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Amanda: And then after the market, we'll pick up Trevor and go get him a haircut.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: The phone.

Jake: It's the E.R.

Amanda: Come on. You are not on call. Just tell them your phone was in the shop for repairs, and you didn't get the message.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Wow. They are really on to you. They're gonna hunt you down and drag you in, aren't they?

Jake: Listen. I'll go check it out, and I'll come right back. And if I can't we will reschedule. We'll reschedule. Ok?

Waitress: Wake up, Tad.

Tad: Rose. Damn.

Natalia: The only thing worse than an all-night stakeout is an all-night stakeout with no results.

Tad: I'll think you'll find that's more the rule than the exception, Young Jedi. But on the upside, my partner was all kinds of fun to look at.

Natalia: Cheers.

Brot: Hey, guys.

Tad and Natalia: Hey.

Brot: So I found out why our loan shark wasn't outside the casino last night.

Tad: Why is that?

Brot: He's in jail, busted for DUI in Philly.

Tad: And there I was, all wired up and no place to go.

Brot: We'll still have our chance at catching him if you're up for going undercover again.

Tad: Hey, your check still clears on Thursday. I'm all yours.

Natalia: How many stakeouts have you been on in your life anyway?

Tad: Since I had an 8-track in my car. It's easy to get caught up in the job. You know that little adrenaline bump when you're all over your mark and you know it's gonna go down exactly the way you thought it would? But I think it's also important to best remember there's something outside the job. There's something that's important, that needs attention. It's off the clock. Maybe I'm getting too old to do this anymore, just getting crotchety, but it seems to me that hanging out with people I care about beats hanging up crooks any day of the week.

Jake: Katie. This place is deserted. Am I the only doctor here in this ghost town?

Katie: Just you and the newest hire. You know her?

Jake: Yeah. You could say that.

Marissa: Scott.

Scott: Welcome back, Marissa. Can I get you anything? A cappuccino? Or maybe a tasty prison scone guaranteed to break a tooth?

Marissa: Ha ha ha! How do you do that, Scott? How do you keep such a good attitude in here?

Scott: What am I gonna do, huh? Rip off my clothes? Jump on the guard's back? I'm just -- I wouldn't do that.

Marissa: What I mean is you're still you.

Scott: Trust me, I've changed a little bit. Not much to do in here but face yourself. Please, sit down.

Marissa: Ok. Ok. However you've managed to handle it, it's worked.

Scott: Uh, ahem. You have some news.

Marissa: Mm-hmm. We won. Caleb got everything back from Chandler Enterprises -- Cortlandt Electronics, the nanotechnology -- and Chandler has been hit with a major fine. It's all been put right, Scott, exactly the way you wanted.

Scott: Thank you so much, Marissa. Thank you. Thank you, and congratulations to you. And now you can use it to get me the hell out of here.

Annie: Ohh! Oh, my God.

Annie: J.R., they're beautiful. I know. I ruined your surprise.

J.R.: No. As long as you like them. Hey, let me put those in water for you, huh?

Annie: Oh! You dropped the card. "I know pink roses were always your favorite, Marissa. We can make this work. J.R."

J.R.: All right. The truth is, Annie, when I walked in there, I saw you gushing over the flowers. I figured I could just pick up another dozen on the way.

Annie: Or maybe you could've thought to buy me some while you were busy buying your soon-to-be-ex-wife hers!

J.R.: But when I buy you flowers, it's not gonna be an afterthought. And it won't be a measly dozen, either.

Annie: Good point. It still doesn't explain to me why you feel the need to buy her flowers in the first place. Isn't this joint custody thing a done deal by now?

J.R.: Until the papers are signed and delivered, I just can't take the chance.

Annie: I just want this thing settled, so we can tell everyone that we're together. So go. Cement the deal. The sooner we can put this into bed, the better it will be for you and me.

J.R.: Ok. Soon. Very soon.

Marissa: I've already been working on a plan of attack. We might even be able to get a judge to grant an early parole hearing, since the restitution's been made. Just look this over before I put it in legalese.

Scott: So you've been working on getting me an early parole?

Marissa: I may have only been a lawyer for five minutes, but what I lack in experience I make up for with desire.

Scott: "Desire" -- now, that is a very good word.

Marissa: Desire to get you out of here. I think I can help you.

Scott: Are you serious? After everything I did?

Marissa: You didn't do anything.

