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Annie: But it's hard for me not to scream to the world I love you -- because I do -- love you. Wow, that came out wrong. I didn't meant to blurt it out like that, but it is the way I feel about you. I love you, J.R., and I hope you feel the same way about me.

[Knocks on door]

Annie: Can you tell them to go away?

J.R.: Just let me find out who it is, and no one should see you here, so --

Annie: What? You want me to hide?

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, just for a few minutes. Come on.

Annie: J.R. -- ohh.

J.R.: All right. Just hang on. Be right there. All right. Ah.

[Opens door]

J.R.: What do you want?

Caleb: Just a few minutes of your time.

J.R.: You know, I have a meeting that's scheduled here.

Caleb: I'll bet you do after what just happened.

J.R.: What are you talking about?

Caleb: Why, you haven't heard? The sec has ruled. It's final, Junior. Cortlandt Electronics is back where it belongs.

Kendall: Attempted murder? No. They can't do that.

Jack: Liza filed charges about an hour ago. I am so sorry.

Kendall: This is ridiculous. You shot David to save Ryan's life.

Erica: Kendall, everything is gonna be all right.

Kendall: No. Ma, that's what you said before. You promised me nothing would happen to you.

Erica: And nothing will.

Jack: No. These charges aren't gonna stick.

Erica: No. This is just Liza grabbing at headlines. That's all.

Kendall: No. Liza wants to punish all of us, all because of David.

Erica: Kendall, calm down.

Kendall: David, who should be dead.

Erica: Please, sweetheart.

Kendall: Mother, Mother, no. I'm not gonna let this happen. I won't.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Madison is pregnant? No. No. There has to be a mistake. Come on, come on, come on.

Randi: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Oh, hi. What?

Randi: Is everything ok?

Greenlee: Of course. Yes. Why would you ask me that?

Randi: Because you look like you've just seen a ghost.

Ryan: There's got to be some way to make it easier for you just to stay in Pine Valley.

Madison: Leaving is better for everybody.

Ryan: I don't care what's better for everyone. Do you think that it's better for you?

Madison: At the moment, yes. I do.

Ryan: Have you considered that you have people here that you can count on?

Madison: Ryan, I really don't want to talk about this. You want to fix this? You can't. It's too late, ok? I fell in love with a man who doesn't love me back. It's nobody's fault. It happens all the time. I cannot keep running into you and Greenlee and pretending like it doesn't hurt. So I will move on. I will survive.

[Cell phone ringing]

Madison: Oh --

[Cell phone ringing]

J.R.: When did the decision come down?

Caleb: Couple hours ago.

J.R.: So what, you're gonna gloat?

Caleb: Oh, I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you that I didn't feel like celebrating Christmas early, but I'm not here to rub your nose in it.

J.R.: Then what is it that you want?

Caleb: I'm gonna give you 24 hours to turn over all of Cortlandt Electronics' financial statements, and if you choose not to cooperate, I will get a court order. Easy or hard, this is gonna get done.

J.R.: Well, there's never been a decision that can't be overturned.

Caleb: Ha ha ha! You are too much. You can hold on to that if it makes you feel good. You took your eye off the ball. You let yourself be led around by your, um, personal life. It's over, Junior. You lost, and I'm not just talking about Cortlandt Electronics. It's just a matter of time until you lose your daddy's business, too.

Kendall: Why are you not worried?

Erica: Kendall --

Kendall: Please stop, Mom, ok? Both of you, stop patronizing me, ok? I know this is bad, so please don't sugarcoat it.

Erica: Kendall, stop it. This is not helping either one of us. I know you just suffered a terrible loss.

Kendall: No, no, no. Do not drag Zach into this.

Erica: Zach is very much a part of this. Zach is behind all of what you're feeling now. You just lost Zach, and you're afraid now you're gonna lose me.

Kendall: And you're telling me that's not going to happen?

Erica: I am desperately trying to tell you that you need to focus on what is really important here -- your children.

Kendall: I can think about more than one person at a time.

Erica: But it's Christmas, honey, and I know you want to make this the best holiday possible for your boys. You know that Zach would want that, and I want that, too. So, Kendall, you have to promise me that that's what you're gonna focus on because everything is gonna be fine. Everything is going to be fine.

Kendall: I don't know if that's possible, Mom.

Erica: Well, Kendall, you have to try.

