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[Trevor cries]

Amanda: I got it. Come here, Trevor. Honey, you need changing? Come here, sweetheart. I know.

Cara: It's getting late, so I'm gonna get back to the hotel and get my stuff packed up.

Amanda: Can we call you a cab?

Tad: I saw Liza.

Damon: Yeah, I know.

Tad: And I saw Colby.

Damon: You didn't have to do that.

Tad: Yeah, I did. She called me, and I wanted to see how things stood.

Damon: And?

Tad: I'm not gonna lie to you. You're in a hell of a mess.

Damon: Yeah, no kidding. I bet you had better things to do with your night.

Tad: Nothing more important than you. And in a weird way, this is my fault anyway.

Damon: What?

Tad: It's hard to explain. I guess it's what they call karma. Back in the day when it was me and Liza and her mother, I think I did a little more damage than I thought.

Damon: Ok, but this was my mess-up.

Tad: Yeah, it is. Sometimes how you do the right thing is more important than doing the right thing. I'm not gonna lie to you. Colby is a wreck, ok, but she says she loves you. She wants to be with you. She thinks that you two can work your way through this.

Damon: That's only because she doesn't know that it was her mother that I slept with.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Is that her?

Damon: Yep.

Tad: Ok. All right. I'm gonna give you a little privacy.

Damon: No, don't bother.

Tad: Come on. Answer the phone. What are you doing? When I walked in here, it looked like you were gonna give her a call anyway.

Damon: I was -- to say good-bye. I'm leaving town.

Colby: Hi, Damon. It's me calling -- again. Um, I really wish that you would call me back. I know that we can work this out.

Asher: I saw you over here looking upset. So I --

Colby: Ok. What are you doing now? Eavesdropping on me now?

Asher: No. I just came over here to see if you were ok. But, yeah, I happened to catch the last part of the message. Is Damon avoiding you?

Colby: If he is, it's all your fault.

J.R.: Yeah, I need two first-class tickets. I'm looking for an afternoon departure. You're the man. Oh, and how is that one thing going with Legal? Good. Just do me a favor and double-check with the lawyers. That's the most important part. And make sure that Annie doesn't find out. You got it? All right. Ahem.

Annie: Hi. Who was that on the phone?

J.R.: It was just some stupid telemarketers. How is it possible that you get more and more beautiful every day?

Annie: It must be having a man who believes in me so much. So we've come up with three different approaches on how to spin this Cortlandt loss. They definitely have their merits, but they have several drawbacks, as well, so we really have to work on it carefully.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Annie: What were they selling?

J.R.: What?

Annie: The telemarketer that called -- what were they trying to sell you?

J.R.: It was extended insurance. I didn't even let her get that far.

Annie: Weird. We were on the do-not-call list.

J.R.: Yeah. So much for that, huh? Listen, do we really have to do this tonight? I've got a bunch of errands to run, and it's getting late.

Annie: No. It's fine. We can finish it tomorrow at the office. Maybe I should go with you.

J.R.: We have to keep up the appearance that you and I are -- you know. Being seen at the office is one thing, but at nighttime --

Annie: Sure. I understand. Maybe we can meet tomorrow at the hotel.

J.R.: I'm gonna have to check my schedule with Max. Most of my day is booked up tomorrow. But I'll make time. I promise. Yeah, I got to get going.

Annie: Oh, God. Oh, my God, he's slipping away. He's slipping away.

Cara: Thank you, but I don't need a cab. I've actually rented a car.

Amanda: Oh. Those daily charges can really add up, unless you did something more long-term?

Cara: Week to week, actually.

Amanda: Smart.

Jake: If you're staying here, you get to save on a hotel room.

Amanda: Yeah. Then you could stay as long as you want, really, since you're staying here.

Cara: Or until the government red tape is cleared up, and I can leave as planned.

Jake: Kendall's lucky, though, because she's been through a lot, she needed to be with her boys, and she needs medical attention. So it's nice.

Cara: It works out for both of us. Well, I'm gonna get going.

Jake: I should probably take him home. Let's get him home. He looks so tired.

Amanda: Did you see the way that she was looking at him?

Jake: No. What way?

Amanda: The way that Cara was looking at Trevor -- I know you saw it.

Jake: She looked at him like everybody looks at him. He's awesome.

Amanda: No, it was something else. It was something --

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Oh. Will you take him? Go to Daddy. Ok. Hello?