Scott: Marissa, what are you talking about? I'm one of the reasons why your marriage crashed and burned.

Marissa: No, no. J.R. is the reason that my marriage crashed and burned. And what you and I did only happened because of what he and Annie had already started. You can't take the blame for that.

Scott: I can take the blame for what I did to Palmer. I mean, I knew what I was doing. Stealing those secrets put a lot of bad stuff in motion. It hurt a lot of people.

Marissa: But you had the courage to stand up and admit what you did, to accept the consequences. You paid your debt, Scott. And now that everything's been put right, I don't see why you should stay in this place any longer than you have to.

Scott: Amen to that. Now you just tell me what I got to do, ok, and I will do it. Anything.

Marissa: Ok. Hey, look, slow down. I worked very hard to pass that bar. Ok? So you just leave all the heroic lawyerly stuff to me.

Scott: All right. I'll have to do that. But I will owe you. Ok? So tell me, what's going on with A.J.?

Marissa: J.R. and I have come to an understanding. We're going to share custody.

Scott: Really? And you're ok with that?

Marissa: J.R.'s come around recently. I think he's ready to be a good father and to keep A.J. safe.

Scott: Ok. Just gonna have to take your word on that.

Marissa: You don't believe me?

Scott: No, of course, I believe you -- just like I believe every inmate in here who tells me he's innocent.

Natalia: Thanks for your help. I'll let you know once I get another crack at catching that guy.

Tad: As long as it's not tonight. I got a hot date with a couple of young ladies and a DVD of "Toy Story 3."

Natalia: Ooh.

Tad: Those are nice balls.

Natalia: Right? This guy -- he is too much. I got to go, too, man. I got to go do some paperwork.

Brot: No. Stick around for a second.

Natalia: For what?

Brot: I mean, the man has a point. Life is too short. We may have some work to get done, but I can still have a breakfast date with you here.

Cara: I know this is -- awkward, having me working here, but I just wanted you to know as soon as the government red tape is cleared up, I am back to Doctors Without Borders.

Jake: It's not awkward. You're a great doctor. The hospital needs you, we need you, so it's fine. It's fine.

Katie: We got incoming. Car accident, multiple injuries.

Jake: Ok. I'll scrub up. See you on the battlefield.

Krystal: If you're looking for breakfast, I've still got some fresh blueberry muffins.

J.R.: Actually, I was looking for Marissa. Is she around?

Krystal: She's gonna be busy this morning at work. She said she might stop by for lunch.

J.R.: I tell you what. Can you give these to her for me? They're flowers. I wanted to say "thank you" for her agreeing to joint custody.

Krystal: Ah.

J.R.: And you don't like that?

Krystal: Actually, J.R., I was dreading the idea of that boy being caught in a legal tussle with you two. I just want to know that we can trust you.

J.R.: You can. You know that A.J. comes first with me.

Krystal: Ok. I will put these in water, and I'll make sure that she gets them.

J.R.: There's a card in there, too. Make sure she gets that.

Krystal: You better hold up your end of the bargain, J.R. You let Marissa see him whenever she wants, because if you don't, I'm gonna get on my broom, and I'm gonna come find you.

J.R.: I'll take one of those blueberry muffins for the road.

Krystal: Be right back.

J.R.: Scott.

Marissa: Ok. So J.R. is still J.R., but that's not always a bad thing. He loves his son and he does want what's best for him, and he never wanted a custody battle to begin with. Why aren't you saying anything?

Scott: There's just not a whole lot for me to say.

Marissa: I know. You probably think that I'm being naive or something, right?

Scott: No, Marissa, I do not think that at all. In fact, I think you're being hopeful. I'm very glad to see that J.R. didn't squeeze that out of you.

Marissa: What about you? Are you hopeful?

Scott: Seeing you definitely helps.

Marissa: Are you flirting with me here in prison?

Scott: No. Never. I would never do that. It's just you lighten up the place, and it sure needs some brightening.

Marissa: Have you thought about what you're gonna do when you get out of here?

Scott: Every second of every day.

Marissa: You're gonna need to get a job lined up in order to convince the parole board, and the market is really tough out there. And with your conviction in corporate espionage, you're not gonna be able to work for any publicly traded companies, and private companies are gonna be just as wary. Plus, you have no assets.

Scott: Ok. Remind me not to let you write my resume.

Marissa: I'm sorry. It's just I want you to be prepared for what's waiting for you.

