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Kendall: I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you! Oh, man! She got away. Ok, maybe I'm gonna get you! Or I'm gonna get you! You better run! Ohh --

Bianca: Safety! Safety!

Kendall: I'm gonna get you -- ohh! Good job, Spiky! Oh, come up here.

Marissa: Hey!

Bianca: The girls' babysitter will be here any minute.

Marissa: It's ok. Don't rush. We can talk later.

Kendall: Actually, I think maybe you're it!

Marissa: What? No!

Kendall: Play! Ok, if you want to be my sister's lawyer, you better play.

Marissa: Oh. Well, in that case -- ooh.


Kendall: Aggressive. I like that. That's good.

Bianca: Wait for us! Whoo!

Colby: Hi! Is this for me?

A.J.: Mm-hmm.

Colby: Yeah? Hmm. Should I open it?

A.J.: Turn it on!

Colby: Ohh.

J.R.: It's from me, to say I'm sorry for coming down on you so hard lately.

Colby: What do you want, J.R.?

David: I spoke with my good friend Iris the other day. It seems our mayor isn't too happy with the video Colby posted online. She wants to fire you.

Liza: Why doesn't she just do it, huh? Just put me out of my misery.

David: Why, Liza Colby, I'm surprised. You, just giving up?

Liza: She's the mayor. It's not like I can stop her.

David: I tell you what. Why don't you buy me another drink, and I will tell you why you're wrong.

Amanda: Are you ready?

Jake: Yeah. That was the board. They are not interested in hiring Cara full-time. So --

Amanda: Go down there. Change their minds.

Jake: You don't have to act all supportive, ok? It's fine.

Amanda: I want to make it up to Cara for calling Immigration on her, so go do what you can.

Jake: All right. I will. I'll see you at ConFusion. I'll see you there.

Cara: Ohh! Oh, my gosh. Are you -- oh, my gosh. Was I -- oh, my gosh. Was I going too fast? Are you ok?

Tad: No, no. Hell, no. I wanted to do another 5 miles.

Cara: Yeah? Really? Ok, because you look a little miserable. And I really don't want you to do things that you hate.

Tad: No, I wanted to do it.

Cara: Yeah? Ok. Did you want to marry me to keep me from being deported? Have your whole life turned upside down for a woman you barely know? Hey. How can I ever repay you?

Tad: For one thing, you can stop trying to repay me. You keep going on and on about my saving you. Did you ever stop to think maybe I needed a little saving?


Marissa: Ha ha ha ha! Aah! Come over here.

Bianca: You're it!

Kendall: Ok. I'm going after the lawyer!

Marissa: No! No! No!


Kendall: Let's get her! Let's get her! Let's get her!

Marissa: Ok. Totally exhausting. I need to take a break. Oh, ohh! Boom!

Bianca: Me, too! Whoo!

Kendall: Me, three.

Bianca: Ha ha ha!

Kendall: Oh! Whoa-ho-ho! Oh. It looks like we're in trouble!

Marissa: I know.

Bianca: Aah!


Marissa: Ok! Ok! We surrender! We surrender!

Kendall: You guys, I think Sandra's here. We got to take the boys home.

Bianca: Oh, no! Don't go!

Kendall: You and Marissa need to talk.

Bianca: Oh, no, we can talk tomorrow. Stay.

Kendall: Ok. You know what? Hey, guys, come here. Come here, you! Listen. I'm gonna stay here with Aunt Bianca and Marissa, but I'll give you a million kisses when I get home. Ok?

Bianca: Yeah. And we will play tomorrow. Ok? Ok. I love you.

Kendall: Ok, angels. All right. Go get her! We'll see you later. Bye, guys.

Marissa: Bye! Oh, here!

Bianca: Mittens.

Kendall: You go!

Marissa: Bye!

Kendall: Good luck. Bye, guys.

Marissa: Amazing. Oh, my God. Ha ha! Every time I see you with your kids, I just can't get over how easy you make it look.

Kendall: Oh. We don't agonize over it one bit.

Bianca: No. Or worry every time someone coughs.

Kendall: Yeah. Or obsess about them being happy.

Marissa: Yeah, but you still make it look easy, even after everything you've been through.

J.R.: It's just you, me, and A.J. for the moment. So, please, can we stop fighting?

Colby: Start over? Yeah, I know, J.R. I've heard it about a million times now.

J.R.: But I mean it. This is my priority, bringing the family back together. I've even reached out to Scott.

