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Greenlee: Amazing.

Ryan: Which part?

Greenlee: Coming back here to the castle.

Ryan: That's it?

Greenlee: Well, the room service is pretty good, too.

Ryan: The room service?

Greenlee: Ok. Ok, ok, ok! You win. The lip service is pretty excellent, too.

Ryan: That's what I'm talking about.

Greenlee: I know there's no such thing as perfect, but this is perfect. Thank you for bringing me back here.

Ryan: We had history here, great history.

Greenlee: Yeah, and not so great. The last time we were here, I'd just come back to town with David. I was all pissed off, and you came here to talk some sense into me. If only I had listened to you, things would be so different. Zach would be alive.

Ryan: We're here now. That's all that matters. Right here, right now, us. I did have a reason for bringing you back here.

Greenlee: I know, and I can't wait to do it again.

Ryan: Well, that, but -- [Holds up a ring box] I've been wanting to ask you something for a long time.

J.R.: Hey. What's going on?

Marissa: I was hoping that A.J. could spend the night here tonight.

J.R.: Absolutely. How about you pop upstairs? I'll be there to tuck you in in a minute. Ok. What's wrong? Is it your head? I'll take you to the hospital.

Marissa: No, no. Hospital is the last place I want to be. It's David. He's out of his coma.

J.R.: He's awake? I guess we're only lucky for so long.

Marissa: I should be happy, right? He's my father. I should be glad that he's gonna be ok. And part of me hoped that I could just -- a part of me hoped that he would never wake up.

Erica: So call me the second Kendall wakes up.

Bianca: Ok. I will. But she was pretty exhausted. She might sleep through till tomorrow.

Erica: I hope she does. Bye. Jack.

Jack: Hi.

Erica: Hi. Come in.

Jack: How's Kendall? How'd she take the news about Hayward?

Bianca: She's pretty stressed. But I convinced her a good night's sleep would help.

Jack: Good girl. I'm glad she listened to you. So where you headed? Home?

Erica: No. I'm going back to the hospital.

Jack: What do you think that's going to accomplish?

Erica: I'm gonna see for myself that that monster is still in his bed where I left him. He can't hurt Kendall. He can't hurt any of the people I love.

Jack: Sweetheart, Hayward just came out of a coma. He's handcuffed to the hospital bed. He can't hurt anyone.

Erica: I'm not taking anyone's word for that.

Kendall: You're happy to see me?

David: Yes, I am. We have a lot to talk about.

Kendall: They told me you were awake. I had to see it for myself.

David: Sorry to disappoint you. Although, I'm sure you're happy about this, huh?

Kendall: I won't be happy until you pay for Zach's death, for taking away my children's father.

David: A bullet wasn't enough?

Kendall: No. You should be dead, cold, buried in hell for what you've done. You hurt people. You kill them. You leave the living just as good as dead, and yet here you are. You don't deserve this. You don't deserve another chance.

David: Is that why you tried to murder me?

Jack: What possible threat does Hayward pose?

Erica: Are you kidding?

Jack: Ok. Bianca, could I have a moment alone with your mother, please?

Bianca: I will go check on the boys.

Jack: I appreciate it. Thanks.

Erica: Jack, there's really nothing more to talk about.

Jack: Really? Because it seems like you're jumping out of your skin to get to David. What, do you think he's going to try to convince Liza to send you to prison?

Erica: You know how vindictive David is. Don't you think he'd want the woman who shot him behind bars?

Jack: Maybe I wasn't the last one to hear after all. You did hear that the charges against you were dropped, right?

Erica: Of course, I did. Who knows what he will say to Liza?

Jack: Look, he publicly embarrassed Liza. Because of Hayward, her career as D.A. practically -- Look, let's forget about Hayward, huh? Let's go home and spend the rest of the night doing something fun.

Erica: Oh, Jack, you don't understand.

Jack: Who are you calling?

Erica: Caleb.

