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Erica: Kendall tried to kill David? No. I shot David. David's in a coma because of me. I'm the one who's facing charges.

Caleb: Erica, I'm talking about something that happened here in the hospital.

Erica: What?

Caleb: Kendall picked up a pillow and was walking toward David. And if Dr. Castillo hadn't walked in when he did --

Erica: No. No.

Caleb: She needs help. She needs you.

Kendall: For you.

Bianca: Thanks.

Kendall: I have ordered 3 dozen for Fusion's holiday party.

Bianca: Fusion is having a holiday party?

Kendall: Yeah. 'Tis the season and all that.

Bianca: I thought Greenlee decided with the economy and the company still struggling, keep it low key this year -- just small presents for the employees. You haven't even come back to work yet.

Kendall: I'm ready. I'm completely and totally ready.

Bianca: Are you sure about that?

Kendall: Yes. Now is the time. We have to show them that we're righting the ship. And the Miranda Center's gonna be great.

Bianca: Miranda Center?

Kendall: Yeah. Zach's vision to expand it was amazing, and I want to be a part of it. Actually, have you planned a party for them, because you should.

Bianca: Kendall --

Kendall: What? What's wrong?

Bianca: Nothing is wrong. I love your enthusiasm. It's just --

Kendall: It's just what? Go ahead. Say it. You don't think I'm ready to work or to be a person. You don't think I can handle it.

Jake: So you ready?

Cara: Almost. And by the way, you are carrying the water today.

Jake: No, I'm not. You're carrying the -- no, you lost the bet. You don't remember?

Cara: Oh, no, I remember. I can actually change a car tire faster than you any day. No. You distracted me. Because I was flustered. Think fast. Oh. Wow. I guess I wish you were operating on me.

Jake: Yes, you do. I don't mean the surgery part, though, because that would be --

Cara: Wait.

Jake: What's that?

Cara: Happy anniversary. Six months ago, I stuck you in the arm.

Jake: Yes, you did -- twice -- and the venom went right to my heart. Should I? Yeah? Ok.

Cara: I hope you like it.

Jake: I'm sure I'll love it. You kidding me? Oh, my God, I love it. And it's loaded?

Cara: Yeah. Everything.

Jake: I love this! Thank you! I'm like putty in your hands. I'm so in love with you.

Cara: I'm so in love with you.

Jake: Wait. I --

Cara: What?

Jake: I have a little something for you, as well.

Cara: Really?

Dispatcher: This is dispatch we have an emergency in sector 4. Specifics forthcoming.

Jake: Yep. All right. We're on it. We're on our way.

Cara: Oh, gosh! I am so sorry.

Tad: Cara.

Cara: Tad.

Tad: You're here.

Cara: Let me have it. Jake already did.

Tad: You saw Jake?

Cara: I'm sure you got plenty to add.

Tad: Ordinarily, I'd say, "Nice to meet you," but I got to be honest. I'm standing here wishing you'd pack up and leave. You do know things are different, right? He's got a life now, a family.

Cara: I know that.

Tad: Then you probably also know the last thing he needs is for you to be around messing things up.

Cara: That's not why I'm here.

Tad: It's funny you mention it. I can't think of a single good reason why you would be here.

Cara: I never meant to hurt Jake.

Tad: Hurt him? You broke my brother's heart so badly, I didn't think he was ever gonna pull out of it. Thank God he did, finally.

Cara: When he fell in love with Amanda?

Tad: That's right. Amanda. She put him back together again piece by piece, made him whole. And as far as I'm concerned, little Trevor -- he's just the icing on the cake. So the last thing anybody needs right now is for you to happen through Pine Valley, start sticking your nose around things where you're neither needed nor wanted.

Cara: Do you want to keep yelling at me or should I take a look at that?

Tad: I'm not yelling, and this is nothing. It's a cut.

Cara: Well, you're bleeding on the floor.

Tad: So I'll get a Band-aid.

Cara: What happened?

Tad: If you must know, I had a little incident with a knife in the kitchen.