Colby: Wow. Did he reach back with a punch in the face?

J.R.: No. But he will be working at Chandler. He'll be moving back in here.

Colby: You are seriously delusional right now.

J.R.: I can make this work, Colby. I know I can, but I can't do it alone. If you don't want to do it for me, do it for A.J. Let's give him what we never had.

A.J.: Aunt Colby, will you put this picture on your new computer?

J.R.: Oh. You know, that's my favorite one, buddy. Can you go see if you can find a couple more? We can start slow. Dinner, just the two of us. I got to go to ConFusion, see about a replacement for Annie. Do me a favor. Meet me there in an hour. Colby? We can do this.

Liza: I am not pushing back against the mayor.

David: Why the hell not? You push back against everyone else. Come on, Liza. You've always been tough. Nobody gets the better of you.

Liza: That was before I made the biggest mistake of my life.

David: Oh, please. Everyone makes mistakes.

Liza: I slept with my daughter's boyfriend. There's no coming back from that.

David: You're kidding, right? Have you forgotten who you're talking to here? Come on, Liza. You can beat this. I've seen you in that courtroom. I've seen the look in your eyes when you have the defense up against the ropes. You're unstoppable.

Liza: Not anymore.

David: Not necessarily. I can talk with the mayor. I can convince her to keep you on.

Liza: Yeah, in exchange for what?

David: As you may know, I am in the process of trying to get my medical license back. I've got a few irons in the fire, but having the D.A. on my side -- now, that could really help seal the deal.

Cara: So what do you need saving from?

Tad: Well, for one thing, my life has been a veritable cornucopia of adventure. Someday I'll sit down and tell you about it, turn your hair white.

Cara: I like the sound of that.

Tad: Only thing is not so much lately, except if you count that go-around with Liza Colby as total disaster. I've been sort of in a rut.

Cara: So -- is the threat on my life kind of helping you through a midlife crisis?

Tad: I wouldn't put it that way, no.

Cara: No? It's the general idea, though.

Tad: Yeah? Aah. Hmm!

Cara: You ok? Here.

Tad: Yeah. Thanks. Anyway, being your husband, even a fake husband, ain't that much of a chore, you know? Who the hell am I kidding? Ugh! In your case, it's worth the attempt. I just don't want to cramp your style.

Cara: You're not cramping my style. However, I think we need to lose the sweatpants.

Tad: What's wrong with the sweatpants?

Cara: Everything.

Tad: They're a classic.

Cara: Well, we're gonna work on that.

Tad: Yeah. First thing tomorrow, up and at 'em.

Cara: Ok. Let's help you get up and at 'em right now.

Tad: But tonight it's gonna be me in these old sweats and a sofa and two great games on television.

Cara: No. You know what? Get up.

Tad: No. Come on. The tipoff's in the next 5 minutes.

Cara: You just said you want me to save you, yes? So let's start right now. Why don't you take your wife out on a date?

Joe: Oh. There he is.

Jake: Dad, I didn't know you were coming here today. We look exactly -- if I knew you were coming, I would've sprinkled a couple of happy-looking, healthy patients, make the place look better. Maybe get a haircut. I don't know. How you doing?

Joe: You're doing fine.

Jake: I'm good, thank you. Ok. Yeah. I want to hang out with you, but I have to find a couple of board members. I need to talk to them about something, twist their arms off their body.

Joe: If this is about Cara, I have heard, yeah.

Jake: Yeah. The board doesn't want to hire her full-time, because of the immigration problem.

Joe: And also, I understand, because there's an outstanding complaint against her from a parent of a patient, a young girl with cancer?

Jake: You're not here two minutes, and you're so on top of your game. Yes, she had a problem with a patient's father, but she apologized -- she was gonna apologize.

Joe: Apparently, she did not, and, apparently, they have been waiting months.

Jake: Yeah, well, Dad, she's had a hard time, to her credit. Homeland Security thought she's a terrorist.

Joe: Jake, they're getting ready to sue the hospital.

Jake: I know. All right. Here's what I'm gonna do, Dad -- and this is if you think it's a good idea. I will talk to the board. I will tell them that she is an incredible doctor, that she had this little altercation with a patient's father, but it's because the girl could not fight her own battles, and Cara is the same as that little girl, that she fought the same battles.

Joe: Cancer?

Jake: Leukemia. And, Dad, the only reason that she went overboard is because she cares so much. There wasn't a single day when we were out in the field that she didn't risk her life for somebody else's. A guy lying there with his chest open, she's working on him. Bullets could be flying by, and she wouldn't stop. It's that kind of dedication, that kind of commitment -- that doesn't come along every day. That's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Joe: Cara is very lucky to have you on her side.