Jack: Wow. So I don't understand, but Caleb would?

Erica: That's not what I meant.

Jack: What did you mean?

Erica: Jack, I have to make this call.

Jack: This is not the first time that you've reached out to Caleb while I'm standing right here in front of you.

Erica: Jack, that's not true.

Jack: Yes, it is. You tell Caleb about Kendall trying to smother Hayward, not a word to me. The charges against you were dropped, who was the first person you call? Caleb.

Erica: I left you a message.

Jack: Oh. Was that before or after you called Caleb?

Erica: Jack, what are you talking about here? Are you accusing me of something?

Jack: Should I be?

Marissa: I had actually gotten to a place where I could forget that David even existed.

J.R.: That's not a bad place to be.

Marissa: I should go.

J.R.: Why?

Marissa: I really just came over here to drop off A.J., so he wouldn't see me bouncing off the walls.

J.R.: All right, here's an idea. You can go home and bounce, or you can stay here, and we can talk about it.

Marissa: There's nothing to say.

J.R.: Come on. Try me. I happen to be an expert on father issues.

Marissa: But you love your father.

J.R.: And I hate him.

Marissa: I don't have a clue how I feel about my father. He says he wants to be my dad, but then every time I've taken a chance and trusted him --

J.R.: He let you down.

Marissa: Only about a hundred times.

J.R.: David unconscious is the only way he's safe.

Marissa: I am tired of hating him, and I'm tired of feeling guilty about hating him. I just want to write him off for good. I know that's what you think I should do.

J.R.: I think you couldn't even if you tried.

David: Not even a denial?

Kendall: How do you know?

David: I was there, remember?

Griffin: I was there, too. She only grabbed the pillow, because she was in shock over Zach's death.

David: Pillow? What are we --

Griffin: She never would've actually smothered you.

Kendall: I don't you defending me.

Griffin: You need to go home.

Kendall: I'm not going anywhere.

Griffin: I'm going to call Security.

Kendall: You wouldn't do that.

Griffin: You're recovering from pneumonia. It's my responsibility.

David: Wait a minute. Are we talking about her heart?

Griffin: There's been an incident.

Kendall: Stop talking about me like I'm not here, ok? And just in case you're hoping, I am better than fine. There is no way I would die and leave the people that I love at your mercy.

Griffin: Ok. Party's over. Let's go. Come on.

Kendall: Let go of me.

Griffin: Here's the deal. You either go home to your sons, or you go back in there, and you have a really good shot of that heart giving out on you.

Ryan: Do you remember when we met at WRCW? Remember that day? I commented on your name, and I said that it was unusual, and you said that you were an unusual woman. We've been friends, enemies, lovers, husband and wife. We've found each other and lost each other multiple times, but we're here now, Greenlee. This is it. This is real. We made it. Every dream that we've ever had, we'll live it. And for every time that I've hurt you, I will love you a thousand times over. And I got to admit there were times where I didn't think that we would make it back here, but we did because of you. You taught me what real love is. You did. Will you marry me?

Greenlee: I want a prenup.

Ryan: The usual? A surprise a day?

Greenlee: Of course.

Ryan: Is that a yes?

Erica: I've been a little busy lately fighting attempted murder charges and trying to help my daughter --

Jack: I know all that, Erica, but you are shutting me out.

Erica: I just don't want to drag you into all this.

Jack: Don't -- don't use everything that's happening to pull away from me.

Erica: I'm not, Jack. I just have to do things my way.

Jack: Always. Why? Why do you always have to do these things alone, Erica? I -- I love you.

Erica: I love you.

Jack: I never felt closer to you than when we first came back to Pine Valley. But now every day I feel like I lose a little bit of you.

Erica: I'm not shutting you out, Jack.

Jack: Yes, you are. You do it over and over and over again. Look, all I want is for us to be the way we were when it was just you and me traveling the world, and it can be that way, Erica, but we both have to want it.

Bianca: Kendall's gone.

