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David: That was a very touching speech. Happy Thanksgiving, Ryan.

Ryan: So what are you gonna do? Kill me and kidnap Greenlee?

David: Both great ideas.

Ryan: You're gonna have to get through me first.

[Ryan and David fight as gunshots ring out]

Ryan: Who's there?! Whoever's there, come out!

Ryan: What did you do?

Erica: Is he dead yet?

Jack: What the hell happened? Ryan, what happened?

Ryan: David escaped, and he came here for Greenlee. We fought. He had a gun. I knocked the gun out of his hand, and we were fighting. We ended up on the ledge, and then -- oh, God.

Jack: I'm gonna take this gun now. Let me have it. Tell me what happened.

Erica: I had to help Ryan. We just lost Zach because of David. I couldn't let David -- not again, even if it meant --

Jack: Ok. Are you all right?

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Jack: How's he?

Ryan: He's losing a lot of blood, a lot.

Jack: I've got a gunshot wound at -- what's the address here?

Ryan: 450 --

Jack: 450 Old Cedar Lane. We're up on the roof.

Ryan: Don't die on me, you son of a bitch. You are not gonna get off this easy. [Panting]

Emma: Where's Daddy? He said he was hungry.

Greenlee: I'm sure he'll be back soon.

[Doorbell rings]

Greenlee: Oh. Hi.

Opal: Women carrying pumpkin mousse pie are usually met with a touch more enthusiasm.

Greenlee: Sorry. That's great. Come on in.

Emma: Yay! Pie!

Opal: Hey there, honeybunch!

Greenlee: Hey, do you mind watching Emma for a few minutes? I have to check on something.

Opal: It'd be my pleasure. Maybe I'll join you in a slice, huh?

Greenlee: I'll be right back.

Opal: Is everything ok?

Greenlee: Everything's great.

Opal: Where's Jack and Ryan?

Greenlee: The boys seem to have deserted us. Right, Emma?

Emma: Yeah. Maybe we should have dessert while we wait. Get it?

Opal: Hee hee hee! I do get it, and aren't you clever. Well, you just run right along, wrangle up those boys. We'll have the pie waiting for you when you get back, huh?

Greenlee: Thank you.

Caleb: Hey.

Bianca: You're working?

Caleb: Yes.

Bianca: Thanksgiving ranks right up there with Christmas in terms of family time.

Caleb: When you canceled the big dinner because of Zach, I thought I'd take advantage of it and get some work done.

Bianca: You had other options.

Caleb: Like what? Inviting the brat over so we could fight over a wishbone?

Bianca: It's a start.

Caleb: "It's a start"? No, I really got to get this done.

Bianca: I know Asher blames you for his mother's death, but maybe you could talk to him, explain what happened.

Caleb: No, no. Trust me, it's better this way.

Bianca: Better for whom?

Caleb: I spent 20 years trying to put this behind me, not just for myself but for him, too.

Bianca: What if he doesn't want to put it behind him? What if he wants to know?

Caleb: Let me ask you something. Do you think my telling him that his mother ran off with Adam Chandler is gonna make anything better?

Bianca: Adam? Adam took her away from you. Well, I -- I don't care if you talk to me, but he's not a kid anymore. He'll understand.

Caleb: He needs somebody to blame.

Bianca: Seems to me Adam is the one who tore your family apart.

Caleb: I can't tell him about Adam without telling him about his mother. The kid needs a fall guy. I'm willing to be it.

Colby: Someone needs to tell the kitchen staff there's, like, 2 1/2 Chandlers living in this house.

J.R.: I think they make so much so they can take the leftovers home.

Colby: But A.J. -- he totally loved it! He ate twice his weight in sweet potatoes. Hi. What are you doing here?

Asher: I thought I lived here, too.

J.R.: Have you been around all day? We would've invited you to our holiday feast.

Asher: I thought you were going to your friend's.

J.R.: Kendall. Yeah, that was the plan. Her husband had an accident. He didn't make it.

Asher: Wow. I'm sorry.

J.R.: Have you had any turkey? There's plenty left over.

Asher: Thanksgiving's not really a big deal to me.

J.R.: Oh, really? Are desserts a big deal for you, Asher?

Asher: Pumpkin pie?

J.R.: We got 5 kinds. You can have one all yourself.

Asher: That's all right.

J.R.: Did he just turn down pie?

Colby: I think so.

Asher: You guys go ahead.

J.R.: No, you're family, Asher. We're not gonna take no for an answer. Isn't that right, Colby?

