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Episode #10526

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Erica: You are working. But Caleb, it's Christmas Eve -- and you're alone.

Caleb: Well, I called Asher, but no answer.

Erica: Well, did you leave a message?

Caleb: I asked him to call me at his convenience to see if we could find some resolution to -- the hostility.

Erica: Caleb, the courts are closed tonight. Stop fighting the case of Cortlandt versus Pike and the Christmas spirit. You can't win that way.

[Christmas music playing at Cortlandt Manor]

[Asher turns off the music]

Colby: You know, I could never sleep on Christmas Eve as a kid, and I still can't.

Asher: Stay up with me.

Kendall: Father Clarence, you're here.

Father Clarence: I'm having a bit of car trouble. The old jalopy stalled out at the bottom of your drive.

Kendall: Car trouble. Please, come in, come in. That's what happened to me and Zach last Christmas, remember? We got stuck in that terrible snowstorm on the way back to Pine Valley, and we found your chapel.

Father Clarence: Oh, yes.

Kendall: You reminded us how important we were to each other. You knew I needed help. That's why you came here.

Father Clarence: You've suffered a terrible loss.

Kendall: Yes, I have. Tonight is the night for miracles, and I need my miracle now.

Ryan: Wow! Why don't you come on in? Greenlee is out doing some last-minute shopping, I guess, but she should be home soon.

Greenlee: Madison. Madison, can you hear me? Open your eyes. Wake up. Wake up! Madison, wake up. Ok, there's no way that I can carry you.

Madison: Greenlee -- where --

Greenlee: We Are in the park. You must have slipped on the ice or something.

Madison: Oh, my God, my baby. I can't lose my baby.

Greenlee: Just stay calm. Stay calm.

Madison: Get away from me. Somebody help my baby!

Greenlee: I'm trying to help you. You could be hurt.

Madison: I don't want your help. Just go away.

Greenlee: Listen, we may not be friends, but you're crazy if you think I'm gonna leave you here. I'm taking you to the hospital. Does it hurt anywhere?

Madison: My head.

Greenlee: Ok, well, you're not bleeding, so get up with me very slowly, slowly.

Madison: Baby, be ok.

Greenlee: It's ok. Calm down.

Erica: Resolution to the hostility? Did you really say that to your own son?

Caleb: We just -- don't click.

Erica: Well, Asher knows you're trying.

Caleb: He hates me for walking out on him when he was born.

Erica: I know that it may seem like he wants to hurt you, but maybe he just wants you to prove to him that you want him in your life. Maybe he wants you to fight for him. I know. I lived it.

Kendall: Can you help me? Can you stop this nightmare and make everything right again?

Father Clarence: Your husband's passing is a tragedy. I wish --

Kendall: No, this was all to show me how important Zach is, and it has. I will never take anything with him for granted ever again, just get him home. He missed Thanksgiving, and he missed Spike's play. He would want to be here tomorrow to open presents with the boys. Please, Father Clarence, I know you can do this. You've always helped us -- me and Bianca and Zach. You've always come through for us. You helped us find our way when we were lost. I am so lost without my husband.

Father Clarence: A priest can only do so much. I counsel people. I talk to them when they're troubled. Once in a while, it helps if they listen to their own hearts.

Kendall: My heart is screaming for Zach.

Father Clarence: You loved him very much.

Kendall: I still love him. I will always love him. I forced him to help Ryan and Greenlee, and now --

Father Clarence: How is Greenlee?

Kendall: I don't want to talk about her, and I don't want to be her friend. I want more time with Zach.

Father Clarence: Unfortunately, we have no control over that.

Kendall: But I'm not ready to say good-bye. I can't let him go.

Father Clarence: You'll always stay connected with Zach through the love you shared, your memories, your children.

Kendall: That's what everyone keeps telling me, and I don't want to hear that.

Father Clarence: Then don't listen to me. Listen to Zach, his message.

Kendall: What message? What are you talking about? Here? Is this the message? Father Clarence? Father Clarence?

[After Father Clarence disappears, Kendall reads from Zach's journal]

Kendall: "And then there's Fusion. You and Greenlee put so much into that place. At first I didn't get it. Can you really care that much about lipstick? But then I realized Fusion is much more than a business for you two. It's where you get your bearings, recharge, refocus. It's your fortress, your safe haven. It's where you find your way again."

Erica: I was very young when Kendall was born, just 14. As I told you, I had been raped, but what you don't know is that that's when Kendall was conceived. So, much like your son, Kendall came to town to look for me to seek revenge, to destroy the mother that she believed had just callously walked away from her, just abandoned her.

Caleb: Wow. The truth is always more complicated, isn't it?

