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Tad: There's no bruises on your hand. Nice. Looks like you haven't punched anybody out lately.

Jake: No, but the day's still young, and you're starting to upset me.

Tad: Oh, come on. I'm just asking.

Jake: I didn't do anything really bad. I hit the guy because he took off with my wife.

Tad: Your ex-wife.

Jake: Yeah, well, whatever! I'm cool now. I'm cool.

Tad: Are you?

Jake: Well, maybe I wasn't, but I am now.

Tad: Ok, so enlighten me. What changed?

Jake: I told Amanda everything. She knows the story. I told her how Cara took off, and how I felt afterwards. And it's fine. Everything is fine. In fact, since this Castillo guy's shown up, I felt as if I've taken all my baggage, put it on a plane, and sent it back to Africa.

Tad: I need a judge's ruling on this one. You're telling me you told your current wife all about how your ex-wife broke your heart?

Jake: She's great. Everything -- she's great. She now feels like she's the one that sutured my heart back together. My marriage is perfect. Never been more solid.

[Griffin grunts as he works out]

[Cell phone ringing]

Griffin: Yeah, Castillo here.

Cara: Bad time?

Griffin: What are you doing, Cara?

Cara: What are you doing? Why are you out of breath?

Griffin: You know I'm at the hospital. You shouldn't be calling here.

Cara: Well, I figured you wouldn't answer the phone if you couldn't talk.

Griffin: Look, I'll call you later, ok?

Voice on P.A.: Paging Dr. Battaglia. Call extension 198. Dr. Battaglia, extension 198.

Natalia: Hey, what's wrong?

Brot: Rough night's sleep.

Natalia: Too much partying?

Brot: No, not too much partying. Had to get a hotel room because my place is being repainted and just the fumes are just annoying.

Natalia: So room service, mint on your pillow. That doesn't really sound so bad.

Brot: No, no, no, no. I've never slept well in hotel rooms. Just way too impersonal.

Natalia: Hmm. You should stay with me.

J.R.: What are you doing?

Annie: Ooh! Oh! Hello. Perfect mistletoe timing.

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Annie: Well, I wanted to give you an early Christmas present this morning.

J.R.: Are we alone?

Annie: Mm-hmm. Pam took Emma and A.J. ice-skating and Colby's at the library prepping for exams.

J.R.: Didn't you think of everything?

Annie: Of course. I know we can't be seen together. And now I'm going to do something for you. Go ahead. Open it. Merry Christmas!

J.R.: I had no idea you were such a great gift-wrapper.

Annie: Yeah, you're gonna like what's inside.

[Doorbell rings]

Annie: Ugh. They'll go away.

J.R.: It's probably Marissa.

Annie: Why would Marissa be here?

J.R.: I'm sorry. It's my fault. Yeah, she's a little bit early, but I don't want to put her off.

Annie: What exactly is Marissa early for?

J.R.: I'm trying to keep the peace, so she'll drop the custody suit, remember?

Annie: You're trying to keep the peace, not get back together.

J.R.: Which also means I can't risk her seeing you.

Annie: But --

J.R.: We'll finish this when I'm done. We'll finish the unwrapping, too.

Annie: My dress. It's pretty.

J.R.: It's beautiful.

Marissa: Hello?

J.R.: Marissa.

Marissa: I'm sorry. I know I'm kinda early.

J.R.: No, don't be sorry. That way, we have more time to plan for our family Christmas.

Griffin: Morning.

Amanda: Morning.

Griffin: How are you?

Amanda: Good. How are you? What are you doing?

Griffin: I'm just grabbing a workout.

Tad: I'm just really glad you left the drama behind you, you know? I'm proud of you.

Amanda: Yeah, Yacht Club. Definitely roasted chicken is the way to go.

Tad: And we're back. This could be a problem. All right, listen to me. She's talking to him. That's it. They're just talking. She got a couple tickets to the gun show. What's the big deal? He's not that great.

Jake: Stop it.

Tad: Yeah, he is. You want a bagel?

Jake: Hi, honey!

Amanda: Hi. Oh, bye.

Griffin: Bye.

Amanda: Hey, you.

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: Hi.

Jake: Hmm.

Tad: This is probably my cue to leave.

Amanda: You don't have to go.

Jake: Yes, he does.

Amanda: We're done. Oh -- or not. Ok.

Amanda: Don't you want to save this for later when we're alone tonight?

Jake: Can't really help it. When I see you, I have to have you. Meet me in the linen closet.