Marissa: If A.J. saw me having a treat before dinner, I'd never hear the end of it.

Bianca: Oh, no. Miranda caught me having dessert before dinner once, I lost all credibility.

Marissa: I know, but sometimes you just want a big old piece of chocolate cake.

Kendall: Of course! Binks told me you have been amazing with this whole divorce. You just had one of your own, and I would think you'd want to stay away from custody suits the rest of your life.

Marissa: No. Just the opposite, actually. It makes me want to fight harder.

Kendall: How do you make it work with J.R.?

Marissa: Oh. Well, I don't know. At first we fought like crazy, and then we just stopped fighting, you know? Bottom line, A.J. loves his father, and he needs him in his life.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. What do you need?

Marissa: Besides chocolate cake? Ha ha ha! I don't know. I guess I'm trying to figure that out.

Bianca: Join the club.

Kendall: You know what? What do you say we continue this conversation at ConFusion?

Bianca: Are you sure you're up for that?

Kendall: Yeah. I've had plenty of nights by myself watching bad TV. I want to be around people. I want to hear music. I want to drink some champagne!

Liza: I may be down, but I'm not desperate. You're on your own.

David: Don't tell me you're still hung up on Martin? Don't you think it's about time you let that one go?

Liza: It's not exactly like I have a choice. He's not gonna forgive me for sleeping with his son.

David: Here's a thought. Maybe that's why you did it. Maybe you want to let go of Tad. You ever think of that one?

Cara: Ha ha ha!

Tad: Allow me, my lovely monkey. You like? For you. For you.

Cara: Ok. Thank you, my Chihuahua.

Tad: "Chihuahua"? Seriously? That's the best you can do? All this, and "Chihuahua"? Nothing like -- I'd prefer "Stallion."

Cara: Yeah, I bet you would.

Tad: Ah, the magic's gone.

Amanda: Hey, guys.

Tad: Hey, darling. What's up? You flying solo?

Amanda: No. I'm waiting on Jake.

Tad: Oh.

Amanda: He went to talk to the board about you.

Cara: The meeting was today? Because nobody told me that.

Amanda: I'm gonna go get a drink at the bar. Excuse me.

Tad: Take it easy. He'll talk some sense into them.

Cara: No, Jake should not have to defend me. Ok? He shouldn't have to put himself on the line. You know what? I got to go.

Liza: So what's it like having Jake's ex as your sister-in-law?

Amanda: Danny, could I please get a drink?

Liza: I guess there's something to be said about keeping it in the family.

Amanda: Maybe we should ask your daughter's boyfriend about that.

Kendall: Hello? Hey, can you hold on one second? It's a work call. I will be right back, guys.

Bianca: I should actually call the sitter, too. I'll be right back.

Marissa: Ok.

J.R.: Hey. I'm glad I ran into you.

Marissa: Hi. Where's A.J.?

J.R.: He's with Opal. He's eating burgers at Krystal's right now. He's doing a lot better.

Marissa: "Better"? What do you mean?

J.R.: He had a rough night. He woke up, wouldn't go back to sleep.

Marissa: Why?

J.R.: He said he missed his mom.

Joe: So how does it feel, Chief of Staff? I bet Angie had to drag you in kicking and screaming.

Jake: There was some kicking, a little bit of screaming, but you don't say no to Angie, right?

Joe: No. That's a good point.

Jake: I couldn't let this old place down. I got to say, though, I don't know how you did all those years: The budget cuts and the boardroom meetings and all the bull.

Joe: Oh, more than offset by the recoveries, healthy babies, and even a miracle occasionally.

Jake: But you managed to be a great doctor and a great administrator at the same time --

Joe: Jake, it's not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

Jake: Pop, it is for me. Give me a tent and a medical bag and throw me in a field, and I'm a happy guy. That's where I'm good. No hospital bureaucracy and the staff politics and all the PR and the red tape. No. Sew somebody up, make people healthy, and then that's it.

Joe: I know it was a very exciting time for you, but are you sure being out of a hospital is what you miss most about that time?

Jake: What Cara and I had was incredible. It was beautiful. And when it ended, even though I didn't understand it at the time, I moved on. With Amanda, I have an opportunity to do something beautiful and have something amazing like you and Mom do. I don't want to blow that, you know? I don't want to blow that. I guess after roaming the world and trying to find myself, I finally found where I belong, which is here with my wife and my son.