Jack and Erica: What?

Bianca: I just stuck my head in. She didn't even sleep in the bed.

Erica: She's not with the boys?

Bianca: I checked all over and the garage, too. Her car is gone.

Erica: I'm gonna go find her.

Jack: I'll go with you.

Erica: No, I can do this.

Marissa: A year ago I couldn't make a decision. Everything would just stop me cold.

J.R.: You were dealing with a lot of stuff.

Marissa: Huh -- my parents, my career, my marriage. How I felt depended on the time of day.

J.R.: Come on. You're just being hard on yourself.

Marissa: No, it's the truth. I was stuck, but then I got unstuck. I should probably thank you for that.

J.R.: Which part? Cheating on you?

Marissa: It gave me a kick-start. I passed the bar. I got out of my marriage. I finally figured it out.

J.R.: Except for David?

Marissa: Yeah. There was a time that I thought I'd never stop feeling conflicted about you.

J.R.: But you did?

Marissa: Yeah. We're friends and parents, and I'm cool with that.

J.R.: You know there's nothing that I wouldn't do to keep you safe.

Marissa: Ahem. Any word on the robbery? Have the police found out who it was?

J.R.: No, nothing yet. But just so you know, I did have the security system beefed up again. So you and A.J. are 100% safe.

Marissa: Thank you.

J.R.: So why don't you stay the night?

Griffin: You want to take bets to see whether your B.P. has been elevated?

Kendall: I didn't check in here, ok? I'm not a patient.

Griffin: No, you're supposed to be home taking it easy, relaxing with your sons, recovering -- at least, that's the whole song and dance you gave me when you told me you wanted to get out of here.

Kendall: I agreed to your terms. I'm being monitored just like you requested. Like I said, Cara's great.

Griffin: Maybe I should have her lock you in your room.

Kendall: What do you need from me? Do you need me to renounce you as my doctor? All right. Fine. Ok. You're done. You're free. Go find somebody to operate on.

Griffin: I wish I could. Go ahead. Get out of here before your blood pressure blows sky-high.

Kendall: He knows that I tried to smother him with a pillow. Everything is a blur to me, but somehow I guess coma patients -- they're aware of what's going on around them.

Jesse: Still awake. Good.

David: Why is that good?

Jesse: It's good because I'm done waiting for you to answer my questions. So let's go back to the night you were shot.

Greenlee: Is this --

Ryan: The moonstone that we found on the beach in California.

Greenlee: So you had this made?

Ryan: Yeah. I know you love diamonds more than anybody on the planet, but anybody can give just diamonds. So I wanted to add something special, and I want it to be a reminder of the vows that we made to each other that night. Now we can say the vows to our friends, family, the minister.

Greenlee: We did it. We got to the place that we wanted to be for so long. We're committed, together finally. And I promise I'm going to do everything I can to honor what we have, to protect it, to protect us.

Ryan: We're forever, Greenlee. Nothing's gonna change that.

Jesse: So you and Ryan were on the roof. Why were you there?

David: I am really tired.

Jesse: Just answer the question.

David: No. I'm not gonna answer anything. I'm not about to incriminate myself without a lawyer present. So where's Angela?

Jesse: She's not here.

David: She is still chief, isn't she?

Jesse: She's been put on bed rest.

David: I'm sorry to hear that. And here I was about to thank her for my care.

Jesse: You need to start talking, Hayward.

David: No, I don't need to start doing anything. You'll just twist every word I say, I know that, make it look like I shot myself in the back.

Jesse: Did you?

David: You do realize that I was practically dead, right? I need my rest.

Jesse: You've been resting since Thanksgiving. I need answers.

David: Jesse. Come on, what do you say?

Griffin: I thought when I took you to go see David, it would help you get past your obsession.

Kendall: It's not an obsession. All right. Ok. It is a little bit. The second that I heard that David was awake, I had to go and see him for myself.

Griffin: He's as harmless now as he was back then.