Amanda: Oh. I thought all you had to have was your specialty blend of coffee. You left without it this morning.

Jake: My hazelnut mocha almond double half-caf low-percent milk frappuccino. This is the one? Love you.

Amanda: Aww.

Jake: You know, you trump caffeine, though. You know that.

Amanda: Thank you, honey. I know, but thank you.

Jake: So what's up? Why are you -- what's cooking?

Amanda: Oh. I just stumbled by -- are you allowed to work out at the hospital? Because once he saw me, I had to stop and chat, but can you get in trouble for doing that?

Jake: If the physical therapy room isn't being used, why not brush up early on your beach body, right?

Amanda: Well, there you go. I have to go because I'm meeting a woman from the Miranda Center for breakfast.

Jake: Fantastic. That's good.

Amanda: Are you sure you're ok with me working there with Griffin?

Jake: They're lucky to have you.

Amanda: Well, just know that I love you.

Jake: Yeah? Ok. You've been saying that a lot lately.

Amanda: You got a problem with it?

Jake: No, I just don't want you to feel like you have to say it just because all this stuff came up with my ex. You have nothing to worry about.

Natalia: You gonna get any work done or is today a total slack-off day?

Brot: Hold on. Did I hear you right?

Natalia: About what?

Brot: About inviting me to stay with you.

Natalia: Wait a minute. You didn't think --

Brot: I don't know what to think.

Natalia: Well, I meant -- I mean, I wouldn't have -- I meant you could sleep on my sofa in the living room. Until your place is finished, that's all.

Brot: Oh. Thank you. I wouldn't want to put you out.

Natalia: I do stay up all night reading, so you probably wouldn't get any sleep, you know? It's probably better.

Jesse: Monroe, over here, now.

Brot: Yes, Chief?

Jesse: Just read your report on the Hayward shooting. What were you thinking, letting Ryan leave the crime scene after the shooting?

Brot: The guy almost died. He just wanted to see his kid.

Jesse: You cannot afford to get sentimental on a case, Monroe.

Natalia: I would've done the same thing, Chief.

Jesse: Did I ask for your opinion?

Natalia: No. You were too busy making him feel like an idiot.

Jesse: You really need to remember who you're talking to, young lady.

Natalia: This is not fair. Who rained on your parade?

Brot: They did more than rain.

Jesse: How's this for rain? You're off patrol. You're off your case load. You're both assigned to the Hatch Hill Road stakeout. Rainy enough?

Brot: The old abandoned warehouse?

Jesse: Yeah, that's the one.

Natalia: You gotta be -- that place has been on surveillance for over a month. Whatever drug activity is there is over.

Jesse: We don't know that for sure, do we? So go. Both of you. Find out for sure. Now! Take your umbrella. Might rain.

Jake: I was just wondering how much a gym membership costs. All right, well, all right. I'll call you back. Thanks.

Tad: No blood, no bruises. Excellent.

Jake: I'm fine. I'm not that type of guy. Amanda can talk to whoever she wants to talk to.

Tad: Try saying it without clenching your jaw.

Jake: Ok, I don't like him in my hospital. No, I don't, ok?

Tad: That's your problem.

Jake: Did you come here to support me --

Tad: I'm saying, no, seriously. You've got a great life. You do. You got it made. You got a terrific wife, you got an amazing kid. You don't need to sweat the fact you got an Adonis running around who's a lot younger and a lot bigger than you are.

Jake: All right, maybe I didn't deal with everything the way I should've up to now.

Tad: What do you mean "maybe"? Maybe? Really? Maybe? You think?

Jake: I should treat it like a wound. An old would. I should open it up, clean it all out, and then sew it back shut forever and that's it.

Tad: Ok, I'll bite. How do you intend to do this?

Jake: I don't know that part yet.

Nurse: Dr. Hubbard left these insurance forms for you. We'll need them by the end of the day. Don't worry -- they only want every detail of your life.

Griffin: Every dirty, little secret.

Amanda: Oh. Annie. Hey. Are you here with someone?

Annie: No. I just -- I -- no.

Amanda: You know, I'm supposed to meet a woman from the Miranda Center.

Annie: Oh. Then I won't bother you.

Amanda: No, no. She just canceled, so come on. Don't just stand there. Come over. Take a seat. Take your coat off.

Annie: I can't.

Amanda: Oh. Oh, I thought you just said you weren't with someone.

Annie: No, no, no, I can stay. I just -- I can't take my coat off.

Amanda: I'm almost afraid to ask.