Kendall: How? How would you do it if you were in my shoes, if you just lost your husband, your rock, your best friend? How would you do it? I don't understand, ok? I mean, I'm trying. I'm trying, but you know what? You know what? You shouldn't be in jail for trying to kill David. You should be given a medal.

Ryan: Everything ok?

Madison: Yeah. I just need to return this call.

Ryan: Is there a problem or --

Madison: If there is, I'll handle it. Can't help yourself, can you?

Ryan: Worrying about what happens to you? No. I can't.

Madison: Wish you would. It would make everything a lot easier.

Ryan: What does that mean?

Madison: Nothing. Nothing. I got to go.

Greenlee: I was just doing some hospital business. I co-own this place, too, remember?

Randi: You just looked a little upset.

Greenlee: I'm fine, really. It's nothing that I can't handle. So what brings you down here?

Randi: Late lunch with Angie, but I think I'm a little early.

Greenlee: Oh. So have you talked to Madison since things blew up at Fusion?

Randi: Yeah, briefly.

Greenlee: I was just wondering how she's doing. I mean, she seemed pretty upset.

Randi: She's been through a lot lately.

Greenlee: You don't have to dance around it, Randi. If she's upset because of me and Ryan, you can just say it.

Randi: I don't want to be in the middle of this.

Greenlee: She threw up. If something I'm doing is making her physically sick --

Randi: I don't know what you want me to say.

Greenlee: Ok. Look. I know that Madison cared very much for Ryan and Emma, and he feels terrible about how it ended, and, believe it or not, so do I. I'd like to help.

Randi: Yeah. I don't really see that working out.

Greenlee: Well, then maybe not me personally. I was just thinking that you or her friends could get her to -- I don't know -- go out, maybe even fix her up with somebody.

Randi: That's definitely not gonna happen.

Greenlee: Why not?

Randi: For one, we've already tried. It was one lunch. Nothing happened, and then hasta la vista.

Greenlee: So there hasn't been anyone else?

Randi: Madison only had eyes for Ryan.

[Greenlee picks up a card next to a hospital computer]

Randi: Hey, Madison. It's Randi. I was supposed to have this late lunch with Angie, but she got caught with a patient. You want to meet at Krystal's later? Let me know. Bye.

Greenlee: I didn't force her out of Fusion, you know. She got all wrapped up in my stuff. Kendall got involved. We lost our tempers.

Randi: No one is blaming you.

Greenlee: That's not true, but thanks for saying it, anyway. Maybe I should talk to her.

Randi: Look. You can't make this go away. Sorry. The only way that you can really help Madison is just to stay away from her.

Ryan: Hi. Yeah. This is Ryan Lavery, and I'd like to try and set up an appointment for a friend, actually, who's got a shoulder injury from a gunshot. No, no. It's not a checkup. I want to make sure I do a complete physical here with your best team, ok, and make sure I cover the costs.

Madison: Hey.

Frankie: Hey, what's -- going on?

Madison: I need to talk to you.

Frankie: Ok. Just give yourself some oxygen first, ok?

Madison: I ran into Ryan again.

Frankie: Oh. I could've guessed.

Madison: He found out that I'm leaving town.

Frankie: Uh-huh.

Madison: He was genuinely upset and concerned and --

Frankie: Guilty conscience, and I'm guessing you didn't tell him about your pregnancy.

Madison: No. I just couldn't get the words to come out.

Frankie: Man, it would've been the perfect time.

Madison: No. There is no perfect time to tell a guy who's in love with someone else, "Hey, guess what? I'm pregnant. Whoo hoo."

Frankie: I'd leave out the whoo-hoo.

Madison: I'm such a mess, Frankie.

Frankie: Hey, me and Randi, we're gonna be there for you whether you're in Pine Valley or not, but for the record, we're both hoping you stick around.

J.R.: Chandler Enterprises is just fine.

Caleb: I wouldn't count on that. Losing Cortlandt is a big hit. Smart folks are gonna know that it's just the beginning.

J.R.: Smart folks? You wouldn't be one of those smart folks, would you, investing in Chandler's European division?

Caleb: You kidding? I got out this morning. You should really pay more attention, Junior. Well, I'm guessing you got some work to do, so I'll let you get on with it. Might want to check your phone. I'm sure you got a few messages waiting.

J.R.: [Checks his phone] Damn it.