Cara: You moonlighting as a sous-chef?

Tad: No. It was more like an undercover thing, a sting operation.

Cara: In.

Tad: What?

Cara: Yeah. Let's do this.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: Hey. There's my baby mama, my beautiful little boy. I just asked them for pie and Sean tells me they're all out, so I'm gonna make that up to you. I promise.

Amanda: You ok?

Jake: I'm great. I'm good. Why?

Amanda: The whole Cara thing?

Jake: I don't want you to think about the Cara thing anymore. She's gonna be gone in a couple of days.

Amanda: Why is she even here?

Jake: Babe, she came here to ask me if I'd think about rejoining Doctors Without Borders.

Erica: I don't know what to do.

Caleb: I can't even say hi to my own son without him running out of the room. You're the expert on that.

Erica: Maybe she feels if she holds on to the anger, then she won't have to feel the grief.

Caleb: There might be something to that.

Erica: It's so frustrating to love your child so much but not be able to reach them. All I really want to do is just put my arms around her. I just want to make everything all right again. This Dr. Castillo -- he won't tell anybody what he saw, will he?

Caleb: Why don't you leave that to me? Go be a mom.

Bianca: I know you can handle the work. You're incredibly capable.

Kendall: But you think I should stay in bed all day with the sheets over my head until I don't miss Zach anymore.

Bianca: No.

Kendall: Ok, but I shouldn't work or plan parties?

Bianca: I'm not trying to tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

Kendall: Good. Because I still own half of Fusion, and expanding the Miranda Center was Zach's passion -- unless you think I'm encroaching on your territory?

Bianca: Of course not. I was actually thinking about stepping back from Fusion, so I can focus on the Miranda Center full-time.

Kendall: All right. Good. Ok. Let's get started, then. I want to see the sales figures from the last quarter.

Bianca: Now?

Kendall: Is there a problem?

[Knock on door]

Rev. Torres: Bianca, hi.

Bianca: Reverend, hi.

Rev. Torres: Kendall. I didn't know you'd be here.

Kendall: It's good to see you.

Rev. Torres: Good to see you. Actually, Bianca, I just wanted to talk to you about some of my parishioners who might be needing the services of the Miranda Center, but I could come back some other time. You guys are obviously in the middle --

Kendall: No. Actually, please stay. We were just talking about the Miranda Center.

Bianca: No, we can do this another time.

Kendall: My sister thinks it's too soon for me to be getting out of the house.

Bianca: I never said that.

Rev. Torres: What do you think?

Kendall: I think if I sit there and stare at the walls that I used to share with Zach, I'm going to lose my mind.

Bianca: No one is saying you should stay home, just that you should take care of yourself.

Rev. Torres: She has something to prove.

Bianca: Are you crazy? Her husband just died. You have nothing to prove.

Kendall: Maybe not to you, but I have a lot to prove to Zach.

Bianca: Zach would just want you to be happy.

Kendall: That's not gonna happen, so I have to shoot for something within reach.

Rev. Torres: Like remembering Zach the right way.

Kendall: Exactly. Everything Zach did, he did 100%, whether it was running his businesses or playing with his boys or loving me. It's up to me to keep his spirit alive -- with the Miranda Center, with Spike and Ian. I want to be the woman that he wanted me to be.

Bianca: You are that woman.

Kendall: No, I'm not. I am so full of anger and hate.

Rev. Torres: Anger at who?

Kendall: The people responsible for his death. How do I not hate them? How do I not want to make these people pay for taking my husband away? Ok. I should go.

Rev. Torres: No, Kendall, it's ok. It's ok to be angry. Actually, right now it's ok to hate.

Bianca: I don't think so.

Rev. Torres: Have you hit anything?

Kendall: What?

Rev. Torres: Since Zach died, have you punched a chair? Have you broken a lamp? Have you hit anything?

Bianca: Reverend --

Rev. Torres: Bianca, I'm gonna need a sacrifice from you -- a plate, a bowl, something that you're willing to part with.