Annie: It was supposed to be a gift for J.R., but he never got a chance to unwrap it because she showed up.

Amanda: She?

Annie: She Marissa.

Amanda: Can you go back? I feel like I missed something. Are you and J.R. --

Annie: We're together. For real this time. Almost.

Amanda: Almost?

Annie: Well, we can't really go public because of the whole custody thing, and that's kind of why Marissa's at the mansion, which I get, but --

Amanda: Are you sure this is what you want?

Annie: Yes. This is exactly what I want. J.R. and I just got back from this amazing trip to D.C.

Amanda: D.C.? Isn't that where you guys first --

Annie: Yeah. And it was crazy. Not only were we in the same city, but we ended up in the same hotel in the exact same room. It's like fate brought us together or something. So we've been a couple, quietly a couple ever since.

Amanda: Except for today, because he's with Marissa.

Annie: Yeah. But he's just talking to her. Amanda, I feel like this is really it this time.

Amanda: Why do I feel like you've said that before?

Annie: No. No. No. I am telling you, this is different. J.R. and I, we get each other. We're like the same person. It's like I'm not trying to live up to this impossible ideal, you know? I can just be me.

Amanda: Listen, if you're happy, then I am happy for you. But are you ok with the secrecy?

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, it's kinda sexy, you know? At least it's fine for now.

Amanda: Well, the custody battle with A.J. could drag on, you know?

Annie: Well, J.R. is trying to fix this problem without fighting Marissa. He's trying to kind of win her over with his charm.

Amanda: Right, and that definitely wouldn't work if she knew you were back in the picture.

Annie: Well, exactly, which is why she can't know for a while. What?

Amanda: I just hope that this is enough for you.

Annie: As long as I end up with J.R., it is more than enough.

Amanda: All right.

Annie: J.R. said that he'd call when he's finished with Marissa. Should just be a couple of minutes.

J.R.: I told Alberta that chocolate croissants are still your favorite. Right?

Marissa: Yeah, they are.

J.R.: Is something wrong?

Marissa: I agreed to come here to discuss how we could divide A.J.'s time between us on Christmas Day. A family holiday is a whole different thing altogether.

J.R.: I guess when I was going through the ornaments, I got a little nostalgic. I wanted to show you something. You remember this?

Marissa: How could I forget? I helped A.J. make it.

J.R.: It never made it onto the Christmas tree, but I took it everywhere when I was sick. I even took it to chemo and hung it on the I.V. pole for good luck. It's hard to believe that something so fragile survived. It's hard to believe that I survived. I only did because of you.

Natalia: There's nothing to see. The dealers left weeks ago.

Brot: Your dad wanted us out here for a reason.

Natalia: Right, to punish us like 8-year-olds. I resent the hell out of it.

Brot: I resent how you jumped to my defense.

Natalia: I was just trying to help.

Brot: Did I ask for help?

Natalia: Fine. Next time, you're on your own.

Brot: I'll be better off.

Natalia: What is up with you and my dad and this whole macho thing?

Brot: I didn't say I didn't appreciate it.

Natalia: Drop it.

Brot: Here.

Natalia: I don't want your damn coat.

Brot: Natalia, take the damn coat.

Natalia: No, you take -- oh! Get off me.

Brot: Do you always have to lead with your fist?

Jake: Ow!

Cara: Hold still.

Jake: You don't give your patients any warning or something?

Cara: I figure if I catch you by surprise, we'd skip the tears.

Jake: Very funny, Nurse -- oh, Doctor. Sorry. Dr. Finn. Very funny. Do I strike you as a possible crybaby?

Cara: Well, you'd be surprised how many doctors can't take needles.

Jake: Ah. Well, I'm not one of them. And isn't it nurses around here that usually administer all the shots?

Cara: You're one of those.

Jake: One of -- one of what? Who?

Cara: Doctors who think that we should leave all the grunt work to nurses.

Jake: Oh, no, no. I'm not. I'm not. No, I'm not.

Cara: No. Yeah. Right. So -- is this your first time out with DWB or --

Jake: It's my second. Yeah. You?

Cara: Nope. Newbie. Actually just finished my residency.

Jake: Private practice doesn't appeal to you?

Cara: I don't want to take a regular job with regular hours, regular work.

Jake: Because you're not a regular type of girl, right?

Cara: Yeah. Don't waste your time flirting with me, because I'm here to work. You need all your shots for your trip.

Jake: Oh. Mother of God.