Colby: If Asher's got things to do, he's got things to do. We really shouldn't keep him.

Asher: I guess I could eat.

J.R.: Ah! That's the spirit. It's been a lot quieter around here. I have to say it's been a damn good holiday without the old man around.

Colby: How could you say that?

J.R.: Come on, Colby. No drama. No games. No Dad thanking his second in command for giving him his due and then demanding more the next year.

Colby: I totally miss Dad because things haven't been the same since he left.

J.R.: You're right. It's been better.

Colby: Why? Because you get to sit at the head of the table? Is that why?

J.R.: I don't think Asher wants to hear us fight about the great Adam Chandler.

Asher: Hey, go ahead. I've got nothing else to do.

Ryan: He's losing a lot of blood, Jack.

Jack: Paramedics are on their way, Ryan. Just keep pressure on it. I had to call in a gunshot wound. That means the police are on their way here. I need you to talk to me, tell me what happened -- why you were here, what you saw, why you fired this weapon.

Erica: It all happened so fast. When I think about it, it was as if it was in slow motion.

Jack: I know. Listen. Just take your time and do the best you can. Ok? Why were you even here, honey?

Erica: I had just left Kendall and the boys, and I wanted to see you, and I thought you'd be here with Greenlee and Ryan. But when I got to the building, I saw David go in.

Jack: So why did you come up to the roof?

Erica: Because I saw the elevator. I saw where it stopped.

Jack: Ok. So you come up to the roof. You come through that door. What do you see?

Erica: They were fighting. David was about to push Ryan over --

Jack: Ok. Just take a breath.

Erica: And so I saw the gun, and I picked it up, and I fired. I had to. I had to save Ryan!

Jack: I know, honey. And that's everything, right?

Erica: Yes.

Jack: When the police get here, just let me do the talking.

Ryan: Where the hell are the paramedics, huh?

Jack: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Ryan, are you ok?

Ryan: I'm fine. It's David.

Jack: You shouldn't be here.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Ryan?

Jack: Ryan's fine. Listen to me. I want you to go to the apartment, and I want you to stay there. Police are on their way.

Greenlee: I'm not going anywhere until someone tells me what the hell happened.

Erica: I couldn't let Kendall's little boys lose another parent. 

Jake: So here's what we have, so far. You ready for this? Tonight we had a Thanksgiving-induced indigestion. We had ourselves one heartburn. One guy thought he was dying, but it was only gas. I said, "Read the instructions before you go trying to fry a turkey. Do it the old-fashioned way."

Angie: Did Krystal's homemade pumpkin pie just show up.

Jake: You got a good sniffer.

Jesse: And brought me along just for fun. I figured since you had to cut out early, the least I could do was bring you dessert.

Jake: What about me?

Jesse: What about you? Man, I saw you eat yours. You had your pie.

Jake: What? No. Ok. Seconds.

Jesse: You ate your wife's. You scarfed it down. Seconds? You kidding? Besides, I do not deliver pie to turkey thieves.

Jake: Alleged. Alleged turkey thief. Here. Fork for you. Here you go, right there.

Jesse: Busy?

Angie: No, not really. Just pretty much dispensing antacids.

Jake: What? I'm starving.

Angie: What, is he being a glutton again?

Jesse: As usual. Hey, come on. You need to remember she's eating for two. You forgot that?

Jake: No. I remember. Coffee? Did you bring coffee? What? It's gonna be a long night.

[Phone rings]

[Second phone rings]

[Third phone rings]

Jake: What's going on?

Jesse: What the hell?

Greenlee: David tried to kill you?

Ryan: I'm fine. He's the one with the bullet in him.


Erica: I didn't even have time to think. I just saw Ryan. David was about to push him over the edge. All I did -- I saw the gun, I picked it up, and I fired.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Ryan: He was not about to let you go, Greenlee.

Jack: Over here.

Ryan: He got shot in the back. As far as I can tell, the bullet is still inside him. Ok?

E.M.T.: We'll take over here.

Second E.M.T.: Let's get him stabilized.

Greenlee: How the hell did David escape his transfer to prison?

Ryan: He bribed the guys in the prison transport.

Jack: Hayward has threatened Ryan multiple times. He admitted it in court. Now he tried to make good on those threats. If Erica hadn't been here, he would've killed Ryan.

Annie: "Free turkey to the needy: Chandler Enterprises continues the tradition." Happy holidays.

J.R.: Instead of focusing on the negative -- my father -- you know what? Let's just talk about what we're grateful for. How about that?