Annie: I have to talk to you in person.

Amanda: Are you ok?

Annie: No. Everything has gotten worse.

Amanda: Listen, calm down. I'm sure everything's gonna be fine.

Annie: Can we get together?

Amanda: Sure. I can meet you at ConFusion. Just calm down, ok? I'm sure everything's gonna be fine. I'm sorry. I'll be home as soon as I can.

Tad: What do you mean, leaving? Where would you go?

Damon: I don't know. Anywhere but here.

Tad: Oh, that's just brilliant. That's terrific. You're a genius. You don't even have a destination? You're just gonna pick a direction?

Damon: Look, I've messed everything up. I've blown it with Colby. I've quit my job with Liza. There is nothing for me here. I'm sorry. I know. You're here. But, Tad, I'm not a kid. I can't make a mistake this huge and just go running to Daddy to make things better. Anyway, you can't make things better. You complicate things even more.

Tad: Are you finished?

Damon: Yeah.

Tad: Ok. Fine. You're not a kid anymore, so act like a man. You can't go running to Daddy. What makes you think running away is the answer? Why would you do something like that when you have no idea how this could play out?

Damon: Come on. We both know this is not gonna have a happy ending.

Tad: We don't know that. I just looked you in the face, and I told you she loves you. She doesn't want to lose you. She wants to work this thing through. That's a hell of a start. Or is that it? It's not facing your problem that bothers you. It's facing Colby.

Asher: Hey, I crossed the line, ok, more than once. But I'm not here to make your life miserable, Colby. I like you too much.

Colby: There you go again, Asher. You're trying to charm me. You're trying to play me.

Asher: Or maybe I just like you, and it is what it is.

Colby: You liked Damon, and he was nothing but a friend to you, and then you went and hit on his girlfriend.

Asher: Damn it. I'm sorry. I forgot what a perfect guy Damon is, how he just picked up the phone, called you back, and forgave you. Oh, wait. He didn't, did he?

Colby: Maybe you should just leave it alone, Asher.

Asher: All I'm saying is that you're pissed off at Mr. Perfect and you're dumping it on me.

Colby: I never said he was perfect! And he's not perfect, Asher.

Asher: There's something new. What happened? What did he do?

Colby: Nothing.

Asher: That wasn't a "Nothing, he didn't do anything." That was a "Nothing, I don't want to talk about it."

Colby: Asher, maybe you should just leave it alone, ok?

Asher: I meant what I said. I wish that I could help you.

Colby: There's nothing you can do. Damon and I have a lot to figure out and work out. And it just doesn't involve you and me kissing. 

Amanda: Just calm down, take a deep breath. Ok. Tell me what happened.

Annie: First, I heard J.R. talking. He was talking to Marissa, and he was saying all sorts of things -- he doesn't have feelings for me, he doesn't want me, he knows how to handle me.

Amanda: But that's the cover story for Marissa, right? Did you talk to him afterwards?

Annie: Yeah, but -- no, not about what I heard. I am telling you Marissa is trying to get him back. I just know it.

Amanda: Annie, I really don't think that she was --

Annie: And then I walked into the mansion earlier and J.R. was on his phone. And when he saw me, he quickly hung up the phone and told me it was just some telemarketer.

Amanda: What makes you think that it wasn't?

Annie: Then I offered to go with him to do whatever he was doing or invited myself to maybe spend the night with him, and he completely shut me down. I'm telling you something is going on, and I am telling you it has to do with Marissa. She wants him back, Amanda. I know it. Tell me I'm being paranoid.

Amanda: You're being paranoid.

Marissa: Sorry I'm a little late.

J.R.: No, I just arrived myself. How about we get a table?

Jake: You were such a good boy helping Mommy baby-sit Spike and Ian today. I bet they're glad they got their mommy back, huh? So you met Cara. What did you think? Yeah?

[Trevor babbles]

Jake: Yes, that was the one with the dark hair. It's funny. I used to love that lady. Isn't that funny? Isn't that funny? But now I got you and Mommy, so it's you, Mommy, and me, and I love your mommy more than anything in the whole wide world.

Cara: Stupid, stupid Cara, making googly-eyes at a baby like you've never seen a cute kid before -- Jake's child.

Jake: "Hello, Mom. Hi. Is Dad home? No? Get ready for this, because I got some really big news for you. You sitting down? You are? Good." Hi.