Scott: No, I know. And I'm aware of the reality of things. I am. And I'm not afraid to start from scratch. In fact, I'm looking forward to the challenge. I will not back down, and that right there is gonna be my New Year's resolution.

Marissa: Ok. Try not to sound so scary for the parole board.

Scott: I don't sound scary. It's just I'm ready to get out of here.

Marissa: Ok. Do you want to hear my New Year's resolution?

Scott: Please.

Marissa: I'm gonna bring you home.

J.R.: How is Marissa's legal stuff with Scott? How's that progressing?

Krystal: She told you about that?

J.R.: I'd heard that she was working with him. She's trying to get him out early, right?

Krystal: I think that's something you need to talk to Marissa about and not me.

J.R.: All I'm saying is he's lucky to have her on his side.

Krystal: Whatever Marissa may or may not be doing for Scott -- come on. Don't let it get in the way of the truce that you two have worked out together.

J.R.: Why would I do that?

Krystal: Because I know you better than just about anybody. You hold on to a grudge like a bull rider holds on to a rope -- as long and as hard as you can.

J.R.: Scott's paying for what he did.

Krystal: Oh, and so are you. You got your head handed to you when you lost Cortlandt. I know that ain't sitting well. Don't tell me you don't blame this whole mess on Scott, and don't you even think about taking it out on Marissa for helping him.

J.R.: You think that you still know me, Krystal, but you don't. Last time this year, I was facing death. That sort of thing changes your perspective on life, how you deal with people. I most certainly do not have a grudge with Scott. Thank you for the muffin.

Cara: I've got two NPS handling the others, both headed for MRIs. I figured you could use some help with this one.

Jake: And you figured right. Can you check on that leg? I'm trying to find this bleeder. And take his pulse. We take the pulse in both legs.

Cara: Of course.

Man: Ohh!

Cara: Oh. Hang in there, buddy.

Jake: Morphine, two milligrams. Ok. Buddy, you see this beautiful woman right here? She's gonna make your pain go away in just a couple of seconds. You ready? 5, 4, 3 --

Cara: And he's out. Did you find the bleeder?

Jake: Elusive little bugger, this thing right here. I need a bicycle patch and some rubber cement. You always did find the weirdest things funny. Care to share?

Cara: Oh, my God. Yeah, I do. It kind of popped into my brain right now. Do you remember that time we were outside of Khartoum? You got to remember the whole spider thing?

Jake: Oh, yes. That's one of those times I really would like to forget.

Cara: Of course, you did, because it came out of the patient's robe. And what did you do? You went screaming like a little girl.

Jake: No, I wasn't. I was communicating. That's a class I had taken in communicating with the spiders, actually.

Cara: You were communicating? That's a good one. Did you also learn to communicate by running out of the med tent and --

Jake: No, that spider was the size of a small farm animal. Yes, it was. It was funny, but it wasn't really as funny as the time that you confused that Sudanese Arabic word "aspirin" for "laxative."

Cara: No -- don't laugh -- that wasn't funny, because I kept popping those things trying to get rid of my headache.

Jake: Yeah. You got rid of more than just that, didn't you?

Cara: It was not pretty.

Cara and Jake: No, it wasn't.

Jake: All right.

Cara: So he's ready to head upstairs. Are you done?

Jake: Yep, I'm good now. All right. He's ready for surgery. All right? Wow. We had some crazy times over there, didn't we?

Cara: We did. It was nice to watch you work again, Doctor. You haven't lost your touch.

Jake: Same. Hello.

Cara: Hi.

Jake: So two of the doctors just showed up, which means you should go and take care of whatever it is you need to take care of.

Cara: Great. Cool. Thanks. Yeah.

Jake: You did a good job in there today. But as far as working the same shift goes, we probably shouldn't make that a habit, you know?

Natalia: Thanks again for breakfast.

Brot: No problem. Whoa! Hold up. I wanted to say something. I think I've been kind of lame lately.

Natalia: What are you talking about?

Brot: I think I've been following the rules.

Natalia: The department rules? Yeah, because my dad said he was gonna transfer --

Brot: No, I'm not talking about the department rules. I'm talking about the dating rules. The ones where you have to wait for a certain amount of time before you ask her out again? You can't buy a gift too early in a relationship? You got to be mysterious and not too pushy? All those rules -- they just --

Natalia: Are these available online somewhere?