[Door slams]

Kendall: I have to go pick up Spike. He's got a play date.

Erica: Well, that's good. That'll take your mind off what's going on with me.

Kendall: Not likely, Mom. I'm not gonna let this go. Not a chance.

[Door closes]

Jack: Would you care to tell me what she meant by that?

Erica: Kendall is so upset.

Jack: Yes. I see that. Kendall is upset. You're upset. Oh, I got a feeling there's something going on here.

Erica's voice: You might try to take David's life again?

Erica: What's going on is that Kendall, she just lost her husband, and it's the holidays, and it is just such a tough time.

Jack: Yeah. I know all that.

Erica: Now I've added to her burden.

Jack: A burden which will soon be lifted, believe me.

Erica: But I shot David, and I did it to save Ryan's life, and I promised Kendall that everything would be all right, Jack, and it has to be. Jack, it has to be.

Annie: I just need to get a copy of the SEC ruling against Chandler, so I can put out a press release. Thank you.

[Knocks on door]

Annie: Oh, thank God. J.R. -- oh, hi.

Amanda: Hey. Sorry. I think I must've taken one of your bags by mistake when we were together earlier.

Annie: Oh, that's all right. Thanks for bringing it back.

Amanda: So I heard the news. Chandler lost Cortlandt Electronics. How's J.R. taking it?

Annie: I wouldn't know. He stormed out of here before I got a chance to talk to him.

Amanda: Oh, that's just J.R. in business mode. You can't take it personally.

Annie: Uh-uh. No. No. God forbid, I take anything J.R. says personally or anything he doesn't say.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Annie: I told him I love him, and he didn't say anything.

Amanda: Oh.

Annie: Yeah. Oh. He just stood there like a statue and then practically threw me away in the bathroom while Caleb showed up, because nobody can know we're together.

Amanda: Well, isn't that your deal, because of the custody thing with Marissa?

Annie: J.R. is hurting right now. This news is probably killing him, and I want to be able to be there for him and comfort him, and I can't. It's like it's not even allowed.

Amanda: Annie --

Annie: I do not feel like the woman that J.R. loves. I feel like some chick being stashed away, and I hate it.

J.R.: No, no. Just trust me. This is a minor setback. We're getting a handle on it. Just hold tight. There's no reason to be bailing on Chandler. All right. What the hell were you thinking, giving Caleb my hotel information?

Assistant: You told me if it was an emergency --

J.R.: Oh, just --

[Telephones ringing]

J.R.: No. No, no, no, no, no. Will you answer that?

Assistant: Which one?

J.R.: I don't care. Told you, I can't talk until I get a handle on this.

Assistant: J.R. Chandler's line. I think you might want to take this call.

J.R.: I told you, no calls. What is so hard to comprehend about that?

Assistant: It's your father.

Erica: Hello? Hello?

Caleb: Boo!

Erica: Ooh! Hi.

Caleb: Victory is so sweet, huh?

Erica: Yeah. It certainly is. Well, you certainly look in a mood to celebrate.

Caleb: You bet I am. Isn't that why you're here?

Erica: Why else? So did you see J.R.?

Caleb: Did I see J.R.? I saw J.R. turn about seven shades of white. I don't think I've ever seen somebody's blood actually leave their face. He just stood there. I wish you'd been there to see it. If Pete had seen it, he would've been doing a dance.

Erica: I think Palmer was already doing a dance himself anyhow for you. I'm sure Palmer is very proud of you. I know I am.

Caleb: I owe you an apology.

Erica: An apology?

Caleb: Yeah. I mean, Pete knew what he was doing when he put us together as partners, and I was just bullheaded and stubborn, and it took me a while to figure it out.

Erica: Well, I'm glad you did. I am pretty amazing.

Caleb: If you do say so yourself. You know, we can make this company great again. I've already got some plans. I'm thinking about creating a position for Asher.

Erica: For your son. That's very impressive.

Caleb: We did it. We did it, Dorothy.

Erica: I don't think I've ever seen you so happy.

Caleb: I don't remember the last time I felt this good. Feels good to be back in the game, and -- may I drink for both of us?

Erica: Please.

Caleb: I owe most of it to you.

Greenlee: Hey, I think we need to talk.

Kendall: I think we've said all we need to say.

Greenlee: Not about us, about Madison. I'm worried about her.

Kendall: That's funny.

Greenlee: Have you spoken to her recently?