Cara: So -- No. No baby.

Jake: Well, it's a major life change averted. Right?

Cara: Yeah.

Jake: Not gonna have a little Martin action here?

Cara: No. No boy. No little guy here.

Jake: But it's ok because, um, maybe it's just not the time. Our lives are perfect right now, you know? We have excitement.

Cara: Yes.

Jake: We have each other.

Cara: Yes.

Jake: Yeah.

Cara: You don't want a family?

Jake: No, I do. I do.

Cara: When we're ready?

Jake: Yeah, when we're ready. Yeah, when we're ready.

Jake: It's funny sometimes how things work out. Something might happen that breaks your heart so bad, you don't think it's right, or you don't think it's fair, and you don't think you deserved it. But then you realize it happened for a reason, that something else is just down the road, and that thing is even better. I wanted to ask you this. I've been meaning to ask you for a long time. How would you feel about a little brother or sister? Hmm?

Colby: I need to get out of here. Excuse me.

Asher: Hey, come on. You can't drop a bomb like that halfway and then just walk. We're talking about the guy who turned his life around to be with you. He's been working nonstop applying to colleges. He's on the big pre-law track. What did he do wrong? Did he forget your birthday, not open the car door for you, insult your wardrobe? Maybe cheated on you?

Colby: Asher, you need to get out of my way.

Asher: Are you kidding?

Colby: Asher, seriously, get out of my way.

Asher: How come if he cheated on you, then you're getting pissed off at me?

Colby: Asher, if you don't get out of my way, I'm seriously gonna start screaming.

Asher: You're pushing me out the door for a reason, Colby. Think about it.

Colby: I'm gonna fix things with Damon. Think about that.

Damon: Yes, you're right. I don't want to face Colby. But it's not because I don't want to face what I've done. I don't want her to have to face it. It would kill her, and I've already hurt her enough.

Tad: And you think disappearing on her is gonna make her feel that much better?

Damon: Better than if she finds out who I slept with.

Tad: You don't know she's gonna find out. It's your job to make sure she doesn't. But if you take off, you're gonna set off all kinds of red flares. She's already curious. She called me over here to ask me to help her find out who it was.

Damon: What did you say?

Tad: I told her the same thing I told you -- leave it alone. Move on.

Damon: So your advice is to lie to her for the rest of my life?

Tad: My advice is exactly what it was in that park. Until you figure out how to navigate this thing, you hang on. You don't hang Colby out to dry.

Damon: Tad, I know this is gonna hurt her, but it's better than the alternative. With me out of the picture, you and Liza are the only people who know the truth. And if you guys can keep your mouths shut, maybe it'll just go away.

Tad: And that's it? End of conversation? You quit, right? You go back to your power alley when things get tough? You go back to what you do best -- my son, the quitter?

[Glass crashes]

Cara: Whoa! You should shout out "incoming!" Before you start launching things. You trying to send me a message -- keep away from your brother?

Tad: No. It was just a little misplaced anger over yet another family member.

Cara: And you're bleeding again?

Tad: Uh-huh. That's what I get for losing my temper.

Cara: It's the same hand that I stitched up. You know, I used my finest needlework on you, too? This is like putting a foot through a Rembrandt. Let me look at it.

Tad: I'll tape it up when I get home.

Cara: I need to clean it, though, so it doesn't get infected.

Tad: I don't care if it blows up to the size of a basketball. I consider it a merit badge for behaving like a complete bonehead.

Cara: Ok, why don't you sit down right there? Ok? Go. I want to look at it -- doctor's orders.

Amanda: J.R. still has to put on an act when it comes to Marissa, right? Ok. So if all this stuff was happening after the custody agreement was signed, then I'd say you had a reason to be paranoid. But until then --

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Oh. Sorry. Hello?

Jake: How are things going with Annie?

Amanda: Still talking.

Jake: If she starts talking in tongues, do yourself a favor and run.

Amanda: It's not that easy.

Jake: If you value this marriage, I'd get my butt home as soon as I can. Got it?

Amanda: As soon as I can. Annie, I really want you to be happy.

Annie: Thanks. You're a good friend, Amanda. You're probably my first friend ever.

Amanda: I'm here for you, but right now I got to get home to my 2 boys -- my 2 men, that is. We'll talk tomorrow, ok? Bye.

Marissa: So should we get to it?