Amanda: So this guy who ends up saving Opal is the same guy who broke up Jake's marriage to his Doctors Without Borders wife.

Annie: Wow. Ok, so -- wait. This guy -- what did you say his name was again?

Amanda: Griffin Castillo.

Annie: He stole a woman from Jake? So he must be really --

Amanda: I didn't notice.

Annie: I didn't finish my question.

Amanda: Yes, ok, yes, he happens to be hot. Some would say very.

Annie: But you didn't notice?

Amanda: That's what I said.

Annie: Ok, so this very hot homewrecking Dr. Castillo shows up in Pine Valley at Jake's hospital?

Amanda: So he says.

Annie: What, you don't believe him? Why? Is it because of that ex, Cara?

Amanda: I don't know, but that is part of the reason why I'm volunteering at the Miranda Center, you know? Griffin will be there working on all the expansions, and it will give me a chance to get the full story, you know? To protect Jake.

Annie: Protect Jake. And --

Amanda: He said he'd call, right?

Annie: Oh, yeah. No, it's fine. It's gonna take a lot to convince Marissa to make peace, so I want J.R. to take as much time as he needs. Anyway, there are a few things I have to do. I'll talk to you soon. Good luck with everything and watch your back.

Amanda: Good luck to you, too.

Annie: Thank you.

Patrick: Can I get you anything else, Mrs. Martin?

Amanda: Oh, no, that's all, Patrick. Thank you.

Patrick: Sure. Great.

Amanda: Well. I just can't get away from you, can I?

Griffin: I can say the same about you.

Amanda: Are you hiding state secrets?

Griffin: No, just filling out some paperwork, so I can officially treat patients at the hospital.

Amanda: Oh, so you're staying?

Griffin: Not permanently, but as long as I'm working at the center, I might as well put my O.R. skills to good use.

[Cell phone ringing]

Griffin: Excuse me. Yeah, Castillo here. Yeah, I'm treating Dr. Hayward. Uh-huh. What are you doing?

Amanda: I thought you said that you don't keep in touch with Cara anymore.

Griffin: Did you get my social security number, too?

Amanda: If you guys aren't in touch anymore, how come she's your emergency contact?

J.R.: Do you remember last year when Tad got that scrawny "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree?

Marissa: Yeah. We all decorated it.

J.R.: Yeah. You said you'd never done anything like that before.

Marissa: Yeah. And you went out and got us one, so I could decorate my own tree.

J.R.: I don't think I ever appreciated Christmas as much. Not because I thought it would be my last. Because I had a family that I loved -- who loved me back. I meant what I said earlier -- I only survived because you were by my side.

Marissa: Ok, J.R. --

J.R.: No, I'm serious. You barely knew me, but here you were taking on my cancer battle like it was yours. I'll never forget that.

Marissa: I loved you. I thought you loved me, too.

J.R.: I did.

Marissa: So about Christmas Day -- how do we split up A.J.'s time?

J.R.: You can have any part of the day you'd like.

Marissa: You mean that?

J.R.: I was hoping -- and I know that A.J. would like it -- if all 3 of us could spend a small part of Christmas together. I promise to be on my best behavior.

Marissa: Isn't this your best behavior?

J.R.: It's a sample.

Marissa: How come I have trouble trusting it?

J.R.: I guess I've given you reason to.

Marissa: You guess? Look, I don't even know why I'm here. We have a court date.

J.R.: That's some date. Hey, can we get some dinner afterwards?

Marissa: I was so angry at you for what you put me through. But even more pissed at myself for letting you.

J.R.: That all sounds like it's past tense. That's a good thing.

Marissa: A.J.'s going to love hanging that ornament.

J.R.: Does that mean that you're signing on to spend Christmas with the 3 of us?

Marissa: I guess it would be good for A.J.

J.R.: Thank you. Thank you so much.

[Door opens]

Natalia: Where's your coat?

Brot: Isn't that a good question?

Natalia: You didn't find it?

Brot: What do you think?

Natalia: Sorry.

Brot: You should be, because in this neighborhood, they probably stole it before it even hit the ground. That's not funny. Because I could've saved it if you hadn't jumped me.

Natalia: I was trying to save it, too.

Brot: No, instead you lost the only coat that I own, just in time for winter.

Natalia: Now who's leading with their fists?

Brot: Me. That's it. I'm tired of playing this game with you.

Natalia: What game?

Brot: This game, Natalia. Is this who you really are? One minute you're kissing me, the next minute you're beating me up. I really don't want any part of it.