Colby: Wow. Ok. That sounds like a lot of fun, but I am actually gonna go see Damon now.

J.R.: Come on, Colby. Indulge me, please? Ohh! This is what I'm grateful for, the best son in the entire world.

J.R.: Yeah! What are you grateful for, Asher?

Asher: Um, I'm just glad to be here with you guys. No one's ever taken me in, treated me as well as you have. And the cook -- come on. Nachos whenever you want, every hour of the day?

J.R.: And the jalapeno jack. Yeah. How about you, little sis? What are you grateful for?

Colby: I would love to say that I am grateful for the people that are only using us are out of our lives, but I can't. Where is that little Annie anyways? Where did she go?

J.R.: Can we not have this discussion today?

Colby: All right. I am grateful that you're here, and you're alive, and you're well. And I am grateful for my adorable, crazy little nephew. And I'm grateful for Damon. I'm happy he's in my life every single day.

Bianca: Holidays are about our children, and they need us this holiday more than ever, especially Spike and Ian.

Caleb: How are they doing? How was the pageant?

Bianca: Spike was perfect, so happy. But then later, Kendall had to tell him about Zach. Mom and I were with her. The look on Spike's face -- Zach was just such an amazing presence in Spike and Ian's life. To think those children will grow up without him, that Ian will never know his father? It just breaks my heart.

Caleb: They're gonna be ok. They have you and Kendall and Erica.

Bianca: I have never been more grateful for my family. My mother -- God, she was just right there with Kendall. Yeah, I know her reputation. I know that she's selfish and conceited. But if there's a crisis in our family, she knows exactly what to do for us.

E.M.T.: We've got a single gunshot wound to the upper left posterior thorax.

Brot: So let me get this straight. David was forcing you over the ledge?

Ryan: He wasn't done with Greenlee, and he knew that meant coming through me first.

Brot: Whose gun is this?

Ryan: It's David's gun. He pulled it on me, and I wasn't gonna let him anywhere near Greenlee, so I went after it. It went off, and then I knocked it out of his hands. We fought. We struggled a little bit. I ended up on the ledge and --

Brot: Then you showed up? What happened next?

Jack: All right, I'm Ms. Kane's attorney. Any questions to her will come through me. Ok?

Erica: It's all right, Jack. I have nothing to hide.

Jack: Erica --

Erica: I saw them fighting. David was about to push Ryan over the edge. Something had to be done.

Jack: And that's all my client has to say right now. She'll gladly make a statement later, but, clearly, this was a justified shooting.

E.M.T.: We're ready to transport the victim.

Ryan: I need to get downstairs to my daughter.

Greenlee: She's fine. Opal is with her.

Ryan: I'm gonna cooperate 100%. I'll get to the station as soon as I possibly can, but right now I got a little girl downstairs who's probably very worried.

Brot: Go ahead.

Greenlee: I'll go to the hospital, and I'll give you updates. Part of me hopes --

Ryan: He belongs in prison. Anything else is a cop-out.

Greenlee: You're right. I love you.

Ryan: I love you.

Greenlee: Emma can't see you like this.

Jack: Ryan, take my shirt.

Ryan: Thank you for saving my life.

Erica: I had to, Ryan. We've had enough tragedy to last a long, long time. We couldn't stand any more.

Emma: Daddy!

Ryan: Ems, I'm so sorry that I disappeared for so long. I'm sorry about that.

Emma: Why were you gone?

Ryan: There was a man, and he got hurt, and he had to go to the hospital.

Emma: Is he gonna be ok?

Ryan: I don't know. But I know that the doctors are gonna work really hard to make sure that he's ok.

Emma: Is the man a friend of yours?

Ryan: You know what? I think you're gonna have a lot more fun at your mom's tonight, and I'm sure she would love to see you. So, Opal, is there any chance --

Opal: I would love to do that.

Ryan: Would you like that?

Emma: Yeah.

Ryan: Good. Why don't you go up and get your backpack, ok, get ready to go? Ok.

Opal: I'll be waiting. So is Erica ok? Are you ok?

Ryan: I think Erica's hanging in there, yeah.

Opal: What about David?

Ryan: David is touch and go right now.

Opal: I wouldn't mind if he went.

Ryan: So you sure you're ok with taking Emma over to see Annie?

Opal: Of course. I'm just so relieved that Erica has Jackson right now.

Ryan: I think it's gonna be a long night for everyone.

Brot: Ms. Kane, so is this where you were standing when you shot David?

Jack: With all due respect, we can cover this in questioning later. My client's had a very traumatic experience.