Kendall: Even you know that's not true.

Griffin: The biggest threat to you isn't David. It's you. You need to stay away from him.

Kendall: I want to. I do. I really do, but I don't know. I can't explain it. There's something in me, something about David that sets off all my alarms.

Griffin: Is it the hallucinations?

Kendall: No. I need to figure out why I keep having these feelings about David that scare the hell out of me.

David: Look who's back.

Erica: Has Kendall been here?

David: Yes. Apparently, she tried to kill me twice.

Erica: What did you say to her? Where is she?

David: Dr. Castillo took her away.

Erica: Is she all right?

David: Same bad temper, but other than that, she seems to be fine.

Erica: What did you tell her?

David: It's a crazy thing. When I brought up the fact that she tried to kill me, guess what. She confessed -- to using a pillow. Isn't that funny? In all my years, I've never had anybody confuse a gun with a pillow. Why don't you tell me what the hell is going on, Erica?

Erica: Kendall doesn't remember shooting you. I don't want her to.

Ryan: Do you have a date in mind? Like tomorrow, maybe, or next week or -- if you want to push it back a little bit --

Greenlee: Right now.

Ryan: I will get married naked. I'm serious. I'll do it.

Greenlee: I mean this very moment. This is all I want -- you and me, the entire world on the other side of that door. Can't we just hold on to it for a little while longer?

Ryan: How about I hold onto you, and I don't let go, ever?

Marissa: I could go to Argentina, and I still wouldn't be able to get David out of my head.

J.R.: Yeah, but there'll always be a guest room here if you need it.

Marissa: Thanks.

J.R.: I tried to forget about my father with the drugs and the booze and, hell, I even jumped on a tramp steamer. I thought a couple oceans would make me forget.

Marissa: Didn't work?

J.R.: No. The thing about our dads, they're in our heads.

Marissa: Yeah, but you figured it out. The day you called Adam after you lost Cortlandt? It wasn't easy, but you did it. You faced him. You didn't back down.

J.R.: I don't think my dad would consider that one of my more stellar moments.

Marissa: Yeah, but look where you are. Adam doesn't have a hold over you anymore.

J.R.: Yeah, but it doesn't mean that I don't think about him. It just means that I've learned to manage it, control it.

Marissa: Yeah, instead of him controlling you.

Jack: So, too late for a good customer to get a drink? Krystal? Hello?

Krystal: Oh.

Jack: Hi.

Krystal: Hi. Sorry. I was just thinking about the wake that we had for David right here. I guess we celebrated a little too early.

Jack: I take it you heard the news.

Krystal: Yes. David lives to fight another day. I don't know which was worse -- hearing the news or telling Marissa. It's so weird, you know? Somebody coming out of a coma should be good news, right, a big dose of joy all the way around. When I heard the news, my heart just sank right to my toes.

Jack: Because of your daughter.

Krystal: Jack, let me tell you something. He lied to her. He used her. And now him popping back into the world -- she doesn't know which way is up. How's Erica taking it?

Jack: Oh. Not well.

Krystal: I'm sure she's afraid that he's gonna go after her after she put that well-deserved bullet in him.

Jack: I don't know what the hell she's afraid of, to tell you the truth -- not for lack of trying to find out, however. You know Erica. She's got her way of handling things. Ahem.

Krystal: That's why you love her. Have you set a date yet?

Jack: No. No, actually. That seems to move further and further away every day.

Krystal: If you need an ear, I've got one.

Jack: You got two. I'm gonna take advantage of them right now. When Erica and I are together, it's like she's not there. And I understand that after Zach died, she wanted to be with her daughter, wanted to make sure Kendall was gonna be ok. I get that. I understand that. And then, of course, the shooting and the charges, and I understood that, too.

Krystal: You can't really celebrate a new life with all that hanging over your head.

Jack: Exactly. Exactly. But guess what -- Kendall's doing a lot better and those charges have been dropped. But every time I walk into a room, Erica starts looking for the door.