Kendall: Yes, and you don't have to pretend to care too much longer. She's leaving town.

Greenlee: She is? When? For how long?

Kendall: Soon, indefinitely, but I would guess probably for good. You look surprised.

Greenlee: I am.

Kendall: Well, I can't imagine why. Obviously, seeing you and Ryan together is very painful for her. Why would she want to stick around? I tried to convince her to brave it out.

Greenlee: I didn't realize the two of you had become friends.

Kendall: Well, Madison has pitched in for me lately when I just couldn't deal, and now, thanks to you, she can't do that anymore.

Greenlee: She must have a lot going on through her mind right now.

Kendall: It simply is what it is. You win, and somebody else loses.

Ryan: Hey, Madison, perfect timing. This is Dr. Chou. She's a trauma specialist.

Madison: Ok.

Dr. Chou: Mr. Lavery told me about your gunshot wound, said there may be complications. I've scheduled a complete physical for you first thing tomorrow morning. I look forward to seeing you.

Ryan: Ok. Thanks.

Madison: What was that all about?

Ryan: Well, I just thought maybe you could get a second opinion, your shoulder.

Madison: What about, "Stay out of my life," was unclear? I told you I wanted you to stay out of my business, ok? My welfare is none of your concern.

Ryan: All right. Well, I kind of feel like it is to some degree, because David was coming after me when you got shot, so --

Madison: With his gun. His fault, not yours. So you can stop hanging on to me because of your guilt. What? No?

Ryan: Well, it's just I hurt you, Madison, and I guess I just want to help. That's all.

Madison: Yeah. I know, but I do not want to be poor, poor Madison to you, and what does Greenlee think about all this?

Ryan: Greenlee knows exactly how I feel.

Madison: Yeah. I'm sure she's very understanding, like I was when you kept running off to her rescue. Remember that?

Ryan: Look. Greenlee doesn't mean you any harm at all.

Madison: Greenlee would like for me to evaporate, ok, and you know what? That's the same thing that I wished for her -- painless but permanent evaporation.

Ryan: Look. I really do understand how you feel.

Madison: No, Ryan. You don't. There is no way you could possibly understand how I'm feeling.

Ryan: Well, then help me, please. Help me. Explain it to me. Let me know what's going on with you.

Amanda: J.R. cares about you, right? I mean, he's made that pretty clear, hasn't he?

Annie: Yeah. That's kind of the problem. It's like things go from being really good, and then they go to being really bad.

Amanda: Are we still talking about J.R.?

Annie: Talking about my life. There are so many nights I've sat up with Emma being like, "This is it, sweetie. Mommy is finally really gonna be happy now," with Ryan, with Adam, with Scott, and then something always happens to blow it up. Every time I'm really close to getting what I want, something gets in the way.

Amanda: Maybe that something is you.

Annie: Well, thanks, Amanda. Nice.

Amanda: Listen. What I mean is, love is not always about saying the words. It is about the hard stuff that comes after that, you know, and I finally found it with Jake, but it took me a long time to trust it, and I am still learning.

Annie: So, what, you're saying I should just smile and shut up?

Amanda: No. No. I think that you have absolutely every right to know how J.R. feels about you, but if everything is going as well as you say it is, then trust that and just wait it out. The words will come. Just be patient.

[Telephone rings]

[Telephone stops ringing when J.R. takes it off the hook]

Marissa: J.R.?

J.R.: I should've known that I'd see you. This all makes perfect sense.

Marissa: What? What happened?

J.R.: Well, Marissa, your mentor Caleb didn't give you the big news? Yeah. Well, the SEC ruled in his favor. He got Cortlandt back.

Marissa: I don't know what to say.

J.R.: You don't know what to say. How about he won? I lost. The game is over.

Marissa: I know that this is a business setback, but it's not the end of the --

J.R.: Setback? This is a catastrophe, Marissa. The entire company is going under.

Marissa: Are you talking about all of Chandler? No. J.R., it couldn't be that bad.

J.R.: Marissa, have you seen our stocks? Entire company is freefalling right now. The board is going nuts. My father called me.

Marissa: You spoke to Adam?

J.R.: Yeah. My father called, but I haven't even talked to him. I don't even know what I'm gonna say to him. What am I supposed to say, that I blew it, Dad, that you couldn't trust me again?

Marissa: I'm sorry.

