that -- but I didn't think she'd completely turn on me. Annie must've really filled her head with ideas.

Bianca: That doesn't sound good.

Greenlee: Let's talk outside, so she can't hear us.

Bianca: Ok.

[Bianca and Greenlee go out on the terrace]

Greenlee: She honestly thinks I don't care about her and that I want to cut her mother out of her life.

Bianca: Part of that is a little true. I can't blame you for it.

Greenlee: I can't tell her her mother is crazy. It's her mom. We used to be so close. Hearing those words come out of her mouth --

Bianca: Well, she just needs a little time. It stopped raining.

Greenlee: Yeah. Maybe that's a good sign, clear skies ahead.

Bianca: For what it's worth, I think you're really handling all of this well.

Greenlee: Trying, but Emma is a smart little girl. She know exactly what buttons to push.

[Emma leaves the apartment through the front door, unobserved]

J.R.: You asked me to be honest. No more lies, no more games. Marissa, I can't stop thinking about you. I go to sleep at night, I'm thinking about you. I wake up, I'm thinking about you. It's -- I can't get you out of my mind.

Marissa: I can't do this.

Scott: So what do you say? Going to ditch work, come to the movies with us?

Madison: I don't know how Marissa would feel about that. Nobody likes a third wheel.

Scott: Oh, what are you talking about? I told you, we're just friends.

Madison: Friends with benefits.

Scott: What?

Madison: Never mind.

Scott: Wait a minute. Wait. Did somebody say something to you about me and Marissa?

Madison: Forget it.

Scott: Madison, come on. We could be honest with each other.

Madison: Ok. J.R. stopped by while you were out with Marissa.

Scott: What did he say?

Madison: That you and Marissa have -- history.

Scott: Of course, he did. Of course, he did.

[Knocks on door]

Scott: Emma, what are you doing here?

Emma: I came to visit.

Scott: Yeah? Did you tell your dad or Greenlee that you were coming by?

Emma: No.

Scott: Oh. How did you get here?

Emma: I took a taxi.

Scott: Really?

Emma: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Madison?

Madison: Hey, listen. I can't talk, but I just thought you should know that Emma is here. She took a cab, didn't tell anyone.

Ryan: I'll be right there.

Maya's voice: How do you miss someone you knew for less than 24 hours, someone who didn't talk or smile, someone who never belonged to you in the first --

Woman: Maya!

Maya: Hi, Aunt Reyna.

Reyna: If you are ever gonna leave this room, there are dishes to do in the sink.

Maya: I'm on it.

Reyna: Sure, you are, just like you're gonna get a job.

Maya: I will. It's just been hard.

Reyna: Your life is hard? I give you a place to live, food in the fridge, and all you do is sit around, hide from the world.

Maya: You going out tonight?

Reyna: Are you judging me, huh? Is that what this is?

Maya: No. I'll get the dishes, and I'll get a job.

Reyna: Right.

[Door slams]

Angie: When I first found out that I was going blind, I kept it from you. I didn't tell you that I was pregnant right away, either.

Jesse: That doesn't matter now.

Angie: No. It doesn't because we're all in this now, no secrets. Jesse, I should've trusted you from the beginning because if I know anything, it's that you're on my side.

Jesse: Everything that I've done --

Angie: You have done out of love, a love so strong that it can see us through anything, and when you have fear or doubt, you remember that. Nothing is stronger than our love, nothing, nothing.

Bianca: I hope you know how much everyone at the Miranda Center appreciates Fusion's support.

Greenlee: Oh, please. The good publicity can only help us right now.

[Telephone rings]

Greenlee: Hey, on your way home?

Ryan: Yeah, and don't worry. She's fine.

Greenlee: Did something happen at Oak Haven?

Ryan: No. Why?

Greenlee: Well, you said she's fine. I thought there was a problem with Annie.

Ryan: Not Annie. Emma.

Greenlee: Emma is upstairs doing her homework.

Ryan: No. She's not. She's at Scott and Madison's. She took a cab over there.

Greenlee: What? She left? Oh, my God, I didn't even know.

Ryan: Everything is fine. I'm pulling up there now. I'll be back with Emma as soon as I can, ok?

Greenlee: Ok. I love you. I'm so sorry.

Bianca: What, Emma is not here?

Greenlee: She must've left when we were on the terrace. I need to do something about this.

Ryan: Hey. Hey. Hey, Ems, come here. Give me a hug. Oh, my goodness, are you ok? Yeah? Ok. Listen, I got to talk to you, ok? You can't do that. You can't. You can't because I get really, really scared when I don't know where you are, all right? Everybody does, ok? All right. Now, why did you come here?