J.R.: Yeah. Listen, I made a few minor corrections my lawyers have ok'd. I noted them. But as far as the custody agreement is concerned, it's got to be signed by tonight. It's got to be messengered to the judge.

Marissa: Is it the same as the one that you sent to Caleb?

J.R.: Yeah.

Marissa: Then it's already signed. Just send me the copy once you execute it.

J.R.: So by this time tomorrow, it'll all be done.

Marissa: Yeah. This seems so simple, you know? Sign a paper, end a marriage.

J.R.: I'm sorry for hurting you. You deserve so much better.

Marissa's voice: I don't know how we got to this point, J.R., but I do know that I want you back. You might think that Annie means something to you right now. We both know what that's about -- infatuation. Nothing more.

J.R.'s voice: Marissa --

Marissa's voice: Just think what a life with that tramp would be like. She's already married your father, your cousin. Look where those marriages ended up. She can't be trusted. What you and I have is real. All Annie knows how to is scheme and lie and ultimately destroy.

J.R.: You're right. She really is starting to wear on me.

Marissa: The important thing now is A.J., keeping him happy.

J.R.: Yeah. Listen, I'm gonna be going out of town for a few days after this whole court date's over. A.J. can stay with you. I know that he'll love it, and that way he'll see that we're still a family.

Marissa: Of course. What's the trip for?

J.R.: Business.

Marissa: Well --

J.R.: Before you go, I just want to say thank you one more time -- for being there for A.J., for being there for me, even when I pushed you away.

Marissa: I loved you, J.R. I really did.

J.R.: Sometimes I don't think I showed my appreciation all the time.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Annie. Hey, it's me. Listen, I'm sorry that I ran out so quickly, but I wanted to let you know that I've got everything wrapped up, and I'm done, and I want to see you tonight.

Cara: So what happened to draw the wrath of Tad?

Tad: It's complicated.

Cara: So you catch those wild card games? Who do you think is gonna go to the Super Bowl this year?

Tad: There it is, that world-famous bedside manner. Nice segue.

Cara: Hey, I can smell "It's none of your business" from a mile away.

Tad: It's not like that, ok? It's not a "It's none of your business." It's simply "It's very, very complicated."

Cara: Seems to be going around a lot these days.

Tad: My son wants to leave. And I'm kind of torn up about it, because I thought I was starting to get a handle on the whole fatherhood thing where Damon was concerned, but now I realize the truth is I never had a handle on it. And now he wants to say good-bye, and you know what's really a bitch, is I can't figure out whether I want him to stay, because it's best for him or it's best for me. Because he gives me a chance to make up for the mountain of collateral damage that I've caused throughout my life. Or maybe it's just I've said good-bye to too many people that I love, and I don't want to have to do it again.

Cara: Well, I can't disagree with you there.

Tad: I can't believe I'm bothering you with all this.

Cara: Come on. I'm a doctor. Next to bartenders, we're the best listeners around.

Amanda: Hey. What's going on?

Jake: Do I tell you enough that I appreciate you? Do I let you know that I would actually be lost without you and Trevor? Really. I'm just saying I'm really glad that you're home.

Amanda: You ok? You need a doctor, Doc?

Jake: I've had this little epiphany. I've realized that a lot of people on the outside -- they make demands on people, on our life and on our time, and then there's nothing left for us, and I don't think we can let that happen.

Amanda: Let's make sure that we don't.

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: So you haven't told me why I had to rush home so fast.

Jake: It's simple, really. If I may?

Amanda: Please do.

Jake: I was just worried that the champagne was gonna get flat.

Amanda: Ohh. Thank you.

Jake: I'd like to make a toast. Here's to focusing on us.

Amanda: I'll drink to that.

Jake: Me, too.

Amanda: And tonight could be the perfect night to try and make another baby.

Jake: I'll drink to that. Now, I have brought in a few things that might help make that process a little more fun.

Amanda: Really?

Jake: Yes. You ready? A-bang! A-boom!

Amanda: Is that --

Jake: Yes. That is hot fudge. Beautiful hot fudge which you have strawberries to dip it in and together. I'm just warning you it could get a little messy.

Amanda: I am counting on it.

Asher: Hey. So what's so urgent?

J.R.: It's about that project that I put you and Colby on.

Asher: Yeah. I'm actually glad you brought that up. I don't really think it's such a good idea anymore.

J.R.: Why?