J.R.: You want to know what the worst part about this is? I jeopardized my son's -- his entire future.

Marissa: That's not true.

J.R.: No. I made a promise to my son, Marissa.

Marissa: Our son doesn't care about a corporation, you know, or how much money you have or how powerful you are. Our son cares about his dad and the love you have for him, the fun you guys have together when it's just the two of you and you can be a big kid, too.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, this big kid just drove the company right into the ditch.

Marissa: Listen. You'll figure something out. You've been through a lot worse -- a year ago, for example, remember?

J.R.: I don't really remember. I was too busy dying.

Marissa: But you didn't, and I think a lot of that was because you had people who weren't gonna let you go without a fight. The whole family sat and prayed for you to come back to us, because you were their father or their son or their brother, because their lives wouldn't be the same if you hadn't pulled through, but you did, and that is what matters to your son because you're his dad. You're a good dad, and you lived for him.

Ryan: Look, Madison. Madison, Madison, if I didn't think that there was more than what you're telling me, then I would back off. I'd leave it alone. Maybe I should. If I'm putting your health at risk here, if your anger at me is putting you in jeopardy --

Madison: Stop being so nice, ok, because all this is doing, as sweet as it is, is, it's reminding me of what I lost, ok? So please, please just stop. Stop coming around and making doctor's appointments and trying to take care of me, ok? I need to stand on my own two feet again. Let me take care of myself.

Greenlee: I know I've been pushing too hard trying to fix things between us, but I'll try to stop doing that.

Kendall: I think you should also keep your distance from Madison and my mother, as well.

Greenlee: Madison I get, but Erica is going to marry my father, so, like it or not, I'm going to be around.

Kendall: She just got indicted for attempted murder.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, I didn't know. I'm sorry.

Kendall: Well, it's just another casualty of your marriage to David. Have a great Christmas, Greenlee. Somebody should.

Erica: More congratulatory calls? Has J.R. headed for the lifeboats yet?

Caleb: When were you going to tell me about the indictment?

Erica: I thought it could wait.

Caleb: Dorothy, I'm your lawyer. I need to know these things.

Erica: Well, you don't have a cell phone. I couldn't reach you, and, for once, I was glad I couldn't.

Caleb: No, no, no, no. You didn't want to spoil my victory. You didn't want to rain on my parade.

Erica: Well, it's not every day you get a smile out of Caleb Cortlandt.

Caleb: I understand you being worried about this.

Erica: Caleb, I'm so worried about my family. I don't want them dragged into this.

Caleb: That's not gonna be so easy.

Erica: I don't care if it's easy. Whatever it takes, keep them out of this.

Caleb: Does Jack know about Kendall?

Erica: No. Complicated because of Greenlee.

Caleb: So this stays in the dark.

Erica: It has to.

Caleb: Boy, you're not making this easy on me.

Erica: Oh, come on. For the man who just burnt down the Chandlers, little, old attempted murder charge? Thought that'd be a piece of cake after that.

Marissa: I think you should call Adam. I'll be right here with you.

J.R.: I don't really feel like doing that right now.

Marissa: Because?

J.R.: Do I need to make you a list? Because, "You're a screw-up. You let that mountain man get the best of you," because, "You're a damn disappointment to me, J.R."

Marissa: Maybe he's calling to strategize your next move or to offer you some encouragement or to wish you a Merry Christmas. You're not gonna know unless you call him.

J.R.: You know I'm not afraid to be blasted by him. I've dealt with that my whole life. What I'm afraid of is that -- maybe he's right.

Marissa: I say he's not.

J.R.: Really? After everything I've done to you?

Marissa: This isn't about us or what happened, ok? This is -- this is about the man I fell in love with, the strong, kind, decent man who still shows up every once in a while when you let him.

J.R.: It's a lot easier for him to show up -- when I'm around you.

Marissa: Whatever Adam says, you can handle it, just like someday if our son messes up and feels bad about himself, you'll reach out to him with love and respect, because you've been there, and you know how it feels.

J.R.: Hello? Dad? Yeah, Dad. I know that this looks bad right now, but I want you to know we're working on this 24/7. I've already called an emergency meeting with the board. I spoke to the investment partners. I know that you're worried, ok, but we're gonna come back from this. We're gonna come back even stronger. We are Chandlers, right? Of course, I'll keep you informed. No. Wait, Dad. Merry Christmas.