Emma: I came to visit Madison. She's having a baby, and you're the daddy.

Ryan: Yes, yes, but --

Emma: Why aren't you married to Madison instead of Greenlee?

Scott: Um, I'm going to leave you guys, give you some time.

Madison: You're going?

Scott: Yeah. I got to get back to work, but I'll call you later, ok? Ok.

Greenlee: I let her walk right out the door.

Bianca: Well, she got by me, too.

Greenlee: But it wasn't your job to watch her.

Bianca: Emma wanted to go out. She would've done it one way or another.

Greenlee: What makes you say that?

Bianca: I know determined little girls. Been there. Done that.

Greenlee: You? Determined? To what, show your parents that you're a perfect child?

Bianca: Or burn their house down.

Greenlee: Oh, right. Right. I heard about that.

Bianca: I found out about my mom and Uncle Jack. I didn't want my parents to split up, so I took a lighter to my dolls. Before I knew it, the whole place was up in flames.

Greenlee: Hmm, lighting Erica's penthouse on fire. I never thought about that.

Bianca: Wouldn't recommend it.

Greenlee: I haven't exactly been mature when it has come to my dad and your mom. Maybe this is my Erica karma coming back around on me. I mean, I wasn't a kid, but I definitely had one or two spoiled brat moments.

Bianca: Well, bad karma or not, she and Uncle Jack are going for it again. Got your ticket to St. Bart's yet?

Greenlee: Mm. I'm not sure I can make the wedding.

Bianca: Really?

Greenlee: Yeah. I mean, I want to be there for my dad, but I can't exactly leave Ryan alone and jet off to Paradise.

Marissa: So don't forget to give A.J. his book.

J.R.: Will do.

Marissa: Ok. Thank you.

J.R.: Yeah.

Scott: Oh, hey, we still on for tonight?

Marissa: Yes. I can't wait. I haven't seen a movie in ages.

Scott: Ah, good. Hey, you know what? The popcorn will be on me.

Marissa: Oh, lucky me.

Scott: Ok. Ah -- you really are trying to stir up a little trouble, aren't you?

J.R.: I don't know what you're talking about.

Scott: Yeah. You went and talked to Madison, told her about Marissa.

J.R.: What's your deal, anyway? You live with one woman, dating others.

Scott: I don't think that's any of your business.

J.R.: It is my business. I care about Marissa. I don't want to see her get hurt.

Scott: Oh, please. That's so hilarious coming from you.

J.R.: I'm serious, Scott.

Scott: Yeah? Well, so am I. So stay away from Madison. In fact, stay out of my life.

Brot: Chief -- I'm sorry. We can talk later.

Jesse: Oh, no. It's cool. It's cool.

[When Lucy cries, Jesse hands her to Angie]

Jesse: Hey. Oh, hey, hey, hey. Here you go, sweetie. I'll be right back, ok?

Angie: Ok. It's ok. Mommy is here. Mommy is right here, sweet pea.

Brot: So I got the fingerprint results.

Jesse: And?

Brot: Don't match anyone in the system.

Jesse: Did you check the other searches, the high schools, the shelters?

Brot: I did, and there's nothing, nothing. I even tracked down information on this earring. There's no good leads. It's old, but not expensive. Whoever left this baby is gone. Jesse, I think all this can work out.

Jesse: Work out? My daughter is dead, Brot. I'm lying to my wife. She's laying in there holding a baby that belongs to somebody else.

Brot: Someone who gave her up, so she'd have a better life.

Jesse: I know that. I'm trying to hold on to that with everything I've got, but keeping this from Angela -- keep lying for the rest of our lives?

Brot: So what are you gonna do, tell her the truth?

Jesse: These choices, man, they're impossible. Keep lying to her, keep her happy. Tell her the truth, it's gonna break her heart, and I never should've dragged you into this.

Brot: You didn't drag me into anything. You and Angie are my family, all right? Anything you need, anything, you can count on me, Jesse. Now, what do you want me to do with these?

Jesse: I'll hold on to them.

David: Hello, Brot. You here on police business?

Brot: Something like that. The chief and his wife just had a baby girl.

[Angie humming "Hush, Little Baby" while Jesse watches from the doorway]

Ryan: Ems, so Madison and I aren't together anymore, right, just like your mommy and I aren't together anymore, but we all love you. We love you so much, and that is never going to change.