Krystal: Have you talked to her about it?

Jack: Sure. Sure. It's all my imagination. We're just hunky-dory.

Krystal: That's what she says?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah.

Krystal: What do you say?

Jack: In a word? Caleb.

Griffin: What do you expect to get from David?

Kendall: I don't know. But after what he did to my husband, my family, and my friends?

Griffin: You need to do something that doesn't involve a pillow.

Kendall: Greenlee was completely under David's spell, and I was so angry at her for just getting sucked into his world, and now look at me. Now I'm the one right in the middle of it, and I can't get out, and I don't know how to get rid of this hate.

Griffin: Burn it.

Kendall: Burn it?

Griffin: Maybe not burn it exactly, but --

Kendall: But what?

Griffin: Never mind.

Kendall: No, you don't get to -- no, you can't just blow me off like that. Come on.

Griffin: When I was 12, my father left. He just didn't come home from work one night.

Kendall: That's terrible.

Griffin: My mother never cried. She took care of us, she put food on the table, but we saw her anger grow, fester, turn into hate. She'd laugh, she smiled, but that light in her eyes was gone. Kids need to see that light.

Kendall: What happened?

Griffin: One night I just grabbed all the stuff that my father left behind, and we threw it all into boxes. My mother and I went down to the thrift shop and dumped it into the overnight bin.

Kendall: You didn't burn it?

Griffin: Mom didn't want me playing with matches.

Kendall: So did it help -- getting rid of your father's things?

Griffin: Yeah.

David: The brain is fascinating.

Erica: Some more than others.

David: So Kendall remembers almost suffocating me but not shooting me?

Erica: She's been so traumatized that she's completely blocked the incident from her memory.

David: And you want to keep it that way. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, even though it almost killed me?

Erica: But you're here, David. You're alive. She didn't kill you.

David: She shot me, Erica, in the back. Am I supposed to just let that go?

Erica: Her husband was just killed because of you.

David: I did not blow up his plane.

Erica: And what about my plane? You sabotaged my plane. I could've been killed in that crash.

David: I never intended you to be hurt.

Erica: I was hurt. And Zach is dead. And Kendall's world is turned completely upside down, David, and it all comes back to you. David, you have to make it right. You've been given a second chance at life. You have a second chance. You have the opportunity to try to make things better. You have a chance now, David, to make up for all the damage, all the pain that you've caused.

David: So you want me to just forget that Kendall tried to kill me?

Erica: She shot you because you were trying to kill Ryan.

David: I was defending myself.

Erica: You pulled a gun on him, David. That is hardly fair.

David: Your daughter shot me in the back. Are you calling that fair?

Erica: She shot you because you were trying to kill Ryan!

David: No, she shot me because she feels that I am responsible for Zach's death, and she wanted revenge. Now it's her turn to pay.

Erica: I will never let you destroy my daughter.

J.R.: Here you go.

A.J.: Where's Mommy?

J.R.: She's running an errand.

A.J.: A good errand?

J.R.: A good errand, yes. Your mom is one of the smartest women that I know, and I think she's gonna make us both proud.

Jesse: Hey. You're here to see your father. You must be glad he's out of his coma.

Marissa: Have you spoken to him?

Jesse: I tried. He won't say a word without his lawyer. You think you might be able to get his lawyer down here, so I can at least get a statement?

Marissa: He won't be needing his lawyer.

Kendall: I'm trying to picture you as a 12-year-old.

Griffin: Oh. Too scary. Don't go there.

Kendall: Is Cara your only sister? Do you have any brothers?

Griffin: I shouldn't have said anything.

Kendall: No, no, I'm glad you did. You've helped me.

Griffin: I'm your doctor. I'm supposed to help you. Are you gonna stay away from David?

Kendall: I'll try. But I still want to burn something.

Griffin: Oh. It's great fireplace weather.

Kendall: You do that thing --

Griffin: "That thing?"