Brot: You know what I'm talking about.

Natalia: Yeah, I guess.

Brot: I guess what I'm trying to say is because of the fact that I've been going by the rules, that it's kept me from getting what I really want for Christmas.

Natalia: Aww. You poor thing. And what is that?

Brot: To spend more time with you, and to be able to do this.

Natalia: We're in trouble.

Annie: And he tried to make it seem like the flowers were for me, until I found the card.

Amanda: What did the card say?

Annie: Oh, you know, blah, blah, blah. "I hope we can make this work." Blah, blah, blah.

Amanda: So it backed up what J.R. was saying, that he was just trying to seal the deal?

Annie: That's beside the point. Marissa is up to something. J.R. thinks he has a handle on her, but I am telling you she is working it.

Amanda: Working to get J.R. back?

Annie: You have to see the way she looks at him.

Amanda: I don't know. I mean, come on. Do you really think that she would want J.R. back after everything he did to her? He slept with you and -- you get the point.

Annie: I didn't tell you yet about the kiss.

Amanda: There was a kiss?

Annie: I saw him kiss her.

Amanda: Ok. That does make a difference. Was it like a "kiss" kiss?

Annie: It was on the cheek. It wasn't an innocent little peck, though. It sort of -- lingered.

Amanda: Lingered?

Annie: Yes, lingered. Their faces were close together. Their lips were close together. Their bodies were --

Amanda: All right. I get it. But don't you think you're overreacting? Come on. Doesn't J.R. want to be with you?

Annie: It's not J.R. I'm worried about. It's Marissa. She's gotten worse. That is a sneaky little rat at her rotten little core, and she has her sights set on J.R.

Scott: Is it my attorney again?

Guard: Not as good-looking.

J.R.: That's right -- better. Hiya, cuz. Long time no see.

Scott: What do you want, J.R.?

J.R.: What? Can't a man come visit his cousin? Do I need an ulterior motive?

Scott: You are a walking ulterior motive.

J.R.: Come on. Admit it. You miss me.

Scott: I haven't really thought about you.

J.R.: I'm sure. I'm sure you also heard that Caleb won Cortlandt back. Doesn't that make you want to gloat just a little bit? Because of you, I lost a major chunk of my company, because you wanted to play corporate con man.

Scott: I couldn't care less about you or Chandler, ok, so why don't you tell me? What are you doing here?

J.R.: I want to know what you're up to with Marissa. What's your angle?

Scott: So much for the new-and-improved J.R. You used her. You played her for all you could, said the right things -- anything to keep her from getting custody of A.J., huh?

J.R.: That's not for you to worry about. I have a life outside. You want to know what my favorite thing to do is? I like to wake up in the morning -- ahh -- take a deep breath of that free, fresh air. And I dress myself in a suit, and I go to work. What do you do? You live here. How's that all working out for you anyhow?

Scott: Oh, J.R. It's funny. Here I am locked up behind these walls. I haven't had any contact with you in months, and like I said, I haven't even thought about you. And yet you still feel threatened by me.

Amanda: And I have the exact opposite problem. I trust Jake without question, but he has an ex in town who has already proven herself to be beyond shady.

Annie: Oh, come on. Jake? He is so happy and madly in love with you and Trevor. I would kill for that kind of devotion from J.R.

Jake: Hi, ladies. What's happening?

Amanda: Hi!

Jake: How's it going?

Amanda: Whoa! You're here a lot earlier than I thought.

Jake: Yes. I wanted to escape and get over and see you as soon as I could.

Amanda: How was in the E.R.?

Jake: It was fine. It was just Cara and I for a while.

Amanda: Oh.

Jake: We were the only doctors. Cara and I were the only doctors -- a lot of people around. Anyway, I wanted to get out of there and escape over and see you and thought maybe we could pick up with those plans that we had made.

Amanda: I like that plan.

Jake: Yeah. Me, too.

Amanda: All right. Good luck.

Annie: Bye.

Natalia: That was nice.

Brot: Yeah. It should've been done on Christmas Eve.

Natalia: Why didn't you? And I know it's not just the rules.

Brot: Tad said it best. Sometimes our priorities get shifted, and when we realize it, it's too late. But there's a lot more where that came from.

Natalia: I hope so.

Brot: The question is, are you willing to get our priorities straight, seriously give you and me a shot? Because I know that I am.