Emma: Do you love Madison's baby?

Ryan: Yes. Of course.

Emma: Then why aren't you married to Madison?

Madison: Emma, you know, your daddy loves Greenlee. You should be happy that they're together.

Emma: Can we see Mommy today?

Ryan: No, honey, not today.

Emma: Can we get ice cream with Madison?

Ryan: Not today. We got to go home.

Emma: But I said I'm sorry.

Ryan: Yes, and now you're gonna say it to Greenlee.

Angie: You know, I still can't believe that you're here. You don't know how many times that I imagined what it would be like to hold you, and I never want to let you go. You're safe now -- yes, you are -- but there were some moments. Lucy, I couldn't say anything, because I needed to be strong and positive for you and for your daddy, but I was so scared. I thought we might lose you, and if that had happened -- if that had happened, my sweet baby girl, and you had died, Mommy would have died, too. Jesse?

Jesse: It's me. I'm here.

Angie: Jesse, I want you to tell me all about little Lucy. Describe the expression on her face.

Jesse: She looks perfect, and she is just where she's supposed to be.

Angie: Oh, God, I am so in love. I'm so in love. That was Brot. Is everything ok?

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: Are you ok?

Jesse: Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.

Angie: Daddy is fine, Mommy is fine, and little Lucy is fine.

David: Angie had the baby. Wow, that's terrific news. Well, I'm assuming the delivery went smoothly.

Brot: They're doing great.

David: That's excellent, excellent. Look. I'd love to offer my congratulations. Can you point out a room?

Brot: They don't want any visitors right now.

David: I won't stay long, I promise.

Brot: Skip it, David. You're the last person they want to see.

[Lucy crying]

Maya: [Remembers abandoning her baby] I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, baby.

[Knocks on door]

Maya: Come in.

Asher: Hey.

Maya: What are you doing here?

Asher: What's wrong? I'm Asher. Maya, right?

Maya: Yeah. Uh, why did you come back?

Asher: Well, I was just in the neighborhood. I passed by your house and figured I'd stop by and see if you're doing any better than the last time I saw you.

Maya: I'm ok.

Asher: Who's that chick with the bad attitude coming out of your house?

Maya: That's my aunt. I live with her.

Asher: What's her problem?

Maya: She wishes I didn't. She wants me to move out, get a job. I want that, too.

Asher: Maybe I can help.

Scott: Hey, how's Emma?

Madison: She's fine.

Scott: Good.

Madison: We didn't finish talking, though.

Scott: About what?

Madison: Me getting all weird about you going to the movies with Marissa.

Scott: Ok. You did not get all weird. Just got a little weird. That's all.

Madison: You gonna make me say it?

Scott: Say what?

Madison: That I'm -- that it made me, you know, a little bit jealous.

Scott: I had no idea that --

Madison: Well, I'm not. It's just, I was fine with it all until I found out you had sex with your cousin's wife.

Scott: Ok. Listen. That was a one-time thing, that's all, and Marissa and I, we agreed that it was a huge mistake, ok? We are friends. That's it.

Madison: Are you sure?

Scott: Have you forgotten that you are carrying another guy's baby? That means you two are connected forever, ok? If anyone is gonna be jealous here --

Madison: I didn't know that you cared.

Scott: Well, now you do.

Greenlee: Thank God you're all right.

Emma: You didn't even know I was gone.

Greenlee: Because you didn't tell me you were leaving.

Emma: Like you care.

Greenlee: Hey, hey, I'm sorry that you're hurting, and I'm sorry you miss your mom, but I'm not the enemy, Emma. I love you, and when you treat me this way, it hurts.

Ryan: Do you hear that, Ems? I mean, do you really understand that what you did was very wrong?

Greenlee: You know what? It's not all her fault. I should've been paying better attention, which I will next time, I promise.

Ryan: I'd like you to tell Greenlee that she doesn't have to worry about you sneaking out anymore, please.

Emma: You don't have to worry.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Ryan: I'd like you to apologize, please.

Greenlee: It's ok.

Emma: I'm sorry, Greenlee.

J.R.: Wow, looks like they're having fun.

Bianca: Yeah, too much fun. They don't want to go. I've been meaning to thank you for offering Reese that big job. It was very thoughtful.

J.R.: Well, I thought you'd bite my head off, make accusations that I was just trying to impress Marissa.

Bianca: Well, you were just trying to impress Marissa, but I am still very grateful, because this way, I'll finally see if it's true that her career is more important than her kids.

J.R.: I wish you two could've kept it friendly like Marissa and I did -- finally.