Kendall: This works for other people. This won't work for me.

Rev. Torres: Actually, I think that you should be doing this once a day. I offered for you to come down to one of our work sites, but right now you just need to break something.

Bianca: David and Greenlee left this when they moved out.

Kendall: This is so silly.

Rev. Torres: Yes, I know. "It's silly. It's not gonna work."

Kendall: Ah!

Bianca: Oh. Ok.

Rev. Torres: How did that feel?

Kendall: A little better.

Rev. Torres: Glad to hear it.

Kendall: Sorry about the mess, Binks.

Bianca: No worries.

Kendall: Ok. I got to go. Sorry.

Bianca: Hey. Since both of our places are a little treeless, what do you say we get together later, take the kids to find the most fabulous Christmas tree in Pine Valley?

Kendall: I could do that.

Erica: If anyone had to find out what Kendall did, I'm very glad it was you. Thank you.

Caleb: I didn't really do anything.

Erica: Caleb, you're representing me in this whole legal mess, and you were here for Kendall when she needed someone to talk to.

Caleb: I doubt that she'll be thanking me when she finds out that I told you.

Erica: I'm thanking you.

Caleb: You're welcome.

Erica: Wasn't so hard, was it?

Caleb: I just -- go to her.

Erica: Caleb? I do hope one day that I can return the favor and help you.

Caleb: You already have, more than you know.

Tad: So is it just a coincidence that this room is right next to Griffin Castillo's?

Cara: You afraid of needles?

Tad: You're gonna numb it, right? Oh. Whew. Thank God. Now you're talking.

Cara: [Gulps down a drink] Needed that since the first time I entered this place.

Tad: So does your patient.

Cara: Oh. Take it. Ok. Very good. That's enough --

Tad: You know something? Your bedside leaves a lot to be --

Cara: It's ok, ok? This is just to clean it. Wait. Ok. Now we're going to numb the wound. Relax. See?

Tad: I can't believe it. This is absurd. You're really gonna do this here?

Cara: Yes. I performed surgery in barns, caves, open fields. Electricity and running water -- this is state-of-the-art. Ok?

Tad: Yeah. You know, this doesn't begin to make up for all the crap you pulled with Jake. You know that?

Cara: I know, Tad.

Tad: Ok.

Amanda: Why didn't you tell me Cara was here to make you an offer?

Jake: I'm telling you now. Would you like to order a couple of cappuccinos or something, because eventually I'm gonna have to go back to work.

Amanda: I just want you to be straight with me. Is there a part of you that feels like you miss your life back then?

Jake: Honey, I know what you're doing, because I know you so well. You're making this about Cara.

Amanda: No, I'm not. Forget Cara. I know that our marriage is solid. But what I don't know is if there is a part of your life that's missing.

Jake: I love my life. I love my wife. I love my baby. I love it all. What more could a person want?

Amanda: I just don't want to feel like Trevor and I are keeping you from doing something that you really want to do.

Jake: Let me put it like this. You put me on solid ground. That's where I want to be -- on solid ground with my wife and my baby. Ok?

Amanda: You sure?

Jake: You know what? I'm gonna have to prove it to you. I'll sing a song. I will embarrass you in front of your child. I'll embarrass myself in front of you. That's what I'm gonna do. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to make an announcement, please. I'd like to send off a special love song to my wife. It goes a little something like this. Woke up late this morning

Amanda: Ok, I get it. We are solid.

Jake: Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, the show's canceled. It happens. Hey. Look who it is. What happened there?

Tad: Just a little flesh wound.

Jake: May I?

Tad: Yep. Help yourself. It's ok, though. I was taken care of.

Jake: Ooh. Nice work.

Tad: You should know. It was your ex-wife.

Jake: You saw Cara?

Tad: I did. More importantly, you saw Cara.

Jake: I did.

Tad: And?

Jake: It was weird.

Tad: And?

Jake: And it wasn't all bad, actually.

Tad: Stop playing. It's you and me here. What does that mean?