Singer: You feel the pleasure when we're together come set my world on fire

Natalia: Yeah. Yes, I am. But let me just double-check something real quick. Is that ok?

Tad: Hi.

Cara: Oh. Hi.

Tad: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Cara: Oh. You just surprised me. I didn't see you there.

Tad: That happens. I trained as a ninja, but they don't offer dental, so I went into the whole P.I. thing. How about I buy you an early lunch? What do you say?

Cara: Oh. No, thank you.

Tad: Everything ok?

Cara: Yeah. I just need to get out of here. You know?

Tad: Why? The food's awesome.

Cara: I mean this town. Like, the zip code.

Tad: What's going on?

Cara: Nothing.

Tad: It's just that I'd like to help if I could. It'd make it easier if I knew why you feel that way.

Cara: I just need to get out of here for Jake's sake.

J.R.: You're not a threat. You never have been.

Scott: I didn't say I was a threat. I said you feel threatened.

J.R.: No. I'm just looking out for Marissa.

Scott: I don't think she needs you to do that.

J.R.: You're using her to get payback at me -- calling her, sending her flowers, pumping her up like she's some sort of legal savior.

Scott: Why are you acting like she's still your wife, hmm? Have you gotten Annie out of your system?

J.R.: Out of my system? I still got her perfume on my clothes. Hmm! So what's your next move there? You gonna take another run at my company, Scott?

Scott: This may be hard for you to believe, but I care less about Chandler than I do about you. In fact, while I'm in here, I'm working on something a little more productive than making moves against you. I'm focused on one thing and one thing only, and that is me. These days when I look in the mirror, I feel good about what I see. Can you say the same? I'm good to go.

J.R.: Enjoy your cell. Oh, right. There was that one thing I wanted to ask you. Do you have any big plans for your New Year's eve with any of your inmate pals?

Scott: Thanks for the visit, J.R.

J.R.: It's what I'm here for.

Tad: Something happen today?

Cara: It was great working with Jake. He's an incredible doctor.

Tad: It brought memories, didn't it?

Cara: Mm-hmm. Ahem. You've been divorced, yes? There's reason people get distance from each other.

Tad: Yeah. On the other hand, my ex-wife and I live in the same house.

Cara: No way.

Krystal: Hell, yeah. And that's what I said when he suggested the whole idea.

Cara: So you two --

Tad: Happily divorced, happily cohabitating.

Krystal: Yeah, most of the time.

Cara: You're freaks. You know this, right? People -- that's not normal.

Tad: People do all kinds of amazing things. Krystal and I like each other. We have two beautiful children. It works for us.

Cara: And what if you want to date?

Tad: Ha ha ha! You're serious?

Cara: Yes.

Tad: Oh. It hasn't come up. I'll let you know when it happens.

Cara: Hey, I'm sure you got it going on.

Tad: Actually, no. I still got it. It's at home in the medicine cabinet, but I find that most women sense my sexual power and it frightens them.

Cara: Yes, I --

Tad: Yeah, I had a relationship about a couple months back and it didn't work out. What about you? You're a single gal. You're a doctor. You're smart, funny, reasonably attractive, and you left with Griffin a long time ago. There has to have been somebody since Jake.

Cara: You know how it is. You bounce around the world, save lives.

Tad: Yeah. It's a real bitch. So I guess I'm just gonna take that as a no?

Cara: You know what? I'd like to have lunch with you, if that's cool.

Jake: I don't know. Working on the one guy, we had no help. We're doing everything ourselves. I felt like I was back in Sudan.

Amanda: Working with Cara, you mean?

Jake: No. I just mean being in the moment and having to do everything yourself. Babe, what's going on in that head of yours? You're upset. You're upset because I ended up working alone with Cara today.

Amanda: No. When I was having coffee with Annie this morning --

Jake: Annie -- she's my favorite.

Amanda: Would you stop? She's going through a lot with J.R. right now, worrying about him and Marissa, and you know what? I told her that she was being paranoid, but I don't know. It got me thinking about what can happen when an old relationship pops back up in your life again.

Jake: You back up for a second. First of all, Annie doesn't have relationships. She has obsessions. Ok? And, secondly, Cara's working on leaving and getting her paperwork. So there's no old relationships popping up or whatever you're talking about. That's not happening. There's none of that.

Amanda: I know. But you asked what was going on in my head, and I told you. I didn't say it was rational.