Kendall: Yes, that thing. You're all cool and charming. You're the fabulous Dr. Doctor. You hand people lollipops, and you flash your smile, but you care about your patients.

Griffin: I care about keeping you alive. You die, that's bad for my resume.

[Phones chime]

Ryan: No.

Greenlee: Messages -- it could be important.

Ryan: More important than dessert?

Greenlee: I should get it.

Ryan: I think you should ignore it.

Greenlee: I have -- for hours.

Ryan: Real world?

Greenlee: Yeah. It's my dad. He's left three messages. It's important. What?

Ryan: It's from Jake. David's awake.

Jack: So Erica and I had gotten to this great place. It was real, real enough that I thought, "Hey, what a good idea it would be to go buy a ring." And then she got on that plane and crash-landed right in the middle of Caleb's life.

Krystal: Well, if it weren't for Caleb, Erica might not have made it.

Jack: I know, and I'm eternally grateful. Believe me. It's just I never expected the --

Krystal: The man to come down off the mountain.

Jack: And crash right into our lives. Look, I know they are fulfilling Palmer's last wish. I appreciate that, I do, and I'll go further. I will say to you that I think Caleb and Erica are a good team when it comes to that enterprise. They are.

Krystal: And he is her lawyer.

Jack: And the only man I trust with her defense.

Krystal: Good, then. There is no problem, right?

Jack: Erica loves a challenge, cannot resist a challenge, and that is what Caleb has been from the moment he scooped her up out of that plane. And I got a good idea that that challenge -- has become something more.

David: You can stomp your feet all you want. This is completely out of your hands.

Erica: There was a time, David, when you went to extreme lengths to help me. Not recently, but when we were close, we understood each other very well. We cared for each other very deeply.

David: There was that incident in the basement, wasn't there? Now you hate me.

Erica: I know the David I fell in love with is still somewhere inside the devil you've become.

David: You really think this is working?

Erica: Kendall is alive because of you, because you had the courage to perform her heart transplant when everyone else said that it was too risky. And you showed the same courage and compassion when you operated on Ian.

David: I'm a surgeon, Erica. That's what we do.

Erica: You held Kendall's heart in your hands, and now you hold her life in your hands again. Please, David. Please understand her pain and please forgive her, and please don't make her suffer any more than she already has.

[J.R.'s phone rings, but he ignores Annie's call]

Jesse: Listen, I know you've got issues with your father -- everybody in Pine Valley practically has issues with your father -- but, unfortunately, that doesn't mean we can ban him from his legal representation.

Marissa: Oh, I don't intend to. As of right now, I'm his lawyer.

Greenlee: David's awake. I was hoping that he'd -- no wonder my dad called so many times.

Ryan: This is a good thing, Greenlee. Now he can finally pay for everything that he's done to you, to Zach, to Erica. The guy's finally gonna see the inside of a cell.

Greenlee: Hey, hey, hey! David will be there tomorrow. We've taken so long to get here. I'm not ready to go back, not yet. Give me tonight. Just tonight, you and me.

Griffin: I'm gonna call Cara. I want her to take your B.P. before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning.

Kendall: Ok. I'll tell her.

Griffin: I'll tell her. And I want you to come back here tomorrow. You need a few more tests.

Kendall: Did Cara become a doctor, because big brother was one?

Griffin: You have to ask Cara.

Kendall: I could swear that just a few minutes ago, you were actually talking to me like a real person trying to help me.

Griffin: I thought we covered this. I'm your doctor. That's my job.

Kendall: No, I mean really help me -- dealing with the whole David thing.

Griffin: I'm a cardiologist. My job is to keep your heart functional. You want to deal with your David obsession? Go see a shrink -- two floors down.

Erica: Tell me you'll do this. Tell me you'll help protect Kendall.

David: You make a very strong case, very heartfelt.

Erica: So you won't tell anyone what really happened?

David: I got to tell you, Erica, I love it when you need something from me.

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