Cara: I'm so sorry to interrupt. There's been a gang fight, multiple gunshot victims. They need everyone we've got.

Jake: Right. Ok. Let's do it.

Cara: Yeah? Just like the old days.

Jake: The old days, Pop.

Cara: You know what? Actually, I do know that you've got to get going soon. Tad told me, so I'm just gonna get out of your hair.

Joe: No, no. After all, we have had no chance at all to talk. And no matter the circumstances, you're my daughter-in-law.

Cara: Again.

Joe: And I meant what I said in the wedding toast.

Jake: Even though you were kind of bamboozled into keeping the act going, Dad?

Joe: Doesn't change the fact you've married into a family who will stand behind you no matter what. The Martins are a strong and loyal bunch.

Cara: And I'm definitely getting that, and it means everything to me.

Joe: If my two boys had to marry the same woman, I think they both made a very good choice.

Jake: All right. I don't want to break up the party, but I got to hit that boardroom.

Joe: Right. I'm gonna go in with you, and I'm going to make a very strong recommendation that Cara be hired on a full-time basis.

Cara: Thank you so much.

Joe: Don't thank me yet. We have to wait and see how much pull an old guy's legacy still has around here.

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: Hey, where did Cara go?

Tad: To deal with the whole hospital board thing.

Amanda: She went to go see Jake.

Tad: On business.

Amanda: I didn't say anything.

J.R.: A.J. wanted to know why you left.

Marissa: I'm sorry he's hurting.

J.R.: I'm working on that. I asked Scott to move back in the mansion. A.J. loves having him around, and if you do decide to move back in, at least you'll have a friend there.

Marissa: Stop.

J.R.: Stop what?

Marissa: Stop trying to make me feel guilty, using our son to manipulate me into changing my mind. I told you before it's not gonna happen.

J.R.: I'm just trying to let you know about A.J. I'm trying to be the responsible parent here.

Bianca: The girls were so cute. They sang me this lullaby.

Kendall: What did J.R. say to you?

Marissa: Am I a bad mother?

Liza: Well. Everybody's out tonight.

Tad: That they are.

Liza: Where's your wife?

Tad: She had something she had to take care of.

Liza: "Something she had to take care of" is vague. It's vague, but somehow it's kind of intriguing. Oh, come on. Just narrow it down a little bit.

Tad: Liza, let's not --

Liza: Why don't you just say it, huh? Huh? You're embarrassed to be seen with me.

Cara: Ok. What did they say? Am I good enough for the job?

Jake: You're not good enough. You're better than good enough. Congratulations. Thanks to my dad, you're in.

Cara: Ha! Thank you! Thank you so much! Oh, thank you.

Joe: You had some strong words yourself.

Jake: Ah. I know. Whatever.

Cara: Thank you, Jake. Thanks. Appreciate it.

Jake: No problem.

Joe: Ok. It's done. Now we need to get family matters straight. I want to know that you're not going to do anything to hurt Tad, or do anything to get in the way of Jake's marriage.

Jake: Dad, I'm an adult.

Joe: I would like to hear this from Cara.

Cara: I won't hurt Tad or Jake. I will not cause trouble with his marriage. I want nothing but the best for this family that's been so generous to me.

Joe: Ok. I guess that's all that can be said, Cara Martin.

Cara: Thank you.

Joe: Well, better be on my way. I have a meeting with your brother-in-law -- your husband.

Jake: Dad, I'll see you and Mom before you go, ok?

Cara: You really lucked out in the Dad department.

Jake: Yeah, I know.

Cara: So -- the board. I thought the board had a major problem with me.

Jake: I didn't tell you about the condition that they have.

Cara: Oh, gosh, there's a condition. Of course.

Jake: The parents of that young girl that you pissed off -- you need to go to them, and you need to apologize. You need to tell them that you were wrong.

Cara: Yeah. Jake, I said I would do it, and I can actually do it right now. I got a little distracted with Agent Trumbull and all. So, yep, I'm gonna go do that right -- but I got to tell you, to go on record and say that it's wrong for a sick child to have a normal life?

Jake: The board is adamant about this.

Cara: The board is wrong.

Jake: We're not in the field now. Ok? It's not where anything goes. This hospital has rules, and you need to follow those rules like everybody else. And if you can't, you need to tell me, and I will let you go.

Amanda: Oh, don't worry. Won't have to get me home tonight -- club soda.