Jake: She is working on getting out of here. Ok? That's the given. So what about if I just talk to Angie and make sure we're never scheduled at the same time ever? Would that help?

Amanda: Yes.

Jake: All right, then. Done.

Amanda: No. No. You know what? I am doing exactly what I told Annie not to do. I'm creating something that isn't there. You know what? I'm sorry. Just forget about it. I'm letting Annie's crazy ideas get to me.

Annie: You really did it! You're so sweet!

J.R.: I'm glad you like it.

Annie: Oh, my God, it looks beautiful in here, J.R.

J.R.: Not as beautiful as you.

Annie: You are so generous and amazing and sexy. Oh, wow. So did Marissa like her little pink bouquet?

J.R.: I didn't even see her. I dropped it off with Krystal. But I did see Scott.

Annie: You saw Scott at the jail? Why?

J.R.: Something's up. Marissa's helping him to get early parole.

Annie: He could get out soon?

J.R.: Apparently. And whatever he's gonna do or plan when he gets out, I have no idea.

Annie: You don't have to worry, J.R. Scott can't get to you. He can't get to us. We are about to start this whole new life together. Now that the custody suit is taken care of, we don't have to hide anymore. We can show everybody how we really feel about each other.

J.R.: But we still got to take it slow. If we're all over each other in public, Marissa's gonna think I lied to her.

Annie: Tough. I am sick of worrying about Marissa.

J.R.: We have to take it slow, though. We have to make it seem like whatever is happening between us has just started -- at least until the custody papers are signed off.

Annie: This isn't working, J.R. I can't keep sneaking around.

Brot: What's the matter?

Natalia: I'm just being practical, logical old me.

Brot: Ok. So was that kiss practical, logical to you?

Natalia: No. It's just been my experience that usually the guy bails on me and not the other way around, so I can't help but weigh risk versus reward.

Brot: And?

Natalia: And the reward wins by miles. Tad was right. What's that expression? "Carpe diem"?

Brot: "Seize the day."

Natalia: I'm ready.

Marissa: Wow. They are beautiful.

Krystal: Flowers from two Chandler men.

Marissa: I know. Dangerous territory. But don't you worry. I'm not getting stuck in the middle of that mess again.

Krystal: Good plan.

Marissa: But I am still gonna help Scott get out of prison. He deserves a second chance.

Guard: Let's go, Chandler.

Scott: Hey, any tips for scoring an early parole from this place?

Guard: Don't get ahead of yourself, Chandler.

Scott: I'm getting out of here. I have to.

J.R.: It won't be much longer. I promise. We got to play this thing right with Marissa.

Annie: Oh. Marissa.

J.R.: She's working with Scott. I don't want to be blindsided. Does that make any sense at all?

Annie: I don't know. This doesn't seem right. I want to be with you. I want to be out there with you trying to get your company back on track. Instead, I'm hiding out here behind the scenes.

J.R.: Just until the papers are signed. Ok? I promise. Right now I want you to pick out your best knockout dress, because you and I are gonna go out for New Year's, just the two of us, and I'm gonna make it one we both will remember. Right now I have a conference call with Europe that I have to prep for. I'm real glad you like the flowers.

Annie: Pink roses.

Cara: You should hate me for what I did to your brother, for what I'm doing to him just by being here. You should want me out of here as soon as possible.

Tad: The way I look at it, I owe you.

Cara: Thanks. For what?

Tad: Are you kidding? If you hadn't taken the thorn out of my paw, I would have bled to death in that hotel hallway.

Cara: That is true. Hand it over -- no pun intended. Oh, my gosh! Look at that!

Tad: Good as new. You rock.

Cara: I do my best.

Tad: I know you do, Cara. I know you do.

Jake: I think a relationship with three people is great.

Amanda: What?

Jake: I would love that. I mean, in fact, I like it better if it's four people -- you, me, Trevor, and a new little --

Amanda: Yeah, a little brother or sister could be something we could definitely talk about.

Jake: That's exactly what I mean. So I thought we should, I don't know, put that into practice.

Amanda: Really?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: That could be a lot of fun, it sounds like.

Jake: It could be a lot of fun, it sounds like. But whoo! I have to take a shower. So maybe you could just hold that thought and keep thinking the way you're thinking, because I like the way you're thinking. Just give me a couple minutes.

Amanda: Hurry up. Hi. This is Dr. Carolyn Finn. I'm calling to check on the status of my international travel papers. Yes, I'll hold.

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