Natalia: No one asked you to want a part of it.

Brot: Oh, that's right. I guess I was the idiot to believe we had something good. Now I'm tired of trying to make sense of what you do or what you don't do. I've been through enough hell in my life. The last thing I need is a woman that has no idea what she wants, and even if she did, she probably doesn't have enough guts to go after it.

Natalia: Because I'm scared. God. I've tried not to be, but every time we get close, I feel this panic like my world is spinning out of control. And it --

Brot: You're shivering again.

Natalia: Yeah. That's the panic.

Brot: Look at me. Look at me. I will never hurt you.

Jake: Hi.

Cara: What's that for?

Jake: I just figured anybody who's working as hard as you deserves a little pick-me-up.

Cara: Thanks.

Jake: You're welcome. And it's also a peace -- peace -- what do you call it?

Cara: Offering?

Jake: Yes, that's what it is.

Cara: It's black.

Jake: Yeah. I figured if you handle your coffee any way that you handle your needles, you're probably not that fussy a person. Am I right?

Cara: A lucky guess.

Jake: Well, to a clean slate.

Cara: Oh. Ok.

Jake: Ok? Cheers.

Cara: So what's it like over there?

Jake: Well, based on my last stint, I wouldn't pretend to make any predictions about it, but if I had to describe it, I'd say it's like living a full year every single day. Go moment to moment, crisis to crisis, but you feel alive for every single second of it.

Cara: Don't you eventually collapse?

Jake: Some do, yeah, but you get done what needs to be done, you know. Don't get me wrong. I mean, it's not even like work. It's a rush. It's just something I feel like I was meant to do.

Cara: To be like right in the middle of the action -- not live such a safe and predictable life. That sounds amazing. To be able to help people who really need you.

Jake: Yeah. And, you know, they actually need doctors, too.

Cara: Oh, well, no. I can't go.

Jake: No?

Cara: No.

Jake: Hmm. Why is that?

Cara: I just can't, so --

Jake: Yeah. You like it here in your little tent. Ha ha. Just saying, you know, if you had said yes, I might've said, well, I know some people that might be able to push your application up to the top of the -- and you could be in Southern Sudan within a month, but you didn't say yes, so I'm not gonna be pushy about the whole thing, because you're happy here, so --

Cara: I'm interested.

Jake: Yeah? Really?

Cara: Yeah.

Jake: Oh. All right. Well, we should see what we can do about that. Ok? I'm Jake, by the way.

Cara: Hi, Jake.

Griffin: So what if I see Cara? It's not like we're married.

Amanda: You said something different before.

Griffin: Yeah, I didn't find it necessary to rub it in everybody's face.

Amanda: So better to lie to our faces?

Griffin: What did Jake do when he saw me? You know, I'm lucky I still have my nice smile.

Amanda: Ok, so you were afraid that he might punch you again if he knew?

Griffin: Who's saying anything about being afraid?

Amanda: Well, then what? You were trying to protect him?

Griffin: Ok, here's the thing. Jake has a thing about me. I don't care. Jake may have his feelings hurt. I don't care. Jake may be pissed. I don't care. As long as he stays away from me.

Amanda: And Cara?

J.R.: Aren't you supposed to be at the office dealing with that problem you created?

Annie: I dealt with it, but we're gonna need to discuss damage control strategy.

J.R.: It can wait.

Annie: No, it can't. And I'm gonna need you to sign off on some paperwork before it can go through.

[Cell phone ringing]

Marissa: I have to take this. Hey. I was hoping you'd call today. Yeah, I'll be coming to see you very soon. Me, too. I have to go.

J.R.: Everything ok?

Marissa: Yeah, fine.

J.R.: Old friend?

Marissa: Listen, let's talk about Christmas later, ok? I have to go.

J.R.: Marissa --

Brot: What's wrong now?

Natalia: Zach. Zach Slater.

Brot: That's not exactly what I expected to hear, but ok. What about him?

Natalia: He's a perfect example of what can happen when you get too close to someone. Within a split second, they can just be gone. It happened to Kendall. Happened to my mom. How do I know it's not gonna happen to me?

Brot: Just because something happens to someone you know doesn't mean it's gonna happen to you.

Natalia: What if it does?

Brot: You know, if I've learned anything over the past few years, it's you can't predict how life's gonna unfold. I had it all planned out when I came back from Iraq, how I was gonna live in a certain place, who I was gonna live with, how life would be. Then the explosion happened. And I ended up in flames. All my plans -- just gone.