Brot: I understand this, Mr. Montgomery. I'm just trying to get a report. Ms Kane, did you call out?

Erica: "Call out"?

Brot: Before you pulled the trigger, did you yell at David to let Ryan go?

Jack: I got a great idea. Why don't we take this little party downtown? We'll all talk to Chief Hubbard. What do you say?

Brot: I'll see you there.

Jack: Good.

Officer: P.V.H. arrived. Over.

Brot: Excuse me. Monroe.

Jack: Don't worry. This is gonna be all right.

Erica: I know.

Brot: Copy.

Jack: Any word on Hayward's condition?

Brot: He's at the hospital right now.

Erica: Is he gonna make it?

Brot: We'll see.

Jake: What do we got?

E.M.T.: G.S.W. One entrance wound, no exit.

Jake: Oh, my God.

Angie: What is it?

Jake: It's David Hayward.

E.M.T.: Vitals are the same. B.P. is palp only at 80. He's getting two liters wide open. He's still breathing on his own, but respirations are labored. Significant blood loss at scene.

Jake: Let's get him into cube number one. You all right?

Greenlee: Keep me posted. Ok?

Jake: Of course.

Jake: Heartbeat's irregular.

Angie: The bullet's probably lodged near the heart.

Jake: Let's get a chest X-ray going so we can locate this slug. Ok? I want to put a 12-lead on him. Call the team upstairs and get them ready.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Angie: Sounds like he's dropped a lung.

Jake: I want to run a chest line. Help me set that up, will you? It's crazy irony, isn't it? Pine Valley's best cardiac surgeon needs a cardiac surgeon.

Angie: Dr. Sanders is already in surgery, and Dr. Restreppo is on vacation.

Jake: I'll do it.

Angie: You just said he needed a specialist. And you operating on David? No. Listen. Griffin Castillo already offered to pitch in if we needed him.

Jake: We don't need him.

Angie: If you have a personal problem with the man, you keep it out of the hospital. We have a patient to save. Now, I will call Dr. Castillo, and you will work with him. Understood?

Jake: Yes.

Angie: We're gonna get David back on his feet so that he can answer for everything he's done. Any questions?

Jake: Yeah, I just have one question. Why do you have to be so damn right all the time?

Jesse: Get this over to Evidence.

Brot: Yes, sir.

Jesse: I'm gonna need to take a formal statement.

Jack: We have one basic fact that we agree on, right? Erica is not a criminal. What she did was save a man's life. If it hadn't been for her, Ryan would be a broken body on the pavement, Jesse.

Jesse: I just need to get the facts, Jack.

Jack: The facts? The facts are law enforcement dropped the ball, and Hayward attacked Ryan on his way to kidnapping my daughter!

Jesse: I know it was sloppy. I'm sorry. It's a mess, but I promise I will only keep you as long as it takes to verify your story.

Erica: My story? This is not a story, Jesse. This really happened. Someone had to do something.

Jesse: Hey, listen. I'd like to pin a medal on you, give you a parade. But unfortunately, until the man comes out of surgery, we only have 2/3 of the story.

Jack: You got any word on his condition?

Jesse: Not yet. I'll go get the report from Officer Monroe, then we'll get started.

Jack: Before we get started, let me get you, what, a cup of coffee or something?

Erica: Ok. Yes, thank you.

Ryan: This is Ryan Lavery. I'm just calling to get a status on David Hayward. No, I'm not family.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Madison? What happened? My God. It's gonna be all right. Madison, what happened? I'm just gonna take a little look and see it. Oh, my God. It's from a bullet. Madison, what happened?

[Ryan recalls firing David's gun while struggling with him]

Ryan: Just come with me. We're gonna get you to the hospital. It's gonna be all right. Just take it easy. Don't use that arm. Come with me. I got you.

J.R.: Opal. Come in.

Opal: Hey there. We're sorry to be busting in out of the blue. We're just wondering of Annie was here. We haven't been able to reach her on our cell phone, have we?

J.R.: I thought Emma was spending the night with Ryan.

Emma: My daddy's friend got hurt, and he went to the hospital.

J.R.: Annie's not here, sweetheart.

Opal: That's perfectly all right. You can come home with me and play with Kathy and Jenny.

Emma: Ok.

J.R.: I have an idea where she might be. You want to take a ride with me and A.J.?

Emma: Sure.

J.R.: All right. Is that ok with you?

Opal: Yeah, I think so. Yeah.

J.R.: A.J.? Emma's here.

A.J.: Yeah!