Bianca: Well, you're looking for a lot more than friendship.

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah. I am. There's no secret. I want my family back together. I want her to give me another chance, and I hope that you'll support me in that or at least not actively hate me.

Bianca: I don't hate you.

J.R.: Yeah, but some people do. Yeah. They get these ideas in their head that aren't true. They automatically assume that Scott is like his father, and I'm like mine.

Bianca: Well, his time in federal prison might change that.

Madison: So when did this --

Scott: I don't know. It just kind of snuck up on me. There was this day at work a few weeks ago. I was in a hurry to get out of there. I just thought, "What is the hurry? What's going on?" And the truth is, Madison, I couldn't wait to see you.

Madison: Really?

Scott: Ever since my dad died, my life has been downhill, and really, I don't know where I'm going, don't know how I'm gonna get there, but I'm not worried about it, because with you in my life, everything just seems better.

Madison: I didn't just put on your shirt, because it's comfortable. It sounds so stupid, but -- you know what? I miss you when you're not there, and the shirt makes me feel closer to you.

Scott: Oh, that's not stupid.

Madison: I was not expecting this. I run into you in a prison waiting room, and now --

Scott: And now -- what?

Madison: Well, we've been going along so far without a plan, right, so let's just not label it, not question it. Let's just --

[Scott kisses Madison]

Asher: It's not the best job in the world, probably doesn't pay too much.

Maya: Working in a mansion for the Chandler family.

Asher: They're not as bad as people say. J.R. has been really good to me, first person that actually gave me a chance.

Maya: So is that what this is? You paying it forward?

Asher: Maybe. Just looked like you needed some help. That's all.

Maya: Thank you. I don't know what to say. Nobody has ever --

Asher: I know the feeling, trust me. So you gonna stop by and see about that job?

Maya: I'll think about it.

Asher: Ok.

Maya: [Sighs]

Reporter: Excuse me. Chief Hubbard?

Jesse: Who are you?

Reporter: I'm with the "Bulletin." I heard how this little one came into the world. It's pretty exciting. Any chance we can do a quick interview?

Jesse: No, not -- it's not a good time right now. My wife has to rest, and so does the baby.

Angie: Sweetheart, it's fine. Uh, we really had no idea that the baby was coming. The contractions came on so fast, intense, extremely painful. I knew something was wrong, but it wasn't until later that I learned it was a placental abruption.

Jesse: You don't have to go into all of that, baby.

Angie: It's ok. My baby was in serious danger. Her placenta had started to separate from the system that was keeping her alive. She was beginning to lose oxygen. Jesse saved her. Our child is alive because of him.

Reporter: I understand your wife lost consciousness during labor. You had to act quickly.

Jesse: Yeah. I did.

David: Wow, that's one bionic baby, surviving a trauma like that. What are the odds?

Madison: People are watching us.

Scott: Well, let them.

Ryan: Emma, I'm glad you apologized to Greenlee, but I bet she could use a nice, big hug.

Emma: Ok, Daddy.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Ok. Ok. God, this is work. I'll be right back, ok?

Emma: Ok, Daddy.

Ryan: Hello?

Greenlee: I won't let you push me away.

Emma: I don't want you here.

Greenlee: Tough. You're stuck with me, like it or not. You got me today, but it won't happen again. Every trick you pull, I've done it before, and I've learned my lesson from them. So you can hate me all you want, but you can't fool me, and you can't get rid of me, because we're family, and you don't give up on family.

Angie: Jesse, it's ok. I'm so happy, even David can't bother me.

Jesse: You know what? I didn't like the look on her face. She's still got that little look. I'm gonna take her down to the pediatrician just in case, all right?

Angie: Ok.

Jesse: You gonna be ok?

Angie: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: All right.

Angie: Is there something I can help you with?

David: I just wanted to offer my congratulations. You have a beautiful daughter, Angie.

Angie: Thank you.

David: I got to tell you, it's amazing she's alive. Placental abruption, most babies don't survive that. You must live under a lucky star.

Angie: Jesse is my lucky star, and that baby is our miracle.

Jesse: I wanted to tell the truth, but when I saw Angela's face, how much she loves you, I couldn't do it. Please, you got to forgive me, little Lucy. Ma would've loved you so much. You would've loved her, too. We're giving you her name for your middle name: Ellie. We're gonna give you a great home, a great life. You can count on me for that, ok? I'm gonna have to count on you, too. You're gonna have to light the way, show me the way, because there's no going back now.

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