Jake: I didn't know what to feel when I saw her -- angry? Bitter? Confused? Frustrated? Forgiving? I never thought I would see her again for the rest of my life, and then there she is standing right in front of me. So --

Tad: And looking good. No, I mean, seriously. Huh. Not bad.

Jake: You're not helping me now.

[Cara remembers]

Jake: Easy. And how about my bag coming through with flying colors? Second-best gift I've ever gotten in my life.

Cara: What was your first?

Jake: You want to know the truth? It was an action figure, "Six Million Dollar Man" action figure that I got. Yeah.

Cara: Are you serious?

Jake: It had a bionic eyeball. Hell, yeah.

Cara: I'm great. I'm just thinking this is why I'm here.

Jake: All I did was say, "Take a chance."

Cara: See, no one's ever told me to do that before.

Jake: I don't think they had to. I think you're really good. I see you out there. I think you were born to do this. I think you'd be doing this whether I was around or not.

Cara: But I can't imagine being here without you.

Jake: Yeah?

Cara: Mm-hmm. So I got to tell you, when I was a little girl and Mom -- she had all these dreams for me. She wanted me to have a good, safe job, meet a nice man, get married, have children, a home.

Jake: Did this tent match your expectations of what your home would look like?

Cara: Actually, everything that I need is right here.

Jake: Huh. Well, maybe not everything.

Cara: I mean -- ok.

Jake: I think that I left our radio in my new bag. You think you could maybe check?

Cara: You could check yourself.

Jake: But I'd like to see you walk over there, and I'd like to watch you. Is that all right?

Cara: Now I follow you. Yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah. This is a little weird in the tent, but I can do it!

Jake: Want some fries with that shake?

Cara: I don't why you need the radio right this second, though.

Jake: Maybe there's something in there that -- that interests you.

Cara: Is this, um --

Jake: It is.

Cara: It's beautiful.

Jake: It's not a diamond.

Cara: It's perfect.

Jake: I hope so because I sold our truck to get it.

Cara: Are you serious?

Jake: Yeah, I'm pretty serious.

Cara: You are gonna be so busted at HQ. You know this, right?

Jake: I don't really care because that bucket of nuts was heading for the scrap pile, unlike us. I just want to say, will you, the most amazing, the most beautiful, the most talented doctor in the whole western hemisphere, do me the honor of being my wife?

Cara: Yeah.

Jake: Yes?

Cara: Yeah! Of course!

Jake: Something we forgot to do. I am shaking.

Cara: It's ok. I love you. [Touches the ring on a chain around her neck]

Caleb: That candy sure has your attention.

Bianca: Kendall was just here.

Caleb: How's she doing?

Bianca: She's kind of all over the place, ready to throw herself into Fusion, into the Miranda Center as if a manic activity would make the grief go away.

Caleb: She's lucky to have you and Erica. Family's important.

Bianca: How's your family?

Caleb: What do you mean?

Bianca: Asher's coming over to fix the computer again. So are you guys in a good place, not a good place?

Caleb: I'm trying. It's all new to me.

Bianca: You're gonna get all twitchy when I say this, but you have the heart. You just need the practice.

Caleb: Hmm. I'm surrounded by experts.

Bianca: Experts in what?

Caleb: How to be a family. Like your mother -- I don't know how she does it.

Bianca: She's had a lot of practice.

[Knock on door]

Caleb: Enjoy your candy.

Bianca: Right on time.

Asher: You alone?

Bianca: Kind of.

Asher: All right. Let's see.

Kendall: Mom, it's really not a good time.

Erica: Kendall, you have got to talk to me. You need to tell me what's going on. Do I have to worry about this in the future? Is this going to happen again?

Kendall: It might.

Erica: You can just say that so easily? You might try to take David's life again?

Kendall: I'm not saying I want to try to kill him again, Mom. But the truth is I don't know what I'm going to do from one minute to the next, much less a day or even a month from now.

Erica: What can I do to help you?

Kendall: There's nothing you can do.