J.R.: Me, too. So why are relationships still so damn hard? You and Jake ok?

Amanda: Yeah. We're great.

J.R.: I'm picking up on some sarcasm.

Amanda: No, I -- we really are back on the right track. I just feel like at any moment it could just fall through again. I just want everything to get back to the way it was when it was good. Really, really good.

Kendall: Why would you say that you're a bad mother?

Marissa: A.J. is having trouble with the custody arrangement, and J.R. keeps asking me to move back in with him for A.J.'s sake. That's what he says, but I don't trust him.

Kendall: What did you tell him?

Marissa: I told him no six times, but I don't know. Maybe I'm being selfish, putting myself before my son?

Kendall: A.J. will be ok. The most important thing is for you to take care of yourself, and that means staying as far away from J.R. as possible.

Liza: Come on. Can't you just it? Just say it. You are ashamed to be anywhere near me.

Tad: Not if you keep your voice down.

Liza: Because you're too good for me. That's it. That's it, right? That's why you're with this pretty little doctor goody-two-shoe thing, right? Huh? That's great -- what? Oh. Oh, great. Ok. So now everybody's looking at me, right?

Tad: Liza, stop.

Liza: Ok. Then the heck -- why don't you just all just take a really good look. Look all you want, but make sure you go home, and you lock up your boys, because I'm out, I'm here, and I am looking for a good time. Huh. What? Come on. Judge me. You want to give me looks? You can give me looks. You can give me looks, because I'm not apologizing for any of this because this is who I am. And if you don't like it, then you all can just go -- Colby, I didn't see you there. I -- how long have you been standing there? Please wait. Please wait.

J.R.: No, I'll go. She's already heard enough from you.

David: All right, Counselor. What do you say I take you home?

Kendall: Liza just cannot keep her hands off other people's men.

Bianca: I feel so bad for Colby.

Kendall: Doing that to your own kid is just sick.

Marissa: Liza made a mistake.

Kendall: You're defending her?

Marissa: No. But I've known both of them for a long time, and Liza loves her daughter more than anything. That's why she took her away from Adam all those years ago.

Kendall: All right. Wait a second. If you're about to compare yourself to Liza --

Bianca: We'll both call party foul.

Marissa: No, I'm not saying I'm that messed up, but --

Bianca: A.J. knows you love him. Ok? He knows.

Marissa: Yeah.

Bianca: She's about to leave, isn't she?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. I think so.

Marissa: Ha! I'm that obvious?

Bianca: We've both been there. Just go, see A.J.

Kendall: But don't let J.R. think he's responsible for getting you there.

Marissa: Uh-uh. Not a chance.

Kendall: Good girl.

Marissa: Bye.

Bianca: I am so glad that you came with us tonight.

Kendall: Me, too. It feels good to just be out of the house, connecting with people again, especially my sister. However, I do have some kids to go home to, as well, so I got to go.

Bianca: Ok. But we're doing this again soon.

Kendall: Oh, yes. For sure. All right.

Bianca: Thank you.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Bianca: Bye.

Kendall: Bye.

Bianca: So, using A.J. to get Marissa back at the mansion?

J.R.: Yes, I am. A suite of rooms right down the hall from her son -- how horrible can I be?

Bianca: Pretty horrible, if I remember right. Just don't hurt Marissa again.

J.R.: I never would.

Bianca: Sure.

Amanda: Hey. That was a nice speech Liza made. Is Colby ok?

J.R.: I tried to talk to her, but she can't deal. I'll try again when she calms down. Where the hell is this guy?

Amanda: Who?

J.R.: I'm interviewing someone to take over Annie's old job. He's half an hour late.

Amanda: You're hiring?

J.R.: I wanted to. Looks like I got stood up.

Amanda: Yeah, me, too. Jake was supposed to meet me for dinner.

J.R.: I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Amanda: Actually, yes. You can hire me.

J.R.: At Chandler? I don't think that's a good fit.

Amanda: Annie was talking about her job all the time. Public relations, relating to people -- I'm really good at that.

J.R.: But there's more to it than that.

Amanda: I could send up some of the old press releases I did up at Fusion. I'm really good at getting people to talk. And positive buzz -- that's what Chandler needs right now.

J.R.: I thought you gave all that up to stay at home with Trevor.

Amanda: I did for a while, but we have a part-time nanny now. And I've been volunteering at the Miranda Center, but I am ready for more.

J.R.: I don't know.