Asher: She's kind of mad at me.

J.R.: She'll get over it. This is a surprise trip for Annie and me. You got to get her to the airport without her knowing what I'm doing.

Asher: You guys going public?

J.R.: My divorce is gonna be final in the morning. Annie's been dying to act like a real couple. We're gonna be together finally. This is important to me, Asher, ok, so don't you think about backing out right now.

Asher: I'm not the one that you need to convince.

Marissa: J.R.? You home? J.R.? Hey? I've picked up some of your copies by mistake.

[Jake and Amanda make love]

Singer: Will you take what I can give and give to me like some cradle in the wind? I'll be your lover baby, I'll be your brother I want to discover what I am to you and you can keep on dreaming baby, I want to be everything so much waiting for us if you let me love you

Tad: Not bad. What do I owe you?

Cara: For the re-bandaging or for the listening?

Tad: Both.

Cara: All right. For bandaging, on the house. But I'm gonna have to bill your mental health insurance for the listening.

Tad: You know what's really confusing?

Cara: Hmm?

Tad: I know I should dislike you a hell of a lot more than I do.

Cara: I'm gonna take that as a compliment. Look, I know you're Jake's brother, and I was this big, unwanted surprise that suddenly showed up, so I get it if you want me on the next bus out of here. I would actually think less of you if you didn't feel that way about me.

Tad: No. Absolutely. Take off. What's keeping you? See, I just was hoping you'd do it after dinner. Because if you came in looking for a meal, I'm buying.

Cara: Really? Oh. Thank you. I actually did come here for a distraction. I was thinking a drink, do some thinking. You were a really nice alternative -- sans the broken shards of glass part, of course. Hey. I really hope things work out with your son.

Tad: Me, too.

Cara: Looks like here's your chance. Take care.

Damon: I'm sorry things got a little heated earlier.

Tad: I'm sorry. I was kind of hoping we could arrange a do-over.

Damon: I saw Colby in the park. She didn't see me, left before I could talk to her. You were right. I owe her a face-to-face.

Tad: What changed your mind?

Damon: You did.

J.R.: What's your problem with Asher? I thought you two were buds.

Colby: No.

J.R.: Does this have to do with Damon?

Colby: Yes, ok? Damon walked in on me and Asher kissing, and it's a gazillion times more complicated than that, but that's all you need -- all you need to know right now, ok? So if I want to make things work with Damon, I can't be doing projects with Asher. All right?

J.R.: I'm sorry that you're having problems, ok, but I really need you. This trip -- it means the world to me. And so does the project that I have you and Asher on at Chandler. So, please, for me, find a way to coexist with the guy? 

Damon: I've screwed up a lot in my life. I never really took responsibility for anything that I did. I always tried to blame someone else. Um, you don't let me do that. But you -- you do it like a friend, and I haven't really had many of those in my life. You actually make me feel better about myself, and there's only one other person that's ever done that for me. And now it looks like Colby is out of the picture, too. So -- so I think I would be pretty stupid to walk away from you.

Tad: So I guess this means you're not leaving?

Damon: I don't know. I -- I don't want to hurt Colby, but I have you, and I have a family now. I don't want to lose you guys either, so --

Tad: You won't. We'll figure something out.

Damon: I don't know how. If Colby finds out about this, it will destroy her, and that would -- that would kill me.

Tad: One thing at a time. For right now, I think you know what you've got to do.

Damon: Pick up the phone?

J.R.: Thank you for all your help, and I got to leave. Hey, Asher? I'm out of here. All right? Thanks.

Colby: Well. That worked out really well for you, didn't it?

Asher: Colby, I tried to get out of the project.

Colby: Really? You should've tried harder.

[Phone rings]

Colby: Damon?

[Music plays as Damon and Colby talk]

Singer: I looked in your eyes I said you're the only one for me I gave you my heart 'cause I thought that we were meant to be yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Jake: So what do you think? You think we made a baby tonight?

Amanda: Maybe.

Jake: Maybe to make sure, we should just go again.

Amanda: Two kids -- isn't that the definition of the all-American dream?

Jake: Perfection -- isn't that your body against mine?

Singer: Ooh, yeah looking so alive the tide came in and washed us out to sea it's over now, the world won't wait for you and me, and it's over now 'cause I just watched you walk away. I just watched you walk away

Marissa: Aah!

Annie: Oh, my God. I killed her!

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