Erica: Yes, but you know, at the heart of it, it's really all quite simple.

Caleb: I don't even know what my son eats for breakfast. How is that simple?

Erica: He doesn't know what you eat for breakfast, either. So I think you're both suffering equally. I'm not downplaying the painfulness, believe me. Some of it never went away.

Caleb: And now?

Erica: Well, now it's taken a lot of work, but I've come to terms with the rape. Well, come to terms -- the main thing is that I have embraced Kendall. And if somebody back then who had been through a mess of their own had just thrown cold water on Kendall and me --

Caleb: You're saying I just need to be doused with a bucket of water?

Erica: No, I think you've done enough. And sharing your story with me about your son -- that just makes me want to hold onto Kendall tighter, just makes me want to protect her from everything.

Caleb: You're a pretty amazing woman. Why don't you go home, Dorothy? Go be with Kendall.

Erica: What about you?

Caleb: I'm good.

Colby: Merry Christmas!

Asher: Yeah, I don't really do the whole Christmas thing.

Colby: Well, I do the whole Christmas thing, so open it.

Asher: If you insist.

Colby: Yeah.

Asher: What?

Colby: Yeah, cool, right?

Asher: Yeah.

Colby: I thought they're gray. You wear a lot of gray. It would look good on you. They fit?

Asher: Yeah. These are perfect.

Colby: Oh, and check this out. It's from my dad, and it's a credit card-gift certificate -- big bucks to spend wherever I want.

Asher: We talking, like, sports car money or --

Colby: No. I would rather have my dad, though.

Asher: Well, I'd rather have the cash.

Colby: Uh, no. So, what about you? Your dad. Are you gonna see Caleb over the holidays?

Asher: Well, he called me, but -- I haven't called him back.

Colby: Why not?

Asher: Just don't care about the guy, you know?

Colby: Yes, you do.

[Phone rings]

Colby: Hello? Oh, hi, Opal. Yeah, yeah, of course. Ok, all right. Bye. Well, I gotta go to the hospital.

Asher: Everything ok?

Colby: Yeah, Opal's volunteering down at the hospital with patients who don't have families around for the holidays. She's the only one there, so -- I said I would help. Um, Asher -- call your dad back.

Jack: Thank you.

Ryan: Welcome.

Jack: Erica wants to get married, you know, but by the time she picks out a dress and the caterer and music and you get the idea --

Ryan: Is that gonna be possible? Isn't she likely gonna be on trial?

Jack: Absolutely not. Liza doesn't have a case, and Caleb and I will prove that.

Ryan: Well, Greenlee and I should have been married 2 years ago. We lost a lot of time, but we're not losing anymore.

Greenlee: How is she?

Doctor: Miss North sustained a mild concussion. Otherwise, she's fine.

Greenlee: And the baby?

Doctor: The baby's fine, too.

Greenlee: Good.

Doctor: You can see her now.

Greenlee: How do you feel?

Madison: Like someone hit me in the head with a 2 x 4.

Greenlee: Been there. Too many tequila shots. Never mind. I'll just --

Madison: How can I thank you, Greenlee? If you hadn't found me and brought me to the hospital --

Greenlee: It was no big deal. I just did what anyone would do.

Madison: You're not anyone.

Greenlee: Why were you in the park by yourself at night?

Madison: I needed to be alone to think about the baby, about what I want to do. I was afraid and confused, and I needed to make a decision.

Greenlee: Sounded like you already made the decision.

Madison: What are you talking about?

Greenlee: When you came to, you were doing what you're doing now.

Madison: I remember what I was feeling. I was terrified. If anything had happened --

Greenlee: Well, you're safe, both of you.

Madison: Love. I feel love. Before tonight, this baby wasn't even real. It was like some dream that was happening to somebody else. But then when I fell, when I could have lost this baby -- it took me smacking my thick skull to realize it, but I know -- I want this baby.

Ryan: Ems, what are you doing out of bed? Why aren't you in bed?

Emma: I couldn't sleep. When is Santa coming?

Ryan: Not until you're in dreamland.

Jack: Hey, Emma, did you ask for anything special this year?

Emma: I asked for a paint set, tap shoes --

Jack: Nice. Great.

Emma: And a baby sister.

Madison: I didn't know it before, but I feel it. I want to keep my baby.

Greenlee: That's --

Madison: I know you're not thrilled, and I'm scared out of my mind. I mean, a baby. A kid. I'll figure it out somehow.

Greenlee: On your own?

Madison: Yes.

Greenlee: Why? Why not tell Ryan?

Madison: I don't know. I guess maybe it's the first time in my life I have something that's just mine.

Greenlee: Ryan is going to find out at some point. No matter what you tell him, he and I are good.