Erica: Kendall, I am angry, too. I want to hit back just as hard. But you can't just give in to those impulses. You can't act on those impulses.

Kendall: I thought in that moment it was the right thing to do. I felt like it was the answer.

Erica: There is only one answer, honey, and it's right in front of you. It's your children.

Bianca: I have something for you.

Asher: You don't have to pay me. This is my mistake.

Bianca: Christmas present. Early.

Asher: You sure? I mean --

Bianca: Your name is on it. Open it, already.

Bianca: I was getting tired of you being too cool for a proper winter coat.

Asher: This is great.

Bianca: I know.

Asher: Huh. Perfect fit. I don't know what to say.

Bianca: Just say, "Merry Christmas."

Asher: Merry Christmas, and thank you. Really.

Bianca: So if you're all set, I actually have somewhere to be.

Asher: Oh. Yeah, I'm cool. Well, you know, warm now. But -- yeah. Thank you. This is great.

Bianca: You're welcome.

Caleb: Hey, is he gone? I want to ask you about these presents I got for the boys.

Asher: Nope. Still here.

Annie: Hi.

Amanda: Hi! So this is the secret love nest?

Annie: Yeah. Not as much fun as you would think, especially the "secret" part.

Amanda: It's nice.

Annie: Thanks. So J.R.'s in some meetings, and tomorrow is Christmas tree shopping.

Amanda: That'll be fun.

Annie: No, not with me. With Marissa and A.J.

Amanda: They're still spending a lot of time together?

Annie: Yep. I know he's just trying to get her to drop the custody suit, but I got to tell you I'm getting really sick of the "ex" factor.

Amanda: I can relate.

Annie: Thanks.

Amanda: No, I mean I can relate. Jake's ex-wife just popped into town.

Annie: No. Carolyn's here?

Amanda: Yes.

Annie: The one who ran off with the hot doctor and broke his heart?

Amanda: That's the one.

Annie: Why is she here?

Amanda: Cara says that she's here to try and convince Jake into rejoining Doctors Without Borders.

Annie: But you think there's more to it?

Amanda: I don't know.

Annie: Have you talked to her?

Amanda: That's the weirdness. I was at Krystal's. She knew exactly who I was. We had a little chat. She never told me who she was.

Annie: Oh, that's not good.

Amanda: How did I know you were gonna say that?

Tad: Of course, you said "No," right?

Jake: Of course, I said "No." I have a wife and child here.

Tad: Let's be honest, all right? I'm sure that maybe there was a little piece of you -- just for a second when she was asking, you were thinking maybe?

Jake: There's a little piece of me, yes. I loved that part of my life. I loved Doctors Without Borders.

Tad: And Cara.

Jake: Yes, and Cara. Yes. Seeing her just -- all these memories keep coming back. I'll give you an example. My kit?

Tad: Yeah?

Jake: I see my kit, I put it down, and I remember that's that kit that Cara gave me. I'm eating apple pie, and then I remember that was our Christmas dinner once -- with the gunfire.

Tad: How romantic.

Jake: Actually -- I'm not wanting these memories to come back. I want to give you a bag for tonight, but I don't have one. It's not my fault, though. They just keep coming, and the whole thing is driving me crazy. I mean, I love Cara -- Amanda, and I'm over Cara. I'm over her.

Tad: Are you sure?

Jake: I don't need this in my life. I don't need it.

Tad: Exactly. So let's talk about the obvious, ok? If you're not interested in DWB or Cara, is there any reason she should be hanging around here?

Jake: No. And she said it. She said she's in town for two days and that it was business. So it's business. Just business.

Griffin: Thank you.

Cara: Oh. Just the man I wanted to see.

Griffin: It's not the best idea for you to be here.

Cara: Hey, I brought you food.

Griffin: There's a commissary.

Cara: You forget to eat when you're working. And the commissary doesn't have carnitas.

Griffin: Carnitas?

Cara: Extra spicy, with chips.

Griffin: This is so not fair.

Cara: That's right. Salsa, tambien. Rice and beans.