Marissa: Not as bad as you thought?

J.R.: Wasn't great, but it was ok. I think he's finally listening.

Marissa: I'm glad.

J.R.: Listen. I just want you to know that I wouldn't have been able to do this without you here.

Marissa: You would have. You're a much better man than you think you are. Ok. I better put A.J.'s present somewhere he won't miss it.

J.R.: Marissa, you know how much this means to me.

[Door slams and Annie walks in]

Erica: Caleb, I hope you don't get the wrong idea about my keeping what Kendall did from Jack.

Caleb: I get it.

Erica: It has nothing to do with my case.

Caleb: No. You're protecting your family. There's nothing wrong with that.

Erica: I'm awfully grateful that you trust me enough to know that I put my family first.

Caleb: Oh, I do trust you. Do you trust me?

Kendall: Ok. Tell you what, sweetie. What do you say we order pizza for dinner? It's your favorite.

Spike: No. I want Daddy Zach, and Ian wants him, too.

Kendall: I know, honey. I know, but I told you, Daddy Zach can't be here right now.

Spike: Well, I want my dad.

Kendall: Maybe tomorrow, ok?

Spike: No. Now.

Kendall: I'm sorry, Spikey, but we just can't, ok? Uh, Spike --

[Spike runs upstairs]

Frankie: I just spoke to Madison. Seems to me, the word "no" doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot to you, does it?

Ryan: Look. I thought something was wrong, so I made an appointment with a specialist. You don't like that, then I don't really care.

Frankie: She's getting all the help she needs, but she doesn't want it from you, all right?

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Um, can you come over, please?

Ryan: I thought you just said --

Kendall: Forget what I just told you. You told me if we ever needed you, that you would come. Well, Spike needs you now.

Ryan: I'm on my way.

Annie: Sorry to bother you. I was able to postpone that conference call you wanted.

J.R.: Thanks.

Marissa: I know you're busy. I'll talk to you later.

[Door closes]

Annie: You just -- you just left me, J.R. I thought if something huge happened in your life, I thought you would turn to me.

J.R.: I'm sorry. I just reacted. I wasn't thinking. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Annie: I don't like being this person, J.R. -- needy, insecure, not knowing where I stand with you. I want to be your partner.

J.R.: You are.

Annie: Well, sometimes it doesn't feel like that.

J.R.: Just so you know, you're not the only person that gets insecure sometimes. My father called, and I froze. It's like a deer in headlights. I couldn't even talk.

Annie: Well, I'm here now if you want to call him back.

J.R.: It's all right. I already spoke to him.

Annie: Oh. How did it go? I know how Adam can be.

J.R.: It went all right, you know? I reassured him that I got everything under control. We even wished each other Merry Christmas.

Annie: Good. Good. I'm so glad, J.R. I just want to be by your side. That's all I want because you're my world now and I want to be that for you, too. Mm.

[Annie hugs J.R. as he looks at Marissa's present for A.J.]

Ryan: Hey, everything ok?

Kendall: It is now. Thank you for coming.

Ryan: Oh, ok.

Spike: Daddy!

Ryan: Hey, there he is. Hi, Spike. What are you guys doing?

Spike: Making Christmas cards.

Ryan: You are, huh? Well, I got an idea. How about we pack up all this stuff, I take both of you upstairs, and we finish the cards upstairs, give your mom a little bit of a break?

Spike: Ok.

Ryan: Yeah? Let's pack it up. Let's pack it up. Come on.

Ian: Let's pack it up. Let's get it in the box.

[Kendall looks at a newspaper headline, "Will Erica Kane Begin The New Year In Prison?"]

Caleb: Do you trust me?

Erica: Well, you're my partner, and you're my lawyer. I think that says something.

Caleb: No, no. Real trust is something deeper than that, and I have a feeling that you don't have it with many people.

Erica: Well, no. You're right. I don't, and when I do, it can take a very long time.

Caleb: Yeah. I know. It's a tough way to live, isn't it?

Erica: Can be.

Caleb: Hmm.

Erica: Somehow with you, it has already happened. I mean, it's a gut feeling, but it's there. It's real. I do trust you, Caleb.

Greenlee: Madison, wait. I need to talk to you.

Madison: No, thanks.

Greenlee: It's important.

Madison: Not to me, it isn't.

Greenlee: Madison, I know. I know you're pregnant.

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