Madison: I don't want anything from him. If I could just leave Pine Valley and start over somewhere else, just me and the baby --

Greenlee: Is that what you really want?

Madison: I can't afford to. Not yet. I don't have a job or a place to stay.

Greenlee: What about New York? I could help you find a job, an apartment, supplement your Fusion severance, so you'd have enough money to tide you over.

Madison: Are you serious?

Greenlee: Absolutely. You get your new life with your baby, and I get my old life with Ryan. No baby. Don't answer now. Sleep on it.

Madison: I'll do it. I'll go to New York.

Greenlee: That was fast.

Madison: It's what I want. It's too hard to be around Ryan.

Greenlee: Ok. But if you do this, you have to promise Ryan will never find out about this.

Madison: Greenlee, you could have walked right by me in that park tonight, but you didn't. You saved me and the baby. I owe you. This is our secret.

Greenlee: You rest. I'll take care of everything.

[Baby fussing]

Colby: Hi. I need my badge. Colby Chandler.

Nurse: There it is.

Colby: Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Asher: What's up?

Colby: Get to the hospital. Now.

Asher: Why?

Colby: Just do it.

Erica: Kendall? Hi, honey! It's me.

Father Clarence: Hello there.

Erica: Who are you? What are you doing in my daughter's house?

Father Clarence: Don't be alarmed. Kendall had to dash out. She asked me to mind the children, and the little angels are all asleep.

Erica: Who are you?

Father Clarence: The name's Clarence.

Erica: Clarence. Father Clarence? The Father Clarence?

Father Clarence: I presume you're the Erica Kane?

Erica: My daughters have told me about you. They think you're very special.

Father Clarence: I suppose we're all special. There. That's better, don't you think? I'm not much for the modern technology, but I have enjoyed your tweets.

Erica: You followed me?

Father Clarence: Exciting life of a celebrity, but that's not all you are. Far from it. You are a generous, caring, strong woman that will do anything to protect the ones she loves -- like Kendall.

Erica: What do you mean?

Greenlee: I'm sorry I ran out before.

Ryan: Where are you?

Greenlee: I just have to run up to the office to get a few gifts I stashed there.

Ryan: Ok, well, your dad came by. He's here. He wants to see you.

Greenlee: I'm on my way.


Greenlee: Oh, no, no, no, no. Not again. You gotta be kidding me. No service. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Help! Help! Help me!

Kendall: Who's in there?

Greenlee: Kendall?

Kendall: Greenlee. You've got to be kidding me.

Greenlee: Kendall, the elevator's stuck. You have to get me out of here. I know you're angry, but I need your help. You know what being stuck in small places does to me. I'm begging you, Kendall. Please help me. Please. I need my friend.

Greenlee: Kendall, are you there?

Kendall: Yeah, and now I'm leaving.

Greenlee: Wait. Please.

Kendall: I don't know what Zach was talking about. This is not my safe haven, not anymore.

Greenlee: What?

Kendall: I said I never should have come here.

Greenlee: There's no air.

Kendall: Ok. I'm the one who's suffocating here. Every time I turn around, there you are in my face, you and Ryan, smothering me with your happiness, reminding me that I'm alone, and I will be alone forever.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that Zach is dead, and I'm sorry that he died trying to help me.

Kendall: Just shut up, all right? Shut up! Your guilt and your apologies, they mean nothing. I want Zach! Bring my husband back.

Greenlee: I can't.

Kendall: No, you can't. You can live your fairy tale with Ryan, and I can hope that someday I have a body to bury.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Kendall: I want Zach. Bring my husband back!

Greenlee: I loved Zach, too. If I could undo everything that happened and take away your pain, I would, but I can't. There's no way that I can help you, and it's killing me. I love you, Kendall. This place -- the minute we set foot in this building, we hated each other. But working together, fighting together, crying together, surviving together -- you're my best friend. I lost you, and you lost Zach, and it's all my fault. I wish it were me. I should be at the bottom of that river, and Zach should be with you. I wish I would have died instead of him. [Crying]

Kendall: No, Greenlee. I don't want you to die. I love you, too.

Erica: I apologize. I've been kind of stressed.

Father Clarence: That can happen when you're planning a wedding.

Erica: Yes. Do you know Jackson?

Father Clarence: I know he's never loved anyone as much as he loves you. Your heart is taking you to a place you never planned to go, isn't it?

Erica: Excuse me?

Father Clarence: I think I hear Ian. Have a beautiful holiday. Your family will be all right. Someone is watching over them.

Ryan: So, Ems, I think that our family is absolutely perfect just the way it is, just you and Spike, just the two of you. So instead of wishing for more, I think we can be grateful for what we have. I know I am, 'cause I love you both more than anything else in the whole world.