Natalia: You made it out.

Brot: Yeah, not the way I thought I would. Everything changed. I had changed. The way I look at life, the way I live life, I mean, so different from before. And it's because I don't focus on the future. I focus on today. For right now. And right now, I'm with this unbelievable bright and beautiful woman who, even though she tries not to show it, I know she likes me a lot. A lot.

Natalia: I do.

Brot: Then let's go with that. [Kissing]

Griffin: I got a page about David Hayward?

Nurse: Oh, it wasn't from me.

Amanda: You're not getting out of this that easily.

Griffin: What, you followed me? That's weird.

Amanda: I want to know the whole truth about you and Cara -- the part that you're not saying.

Griffin: There's nothing more to tell.

Amanda: I don't believe you.

Griffin: Look, you're better off leaving this whole thing alone.

Amanda: What does that even mean?

Griffin: It means you're already freaked out about this whole thing.

Amanda: No, I'm not.

Griffin: Look, it's your husband's ex. I get it. Maybe he's told you some things about her. Maybe he hasn't. Maybe me being here is bringing up all these things about Jake you didn't know he had going on.

Amanda: Ok, you know nothing about me.

Griffin: I know you're better off leaving this thing alone. You got a great family everybody wishes they'd have. You got a solid marriage. What else do you need?

Amanda: The truth.

Griffin: Cara's not here. She's not even close. She's an ocean away.

Jake: Hey. Did you get that page about Hayward?

Griffin: You're the one who sent it?

Jake: Mm-hmm. The irregularity in the heart turns out to be the monitor, not the patient.

Griffin: Glad to hear it.

Jake: Hi, honey.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: How'd the meeting go?

Amanda: Oh, it got canceled.

Jake: Really? This is kind of an honor, then, right? Because this is twice in one day.

Amanda: Your break must be coming up, right? You got plans?

Jake: I do now. But there's a little something I have to do first, ok? Should've done it the day that Griffin arrived.

Amanda: Jake, please do not make another scene.

Jake: Ok. You don't have to worry. Um -- I should've done this sooner.

Griffin: Done what?

Jake: Welcome to Pine Valley Hospital.

Brot: All right, all right. Stop, stop, stop. All right, you first. Come on. It's cold.

Natalia: I'm just laughing about how we collided like some NFL linebacker.

Brot: Over a stupid coat.

Natalia: I know. Oh. But if that didn't happen, then neither would this.

Brot: You're worth freezing.

[Cell phone ringing]

Natalia: Wait. One second.

Brot: Ahh. Phone call.

Natalia: It's my dad. Nothing to report, Chief.

Jesse: About earlier -- I'm sorry.

Natalia: Did you just say "I'm sorry"?

Jesse: Yeah. Put this on speaker. I want Brot to hear this, ok?

Brot: Yes, Chief.

Jesse: Listen, I know I came down a little hard on you a little earlier.

Natalia: You think?

Jesse: Let's not get snarky, ok? Listen, I'm pulling you off the stakeout. McCarthy and Harris are going to take your place. Get back to the station. Finish what you were doing, all right?

Brot: Sounds like we can head back to the station.

Natalia: You heard the man. Don't you wanna go?

Brot: Sure. Or -- I think we should stay here, keep an eye on the building till our replacements show up.

Natalia: All right. Works for me.

Annie: Where are you going?

J.R.: Nowhere.

Annie: You wanna know who called Marissa. She seemed happy to hear from him, whoever it was.

J.R.: Yeah, I suppose she did.

Annie: Maybe she's found herself a new man. That would be great for us. If Marissa started dating, she'll be less pissed off when she finds out we're together.

J.R.: Why'd you show back up? I told you I'd call you when I was finished.

Annie: You were taking a long time.

J.R.: No, I was making progress, and you showing up could've knocked us back.

Marissa: Scott. Good. I was worried the guards wouldn't let you come to the phone again. Yeah, I was with J.R., and I didn't want him to know I was talking to you. He'd probably use it against me. I know you do, but I'll see you very soon. I promised I would help you. You have my word.

Jake: I gave it a lot of thought about the way that it ended with me and Cara, and I just want to say that as far as I'm concerned, it's all in the past.

Griffin: That's good to know.

Jake: Truth of the matter is, you did me a favor. Because of you, I found out where I'm supposed to be and who I'm supposed to be with, so I wanna thank you. You all right?

Amanda: I'm fine. Actually, the reason that I came back was to give you this. [Kiss]

[Cara arrives in Pine Valley]

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