Amanda: Come on. I know I don't have a big resume or some fancy degree, but neither did Babe. And you believed in her, and you encouraged her. Look how far she went. Come on. I am just asking for a chance.

J.R.: All right. No guarantees. I'm willing to give it a shot. You can start tomorrow.

Amanda: Thank you! Thank you, J.R.! You will not be sorry!

J.R.: Just don't be late.

Amanda: Ok.

Cara: If anyone should write the rules on caring for sick children, it should be me.

Jake: Yeah, you're not on the board, ok? When you are on the board, it'll be different.

Cara: There is more to healing than what a hospital can provide, especially when it comes to children. You cannot isolate them, Jake. Look at me! They need to be out in the open.

Jake: I'm not disagreeing with you, ok? You can't knock on the kid's door, though, and take her out to play on the swing set.

Cara: But you can't tell me how to practice medicine, ok? You don't have the right to do that!

Jake: Actually, I do. Inside these walls, I do have --

Cara: I go above and beyond for my patients, and I will not stop now.

Jake: This is not a war zone, Cara! It's not Doctors Without Borders, ok? We have borders in here. You need to stay inside the borders. Immigration's all over you, trying to prove that you're a fraud. Having a job, a real job -- that will help you. You need that.

Cara: Ok. I get it. We're both weirded out that I married your brother, right? So that's what this is about? You're trying to find some kind of clarity by drawing the line, by reminding me that you're my boss? It's cool, Jake. I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna apologize and -- because I need this job, and I will say the words that I am forced to say.

Jake: Thank you.

Cara: Thank you for going to bat for me again. But I just need to say this. I will never compromise how I practice medicine for anyone.

Marissa: We just keep going from restaurant to restaurant, huh?

Bianca: Where's A.J.?

Marissa: Oh, God. When I got here, Opal had already taken him to J.R.'s. It's ok, though. I'm gonna see him tomorrow.

Bianca: Do you mind if I join you?

Marissa: Isn't it kind of late? Don't you want to go home to your girls?

Bianca: They're asleep.

Marissa: Ok. Then sit down. Enjoy yourself.

Bianca: Thank you.

Marissa: You're welcome.

Bianca: Excuse me. May I please have a big slice of chocolate cake, and two forks?

Marissa: Good call. Love it.

Kendall: I had fun tonight, Zach. It felt good. I feel like I'm coming back to life again.

Liza's voice: Why don't you just all just take a really good look. All right? But then make sure that you go home and you lock up your boys, because I'm still here. I'm out here, and I am looking for a good time.

Colby: Good job, Mom. Almost a million hits.

David: So why are you staying in a hotel?

Liza: Because every time I go back to my apartment, there's some freak who saw Colby's video, some idiot who wants to take a live look at the "Cougar Mom." Oh, David, to see that look of disgust in my daughter's eyes --

David: I know that feeling. I had one daughter who died hating me. The other one, Marissa, wants nothing to do with me.

Liza: Can you blame her?

David: No, I can't. This is who I am. I'm not gonna change. Neither are you, Liza. Our children will either accept us as we are or they won't. There's no controlling that.

Liza: I wish you would stop comparing me to you, because you and I, we are -- we're nothing alike.

David: I understand you, Liza, and I think you understand me. So why not make the most of it?

Joe: You've got quite a wife there.

Tad: Yeah, she's something. But you're still gonna tell me it was a mistake to marry her to keep her in the country.

Joe: No, I'm not gonna tell you that. I've given a lot of thought to it. How could I not be proud of you?

Tad: Thanks, Pop. It's a relief to know that you're on board.

Joe: I am.

Tad: But?

Joe: I look at you and your brother. I don't think this is going to end well.

Cara: Hey. Hi. Hi again. So your dad told you, I guess, right? He and Jake -- they got me a permanent position.

Tad: That's terrific!

Cara: Yes, it is.

Tad: That's great! So that -- no more worries, hmm?

Cara: No.

Jake: I'm sorry I missed dinner. It was crazy at the hospital. You get my message?

Amanda: Yep. Which one is more conservative?

Jake: Conservative? Why?

Amanda: Because I got a job. It starts tomorrow, and don't worry. They have great daycare.

Jake: When did all this happen?

Amanda: I ran into J.R. while I was waiting for you, and he was looking for someone to replace Annie. I said I was interested, so he hired me on the spot.

Jake: Wow. Just --

Amanda: Be happy for me! Ha ha!

Tad: I am so happy for you.

Cara: Oh, thank you.

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