Griffin: Hmm? Hmm?

Cara: Let me get that.

[Tad and Jake watch Cara feeding Griffin]

Jake: Does that look like they're done to you?

Tad: Is this a trick question?

Jake: No, because Castillo said that they're done. Done. But that -- I mean, they're both here at the same time. It's not a coincidence.

Tad: Not to mention the fact that they've got adjacent rooms at the Yacht Club. Does that sound like a coincidence?

Jake: Good. So they are a couple. She's here in a professional capacity. I got nothing to worry about.

Tad: If it's all the same to you, I think I'm still gonna do a little snooping around, see what I can dig up.

Jake: You don't need to do that.

Tad: I'm not doing it for you. Of course, I'm doing it for you, but I'm also doing it for me. You know, I have a lot of questions, not enough answers.

Griffin: Want some?

Annie: Ok. So Cara's here, and this Griffin guy's here. Are they here together?

Amanda: I don't know.

Annie: You got to find out. Because the last thing that you need is this Cara worming her way back into Jake's life.

Amanda: So you think I should be worried?

Annie: No. I know Jake loves you so much. I'm just saying don't take any chances.

Amanda: Are you worried about J.R. and Marissa, how much time he's spending with her?

Annie: No. No. Of course not. J.R. is with me now. You just -- you can never be too careful.

Caleb: Where'd you learn so much about computers?

Asher: I was at boarding school. All the kids went off to their parents for the holidays, and so I had the whole place to myself. I was into computers, so I taught myself pretty much everything.

Caleb: Wow. It paid off.

Asher: Yeah, I should get going.

Caleb: That's a nice coat.

Asher: Yeah. Bianca gave it to me for Christmas. When I first came to town, I wasn't planning on sticking around this long. She must've noticed the icicles hanging off my nose.

Caleb: Those Kane girls -- they always know exactly what to get, don't they?

Erica: I know you need to deal with your grief in your own way. But you have two beautiful little boys, and I would hate to see you end up in a jail cell simply because you acted impulsively.

Kendall: Mom, I don't want to see you in jail either.

Erica: That's not gonna happen.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Cold out there. Hi.

Kendall: Hi.

Jack: Hi. Yeah, your office told me you might be here. Am I interrupting anything? Is everything ok?

Erica: Oh, you -- we're fine. We're just fine.

Kendall: Hi.

Bianca: You ready?

Kendall: For what?

Bianca: Christmas tree shopping. Miranda and Gabs are in the car.

Kendall: You know what, Binks? I'm sorry. I'm not gonna be able to go. Spike has a stuffy nose, so you and the girls go ahead.

Bianca: Are you sure?

Kendall: Yeah. Go and have fun. Bye.

Bianca: Bye.

Jack: Hi. Thanks for coming. I want to apologize. God, I hate it when we fight.

Erica: I do, too. It's just that I think that Greenlee is just always going to be an issue. And now there's so much going on --

Jake: I know. You sure you don't want to tell me what was going on between you and Kendall?

Erica: Oh, that was nothing to worry about.

Asher: Toy shopping for Kendall's kids?

Caleb: Yeah. But I don't know what you give a kid who's just lost his father. What would he want?

Asher: He wants his dad. I got to go. Have Bianca call me if there's any other problems with the computer.

Jake: Whoa. There you are.

[Amanda kisses Jake]

Jake: I'm really glad that I came. What's going on?

Amanda: This may not be a war zone. There may not be bullets or rebels. But if you want excitement, I will give you all the excitement you can handle.

Jake: Yeah? I can see that.

Cara: Tell you the truth, this is actually much harder than I thought it would be.

Griffin: Yeah, because it's about a hell of a lot more than trying to recruit Jake for Doctors Without Borders.

Cara: But you like having me around, right?

Griffin: As long as you keep bringing me carnitas.

Cara: So I'm guessing that would be a "yes"?

Griffin: Te quiero. Come here.

Tad: [Snooping through Cara's bag] You got to be kidding.

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