Opal: Hey there!

J.R.: Can you grab your coat for me?

A.J.: Yeah.

Opal: All right.

J.R.: This friend who was hurt -- anyone I know?

Opal: Afraid so. Hayward busted out of jail, took a bullet for his troubles.

J.R.: Someone shot him?

Opal: I don't want to go there.

J.R.: How is he?

Opal: He isn't that good. So I suggest that you keep A.J. away from the TV until you have a chance to tell him about his granddaddy. Well, I'm gonna be going, then, I guess. Thanks a lot for looking after Emma.

J.R.: Sure.

Opal: Thanks.

J.R.: Hey. I'm gonna be taking off for a bit. You and Asher should still have that dessert, though. Ok?

Colby: It looks like the holiday is officially over. I'm gonna go see Damon for our little date.

Asher: You don't have to freak just because we're alone. I promise I won't jump you.

Colby: No, I know. I actually have a date with Damon. It has nothing to do with you. But, Asher, I want to forget that kiss ever happened.

Asher: It's forgotten.

Colby: Really?

Asher: If that's what you want? So I'm guessing this isn't how you usually celebrate Turkey Day, right?

Colby: No. No, not really.

Asher: The dining room looks like it's ready for the Obamas, so I'm guessing it's usually more like fancy clothes, fancy people, food I can't pronounce.

Colby: No. Actually, it's like a family thing. It's really not that interesting.

Asher: I'm interested. Your dad must've kept things happening.

Colby: Yeah. Yeah, he did.

Asher: The great Adam Chandler. I bet he really ran this place. I'm picturing iron-fist type of guy?

Colby: Asher, why are you so curious about my dad?

Asher: Just making conversation.

Colby: I know, but this is the second time you've made conversation. So I'm thinking that there's a reason why.

Asher: Well, Caleb told me that your dad had something to do with my mother's death.

Caleb: So you made a statement?

Erica: I answered questions at the scene.

Caleb: Without a lawyer?

Erica: No. Jack was there.

Caleb: Oh. Good.

Erica: Anyway, why are you here, and how did you know?

Bianca: Opal called.

Erica: She really shouldn't have done that. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Bianca: Mom, you shot David.

Erica: To protect Ryan. All of this is gonna be resolved very, very soon.

Caleb: Is there any word on how he's doing?

Jack: He just went into surgery. Here you go, sweetheart.

Erica: Thank you.

Caleb: Let's hope for you sake that he makes it.

Erica: You didn't speak to Kendall, did you?

Bianca: No. I checked in earlier. The nanny said she went to bed.

Erica: Oh. Good. She should rest. She's been through so much. I want to keep her out of this as long as I possibly can.

Greenlee: What are David's chances?

Angie: Greenlee, they're not gonna know until he's on the table.

Griffin: Dr. Hubbard? I got your message.

Angie: Yeah, Dr. Castillo, we have a gunshot wound, significant blood loss. The bullet's lodged near the left sternal border, fourth intercostal space. They should've left the X-rays here somewhere.

Griffin: I got it. It's right here. Thank you. It's lodged in the pericardium, a hair to the left. I know Dr. Hayward's the bogeyman around here, but I sure could use him in the O.R.

Angie: You'll get what you want, just not in the way you want.

Jake: How you holding up?

Greenlee: I'm ok.

Jake: Write a little something to help you sleep tonight?

Greenlee: He made my life hell, but I don't want him dead.

Jake: We have a little bit of a funky situation right now.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Jake: This is a very risky surgery, and you are his wife, so that means, technically, you're the next of kin, which means there's decisions that need to be made, and you need to make them on his behalf.

Greenlee: How am I supposed to do that?

Griffin: Find a way, Mrs. Hayward. Dr. Hayward was my mentor, and I'm gonna do whatever I can to save him, but I need your say to a make that happen.

Greenlee: Fine. Just do what needs to be done.

Griffin: That's what I wanted to hear.

Greenlee: I hate this.

Jake: I know.

Ryan: I need a doctor! Jake.

Emma: Mommy!

Annie: Emma! Hi! What are you doing here?

J.R.: You're a hard woman to track down.

Annie: Am I missing something? Why aren't you with your dad?

J.R.: Ryan had to take care of something. We were hoping you might want to share some pie.

A.J.: And ice cream.

Emma: Can we, Mommy?

Annie: Yeah, of course, we can. Thank you for reminding me of everything I'm thankful for.

J.R.: Everything?

Annie: Why don't you guys go get us a table, and we will work on the pie, huh? Ok.