Emma: I love you, too, Daddy.

Ryan: Ok. Now, you better get to bed, ok?

Emma: All right.

Ryan: Ok, off you go.

Emma: Great. Good night.

Jack: Good night, Emma.

Emma: Good night.

Ryan: Well, I certainly didn't see that coming.

Jack: You did great. Look, this is none of my business, but what the hell, I've had a drink. Are you ok with Greenlee not being able to have children?

Ryan: I love your daughter, Jack. Just being together again is everything I ever would need.

Frankie: I thought you were at Kendall's. What were you doing at the park?

Madison: It doesn't matter now. Hitting my head actually turned out to be a good thing. I've decided I want to keep my baby.

Colby: I gotta get back to work.

Asher: Hey, wait. Come on. You can't leave me here with --

Caleb: Hey. Come here.

[Baby crying]

Caleb: Ever seen anything like that?

Asher: No.

Caleb: That's how you looked when you were born.

Asher: I was like that?

Caleb: Yeah. 6 weeks premature. They had to put you in an incubator. You were small, but you were perfect.

[Baby crying loudly]

Asher: When my mom died, I thought you just took off.

Caleb: No. I wanted to see you, just once. So I went to the hospital. There you were with your hands all curled up in little fists. So I knew you were tough and that you'd make it. You were louder than this kid. I thought you'd be better off without me, but I was wrong. I'm sorry.

Colby: Asher, wait.

Asher: I gotta get out of here.

Colby: No, no. Look, there's something I gotta show you, ok? Caleb -- he donated a bunch of money to the neonatal unit.

Kendall: Will you please hurry?

Man: You think I want to be here tonight?

Kendall: My friend is claustrophobic, and she got very quiet.

Man: Uhh! Got it.

Kendall: Thank you, thank you. Come here. Come here. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

Man: You, too.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Take some deep breaths, ok? Deep breaths.

[Greenlee exhales]

Kendall: All right, Greenlee -- look at me. It's over.

Greenlee: I feel horrible. Once again, you had to save me. I don't deserve it.

Kendall: Ok, should I have left you there until New Year's?

Greenlee: I meant what I said. It should have been me.

Kendall: No. No, don't say that. Don't say that. Don't even think that.

Greenlee: Are you ok?

Kendall: Yes, I'm fine. We're fine.

Greenlee: You mean that?

Kendall: You didn't make Zach's plane go down. You're not the reason he's gone. This whole thing -- it's hard. It's so hard, and I'm so angry, but I never should have blamed you. I'm sorry. I miss my friend.

Greenlee: I miss you, too. This is all I wanted for Christmas.

Kendall: So then should I tell Ryan to bring your gifts back?

Greenlee: No.

Kendall: And we're back.

Greenlee: You asked why Zach would send you here. What did it mean?

Kendall: I think he sent me here to find you. Think of it as a Christmas miracle.

Erica: Hi.

Ryan: Hi.

Erica: Jack.

Jack: Erica. Is everything all right?

Erica: I missed you. I just had to tell you that I love you. I really love you, Jack.

Jack: Honey, I love you, too.

Greenlee: Hey.

Ryan: Hi.

Greenlee: Dad!

Jack: Hi. I'm one lucky man today.

Greenlee: Erica. Oh, what the hell.

Erica: Oh!

Greenlee: I'm so happy you're here.

Ryan: Yeah, you seem happy. You seem very happy.

Greenlee: I have a surprise for you.

Ryan: Ok. Are you two --

Greenlee: We're friends again.

Kendall: Mom, be happy for me. An angel came tonight. He sent me to help Greenlee.

Erica: Are you talking about Father Clarence?

Kendall: Father Clarence isn't the only angel. This angel was Zach.

Madison: I'm ready.

Frankie: Ok, here we go.

Colby: Well, what happened?

Asher: After I was born, Caleb went to see me in the hospital. All these years, and I didn't even think he cared about me. Maybe I was wrong.

Caleb: Merry Christmas, Pete. Well, you're right again -- you and Dorothy. I've gotta keep fighting for my son, however long it takes.

Erica: Why would you bring me up here?

Jack: Because I don't want you to be haunted by what happened up here by David, by what you had to do up here. Come here. Come on, trust me. I want you to look out there. That's your town, baby. I wanted you to see how beautiful it was from up here tonight. I want you to stand here with me, and I want you to know that everything will be all right.

Erica: Do you believe in angels?

Jack: Hell, I've got no choice. I'm about to marry one.

Kendall: "Our time at sea is almost over, but our time together will go on. No beginning, no end. Always."

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