A.J.: And ice cream.

Annie: And ice cream. You got it, mister. Um, of all the places in town, this is probably the last place we should be seen together.

J.R.: What? Four people sitting down to share some pie, to talk about what we're thankful for. Who could have a problem with that?

Ryan: So?

Jake: It's through and through. Bullet went in through here, and it came right out over here.

Greenlee: A bullet?

Jake: Yeah. We're gonna have to report this because it's standard operating procedure.

Ryan: But is she gonna be ok?

Jake: She's gonna be fine. I'm gonna pack the wound, put her on antibiotics, and she'll be fine.

Ryan: Thank God.

Jake: Ok. You stay still --

Greenlee: My dad's gonna be thrilled when you return the shirt.

Ryan: Yeah, it's the second one that I've ruined tonight.

Greenlee: What happened? Did Madison tell you?

Ryan: No. She doesn't know, but I figured it out. When David and I were on the roof and were fighting over the gun, a shot was fired.

Greenlee: And a bullet found her on the street? What are the odds?

Ryan: I'm just so happy that she's gonna be ok.

Greenlee: Me, too.

Ryan: Any word on David?

Greenlee: He's in surgery, and he's lost a lot of blood, so he's gonna need a blood transfusion.

Ryan: What's his blood type?

Greenlee: No, Ryan, you're not donating blood.

Ryan: If it keeps him alive, so that he can answer for all the hell that he's brought down, I'll give a quart.

Asher: Caleb wouldn't tell me what your dad did, but he sure hates Adam Chandler.

Colby: Well, my dad's not the nicest guy in the world. He's done a lot of shady stuff.

Asher: Yeah, but there's two sides to everything. It's not like I exactly trust Caleb.

Colby: Yeah, but he gave you that necklace that belonged to your mom. That's making an effort, right?

Asher: Or he's playing me. Maybe he's trying to find someone to blame for what happened to my mom.

Colby: Asher, when my father wants something or someone, he won't stop until he gets it. It doesn't matter whose life he hurts or whose world he blows up. As you can probably tell, J.R. -- he's not so different. So it is possible that it was my dad's fault, not yours.

Asher: Thanks for the pie.

Colby: Asher, where are you going?

Asher: I'm gonna drive, just clear my head.

Colby: No, Asher, wait.

Caleb: Hey. You'll be out of here in no time. You're in good hands.

Jesse: So I'm gonna need to get Erica's statement. So if you all don't mind --

Bianca: I'll wait out here.

Erica: Honey, that's not necessary.

Bianca: Are you sure?

Erica: Yes. I'm in good hands.

Bianca: Ok. Well, let me know the second you're done.

Erica: I will. I will.

Caleb: You hang in there, Erica. What's this?

Asher: A misunderstanding.

Officer: 98 miles an hour on the radar isn't a misunderstanding. Neither is having a fake I.D.

Asher: Come on. My car doesn't even go 98.

Caleb: Why were you speeding?

Asher: Maybe I like to go fast.

Caleb: Terrific. Now you need a lawyer.

Asher: I'm good. Make sure you photograph me on my good side.

Caleb: Hey. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jake: Ok. I got Madison North all patched up. She's on an antibiotic drip and a little something for the pain. Keep her overnight for observation. Ok? Now I have to assist Castillo in the O.R., and they said tonight was gonna be a slow night.

Greenlee: How's she doing?

Ryan: She's out of it. Any word from the O.R.?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Ryan: Hey, it's gonna be ok.

Greenlee: You could've died tonight.

Ryan: But I didn't.

Greenlee: If he survives, what if he's not done coming after us?

Ryan: David will never get to you, Greenlee. I promise. Not as long as I'm around.

Griffin: Ok. I see the bullet. Forceps. We've got a bleeder. Suction. Sponge.

Jesse: Erica, are you listening?

Erica: Oh. I'm sorry?

Jesse: You told Officer Monroe that you saw David Hayward walk into the building, and you followed him, right?

Erica: Yes.

Jesse: He and Ryan are fighting, you picked up the gun, and, without warning, shot him in the back.

Erica: Jesse, I did what I had to do.

Jack: Just hang on a second. Jesse, let's take a break for a minute, huh? Please?

Jesse: I'm gonna call the hospital.

Jack: Are you all right?

Erica: Yes. Of course, I am. Really, Jack, I'm fine.

Jack: This really turned out to be some holiday, huh?

Erica: You know what, Jack? My family is safe. That's all the holiday I need. [Hugs Jack]

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